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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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here are the recordings of some of them. the first is from mr. wong with the church in chinatown. >> everybody knows chinatown station. it comes from someplace else. when they say chinatown station, you know where it's at, but nobody knows rose pack. if you don't live in san francisco, you won't know it. >> the second, the gentleman is called henry. >> yeah, chinatown station. they told me that most -- >> the third, she's the owner of hair salon. >> the reason why i think that the new station should be chinatown station is that mostly newcomers don't know who rosa park is and so i leave that, you
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know, as merchants in chinatown, i think the city should promote it as a chinatown station, not rosa park. not any individual, because we all, you know, contribute our taxes for the city. >> as you can hear from the last lady, who is a chinese-american, she already got confused about joe pack with rosa park. please do not name the subway station after jo pack. thank you. >> president yee: we're going to pause the public comments until we get through our special order of business. that starts at 4:00. it's now 4:01. let's go to the special order and please call items 10 and 11.
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>> clerk: public hearing for the board of supervisors to convene in a committee of the whole. to consider objections to a report of delinquent charges for code enforcement cases pursuant to the provisions of the building code and the administrative code by the director of the building code inspection. item 11 is approving the report for the delinquent charges for assessment costs. >> president yee: we're now convening as committee of the whole and open hearing on the assessment cost submitted by the director of the department of building inspection on building code enforcement violations. we'll first hear from the department of building inspection. >> good afternoon, president yee. alan davidson with the department of building inspection. this is the 25th year the department has been before the board requesting the imposition of special assessment liens for
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code enforcement cases. and previously transmitted to you, april 22, 2019. prior to today's hearing, we've had two in-house hearings for property owners to discuss the outstanding fees. the department appreciates your support. it's an important and useful tool for cost recovery. i would like to thank angela calvillo and the support staff. >> president yee: thank you. we'll open for public comment on this special item. this is not general public comment. if you're a member of the public who would like to speak on items 10 and 11, come up to the podium. if you're here today for these items, but do not want to provide public testimony, you will have an opportunity to speak with department staff outside the chamber to resolve your issue.
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now, public comment is now open. please line up if you have comments. come on up. >> this code enforcement, i watched you last week, you're trying to enforce code violations against property owners on property that is not owned by the actual property owner or the residents where the person is living at. i object to you charging property owners for property that is in violation of your own rules and regulations that you pencil by yourself to make additional money and put into the city and county of san francisco, when the property is not owned by the actual person living at the residence where the property is closely located and owned by the city of san francisco. you got a tendency of taking advantage of people who don't know how to stand up for their rights, who don't have time to
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come in and explain and they'd rather just pay you off instead of going through the red tape, because they have to maintain their living conditions. it's unethical, it's unprofessional and it's scandalous how you take advantage of people who are in a position not to come in and explain what you're doing to them. it's unfair. then you have the department of public works, unequal pay act violations, where you got a poop squad getting paid $186,000 a year and you got the city cleaning department doing the same damn work and not getting paid, not more than a dollar, two, maybe three, minimum damn wage. it's disgusting. for you to talk about enforcing rules and regulations, it's not only an insult on my intelligence, but this board's intelligence, too. about you talking about rules
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and regulations, how come you're not enforcing that rule an regulation where the 15% of housing supposed to be for low-income people? you got 100 -- [bell ringing]. strike that. time is up. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> i can see why the other gentleman was peeved. this meeting is at 4:00, people who come here have to take time off work. good thing i'm retired. my son is a property owner. he's here to see how you act. this is one of his first attempts as tying to see what is going on. we have a property that remodel on. we have permits. it's item number 14. 198 15th avenue. the records reflect we have a valid permit for the property. the n.o.v. should have been
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removed, it never was. most people just say this is like a parking ticket. just got to suck it up and live with it if you live in san francisco. i was advised by folks in the building department, why do you want to come here? it's just $333. well, his experience, my son can weigh in, he has his time. what do you do? you write a check? >> i wrote a check, they sent it back. >> he wrote a check, the only way to pay the city is cashier's check or pay cash. you write a personal check which is good anywhere, you can't pay the city with a personal check. the least you can do is accept personal checks for these idiotic fines. in our case, there shouldn't have been a fine, the n.o.v. should have disappeared. i have the san francisco assessor's map showing there is
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no violation of complaints on the property. why this continues to be an item, i don't understand. but it's disingenuous to think that 366 people, this aggregate of thousands of dollars, that came into the city coffers, you're just talking the talk. i understand. you guys represent us. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker, please. next speaker, please. come on up. hello. i'm steve mcdonald, i'm here on behalf -- it's with regard to item 22, the property at 722 16th avenue. i'm here on behalf of the owner,
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alan dare. and the reason that we came today to lodge the objection, i was recently retained to assist in this matter. the work in question was conducted at 718 16th avenue, a remodel of this adjacent property. it led to the n.o.v. that apparently was lodged with respect to my client's property at 722 16th avenue. he did no work on this property. he asked for no work on this property. and dbi is now requesting that a permit be pulled by my client who did none of this work to address the issues. recently, i was contacted by an attorney for the adjacent property owner and i'm in the process of trying to resolve this matter, but i would request
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that the assessment be delayed and i'm happy to work with the assessor's office to get a short continuance on the assessment at this time so i can try to work out a solution. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. good afternoon. i'm here today to speak on behalf of the owners of 1326 11th avenue. i'm the designer contracted to resolve these violations. the fees are noted, file number 190400, parts of violations issued back in may of 2017. we applied for permits july 2017. but was told to split the permit into two. and the first permit was issued back in july of 2018.
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the second permit is still in progress. we just got issued a final motion this past april and we still have yet to get that permit. and my point is not all violations are equal. we are given -- all owners are given 90 days to pull the permits, but for cuas that requires to legalize unauthorized dwelling units go for, as an example here, two years. and during that two years, penalties are being accrued. so i urge the committee to rethink the process for legalize unauthorized dwelling units and
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penalizing the property owners for these violations. >> hello, my name is andres, i'm here talking about number 14. i'm talking about item 14. we have proof of permit, we have everything paid for, i'm not sure why we got this lien on the property. we can show whoever we need to the proof. and i hope this could get resolved. and taken off. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, appearing on behalf of sophie and jeffrey liao. i'm appearing to object to the assessment for five separate
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locations. balboa at 3 -- i'm sorry, balboa at 459, 449. these are line 79 of the assessment sheet and ocean street, 1943 and 1945. these are lines 249. miss liao has been in contact with the department about some objections to some of the charges and i am not here to present those arguments. in fact, we're willing to not raise smaller objections, but i do want to raise an issue with regard to the active sales exception that is in the building code. this is in the previous version of building code section 103a.5.
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section 1 of the definitions, as the board knows that section was amended in february of this year and it excluded in the recent amendment an exception for properties that were actively being sold, but in most of what applies to the liaos, that exception applied. i have documents showing active listening agreements for the properties. i would like to ask the board to suspend the assessment of the penalties for the balboa and ocean street properties so we can present evidence of the lifting agreements and entitlement to that exception. so again, requesting a delay on the assessment to provide that documentation. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> just i'm coming for lot
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serial 15, block 5341. i got this letter for my permits. and my permits are up to date right now, so i want to see why i have to pay these. thank you. >> president yee: okay. any other public comments? yes? yes. okay. come on up. you can use the other one if you want. i'm here on behalf of sanchez who is 99-and-a-half and it's regarding lot 026. it's involving a car port that
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was -- she was trying to get permission to put in five years ago, but then decided not to do it because it was going to be too complicated, so the job card was never closed out. we've had people come out to look at it a few times and we thought it was already closed, but it wasn't. so i was wondering if there is anything i can do that can be done regarding her lien because the job was never done. >> president yee: thank you. any others? seeing none, public comment is now closed. so, the hearing for item 10 has been heard and will be filed. we will now reconvene as the
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board of supervisors. sir, sir? >> yes. >> you haven't heard me. >> president yee: well, i asked and didn't see anybody come up -- >> no i was coming up. >> president yee: hold on, okay. let me reopen it. >> okay. >> president yee: let's have this last speaker. go ahead. >> my name is dang, i'm the owner of the property. i don't have a list in front of me. i cannot give you an item number. this is a three-unit legal apartment building with two bedrooms each worth about $2 million. i just have one month's rent to pay the mortgage off completely. now here the building department has come asking you a second bite of the apple. they've been here four years
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ago. we had a meeting on july 28, 2015. and in the morning, they met with my attorney, who is also a consulting engineer and expert, state certified expert. they met at 9:00 and we were going to have a meeting at 3:00. apparently the building department's inspector got cold feet. they postponed it. now a
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like me, there are many every single day come from immigrants like me. everything we do here is to contribute to do the best we can to support this country. so we need you to think about it. how we feel separated from our children. everybody is talking about the economic impact, but nobody is talking about the psychological impact this is going to have in the u.s. born children. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker, please. if you want to speak later, you
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can speak. you have two minutes. i'm sorry, we don't do that. next speaker, please. >> carl kramer, san francisco living wage coalition. we are also a member organization of the tps coalition. there is 25 member organizations in the tps coalition. and just to continue the remarks by rosa, you must never be fearful about what you're doing when it is right. we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. a quote by maya angelou. i think this issue in particular really exposes the racist nature of the trump administration. there can be no excuse this is
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protecting the security of this country because this group of immigrants is probably the most investigated and vetted of any group in this country. they have to continually reapply for t.p.s. status. among the daca and t.p.s., these are immigrants we have lived with, worked with, are part of our community. we know how valuable their contributions are to our economy and to our community and our society. this is a very powerful message that you're sending collectively to the -- our congressional representatives and senators on behalf of the people of san francisco that the house of representatives must take action and we must shame the senate into taking action. and also, what i like about this resolution, it calls on the board of supervisors to encourage the residents of san francisco to make their voices
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heard and we'd like to see that implemented as part of this. thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> supervisors, my name is abdul, and i'm director of the african advocacy network. we are a service provider for immigrants. when we talk about t.p.s., when we talk about daca, we talk about all races, we talk about immigrants from all parts of the world. and we're not going to speak enough about the contribution of t.p.s. daca orders. but i'm here again to say that, you know, the work that you're doing, the work on this resolution in support of this act, it's something that means a lot to us. this is extremely important. we think the words again, dream and promise. i think this is what america is
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about. that is why we like to say, you may not seek the t.p.s. order here, you may not see daca orders here, but you are meeting them every single day on the street of america. and for them, america is home. and we see what it's all about. i'd like to finish by saying, yeah, daca, because the ultimate objective for all of us is a pathway, is fixing the broken immigration system and giving all those millions of people for whom american is a home, you know, to have a chance and to have legal status. thank you. if you don't see us, we're praying, we're with you, and we're there. call us anytime. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, honorable
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supervisors, i rise in support of the resolution that you have unanimously cosponsored and we're here to join in that celebration. we stand in support with the one million plus that this message that you've taken addresses, but we'd like to raise issues far beyond the 1 million. we fight for the 1 million today. but we have to fight for the 11 million and we see the resolutions that you pass today as reflected of that. and to be part of the role that you have, to defend the people and the citizens. i'd like to address the difficulty we find ourselves in as a nation. we face challenges before. these challenges are nothing new. today, we fight for immigrants. today we fight for women.
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today, we fight for those who have lost their homes. today, we fight for a working class that has been dispossessed by the financiers. this fight for the immigrant population is a fight for women, is a fight for the homeless, is a fight for all. we do not pit our interests against any other american. we see our interests as immigrants and those from immigrant origin as intricately linked to the american people in our struggle for a justice society. we've seen hatred before. we've defeated slavery before. we can defeat modern-day savory slavery again. we can support the emancipation of women. you're doing it. we support you and i applaud your leadership on calling on
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the nation to rise up. >> president yee: thank you. >> good afternoon. i stand in support of this resolution, united states has a representative resolution 6 on the dream promise act. also what i'm concerned about, yes, they're at risk. the system may potentially be at risk to people of color who are likely to be mistreated and discriminated against. when the government institutions have police departments enforcing them. i also speak in support of sarah, she's not here, but she's also appointed member of the dccc and the president of the latino democratic club and strongly supports this resolution and i stand in solidarity with her. i hope -- i understand that you're all supporting the resolution, so thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, good afternoon, all
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supervisors, thank you so much, for all of the support you've shown in supporting the dream and promise. i'm a child of two immigrant parents. i'm the sister of two daca recipients. i'm a best friend of a daca student that is pursuing a ph.d. in san diego. i'm sharing my pain of everyone who is currently a daca and t.p.s. recipient and have been -- it's very frustrating. i hope that you continue to support us and share this message calls to congress to pass the act of 2019. thank you once again. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors, thank you very much. i am on east bay sanctuary. i want to say that please support and pass this resolution.
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you know, in support of the hr-6. daca and t.p.s. holders. in our office we have 600t.p.s. holders and many of them live in san francisco. i want to say, what is it our system is doing to these people? these people have been working here and 50% of them own homes. they're in the business. they're in every industry. actually, the state will lose billions if we deport these people. that's not all. the all the work we create with these people. we're sending these people where they're going to be killed. you know what is happening in central america, haiti, honduras. we are sending these people there. if they go back, you know they
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will not bring the kids. who is going to take care of the kids? is our government going to be taking care of the kids? i don't think so. i am from el salvador. i came because of the civil war and the fight that we had in 1990, i'm a citizen right now. i give back to the community what they gave me in the past. please give the chance to these people to stay here. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm with the nor cal and living wage coalition. i thank the board of supervisors of unanimously cosponsoring this resolution, but i think that's the easy step. so i call on all of you to continue to take the ethical leadership stance to advance opportunity to create permanent paths to citizenship and residency. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i'm here as a representative for the immigrant and documented community. as undocumented student, i ask you to not only support, but push for this proposition to be brought into congress so that people like me have some peace of mind. and they're able to support their community and continue to work in the united states legally. and without having to worry about their future. my future right now stands -- there is no path and there is no certainty of where i'm going to be tomorrow. so i'm asking you, as part of the immigrant community and especially the undocumented community that hasn't been represented in the past few years, so continue to -- to continue to push for more policies like this. >> good afternoon.
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retired city work, muni driver. i wanted to thank you for endorsing this resolution, the dream and promise act. and also to say that the next steps beyond endorsement, the actual implementation of a resolution is the most important aspect. there are two parts to this resolution, one of them i'm going to -- since previous t.p.s. holder couldn't speak to it, she asked me to bring it up. that this lack of passing this resolution means that t.p.s. holders who have children, which as she mentioned, up to a million people, of families of t.p.s. and daca holders, those children are just to quote, at risk of having mental health problems, like depression, anxiety and severe psychological distress due to the fact that their parents may be separated from them. we've already seen that going on
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at the border. so implementing this, not just passing this, but making sure that people in san francisco and other political bodies understand the incredible necessity of not allowing t.p.s. holders to have their status taken away from them. the only other point i want to make, and as a retired city worker, this is one more time that you as a board of supervisors can take a stand against disposable workers in your city. because t.p.s., undocumented workers, are used as a hammer and as labor force to be pitted against other forces and it's up to you to expose the fact that this is not what t.p.s. and undocumented workers are doing. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon.
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my name is carlos. from a program that provides services to union and nonunion workers alike. part of the san francisco labor council. and as a proud member of the o.p.a. local 29, i wanted to thank you for your leadership in passing this resolution unanimously. and to call you in action. i know you have local connections throughout the nation. please continue fighting in the struggle to -- members of the leadership in different cities throughout our nation to -- so we can have the congress opportunity also to serve our members, our t.p.s. and daca members, throughout the nation. i have the pleasure to work with hundreds of them here locally. you already know that it is a fight that needs to happen in the ground. so please join us. thank you so much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon. i'm speaking on behalf of -- holders. san francisco is setting a precedent for über and lyft. über and lyft medallion sales was a blunder. these über and lyft temporary -- will be banked, but did nothing. allowed über and lyft, our dreams shattered. we are completely disgruntled with this administration. we have described our situation many times. there is no doubt about it. we cannot rely on this. we are in deficit despite working longer hours. cost of living is high.
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do not traumatize, but get us out of these loan payments. in spite of the medallion payments, the holders need your help. time has come. thank you. >> good afternoon everybody. medallion holder. we need help for the city -- from the city, from the supervisors, if they can take care of our medallion. we need to get our money back because we are not able to support the job anymore. and also, we do not have any more money left where we can pay
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our bills. somebody has to help us, please. and give us papers and we did a long time, did the service for the city of san francisco. and i'm not able do any more. i'm disabled also because of the accident. it happened may 2013. between 21st and hill street. this lady hit me very badly. and my disk is bad. and my low back is very bad. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm embarrassed to come every week and take your time. i don't feel like i am worth it.
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if i'm worth it -- i work in the city for many years. a few years back, a young kid, i rolled the window down and say where you going, he said you take five people, i said no, four people. he spit on me. we live for spitting and unrespect. if we go to hotel. they don't let us use bathroom anymore. we used to get appreciation from the city. you know it's not working out. somebody is making $10,000 and über and lyft and then they make extra money. they have different rules and we have different rules. so i mean, i don't know how to explain we're not in this position. we have a family. and we don't want to be suffering anymore. so, please, for god's sake,
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we're not political people. we're hard-working good people and honest people. we work hard and you know if there is no jobs. so, please, i'm begging, for god's sake, help us out, we cannot take it. we cannot take it anymore. we need your support. thank you so much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> president yee: you want to speak, ma'am? i can't hear you. you have to come up to the mic. [speaking chinese] >> she just wants to make sure she had chinese recordings, some
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recording in chinese and she wants to make sure this is not comment -- she need extra time for that. >> president yee: you have it, go ahead. >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: greeting. i live in san francisco chinatown. i spend -- i and 13 other
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volunteers spend two weekends to collect names, signatures, for against the naming the chinatown subway station after rose pack. we spend two weekends on -- only me and my husband spend 26 hours to collect all the signatures. i want to submit all the second half of the signatures this time. and two weeks ago i submitted the first half. >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: during this period, some of the business owners, we took some of the calls from business owners and i'll play some of the recordings. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: the first one is doctor of chinese medicine store. he said the subway station is such a huge construction project. it should be named just chinatown. otherwise, how come the foreigner know it? >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: the other thing we should use, we should name the chinatown station after a person's name, chinatown is chinatown, that is it. [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: she is not important political figure. i don't like her. i don't think she deserves it. we should not name the station after her. after all, she has a lot of connections with the chinese communist party. we should not use her name after this -- as the station name. we are all u.s. citizens and we should stand on the viewpoint of america. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> president yee: next speaker.
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>> translator: he also needs translation. greetings supervisors. [speaking chinese] >> translator: this week, i didn't plan to come here. but i saw a report from the journal about the petition signatures. as the lady mentioned before, 13 people spent two weekends and collected more than 400 signatures.
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a reporter from the journal claimed that he visited most of the business owners which collected the signatures. i don't know how many businesses he visited within one day. moreover, we only submit the signatures today. last week we didn't submit that. so we can say he is lying. and we can see when he visits
4:47 pm
the owners, the party threatens people. he claims that he support the name as the station name, it's not political, but when the business owners support to use the chinatown as a name, it's political. i ask mr. paskin to find out chinese friends in chinatown who is not a follower of pack and
4:48 pm
visit other business owners to see how many people supported her. >> we ill see if this report is influenced by the chinese consulate. .
4:49 pm
it's one of those heavily influenced by the chinese party. thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> hi, good evening, sir. ma'am. sfmta had a medallion, for $250,000. they failed our business. they allow über and lyft. we are begging of you guys, take our medallion back and give us our money back. or we will keep coming, keep coming, until they don't give us our money back.
4:50 pm
we don't know how long, but please we are begging of you, do something for us. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> honorable president yee, angela calvillo, clerk of the board of supervisors, and honorable members of the san francisco board of supervisors, my name is rueben david goodman, i'm a native of the portal district. nestled in between bayview hunters point, vicitation valley, and bernal heights. i'm a retiree of the san francisco assessor's office. i was a candidate for democratic county central committee in
4:51 pm
19 -- i think it was 1992, the original year of the woman, but i was gender-impaired. i was proud to have received the unanimous endorsement of the cadc, the chinese-american democratic club. i received 20 votes of 20 voting members. i am currently an employee of the department of public health, jail behavioral health services on medical leave. i recently was housed in 730 broadway between stockton and powell street. it's a wonderful residence and beautiful building managed by mr. de la rose, san tino, a wonderful man. i have been threatened three times with mace by a drag queen known as stephen schwartz who is under f.b.i. investigation.
4:52 pm
i had the feeling a couple of days ago i should take a long walk through chinatown, waverley place, portsmouth square, gateway to chinatown, tenderloin, i returned to my room to find two prostitutes were there -- [bell ringing] >> president yee: thank you very much. rueben, i'll handle it. please tell -- i would like. >> president yee: time is up. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of
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supervisors. i have heard that you are working on the chinatown after rose pak. i do object to it. i know that the congress has passed house of representatives, [inaudible] i was so shocked because it's terrible to believe that -- government, i believe -- and make this decision, for sure they have got evidence to -- but in my heart i have question mark, is that true? in 2017, my friend visited me from china. we have more than 40 years of friendship he is a doctor. both his assistant and
4:54 pm
brother-in-law work in university. it is an affiliate hospital. he say he's -- leader of the hospital. i ask you i heard that the chinese hospital, from the fellow practitioners and transferred it to the patients. i said, is that true? he said yes. i said that's horrible. it's human life. stop it. he said no, this is the [inaudible] obey the order from the head. i said, something more and -- there is a name -- refutable evidence.
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>> president yee: thank you. next speaker. tom gilberty. chinatown is chinatown, it's not rose pak-land. the taxi drivers got shafted by the liberal mayor's office that just let them die on the vine. inaction, isn't that the new way to go about doing things? a break and don't worry about it? well, we need help from this office right here. sales force tower. let's cut it up into four pieces. let's leave one piece here in san francisco. let's put another piece in
4:56 pm
davis. let's put another piece in sacramento. let's put another piece in tracy. what would that do? it would alleviate some of the traffic problems that have turned our freeways into rivers of poison. it could help bark be a less little crowded. it could alleviate the demand for lyft and über and help clear our streets out, but there is -- we could also move it the ends of the bullet train. i mean that land is ready for a great markup. we could build a new city there. or two cities there. but there is a problem. fire is what it's called. it's the real estate industry, the insurance industry and the financial industry, they get more bucks if they build here in san francisco. so we're planning by dollars instead of using our sense and
4:57 pm
our basic -- i think we can do better. i think we have to do better. on our navigation systems, the medical clinics, i would like to see two of them in the city. one where we pick up a lot of dead people from overdoses, and we can have safe injection sites with doctors -- [bell ringing] prescribing the drugs. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> more good news. tenderloin residents hypothetically can receive three attractive portable toilets across each block on a 24-7 basis. service once weekly for the cost of one pit stop toilet, which is $200,000 yearly. i believe the present and ongoing crisis may result from the practice of collecting public waste inside of a barrel.
4:58 pm
individual toilet facilities can be rented for public use for less than the cost of a five gallon bucket which is $3 versus the $9 per flush. while you appear disposed, the mentally ill and the homeless, why then seek to impose and foist contractual obligations, first right of offer, first right of refusal, that are pregnant with the risk of complex litigation over individuals, san francisco residents, who are of sound mind -- well, sound reason and sober judgment as if you wish to acquire specific powers of attorney to guide their contractual affairs regarding their property. you are correct that you are no
4:59 pm
legal experts, but that is no excuse to engage in what might be considered ledge malpractice. [bell ringing] -- as a fig leaf for attacking property rights, we can see how the city has cared for the mentally ill by a decades' long record. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> gentlemen, last tuesday, i have already said try not -- it's only property for the
5:00 pm
chinatown. everybody around the world, the tourists, when you come over to chinatown, the name chinatown is the proper word. not rose pak. fade the roses. we turn into earth. let it bury under the ground. gentlemen. i am the one who is the true -- i told you before that i was the warehouse supervisor in the golden [inaudible] i can go anywhere with permission. the truth is