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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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generate capital for maritime improvements? how do we balance birthing and public access on the piers? how do we provide for water recreation which has found popularity? how do we prepare for cleaner maritime industries so we can have clean fuel cargo ships? that gives you the plan. >> diversity of activities in people. the objective is a diverse range of activities. not just maritime or recreational and entertainment but also work. the port has been a place of work so the waterfront plan is trying to find ways to work with the city's policies, stay within the public trust responsibilities but still offer
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a broad diversity of activities to keep the waterfront vibrant in this urban edge. that said, we have also the need for interim leases. these are all germane to proposition h requirement that dictated need for acceptable land uses. it will set forth the tables based on these port-wide policies. clearly there is a lot of progress made on the open space network front. if you compare this with 20 years ago i it is inspiring to e what is done to bring a connected waterfront network across the miles.
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the embarcadero and the parks have been memorialized in the updates. largely the planned network of open spaces is complete. there is one new major open space investment identified to create a plaza behind us another -- behind us. thathat is the civic center of e waterfront there is a case to get the funds for that over time. that said, there is a lot of discussions had about how do we try to use the parks and public open spaces more actively, more interestingly to offer more recreational opportunities and the policies and plan update will speak to that as well. >> urban design, historic
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preservation. these frame a lot of what we consider to be the desirable types of additions we want along the waterfront? the 20 years two national register historic districts at pier 70 and the embarcadero. those have given clear thinking how we bring about vitalization and balance the historic maritime heritage the public clearly values. the water front plan has two volumes. one has the urban se design ande land use policies are in another. the update will collapse them
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all under one cover. a lot of work is being done to get the policies organized. financially strong port. all of the work to set up the stable and comprehensive capital planning and budgeting system is a helpful thing recognized in the plan and the topic of a lot of deep discussions with the public during the public planning process. it is that way that they were able to understand the financial feasibility requirements and the necessity of revenues that has driven a lot of the discussion that we hope the policies incorporated will be instrumental in real change. with that comes the responsibilities for making sure
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there is an economic opportunity, equity extended to all sectors of our community, to make sure that everybody has a space at the table to participate in the benefits. transportation. a lot of discussion about transportation, congestion, parking, transportation demand management, safety, bicycles on the embarcadero. we had all of the transportation agencies participate in the meetings. the underlying concern for the port is that those relationships with the agencies are the most fundamental to make improvements on the waterfront. the port has very little or no control over those systems. it is to make sure our objectives are in line for increases in services that we
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need. for the port, i think one of the things to flag for our attention is that we do still have industrial and maritime uses. some of those requirements we need for the car go in the fishing has been a ton pick we will continue to have to keep out there because there is a move for pedestrian and bicycle access, but did safety issues of making sure we can still have a working maritime port are in the policies and the transportation goal. environmental sustainability. the port, i think, through many of the presentations that carol brought to the commission previously starts to reveal the depth of the environmental sustainability and management stewardship programs that
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weren't fully revealed until this planning process. this is one of the new ones we are highlighting to talk about the different faces to talk about somewhat i would means on the waterfront. they are about operations and smart, clean responsible operations as well as habitat and wildlife management and making sure we address the coming regulatory needs for cleaner air emissions, soil management to make sure we are doing right by the bay and the ecoal gee. the more we -- ecology. the more we help ourselves on the resilience front. i don't need to go into how much energy the working on behalf of the city and the sea wall and
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flood study. the water front plan working group has recognized that the recommendations they put forth are not intended to be the solutions for the seawall or sea level rise but to provide input as to what are the things the public values so our planning efforts will take those into account when coming up with different solutions. the sea wall program to strengthen adapt and envision framework highlights where we are now with the water front and the types of investing to be made put us into this adapt straited gory. how do we make it other
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adaptable? the port will be a laboratory of solutions. what does adapt look like? what is working well? hopefully that will help all us understand better how to make resilience work. to do all of that, partnering. this is another new goal that is being added to the plan specifically focused on what it means to work together and to be truly inclusive to expand all of our equity programs to make sure all populations that don't typically get to come to the port there is still a way to reach out to them. it including business and public agency partners, state lands commission, staff is a true partner walking through us on
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all of the long meetings to align our public trust interest and the work with the city to align it with the city's land use and policy interest as well. these communities for community part he neverring include process steps for lease and development proposals. that we would cover for the embarcadero appear 30-32, and taking it to the next level those were the nine silos of gold i was trying to go through. those goals drive statements what it is we are trying to achieve along the waterfront.
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there arthere are five. pier 35 to 14 including the ferry building, south beach to china basin and then south of china basin we have mission bay which is largely developed all right. then th the southern waterfront. we will talk how the portwide policies apply to those areas, and there will be a map that shows all of the properties and a table acceptable land uses for each of the properties located within those sub areas. in terms of schedule going forward working on the production. we have a team of staff working
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on this. we expect to have the plan out in early june, and we will provide a copy to the commission and the working group members. we would like to spend time with those who spent the most time in all of the meetings before we take it out to the public outreach and solution it is public comments and address questions. we will buy planning -- be planning to meet with advisory group members in late june. which we will send out a broad public notice to meet would people to educate about the plan. payment we are working to get environmental review process up and running.
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i think i saw team members who will be helping on take front as well as work with bcdc because of many of the changes are in the plan so we have those lined up. i want to spend a minute to talk to you about the depth and the breadth of the discussions and how they really did not stop at just giving us advice as to how to update this plan, but with the projects coming upbringing more public use to the piers, those sprung from the public discussions. what we found as staff is that when you invest in the time to
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talk through all of the complexities of what the port has to do to keep the lights on, keep the operations going, keep the money flowing while we are trying to plan for the next improvements and why you are confronted with kinds of questions and policy issues that you are and giving the direction that you do to the staff that people are very interested in that. we have found that the more when the time that we spend walking through the details, the more people want to help and be problem solvers with the port. that is reflected with the work we will do on the care another on the embarcadero district and why we are looking for advancing
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an r.f.p. for those two sites and going through all of the difficult public discussions around the navigation center, those are all part of the collective education that hopefully will help us to work together on making improvements on the waterfront. again, i think moving forward, we are the laboratory for adapt solutions. we are the place to try to make a difference on not just improving the port but protecting the city. the more that we can build on the understanding that the voters reflected in the approval of prop a funds, the more we can get done in as efficient amount of time as possible because time is precious. to that end given the richness of the community engagement, it is a natural for the staff to
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want to have the waterfront plan be dedicated to corinne. she was what a responsible citizen and community does in looking for making their public waterfront better, and we are very happy to really honor her with this plan, which i hope that she will be happy with it. we will see what happens. that is our plan. it will be dedicated to her and to all of the work that everybody put into it. this is not to take anything away from janice lee and rudy. they were stellar co-chairs as alice and el lynn. they did the work along with my colleagues david, brad and
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carol, byron. we just couldn't have done it without everybody pulling in. with that we hope you will approve the attached resolution we have in the staff report to permanently celebrate and recognize corinne's could be cos contribitions by naming the pier 52 boat launch in her honor. thank you very much for your guidance through all of this. >> thank you. there is public comment. alice rogers and ellen. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to cheer on the staff for this work of finishing up the draft of the plan, as diane
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said it is an exceedingly complex document. i think it may be the first time we are really happy that we can link to the internet because the summaries, there will be no executive summary really to get through the meat of this document. we are going to need all of those links. i have gotten a little sneak peak. i feel confident of the areas i worked on. the synthesis is keeping the just of all of the meetings that we had. there is a lot of detail. people are invested in the recommendations and how they were worded so these links are going to be really important. i also want to stress what diane said about really keeping this process moving forward so that the community doesn't lose all
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of this information that you spent three years educating not only the working group but the community at-large because the decisions you make and the community is going to want to weigh in on and needs to weigh in on are as complex as they get, and we need all of this rich education that we have so that we don't resort to solutions. that is not going to work. the values? the plan, diversity and authenticity and preservation combined with education we have gotten will hopefully if we can move fast enough on the r.f.p.s to make the couldlaboration with the public meaningful and productive. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i am ellen, co-chair of the maritime commerce advisory committee. i was honored to be the liaison for m.c.a. c for the waterfront land use plan process. i am missing a grade buddy here today who was on the land-use committee for the working group, corinne woods. i will get into a couple comments about her later. i spend most of my time on the land-use committee. i attended as many of the other committee meetings as possible to really bring the maritime interest through the other arenas. i like to think i was able to contribute given my other experiences in the city over many years in the broad arena of
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ports and city interest. mcac is very eager to see the process move forward. as alice said, as well as the r.f.p. for the embarcadero pier development in piers 30 and 32. you know, the future of the maritime mission at the port we know it is tied to the investment and the improvements that need to be made to the pier facilities on which the maritime operations depend. i am really excited about this waterfront land use plan as it goes forward because what it really does, it affirms a vibrant vision for preservation
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of thelis tore rick pier goes with in a new public trust. i would say the new public trust objectives framework. the framework recognizes that we are going to need investment to maintain the facilities and that public oriented uses and more public activation is certainly needed, combined with maritime use. this is a new strategy the land use plan will pep the r.f.p. process going forward. i am excited to see this continue. the point about corinne even before i got involved with the port, i have known her for many, many years. she was the city's waterfront and port collective stage and a
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check point on reality. you know, we would tag team a lot together to make sure that the reality check and the stage for what is happening that people know about it and speak about it, and i hope that working with alice and many, many others participating in the working group that we can continue to be your stage, to be yes reality check. going forward i want to say the maritime committee endorses your distribution of these master full amendments that have gone forward with diane and the staff team, great hand, thoroughly
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endorse the resolution supporting the dedication on the waterfront plan. >> thank you. any other public comment on this item? can i have a motion? >> so moved. dedication of the launch in honor of corinne woods. >> do you have anything? >> i just want to commend everyone and i think if it wasn't corinne woods name on this plan it would be diane nervous name. you have done a fantastic job. i know it is a team effort and many people including co-chairs and everybody working on this. you have been the guiding force, you have been patient and persistent and you have put all
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of the pieces together. you have kept us updated as all of the pieces of the puzzle have come together. it is not easy. in terms of the depth and breath of the plan. it was way back in the 1990s. we in a great place. it is a framework to help us. i think it is coming at a great time when we are embarking upon the actual major aspects of the plan which is what are we going to do with the historic piers. commissioner brennan and i went -- commissioner brandon and i went on a tour to prioritize as now we understand how it fits together and would like to see it together and execute it and including it. i would say the next step seems
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to be for staff to give us the timeline of the strategy of the r.f.p. process that help us understand how you go about executing the major pieces of the waterfront land use plan that will guide us on many issues. there are major pieces we need to know the timeline as you continue to complete this -- i don't know what you want to call it. it is greater than war and peace. it is everything you want to know about the water front. we feel fortunate that we have the waterfront planned, strategic plan, we have things to help us so we are making decisions that are with the framework that makes sense, that we have a mission, a vision as well as road map and that we have the community with us to be our stage and reality check that we also are not sitting in an
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ivory tower making decisions on our own at the commission level. i endorse everything i heard today and i want to commend everybody involved, especially you, diane. >> thank you. i couldn't have said it any better. >> thank you for the presentation. no questions and i support. >> thank you all committee members and diane. thank you for leading the charge. you have done a phenomenal job. you spent a lot of time and energy. we can't thank you inform for the efforts to come up with the draft amendments and hopefully they will all move through. it is about the dedication to corinne. very, very excited about that. all in favor. resolution 1920 has been appro approved.
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>> number 13. new business. >> any public comment on new business? >> no new business. can i have a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> the meeting is adjourned at 445. that is a record.
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>> my name is alan schumer. i am a fourth generation san franciscan. in december, this building will be 103 years of age. it is an incredibly rich, rich history. [♪]
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>> my core responsibility as city hall historian is to keep the history of this building alive. i am also the tour program manager, and i chair the city advisory commission. i have two ways of looking at my life. i want it to be -- i wanted to be a fashion designer for the movies, and the other one, a political figure because i had some force from family members, so it was a constant battle between both.
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i ended up, for many years, doing the fashion, not for the movies, but for for san franciscan his and then in turn, big changes, and now i am here. the work that i do at city hall makes my life a broader, a richer, more fulfilling than if i was doing something in the garment industry. i had the opportunity to develop relationships with my docents. it is almost like an extended family. i have formed incredible relationships with them, and also some of the people that come to take a tour. she was a dressmaker of the first order. i would go visit her, and it was
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a special treat. i was a tiny little girl. i would go with my wool coat on and my special little dress because at that period in time, girls did not wear pants. the garment industry had the -- at the time that i was in it and i was a retailer, as well as the designer, was not particularly favourable to women. you will see the predominant designers, owners of huge complexes are huge stores were all male. women were sort of relegated to a lesser position, so that, you reached a point where it was a difficult to survive and survive financially. there was a woman by the name of diana. she was editor of the bazaar, and evoke, and went on and she
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was a miraculous individual, but she had something that was a very unique. she classified it as a third i. will lewis brown junior, who was mayor of san francisco, and was the champion of reopening this building on january 5th of 1999. i believe he has not a third eye , but some kind of antenna attached to his head because he had the ability to go through this building almost on a daily basis during the restoration and corrects everything so that it would appear as it was when it opened in december of 1915. >> the board of supervisors approved that, i signed it into law. jeffrey heller, the city and county of san francisco oh, and
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and your band of architects a great thing, just a great thing. >> to impart to the history of this building is remarkable. to see a person who comes in with a gloomy look on their face , and all of a sudden you start talking about this building, the gloomy look disappears and a smile registers across their face. with children, and i do mainly all of the children's tours, that is a totally different feeling because you are imparting knowledge that they have no idea where it came from, how it was developed, and you can start talking about how things were before we had computer screens, cell phones, lake in 1915, the mayor of san
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francisco used to answer the telephone and he would say, good morning, this is the mayor. >> at times, my clothes make me feel powerful. powerful in a different sense. i am not the biggest person in the world, so therefore, i have to have something that would draw your eye to me. usually i do that through color, or just the simplicity of the look, or sometimes the complication of the look. i have had people say, do those shoes really match that outfit? retirement to me is a very strange words. i don't really ever want to retire because i would like to be able to impart the knowledge
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that i have, the knowledge that i have learned and the ongoing honor of working in the people's palace. you want a long-term career, and you truly want to give something to do whatever you do, so long as you know that you are giving to someone or something you're then yourself. follow your passion and learn how to enrich the feelings along the way.