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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 15, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> you don't know what will be inside the canister until you open it. [♪] >> these are beautiful, historical drawings of san francisco. these drawings range from 1908 to 2010. [♪] [laughter] >> i build muscle. a lot of people don't know this, but we have a full team of architects that designed specific buildings and public safety. sometimes it is creating a brand-new building from the ground up. other times it is giving new life to one of our historic structures.
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[♪] >> i had to have some degree of artistic skill from a handcraft point of view to become an architect at that time. it is an incredible amount of loss, in my opinion, to not draw by hand. that skill of having to manipulate a pencil or a pen to make line wait and to make the drawing we've. i have seen this development of technology and this huge transformation in the world his that you do leave some things behind that have beauty to them. [♪] >> now a day, technologies a completely different. we're not using paper, we are not using paint pencils, but we are using computers to model our buildings to produce drawings, it is different craftsmanship. >> in addition to the beautiful drawings, the person who was taking care of our file for almost 30 years was the one who
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organized those drawings and listed all of them in big binders with all the name of the projects, and they were still using these which is amazing. >> 840. we are building an electronic archive of all the drawings for future use. the scanning project started back in march, 2018. we have scans about 36,000 sheets of paper and there's the remaining balance of 93,981. we can do about 100 sheets per day. hopefully by february 2020, it will be completed. >> we feel that our collection of historical drawings represents san francisco's a rich history. not only do we help make history , we also preserve it for the benefit of future
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i move we close what we discuss in open session. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> please be advised the use of cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. be advised the chair may order removal from the meeting room for any person responsible for the use of cell phone or electronic device. be advised a member of the public has three minutes to make public comments on each agenda item unless there is a shorter period on any item. 7 public comment on items not
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listed on the agenda. >> any public comment? seeing none it is closed. >> 8a. executive director's report. >> good afternoon. i am the executive director. the first announcement is salmon season opened may first. there will be a temporary closure july 1 through 10. season is open through october 15th. captains from the fisherman's wharf anticipate a good year. the season opened strong between april 13 and 30. a good fishing see on for -- season for us brings in the fishing boats. we wish a safe and successful salmon season. right now at pier 30-32 is the
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coast guard training vessel. she departs tomorrow. san francisco is her first port of call from japan. she is traveling to new york for 101 days of 206 miles of a long journey with 43 cadets. it is a training mission. we are happy to have her here. she was commissioned in 1993. i would like to update the port commission on the status of the city attro zinzanni. in november of 2018 this commission granted two, six month extensions between the port and development team. since that meeting the historic preservation commission found the project design consistent with article 10 developments for the planning commission and they
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provided conditional use authorization unanimously. the final required land use approval on may 2nd. congratulations. under my authority i agreed to the final six month extension request made by the developer earlier this month. port staff and developer are working diligently on the ldba and lease. we will bring that to you in the next few months. that concludes my report. thank you. >> any public comment on the executivexecutive director's re? there is. i have cards. jay wallace and diana taylor. >> good afternoon president brandon and commission managers. i am a field representative with carpenters 22. i am here to speak in favor of development. the development team reached out to the carpenters and has agreed to use the signatory union gc to
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provide opportunities for apprentices and women and minorities. it is a great project. like the commissioner said we are losing like the deli. we are getting something back with this project. it is a good project. i hope you will move forward with this. thank you very much and good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i am diana taylor president of bar bury coast neighborhood association. our members live and work across the street from this development. we have been working with the developer for some time and the architects to make it a good project, and we are in support.
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we hope this can be moved ahead as fast as possible. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am jay wallace partner at pk broadway to say we are looking forward to coming back in two weeks and two weeks later. in two weeks we will have a informational presentation. when we were last here we thought we might need a couple extra months. we came this close in the first six month extension. we asked for another extension. we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. i want to thank the port director and the staff that she presented to the project. we are working twice each week finalizing the details. iit is a a great project with a great staff. we are pleased to be here and get going. thank yothank you very much.
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one of my partners. is here and we are excited to be here for the next couple months. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the research analyst at local two. we represent 13,000 hotel workers. we have been working closely with the developers of this project going on five plus years. they have had a very strong relationship with us and the project has our support partly because it comes with guarantees the workers will have a fair process with which to organize the union once the hotel is in place. we are looking forward to seeing the hotel open and hope it gets
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all of its approval. >> any other public comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i open the consent calendar. 9a to request approval to amend the port's harbor traffic code allowing certain parking and curb restrictions on port streets within mission bay east of third street to accommodate events at the chase center. 9b. request approval of consent to sublease between blue and goldplete. lp and open top sightseeing san francisco. >> i move. >> second. >> any public comment on the consent item. public comment is closed. all in favor. resolution 1917 and 1918 are approved. >> 10a.
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informational update on the san francisco fire boat project. and a new 50 year memorandum of understanding between the port of san francisco and the san francisco fire department. >> our new fire chief is in the house. welcome, chief nicholson. >> who you will get to hear from in just a moment. >> good afternoon, president brandon and members of the commission. we are working with the port's real estate division fro in brig this forward. i would like to introduce the team and the chief. we will provide detail on the proposed ma'a memorandum of understanding between the port and fire department. our new fire chief nicholson would like to say a few words. >> thank you very much, young
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ladd, i appreciate that. good afternoon, president brandon, commissioners, director forbes. this is the maiden voyage for me at this commission. thank you for having us. much appreciated. this project has been a team effort going on long before i took over last week, as you can imagine, but i have been involved in this project for a while, and we have done our due diligence with all parties involved, public works, the port, architects on not just the design but also the port m.o.u. which we are thrilled that we are moving towards that. it has been a long time coming. i want to thank everyone for their work on that. in terms of the fire department, our operational responsibilities on the water has grown significantly over the past many
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years, and this is a much needed facility for us and we are really looking forward to moving this project forward. this is also going to be on our agenda at our fire commission meeting next week. i want to let you know that we believe this is a great project, and we are excited about it moving forward. thank you very much. >> thank you and congratulations. >> in addition to the new fire chief, i want to point out team members. charles from public works the bond program manager, allen from shaw kawasaki architects and the builders are important and involved people as well as the
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fire chief who was involved in the details in the development of what we have to present to you today for your consideration in an upcoming meeting. we know the fire department fights fires. the fire boat crews duties include search and rescue, spill containment, assisting with homeland security and much more around the bay. location is important. fire station 35 at pier 22 1/2 at the foot of harrison street is located within the port property. it is centrally along the city's waterfront and within the central bay area gone. a lot of centrals there. it relates to the role. it is much more than port property. it serves the larger city and the one fire station on the bay that responds to many different types of emergencies with the
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expanded role which has in part to do with why they are building a new fire station for us here. fire station 35 is currently inadequate for the function due to the age, condition and size. the new station is larger to meet current code for living conditions to consolidate gear such as oil containment booms and jet skis that have to be delivered to the site in case of an emergency at this point and to birth multiple vessels. it would demolish pier 22 1/2 behind the fire station. it would demolish what is left of pier 24, what was known as the south finger pier. there is not a lot to take down there any more. also parts of the marginal wharf. a new two level at this image
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shows in orange the areas to be demolished in the shaded grey would be the location of a new floating fire station with a 14,500 square foot float. the apron around the floating fire station would provide mooring for three fire boats. you can see the building and the size of the boat. mooring for three fire boats, one rescue watercraft and a rescue ramp that would connect to the existing float to the existing war of and provide pedesstricken access on that. it would be off site and towed by a tugboat to the site. there is a small amount of construction that occurs on
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site. there is some shoreline work. the existing fire station 35 would remain in place and no renovation work is proposed for that structure nor the -- it would remain that. a floating pier or barge concept was chosen to address the expected flooding and sea level rise in the project area during the 50 year design life. the floating pier has advantages of not needing access ramps to the fire boats from the float it eliminates maintenance problems with flexible floating ramps that would be necessary and the construction and maintenance costs associated with that. it is a new type of design as we respond to sea level rise. we are excited for this project to address this and move forward
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with this type of concept. the first floor will be for emergency operations, equipment storage, supply and repair, equipment lockers and small craft storage. second floor is living space for 35. it includes dormitory, laundry and kitchen dining opening to a patio on the east end. height 36 feet. perceived height from the shoreline will vary with the tides. it will be used for fire equipment and storage. there will be a 950 square foot public access deck for viewing the fire station and public art currently being developed in
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conjunction with the arts commission. it is to provide fill mitigation. pier 70, wharf 8. it is a very apt project to have removed. the project a couple of views of the new fire station. this from just to the north. the materials were selected using the same siding on the cruise terminal. it picks up a form similar to the pier sheds emphasizing the horizontal nature, and it is intended to it is quietly behind the existing fire station. this is a view from a little further out. you can see it in relationship to pier 26 beyond. it is designed to it is quietly along the waterfront but still
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have a presence with the fire boats. they will be the biggest visual as they are now. the project was approved by the bay conservation and development commission. funding from the 2014 emergency response bond, $35 million the total cost. if approved by this commission at the next meeting, construction would start in july and be complete by the end of 2020. our deputy director of real estate michael martin will talk to you about the memorandum of understanding that is being put together. >> good afternoon, commissioners. mike martin, real estate development. i want to briefly run through the terms of the memorandum of understanding. starting with the plan view of the leased premises under the m.o.u. starting with historic firehouse the blue vehicle tangle on the bottom of the slide.
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the rent payable is $1.60 per square foot which is the rate for shed space in this area. moving outward from that to the red dotted around it is the marge namarginalwhat of. rent -- wharf. it will be the large green going up to the top of the slide from that is the water area within which would be the gangway, steel float and new firehouse construction as well as the birthing areas to the left and right of the new steel float. that will be payable 9 cents per square foot. we have negotiated that with reference to the maritime benefits of the operation in terms of life and safety and
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other benefits to the operations and mission of the port. moving to additional terms. 50 year term with rent escalation during that term. project construction will take approximately two years. during that time the premises would still operate and operations would continue after construction is complete. payment of rent the sum of rents payable as i described would be approximately $14,000 each month payable commencing after project completion. the m.o.u. calls for rent credit. 1.6 understand of im movements remaining unam more ties amortized. the new public access area to the south of the historic firehouse to be constructed is part of this project would be assigned rent credits.
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the m.o.u. calls for additional rent credits should additional credits happen in the future subject to port approval. m.o.u. calls for maintenance and repairs th the sole responsibily of the fire department. needs assessment every five years identifying the repairs to be performed. they would find funding to make sure the site is operated in a safe manner. it provides conditions under which the fire department may relinquish portions of the premises. so long as it can be operated for the fire department purposes that is one of the conditions. if the port is to take anything back, it needs to be used for benefit of the port through rentals or port benefits. to take it back we need access
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rights to take that property back. if the process was laid out but the parties will negotiate the right way to do that at the proper time. the fire department must comply with the california environmental quality act issued with this project. there is an operations plan agreed to as part of the m.o.u. to govern the operations at the site. all regulatory permits must be adhered to as well as city laws and ordinances. that concluded our presentation. we are here to answer any questions. thanks. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? seeing none. commissioner mack. this is an informational
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presentation. >> when are you coming back in. >> at the next meeting we will come back for action. >> i support it completely. i accept staff's analysis with the economics of this. this is a city agency and crunching the numbers to arrive at a deal with a sister agency is fine with me. if the fire department is left for some reason the recommendation from staff in re-purposing this for something else would yield much different numberings. i am prepared to support this next time it comes before us. >> commissioner woo ho: we have been on it once and i think it was with mayor lee. we went in the board in america's cup. it was fun.
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it shot the water up in the air for a salute i am familiar with the facility and i can see where the renovations are needed. the staff has done a thorough job. i don't have further questions at this time. >> again, congratulations and welcome to the port of san francisco. i, too, support this item. it is good that we are going to get rent for the first time. (laughter). >> my only question is the existing structure. what is going to happen with it and what is the life expectancy of it? how long can it remain without any investment? >> mike, do you want to answer that question? >> well, i think as we described. it is currently able to be used for the purpose.
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the fire department wants to use it during construction. i think we all see that there may be expenditures needed. that is why we negotiated the capital needs assessment every five years to keep a good eye on what is required to avoid any sort of sudden outages of that facility. the benefits of the new construction would allow it to be operated should there be an outage where we need to do construction on the historic firehouse. there was an intention to keep it in place until we have the new structure in place. i wouldn't be say it is an indefinite future. there is an interest to keep that historic fabric as part of the embarcadero. >> we look forward to that item coming back. >> 11:00 a.m. request authorization to award contracts
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to bae urban economics, economic and planning systems, three kaiser fashionerston associates and seifel consulting. for as needed real estate economics and related professional services each contract in an amount not to exceed $750,000. >> the item is an action item to recommend award of the as needed real estate economics request for qualifications to the four highest ranked firms. bae urban economics. economic and planning systems and keyser marston associates and seifel consulting. each with $750,000 with a four year term and option to continue that term for one additional year. the port complies with a number
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of our port strategic goals including the strategy to the real estate por portfolio to maximize value and prioritizing projects to renew waterfront facilities for the ongoing enjoyment of residents to support the businesses and employees. the scope of work for this contract like all as needed or on call projects is not defined in advance. as needed contracts serve as master agreements under which the port staff issue csos on project by project basis. these projects were managed by port planning and development after reorganization in 2017 now they are under the new real estate and development division.
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the current scope including lease negotiation and financial feasibility with decrease in architectural and planning services which resulted in the subcontracting goal based on the availability of firms and more planning firms than real estate firms. the terms are real estate lease negotiations, financial feasibility analysis, development cost forecasting, marketing leasing strategic planning and the upcoming projects include support and assistance with evaluation for pier rehabilitation and economic consultant assistance at pier 70. the current four master agreements for as needed real
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estate economic services were awarded in 2016 valued at $500,000 each lasting to june to to 2020. those funds have been expended. we issue a request to solicit proposals for a new pool of consultants. on february 5, we held the meeting at pier 1. there were 26 individuals in attendance. we are satisfied with the turnout. we convened panel members that included the senior project manager, business development manager from the mayor's office and meghan wallace, the port finance director made up the panel. the list was provided t