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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hearing. the folks who work at j.p.d., i hear your passion and your dedication to kids. [please stand by]
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>> there needs to be major changes. for me, i want to learn. i wanted to hear from the experts because i am not an expert. i really want the city to take the time to do it right. these are kids and these are kids that we are responsible for them, whether they are biological kids or not, they are our kids. we have to look at it this way. everything we do has to be the right step. i don't want to make a wrong step where we could hurt these kids even more than they have been hurt from society. i also think, you know, closing the hall is one part of it, but we need a better diversion
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strategy and making sure these kids don't end up reoffending or going to jail when they hit 18. also, and i think one thing missing in this conversation is probation which is a bigger part of the jpd system. i think that we need to have better probation practices to keep the youth on the right track. i think that is something we really need to structure a lot better and finding homes and shelters for these kids who can't come home for safety reasons, and i personally working in city hall have seen a lot of those kids that can't go home. they don't have a home to go to that is safe for them. we have to remember this. i would like to see the working group and blue panel working
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together to figure this out. i really appreciate labor and city workers to be a part of this conversation. i am going to move this forward. i think it is something we need to do, and i think everyone today for coming forward. >> thank you, supervisor brown. i want to thank everyone who came out today to give testimony. all of our folks who work in the hall, juvenile probation, chief nance is here today. i want to thank our community representatives who come out today, young people who came out to speak. as you can see this conversation is very important. i want to say a few things. then i want to speak on the amendment to move forward. if you don't believe me, if you don't believe my colleagues, if you don't want to listen to me
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or my colleagues, at least listen to the young people you heard from today. i am not going to reiterate anything we heard from the young folks. i heard about third hand information about how excited young people are in juvenile hall. listen to the young folks we heard from. if you don't want to take it from me, if you don't want to take it from my colleagues, listen to the young people who have spoken not only today but continue to speak. this is not an attack on the staff. this is an attack on the system and a push for more opportunities for our young people. we are not eliminating programs that work or pushing out people who do a good job. if you listen to the legislation, we are proposing an alternative experience that does a better job for young folks. there is much opportunity for
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the great work to be done. i heard someone talk about if the young people were not in juvenile hall they wouldn't be connected to some program. there will be engagement and work to young people to connect them to programs that work. i want everybody to understand what we are doing here. actually take the time to read legislation and see what we are proposing. two years is enough time, and it is actually an extension. there is a lot of data out there to tell you how this system is currently not working. the great reporting of the chronicle and the data and information that is in there, all of the reports that we have heard, all of the experts we have talked to. there is a plethora of information that says this is a thing to do years ago. two years is an extension. it is more than enough time. if you believe in the leadership of jpd and innovation and
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leadership of folks in the city. two and a half years is more than enough time to build off models and things that currently exist. i think it is very generous to give two and a half years. i want to say one of the most absurd things i heard today is that i am here because i was locked up in juvenile hall. one, because i know my life experience better than anybody. i am here because after my last time in juvenile hall, i had an opportunity to go to a youth leadership conference in atlanta, georgia and see young people who look like me that were being educated, that had experience that i had never seen in my life. that was not because of juvenile hall. that was because i was exposed to something i had never been exposed to before. i want us to provide that exposure for our young people
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earlier and differently because there is no doubt in my mind had i had a chance to go to that leadership conference prior to incarceration that i would never have had the incarceration in my life. it was that exposure to omega, it was mentors like doctor marshall, that started in my house like my uncle corey. it was not because of my incarcerated experience. i want to that everyone for coming. i definitely want to thank my dedicated staff, the dream team who worked so hard on this along with the team in supervisor reason nan and haney's office and the colleagues who sponsored this ordinance. we would not be here if we were
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not working hard together. we have work to do. this is a commitment that takes dedication from all of us. there are concerns that are very valid that we are going to address. concerns about jobs and future. i hear you. we will work hard to make sure that you understand. we are hear to fight for and with you, too. with that said, there are some amendments i distributed to my colleagues and the clerk's office as well. the amendments state is city must provide places of detention allowing more than one place of detention. we have substituted the city administrator for director of human rights commission, the amendment is required that the working group establish a needs assessment subcommittee and specify which members of the working group should be on that committee. it requires the subcommittee
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conduct the confidential review of juvenile files to the extent authorized by the court following a petition filed by our office. the amendment also require the working group request a list of agatoided statistical data regarding those detained at city hall in the unified school district. it requires the working group to identify housing options for detained male youth following the closure of boy's shelter and consult with the department of children youth and families. the amendments require the working group final report to detail the final steps needed to close juvenile hall by december 31, 2021 be submittedded by june 2021. first, i would like to make a motion that these amendments be
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accepted into the ordinance. i think we can take that without objection. then before the final motion to move this forward, supervisor ronan anything to say? >> i want to apologize for having to leave and thank everyone for their incredible work and for coming out today. i missed a lot of the discussion so i don't want to repeat things already said, but for the part of the testimony where i was present and different individuals spoke about feelings that work at jpd feeling individually attacked. i want to reiterate what was said by my colleagues that this is not personal. this is not about the job and the care with which probation officers and counselors are
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doing their work. therthis is about changing a sym that is no longer the best system we can have to serve our youth. i am looking forward to working with as we move forward on this with the unions, the workers themselves, with jpd, with director nance, our chief probation officer nance to make this as successful as possible. this is going to be an effort that is a heavy lift. we are the first in the country. this is something that we at the board of supervisors are extremely proud of, and that we want to make sure is done with as much collaboration as possible. that is all. thank you. >> thank you. with that i would like to make a motion to move this forward. positive recommendation to the full board of supervisors with the inconcluded amendments.
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>> recommended as amended. >> it looks like we will move forward without objection. supervisor mar, back to your meeting. >> thank you, supervisor walton and everybody for this long but very, very important hearing and action on this item. now we had one more item. we are going back to item 1 on the agenda. mr. clerk please call item 1. >> do you want to mention the litigation item. >> again take item 1 authorizing the mayor or designee to cast business improvement district to be named tenderloin community benefit district with respect to certain parcels of real property owned by the city that would be
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subject to ascentment in said district. >> thank you for your patience and the others here for this item. >> thank you good afternoon. chris senior program manager. today i am presenting a resolution authorizing the mayor to cast assessment ballot in affirmative for proposed expansion of property based improve meant or business improvement district to be named the north of market/tenderloin community benefit district with respect to certain parcels of real property owned by the city. on may 10th ballots were mailed with 17 ballots being sent to the city and county of san francisco. the city owns 17 parcels within the proposed district. the total obligation in the
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first year $67,094.43. that represents 3.42% of the total assessment budget. the come complete list can be found online one on page 2. any questions for staff? >> no, it looks like there are no questions. >> thank you. we can go to public comment. any members of the public that wish to speak on this item? >> good afternoon. i am the executive director of the current tenderloin community benefit district here to urge you to vote yes in support of this proposal, which the tenderloin was established in 2005. for the last 14 years we have been working to provide supplemental cleaning services in the tenderloin. we now host safe passage which
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provides a safe passage for children and seniors every morning and afternoon as well as a camera program to provide after the fact evidence for the police, da and public defender as well as other programs. i am here to urge you to continue the important supplemental work to provide a cleaner, safer tenderloin, and give us support for another 15 years through the city support for our assessment. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i am the executive director of operations at uc hastings law. i am here to urge the tenderloin be renewed. we have a long-standing partnership and feel well served by them. everything from on the daily keeping track of our streets,
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keeping them safe, clean to special events like the commencement that happened on saturday and we got multiple comments from the detailed work they did in making the campus incredible for us. we have additional partnerships with them working together to have additional network security cameras to reduce crime and partner ship with oewd and cbd work force programs targeted on the tenderloin. more important than the initiatives is the fact the cbd provides an opportunity for the community to have a sense of pride. it communicates this is a community that matters. that is not always the tenderloin receives as a message. this is important. hastings is going to vote to renew assessments. we are facing a larger assessment this year. they have shown the ability to
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be careful and resourceful stewards of resources. i urge the city and county to do the same. thank you. >> i agree with everything said. with the type of budget that the organization has, i would like to see rehabilitation centers built in order to take care of the out of control drug use that is in the community that everybody is complaining about. not no self injection sites, safer injection site. i am talking about professional rehabilitation center. the same type of drug rehabilitation center that movie stars have, entertainers have, when they get addicted to drugs they don't go to no safe injection site. they get professional treatment. that is the reason why you keep having a drug problem. you are cutting corners thinking
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you can give professional treatment to people addicted to drugs and not giving them professional treatment and you are cutting corners. what you are doing is illegal. i used to be real concerned about protecting pree from a safe injection site at the church. that is not my concern any more. the governor has to sign that. he is not going to sign anything pertaining to a safe injection site because it is in violation of the rico act and you run into corrupt enterprise and facing 20 years in the federal penitentiary. they have too many people telling them what to do. i would like to see a professional rehabilitation center built to help addicted people that is all over the community, that people is complaining about. another good example why i don't
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have to worry is because the governor brown didn't sign it. he is not going to stick his neck out and face 20 years in prison. governor pressure is off me. >> thank you. anyone else that would like to speak on this item? >> would you like to speak? this is still public comment for the north of market/tenderloin district. >> i would like to say safe injection sites proposed in the community a few months before
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that the former governor jerry brown decided not to support. we have really hoped that newsome will go through with it. he said he would support it. again, this is a community. >> pause the speaker's time. we are on the north of market/tenderloin community benefit district assessment balloting topic at this time, not safe injection sites. i will start your time again. >> that was my concern. thank you. how do i say this? i hope they go through with seeing the tenderloin redeveloped with all kinds of things to support our community. thank you. >> any other public comments on this item? public comment is closed. i want to express migrate
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appreciation for the -- the great appreciation for the work the tenderloin district is doing prior to stepping into this role i worked at the tenderloin at the union hall for many years. i am very well aware of the important positive impact the district has on the neighborhood both physically and helping to strengthen the tenderloin community so thank you. any questions or comments? can we move this forward to the full board with positive recommendation? thank you. mr. clerk. can you please call items 4 to 7 for closed session. >> clerk: 4 through 7 are ordinances and resolutions authorizing settlements of lawsuits and unlitigated claims against the city and county. >> before closed session any members of the public who wish
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to testify on the items we will be hearing? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion to convene in closed session? we are now in closed session.
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we are now in closed session.
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>> we are now in open session may may 16, 2019 meeting. during the closed session deliberations. the committee acted unanimously to forward the four items for the june 4th consideration for the full board supervisors that with supervisor peskin absent. >> do i have a motion to not disclose proceedings from the closed session? any further business. >> no further business. >> we are adjourned. thank you.
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>> welcome to another episode of
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safety on today is episode we'll show you how 0 retroactive you're home let's go inside and take a look. >> hi and patrick chief officer and director of earthquake for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe in our model home with matt we'll talk about plywood. >> great thanks. >> where are we we if you notice bare studs those are prone to failure in an earthquake we need to stabilize those they don't lean over and plywood is effective as long as you nail along every edge of the
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plywood for the framing we'll nail along the sides and top and on the bottom 0 immediately you'll see a problem in a typical san francisco construction because nothing to nail the bottom of the plywood we've got to wind block between the studs and we'll secure this to the mud sill with nails or surface screws something to nail the bottom of the plywood. >> i notice we have not bolted the foundation in the previous episode thorough goes through options with different products so, now we have the blocking we'll a xoich attach the plywood. >> the third thing we'll attach the floor framing of the house above so the top of the braced walls one to have a steel angle on top of this wall and
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types of to the top of the wall with nails into the top plate and the nails in this direction driving a nail it difficult unless you have a specialized tool so this makes that easy this is good, good for about 5 hundred pounds of earthquake swinging before and after that mount to the face of wall it secures the top of wall and nailed into the top plate of the with triple wall and this gives us a secure to resist the
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forces. >> so you now see the space is totally available to dots blocking that he bottom and bolted the foundation in corneas what the code in the next episode you'll see you apply