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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 13, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> good afternoon. my name is cindy martin and i spoke to you a few weeks ago after the death of my daughter, jessica alva. and i would like to thank you very much for the resolution that is before you for the missing and murdered indigenous women all across our country and more specifically for those that are here in the san francisco area including my daughter, jessica. i'm having a difficult time. i come back and forth from reading and i am still not able to get cooperation with your police department. when i've asked questions about things that do not seem correct
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this the procedures that were done, i'm told that this is the special protocol for san francisco. i'm still searching for answers. i'm looking for the truth and for justice for my daughter and my granddaughter that's hyp behd me, that's her oldest daughter and the rest of her children and for our family and for all of the the women to come that will be suffering with domestic violence and the children that are watching this, my grandchildren watched. they are going to be the next generation for this violence if we don't do something to curb it and have our la law law enforceo do something.
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>> my name is tony rodriquez and i'm here to speak regarding the exemption of fire sprinklers in new ad. i sent everything a 54-second youtube video that shows how fast a fire can spread in a house and i brought you a list of proposed pieces of legislation. this is a life safety system that saves lives, structures and prevents displacement. we all agree of the severe shortage of housing and the need to streamline the process but safety should not be a part of that process. due to misinformation due to the cost of a fire sprinkling system. the mayor is proposing a bond for a retrofit of public buildings because we all know there will and public earthquake but we although there will be more fires. i heard one of the issues is the price of a tap into the street into the unit and there are other ways to avoid this. i would love to talk to anyone
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that is interested in the solution to this. i'll leave my card with a list of all of the bills that are proposed. you know, this is a isn't an iny push for me or my union. we don't do single homes, but in the hurry to provide housing, we're tossing safety issues out the window because we're trying to deal with the housing shortages. safety shouldn't be one of them. so like i said, i'll leave these here and i'm free to talk to anyone interested. i'm sorry. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker.
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>> my name is colton. i've been in u.s.a. for 38 years. (speaking foreign language). >> i'm the founder of china news, the founder of the president. (speaking foreign language). >> i want to express my opinion today. (speaking foreign language). >> the problem of the new subway station is very important to us. (speaking foreign language). >> we effect thit will affect tn
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business and our society. (speaking foreign language). >> i want to say two points about it. (speaking foreign language). >> for your reference, soup supervisors. (speaking foreign language). >> first about people proposed name. (speaking foreign language). >> also people propose to name after sun jung chan. (speaking foreign language). >> but my opinion is --
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(speaking foreign language). >> so i think important because it's not just about chinatown or san francisco, it covers the whole world. it matters to all of us, not just to san francisco. (speaking foreign language). >> if it is named after sun jung chan -- (speaking foreign language). >> -- it will attract the chinese all over the world to san francisco. (speaking foreign language). >> it even covers taiwan, hong kong, and china.
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(speaking foreign language). >> it's very important. (speaking foreign language). >> this names the person, the spirit, the speaker of the people, the chinese people in chinatown, all of the chinese people. china top ha toptown has a histr 100 years. it would be very proper. (speaking foreign language). >> the reason i'm against name -- (speaking foreign language). >> -- because i sends the spirit, the unity of the chinese
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people. (speaking foreign language). >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. it. >> excuse me. [cheers and applause] >> i'm going to say one last time or we'll just remove you, we don't allow for audible responses on audience. if you need to agree with the speaker, just go like this and we can see you. and if you disagree, just your thumbs down. i'm going to go back into session right now and probably only take a minute or two, so i'm going to pause the public comments to bring back the item that we had just left with the
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department of public works. so don't sit down or anything, because otherwise you'll lose your place. but this won't take that long. so right now, madam clerk, can we go back to items 27 and 29 and to the members. so i believe the department of public work's staff has returned with an updated report on properties. so are you here? oh, there you are. >> we did not come to terms with either of the people in the hallway and we'll be asking to move forward with the list as submitted. >> ok. is there any comments my
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colleagues? seeing none, i have a motion to move forward with the approved items as submitted? >> we can just take roll call on the resolutions as is, mr. president. >> ok. roll call, please. >> on items 27 and 29 29. (roll call). there are eight aye serious. >> ok, the motion pass. thank you very much. let's go back to public comments.
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>> i'm here with the ap heritage foundation to talk about a proposed resolution about a may 10 plan. we feel it's very appropriate. our city is leading the nation. is 50 years ago when the railroad was completed, cheesese were never invited to the ceremony. nor were they recommended. so there was the seve centennial celebration and a number came from san francisco all the way to utah to be given three minutes to recognise the chinese railroad workers and again, they were told three minutes were no longer and chinese workers were to be recognisedded. this irecognised.this is the 15y
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and they sided to lan sided de n utah. we support this resolution and hope you support it. >> thank you. >> my name is steven weers. i'm a director of the chinese railroad and i put the statue in the sa sierras for those that dd the railroad. it's on display until our commissioner frank fung and i finished the railroad plaza erected at gold run rec stop, hopefully next year. thank you for this resolution and let's not forget the
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railroad workers 150 years ago. thank you. >> next speaker. >> i'm alex coo. i'm against this. we have been in san francisco for hundreds of years, since the 1900. and then we are living hear andd give birth to sons and daughters. millions of tourists come from different locations to visit san francisco because we have a concentration of chinese and cheeses culture and lots of people from los angelos. when we keep this name, the foreigners come here to visit, they know this.
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i mow that he got an affordable housing but not qualified, too. and then she owns property in macow and she got affordable housing but it will go away. her name is nope in the chinese community and i would like to keep it. this is a bad name in sanfrancisco. [cheers an (applause). >> members of the board of supervisors, board of government and if we can have the overhead, please.
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david chu, president of the board of san francisco supervisors at that time says i don't think we'll allow public comment for the next speaker which was me. sfgtv, i would like this on the screen until i resume speaking. it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it and that's the problem you have with me and the sunshine ordinance. you don't want to follow it. you don't want to allow the public to have the access the law expects them to have and
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want to able to interfere as mr. chu did that day. i'm not quite sure what he did, to be honest with you. i don't know if first amendment rights were suspended or what but i was dragged out by the sheriff's office and as an american citizen within i'll be dammed if i will do that in silence. civil grand jury of city and county of san francisco for 2010 and '11 wrote, because the ethic's commission, lack of enforcement, no city employee has been disciplined to adhere to the sunshine ordinance. the commission has allowed some city officials to ignore the rulings of the sunshine ordinance task force. next week, we will dim to discuss the three orders of determination.
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supervisor peskin, i admire your dad. if your dad were alive today, i, too, think he woulidon't thinko name the chinatown subway. this is to extend a persecution religious group from going to sanfrancisco. there's a huge population in san francisco of survivors from china and they escape from china and live in san francisco today but live in a shadow of rose-peck. as a jewish desendant, i think you should know how terrible it is. >> ma'am, please detectiv direcr comments to the board o as a
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whole. >> i like that supervisor peskin, his comments in 2011, quote, they have been a gatekeeper in the chinese community, it's not just about rose-peck but what she represents because rose has been able to work with people, to get undue inference in gapin gaininy contracts. it's about political inference and how political inference works and that even includes working with and representing the interests of outside government in san francisco. and i'm happy to name those names. those names include a republican china, unquote. i think you're right on the point, as more and more information are leaking out of chinese government improve filll rationinfiltration,so please dok
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for the chinatown station. thank you. >> for the record, my father was quite fond of miss pack. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> if you are in support of what the speaker is saying, please waive your happeneds a hands bua board rule that there are to audible sound to disturb the proceedings. >> they may not understand english well enough. (speaking foreign language). >> that should help. i'm the ceo of san francisco media company and i came here also for the same issue that was just raised, about a naming the chinatown subway station after rose pack. so when this news was broken out in the english media, there was
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an uproar. in the chinese media, basically reporting that supervisor peskin got enough votes. yesterday we met the former mayor who said e it's a done de. since then our city has become a way. the public servant become overpowering the people that they serve. they can pass on to friends. buddy helps du buddy and i don't think this is what america is all about and what america was founded on. you need to understand how the common people on the street, running the shops in chinatown, how they react. in the last four days, friday tuesday tuesday, volunteers go to chinatown and collect signatures, petition and 4,500. i have to update that.
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so i make two copy, one for the mayor and another for you and you can pass this alone for the soup store t storesupervisor to. i need you to hear the story of the real people, what kind of feeling this feel they have abo. chinatown is our chinatown. this is not a political gift. so i really want you to think it over. i won't use up my two minutes but the message is important and that's why so many people take time off work and come over here. don't clap. see, i am doing my job. >> thank you so much. next speaker, please. (speaking foreign language).
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>> good afternoon ily in district 4 and i thunderbay this is morally problematic. today i'm voicing my strong objection about naming the station after rose pack. i was also curious how chinatown citizens about this issue. so last week, i volunteered to visit different chinatown businesses to talk about 100
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chinatown residents collecting signatures who oppose to name the central station after rose pack. (speaking foreign language). >> rose pack is a two-says the person. all of the things she did was for her own profits. she used to threaten other people if they refused to support her. she said she didn't have any savings but owned at least three real estate properties. the rest of the people, some said they strongly opposed to
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name the station after rose pack but they are afraid. (speaking foreign language). >> because of the fear rose pack created in chinatown, they didn't want to sign the petition. many people said thank you to me because i could help them to speak out their real thoughts and. .s opinions to supervisors.
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(speaking foreign language). >> i know many san francisco citizens don't like rose pack and disagree to name the station after rose pack. i escaped from a communist country to the u.s. and i appreciate the freedom we have and so do my fellow chinese americans in san francisco. we don't want that name who brought the fear to chinatown. (speaking foreign language). >> please consider this carefully and listen to the pub opinionpublic opinion and make e right choose. >> thank you for your comments.
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>> i would like to have a speech for mr. eue which he can not make it today and i brought a video he recorded. now and also i'll do the translation. (video speaking in foreign language). >> hello, i lived in san francisco for decades. i know a lot of things and i want to say a few words. at the corner for portsmouth,
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there is a democracy statue in remembrance of the square protests. rose pack strongly opposed this statue years ago. (speaking foreign language. >> rose pack also controls the
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chinese new year's parade in san francisco. people are excluded from this parade for years. and in the new year parade could have been very beneficial to our chinese community and to this chinese new year parade since this group would lead up the ands. (speakerring foreign language).
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>> but rose pack took control of the chinese commerce and influenced san francisco city hall. in order to exchild the following bowexclude the goalfrk was under the comment of chinese slit anconsolate and therefore,e received a lot of benefits from the ccp, including traveling to china and many high-ranking officials. she went back to china to see a doctor and spend a lot of money. the ccp paid for her.
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pair rain speaking foreign language (. (speaking foreign language). >> rose pack is notorious and many community members think she did nothing good to our community. so why name this subway station. >> thank you, that concludes your time. next speaker. (speaking foreign language).
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>> i'm a resident of san francisco and i'm 614 pine street. (speaking foreign language). >> my supervisor peskin proposed this resolution to name chinatown subway station after rose pack, i was shocked and don't understand i. (speaking foreign language).
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>> after taking my spare time, my husband and i and another phren we visited over 200 businesses in chinatown and 90% of them were namin against namie chinatown station after rose pack. (speaking foreign language). >> three objections, if we name the subway station that will be very convenient for travelers and this is what they prefer.
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(speaking foreign language). >> one particular businessman want to come here and he could not so he asked me to record a voice to play for you. >> i'm albert chang, owner of shop. i know many merchants strongly against using the name rose pack because we're businessmen and we don't want to be confused by the name. this is the best way to help us, thank you. (speaking foreign language).
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>> the second reason people don't want her to name the station is they feel that she doesn't deserve it and she's a person with two faces. like everybody, we thought she has no property. after she died, her sibling fight for her heritage. (speaking foreign language). >> another reason, although -- >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. my name is kathy zang. i'm a voter in district 9. i'm a founding member of an independent chinese language media and also a member of state-wide organization. i want to talk about politics. you know what politics mean in china is meaning that if you say the wrong word, you will be persecuted. if you stand in the wrong line of the political side, you will be oppressed some day. so in china, people feel they are afraid of politic and they feel politic are dirty because, you know, more than half of the people are persecuted by the political parties in china. so after i immigrated to china,
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a lot of people realizing politics in the united states is different, really about the public affairs, about serving people and also it relates to their own daily lives. so let's talk about naming. so it is not a political issue, ok? it is not political friends or political enemies. why? because montreal first of all, w to use taxpayer's money and also, it's whethe whether the supervisor's can respect the people's will and more important it's about whether to uphold the value of freedom that we treasure because according to our founding fathers, american's freedom depends on the morally of america's people and most
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promising method of securing virtuous people is to elect moral leaders. we respect the supervisors. >> thank you. next speaker, please. (speakerrin pai(speaking foreign language). >> i escape from china in 2011 to come to san francisco. (speaking foreign language).
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>> in the communist regime, my sister was tortured to death in the labor camp because of her practices. my brother was imprisoned for 12 years because he wouldn't give up his beliefs. i, myself, was also imprisoned and got electric shock over my body becaus. i have blisters all over and lost control of my bladder. i also died. (speaking foreign language).
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>> i barely had it to escape from achieve to hear because i believe the government has the capability to protect the kind people and to my surprise when i not to san francisco, i didn't know in chinatown i would be attacked by thugs. (speaking foreign language). >> i go not wish to see america's founding principles and the constitution of value would be undermined because of
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any political business and i'm against naming rose pack -- naming the new chinatown subway station after rosepack who is chinese government's agent. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. (speaking foreign language). >> i'm a resident in san francisco and when i was in china, i was a professor in philosophy. (speaking foreign language). >> when i was in china, because
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of my cult vacation cultivationa family death and divorce. (speaking foreign language). my only son was arrested illegally and eventually tortured to death because he believed in the compassion and forforebearance. (speaking foreign language). >> my husband, out of the fear of the chinese communist regime decided to divorce me. when i lost my whole family, at the same time i was imprisoned into the women's labor camp, the
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jail for three and a half years. (speaking foreign language). >> i also experience all kinds of torture. (speaking foreign language). >> in 2013, i came to america alone. (speaking foreign language). >> when i came to san francisco, i was shocked to find how much infiltration the chinese communist party has in our city. (speaking foreign language). >> rose pack is unregistered chinese agent. >> she and a few other american
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officials are selling the interest of america and make san francisco into a corrupted environment and they cause a righteous force that couldn't win. (speaking foreign language). >> coming from the chinese, we see very clearly and we are the phenomenon, is that americans in san francisco can be against their own u.s. president but do not dare to chinese consulate. a former board of supervisors said privately that the chinese consulate here is like a mafia group. nobody dare to oh fen offend th.
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(speaking language). >> rose back as an agent, therefore, she dare to to whatever she liked. no(speaking foreign language). >> during the chinese new year, she can make fun fun o all of te board of supervisors and threaten them in the future vote and election. >> i'm the resident of san
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francisco and strongly against naming the subway station after rose pack. (speaking foreign language). >> i think she did a lot of bad things in the chinese community, hurt a lot of people. (speaking foreign language). >> i was beaten and i was deprived of sleep and also drugged and went through a lot
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of tortures. (speaking foreign language). >> i have to do heavy prison labor and also blood tested me. (speaking foreign language). >> my 7-year-old daughter was really shocked when police came to my home and took me away. all of the persecution that ccp inflicted upon the practitioners. (speaking foreign language). >> now they're extending their persecution policies into san francisco.
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(speaking foreign language). >> he is infamous record of persecuting. (speaking foreign language). >> i strongly object to using such a controversial name to name our subway station. it will leave a taint on the record of san francisco. every time when my daughter look at the station, if she ask me why this is called the rose pak station, i would have no ba wayo reply her. because the name reminded me of
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the pain that the chinese government inflicted upon me. since the persecution is still going on in china. this has been more understood but the united states government but it is still happening on the land of china. i wish you would prevent her name to be used in the beautiful city of san francisco. because she is an accomplice of the persecution. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> a taxi cab medallion is a
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business license requiring him to hold his license 24/7 and themedallions before 1978 are pk and 1978 to 2010, medallion applicants waited to receive their permits for nominal processing fees. voters chose amendment a and the clause grants sfmta, quote, authority over taxes. i see recent purchases here to remind of the suffering that needs to be made whole. three months ago, mta began restricting k medallion services. the city's board of permit appeals te declined jurisdiction with the authority and now we
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have lost our due process rights in the city system. 1978 applicants swear their intention to drive a cab. regulators of trans substantiated this into -- (inaudible). >> this misinterpretation violates the disability act. we ask your board to sponsor two amendments. one, all taxi permit holders have board of appeal right and two, no medallion driver of age 60 may drive as a condition. we ask you to this in the november ballot but we're searching hard for a supervisor to step forward and do it. we acts thawe ask that you helpk you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i, too, am a medallion holder and i, too, am an immigrant. i came here in 1978 as a single father and i became a taxi driver because i was too old to start again in san francisco. this is a familiar tale to everybody. tout i am now 80 years old and the mta is going to take away my medallion because i cannot driv. i'm frightened of driving because i am too old. in 2014, i my name down on a list to sell my medallion. but the mta had made an agreement with the credit union
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that anybody who had bought a medallion at a ridiculously expensive price of 250,000 would be ahead of me, so i never sold my medallion because from was a line of people ahead of me. now, i believe the other than doing this housekeeping measure, which i sincerely ask you to do, you i have to have an inquiry about the whole thing of the mta. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm the opener and manager of alliance cab. i've been in the business for the past 30 years. when they implemented their new rules of banning certain types of medallions while restricting
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another class from the airport pick-up, it created chaos that disrupted the whole industry. the drivers could not compete saw their opportunity to make a leave living striliving strip a. we asked for a hearing and our appeal was rejected. they said prop a effectively eliminated all due process rights previously afforded to taxi permit holders. they have abused their authority. if sfpa will withhold their meeting, he has to go to supreme court and fight millions of
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dollars. he have o exposed millions of peoples. drivers borrowed 250,000 to buy a medallion and now that no money can be made, man have mane foreclosed on medallions. can one of the supervisors help us right a ballot initiative, sustaining checks and balances missing in prop a. we need to two simple housekeeping rules but we need your help to restore stability to the taxi industry. thank you. oh, i have what i want to distribute to the board of supervisors. if you can help, please feel free to call us. >> thank you.
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(speaking foreign language). >> my wife and i had a store in china town and we know rose pak really well. she was a bully and take advantage and if you don't listen, she will retaliate. speaking foreign language (.
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>> everybody know she not a good person and all hate her but afraid of oh pending her. now that she dead, a lot of people afraid of standing up to expose her crimes because they're afraid her remaining allies will retaliate. (speaking foreign language). >> in the china top web have a lot of merchants against naming the new subway station after rose pak and we hope more and more people in chinatown can walk out from the terror created by her.
3:57 am
i was afraid before, too, but then i thought i would be living in the united states to so many years, i should take advantage of the freedom of speech. only when be ge get rid of feare can live a better life. (speaking foreign language) be. >> i give expect, during the chinese new year a few years ago, streets were closed and
3:58 am
there was a parking lot that we rented to do the business. (speaking foreign language). at the very moment we were shown the programme on mtv and rose pak did not like it. (speaking foreign language).
3:59 am
she would not let us continue our business so we had a lot of floss our business. loss in our business. thank you. next speaker, please. pai(speaking foreign language). >> supervisors, my name is holana lee and i live in the tenth district and i'm here to stop naming the chinatown district after rose pak and do not use her name of any subject
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in san francisco for streets or any kind of architecture. (speaking foreign language). >> to me, the name represents terror and hatred, discriminates and violence. her name remind me of i was attacked in 2012. (speaking foreign language). on june 16