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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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zero. i would like to call up tom mcguire, if he would like to make any comments. >> mr. mcguire, good morning. >> good morning commissioners, tom mcguire at the mta. thank you for the invitation to speak commissioner yee and your support on our resolution efforts. we are looking to advance to quickly build projects in our high injury network. we have 10 projects we worked through with our own board, including projects like townsend street, california street. we are trying a new project,
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we're not waiting two or three years for a construction contract. we're going in quickly with paint, posts, traffic signals, and using our injury tools to get proven results in the street. i think this resolution will certainly help us. thank you for introducing it. >> commissioner yee. >> i guess there are two other people. i'm finished. >> commissioner haney. >> thank you chair peskin and commissioner yee on your leadership on this. one of those individuals that lost his life over the weekend was in my district and we held a vigil yesterday and i'm very happy to see this resolution come forward and to have urgency on some of these high priority
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projects. do you have a list of what the top priority safety projects are and will those be as part of this process, will those be provided on a regular basis? >> they will, i am sorry i don't have a slide with me right now but i can read them real fast. the majority are in district 6. >> is it okay that he reads the priority safety projects? >> howard street, which we already done, that's the first of the ten, and then townsend street, sixth street, fifth street, brannon street, taylor street, almani boulevard, california street, indiana street, and terry francois
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boulevard. many of those projects, commissioner, you'll note that on streets like sixth and taylor, we are doing a full reconstruction of those streets and we're looking for capital funds for that. we want to get in with paint and posts in 2019 to make safety fixes. >> great. you said there were ten of them? >> yeah, there were ten, yeah. >> so, for the top priority safety projects, are those regularly updated to always have ten, so will you change them or will you add to them or will this resolution essentially sort of only be updating on the ten you just listed or will there be some flew -- fluidity in that? >> our board asked us to keep a list of ten going at any one time, so they're going to enable
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us to move quickly. >> in terms of how you add those, is that a decision that's made by the m.t.a. board or by you, or how do you decide who those ten are? >> i think legislatively it's the m.t.a. board's decision, but we want to do it in collaboration with all the district supervisors for sure. it's limited to the high injury network, that's the one key constraint. >> great, i appreciate it and i would ask that whether it's a vision zero committee, or the m.t.a. board, or others, that there is some conversation publically on how those are being chosen, and how they are prioritizing them and as we hopefully complete some of these projects on the top priority ones you named, how we're adding to those and that we have a clear sense of the timeline on each of the ones that are on the list. thank you.
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>> commissioner mandelman. >> i also wanted to thank president yee for bringing this forward. you know, i think i'm most familiar with the valencio street project and the experience of the first few blocks being done, when there's political will, these projects can move ahead much more quickly. i note that the rest of the project is not on the top ten, but i hope it will as you move through some of the higher priority projects, that the rest of the valencio project will find its way into the priorities, so we can move forward on those on as fast of a pace as possible. thank you. >> thank you. >> so colleagues, let me open this up to public comment. is there public comment on item number 6? >> good morning commissioners,
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charles, senior organizer at the san francisco bicycle coalition. i speak in strong support of this resolution before you. i want to remind this board that the city embraced and made a commitment to vision zero in 2014. the board of supervisors passed a resolution, and several boards followed suit, from the m.t.a. to the police commission, it's frustrating that five years later, this board still needs to pass resolutions such as this, as we wait for elected leaders to give their support for critical street safety projects. people are dying, and it's made clear today. in 2015, there were 31 deaths, 2016, 32 deaths, 2017, 20 death, and 2018, 23. now in 2019, we're at 17 fatalities, that's 13 walking and biking, and 4 in other modes. that puts us on pace for 47 this
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year. just last night, i joined commissioner haney, reverend williams, and community activists to recognize another life lost at tenderloin. i done this several times this year. i really hope that one day we could do more ground breakings than vigils, but that hasn't been the case this year. i challenge each of you to make real commitments to projects in your district and uphold this resolution. just last week, back to workday, mayor breed instructed the group that we needed to have 20 miles of bike lanes. thank you for bringing your attention to vision zero. we look forward to working with you and your offices as we tackle this epidemic of traffic fatalities on our streets.
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> commissioners, i think that mr. mcguire is pretty astute on thinking outside the box. now you'll take three or four years to execute something, and in the interim, you can put signs, maybe create a sign that is totally different for cycl t cyclists. a cyclist has die in that area, painted white or something, a unique sign so people know what is happening. put those signs every 100 feet or 200 feet. what we do is we look the other way around and we look at a design, the design goes to all the permits, one year, two,
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three, four years, five years. i know. in certain areas, i vent to the process, took six years to put some traffic lights, six years. this is a city and county of san francisco with $12 billion. idiots heading some departments cannot do their jobs, i know them. i tell them to their face, oh, you don't know san francisco, we don't have the money. yes, you have the money. can you put a price on a life? so, supervisors, if y'all are true representatives, you need to go to that site. maybe the spirit of the person who has died will reveal something to you to do something good. so far, you know, it's like mickey mouse type of operation. we need to stream it. i know supervisors are suffering
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from that accident and i thank you for representing on this issue. >> next speaker please. >> good morning, my name is cole brennan. i would like to thank commissioner yee for bringing this resolution to the front. i knee from my work at walk san francisco, i've been on the job for two weeks as the senior and disability outreach coordinator and in those two weeks, we lost two seniors that were killed in traffic collisions in san francisco. i'm new enough at this that i don't feel like a broken record yet, i just feel heartbroken. we would like to see this measure go forward, obviously we
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would like to see more supervisors, more commissioners, and more public support for rapid implementation of safe street designs. we know that some other cities, including cambridge and washington d.c. are working on legislation that expedite safety improvements like these, and we would like to see san francisco consider something like that. thank you all for your time. >> thank you. >> seeing no other members of the public for public comment, public comment is closed. commissioner fewer. >> thank you chair, i would just be remiss not to add that in my district, i had two fatalities in one month and month later, a 90-year-old woman was struck on a high injury corridor in my neighborhood. i thank you president yee for bringing this forward and i want to emphasize the fact that m.t.a. also needs to do work on the ground to talk to residents
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because they are fully aware of the traffic flow within their neighborhood and that is especially true in my neighborhood and also should take suggestions of district supervisors of where new arterials should be placed in high injury corridors and not wait for fatalities to happen there or collisions to happen there, and that's how they collect their data, it's through how many collisions happened at one site. so i just wanted to say thank you to president yee because i actually think there has been a communication disconnect and what is needed in our neighborhoods and what is being designed for our neighborhoods. thank you. >> thank you commissioner fewer. so commissioner yee, would you like to make the motion? >> i would. >> motion made by commissioner yee, seconded by commissioner brown, and we have a different house, so mr. quintanilla, roll
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call please. [roll call] >> we have first approval. >> thank you, could you please read item 7 and 8 together. >> item 7, preliminary fiscal year 2019/20 budget and work program. item 8, internal accounting and investment report for the nine months ending march 31, 2019. >> ms. fong. >> i hope if y'all don't mind, i would like to start with item number 8 for the fiscal year update for the t.a. finances. as total assets equal
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200.3 million for the first nine months, 287.2 million in lie abilities, revenues and expenditures are within budget. we're close in terms of revenues, only $1 million off of our goal for the first nine months. for expenditures, we have a 6 million difference, but we expect more coming from our fourth quarter, and i like to express that in the previous update, i mentioned we were waiting for sponsor reimbursement and they have caught up as of second quarter now. we are 66.5% of our funds are sitting in the treasure repool and we are in compliance in the investment policy. in our debt compliance, we're 18 months into our sales tax
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revenue bond. there is a requirement of three years to spend down the bond mro proceeds. we're at 52%. we have been spending the majority under radio replacement systems, cad projects, and trolley replacements. with that, if anyone has any questions related to the county report for the fiscal year 18/19 for the first nine months. >> we have no questions. >> then i would love to move on to the fiscal year 19/20 budge. this is your very first look at the t.a.'s fiscal year 19/20 annual work budget and work program. i will first talk about the numbers and then turn the microphone to tilly chang. we will take advantage to the may 21st committee meeting to
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detail the program at the meeting. i would like to mention that you may notice the changes in the budget document, due to recommendations of the consulting performance review we received last year. thank you to all your offices for providing recommend daeatio and how we can make this more robust and more clear to each of your offices. on this first slide, what we have before you is side by side comparison of the fiscal year 18-19 and the fiscal year 19-20 budget. we are looking at an increase of 9.3%, which is $12.6 million. it is a very similar year to the prior fiscal year. we have various sources of revenue. the majority of our revenues comes from sales tax funds.
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in terms of our next largest source, it's federal revenues. we're expected to receive 15.6% of federal revenues this year. this is anticipated increases in activities for the island improvement and bridge structure project, federal and state funds are coming in to fund this project. now i would like to also mention that we do receive funds from our $10 vehicle registration fee and our transportation for clean air act. those are both revenues continue to come in steadily. here i have a ten year outlook of sales tax revenues, a steady collection over the last ten years. this year's increase is a modest 1.1%. you can see in 2011 we collected $75.2 million, and in fiscal
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year 2020, we're anticipating 110.9%. so this does not include any anticipated revenues for the internet collections. we are anticipating modifying any estimates at the budget amendment point of time when we have clearer information about the impact of revenues. >> here i have a slide on the expenditures, again, fiscal year 18/19 budget amendment, versus 19/20 preliminary budget expenditur expenditures. again, it's very similar to our prior fiscal year. the majority of the expenditures are related to our sponsors that we pass money to. we anticipate the highlight of the projects for prop-k would be vehicle procurements, the
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project that makes up more than 87% of total expenditures for the fiscal year. our next largest percentage here is our debt service cost. we are into the third year of our sales tax revenue bond. we're anticipating to make our first principle payment, and we would have 27 remaining principle payments to make until the bond matures. we have incremental amounts of staff costs. we are looking at 2.9% personnel costs, and that includes costs for our 41 budgeted positions. we have actually 46 positions approved since the last salary survey. in terms of non-personnel expenditures, we are looking at approximately 1% and this is expenditures for our office operations, our lawyers, our
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autotor auditors. that is at an incremental amount of 1%. i have a 10 year historic outlook at the capital project costs. in 2011, we incurred 110.8 million. in 2016, we drew down on our revolving credit agreement, and in fiscal year 19/20, we're anticipating 200.7. the reason for the increase of expenditures is to approximately $50 million we shifted from the budget amendment last month into fiscal year 19/20. with $200.7 million anticipated cost in capital expenditures, i'm anticipating that we need to draw down 67 million towards the end of the fiscal year. here's the slide just to indicate and to remind everyone that a majority of our prop-k x
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expenditures go to vehicles in service as of march 31st, 2019. then another recommendation was to provide a chart, we have 46 staff positions approved but we're budgeting 41 of those positions in this current fiscal year. with that, i would love to take any questions at this moment or pass the mike over to our executive director. >> ms. chang. >> thank you so much cynthia. just want to congratulate cynthia and her team on the standard double a-plus ratings. that was good news in our recent weeks. looking at our goals, these have not changed, the eight major goals of our program to advance
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your priorities and support the board, provide great customer service and efficiency to our sponsors, and vendors, and working collaboratively with our partners, foster public engagement, and provide regional and state leadership on policy, as well as supporting and growing the capacity and development of our staff. on our work program, i'm beginning here with a slide on our congestion management planning work, and transportation plan update is a big focus this year as the region seeks to update the area. you have been hearing us talk about this, we're very excited to present to you in two week's time. the update on our needs assessment, which is the ground work we need to show our current situation and the projected future looks like if we proceed on a business as usual strategy. this is the work ahead, to work on a transit corridor study, the mayor's office, as well as the streets and freeways master
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plannipla planning effort. this is supported by our data collection and modeling. we're grateful to you for approving funding to collect household survey data, and this is a regional survey effort with sampling in san francisco and to pick up the trends around the use of new mobility. it's a blind spot for many folks, until we have the rich database on how people are using troons -- transportation, it's an opportunity to grow our ability to forecast. there's also the congestion management program update every two years led by joe and our technology data and analysis team. they're working in partnership with m.t.a. to bring you more research studies and the equity study and on the m.t.a. side, we'll be supporting them on the access, accessibility study.
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moving ahead on specific projects we're continuing to work on for commissioner ronen, the redesign work and the maze area to ensure that we have a rebalancing of some of the regional and local facilities there, as well as preparing for the 101 deck replace m-- replacement caltrans will be working on. then the neighborhood improvement program, a nice opportunity to look back at the first group in the last five years, how it went and what we learned and what was accomplished and scoping out the second group with your offices, to ensure we're meeting the needs in your district, particularly around safety as we discussed today. on 280, we're working on caltrans, scoping, and developing the potential for a future phase, we'll bring that
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forward for your consideration in the next few months. there is also a discussion around transit. we heard that these lanes would have to work for san franciscans, particularly those on buses. we're really imagining this program as a transit project, as well as a freeway management efficiency project. our downtown congestion pricing study is gearing up. we received bids and we will be bringing a contract to you, as well as the mobility services and potential pilots framework so you can continue to guide us on where you do and don't wish us to advance pilots, both with t.a. money, as well as t.a. staff resources. moving to funding and programming, last year was really the big year to set the priorities for the next five years for our k program. the strategic plan, looking ahead, prioritizing those funds
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in various categories, 20 or so categories. this year, we will continue to do that, particularly the financial engineering to match our local funds, regional measure 3, bridge toll funds as they begin to congresswomme out litigation cloud and we prioritize those with the region, as well as looking at the federal bills. we will be bringing forward double-a and transportation funds for clean air recommendations, but next year focus more on leveraging the big dollars at the federal and state and regional levels. plan bay area continues to be an opportunity to do that and to influence the region's policies to tie transportation funding to the other goals around affordable housing, climate, and safety, and particularly transit expansion policies around the region. we're excited to work in
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partnership there. on new revenue sources, we continue to support things like the t.n.c. tax, the potential to be on the ballot this fall, and the conversations. we know all these are part of a larger regional effort to continue to meet the funding need for infrastructure and transit in particular. legislative advocacy is always a priority in each session, and we are very excited to see 1605 to move forward. finally on the project delivery and program oversight, just definitely want to continue to support eric and his team. we are entering a construction phase, it's a long time coming. he's done a lot of work to prepare the funds and planning, and supervisor haney as well. our parkway project has achieved final acceptance, so we will be
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producing a comparison study of the phase one, phase two approach to that work. it will be a study to look at the build versus the p-3 or the public private partnership method that we utilize for the two phases of the project, and we will work on street projects as well to support public works. on project delivery, our focus really is on helping focus on the board, and strategy for our downtown rail extension, and i appreciate your help and we look forward to bringing you recommendations at the end of june, early july on that. in parallel, we have been continuing to stay involved and to very collaborate on the caltrans business plan and early investment program, and monitor the progress of our program as
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one of the seven funders doing peer review and oversight on that project. we heard that message loud and clear about deepening our active oversight as well on our partner's product -- projects involving vehicles and the subway. even as we prepare the next projects for funding and key milestones, it's definitely something that everyone conti e continue -- it's continuous learning across the board. we pride ourselves in bringing you thorough transparent reports, timely as you wish, things that are a priority to you, please let me know, if you don't see them already in this work program that's proposed. we will be working with commissioner mandelman on this potential m.t.a. review that we talked about a couple weeks ago
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and perhaps any other types of pro projects that you feel are important to advise you on the board or as our commissioners. it's our 30th anniversary this fall for the passage of the sales tax so we're happy to prepare for that milestone as well. i'm happy to take any questions. >> questions from commissioners on that report. seeing none, is there any public comment on items 8 and 9? i mean 7 and 8, excuse me. >> the commissioners, you heard two reports. the way i look at this is, if transportation and how we use transportation doesn't reflect the constituents of any area, then more needs to be done.
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for you supervisors to understand what i am saying, we have to go 200 years ago. i represent the first people, this land was pristine. today, it's a concrete jungle. in other reports that the two ladies have given, they are just focusing on the numbers and the projects, trying to balance whatever is given to them to balance. now, we got a report from the united nations that soon a million species will be extinct. i hope y'all read that report. some years ago, months ago, people came from all over the world to san francisco, to witness our congestion. they were talking about environmental issues, but right in the face was congestion.
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the supervisors learned to think outside the box. you cannot think outside the box unless you're spiritually strong with your heart in the right place to take not only this city, but everybody to a good place. our children are dying. our infants are dying. our youths, our young adults, our elders, those with compromised health, some of you supervisors know about this, but you need to pray about it, so that you can represent. thank you very much. >> seeing no other members of the public for public comment, public comment is closed. those were informational items. are there any introductions of new items? seeing none, is there any general public comment? seeing none, we are adjourned.
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[♪] >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their business in the 49 square files of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine
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in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love. like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb elimination match. we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar.
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we're hope og get families to join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hanhang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery for fdr, ferment, drink repeat. it's in the san francisco garden district and four beautiful muellermixer ura alsomurals.
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>> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people. local people spend their money at our businesses and those local mean that wor people willr money as well. i hope people shop locally. [ ♪ ]
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