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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that one business talked about -- it was a bookstore, and there was a bookstore going out of business, and they took a look at purchasing the business so that that business would not go out of business, so to speak, and just the increased cost around employee cost was just something that put them out of the ability of being able to do it, so, you know, i think some of these employee costs, like with the healthcare security ordinance, does either slow down growth, or prevents growth, it could be, but, you know, we don't really know what is
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preventing businesses, i mean, it could be not only that, but other things, but we are not asking that question right now in the city whatsoever. so even to get some anecdotal information to provide direction may be interesting. >> it is a combination of both. i think about vital signs as being analytical, what can we parse from the data that we have , and then i like the idea of having a survey mechanism, or if we could get some of the anecdotal comments. we have to be a little bit careful with anecdotal. for example, on npr this morning , someone was complaining about import tariffs and they are considering closing the business because of the increase in import tariffs. they have not hit yet. so a lot of people project, i am struggling, so i will blame it on this, and sometimes they
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blame it on something that hasn't even happened yet, so i think that, you know, part of doing a survey is being very careful about how you parse, especially the anecdotal comments, so that your reporting real things. >> i struggle with the survey just because they are hard to do right, there so me places you can go wrong with the questions you ask, and the bias that is implicit, and who decides to answer the survey. it is hard to get -- >> you have to kind of get back to other hand occasion challenge before you conduct a survey, and that is how are we communicating with our constituents, and are we doing it broadly enough. the other thing that anecdotal as you don't want to ask the same questions to the same people all the time because they have built in bias because we start talking to ourselves, right? and i see that happen at the roundtable discussions that we
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had with mayor lee. there tended to be some means, we are just sort of constantly regurgitated as if they were fax , and we just need to be very careful. >> i would like to start with the analytical stuff because i think, you know, trying to figure out what is in there, what is the available data, and maybe someone like you, sharkey, who has an appetite for this and has familiarity with it, this is a great project for a student group to say, you want to do data mining, go partner with s.f. city. they do them all the time for nonprofits. >> one question i have is with respect to a report card, is this going to be a single grade, like a restaurant? or are we thinking that this will be multifactorial?
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>> i kind of like a small, but useful set of vital signs, you know, where things are -- various things of importance on the upswing and the downswing, and is that good or is that bad? >> i totally agree. from a communications standpoint , if we could have a single letter, but then -- >> i don't know how the grading system works. it is like your report card. you have your class grades and then you have your g.p.a. maybe we have a situation where we grade something on a typical grading scale, and then we kind of give an overall g.p.a. of the grade, but if anyone can dive deeper -- >> that might be avoided. >> okay. >> you may want to wait until we see the data that determines how
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to slice it up. >> i like we're -- where we are headed here. >> and then employee, this will be a little trickier. we will definitely need to work with expertise and with ted egan in terms of how to get a little more information on the employee side, but i just initially put down a number of employees and small business. it is always a year behind. as you see in the front here, he was able to report to us the 2017 numbers, so we should not see her be able to get the 2018 numbers, but do we want to take a look at it if we can by industry, hourly wage versus salary wage, so we start to monitor some of those metrics,
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so those are the top three things that i put down, and then legislation, just to track the legislation, this was something that was noted at the planning section -- session, so we could list them by the degree of economic impact, degree of number of businesses impacted by the legislation, and by the degree of regulatory burden. >> i like all three of those. >> like byrne degrees. [laughter] >> is a third-degree burn. >> any other comments before we open it up for public comment? do we have any members of the public would like to speak on item number 7? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is really good. i like the idea that it just came out, especially splitting this up. i like your idea of doing that
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code. i know the code you are talking about. >> industry classification. >> yes. >> so we -- at the end of the fiscal year, it is coming up, so we will start working on putting together generally, most departments have their annual report done anywhere from three topped up for months after the close of the fiscal year, so we will meet up with ttx and ten egan, the city's economist to see where they can support. >> great. that item is closed. next item, please. >> item e., approval of draft meeting minutes, action item. >> as everybody had a chance to look at the draft minutes of monday, march 25th? >> i just had one. i think i said e.e. nine not ein
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i said d. e. nine, not ein. >> sorry. >> it looks like i am looking for socialists and for payroll. >> we will get that fixed, let's open this up for public comment. what anyone from the public like to make comments for monday, march 25th meetings? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion to approve with changes? >> move to approve with changes. >> seconded. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? the minutes are approved. next item, please. >> item nine is director's report, update and report on the office of small business small business assistance centre,
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policy, and legislative matters. announcement from the mayor, and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion item. >> i do not have a written report, so i will provide a verbal report. first, i want to thank all of you for your participation in small business week. we had a really great week this week last week starting with the pop up on monday, and then inspire s.f. in the evening with a great group of panelists. prior to that, we had the board of supervisors honourees, and again, that is always such a nice event, the board of supervisors really honored a group of businesses and it is always good to hear the very personal stories that they have with each one of them. we had many workshops, the affiliate event, i have to think -- thank president adams, and the golden gate restaurant association for providing an
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award to me for my -- >> golden case -- golden gate business association. >> excuse me, i want to thank them for providing and award and acknowledging that work that i do on behalf of small businesses that was a real treat and a real honour. it made me cry. and then we had the mayor's awards. another great group of really interesting businesses that the mayor selected, and a roundtable with a sidewalk sale and the bayview mashup which is small, but i think very impactful, so that was interesting. i want to give a particular shout out to the department of public works who always helped with the sidewalk sales and doing the permits, so it is a
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hidden thing that you have always seen, and of course, the oe wds staff who also helped a great deal, around the mayor's awards and the roundtable the legislation regarding the e. cigarettes initially thought it was going to be heard last thursday in the public safety and neighborhood services, but it has been pushed out to potentially made june -- mid june, so we have been having meetings with supervisors. there is concern about the economic impact, so i think our coming meetings definitely are working on the resolution, and they're working to provide some direction for the board of
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supervisors, it will definitely be needed, and something that you are interested in. >> supervisors themselves can recommend changes to legislation , so often times it goes through a process, if there's any hope that it will actually get enough support. okay you don't necessarily have to have a sponsor take our recommendations, as long as enough supervisors do. >> great. >> okay. >> okay. >> i think those are the key highlights that i really wanted to talk about for my director's report. >> do we have any member of the public his who would like to comment on the director's report seeing none, public comment is closed. we did get to honour a surprise
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award to the director, and also to adam strauss who was also very surprised. >> if i may, just be referred back, a big shout out to adam strauss. he is leaving. he is moving to d.c. so this will be a big loss for small business week, and a change, but as change sometimes creates new opportunity, so perhaps if we can acknowledge him and our next meeting. >> i would like that. >> that is a great idea. >> any other commissioner comments on the director's report? seeing none, item nine is closed next item, please. >> item ten is commissioner's reports, it allows the president , the vice president, and the commissioners to report
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on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. discussion item. >> i first would like to thank every single commissioner here and those who are not here because we had a full commissioner turn out for small business week at one event or another. i think this is the first time where we have actually had every single commissioner at one event or another. my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you, and starting with the supervisor's awards with commissioners, providing the flowers and everything. it was actually a really good week. i made it every single event except for the maker's fair, and i was very pleasantly surprised how busy the neighborhoods were on saturday. i think we had good weather for
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the sidewalk sales. i want to thank everyone for participating. the only thing i have going out is i hope you get the district were -- district march and participating in that. that is all i will say about that. [laughter] >> any other commissioner comments? >> yeah, i enjoyed small business week, it was great, well done. i attended the first walk-through of the pop up at city hall. i wasn't able to participate this year because there was too much other stuff going on, but i did walk through and say hi to a lot of the folks that were participating. the inspire event was well done, and i thought the panel discussion was interesting with rodney fong, the new c.e.o. of the chamber of commerce, and nice that he has experience personally and small business. maybe we will get some root new interest from him at the chamber of commerce for small business. i attended the mayor's small business award ceremony at the
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war memorial, as well as the policy roundtable at the war memorial. all good events. >> i was able to attend the small business awards and that turned out to be surprisingly awesome because i was able to score major cool points with my kids by getting a picture of the president of "thrasher" magazine i had a lovely chat with them about the ins and outs of riding a skateboard, which is something i really wish my kids didn't do, but they like to do it for some reason. it was a great event. i wish i had more time to go to more of these things, it is really fun and interesting. you really learn a lot about your community when you go there , which is awesome. that is the best part. >> yep. commissioner ortiz? >> i want to thank my fellow commissioners, fellow staff, the
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nonprofit organizations that helped make this possible. i definitely want to give a shout out because i attended the latino entrepreneur mixer and it was so anchor -- so awesome, thank you to our sponsors. thank you to our hosts, the city college of san francisco, the san francisco hispanic chamber of commerce, and just everybody. it was awesome. to the people who were awarded in the latino community, thank you. you learn some things. i'm glad my father was in there, because i used to bother him as a little kid. just to see full-circle getting awarded. thank you to everybody in the mission and san francisco in general. >> i also want to give a shout out, especially to the office of economic and workforce development, marianne thompson with the mayor's awards and with the roundtable for everything she has done, walking, and the
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staff in the neighborhoods you came in and filled in. i also want to give a huge shout out to the staff with the office of small business, dominica, rea , richard, you guys all participated, and a lot of -- in a lot of events last week, and i want to give a really loud shout out, and a special shout out to mayor breed. i just want to say her awardees were very diverse, from all over the city, and she is very sincere about the roundtable, about the policy forum, and it was really nice for her to come in and make her comments, because she really does want to make some changes, and i felt her heart was in it, and she participated. if you have the biggest may oriole participation that we have had and small business week
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in a while. i just want to give a huge shout out to her and everybody, and staff. with that, can we have public comment? do we have any members of the public would like to make comment on item number 10? seeing none, public comment is closed. any other comments before we move on? okay, seeing none, item number 10 is closed. next item. >> item 11 is new business, allows commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the commission. discussion item. >> i think -- >> so i was struck by commissioner dwight's comments regarding the embarcadero navigation centre, and i was struck in particular because it
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made me consider, you know, it is interesting when he think about it, our portfolio, it is as wide as we wanted to be because everything intersex our constituents, and one thing that i have been participating on for a while is the auto burglary workshop liaison which has been trying to reduce the number of car break-ins, which by extension, has an impact on the number of tourists that come to the city, and how our city is perceived, and something that came up at our last meeting is that they are interested potentially in making a presentation of some kind about the crime strategy unit, which is been remarkably effective at reducing the number of break-ins it is down 18% versus the prior year. and so i said that i would bring
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that up as something that maybe we could take a look at, you know, if there was interest among my colleagues here, but. >> absolutely, because what happened in neighborhoods with that, it affects everybody. not only tourism, but even certain neighborhoods, and i really appreciate your comments because i know neighborhoods are people don't even like going anymore, and these are well-known neighborhoods because they got their cars broken into. >> just the other day i was there with my family, and we didn't go to a restaurant, but we didn't go specifically -- they won't just break into the car nicely, they will break in for a stroller or something. i didn't go. >> us, too. they rifle through our cars once every 45 to 60 days, and you can see them on the camera, but the crime strategy unit in the d.a.
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's office is a unit that is basically connecting the dots, because it turns out that the vast dirty of these break-ins, it is just a small number of people, like a couple of crews. it is organized. for them, it is a job, and the crime strategy unit has been able to sort of draw these different data points from all over the criminal justice system and be able to bring them together, and then finally start putting these people away, reporting them out of business for substantial periods of time, years in some cases. so that's kind of what is having an impact. >> and one small business we would like to see suffer. [laughter] >> right, that is something we can definitely do. >> yeah, yeah,. they are looking to get support for funding for this, and i think if we could help amplify, that is something that is
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working, that is being effective , certainly from my experience, having gone to quite a few these meetings. >> we have a representative from the police department police department at every one of our meetings at the dogpatch merchants association meetings, because their ability to enforce quality-of-life crimes is vital to our merchants, as well as to our neighborhood. >> commissioner ortiz? >> i think it is quality-of-life i have had some merchant quarters, not all, question the programs and literally, just the streets are getting cleaned, but they are not getting cleaned, like the machines are out there, and it's really affecting small businesses, especially restaurants, because the older in the corridor makes it so you don't want to eat, if it smells like there are feces. it is something that the merchant quarter definitely wants to revisit sooner rather than later.
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>> they actually do -- >> they are supposed to clean the sidewalks. that's the problem with certain c.b.d., in the castro, you're supposed to be steam clean the sidewalk once a week. it is now down to once a month, and they only do the castro, they don't even do the whole district. >> who is doing it, the city or -- >> the c.b.d. >> that gets in the other thing. but the privatization. is it as effective as the d.p.w. would be. the biggest concern is to get the streets clean. >> like anything, you have to manage your contractor. we have a contractor for evergreen benefits district, and in the dogpatch area, and we manage that contractor, and we make sure that -- and they are great, but we are on them to make sure that they are doing the work that they are contracted to do, when they are supposed to do it, where they are supposed to do it, to the service levels that they are supposed to do it. >> what we will do is why don't we convene -- let's have, i'm
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trying to think of his name, over and invest, chris quercus is in charge of that, i think that would be a great presentation. i think that would be an excellent presentation, because i get those same thoughts lately >> do you just want c.b.d. focus , or would you also show -- should we invite public works to hear about their street cleaning program as well? >> yeah, have them both. >> it is interesting because it is a big deal in these neighborhood corridors, and where they used to, i mean before the c.b.d., d.p.w. did everything, and they had their little groups, and they still do now you have c.b.d. his and it still not is clean anymore. i would like to hear from both. >> if i could add one more thing to that, i think that this would be a really helpful presentation because it could give us a little bit more data and insight
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into two other items, like one of the tangential feeds on the tobacco licenses for cigarette live or abatement, which goes to d.p.w. and is over $600 million a year for street cleaning, but we never see it, and so we can pose questions about businesses that are in community business districts and paying, how many times over our businesses paying for street cleaning, and where it is at could give us some insight. >> commissioners, is that it? >> that was it. >> any others? do we have any members of the public would like to comment on new business or any new business ideas? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> sorry, where we -- we are on new business. than i do have something else. >> okay. >> one, for small business week next year, is our office going
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to be in charge of putting out our peace for new coordinators or media opportunities or marketing opportunities that would replace the adam strauss? is that something we will be working on? >> i am going to say somewhat yes, and somewhat no. we did not do r.f.p., we kept it away from it being run specifically through the sba or the city, which is why we had the volunteer committee, so we are in discussions with the chamber and sort of exploring some ability of the chamber to absorb some of those responsibilities, to be determined. and so, to be determined just
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exactly how -- are we going to replicate exactly what we did? are we going to slightly modify, and because much of that -- much of the funding, or the majority of the funding, except for the in-kind from sfmta, or the funding from the office of small business came from private sponsors. >> is there a working group for that? maybe we should consider putting together a working group, and maybe those who are interested in joining, or at least attend. >> we are doing our debrief first, and then once we do our debrief, we will go into that. >> there will be some fundamental changes i think. everything now is up for reconsideration. >> right. okay, thank you. >> and then the era of a new one >> and then the second thing, we have heard there maybe an i.p.o. tax on the supervisors -- that the supervisors are looking into , i heard there will be a small business stabilization,
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you know, put aside for that revenue, that potential revenue, so i just wanted to put that on the radar and make sure that we are thinking about that. >> so if it is something that is going to be heard and voted on by the board of supervisors, there is the potential that if we are able to have it scheduled before the board of supervisors hear it, for the commission to hear it and give some input, otherwise it can be -- it will just be a presentation item. i haven't seen anything like that yet be introduced. >> it is just being talked about >> he doesn't know whether he will do it by supervisor or if he has to go through -- >> there is rattling going on right now. >> and some ballot measures are put on by the supervisors. >> right. >> but we will definitely keep an eye on that. >> cool. >> any other new business?
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okay, item closed. next item, please. >> san francisco government t.v. , please so -- please show the office of small business live. >> it is our custom to begin and end each small business commission with a reminder that the office of small business is the only place to smoke -- start your small business in san francisco and the best place to get your answers your questions about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your first stop when you have a question about what to do next, and best of all, our services are free of charge. the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and concerns about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco, so if you need assistance with your small business matters, start here with the office of small business. next item. >> item 12, adjournment, action item. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> moved to adjourn.
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>> do we have a second? >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> meeting adjourned.
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>> let me begin by thanking you all for coming out today to celebrate the opening of this amazing fire station in the western edition neighborhood. i am your public works director, and today is an exciting day, i think not only for the fire department, for the entire city. everyone -- every time we open a new building, we are providing a safer san francisco that will be prepared for when disaster strikes. this new fire station, which was built from the ground up replaced when that failed to meet the building codes today, and first responders needs. the new fire station needs -- meets national accreditation and seismic resiliency standards that serve the needs of the 21
3:36 pm
st century san francisco. how about a big hand for this new fire station? i would like to thank the staff and public works, many of our engineers and architects who designed and managed this project and a specials shout out to magdalena, charles a garris and our city architect edgar lopez for leading the way. this project was almost 80% plus done in place by the city team. let's give them a big hand, too. also a big shout out to all ten construction, the general contractor who built this, this project was on budget but we had a little delay on time, but budget wise, we did meet our budget commitments. let's give it to them.
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most of all, to our voters who made all of this possible when we passed the 2010 earthquake safety and emergency response bonds. the bond which was funded, which funded the seismic upgrade is a voter backed initiative aimed at strengthening neighborhood fire stations, police stations, ambulance facilities and emergency firefighting systems, we take work great pride in overseeing crucial capital improvement projects. with the support of the san francisco voters, we continue our work delivering world-class facilities to too many of our diverse neighborhoods, and now, i have the pleasure to introduce our mayor, london breed, who has been a champion for making sure san francisco is kept safe. let's welcome our mayor, london breed. [applause]
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>> thank you. it really is so amazing to be here at this time, opening up this new firehouse right here in the community that i was born and raised in. i actually grew up two blocks from here, entering the holiday season, we would line up at that door on turk street to get our toys from the firefighters here at station five, but there was also a really incredible connection that this station in particular. my answer, michel, we'd spent a lot of hours here. michele was born with a mental disability, and sometimes required a lot of patients, but this fire station not only showed her a lot of patients, they showed her a lot of love, and so it time and time again, she would show up, complement a lot of the guys on how handsome they are, deputy chief chief mar
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gonzales spoke at her funeral a couple of years ago when she passed away, and so many of the men and women who are standing behind me showed up for her like they show up for so many people in this community, time and time again. and they clearly deserve a state-of-the-art facility where they feel safe, where they can spend time, because they spend countless hours in this station, and where they will continue to connect with this amazing community. thank you to the men and women who serve the department, not only here in station five, but the folks all over the city and this department. i know that the president of local 798, the union for the firefighters and paramedics are here, shawn buford is joining us today, and i want to acknowledge him and tom o'connor. thank you both for your hard work and helping to fight for
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the funding that we need to make sure we are really building our public safety places all over san francisco. in the past, to our earthquake safety and emergency response bond, we developed a plan where we brought to the voters a 2010 bond, and a 2014 bond, and i am proposing that we bring forward a 2020 bond, because we know that protecting these facilities is so critical to making sure that when disaster strikes in our city, that the people who are housed in these facilities don't have to worry about saving themselves. their responsibility is to make sure that we're doing everything we can to save the public. just recently in january, we cut the ribbon on station at 16, we
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cut the ribbon on a new medical examiner facility, we cut the ribbon a while ago on a new public safety building down at the new chase center chase center area, and we have done this with not only the support of the voters, but without increasing property taxes on small property owners, and i'm really proud of how responsible we have been in developing long-term plans in order to make sure that we are protecting these very important facilities. we know that there is a lot of work to be done in san francisco to keep san franciscans safe, and it is not a matter of if disaster strikes, it is a matter of when, and when we will be prepared. our public safety officials will be prepared to meet those challenges, and they will have these incredible facilities that are in a state of good repair thanks to the voters of san francisco, and the hard work of
3:42 pm
the people from the department of public works, the architects, and all the people who invested into building this incredible facility. with that, i want to introduce someone who has been a champion for public safety. not only is your district five supervisor, but for all of the issues around san francisco that we face. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome supervisor vallie brown. [applause] >> thank you. i want to thank mayor breed and naomi kelly, chief hayes -white, the fire department, all of the men and women standing behind me these men and women, they always come out when we need them. not only if there is a fire, but in this community, they come out and they are part of the community. they come out when there is a community event at alley hill
3:43 pm
hatch, or the african-american health and culture complex. they bring out and stay barbecue with us all. this is actually a community station and all the other things they do for this community, i could go down the list, but i definitely, when i'm looking at this station, because i was part of the legislative aide when this first went on the bonds and they were first talking about it , and now looking at this station, i'm like, wow. it is absolutely beautiful. i would like a desk right over there, please. much easier to work than city hall sometimes, but i just found this out that our city architects actually designed this. to me, that is amazing because some of you know, i was an artist when he first moved to the city, and to look and have
3:44 pm
this beautiful building that our city architects designed, look, and none of those other architects have anything on san francisco architects at the creativity of this building. [applause] >> amazing. and the fact that they left these lights here is just so cool. i can't even tell you. but bernadette fung's classwork, and i think if you have gone by this in the daytime, it is absolutely beautiful, and what it really represents, it represents going back in time in the past in this community, whether it is the japanese community that was pushed out into internment camps in world war ii, whether it was the african-american community that was pushed out during redevelopment, this beautiful piece of art on an actual fire
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station, a fire station that is so well-designed, but the people inside at the heart of this community also, i just think it's an absolutely amazing piece of art and a fire station, and i want to thank everybody that was involved in it. the community, i remember at this coming out to the community and the community putting their input in, and they actually listen to them, and i'm stunned, and i think i will stay here for a little while just to enjoy it. thank you, everyone for coming. there's all these great things, it is seismic safe, it will be faster getting people out of here to get to a fire or a barbecue, but i also want to thank everyone for coming here today and showing your strength and your support, because we have to support each other as we
3:46 pm
move forward in the city and this station shows that we do. thank you. [applause] >> sin -- thank you supervisor brown. i also want to acknowledge that our fire chief will be retiring on sunday, and this will be her last ribbon-cutting ceremony as chief. thank you so much, chief, for your leadership over the past 15 years in this department. [applause] >> thank you to all the fire commissioners who are joining us here today. i also want to introduce your new fire chief, janine nicholson he was behind me here. [applause] incredible leadership in this department that i am very proud of. with that, speaking of leadership, the person -- department that really spearheaded this project, which consisted of so many city
3:47 pm
employees in different departments that make this project definitely -- i don't mind a delay in a project, but i definitely want to make sure a project is within its budget, and she made sure that that took place. ladies and gentlemen, the city administrator, naomi kelly. [applause] >> good morning. thank you mayor breed. thank you to everyone here. this happened here today because of the great collaborative work we have working with each other. we understand the importance that there is a 72% chance of a six-point seven earthquake in the next 30 years that will happen here in san francisco. so our first responders need to be in a seismically safe, functional building, because the
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faster they can respond to emergencies, the faster that we can reduce death, injuries, and property loss. we need these buildings safe. so i want to thank -- this is -- i want to thank the voters of san francisco who have adopted the easter 2010, easter 2014, as you heard the mayor announced, you we will go to devote again in 2020. these fire stations, police stations, our emergency firefighting water system, are all important to the recovery and the vibrancy of san francisco. having said that, i know that is doom and gloom, but it is the reality of how we live here in san francisco. i just want to say, thank you to joanne hayes wait and her team. since easter 2020, she has been instrumental to working with us to make sure that these are priorities. while she was chief, we opened four new fire stations.
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this one station five, station 16 that the mayor talked about, station four, and i believe station 48 -- 49, okay. and station one. it was not done on an easter bond, but it happens. in addition, we also talked about -- in addition to not just opening new police stations, we also touched almost all -- to keep saying police stations, fire stations. we also touched all of the fire stations to remediate any deficiencies that we could with the other excess funding. i just want to reiterate what the mayor said about the bonds, as we are doing this in a fiscally responsible way, and as we issue new debt, we paid down old debt so we are not increasing the property taxes of the voters. we do this in a transparent way, and again, i want to thank everyone. with that, i would like to bring out our fire chief who is retiring this sunday. joanne hayes-white.
3:50 pm
[applause] >> thank you to our city administrator. good morning, everyone. welcome mayor breach. i know this particular project is near and dear to your heart, as she acknowledged, this was her backyard, and she grew up here and felt safe here and always felt welcome. for those of you who are here from the community, i hope you also feel the same way as you always have. if you have lived here for a while, or if you are a newcomer, we want to welcome you to our fire station. you're always welcome, it is a safe place, young and old. supervisor brown, thank you also for being here. not only does she represent this district very capably, but she is involved in all city aspects. thank you for being here. lots of think use. this is surreal as a lookout, i wanted to acknowledge that there are a number of retired guys, because that's what it was in the day, that are here that worked here, put in long hours,
3:51 pm
real courageous guys in the back please raise your hand if you were tara to to active station five. thank you very much. [applause] >> it is very special that you are here. and then i look to you, the old guard, in a lookout here in a c.a.c. of people who are hoping to be firefighters, paramedics, and e.m.t.s. raise your hand if you're hoping to get into the department. thank you for coming out. >> it is bittersweet. mostly sweet right now, i have to admit, but there are some aspects that i am very nostalgic about this week. as the mayor mentioned, and supervisor brown, and city administrator kelly, this is my last official fire department public event, and i wanted to really say thank you to public works, the entire team. i will not name all of you, but i will name their director. he has been a great colleague.
3:52 pm
mayor breed expects nothing less than partnerships and teamwork and efficiency, and public works is that. we really appreciate that relationship, and i certainly appreciate that it is may first, and i'm retiring may 5th, and he said to the director, we have to get it done before i retire. thank you so much. [applause] >> certainly our fire commission have been great partners in support of the easter bonds. this is part of easter 2010. the earthquake safety and emergency response bonds. we've also benefited from easter 2014, and s. mayor breed said, there will be a very vital easter 2020. and our citizens have always been supportive as has ever mayor to prioritize public safety in the city. thank you to our fire commission he is travelling and couldn't be here, he is in japan in senses greetings. i would like to introduce a vice president and acknowledge all of them. francine covington.
3:53 pm
[applause] >> commissioner vernoses -- veronese, cleaeland -- we are joined by both of our captains. and all of the members. thank you. [applause]
3:54 pm
>> they were very patient during the time this is under construction, in this area did not lose any of the members. we just redistributed and we are able to keep up with the response time. everyone is really glad that they are back here. this is our largest station. it houses an engine, which is an officer and three members, and a truck which is an officer in four members. it has room for growth. it also has our division house, and the city itself, and the fire department is divided into two divisions. this is division two, and the other division is 19th and folsom. during the workweek, or 24/7, the city is bifurcated in those division chiefs. we have michael in division today. [applause] >> they oversee the strategy, tactics, and operations for the city under the direction of the deputy chief of operations. it's 21,000 plus square feet. i still haven't visited it entirely since it has been completed. our members just moved in on
3:55 pm
monday. they are getting adjusted, but we are very grateful for the quality and craftsmanship, and i believe alton construction should also be acknowledged for their great work in partnership with public works. [applause] >> a couple more things. i'm cherishing this last moment, so bear with me. the other person i want to acknowledge it couldn't be with us today, it is a small tribute to him, i, i am retiring on his birthday. that is mayor edwin lee, who we all worked with and worked for. he was a true champion just like mayor breed for prioritizing public safety, recognizing the importance of having facilities from first responders because they need to be able to get out the door, and we did have facilities that were deficient. this is the perfect prime illustration of that commitment, and sotomayor breach, once again , thank you. and also, i would like to take a moment to acknowledge my command staff. they have been a great team.
3:56 pm
they are here behind me. in particular, i want to thank mar gonzales where tier for a number of years. we have been working together down in the office for seven years. i will be moving on, mar will be moving on isabel and as well and i know this means a lot to me, i am glad we are able to do it together. thank you for your great work. [applause] >> the person in support services who oversaw this project, he has done a great job he also may be moving on, we are not quite sure. he has done a great job. is a native san franciscan. thank you very much. [applause]. >> tony and his team are probably still here screwing in lightbulbs. they're not behind me but they are somewhere here. lieutenant tommy murphy who is walking away because he doesn't
3:57 pm
want the credit. thank you, tommy and steve. and the rest of my command staff i obviously want to really appreciate mayor breed once again for selecting our successors. i think it is healthy. it is healthy for me and healthy for the department to have this transition time. they made an excellent choice as my successor. i'm very proud of her. i selected her as my deputy last year, and i would like to acknowledge deputy chief, seemed to be chief janine nicholson. [applause] >> and also two very capable individuals who will be joining her team, beginning monday, and that is victor worse. and deputy chief of administration, i only had two,
3:58 pm
but one of my finest ones, deputy chief josé valette will be deputy chief of administration. with that, welcome. we will officially cut the ribbon, and please stick around and have some refreshments and take a tour of the station. most importantly, i would like to acknowledge all of our members, active, retired, hopefuls, and really today, it is all about the members of station five. thank you for your service, good luck to you in this station, and i will be passing through every once in a while. thank you. [♪] [applause]. >> thank you. we will go behind the camera and we will have a ribbon-cutting, and the fire station is open. we will have people to give you tours of the facility. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause]
3:59 pm
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