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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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with ensuring that voluntary services are available. not just for the individuals con served on this proposal whether it's 5 or 55 but for the thousands of community members who lack access to critically needed mental health and drug addiction treatment. how to ensure this doesn'ten sen ta vice use of 5150 i move forward pilot program as amended in light of significant new announcements over the past few weeks which represent a few big steps towards the needed comprehensive strategy including mayor breed's budget proposal to add 100 new residential treatment beds and supervisor ronen and haney's proposal to greatly expand access to mental health services to the creation of mental health sf. thank you again supervisor mandelman for introducing the amendments and to president yee,
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supervisor haney and the community advocates for working on them. >> supervisor yee: supervisor brown. >> thank you. yes, i too want to give my thanks to mayor breed and supervisor mandelman for taking on this and really diving deep into this really difficult, complicated issue. for people suffering with ex trem mental illness, i think we really need to do better. i think we all agree of that. we shouldn't wait for contact with the police to provide shelter and treatment. i agree we need a better, much more robust mental health system and that we need to have appropriate housing for people facing mental illness. and yes, we also need more front line mental health providers on the streets to connect with people already on the streets and suffering. i think that's really important
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and especially i would love to see that kind of force out there to be ahead of the police contacting people on the streets. but, we also need a way to help people who are in severe crisis but won't accept help. we cannot continue to let them ride the roulette wheel, watching and walking by as their health degrades to the point where they are hospitalized or else they die on the streets to be go to jail. this legislation and the amendments and for this pilot is a really good beginning. the number of people effected will be small. but no matter how small the number, we all need to be watching closely to make sure the impacts are positive. most of all, for the individuals concerned but also for others living on the streets. and i know i'm committed to this as in all of my colleagues so thank you very much.
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>> supervisor ronen. i wanted to appreciate supervisor mandelman, and finding and i feel appreciative that i do this hard work together. even though there's tough, heated discussions over the past few months it focused on the issue of mental health illness and substance use addiction, the fact of this board and mayor are so tuned into the crisis and not just complaining about it and our proposing different solutions and it's fantastic.
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it's art of the team that takes a issue that so many parts of our state and country are ignoring and and i am glad we were able to do it around for this law and i'm very excited for the supervisor haney and i to work with all of our colleagues on mental health sf and propose an over all system that works for a residents so we don't have to see the people that are so clearly ill and in need of help roaming our streets in desperation. i just want to say i'm proud to be part of this city that really cares about the people that have the least among us. >> supervisor yee: thank you supervisor mandelman and mayor breed for your willingness to actually accept input by myself and others and to address our concerns about this legislation.
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fundamentally i believe that substance abuse disorders and tease are not people who are only found on our streets and so many struggle with this and are not advisable. a fundamental change in our mental system is necessary and that is why i support the mental health sf and to reimagine what our system could be so that every residents who needs medical and professional treatment can do so and this system can change and it's going to take time. it should. the system change is not something that can happen with a snap of your fingers. it requires thoughtful and inclusive discussions with the experts in the field and people who are most impacted. while that discussion is
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happening, we have to exercise the housing co conservatorship. any time we are raising the possibility of taking away free choice from a fellow human being it's not what i want to t as our disability rights community have stated, our residents have good cause to fear abuse because that has been the reality in the past and i expression my experience to both the mayor and supervisor mandelman and i want there to be significant and meaningful resources committed to trying and get people into voluntary treatment before this housing conservatorship housing is used. i want a way to check whether this new option would result in the misuse or abuse of power
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over vulnerable people. they heard my concerns and responded. the added requirements in the amendments that supervisor mandelman outlined mandates that report and back to the board about who has been making referrals for the evaluation but soon a welfare and institutions code 5150. you know, the amendments being made today address my concerns that individuals who want help have been resistant because in the past they have not been able to access aid because lack of resources. such as subacute beds and medically trained personnel to respond to crisis on the street. there are no additional investments in the mayor's budget as mentioned by several supervisors where wore going to have an additional 102
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psychiatric treatment and recovery beds. and so fourth. and, in many ways, what this legislation has done and is really made what we think about, it's not only what you see in this legislation that's impactful but i think the legislation itself has had impact in making us all focus saying what resources do we need to make this happen. i want to thank you and i'll be supporting the amendments and the legislation. >> is this a new ask. >> supervisor yee: you want to say anything else? >> i'm happy to move the amendment. >> is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor haney.
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thank you. >> supervisor yee: and so without any objection to the amendments, it is passed. colleagues, can we -- no, we can't. madam clerk, can we have roll call. [ roll call ] >> clerk: there are 10 ayes and one no with supervisor walton in the dissent. >> supervisor yee: this is passed on a 10-1 vote on first
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reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: committee reports. item 23 was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday, june 3rd, and was forwarded adds a committee report. it's an urgency ordinance to approve an interim zoning moratorium for 45 days on changes of nighttime entertainment use in the one maritime plaza area and to affirm the ceqa determination and mr. president, this matter requires nine votes of the full membership of the board of supervisors for passage. >> supervisor yee: supervisor peskin >> thank you for your unanimous co sponsorship of what i am now calling the punch line preservation act. while we've long held that entertainment uses are important as an anchor, not only in the downtown area but in other areas of the city, the trend has
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really been to promote bars and late-night dance clubs as the only real form of entertainment left in the city. but sometimes we forget that there are myriad of different entertainment uses that make up the eclectic entertainment ecosystem which in turn supports a diversity of our service industry including local artistic talent. and an iconic menu of options of people who come to visit san francisco. a thriving comedy scene puts san francisco on the map as a funky spot where would be artist dozen comart couldcome and test our my error and fire and conquer the national circuit. not only does the city provide classic material comedians to use as joke fodder across the country, including dave chappelle, who we all got to meet a couple weeks ago in his
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netflix specials but it's a laboratory for gaging how jokes will land in a diverse audience. if you can make a san francisco audience laugh, chances are you can pull off some cutting edge humor all across this country. it's also an ind might and familiar place for comics to hangout, socialize and find the community they need to support their craft. yesterday, actually earlier today, i looked at a video interview with a former local comedian alley wong who recently released her first major motion picture on netflix and she was crying at the thought of the punch line being closed. she talked about the space as a second home where she met many of her best friends including shane wang, who is now the godfather for her kids and it was actually quite moving. many of the talent that continues to return to the stage at the punch line performs
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elsewhere on other stages though many of those stages have closed down overtime and we talked about that at the press conference whether it was the brainwash cafe, the purple onion and dock's lab. these venues have been free anxious communitbeen preciousano depend on this venue and the neighborhood depends on the activation of the public park after dark for public safety. i hope that the ultimate adoption of this urgency ordinance gets the attention of the property owners, which we have positive sign from google and i hope of the property, morgan stanley, is going to come to the table and in the next 45 days, while this interim moratorium is in place, will negotiate a long-term lease. the message should be clear. the city stands by our legacy
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businesses and stands by our iconic arts and entertainment institutions and as i said before, we need venues like the punch line more than ever these days when the news all wants to make us cry, we can use a little laughter. so thank you to the scrappy crew of local comedians who came out on very short notice. nato grown, and some national celebrities like david chappelle and last but far not from least i'd like to thank my chief-of-staff sunny angulo who put that all together in record time. this interim mor interest yum wamoratorium wasintroduced two d i've never seen anything pass so quickly. i may be a little presumptuous but insofar as each and everyone of the 10 of you have affixed your names to it, i think that this hopefully will receive unanimous vote and the mayor's signature requires one reading
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and will go into law immediately. if we need to extend it we can do so as a matter of law up to 18 months. thank you, mr. president, for your co sponsorship. >> supervisor yee: madam clerk, can you call role on this item. >> clerk: on item 23 -- [ roll call ] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor yee: this or din apps is passed unanimously. madam clerk, call item 24 clear was considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting on monday, june 3rd and was forwarded as a committee report. it was recommended as amended
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with the new title and it was a motion approving the mayor's nomination for the appointment of steve hemmenger to the board of directors march 1st, 2023 term ending. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item without objection. this motion is approved unanimously. >> madam clerk, let's go to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: new business is supervisor ronen. >> hi. >> clerk: interesintroduce new business. >> supervisors haney,. >> supervisor yee: yee, walton, brown and are i introduced mental health sf which if passed by the voters will create a right -- [ please stand by ]
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rope r . >> supervisor ronen: this office will also embed case managers and jailhouse services and at the psychiatric emergency services to ensure that the neediest san franciscans get the treatment they need and stay on a path of recovery. and finally, mental health s.f. will expand the services in the system. this expansion is meant to decrease the many months time individuals are waiting to access treatment and prevent people from being abandoned back to the streets after successful completion of residential treatment programs. this measure is a big vision overhaul of the system that will best be achieved if we
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work together as a board. supervisor haney had a wonderful meeting this morning with dr. colfax and several members of his team, and we're thrilled to meet with several individuals over the course of the month. we're going to make sure we not only have a big, bold vision, but a plan that we can implement. san francisco, we are planning on putting this on the ballot in november and look very forward to having a big public discussion about this major issue and to finally, finally fix the misery that we all see on the streets every day, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i would like to close today's meeting in the memory of those who lost their lives in yet another mass
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shooting in virginia beach last week, and i want to thank president yee for the moment of silence at the beginning of this board meetings. they were people just like us, people that we work with every day. i am absolutely sick about it. this is on the heels of a transgender woman recently gunned down, high school and college students forced to be heros by stepping in front of someone with a gun to save their fellow students. students who should be graduating, yet their parents are attending their funerals. with a son attending 8th grade tomorrow makes me sick. we cannot normalize this senseless and preventible gun violence. we have to continue to be outraged, and when i say preventible, there are things we could do to stop this.
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since friday, there have been at least five other mass shootings in the united states where at least four others are shot at the same time. for mass shootings alone, there have been 148 mass shootings since the beginning of the year. 148 people are dead and 585 have been injured just this year due to mass gun violence. this friday, americans will come together to wear orange for national gun violence awareness day, and we will be marching across the golden gate bridge on saturday, june 8, at 11:30 a.m. orange is the color that hunters wear so as not to get shot by other hunters, and now as the color that we adopted to show that we can do
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more for gun violence. i will be marching in honor of all those we lost to gun violence, including those in virgin virginia beach. if you think for one second that i'm not going to get up here every single time and read names every time this is a mass shooting in this country, you are wrong, and i don't care what anyone thinks. i don't care if anyone thinks i'm just going on and on about gun violence, this has got to stop. i have a dad who's dieing from lewy body dementia. that is not preventible. this is preventible. you've got to be outraged. you can't just sit there.
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you've got to be outraged with what's going on in our country, and i just ask that we adjourn the meeting in the memory of those we lost in virginia beach and those we lose every day in the country, over 100 americans. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor -- mr. president? okay. supervisor brown? >> supervisor brown: thank you. colleagues, today, i'm pleased to introduce legislation that limits the city of san francisco for doing business with and restricting city travel to states that pass abortion bans. i want to thank all of my colleagues that have sponsored this unanimously. i also want to thank our city administrator, naomi kelly, planned parenthood norcal, and the department of status of women for your collaboration. this legislation builds upon our ground breaking chapter
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12-x ordinance which currently places a ban on city funded contracts and cities with antilgbt laws. i'm grateful for these authors for paving the way. but expanding chapman -- by expanding chapter 12-x with these amendments, we will not enter into contract with any state that prohibits abortion prior to viability. the right to reproductive freedom and care is central to gender, racial, and economic equality. it's time for us as a city to put our money where our mouth is, we will not fund disrespect, we will not fund discrimination, and we will not support policies that put women, transgender, and nonbinary people in danger.
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let's lead in the fight to protect our bodies and our choice. i'm hoping that other cities and states will join us. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i am introducing several in memoryams at the conclusion of this meeting. mr. carl miller, 67. karl was a registered donor and was able to impact the lives of many by donating cornea, skin and bones through a tissue donation. mr. shawn mcadams, 35. shawn's family made the kind and generous decision to help others through organ donation. shawn was able to save four
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others by donating his liver, kidneys, and heart. one of the recipients is a 40-year-old woman from northern california. the other recipient is a 67-year-old woman from the san francisco bay area. these recitizenshpients are lo forward to a more active live. the recipient of shawn's heart is a 56-year-old father from northern california. they would not have survived without these life saving transplants. mr. william cow an, jr., 74, whose family made a kind and generous donation of skin and bone donations. organ and tissue donations are
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life giving acts and truly compassion to those in need and are life saving gestures. words cannot express the utmost respect i have for the donors. i am an organ donor, too, and i hope you are, too. the rest, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you, madam clerk. as you heard today, supervisor ronen and i together with president yee, supervisors brown, mar, and walton, are introducing mental health s.f. this is legislation that was drafted with the support of many community members, experts, unions, and leaders in the substance use and mental health field. mental health s.f. will replace the current disjointed overcrowded system with a universal psychiatric care program that provides substance
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abuse treatment and mental health services to everyone as a right and it will help thousands who suffer in a broken system. i want to share the story of one of my constituents, a man named reuben whose brother, manny, suffers from schizophrenia. manny was often left wandering the streets in district 6, alone and unable to reach friends and family because he was confused, off his medication and did not know what to do. reuben struggled to help his brother but encountered challenges every time as he reached out to case workers to get mental health care. instead, his brother struggled in and out of mental health services, often being released when he was released from care. there was no one-on-one or intensive case manager to help make sure that manny stayed on
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his medication, help him get to his next appointment or assist him in getting transitional housing. at times he was given referral to services but if he fell through the cracks or didn't show up, it was no one's responsibility to bring him back in. rather than trying to pull people into the system, determining the right path through a coordinated system of care, people like manny are taken to p.e.s. where our triage and stablize model fail to get them the care that they need. manny continued to be in and out of p.e.s., and no one was able to help when reuben needed immediate help with his brother. by the time any sort of help arrives, it was often too late. we have a system that lacks coordination, coherance or comprehensive care, releasing nearly 50% of people that have
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been deemed 5150. there are good organizations, but it is admittedly a patch work and disconnected without responsibility taken by the system as a whole. the result is that people too often end up back on the streets. allowing the status quo to continue is immoral and dangerous. we can and must do better. at supervisor ronen outlined, we will do a coordinated and stream lined expansion that includes 24-7 intake. it will be paid for by a combination of federal and state programs with the city of san francisco contributing an approximate $80 million annually. mental health s.f. will be funded by a surcharge on companies whose c.e.o.s make
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exorbitantly more than the typical worker. as supervisor ronen described, we had the opportunity to meet this morning with dr. colfax, our director of public health. this can only work with the close partnership of dr. colfax and his team. overall, they committed to partner be with us, and this initiative runs parallel to some of the work that they have started while also giving them a gold framework for -- bold framework for a visionary reform. we're looking forward to working with all of you and the mayor's office to transform our mental health system. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mandelman. thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i'm introducing the most substantial reform to our
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financial system since it began. this ordinance will expand our public financing program, empowering grassroots donors and small dollar contributors and incentivizing candidates to reach out typically left out of the political process and raise funds from the people we are committed to represent. we can't wait on washington to begin the process of returning political power to every day people, and we don't have to. we can start right here and now, and with this ordinance and the separate sun light on dark money measure on the november ballot, we will. i'd like to thank the ethics commission for unanimously approving this legislation. ethics staff for their partnership, the community stakeholders who have spent
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month months working with us to create a consensus. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: submit. >> clerk: all right, mr. president, there are no other names on the roster. that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president yee: okay. that, madam clerk, will bring us to item 26, public comments. >> clerk: at this time, the public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, to include the april 23 and the april 24 board meeting minutes, and the special meeting minutes of the budget and financial committee. direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to individual members. if you're using interpretation assistance, you'll be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you'd like to display a document on the overhead projector, just place it under
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the projector and remove it when you'd like to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> president yee: okay. first speaker? >> s.f. viewer, please. the city spends $400 million a year on services to the people that all of you are interested in helping. i'm going to answer the question that was asked by stefani, the supervisor. tell us your wish list. how big is it? well, ain't nothing bigger than this demonstration than i'm about to put before you today. tell us what we can do to stop sending homeless people through the system and sending them back through the streets? there by the same response, there's a nurse practitioner that documents and explains the best way to take care of people with mental disability is to give them permanent housing. i've already demonstrated that you can get 144 unit apartment building complex for $56 million a year, which is the
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best deal you can get, better than all the developers that's been overcharging you in san francisco. i've further demonstrated that there's an 86 unit apartment building that's being built for $56 million. i've demonstrated that you can built a 27 floor apartment complex where each floor has nine apartments. and about you talking about building a navigation center, this right here is more important and more beneficial. you get a bigger bang for your god damn buck, and you get a better return on your investment. you've got to live longer than the tip of your nose before you're taking care of business. and by the same response, you
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want a navigation center in all your districts. 11 districts times 2,070 is approximately 22,770. so that means that you would take that many homeless people off the street. if the census bureau would do a homeless count instead of counting 811 homeless, you would have 14,750 -- >> president yee: thank you. [inaudible] >> president yee: okay. thank you. next speaker. >> yes, supervisor. my name is michelle yin. i am against the subway space station after rose pack. m.t.a. has agreed not to name a station after anyone. supervisor peskin, why do you
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bring this up again? >> clerk: ma'am, direct your statements to the entire board of supervisors, not individual members. >> okay. we want to know what kind of deals are being made behind the scene. supervisor actually made it public, acknowledge to the new york times on november 11, 2011 that those tax gave him a present, inviting you and your wife to meet a senior leader in china, and took him to a dinner joined by one of the largest
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contingencies from san francisco. [inaudible] >> the debate of the san francisco chinatown station is a waste of taxpayer's money. >> clerk: thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> president yee: next speaker.
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>> i was a legal professional in china before i came here. at the beginning of the meeting, you pledged allegiance to the united states flag. i hope when you vote for item number 31, you will be abiding by the u.s. constitution's fundamental principles. just a few years ago, supervisor peskin admitted himself to the media, the new york times -- i'm sorry, to the
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media, said rose p.a.c. represented the interests of foreign government, namely, the people of china. the u.s. government also told the media last year that rose p.a.c. was a co-opted agent for china. in fact, voting is not that hard for item number 31. basically, is no -- no for
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using rose p.a.c.s name. your former colleague, former board of supervisors fiona mar, she faced a lot with rose p.a.c. [inaudible] >> -- and she said that when she swear in for the job, she swearing according to the -- the u.s. constitution, and she cast her vote to support the human rights because she had made an oath to the u.s. constitution. i hope today you will also cast the right vote according to the u.s. constitution and not vote for naming after the chinese agent rose p.a.c. thank you. >> president yee: thank you.
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next speaker? >> can someone figure out for us how to do the video? >> hello, everyone. my name is huang chung lee, and i've been a resident in san francisco for 45 years and i want to play a video for you. so this is what -- [video]
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>> thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker? >> greetings, board of supervisors. my name is cecelia chen, a banker at jpmorgan chase.
10:45 pm
30 years ago, hundreds of students were killed when the chinese government sent tanks and troops to disburse
10:46 pm
sacrifices are recognized. freedom is not free. it will be a shame for our city to have rose pak's name on a subway station. like that supervisor said previously today, had the supervisor -- the supervisor had to be bold and brave to serve san francisco kids better. rose pak is such a controversial person, supervisors. do you have the courage to sit with the democracy and against the local spectre of the chinese communist party? thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, and president yee.
10:47 pm
my name's yee. i'm very disturbed that supervisor pak -- peskin wants to name the new central chinatown subway station after the name rose pak, a chinese spy. there was an article published in 2018 that i want to share to you all later. there's a paragraph that i wanted to read. according to the four former intelligence officials, there were widespread concerns that pak had been co-opted by chinese influen chinese politics and was organizing numerous junkets to
10:48 pm
china. political junkets are used by chinese intelligence for civilians. every single hotel room is bugged. concerns about pak's links to the chinese communist party occasionally percolated into local political debate, but the intelligence communities identification of pak under a likely influence is being reported here for the first time. so i think it'll be a shame for san francisco to name the subway station after a spy's name, and so please, supervisor and president, do not name the subway station after a spy's name, rose pak. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone. i was here earlier today, that i saw a big gathering in front
10:49 pm
of the city hall. i was amazed to see how the bright light in daylight of the name of democracy is offered in chinatown. all it takes is the offering of a free bus ride and lunch at senior housing. busloads of seniors, mostly non-english seniors were here to claim solidarity. some argue that rose pak helped chinatown so much so as to claim a pak for the b.a.r.t. station. really? i would question her motives to broker agenda from china. rose pak represent to a foreign power is the liaison to -- is to liaison an attempt to manipulate and divide chinese
10:50 pm
community, the very community supported to establish the first republic in asia some 100 years ago -- 108 years ago. for mainstream chinese -- chinatown business society, rose pak represents the remembrance of the dark age of c communism and political infrastructure in chinatown. would this be perceived as an attempt to fill the vacuum created after the passing of rose pak? regardless, i feel obligated to voice my objection here against the naming after her, and
10:51 pm
this -- >> clerk: your time is concluded, sir. >> thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is sabrina chin. i am opposed to the naming of the subway station after rose pak. t [inaudible] >> -- in october 2000. two men assaulted a practitioner. his jacket was torn, his glasses were smashed to the floor and broken. examiner reported on october
10:52 pm
11, 2001, the attorney -- [inaudible] >> -- was rose pak's china chamber of commerce. obviously, the two bad guys was directed and directed by rose pak and her chinese chamber of commerce. people in chinatown are talking about that, rose pak was involved in some hate crimes and voter fraud. when later in chinatown, said -- [inaudible] >> -- she should have been put into prison. so here's a question here for everyone. why should we give honor to such a filthy person?
10:53 pm
no rose pak for chinatown subway station. thank you very much for your consideration. >> president yee: next speaker? >> good afternoon, everyone. i would like to speak together for four minutes. my name is elaine, and i am against the naming of chinatown subway station after rose pak. human rights and religious freedom are guaranteed by the u.s. constitution. >> president yee: madam clerk, stop the clock. why are you getting four minutes? >> can we speak together? each person, and four minutes? >> president yee: yeah, yeah, together, four minutes. each person, two minutes. >> rose pak, and her assistants
10:54 pm
have assisted the chinese government to suppress human rights and religious freedom in san francisco. in 2001, rose pak and her chinese chamber of commerce lobbied the san francisco board of supervisors against a human rights resolution for the buddhist meditation group. it was originally welcomed by the chinese government as its health practices had saved the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care according to the u.s. news and world report and they were very happy about that. the chinese embassy in paris and the chinese diplomates in 1999 said they held seminars in
10:55 pm
1997 exami 1997 and 1998. [inaudible] >> thank you. >> i want to continue, rose pak was eager to please the chinese communist communist regime in exchange for business deals, according to a community leader. pak promised milan lee $1 million in campaign revenues. pak organizes a two-week trip to china every year with the
10:56 pm
help of willie brown. as a result, a single resolution to denounce china's human rights violations failed to pass the board of supervisors meetings. afterwards, rose pak received the red carpet treatment in china according to a chinese newspaper on november 23, 2001. mayor willie brown said in the interview that they were especially pleased by the work done by the chinese chamber of commerce and rose pak and their strong work in opposing these resolutions. now the pak regime is punishing using the same methods.
10:57 pm
i want to thank president yee and the board of supervisors for the opportunity for speaking to you. rose pak will be condemned by history. her name should not be in the public of any cities. we are strongly opposed to the naming of the subway station after her. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker? >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is doria yu. it is for your own benefits. if you put your name on the records to honor rose pak, you will lose voters. in the past two weeks, about 8,000 san francisco residents signed a petition against naming after rose pak. the largest chinese american community group, chinese consolidated benevolent association called a press
10:58 pm
conference naming their support against naming rose pak subway station in chinatown. the vast majority of chinese american residents in san francisco strongly against naming after rose pak. if you look into the social media, people are talking about if anyone support naming after rose pak, they will not vote for them anymore. and the most important thing is rose pak was a registered agent working for the chinese communist party. anyone who is pushing to honor her could be considered associated with the chinese communist party. as all we know, c.c.p. committed a lot of crimes against humanity. on the other hand, the c.c.p. has been trying to infiltrate the u.s. in many ways,
10:59 pm
including using people like rose pak. now, the u.s. government has started to work against the communist infiltration in the united states. anyone associated with c.c.p. will soon be targeted, so for your best interest, please do not name any public facility after rose pak. thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> hi, president and board of supervisors. my here is victor, and i'm here against naming the central subway station against rose pak? do you know why so many chinese people i emigrated to u.s. in years? to escape the chinese communist party. we afraid of civil war again.
11:00 pm
i'm from taiwan, and i'm afraid of civil war again. and the chinese people, afraid of another tienanmen square. you know, those revolutions killed a lot of chinese people. and that's why the chinese community really don't like the communist party. after we come here, we started learning the culture, learning the language, and you know, here is our home. we are part of society right now. and the main reason here we come to pursue our dreams, but after -- and also to get out of the c.c.p. but now, you are naming the chinese spy after chinatown stations. and we feel it's har