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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. please turn off your cell phones. the signals tend to interfere with the recording equipment in the room. if we can stand for the pledge of allegiance. [ pledge of allegiance ]
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>> good evening, commissioner hirsch. i would like to take roll. >> thank you. [ roll ] >> also present is department director eric balances sar and the chief of police. you do have a quorum. >> thank you. good evening, everybody. welcome to the meeting of may 15th, 2019. we have a moderate agenda tonight. so public comment will be limited to three minutes per person. we're ready for the first calendar item. >> line number one, consent calendar, receive and file action. that's the pd dpa document first
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quarter 2019. request of chief of police to accept 16,6666 from the casa de las madres to go towards the domestic violence high risk program. this requires a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> we need public comment before we vote, please. is there any public comment on this one item? seeing none, comment is close the. we'vwe're ready for the vote. all in favor. >> aye. >> all opposed? it passes. >> line 2, reports of the commission discussion, a, chief's report, provide an overview of offenses in san francisco, significant events. chief's report will be a chief description of the significant events. commission discussion will be limited to determining whether to calendar any of the incidents
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the chief describes for future commission meeting. major events, provide a summary of planned activities and events occurring since the previous meeting. this will include an overview of any unplanned events or activities occurring in san francisco having an impact on public safety. commission discussion will be limited to determining whether to calendar for a future meeting. status update on the sfpd website, presentation of the safe streets for all first quarter 2019 report, presentation of the first quarter 2019 audit of electronic communication devices. good evening, chief. >> good evening. i'm going to -- a couple of items in my report i'm going to abbreviate today for the sake of time. i have the weekly crimes trends i'm present. i also want to talk a bit about significant events that have occurred over the last week.
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major events and a status update on our new website which i have a video. it's about ten minutes. it explains to the public how to access and the benefits of our new website. so in order to get that video to the public, i'm going to abbreviate some of the reporting. we also have a presentation of safe streets for all by commander. she's here to present that. and a presentation on the first quarter electronic audit communication devices provided by planter walsh. i'll start with the weekly crime trends. overall, violent crimes are down a total of 15%. we have had 15 homicides year-to-date, which is actually -- i'm sorry. 14 homicides year-to-date. it's 7% decrease over this time last year where we had 15. we had0we had one homicide last.
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i'll talk about that in more detail. out of our cases, 8 of the 14 cleared by arrest and one exceptional clearance. gun violence, down 22% over 2018. in terms of our total property crime, we're down 13% over 2018. we continue to have fewer incidents compared to last year, particularly motor vehicle deaths and we're 16% down -- in auto burglary. we're 16% down there. when compared to 2017, we're 30% down. our homicide that occurred this week was on the 1100 block of gillman. upon arrival of a report of a stabbing, officers observed a suspect near the second floor window. subsequently, that suspect was arrested for the stabbing. the gym wathe victim was transpd
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deceased. our suspect is in custody. the investigation is continuing in terms of charges being filed. we had three major traffic collisions this past week, including two fatals. unfortunately, there was a fatal at golden gate and hyde on may 11th at 7:31 in the evening. our victim was a 65-year-old male who stumbled in the street and unfortunately was struck by a bus, a golden gate transit bus. our officers responded and tried to administer live saving measures but were unsuccessful and our victim was declared deceased at the hospital. we also had a vehicle versus motorcycle fatality. that was also on may 11th at 10:12 p.m.
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it occurred at pine and polk. the driver of the vehicle was attempting to turn left on to pine when the motorcycle driven at a high rate of speed collided with the vehicle attempting to make the left turn. video was obtained from local businesses and cor corroboratede driver's statement. unfortunately, the motorcyclist did not survive the injuries and was pronounced dead. we are focusing on our traffic collisions and fatalities this year. we are up for the year. this weekend, definitely did not help that situation. we've run operations with a traffic company, traffic enforcement operations and we will continue to do that in an effort to drive these incidents down for the remainder of the year moving forward. as far as significant events, i want to give an update on an incident that drew a lot of public attention. it's regarding the leak of the
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confidential police report. on may 9th, 2019, a search warrant was executed. it was granted by a judge and a sear of warrant was conducted as part of a criminal investigation into the legal release of the confidential police report. subsequent sale of that report to members of the media. citizens and leaders of the city of san francisco demanded a complete and thorough investigation into this leak and this action. the search warrant is a process in the case of criminal offenses and the illegal distribution of a confidential police report. for the public, we are committed to maintaining the public's trust. this leak was a breach of the public's trust. we understand that. we're investigating these
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allegations fully, including allegations of misconduct potentially by members of the san francisco police department. our purpose is to hold those responsible for these actions. there's not a whole lot more i can say on this right now. we're in the midst of the criminal investigation as well as administrative investigation. as that evolves, we'll take the appropriate action depending on where that investigation leads. that's pretty much as much as i can say at this time on that issue. other major events this week, we have the biggest event this weekend is the beta breakers. it will be may 19th from 5:00 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. we are fully staffed, and we know of no issues or concerns or pending potential issues, but it is a large event. it's usually a very fun and festive event. we'll be staffed up to deal with the crowd and the individuals that want to enjoy the beta
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breakers this weekend. i will pause there for questions before i go to the website presentation. >> commissioner hamasaki, before i ask you to speak, i want to say something. we function as an a jude cat body, which means we often decide discipline air he other cases that are brought by the department. that's the reason why we don't get actively involved in investigations because we would have a conflict if we both were investigating and ultimately deciding the merits of a disciplinary matter. so typically, the police commission does not get involved in investigations of the type that are going on right now. i just remind the public of that the and commissioners. commissioner hamasaki. >> good evening. i think this is a really
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difficult topic for a lot of people, a lot of san franciscans, and even nationwide, you know. in a free society, we depend on a free press. when the homes of journalists are raided, it doesn't matter how strong we feel about the underlying case, you know. i think we should all be concerned. i think everybody was appropriately concerned. i think i came out a little early and pointed out that, you know, we have this journalism -- the journalist shield law in place. that's to protect journalists from searches like the one that was described here if the individual had gathered the information in the capacity as a journalist or done actions in their capacity of a journalist
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within the penal code section 1524, there exists a process to obtain documents for investigation such as these through a subpoena. can you comment on whether or not a subpoena was considered in lieu of a search that i think, you know -- on this commission, i can say everybody, no matter how you felt about him was appalled at the release of the police reports. appalling. it was an attack on him. it was an attack on his family. everybody wants -- it was an attack on the department more than anything else. it was attack on your office, the office of the chief. it goes against everything we've
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been working for as far as reforms. there was some pretty unsettling images that appeared on the nightly news and in the press and not just the local press but across the country from the "washington post" and the "new york times" covered this. were you part of this considering whether or not to it conduct this radar issue this swear much warrant? >> commissioner, we went through a legal process, an appropriate legal process in furtherance of a criminal investigation. again, i definitely appreciate and understand the gravity of your question. at this time, i mean, i think it's appropriate for me to say we went through the appropriate legal process pursuant to the
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criminal investigation. that is appropriate for what we have to investigate. so there is not much more i can say on that right now. again, we're in the midst of this investigation, and i don't want to get to where it would be appropriate to get into the details of the investigation at this juncture. >> okay. you know, as i said, i came out initially, at least raised the option there could be a lawful basis for a search of a journalist if it was based purely on criminal conduct that occurred outside of their actions as a journalist. then i think, you know, we're getting into a point where everybody's speculating about why the warrant was issued, how it was issued, and what's contained in the affidavit. are there plans to release the
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affidavit soon? >> the affidavit is under seal. so we won't be able to release it. again, legal process, the appropriate process for the type of investigation that we're conducting. i do understand the desire for the information, but we are going through a legal process that we haven't recreated any legal process. we're going through the process that we need to go through to get to the bottom of this investigation. so that's where we are. >> okay. >> warrant is under seal. >> let me ask you, because at least four of us have litigated search warrants. an option could be to move to unseal it or at least release the search warrant with redactions to support -- i understand it's a sealing under hobbs. so in other instances, it could be released with redactions.
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is that something the department is considering? >> not at this time. not at this time. we're going to continue the investigation, get to the bottom of that hopefully in an expeditious matter. there are a lot of public interests here. i understand the points you just raised. the department understands that. there's also the balance of the public confidence of when people report things, you know, we should do our jobs and make sure that reports aren't released when they're not supposed to be released. we need to get to the bottom of that. that's exactly what we intend to do. if there's any criminal activity that's proven, we went to get to the bottom of that as well. >> and finally, you know, since this has all blown up over the weekend into this week, are you confident that this search warrant was issued in compliance with the journalist shield law
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and our first amendment protections? >> i'm confident that we took the appropriate legal matters to authorize or get the search authorized. i am confident about that. again, that's where we are at this point. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. i did say that was final. is it -- so i understand that there were two separate judges. did they both sign off on a single warrant, or was the other judge for the second warrant involving, i believe, an officer, something along those lines? >> so there were two locations searched, commissioner. again, i don't think it's appropriate to really get into some of the more intricate details at this point on this, but there were two separate locations that were searched. i believe that information was made public by the gentleman who the search warrant was served
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upon. i can't confirm that. there were two separate location that's were served. >> vice president taylor. >> i think there might be confusion about the difference between a subpoena and search warrant. unlike a trial subpoena or subpoena to testify in a preliminary hearing, this was a search warrant. >> yes. >> for search warrants there has to be a detailed showing of probable cause, legal basis for the warrant, and that's submitted to a judge and the judge ultimately makes the determination about whether or not the warrant is issued. is that -- >> that's correct. >> and the materials are currently under seal? >> yes. yes. >> and the decision to unseal, unredact, that's not sfpd's decision to make, as i understand. >> that is not our decision to make. at this point, we're pursuing with the investigation. >> okay. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> as commissioner hirsch reminded commissioners, we
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should not comment about the subject matter of the case because it may be before us if there is a disciplinary matter with an officer. one question was not asked, and it's important for the public to know that in order for a search warrant to be brought to a judge, it's signed off by a prosecutor, is that correct. >> in some cases and not all cases. >> uh-huh. was it signed off in this case? >> no. >> okay. okay. thank you. >> okay. thank you. any other items, chief, that you have to report on? >> just one other item. that's an update on the sfpd website. it's a video that explains to the public the accessibility and some really, what i believe to be really nice features. this was part of the doj -- u.s.
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dog'j's assessment. there were specific recommendations about updating and improving our website. so we definitely believe this is a lot more user friendly, more accessible. ultimately, more transparency, and we're excited about the website. this actually is -- was aired on sfgov tv as well as live stream to get the public interested in our new website. so it's about a 10-minute video. i just want to show the features of the website and the technology ms. susan merit explains some of the features that i think will b will be of c interest for those that use our website.
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>> joining me is police chief william scott. welcome here. >> thank you, david. thank you. and we are really excited today about the launch of our -- facebook live participants, i'm david stephenson with the san francisco police department. we're very proud to welcome you here today to show off our new website, san francisco police dot org. this has been in the works for a year and a half. we got down to the probably executive with a lot of feedback and input from the community, the people we serve. we're really thrilled about it.
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we want to walk you through it today. first, i want to introduce the folks who are going to do that. joining me first is police chief william scott. welcome here. >> thank you, david. thank you. and we are really excited today about the launch much our new website. as you said, a year and a half in the making. it is really stems from our department of justice elaborate reform work. when we looked at the website in 2016, some said it wasn't as user friendly as we would like. it was cumbersome to find material. data was a little bit hard to get to. this is leaps and bounds beyond our old website. like i said, a year and a half in the making. a lot of work and a lot of community input went into this. we're really excited. i've been playing with it all weekend. very user friendly even for a guy like me. so i'm excited that the public will have better access to the police department, be able to find the data they want and need, file reports, access local community police stations,
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district stations. it's a really exciting website. >> we're really thrilled about it. joining me is susan whose deal has been the dulling of the work. tell us about why this is important to have it in the format we've done. >> thank you, david. yes. we're very excited about the website. basically, as the chief pointed out, our old website was a little bit hard to find things, a little bit sort of inside out. we talked about things, the way police understood but perhaps the community didn't. for example, we have a lot of district stations, but we had no way of -- for a person to know what district they were in. we have ten district stations in the city of san francisco. so the new website we've really tried to go sort of 180 degrees the other direction and start with the community and get input from the community about what police services they want, what they expect to see when they come to the website, and we did a tremendous amount of research which is actually available on the website. what we did, how rereache how wt
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to people, victims of crime. we reac reached out to people wo haven't visited the website. it's based entirely on community feedback. >> walk us through what folks will see when they come to the home page. we know there's a lot of splashy beautiful pictures of our officers at work. give us a sense of what services are right off the top there if they want to get quick access to what we have to offer. >> well, we have so much on the website. we don't have time today to go through all of it, so we're going to hit on highlights. first, if you come to the home page, you'll see across the top what we call the top level navigation. we have these groupings of things people wanted to see. so starting with get service, if you hover over the get service area, you will see all of the different types of service that'services thatare availablet in multiple languages, filing
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reports, towed vehicles and so on. and then moving to the right, you see stay safe. people wanted to know what -- how can i prevent my car from being broken into or what's the crime happening in my community? so we have a lot of information with crime mapping and self service in that area. the new section going further to the right, we have the latest news from sfpd. you can go to find out what's happening within the department. the next -- the community section, so this is a section that talks about all the community activities, the community programs. we also have an events calendar. we have that calendar for both citywide as well as for individual police districts. >> you can find out what's going on in your neighborhood and how you can participate and so forth. >> that's correct. moving over one more to the right, your sfpd. this is information about the police department, about the leadership, with the strategic
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plan, what are all the bureaus and how do things work within the police department. this is also where you go to find out your district station and by the way, in terms of district station, we added -- one of the first things we did was find my station. you see it over contact us. you can enter yours address, and you will see what station you're part of. >> let's go to one of those stations. let's check out one of those stations and see what it has. >> okay. so, again, if you click on -- if you hover over your sfpd and then you see the list of district stations. we're going to go to richmond station. so if you pull up the richmond station page, you will see all of the information that you saw citywide but in my own neighborhood. so richmond station, you can see all the contact information, the information about the station, where it's located. if you keep scrolling down,
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you'll see a message from the captain, who is my district station captain with her information. this is captain michelle gee. keep scrolling. so we also -- part of the research we did was, you know, every district in san francisco is quite different from every other district. so we found out what are the most requested things within that particular district. so you'll see within richmond station. these are the things people were most interested in finding out. if you scroll down, this is the news relative to richmond, and then, again, just keep scrolling. we're down to -- >> being able to get their newsletters as well. so you can see it. >> you can sign up for the newsletter which will be mailed out to you. it will be a link back to the station page with all the latest information about crime in that district and programs and community events. so at the very bottom, you can see the calendar. this is all new for us. again, we will be adding more and more as people are
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registering events. you can see beta breakers happening on sunday, for example. >> these are events with click through links so you can find out from the person holding the event what's going on. >> that is correct. so that's basically the district stations. >> one of the other things we're doing, because i know a lot of people want to know the crime data. we're making that easily accessible and customizable as well. >> one of the things we get lots of requests for and spend a lot of time at the department is providing crime data for people. so what we've developed here that's new is a self service crime data is what we're calling it. so if you go to the section of the website and then you click on the -- you see crime data in maps. if you go to self service crime data and click on that, we have both the crime data and the clearance data. you can see see the crime
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happening in the community and how well the police are doing for making arrests in your community. but we're going to look at the crime dashboard first. >> so what do we have here? a chart that lists some of the crimes and you're able to customize it as well, too, based on your district. >> that's correct. so you can pick what crimes am i interested in seeing. this is -- it defaults to all crimes for all stations. but if i wanted to, i could click on the station that i'm interested in, and it will show you the two bars that you see are this year and then same time last year. so you can do may of this year versus may of last year. >> easy access to get a sense of how we're doing and how our community is doing with these issues. >> correct. we also have gotten a lot of people inquiring about careers with the police department either sworn or civilians like you or i. how are we making that easier to find out about? >> so we have a career section within the sfpd. so if you go to your sfpd, you
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can see the career. we have both sworn job openings and civilian job openings. i know that when i came to work here, i didn't know that a job like mine existed. we're trying to create more visibility about what's available, and if you click on our sfpd academy page, you can see specifically -- and if you scroll down on that page, this is information about our police academy. we also have information about how to become a police officer, very, very easy information. we have information about the salary and it's just a full picture of what it takes to start a career with the sfpd. >> some of the technology around this, of course, is ada compliant. >> right. well, it is ada compliant and accessible to people with disabilities as well as everybody page on this site can be translated to multiple
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