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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 17, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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repaved the entire corridor. fern alley has decorative street plants and new palm streets. cbd helped maintain the alleys and they are planning farmers markets and pop ups and bands. >> the goal was to build on the economic vibra vibrancy of polkt and to provide a safe street for the whole >> good afternoon and welcome to the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today
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monday may 13, 2019. i am the chair of the committee. joined to my left by matt hainey and our clerk is john carroll and there carroll, if you could make any announcemented. >> please silence your cell phone and documents should be submitted to the clerk. >> could you please read the first item? >> agenda item number one,s lose declaring the board of supervisors to declare a notice of went district and levy a multiyear assessment, approving the district plan, engineer's report sitting a time and place for board of supervisors.
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other balloting items and directing the board to give notice as required. >> thank you, mr. carroll. this measure is sponsored by the mayor and supervisor hainey and on behalf of the office of economieconomic and workforce development, we have mr. corgus. >> good noon. afternoon. i'm the senior programme manager. on april 30, petitions representing 308.07% were presented to the board of supervisors. for the cbd. they will orchestrate a special election for the renewal and expanding of the civic center and sent ballots to all property owners and set a committee as a whole date of july 16 to hear from appropriates and opponent .
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the board will close the 45-day election and the boa board will tabulate and the board may vote to renew. the civic center will have a 15-year duration on december 31, 2034. the initial assessment budget for the renewed and expanded cbd is $3,340,387. the total budget is $3,000,404.68. this will be spread across service areas, administration and contingency. i would like to invite miss amy cohen, the investment neighborhood's initiative to discuss how the civic centre
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strategies and i would like to invite the executive director of the cbd to provide a short presentation on the services planned for the renewed and planned cbd. >> supervisor, any comments. >> i will wait. >> miss cohen. >> hi, good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for considering the legislation. i'm going to provide a quick background on the work we've been doing in civic center in the public spaces. and can you see -- yes, sorry. since the opening of the helen dillard playgrounds and cafe in 2019, the plaza has undergone a transformation changing from a place where people hurry to where people of all age can
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enjoy the public space. the success outside is the result of strategic capital investments combine with improved stewardship, free programming and new amenities, coordinated through an initiative that we've called civic center commons. the goal is to link the three space between market street and city hall and start to treat them like a single space and to make them more welcome and safe on a day-to-day basis. this effort is concurrent with the longer design process which you may have heard of which will improve the area over the next ten years through a major capital investment. and this is also part of the city's multiyear commitment to centre market in the tenderloin. it's thsince sincecritical to tn hunter's point family now call urban a alc harrisburghemy.
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another partner is the downtown street's team which engages homeless individuals in work experience, crews that clean the area six days a week and staffs the mobe free game-lending part. the civic center has been an integral partner in the initiative helping to manage daily activation, assisting with markets and overseeing communications at the very disparate workers in the area's activity. this entails expending into um plaza so all spaces can be under
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a cbd jurisdiction which is for improving the spaces. it entails dedicating a zone in the structure to allow for a team and budget to continue the momentum and transitions the leadership to the cbd which if passed will make a multiple year commitment to continue the effort. the initiative objectives, in addition to support the renewal of the cbd will expand markets at the um plaza, to bring street soccer to fulton and including hunters point family and cbd ambassadors and police and to build on the success of regular events and bring new installations.
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>> tracey, come on up. >> good afternoon, supervisors, the executive director of the civic center, cbd. just a few more slides to follow amy's. so this is a comparison map of the district that is now on the left and the district as it could be as of january 1, 2020 on your right. the highlighted differences would be the district education panding just a little bit west to the east side of goth and then west to united nation's plaza and then in terms of services, a lot more cleaning and maintenance, the addition of a lot more pressure washing and community ambassador support from the cbd ambassadors, the hunter's point family and the downtown street's team. so a lot more services and
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people out there to help monitor the space. our core services will continue. community ambassadors are an invaluable clean team and activation work putting tables and chairs out to support the buy-right cafe, we have free games and free programmes for the entire community and the entire city. thas chris and amy mentioned, te budget is ultimately going to be 3.3 million with 76% week spent on clean, safe and activation and the cbd will fundraise 163,000 of the overall budget. with the new budget, we'll do a lot more cleaning. we'll add more daytime ambassadors, more evening ambassadors. and we're going to maintain
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ourivourcivic center garage gred more events and programmes and not just i if front of city hall but from market up and we do a safety summit teaching safe practices in the district to our district members. we'll continue to organize the civic center holiday tree lighting with the mayor's office and over a dozen of the public and private sector partners. we want to continue the workforce, development programmes, we want to make sure they thrive and grow. so we'll continue working with hunter's point family, urban alchemy and the downtown street's team to protect all of the wonderful investments that amy just highlighted, the playgrounded, the buy-right cafe, we're adding another farmer's market. there will be another farmer's
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market on industry with more another food option and entertainment, activities and we'll keep the san francisco friends of the public library group out there and we're working on more free street soccer and a legislative with our contact information. thank you. >> mr. corgus? >> any questions for staff on the other hand miss everwine. >> i did have a question which i guess before amy. so i definitely -- first of all, thank you for your work and a lot of things that are happening around civic center and i'm hearing lots of positive feedback. i wanted to have more information about our strategy around um plaza as a city. i saw on here that there's a u.n. plaza fountain activation.
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i walked spot plaza and from was a fence around it and i didn't know that was happening and i'm not aware -- i think there's a lot of opportunity and a lot of need around u.n. plaza and positive things have been happening but if you could just speak to both the fountain and specifically on u.n. pla plaza d more related to the cbd but more broadly. >> i can't speak on behalf of public works who did install that white picket fence. >> it looked a lot of place but i recognise it's temporary. >> it's temporary. we're working east from civic center plaza, where we had multimillio multi-dollar private investment so a lot of work is making that successful with the playgrounds and then moving down to fulton and u.n. plaza, right now the police presence is the main
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thing you would notice, which is substantial and i think it is laying the groundwork for additional day-to-day activation. the activation around the fountain that you are looking at, i think it's up 2019 priority project that we haven't started yet. so the fence is not the activation project we're working on. it's something that would be a temporary improvement, that's not a fence and that's more of a beautification project to include a fence, but it would bring -- it would create a programming amenity out of the fountain and i can't say more because we don't have something solid yet. >> so there aren't lanes t plane the fountain? >> in the long-term plan they're doing an eir for a design and there's a couple of options in the design and don't quote me on this, but i believe one of the
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design options may be removal and one is an alteration, but it's historic, so right now we're not removing the fountain. >> and is there a timeline for the short-term temporary activation? >> i don't have something specific. i'm hoping for this coming year. put. >> and i would just ask to be kept up to date. >> that would be great. we would love to brief you on that and the markets which are happening, the new market tracey referenced. thank you. >> and you want me to just continue with the questions. >> please. >> miss everwine, if i can ask you a few questions. first of allfirst of all, i this exciting and this is a part of our district with a lot of need, but also a lot opportunity and i know for you all to take
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responsibility for entirety of u.n. civic center area and really focusing on cleanliness and safety, those are absolutely the top things that come up in this area. i wonder if you could speak about the process of outreach that you've done so far around this, in terms of speaking to property owners, particularly around the level of service that they're going to be receiving. for some folks there's a change for them because they'll be added into the cbd and so it's a new situation for them, which can lead to in some cases significant increases in their assessments and i want to make sure that they've been partners in that process and understand what the benefits will be and why we're doing it. so you could speak to that? >> sure. so we started well over a year ago thinking about what the new district would look like in terms of boundaries and services. and so, we sent a couple of
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mailers out to folks in our current district and then potential expansion properties and then worked with our existing board members and partners. a lot of folks we've been working with on the civic center common's initiative in particular to join our renewal steering committee. and we had, for gosh, over a don renewal committee completings and probably closer to 20 meetings and discussing the merits of adding certain blocks and not and then what the services would be and what future programming would look like. and so, just a lot of meetings and then additional mailers. all of the information has been on our website for day one, including all of the meetings that we've had, all of the upcoming meetings. we also publically noticed all
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of the meetings, even though we didn't have to. we just wanted to get the word out. so really exhaustive outreach, actually, for over a year. >> and specifically, i think targeting some of the -- because we're expanding in a way there will be a lot of new members of the cbd in terms of property owners and new levels in terms of zones and stuff, did you have any kind of target outreach at the people who tus -- the propey owners who would be newly added? >> yes, lots and lots of outreach. board member relationships. obviously there are a lot of city properties in the zone two expansion area, so our city agency partners were very helpful there and then, for the small businesses, staff walked
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the neighborhood for small condo and residential folks. again, we have a board member that was instrumental in doing that, but we used our community ambassadors to hand out fliers and postcards, one-on-one and as always, that's the most effective outreach. so we reached a lot of folk and then we had two big open-house events that were open to everybody and heavily publicize and well attended. >> thank you. i had a specific question about bathrooms and trash cans in the area. there's a photo in here of how the increased cleaning is going to allow us to pick up around some of the broken trash cans, obviously, we would like to have a situation where these tracker cans are not overflowing or broken up in that way to begin with. so one question, in your budget,
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is there anything for adding trash cans that you manage and, also, there are at least two public jcs in your area and do you have any role with those. in other cbds, there's been some support or is the operation and the attendance and all of the funding around that done by the city and you don't have any role in that? and do you have any either budgeting or intention to take on a greater role with managing the public restrooms in the civic center. >> we piloted our first big-bell trash cans in the district this year to tremendous success. we know they are not inexpensive and they do require maintenance but that's the beauty of having cbd stewardship. we can remove graffiti surface
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it happen and schedule repairs as needed. so we are very convinced, that recrepreceptacle is the way to o going forward. yes, we do have money budgeted for more and we hope the mayor's team will potentially offer grants to help us do even more than we do ourselves. with regard to jc decose, for those in our district they're staffed by hunter's point family which if renewed, that programme would fall under our purview. so we will have a direct impact on those and how they're managed. boy, i've never investigated adding more. i know there's a plan to rehab those that are out there now, but we would get behind any initiatives that would bring more to the community. jc decose or pit stop. >> so if this goes forward, you may take a greater role in
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supporting the alchemy in the work they're doing currently and you may directly fund those? they're currently funded through the city. >> right, right, yes, funding would then come through us to expand the programme. >> i just want to give a shout-out to them because they just do an incredible job and are had just, you know, on the broader community of civic center and as a public space, extraordinary work. i would put a plug in addition to expanding the number that we also look at expanding the hours, i think the two in the civic center area should be open at night and we need to figure out how to fund that. one other thing i wanted to add. some of the challenges that we have, as i look at the map of the expansion is some of the activity that is happening kind of right beyond u.n. plaza and
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the successes we've had at u.n. plaza, some in the neighborhood would argue created greater challenges for the area surrounding u.n. plaza. so just thinking about that as you look at your plan and then also coordinating with the other two cb ds and the community ambassadors and activation, that as we continue the success, that we're looking at the broader impact in the area. >> yes, agreed, agreed. and we're working very closely withed mid-market cbd and haze valley association to triage and do education where we can. and the police department has instituted an ongoing meeting at the strand's theatre which has been very helpful. >> i know the last thing, ongoing questions around some particular parcels that had some concerns and so, i think we'll continue those conversations
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together moving forward after today. >> thank you. >> don't go away and maybe this is for tracy or chris, but relative to how you would characterize the response to that, particularly as it relates to property owners who are shifted from the less expensive district to the more expensive district, i understand you've done extensive outreach, but were there objections to being shifted from tenderloin to civic center. >> well, you know, actually, tenderloin's renewal consultant is here and could speak to the decision to make that change. but we have been working with the folks on the periphery of what we're calling the civic center commons for two years. it's everyone from the asian art museum to the library to shn and
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the bill graham civic and they've all been key partners in our work to revitalize and improve the civic center common's area and we've had long-standing relationships through that. >> i would just underscore that in every one of those instances, save one, they are public properties -- this is akin to redevelopment. we are shifting general fund monies from the general fund and dedicating them to a cbd, right? which i get and i support and what we've seen has been wonderful and marvelous but there is one that is a private property owner. >> there's at least one and the folks that bought the tenuin plaza. >> anything you want to add, sir? >> just that from the beginning,
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there's been total cooperation between the renewal of the tenderloin cbd and the renewal of the civic center cbd and your question about going further down market, we're renewing the tertenderloin budget and renewig the budget there and allows us to have more forces to do the work on market to offset that. >> supervisor hainey and then safaye. >> just what i was made aware of, that there was a possibility that if this was delayed, that we could end up leaving u.n. plaza or basically the area moving from the tenderloin cbd to the civic centre completely uncovered by any cbd service for a year. this was deeply concerning to me and can you speak to that and how we're going to make sure
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that suspect the case. >> absolutely. as you know, the special assessments for the cbds go on the property tax bill for the city and county of san francisco. it is the easiest way to realize they have a special assessment and pay the special assessment bill. in order to get on the property tax bill, oewd needs the assessment roles turned into the controllers office in august, no later than august 1, 2nd. if we don't reach that, it becomes more difficult and the controllers' office will inform me that it's impossible to put it on the property tax builds in november. if we cannot complete the election process by the final board of supervisor's meeting before legislative recess in the summer, it will not make it on the november tax bill. the only option after that is to manually bill the treasurer tax collector which is when we send
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out a separate bill to property owners. in oewd's experience, most property owners don't acknowledge or don't respond to that manual bill. they think it's junk mail or gets lost in the rush of things. as a result, that assessment, if it's not paid would go into a lien, would be penalized and eventually would have to be paid. oewd's practice is to make it on that property tax bill. if civic center cbd did not complete the renewal le and not before the supervisor's date in july, once the tenderloin either renews or starts services on january 1, 2020 or sunsets, if the election fails, you would not have a cbd zone over u.n. plaza. >> makes perfect sense.
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supervisor safaye. some basic questions because i'm assuming, looking at this map that you've given us, the purple is the tender loiloin cbd. >> i have the slide back up. but our renewal map, we have two zones, zone one is in green and then two is purple. that's the civic center common zone. >> so where is the tenderloin? they're not in here? >> no, they're on a separate renewal track. >> so what's the other map that is here, the beige, light beige, dark grey, light grey? >> that's the district as it is now. >> what's the significance of the colours? >> well, different service levels, actually. when the district was formed, folks wanted a lot more cleaning and maintenance along market street and we didn't have the
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residential density in the middle or to the north. >> and so how do you cut a building in half? is that supposed to indicate -- are the prompts o south of markt street, are they a part of the your cbd in. >> those were charged for frontage and we were cleaning the front of the building. we weren't going all the way around. >> and i mean, the other thing is, again, i'm just curious how you're coming up with your map. it seems like this is now going significantly into haze valley. so i'm wondering what the haze valley neighborhood groups do. >> we had interest to go further but we wanted to be true to the civic center identity and we know there's rumblings for haze valley to start their own cbd and we went as far as we felt comfortable with. and, you know web some o, some - >> you said people wanted you to
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go further. who is that? we had a lot of interest for the folkfolks in the mccopin hub and more merchants in haze valley. i don't know they necessarily wanted to be a part of the civic centre cbd but wanted cbd services. >> again, i can't tell from your map what level of services is provided here versus what level of services being proposed, but i think we have some folks in the audience today, some of the different property owners that are concerned about the shifting and so, i would like to hear a little bit about that. i have to say, just from the u.n. plaza, the work the family has done and what's been happening has been absolutely phenomenal. i've worked in this exact area north of that in the tenderloin for almost my entire career and it's the cleanest i've seen it. it feels safe and their presence
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there is phenomenal. i know all of the different parties are working together. so i would say kudos to everyone involved. i'm curious about the outreach further into haze valley, what some of the switching has meant in terms of service level and maybe there's existing services provided by some that they're paying for themselves. and so those are concerns that i have. >> going forward, we'll have consistent cleaning in zone one. >> can you show us zone one on this map? zone one and zone two. >> it's in green. there is a key. it's chopped off the slide but i have a hard copy that i'll bring to you. >> that's find. so green is zone bun an zone one is zone two. >> the additional services are evening ambassadors for when the theatres are letting out, the civic center garage and hundreder's family is more prominent. so the purple has an additional
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level of service. >> yes, much more activation, yeah. >> lead opelet's open up this uo public comment and i have a number of speakerrer cards starting witstarting. >> good afternoon. i'm with iat, local 16 and i'm speaking on behalf of our members and shn haze. some concerns that have come up. shn was not aware that they were being moved from the tenderloin cbd to the civic center cbd and they did not receive notice and
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were not able to provide comment or participate in the process. this cost will most likely be significantly higher than the tenderloin. to your point, supervisor, they are a private business as opposed to the municipal and state businesses that could maybe get the shift from tax dollars. also, shn is being un-fayelyfayy assessed even though the majority is an interior theatre. their active frontage is along market street. it's placing them at a significant disadvantage because they occupy the majority of a unique size and shaped block. shn already provides many of the services of the cbd and they have over 300 perform 300 perfoa year and one million customers to the theatre and they always
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pay to clean up, maintain security and provide safety at all of their events. they do not benefit from zone two services and should not be assessed. some key asks that they are thinking about, maybe, in amending it is to maybe move them back into zone one, to discount amendments for private theatres maintaining their own security, clean up and requiring the cbd to maintain the art included on the building, fronting the civic center plaza and that is the only benefit they will receive. thank you. >> thank you, miss desmond. next speaker, please. are you peter? >> no. ithy that might be peter. >> i came from the wrong side, thank you. >> peter ziblat, counsel fo.
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reiterating comments. the issue is not with the cbd that does wonderful work. really the issue is that this is an expansion of the district and basically a shifting of the property, the theatre out of the tenderloin district and the assessments significantly increase and that's the concern here. my client did indicate their resistance and some of the ideas we thought about at the management plan which is the underlying document beneath the cbd is some of the yeahs that we've thought about including the methodology that is used to assess and determine the assessments, based purely on square footage of the building and lot and there's some
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calculation for frontage but as eluded to, the theatre itself faces market street and on three corners, there is no access, no public facing, interface, and so because of that, it's really -- the calculation based on lot, square footage kind of works against them and number two, also, as indicated, they have a private-funded security and maintenance operation over 300 nights a year and it seems that the management plan could reflect that and maybe credit or off-set some of the assessments related to the cbd with some of those expenses that they are private financing, so it's reluctant in somredundant. this is more of a technical thing. >> thank you, sir. go ahead. good afternoon, supervisors.
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thank you for hearing this. my name is tim braybold, i'm with emerald son representing three different apartment buildings in the district, representing a thousand different apartments which is probably close to 2,000 different residents, we have huge supporters of the cbd and renewal effort. i, myself, have been involved with the cbd for eight years, serve opt board currently and the cbd has just done wonderful work in the civic center neighborhood. the neighborhood is cleaner, safer, it's more activated. we can't imagine not having the cbd. it's just been wonderful for helping the transformation in a positive direction and we would, you know, whole-heartedly support renewal. thank you. >> thank you, sir, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i'm the director of the civic center
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commons. my full support is with cbd. we've been working with them the last two years and they're why we have the ability to change the space. no man is an island, nor is any particular whether it be a building operated by a private owner. everything that happens in this space is a web of relationships and what cbd brings together as a whole enforces what we do as a collective and so, you know, to think that we can maybe eat off of the table with the crumbs falling would be just simply disappointment to me and i say what i mean by that. everyone in here is a stakeholder. everyone has a responsibility. everyone has an obligation and i believe if we come together as opposed to separate this web of relationships, we'll be stronger and we'll have a greater
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ability. really quickly, i think cbd has given a lot to us and i have to go on record with that. urbannasurban alchemy received e ability for the tables and tents and they give us the ability to support that. i would say that i think that under the cbd with this effort, that urban alchemy would expandd the resources we do have to go further. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. >> i'm casandra costello and we are a nonprofit organization with over 1300 travel and tourism partners and we market san francisco as a destination globally. i'm here to support the renewal and expansion of the civic center community business district and thank you, supervisor hainey. they do a tremendous job of
9:40 am
making civic center safer, cleaner, more welcoming and active and you've heard that from a lot of the folks in public comment, as well as presentation and tracey and her team worked tirelessly and entered the street's team. keeping the district clean and safe is essential to the visitors, workers and residents coming to enjoy our civic buildings and cultural offerings and services like the ambassador programme and cleaning efforts make people feel welcome and safe. but not only are they providing cleaning and ambassador services but they've partnered with plenty other private sector partners to keep this civic center community active through civic center commons which you heard from amy cohen today. they maintain the beautiful new playgrounds, the cafe and many art installations.
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>> thank you, miss costello and next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm with rubicon point partners, one of the parcels that is going also from the tenderloin community benefit district to the civic center as part of the expansion parcel and i'm actually here to voice my support for this renewal. since taking ownership of the property over the past year, you know, we've been very involved with the community and working with the organizations that serve it. one being the civic center benefit's district. i have attended the same meetings that tracey referred to about two to three meetings aman and it is phenomenal.
9:42 am
i've seen firsthand the work. they've been extremely active, working wit stakeholders, the nonprofit, the police departments, they've gone outside and learned from the benefit districts and other cities. so i just want to say that there's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and i know that there's been concern about the way these parcels were set up or how tax is assessed. having been a part of the meetings, the engineer who came up with the methodology, i've seen them work tirelessly working towards making it fair and there's been a lot of work and myself charged with a higher price and a higher tax amount but ithy, yo i think it was dona fair way and i've seen it go through in all of the different iterations. so just want to say that even if it comes to an increased cost to
9:43 am
owners like us, we see the value in what the cbd is offering the community and neighborhood, so thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is renee greenwood and i'm with the civic center cbd, starting out as the safety ambassador and now i'm managing the safety ambassador's staff and along with the maintenance and since day one, the significance in that -- i've been here since the beginning, along with some of my other staff and we've seen the difference that, you know, the cbd has made from day one and with that, we have a lot of experience and a lot of pride and when people coming up to us, telling us they now feel safe to walk on this side of the street, merchants, residents, and even homeless people. we coordinate with mental health facilities ant harm reduction in hopes to bid our approach with
9:44 am
the homeless on streets to help manage them and get them off of the streets rather than just pushing them around along with our cleaning. with this expansion, you'll get that experience and that same pride. thank you. >> thank you, sir withi. any other members of the public for item number one? seeing none, public comment is closed. before i hand this over to supervisor hainey, let me make high-level observations and i say this as the author of the original enabling legislation that actually allowed the creation of community benefit districts and have been a champion of them, as well as our one business improvement district throughout the city. and i think, actually, everybody really is in this together. from the mayor to the diller
9:45 am
family, the increased police presence, the participation of private property owners and by the way, in many cases, there are commercial and residential tenants because a lot of these flow through the property owner to the individuals that reside or do business there. we're all in it together and i think we're all very pleased to see the results that have actually happened in the last handful of years as you've served on the board of supervisors and walked to u.n. plaza all of the time, the activation has been fantastic. the testimony i've heard on behalf of hsn, they are participants as private property owners and they do one of the things we want, which is to bring people to the area, to
9:46 am
activate the area at night. by the way, the first i heard about this is in the testimony. what i'm troubled by is the notion on the one hand, there was robust outreach and on the other hand, the representative of shn is saying that they came to learn about this very late in the process. so i think the question before us, particularly given that every aspect of a cbd is under the authority of legislative body. we can create them. if there's a majority vote and we don't want to do it, we don't have to do it. we can actually terminate them in the middle of their term. i mean, every aspect of a cbd is under the generatio jurisdictioe legislative body. body. i'm worried that an outfit as part of their business model has their own security and what have you, that our participants and want to be participants and i
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don't even know what the financial delta is between what they pay as a tenderloin participant versus what they would pay as a civic center participant, but i would like to drill down into that a little bit, because i don't want to be in a position where the resolution of intention happens and there's a majority vote and all of the us are saying, maybe we don't want to pass it. that has, by the way, happened on time. so mr. korgus, do you want to respond to that? this is all news to me. and then we'll go to supervisor safaye. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. i hear you in terms of rebust community outreach and i can't speak to the specifics of that community outreach. that was done by the cbd renewing steering committee and i believe john updike was leading a lot of those conversations and unfortunately he couldn't be here.
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>> he's my constituent. i know where he lives. [ laughter ] >> i am more than happy to continue dialogue with all participants in this conversation, to have an equitable solution on this. of course, it has to be done in accordance with the state constitution, specifically prop 2-18 and prop 26, which is very specific in terms of what we mean by benefits conferred and benefits received. >> say that again, mr. korgus. i apologize. >> no worries. i'm more than happy to continue these conversations, mediate, facilitate any steering committee, as well as property owners but any conversation needs to be in relation to prop 218 and prop 26. >> in relation to the timing of the cbd and civic center cbd
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refuel and expansion, what are our options? >> so the tenderloin cbd ballots were sent out last friday. the last will close on june 25th. as of right now, the civic center ballots have not been sent out. the projectorred closure date is july 16th. we can have conversations in between now and that committee of the whole date to make any changes possible and legal in the management plan, as long as they go along with property 2018 and prop 26. >> i totally understand what you're saying and here is what i'm asking, which is if we chose to stick shn back in the tender, what would that entail? >> that would change the engineering and the assessment formula behind both districts election as it impacts the general benefit.
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it is a hot zone, lead be hops,
9:51 am
it's ground zero for a tremendous amount of drug dealing and illicit activity and the intent to take the great work hsn has been doing. people always feel safe and millions of customers a year, a phenomenal place to see a show and it's the backside that is probably under our domain. so it seems like there could be a compromise. so my question is, if you adjusted it, rather than not have them in what level of service you could make it meet up in a more need manner. >> the important item in that supervisor, is to ensure that whatever changes that are done don't negatively impact the assessments and general benefit proportion for the cbd as a whole or you would have to go back out to petition and get the 30 also. >> i get it. but for that one small part if you made it similar existing south of market as just frontage.
9:52 am
>> any one small change and general benefit could impact, so it's a really sensitive conversation in terms of the whole district. i'm happy to have that conversation with everyone but we won' would need the city atty as well as engineer. >> i'm just trying to trouble-shoot. >> ok, thank you. on this issue, i don't know what exactly the right answer is. one thing i will say, though, that i'm a little concerned that we're constrained of having a conversation about the timing, that, basically, we're told that if we want to make any sort of changes that bring up question, that could lead to this disastrous situation. so i don't know if anything could have been done to prevent that, but it is a concern to me for us to be able to hear from folks and try to come up with solutions here.
9:53 am
i know we're going to convene further conversations around this, not so much in changing the boundaries but we had talked about addressing some of the questions about how they're assessed and which zone and those sort of things. those are things that we can consider, but you're not sure exactly how that may affect the broader plan and because of that, we're not sure if we can make changes like that, even at this point, without setting back the entire thing. >> that is correct, supervisor. >> so we need some further information, it sounds like, from the city attorney. >> and the engineering consultant would like to umcup e up. >> i would like counsel for hsn questions. >> good afternoon. can't get rid of me. [ laughter ]
9:54 am
if we can pull this map back up on to the monitors. who is the best person to do that? perfect. i would like to just make three points. so we are in the hot seat, the authors of the engineering method. there are certainly options, but i just want to point out a couple of things, if you look at the expansion parcels that we're talking about. remain on the mic. >> so is everyone familiar with where the hn property is on this map? >> yes. so if it was on the periphery, you could, in many cbd formations, we carve out of the lasminute, right, at the edge oa district, and sometimes you do that. unfortunately, this parcel is very much in the middle of the u.n. plaza and other adjoining
9:55 am
properties to the east on the south side of fulton. so not that it could be done but it becomes problematic. you don't want to a doughnut. what i'm looking at is the bottom portion. boundary amendments can be made. they're a little problematic and can be made. the second point is, obviously, this engineer's report is thick and dense and was done objectively using linear frontage, you know, building lot, the typical kind of things. it definitely was done with forethought and the additional services that are provided for
9:56 am
the zone, the core zone are significant. i would point out an analogy to the property, the war memorial which has many events every night and the security service and a very large linear, as well as the courthouse building has a large linear and has its on police presence. with do look at metrix and some districts provide more than others. but the civic center will provide this to all buildings. if buildings provide more service on top of that, that is their choice, of course. so that they have -- there is more, if you will, but that's the way we look at it, that the benefit will be provided to the property. so i hope that's helpful in debating all of this and going
9:57 am
through it. >> thank you for that. i totally get it. this is a unique cbd insofar as the vast majority is hell by the city and county of san francisco and that makes it a little different. i mean, we're solving for our own problem. this is very different than the union square b i.d. where the vast majority of the property owners are private. >> i'm peter ziplblatte. >> i wish we would have heard about this when the tenderloin cbd was carving you out at which point we could have said, carve him back in so we don't get in
9:58 am
this fight in a month or two. when did you realize you were carved out the tenderloin and pasted into civic center. >> that's a good question and i wish i could give you specific answers. it would have been directly with my client. i'm happy to get you that answer. >> when did you become aware or was outreach done when you realized you would be a part of civic center? >> well, really, the magnitude of what this means, the key question realizing your assessments may go up 3x, 4x and that's fairly recent. some of that may bbeyond us not digging into that. this is all last week realization of the magnitude as an issue. >> thank you. colleagues, here is my not so
9:59 am
solemn suggestion, is why don't we pass this resolution of intention and i think you can tell by the tenor of this conversation that the engineer and the cbds plural and the affected properties singular and city staff in the form of chris korgus needs to figure this out and if you get a majority vote and four of us vote no, you don't have a civic center and figure it out. sound ok, colleagues? so i will make a motion to send this to the full board without recommendation. we will approve it but just to underline that you guys got some figuring out to do. that will take that without objection and mr. clerk, next item, please.
10:00 am
>> item number two is an ordinance amending the planning code to allow art's activities as a principally committed use as rcd to permit nighttime uses in the historic buildings and buildings that contribute to historic district to exempt nighttime to entertainment in the 200 buffer requirement and to require a preservation and maintenance plan for uses within the fullsome neighborhood district and rcd districts affirming the appropriate findings. >> thank you, mr. carroll. this is a piece of legislation -- i think this might be the last piece of legislation that then supervisor jane kim introduced and is now authored by her successor, supervisor hainey and the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair peskin. i'm asking if we will -- i want to move to continue this item to june 3rd. there was a change to it that