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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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by the city and county out of abatement fund and item 18 is the resolution to approve a report submitted bit director of public works for inspection and/or repair of blighted properties. >> audience, the public out there, we're going into our special order, 4:00 special order and it will take more than a few minutes. so you can either stand there and remain in line or you can sit down and get back in line later, ok? so colleagues, we are now convening as a committee as a whole and open the hearing of assessments costs committed by the director of public works on blighted properties. we will first hear from the department of public works. >> good afternoon, i represent
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the public work's graffiti unit. chapter 80, the community preservation and blight reduction act. the code requires public works to notify property owners to make corrections. it is the obligation of the property owner to maintain the property free of graffiti and blight. public works notifies property owners by physical postings, regular mail and certified mail when blight is posted. the notice of violation provides information on how to contact the gr graffiti unit and request and tension if more time is needed. we include dates, stamped colour photos to indicate extend ant ed location and we include a question sheet. for every notice of violation, the gra te graffiti unit will rh
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property ownership to send courtesy mays to property owners, property representatived or tenants, alerting them on their property and requirement to clean it up. public work's record show the majority of the prop owners abate gra tea tea on time. if not abated within the allowed time, a fee is incur. since there is an outstanding balance, public works is requesting that these assessments be added to the property tax bill through this board hearing.
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the outstanding fees are to recoupe abatement to the general fund. thank you. >> i see nobody on roster. thank you. what we want to do is open up for public comment. if you are a member of the public who would like to speak on items 17 and 18, please come up to the podium. but do not want to provide public testimony. you will have the opportunity to speak both with department staff outside of the chamber to resolve issues.
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we're going t(speaking foreign . >> homeless people are sleeping and who is going to pay for that?
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you sit up there and you have city clean doing the same type of your employees is doing and your employees is making big-time, large amount of money, 60, 70, $80,000 a year and city cleaners doing the same time of work. you have a poop squad you're paying 186 go goddam thousand dollars a year. that's a violation of title 7 of the united states cold service, the u.s. attorney generals and that's federal employment discrimination law, 2,000 eseries. all those people that work at city clean doing the same work as your employees with medical insurance, annuity insurance and a retirement plan is eligible to sue you on a class action level because the law is
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unconstitutional. you got a situation endured by one set of employee but not other set down the same god damn work and you going to ask for more money, that's disgusting. what you got to say about that? let me tell you something else. for you to sit up there and pay somebody $186,000 a year to work around with a broom and dust pan and sweep shit off the sidewalk and got still employees who doing the same kind of work and get paid a little more than minimum wage is an insult. what you got to say about that?
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>> when i called and asked them why we ge getting a citation, yu have to go to hearing because it will be attached to your property tax bill and i don't think it's fair.
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>> members of the board of supervisors, whether you realize it or not, when i come here, i just don't sit here and wait for my time to speak, i listen to what's going on and on this agenda item, i don't think any member of the public, other than the persons assessed these fines have any idea how much money we're talking about. you're talking about appropriating city funds to pay the department to clean up gra tegraffiti but we have no idea s
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members of the public how much money we're talking about. is it $50 or 500? knowing the city it's probably some completely outrageous amount. what happens it's attached to a person's tac tax bill? does that money get rebated to the city and the original source of the funds. you never give us details. it's not that the public doesn't know but the fact they've gotten to the point most of us don't trust you. you know, you deal with this money, as if it's your own. you treat it like it's something that the public has no right to know. that list of orders of determination, most of them had to do with me trying to get public records from different city departments to find out how much they spent on certain things and you would be amazed at the squirming that they do
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to. >> public comment is now closed. the hearing has been heard and will be filed. we will now reconvene as the board of supervisors. to the members of the public, thank you for being here today and the department of public work's staff will be right outside of the chamber doors. and you could discuss with them
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your outstanding issues. (speaking foreign language).
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now good afternoon, last time when i was here, we brought the videos about, around 200 businesses and 199 signatures about naming the subway station after rose pak. (speaking foreign language).
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>> today i want to show the posters about support about chinatown station.
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>> rose pak doesn't deserve it. (speaking foreign language). as a resident from district 3, i don't understand why they need to use rose pak to name the chinatown subway station. it will hurt the business and hurt the residents. (speaking foreign language). >> the business we visited, most of them want to say thank you to us because we voiced their thoughts out. (speaking foreign language). >> some of the businesses have
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been here more than 10, 20 years and those rose pak pretty well. (speaking foreign language). >> some business owners not own sign petitions but also help us to let other business owners sign it and we need to be together and against it. (speaking foreign language). >> some business owners said you can just stand at the front door of the business and let the people passing by sign the petition. put. >> i brought 15 second videos today to play it.
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>> sorry, your time is up. >> next, please. network speaker. >> good afternoon, president and supervisors. i would like to bring your attention to the chinatown reaction to the idea of naming this subway station after rose pak. most of them are very against it. i will share recordings with you in chinese and i will translate. the first one is mr. lee. (speaking foreign language).
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>> it represents a place and cannot represent this place. we need to protect the concept of chinatown. it's a broad concept. nobody cannot substitute and represent this concept. the next one is drury company. (speaking foreign language). >> to improve the public and not to use rose pak or play politic. just to use a good naming for
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the subway station will be fine. why didn't you want to use something like rose pak? this person does not even deserve to receive the honor of receiving a street after her? >> next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. i'm doria. today i'm here to represent the correlation of naming after rose pak. she was not an honorable person. here is evidence to prove that she does not deserve the hounder to have chinatown central subway station named after her. let us share information with you from the fbi investigation, which is now available online.
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number one, according to fbi's investigation report, rose pak. she bought a house in rodeo, california in 1991. nine months later, she bought another house in oakland and she claimed herself as a low-income but do you know any other low-income person could afford buying two homes within nine months? and then in may of 2002, she bought her third house. this time she bought a below-market rate unit at the brand new bridgeview condominium at heavily discounted price. one person testified it was fbi. people are aware of her improperly obtaining the condominium unit, but since, they all needed her political
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support. they are reluctant to have the matter investigated. rose pak was not entitled to obtain the unit since she proposed to be a single unit. whereas the unit is a two-bedroom, two band room unit intended for families, end quote. she had a long-track record of deceiving authorities to further her on interests. so please do not name any public facilities after rosepak, thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president and board of supervisors. i'm an immigrant from vietnam. i've been in san francisco for more than 25 years. i have many friends in chinatown and they're concerned about naming the chinatown subway station at rose pak.
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my colleague feel the same way. being recorded by miss rose pak, recording how she gave presents within invite him and his wife with business leaders. on one of her many occasions. (please stand by).
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: she says she is single, but she got a two-bedroom, two bathroom house.
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that is not reasonable, it does not make sense. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: the cheap housing is a pretty big issue in san francisco. people like us, the real low income residents cannot buy the houses, the cheap houses. like port-mac. >> voice of translator: rose peck took all advantages. >> voice of translator: please consider this carefully. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: please don't flatter this corrupt person to be a great person and the resident won't allow it.
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: to name the subway station after this immoral person is a shame to our city. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: the whole city will feel shame about it. >> voice of translator: -- [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: please, all supervisors. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: listen to public opinion and do not do the wrong thing. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: to make the wrong choice will be a saint -- a shame to the whole city and all the residents. >> voice of translator: please consider this carefully. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, honourable president yee, board of supervisors. my name is peter loo. i have been living in san francisco over 40 years. i want to give you an example why this is a bad idea to honor rose peck. in february of 2002, the center of justice and accountability in san francisco filed a federal lawsuit against the mayor of beijing and the president of president of beijing olympic committee for his responsibility in overseeing severe human rights abuses against chinese and international petitioners under their claim. he was served with a lawsuit at san francisco airport on his way
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to salt lake city to observe the 2002 game. this case has nothing to do with rose peck. that as the chinese consulate local agents, she jumped right in. rose peck and her chambers of commerce made a brief in an attempt to interfere with this legal case. foreign agents registration act requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals to make public disclosure. she did not register herself as a foreign agent. that is why she is called an unregistered chinese -- chinese communist party agent. she had attended national congress from the communist party of china in beijing. the national conquest is the highest body of china.
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naming the subway station of rose peck is like honoring a secret agent from the chinese communist party. we in san francisco do not -- >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jason. i am a real estate agent. i'm also talking about this station naming issue of the rose park. according to the f.b.i. report, the bridgeview condominium was illegally constructed by a company. they are a san francisco resident that does commercial retail and residential projects. according to the f.b.i. investigation, rose park was the
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person in charge of the project and other projects. in return, she obtained a brand-new, two bedroom, two bath condo by using the advantage under the affordable housing program by the minister in san francisco. today, when i was here i talked about affordable homes. i think this is -- a lot of people cared about that, so about the story of rose park. then after october 21st, 2008, with someone else, no new progress was caught found in the f.b.i. report for one year. in december 1st, 2009, being f.b.i. investigation had an
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update that requested to close the case. this left a lot of questions. what happened here, and who stopped the investigation? who is upset about exposing her relationship with the san francisco political circle and the true story of rose park. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: good afternoon, president e. and supervisors. i live -- i am an accountant. i took a day off. to voice my strong objection.
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: last week i visited some new businesses and other businesses about little more than 30 businesses, and got more than 70 signatures and put up posters to 20 businesses about the support using chinatown as the name of the subway station, but not rose peck. and the businesses rush here to
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sign the petitions. >> voice of translator: she cannot represent chinatown. she does not deserve the honor to username for a subway station and rose peck is a two-faced person. some said she is an agent of chinese commute -- coming nest party. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: for people who grew up in a freedom society, to sign the petition or to put up the posters is not weird at all. for us, who grew up in a
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totalitarian autocratic society, which is totally different. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: in order to get to the freedom, i came to the u.s. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i understand the fears that coming to the party bring to the residents and people. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: people are a scare -- are scared of the power holders. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: they don't have their own freedom of thought, speech. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: against it means loss of property, loss of freedom, even loss of life.
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[speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: our parents, our grandparents, all suffered from this, and they suffered a lot. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: the people i visited, more than 90% came from this. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: it is brave for them to sign our petitions in hand up posters. it also shows -- >> thank you for your comments. neck speakers. -- next speakers. >> good afternoon supervisors. i have been living in chinatown
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for over 70 years. i am a local to supervisor peskin. i oppose the name to be used to represent central subway station i found not only the chinatown merchants, but older. and many of the younger generations don't like the idea of naming it. here i would like to share one of the recordings with you. she is a city college student, and she says her stepfather is a community leader in chinatown. please listen. >> it is the president of an association, and right behind
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the station. i watched them start building and kicking out the residents over there, which is super unfair just to build a station. at least have the station named after chinatown if you're going to kick out chinatown residents. it is like watching how chinatown used to be like ten years ago, and having it progress more into the american culture, stuff like that. i think it is only fair to name the station after this location. >> board of supervisors, please listen to your people. respect our views, and be a true representative for them. please, especially mr. peskin, drop the resolution to name after rose peck. one of my friends told me a story -- >> thank you for your comments. next speaker.
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next speaker, please. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: good afternoon, supervisors. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i'm 72 years old. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: when i was in china, i suffered from severe illnesses and that's why i was introduced by a friend to this. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: under the ruling of the communist party of china, there were a lot of lies and deceit. it was difficult to believe in others. [speaking foreign language]
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>> voice of translator: at first i had little doubt when i came here. later i discovered that this exercise was very beneficial to my mind and body, my health improved. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: i did not pay a penny, and i can come and go as i wish. if the practice is not that good , how can people in more than 100 countries in the world act is this. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: they feared the number of practitioners would surpass the number of his army members, and
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he insisted on the political crackdown overnight. it was a nightmare across the country. millions of people, millions of families experienced this persecution, and many innocent people lost their life. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: however, in order to pleas the chinese communist party to obtain business deals, rose peck lost her conscience and acted as an agent for the chinese consulate to suppress us. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: in the chinese american community, she helped the chinese consulate to spread propaganda and lies about us, instigate hatred towards us, and to direct pro communist party media to defame us. [speaking foreign language]
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>> voice of translator: so that caused a lot of misunderstanding from people in chinatown to others. i myself experienced why many people in chinatown were in the square. the people in chinatown were misinformed, throwing stones at me, and there was also persons even sitting on my hands when i was meditating. lang port-mac -- [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: the crimes against humanity is no different from the nazis. i have experience very political
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movements in the history of the chinese communist party. they all use up again do and intimidation to use people. you must recognize that people like rose peck were infiltrating the community. >> thank you for your comments. >> i will stop the public comments for a second to go back to item number 18. i believe the department of public works staff has returned with an updated report on properties, and i see from the updated report that six properties were removed, correct >> joseph representing the san francisco public works. president e., members of the board, puryear instructions, we met and conferred with property
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owners and parties who appeared before us to see the overdue notices. those locations are 376th street, 1721 15th street, 2807 straight and two notices on that location, and then 2144 market, 293747 straight 19 locations remain on the list for assessment on the property tax roll. the public works team is here to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. i don't see any questions. colleagues? can we have a motion to amend the report contained in item 18, and remove the eye properties identified by department staff? motioned by supervisor viewer and seconded by supervisor mar. without objection, the report for item 18 is amended. colleagues, without objection, the resolution is adopted
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unanimously. >> we need roll call, the house has changed. >> for the amendments? >> for the resolution as adopted >> colleagues, let's take roll call on the resolution. [roll call] >> okay. , the resolution is adopted with a vote of seven aye with the amended report. i think we can resume our general public comments at this
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point. if you would like to make comments, come on up, please. >> i have been a resident in san francisco over 36 years. i was disgusted because she sold her soul to the communist party to assist the chinese consulate to suppress members. i have friends who escaped from china. their family were torn apart because of china's religious persecution. yet rose peck helped the chinese communist party to extend the
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persecution to the u.s. chinese newspapers reported on november 23rd 2001 that according to willie brown, who witnessed china with rose peck. president johnson was very happy , he was extremely happy that we, as a city, made in effort on this matter. he is especially pleased with the work done by the chinese chamber of commerce and rose peck. in their effort to work against passing the resolution.
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rose peck was eager to represent communist china's interest in exchange for a business deal. she was a person with no conscience. she would be condemned by history. if you want to amend the chinatown station -- >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president and supervisors. today i would like to talk about the proposal of the naming of chinatown subway station for rose peck. the media reported about rose peck's involvement in money-laundering and voter fraud
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and the supervisor, aaron peskin himself filed 37 pages and a report to the ethics commission to investigate that. i would like to play this for everyone. thank you. >> people are brave enough and honest enough to actually name names and there are names of individuals, but behind those individuals are actually entities that are even more powerful than those individuals. one of the great things that the united states of america is people should not be afraid to talk. i am not afraid to speak. let me name names. the names are somebody who has
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been a gatekeeper in the chinese-american community for many years. she is well known in the press, and her name is rose peck, but it is just not about her, it is interests that she represents, because she has been able to work with people to get undue influence in gaining city contracts, in gaining land use approvals to build new buildings in san francisco, it is really about political influence, or how political influence works. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a mother of three and i wanted to express my opposition
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to the chinatown station being named after her because i believe that that is an honor that should be reserved for an honorable person who has had a positive impact on the community she is not that person. according to an f.b.i. report, people testified that she was not low income as she claimed, not only did she not qualify for b.m.r. housing, the interviewees said, quote, she is believed to have bank accounts everywhere, including macau. the same f.b.i. report reported a case on september 8th, 2004 by the san francisco chronicle, and i will share a paragraph for you. quote, and the 2004 campaign for the board of supervisors in district three, eugene wong alleged that he was threatened by walter wong who has close ties with the chinatown chamber
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of commerce and is a supporter of aaron peskin, walter wong told eugene wong that he would face a severe effort by an unnamed group that would wreck his career as an immigration attorney if he does not withdraw from the race. she has a track record of smearing and threatening political candidates who are not in line with her. her name would stain our beautiful city and should not be seen on any public facilities. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. [indiscernible]
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>> please bring the sfmta here, talk with them and take medallions back and give us our money back. i will keep coming, keep coming until -- the problem will not follow. we are begging of you, take the medallion back and give us our money back. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm speaking on behalf of the medallion holders. sfmta -- i'm sorry. you have seen a picture of a taxi business. it is very shocking to us. medallion -- there's no opposed
8:52 pm
restriction on uber. sfmta are liars. they have stigmatized our medallions with uber. they are sucking our blood every year. we cannot survive in this atmosphere. they should not -- [indiscernible] >> will be making medallion payments. this kind of situation is hard for us to handle. time is running out. our situations have worsened. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] buyback is important. we need to buyback our medallions and fund money to us. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> hello, everybody. thirty years driver, i am here
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last weekend. we are not -- things need to get resolved about this m.t.a. and this medallion. they forced us to buy them. i was in there for years and years. they change the law for their own. how about my promise? the promise to me. you go fall -- followed follow the rules and regulations. and after you sell the medallion to me, who is getting punished, me or them? who has to stand up for this promise? these guys have a wife, they have kids, they have a daughter, they go to university. these people get upset. they get home and they need to talk to their family, like you guys. they share their daytime, their situation. please.
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he shares with his kids. with this pressure, with this sickness, he is seeing all this suffering. i get up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. i am not happy for my life. i don't decide that. i have to get a free medallion, and remember, they say they by method out -- the medallion back if they are not running good, if something happened, even i don't want it to arrive. this is there promise. please move up to do something good for these guys. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is ali and dave i day we are getting worse and worse because there is no business
8:55 pm
where expenses every month we have to come up and we have to give that to them, and we are in a situation where you can create an emergency state because we cannot get that much money. i have five kids, and living in the barrett -- in the area is too expensive to take care of your kids plus you don't have a job. i wish they could hire us to work for them. until that issue is settled with the medallion and with the problems settled there should be a freeze. let us make money and feed our kids so i wish we could get them to hire us as cabdrivers if they want to keep us. it is old school now. nobody knows taxis getting into that and getting the right to make some money. i feel like i request that. if they hire us and stop making this money, and it is a side
8:56 pm
effect. they need to solve the problem. we need to survive because otherwise people are saying it is beautiful, give me liberty, or give me the debt because that's the point we are on right now. i preach all of you -- appreciate all of you guys. please do something. thank you so much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> hello. i buy the medallion a long time ago and i'm supposed to be getting three medallions. i did not get my choice in the city of san francisco. sfmta, they forced us to buy and then they gave us a promise, their word. we have to keep up with them and we have to drive, how long we can drive, and we if we are not
8:57 pm
able to drive, we have to bring the medallion back, they can give us our money back. we need a better life but if sfmta made us feel this way because of uber and we are asking for the supervisors of san francisco to help us please and they will give us money back and take our medallion back. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello, i am also one of the medallion holders who bought the medallion, by not my choice, if you cannot release the others,
8:58 pm
you should deregulate us because we feel like, you know, we are under a colonized city. we are following what they ask us to do, and they are not doing what they are asking us to do. they do what they want to do. so you can check with s.f. oh, there are six drivers who already died while they are waiting for their fair at the airport during the line of duty. this is going to be more and more drivers that will happening because it takes the stress. i don't know how you guys are watching and sitting back. it is already ten years. we are playing the game in the city of san francisco. it is something called the city of innovation, but, i don't know i don't know if it is true or not. please help us. something should be changed.
8:59 pm
if you cannot regulate them, please deregulate us. give us back our money. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: hello, supervisors and president. my name is mike, i am a tourist guide in san francisco. like port-mac. >> voice of translator: i used to be a tourist touring around chinatown. >> voice of translator: chinatow n has won over 179 years history lang port-mac. >> voice of translator: chinatow n plays a very important role in the history and culture of chinese immigrants. [speaking foreign language]
9:00 pm
>> voice of translator: chinatow n's store and restaurants and scenic spots attract more visitors then the golden gate bridge. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: from the perspective of the tourist, chinatown station would be the most confident name. >> voice of translator: people will know when they are when they see the name. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: if we name a subway station after a person's name it will bring a lot of concerns and troubles to the tourists. [speaking foreign language] >> voice of translator: for example, if the civic center subway station was named after a person's name, it will bring confusions