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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 26, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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are still left turning in front of the pedestrians, so. >> we wouldn't be able to -- like i said, -- >> they would be cutting a left turn off, as well. >> we wouldn't have that problem anymore. my question is, right hand turns our biggest conflicts when we're talking about vision zero. i would hate to see -- i'm less concerned about the drivers making those mistakes, i'm more concerned about cars moving slow >> i'm not an engineer, i am not an expert, but i would say we're introducing a new potential conflict with cars and pedestrians, i would like us to look at that again. maybe that is a key part of what we will get in the pilot. >> i think it is a slow-moving controlled intersection that is a different context that some of the higher-speed streets in the tenderloin where we are seeing
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these types of issues. >> what about the officers? there was a reference to police officers having control of the area. >> we reached out and had a coordination call with the taradale captain in the beat office for west portal, and we walked them through all the proposals and i left that call feeling like they had no major concerns. they said, you shouldn't think about that particular conflict between the right turn and the crossing, but -- i took notes at the meeting, i circulated the new -- the notes and i did not hear anything further directly from them. >> i want to make sure i'm understanding this. to be honest, i'm not quite getting this one. under the current configuration, someone making that cross from the 48 stop right in front of what used to be the drugstore to the inbound platform would have three potential conflicts.
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they would have somebody who will make a right turn on west portal, they would have somebody who would go straight, some but he who made a left turn off west portal. under our proposal, it would go down to one conflict, someone making a right turn onto west portal. >> if we go to the screen, i will put this figure back up. today they are crossing this way , and in the future they there crossing this way. >> you did a good job specify all the relevant movement. >> okay. so now, someone doing that cross would be in conflict with the right turn -- >> and someone who is going westbound -- >> back to my original point, which is it would be nice if we could eliminate that, but i understand the rationale. we would go from three conflicts to two conflicts. is that fair?
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[indiscernible] >> three lanes, but it would be down to one turn. and the rationale to go back is that if you leave it where it is now, what is the problem with that? >> in its current location, when the bus riders are transferring to the platform, they are crossing train tracks which is contributing to the delays. >> in this way, they would be using the crosswalk and no circumstances of crossing tracks so the rationale, since they
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said there was no rational reason provided for this, the rational reason is to keep people coming off that bus from crossing the tracks and putting themselves in harm his way and slowing down the trains. >> yes. >> very good. directors, any other questions? >> i am still kind of confused -- and maybe someone from west portal merchants can talk about this, what is expected if we delayed this 90 days? what do you expect to happen, are you asking for changes specifically, i want to understand what the difference really is. >> thanks again. it doesn't even have to be 90 days. i mean, we would have to flush out a few of these things. like the 48.
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the biggest concern is -- we agree, my business is right in front of it, i see it happen every day. the 48 is stopping and it is dangerous for pedestrians, it is dangerous for cars. we agree this needs to move, but we would love to talk to whoever is saying no to putting in a tunnel like it was designed. as it stands, if the 48 was go into -- were to go into the tunnel, and the 57 and 48 can go in there together. and right here, they could release any pedestrians, and they get back on. then it can go right back down without even changing the line. it can continue its existing route. no changes to the other route, no changes do anything. we would like to have that conversation with those who can actually make that decision or see if it is a possibility, but that's not an option. there's a few other things. like they want to put an m.t.a. only lane, and we are saying, does it really need to be one
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when no left turn, no u-turn is an m.t.a. only line? you are not going to do anything from that lane at the end, and if you want to do m.t.a. only, let's start it at a good block. those are the certain things we want to talk about. >> do you think it is that big of an impact? >> it is not the 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., it is other programs as soon as they are successful, then it will be -- let's look at 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., because that was so great then. and then six is great, then we will do, you know. >> it is a concern. >> this is us struggling significantly. i don't know if it's because our store burned down, i don't know if they shut down the street for months on end, and then again shut down the street for two months solid, which actually was a way to condense it all, but i know it when i come back on the
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street, there is less people than there used to be when i was open a year ago. i talked to the businesses, and consistently everyone is down 20%. these are businesses who cannot whether that. we say, let's make sure that any changes we make our ones that make sense, and maybe that is half the proposal, maybe it is half the proposal plus a few more things. >> i think we're only talking about 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. whether or not he goes further would be a whole other process that we would engage, but i guess i would like to ask, is there a possibility that -- i mean this is really crazy, that for the pilot, the six-month pilot, we try three months inside the tunnel, and the next three months move this spot. is it possible to make an incremental move or incremental change? on terra vale we did some things right away and then we delayed some things. but my point is, is it possible to explore the idea just know
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that it doesn't work, you know, and then try that for 90 days, our whatever we decide, and then move it, and if that is not working and it is terrible, then we know, and we can go ahead with the second stage. is there any way to look at that >> i'll start by prefacing that you guys are the boss. anything is possible. it is my strong technical recommendation that adding an additional stop will significantly degrade rather than improve conditions. right now, the problem with the 48 is that it is not two or three people that get off the bus, it is the major destination for people on that lined, so dozens of people get off the bus , they do not neatly use the crosswalk, they en masse, cross three sets of tracks and slow
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down our ability to get trains out and to get trains in. adding additional buses to the horseshoe, a, there is not space , and it also further reduces our ability to put pedestrians in a channel, and get them not into that horse shoe free-for-all, but into the crosswalk swear we can safely control for their movements. as mispricing indicated, i actually think that step two should be to find an alternative terminal for the 57. that is pretty tricky. it is more than we were able to take on in this process, but figuring out a way to reduce the dozens of 48 customers from en masse crossing that semi circle, would definitely improve service significantly and bring the
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train -- bring the bus into that crosswalk will degrade our ability to manage that location. >> it does sound like we also need to have p.c.o. enforcing people using crosswalks. it sounds like we have two problems. even if we move the bus stop and people are not neatly crossing the street, we will still have the same challenges, so i think that is another thing we definitely need to manage. i understand that i don't want to degrade a service, -- >> with the move, the line for the pedestrians will be in the crosswalk, which is not where it is right now. >> now they would have to cross the inbound platform. under this, they are just going laterally to the inbound platform. >> are there any other comments? first of all, to the merchants from west portal, thank you for coming down here and thank you for being a part of this process i want to be -- first of all, you can't say you weren't hurt.
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carl, you got more time than anyone gets, and we appreciate your concise answers, that is what led us to ask more because you were supplying very helpful information, and to your colleagues, congratulations on your rehabilitation of the store , and thank you for the process. i favor this project, and i was asked a specific question of what is the hurry? and the hurry is this. every day, thousands of commuters are delayed at that intersection or because of the intersection in their effort to get downtown, and it is not just those seconds and minutes multiplied by the thousands of people that are in place, it is also the fact that if we don't make this system more attractive to riders, they will drive and do other things that put pedestrians and children in danger. we have to build a better system i'm convinced that this change will at least show us if we can build a better system this way, and to me, that is the hurry, and that is why i will support this today.
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let me also say this. this is a pilot project for a reason. you all talked about the interchange that you have had with staff. if after six months we don't think that that's the right place for the bus stop, don't you worry about the board engaging. if you come back and tell us that that is the wrong place for that bus stop, that is why we're doing this as a pilot project. similarly, if we see that that intersection at that crossing is leading to people being in danger, i think it will increase safety myself, but we will address it. we will address it before the six months are up if we need to, because that's a sort of thing we take immediate action on. in response to the question of what is the hurry, i want you to know that is the hurry. we need to make this system better, and we need to make it better now. i think this is a pilot project that will increase safety and increase right or experience, so i am going to favourite today, and would entertain a motion from other directors, or here other comments if there are any. >> i will just say, you know, i
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support the chair on that. i asked this question because i wanted to get to the heart of whether there are other alternatives. obviously, the reason that people go to west portal and live in those neighborhoods is because they are driving and commercial corridors and that is important. we want to support your businesses. i know it has been really tough. the last thing we want to do is make things worse. that is why the pilot is centred on really early in the day hours before people are on the corridor, and you have our commitment, we are not changing everything without any sort of further dialogue, because the goal isn't to get people back and forth, but for people to have a sense of place in west portal and participate. that is my priority, too, as a transit rider, as someone who wants to get places quickly, but i want to get there quickly so i can enjoy them. i think we are trying to give that balance. obviously it has not been ideal with all the other work that has gone on, and i can't say enough
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about how much -- how happy we are that the stories coming back , and how much we are relieved that the corridor will be better as a consequence of these changes, but you do have our commitment that this is not the end, this is just the beginning. the pilot is meant to work with you all to look at how the streets are working and how we can make further tweaks and improvements. i also do hope that we can pull some we'll save data and look at trends over time, not just from this point, but even throughout the work that has gone on, and i know the mayor's office of workforce and development says some sort of supportive advertising for the corridor, would look at the things we could do to be more supportive to ensure that in the summertime when it is slower in the neighborhood, that maybe with stern growth and the pulling of that, that that we can -- that we can promote west portal after you go to see your shows and likewise. i am not saying that his m.t.a. 's job, but i'm suggesting
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that we can do more, and we will be committed to working with you i will make a motion to approve. >> okay. is anything you wanted to add? >> i will simply say that what i hurt in terms of the request for the 90 day delay is just time for more dialogue. i don't see why this can't happen at the same time as a six-month pilot. i want to clearly state that is an assumption and stuff a continue to engage in dialogue with the stakeholders. with that, i will second the motion. >> very good. we have a motion and a second. director taurus is one thing to say. before that -- >> i don't think anyone knows that i have a special relationship with the west portal community since 1966. my roommate lived there. ever since then, it has been a constant reminder to me about how beautiful it is. it is almost like a village of beautiful people, and businesses my son has fallen in love with this community, as well.
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i do believe that given my legislative experience, these projects are important. they provide you answers, and they also provide you more questions. i think if we can do that with our priority being that this community has to give back, then i'm willing to support this motion. >> wonderful. thank you very much for that. this is the business that -- the business street that my family uses, too. this is a personal issue for me, but i also have a priority for transit. you have received a lot of comments today and a lot of feedback, and i think the four of us want to be clear that we expect in this pilot project, were there to be an ongoing dialogue, and some of the issues that are most important are the issues of where the bus stop goes, and how do you pick this in the pilot project, the issue of traffic crossing the box, should we continue to have that or not, and the effect as the vice chair said, it is on the businesses. in some meaningful way to track that's we can make sure this is not having an undue effect on those businesses. i urge you, as i know you will,
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to maintain dialogue with all the others as this goes forward. i'm getting her nodding for the viewing public. she's committing to that by nodding. we will accept that for now, but it has now been memorialized. we do have a motion and a second on the item. i will call for the vote. all those in favor, please say aye. anyone opposed? that passes unanimously. let me say this. we do a lot on this board, and it is not always fun, and it's not always at the highest level, that to me was the highest level of civic dialogue that we just had. we had transit professionals, we had committed members of the community and business people who really debated out an issue in the highest mind and in the most respectful way. thank you, everybody who participated, and i will say this isn't over. this is an ongoing pilot project i urge you guys to continue to engage because we will listen to you every time you come here. thank you.
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please move to the next item. >> item 12 is approving parking transit and modifications associated with the inbound and outbound project. mr. chair, please be advised there are -- someone from -- no one from the public has turned in a speaker card on this item. >> is anyone -- is there anyone who wishes to speak on this item in public comment? pleased to submit a card to ms. uber -- miss boomer. proceed. welcome. >> good afternoon, directors. i am the project manager of the 54 felton project. as john kennedy talked about at the last board meeting, two goals are to make it easier to understand the transit system and to improve safety and this project focuses on those goals.
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this map shows the 54 felton as it is today in the excelsior district, and our project focuses on those particular segments of the rear heading inbound and the most travelled north on naples and athens, but heading outbound, a travel south on moscow. these are also known as couplets , or the bus travels one way on one street, and the other way on a different street. there are two on this neighborhood. on a map, it appears that the route provides a lot, but in practice, it provides less coverage. this is because munimobile writer needs to be able to walk both directions of the route to fully access it. we have also received feedback that the couplet can be difficult to understand. this is a picture of the 54 felton bus stuck behind a recology garbage truck on the 200 block of athens street, which is between excelsior and avalon avenue. because this blog of athens is
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relatively narrow and winding, we have a conflict like this that does tend to occur, and when this happens, a smaller vehicle must pull out of the lane in order for the bus to continue north, and in the event that a larger vehicle like the garbage truck here or the delivery truck is blocking the 54, the bus operator has no choice but to wait until the obstacle is removed and until the street is no longer blocked. something we heard directly from stakeholders, were concerns of traffic safety at the intersection of moscow street and excelsior avenue. as you can see here in the photo , it is challenging to see oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. whether you are on moscow or excelsior, the visibility of oncoming and cross traffic is affected because the street grades are steeper here. this is also currently an unprotected intersection. the image on the left shows our bus stop postings that we put up in the project area. the flyer shows our original proposal that the 54 felton
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travel up and down moscow street between geneva and avalon avenue with no deviation. our community engagement efforts included our survey, which is the bus stop being advertised, and the surveys were conducted on board the 54 felton in the area, at existing community meetings, and also with bus operators. the survey was available online on our project webpage and was translated into spanish, chinese , and filipino. in total, we received 477 survey responses. in addition, we went door-to-door to 136 residences on moscow street to talk about the project, and we also talked with all five nearby schools, as well as coleman advocates there? presented at existing community meetings, including with the excelsior district improvement association and the district 11 council. we also provided regular updates to stakeholders and the supervisor office who you heard from earlier today. our original proposal was to
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operate the 54 felton in both directions on moscow street. out of the 477 survey responses, 50 7% supported the proposal and 25% didn't support the proposal. within the subset of supporters, 60% of those who indicated they were munimobile writers did supported, and after talking with neighborhood schools, specifically the june jordan school for equity in city arts and tech high school, we requested we keep the bus stop at prague and persia because those are used by their students similarly, we heard from seniors that accessing munimobile at moscow would be in that exact same segment of the route. cleveland elementary and school of epiphany told us about existing conflicts with the 54, in their school -- in their school pickup and drop-off zones the bus would get stuck between cars queueing to keep pickup and drop off their kids. residents on the 200 block of athens let us know they are happy with the realignment proposal, since this would eliminate those vehicle conflicts that they currently deal with on a daily basis. not everyone supported the
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project. many of them moscow residents we spoke to opposed the route to change onto their street, and we heard some opposition to rerouting the bus off of naples street specifically. despite opposition, the overall outreach shows a majority of stakeholder support the project and we have made some changes to our original proposal to address the concerns that we heard. this is the proposal that we are presenting today based on all the feedback we heard and the discussions that we have had. the bus would travel both ways on moscow, but it would still do that existing deviation that it does today via russia, prague, and persia. the 54 would continue to serve the bus stop that the school asked us to keep, and the deviation would help seniors who said they needed to access the route higher up the hill. this realignment would improve route efficiency by removing those two couplets that i mentioned, and the line would operate mostly on 1 street in both directions. the total number of bus stops would decrease, but we are maintaining the same access by locating a stop by each block. the more direct routing is
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estimated to save approximately a minute of travel time. by shifting the 54 fulton to moscow, we would reduce the vehicle conflicts that occur on the 200 block of athens that i mentioned, and near the school pickup and drop-off zones. moscow street is wider then the 200 state -- two and a block of athens, and the bus with most likely be travelling heading straight north-south, making a few returns, and operate on a wider street than it does today. in response to additional feedback we heard during the outreach process, we are proposing the installation of a new stop. we don't normally include stops as part of a transit project because they do because transit delay, but it makes sense in this case because the bus would run in both directions on moscow , and writers across the street here, and we didn't want to have the bus stop at an unprotected intersection with steep grades that make it hard for vehicles and pedestrians to see each other. the bus stop would be near side, which would decrease transit delay.
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>> is your estimate including accounting for the additional -- the addition of the stop sign. >> yes. this proposal would provide a more reliable ride with less delays, because few returns and a more direct alignment. moscow street is wider then the 200 block of athens, which makes it in a more optimal street to operate, in the project would make the 54 felton easier to understand, reduce vehicle conflicts, improve traffic safety, and improve transit reliability. we are ask you today to approve the following changes. we would remove ten bus stops from naples, russia, and athens, in at eight new stops on moscow. while the total number of bus stops would decrease, we made sure to keep a bus stop at each block, because we recognize the street grades are steeper in this neighborhood. the new stop sign at moscow and excelsior would address concerns related to us during our outreach and approve the intersection -- improve the intersection for writers and drivers, and installation of the stop sign would resend the currently existing no parking
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anytime parking restrictions that were put in place at this intersection previously. in order for the bus to make new turning movements from this realignment, we do have new parking restrictions needed at moscow and russia and moscow and persia. overall, the project would result in a net gain of one parking space. >> in terms of next steps, if the project is approved today, we plan to implement the changes in august because you want to time them with the start of a new school year. thank you very much. >> i have been doing this a long time, that was one of the better presentations i've ever seen. congratulations. that was very well thought out. commissioners, any questions or comments? >> is it the stop -- is the same -- is it the same stop sign? >> he is asking about the one at moscow and france. we did look into that request, so the stop sign there did not meet our traffic engineering warrants for installing it, and most of the time we don't expect
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the best to stop you because that stop in particular has low ridership, so we don't want to make every bus stop there when it normally wouldn't pull over out of its space. we will continue to monitor, and we can definitely reassess if needed. >> okay. >> so he is not getting his request? >> he is getting the whole big thing except for the one tweet he wanted. to answer your question is yes, but i just raised it differently [laughter] >> who named all of these streets? [laughter] >> someone very international at the u.n., right. [laughter]. >> is there anyone who wishes to provide public comment on this item? seeing non, public comment is closed. i will say that i think it's important that we maintain outreach and show support for schools in children and it is clear this project dead -- -- does that. i appreciate this is -- it is making it safer for children to get to school. single public comment and no
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further comments from the board, i will entertain a motion. >> moved to approve. >> is there a second? >> i will second. >> very good. all those in favor, please say aye. anyone opposed? all right. very well done. >> item 13 is a discussion to have a closed session conference >> is there such a motion? >> moved to go in -- go into closed session. is there a >> item 11, disclosing with negotiator, they took no action, they discuss with the city attorney, and the board unanimously voted to settle the disk -- the case and the board discussed an interim director, but took no action. it would be appropriate to disclose or not disclose. >> moved not to disclose. >> second.
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>> any opposed? >> that close of business before us today. >> thank you, directors. thank you for your patience.
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good evening. this is the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for may 14, 2019. the meeting is called to order. roll call. (roll call).
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>> give it up for delores swarta. she'll be with us friday when we have our official ceremony for her at 1:00 p.m. so if you can make it, please join us. with no objection, i'll take section j which is the introduction of proposals and assignment to committee. this will be heard in section b. we'll just wedge it in right after we do the minutes, i think.
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and then we'll have public comment on agenda items after that. section a, general information, section b opening items. one approval of board minutes of the regular meeting of april 23, 2019 and special meeting of may 7, 2019 and we need a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> second. >> any corrections? roll call. (roll call). speaker cards are necessary if you wish to address the board of education. an individual can complete a speaker card prior to the item called and presented to the
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executive assistant, to my right. members of the public have two minutes to address the board and/or time set by the president or, in this case, vice president according to board rules and procedures and speaker cards will not be for the items before the board. dr. matthews? >> good evening, everyone. >> good evening. last week was national teacher appreciation week. since this is the first board meeting since then, thank you to all of the san francisco unified school district teachers. thank you for fostering the 21st century skills and thank you for being a role model for continuous learning, thank you for caring about both your student's academic growth and social and emotional development. thank you for peein for being af this community redefining school
7:34 am
in service of all of our students. please join me in recognising our school nurses. lead give them a big round of applause. [cheers and applause] >> we have several in the audience and thank you, school nurses. [cheers and applause] >> may 8 was national school nurse day and on that day, we celebrated the 55 school nurses and three licensed vocational nurses who work everyday for over 100 years who have played a critical role in improving school health and ensuring academic success. in our district, we have made school health a priority. there is a school district nurse in all of our middle and high schools. on any given day, our nurses are providing direct care and support to students and their families. put so far, in this school year within san francisco nurses have
7:35 am
provided over 88,000 direct services to our students. i whole-heartedly thank the district nurses for service in keeping our students safe, healthy and ready to learn. let's give them a big round of applause. [cheers and applause] i would like to share news from the office of counseling and post-secondary success. first, the high school commitment days for all of our eighth graders will take place between may 21st and 24th at all of our middle schools and facilitated by the eighth grade councillor. students will review and agree to six commitments, the 2023 creed that support high school success and finalize their commitment through social media via #2023 creed and #my tv futuremfuturemyhand.
7:36 am
my future in my hand, be positive, be patient and persistent will be mailed to all eighth grade students over the next three weeks. it's information and links to help all studentses an studentsy begin high school with success and achievement. students from brettheart, drew academy and willie brown middle school will displace their talents through creative expression at the fourth annual bayview art's showcase. the visual performing arts hosted event will include choir, ukulele, and hip-hop dance performances along with a joint win and string instrument performance by students from the four school. student artwork will also be on display. the goal of the programme is to provide access and equity in education for every san francisco unified student at
7:37 am
every school day. this friday, our district students will create food for show at the san francisco unified school district food advisory showcase. the annual student nutrition services event will take place here at 555 franklin and will feature 18 fellow students from high schools across the district as they present ideas they have developed for building a students centered food system over the course of the semester. the sfa's goal is to integrate school student voice in decisions made by our student attrition service and increase student satisfaction in overall interaction the school mill's programme. finally, all districts will be closed monday may 27th in commemoration of member day. that ends my announcement.
7:38 am
>> item three, student delegate report. >> thank you. before we start our report, we would like to congratulate or super senior, mr. sal, for recognised as the mentor of the year of the sitting county of san francisco awarded by youth works. thank you for everything you do for us, mr. sal. [cheers and applause] >> this is to mentor students over the summer break. thank you to our community-based organization for partnering up on this project. >> sac is hosting a leadership celebration ceremony on friday, may 31st to acknowledge dedications and hard works of student leaders in the past
7:39 am
year. each student will receive 250 hours of community service time and an award certificate. each senior student in addition to what we mentioned will receive a sash. thank you to all student leaders for being great representatives for creating a better school community. >> last night student leaders in sac amended healing and hands resolution presented about the chinese association. the sac recognises our student's mental well-being. mental wellness is a crucial factor of personal and academic success and we think students deserve mental health when they need it. thank you for your presentation. >> the student delegate candidate for the 2019-2020 school year kicked off their
7:40 am
campaign at this year's annual youth summit in march. we now have the results. so mr. truett, would you like to come up? we need a drum roll. congratulations betsy herrera. >> from mission high school! yes! [cheers and applause]
7:41 am
>> this is the first time the board has ever had a delegate from mission high school. >> congratulations. >> special thank you to all candidates this year. you all did amazing campaign and i like your campaign. may 282,019t 282,019th is theout 6:00 p.m. four award's obtain yet. the public council and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. make a presentation or would like a copy of our up and coming sac agenda contact the
7:42 am
supervisor mr. salvador lopez-barr. thank you. >> thank you, student delegates. regularecognition of designatio. >> we recommend the mission high boy's varsity soccer team for winning the first northern california title in the division 5 title. cheer cheer. [cheers and applause] >> they defeated hilmar sacred heart cathedral and the would like to bring the principal up to introduce the time. >> thank you, dr. matthews and good evening to everyone. i really appreciate being here, and mostly i appreciate these gentlemen right here. they are amazing been so just real quickly, i've been doing
7:43 am
this a long time and i've seen a lot of championship teams, but i have to say that you are and please don't tell every championship team this, but you are my favorite championship team by far. [ laughter ] >> there's a reason for it. first of all, they're lovely human beings but in the middle of the championship season, they won the championship game, went on to state championship and did beautifully and i can't remember the team from winners, california and two days later they were met for semifinals and a tragedy struck and it impacted everyone one of you here and impacted our entire community. the night of the tragedy was the night of the oakland's game and they said we'll go and win it for the family that went through a terrible tragedy and not only did they win it but two days later, they went to hillmar and
7:44 am
dedicated the game to the family and i think the goal within of , was winning but at the center of this was love and i am so proud of you all. [cheers and applause] >> with that, none of this could happen without our amazing coaching team lead by a mission graduate, coach mendosa. [cheers and applause] >> this is my third year coaching. i enjoy being back and after going to college, i wanted to
7:45 am
come back and being out there with the kids and they're not kids any more. but yeah, i think the first two years coaching, most of these guys were with me since they were sophomores and we were close to the championship but i think we got stuck in the semis but this year we're able to pull through and go to the city final and then, i had the opportunity to finally play in state and they showed everyone, you know, that the public schools in san francisco are able to compete with the best schools in all of northern california. and i just hope, you know, other public schools can go out and do the same. [cheers and applause] >> good evening, everyone and the team from mission high school. it's an honor to be here tonight and i would like to say thank you for having us here.
7:46 am
i would like to say thank you to my teammates. for me, it was an honor to play with them. allowing my teammates are from many different countries, and when we came, we were thinking of the free exam of the english test and my teammate didn't know english at all. we did not know one day we would be here at the championship voice and now we here. the championship was a dream at the beginning but the in end it came true. go bears! [cheers and applause]
7:47 am
>> thank you mission varsity soccer's boy's team. >> the next recognition is our
7:48 am
rave award. it's recognising all valuable employees. our first rave award winner tonight is from er taylor elementary school, josie verano is the literacy coach and esanina will be presented josie violenverano to us. (applause). >> good evening, commissioners it is a great honor to present this award to josie. she is in her 23rd year as an employee of san francisco unified school district and 20 of the years were spent at
7:49 am
sunset elementary. and she came to us with park pan and commitment to teach literacy and at every turn, she shows up as a courageous leader. she also brings students at the center of the work and makes sure we are data driven and makes sure that we make decisions in support of our teachers so that they can have an impact on our students. so it is a great honor to honor you today. she is hard working and worked with the most challenging students and adjusts to the needs of the studentses. literally she'll follow a student on the yard and makes sure she is searching that students. that's how much i admire your resiliency. so i would like to present this
7:50 am
award to you and again, we are very honoured, the students' families were honored to have you as a member of out team. [cheers and applause]
7:51 am
>> the final rave award for this evening is from hoover middle school. go hoover! my middle school. this is for a professional at who'ver middle school, tanisha hudson and this will be presented by her principal, liz pierce. >> good evening, members of the board, superintendent matthews, my name is liz pierce and i'm the principal of the middle school and i'm so proud to
7:52 am
introduce our valued staff member, tanisha hudson. she's been both students and stt her greatly and she tends to be the preferred allied adult for her students and most known for passionate commitment, not just in academics but in life. in the word of or nomination, she extends herself far beyond her duties to make sure her students feel loved and supported and she's care, want hard-working and extremely collaborative and she has her own children in usfc and has her own sense of humor. tanisha, congra congratulations! [cheers and applause]
7:53 am
>> we're moving up an item j. so this is introduction of proposals and assignment to committee and we'll do the whole item together this is for the
7:54 am
crowd for board member's proposal 195-14a1, healing and hands. creating school as faces of youth-driven healing, tran transformation and growth. we have a number of folks. when i call your name, make your way to the podium. as we heard, there are so many people on this item, that you have two minutes each, but you don't need to take two minutes each. so lay wawu, jacque.
7:55 am
(names being called). >> we have others but we'll start with these. >> good evening board of ed members. i am a lead organization and an intergenerational organization focusing on developing leaders, work-class, primarily chinese american youth and workers. cpa has worked on multiple levels throughout the city and state, from state-wide legislation to city-wide policies, like hospital closures, ordinance 310 to serving on healthcare alliances like communities creating healthy alliances. i'm here today as an adult ally because i support young people leading their healing in their
7:56 am
hands. healing studentses and students of colour are on the front lines of trauma. when students become agents at their own healing and well-being, our entire expect grows stronger. we know as educators, you see this, too. we also know that the systemic challenges are larger than any of us can solve by ourselves and we need the power of youth to gather their own data and to come up with their own solutions. so through our student-driven data, we came up with the following recommendations, to increase wellness funding for staff, for social workers, to strengthen preventative resources, to build in-student bases so students can take part in making decisions and to implement training and to implement pier-lead coaching to
7:57 am
support the students. our young people want to work with the adults in our schools and we believe we're all aligned in the same vision, asking you to uplift the student's voice and agency, so let's work together, listen to them, equip them with the tools and taking the lead for solutions in our schools. thank you. >> hi all, hi board of education. i'm karen ung from the galileo academy and i have a lot of troubles with medical. a lot of studentmental helpful and know a lot of studentses who have benefited from them. sometimes i wonder about my peers who aren't as lucky as i to be admitted to these services, too don't have a friend to reach out. my friends are talking about
7:58 am
their mental health in general. now there are barriers to access accessing the resources because all of the stigma around medical. homentalhealth? look at the healing in our hands and how it's been a youth-driven campaign. we want to involve community members like youth ge by givinge students the opportunity to be vocal. you give youth the chance to be leaders and making a support ienvironment. you give youth the idea that talking about struggles is ok and getting help is important and is safe. you help youth to be successful and sustainable in their future, because the youth are the future. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> good evening. i'm the executive director of the community youth center of
7:59 am
cyc. we founded in 1970 to, basically, more than 25 schools in the san francisco school district and currently, four our mental health or behavioral health component services, we saw 15 schools including elementary, middle school and high school in san francisco and this year, we add additional five schools. so many schools do not have social workers or councillors who can meet mental health needs of chinese studentses who might have adjustments, school orle family probleorfamily problem ot disorder or other trauma-related conditions. so our team of 19 staff, as well as interns, most are bilingual and will go in a school to provide screening, consultation with parents and mental health service referrals. just this year we serve over 300 youth within the school district
8:00 am
and up to 338 students, 160 do not have medicare. if we do not provide a seek and service services, they will not be able to receive any treatment and we'll only find them in crisis services. so i really, really urge all board members to stand behind it are healings in our hands campaign to support the recommendations of the campaign. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> good evening, superintendent, commissioners, my name is laura markman, the president of the association of chinese teacher. wellnessaat gal ga galileo was l ahead of other districts. i have an adult groupo