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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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spy. there was an article published in 2018 that i want to share to you all later. there's a paragraph that i wanted to read. according to the four former intelligence officials, there were widespread concerns that pak had been co-opted by chinese influen chinese politics and was organizing numerous junkets to china. political junkets are used by chinese intelligence for civilians. every single hotel room is bugged. concerns about pak's links to the chinese communist party occasionally percolated into local political debate, but the
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intelligence communities identification of pak under a likely influence is being reported here for the first time. so i think it'll be a shame for san francisco to name the subway station after a spy's name, and so please, supervisor and president, do not name the subway station after a spy's name, rose pak. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone. i was here earlier today, that i saw a big gathering in front of the city hall. i was amazed to see how the bright light in daylight of the name of democracy is offered in chinatown. all it takes is the offering of a free bus ride and lunch at
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senior housing. busloads of seniors, mostly non-english seniors were here to claim solidarity. some argue that rose pak helped chinatown so much so as to claim a pak for the b.a.r.t. station. really? i would question her motives to broker agenda from china. rose pak represent to a foreign power is the liaison to -- is to liaison an attempt to manipulate and divide chinese community, the very community supported to establish the first republic in asia some 100 years ago -- 108 years ago. for mainstream chinese -- chinatown business society,
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rose pak represents the remembrance of the dark age of c communism and political infrastructure in chinatown. would this be perceived as an attempt to fill the vacuum created after the passing of rose pak? regardless, i feel obligated to voice my objection here against the naming after her, and this -- >> clerk: your time is concluded, sir. >> thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of
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supervisors. my name is sabrina chin. i am opposed to the naming of the subway station after rose pak. t [inaudible] >> -- in october 2000. two men assaulted a practitioner. his jacket was torn, his glasses were smashed to the floor and broken. examiner reported on october 11, 2001, the attorney -- [inaudible] >> -- was rose pak's china
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chamber of commerce. obviously, the two bad guys was directed and directed by rose pak and her chinese chamber of commerce. people in chinatown are talking about that, rose pak was involved in some hate crimes and voter fraud. when later in chinatown, said -- [inaudible] >> -- she should have been put into prison. so here's a question here for everyone. why should we give honor to such a filthy person? no rose pak for chinatown subway station. thank you very much for your consideration. >> president yee: next speaker? >> good afternoon, everyone. i would like to speak together for four minutes.
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my name is elaine, and i am against the naming of chinatown subway station after rose pak. human rights and religious freedom are guaranteed by the u.s. constitution. >> president yee: madam clerk, stop the clock. why are you getting four minutes? >> can we speak together? each person, and four minutes? >> president yee: yeah, yeah, together, four minutes. each person, two minutes. >> rose pak, and her assistants have assisted the chinese government to suppress human rights and religious freedom in san francisco. in 2001, rose pak and her chinese chamber of commerce lobbied the san francisco board of supervisors against a human rights resolution for the
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buddhist meditation group. it was originally welcomed by the chinese government as its health practices had saved the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care according to the u.s. news and world report and they were very happy about that. the chinese embassy in paris and the chinese diplomates in 1999 said they held seminars in 1997 exami 1997 and 1998. [inaudible] >> thank you.
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>> i want to continue, rose pak was eager to please the chinese communist communist regime in exchange for business deals, according to a community leader. pak promised milan lee $1 million in campaign revenues. pak organizes a two-week trip to china every year with the help of willie brown. as a result, a single resolution to denounce china's human rights violations failed to pass the board of supervisors meetings.
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afterwards, rose pak received the red carpet treatment in china according to a chinese newspaper on november 23, 2001. mayor willie brown said in the interview that they were especially pleased by the work done by the chinese chamber of commerce and rose pak and their strong work in opposing these resolutions. now the pak regime is punishing using the same methods. i want to thank president yee and the board of supervisors for the opportunity for speaking to you. rose pak will be condemned by history. her name should not be in the public of any cities. we are strongly opposed to the naming of the subway station
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after her. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker? >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is doria yu. it is for your own benefits. if you put your name on the records to honor rose pak, you will lose voters. in the past two weeks, about 8,000 san francisco residents signed a petition against naming after rose pak. the largest chinese american community group, chinese consolidated benevolent association called a press conference naming their support against naming rose pak subway station in chinatown. the vast majority of chinese american residents in san francisco strongly against
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naming after rose pak. if you look into the social media, people are talking about if anyone support naming after rose pak, they will not vote for them anymore. and the most important thing is rose pak was a registered agent working for the chinese communist party. anyone who is pushing to honor her could be considered associated with the chinese communist party. as all we know, c.c.p. committed a lot of crimes against humanity. on the other hand, the c.c.p. has been trying to infiltrate the u.s. in many ways, including using people like rose pak. now, the u.s. government has started to work against the communist infiltration in the united states. anyone associated with c.c.p. will soon be targeted, so for your best interest, please do not name any public facility
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after rose pak. thank you. >> president yee: next speaker. >> hi, president and board of supervisors. my here is victor, and i'm here against naming the central subway station against rose pak? do you know why so many chinese people i emigrated to u.s. in years? to escape the chinese communist party. we afraid of civil war again. i'm from taiwan, and i'm afraid of civil war again. and the chinese people, afraid of another tienanmen square.
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you know, those revolutions killed a lot of chinese people. and that's why the chinese community really don't like the communist party. after we come here, we started learning the culture, learning the language, and you know, here is our home. we are part of society right now. and the main reason here we come to pursue our dreams, but after -- and also to get out of the c.c.p. but now, you are naming the chinese spy after chinatown stations. and we feel it's hard to tell how our feeling is. we come here for our dreams, and we cannot pursue our dream here. so i just want to ask all of the supervisors, when you support the resolution, before you vote for yes, do you think about, like, why so many people
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here to object this resolution. and have you seen the statue of a democracy in a chinatown? you know what that means? that means that 10,000 people, family, killed by the chinese com communism troops 30 years ago today. the last i want to say is the chinese communist party cannot represent chinese, and the rose pak cannot represent the chinatown. >> president yee: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dong, and i want to
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give you a reason why the subway station should not be named after rose pak. -- to observe the 2002 winter games. this case originally had nothing to do with rose pak, but as a chinese consulate's local agent, she jumped right in. rose pak and her chinese chamber of commerce filed an amicus brief. under the foreign agent registration acts, they're required to publicly disclose their foreign agent status. she didn't do that, and that's
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why she's called an unregistered chinese communist party agent. she was registered with the communist party in china. naming a subway station after rose pak is like honoring a secret agent from the chinese communist party. san franciscans do not approve that. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is chippy yen, and i would like to reference a hoover institution report that came out in 2018, and it spoke about the systematic infiltration of the chinese communist party in the united states, even down to the local government level. and rose pak represents that.
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i would -- she -- as many sources already indicate, she is a foreign agent of the chinese communist party, and i would like to play a little recording of a phone interview with supervisor peskin from a couple of years ago. >> her name is rose pak, but it's not just about what rose pak represents. rose pak has been able to work with people to get undue influence in gaining city contracts, in gaining land use approvals to build new buildings in san francisco. it is really about political influence and how political influence works, and that even includes working with and outside influence outside of san francisco, and that includes the people's republic
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of china. >> i would like to reiterate this is a political institute we're talking about, the chinese communist party. the hoover institution specifically represented they do not represent the political interest of chinese people or chinese society as a whole nor do they represent the will of chinese people in san francisco or abroad, and that's why we should not name the subway station after rose pak. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> hi. my name is susan, and i would like to show you a message i just received yesterday. so yesterday, many chinese community leaders and merchants, they attended a president conference to support chinatown naming? and i met a merchant who has been doing business in chinatown for 50 years, and i shared with me a message screen
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shot where they are talking about naming the chinatown station after rose pak, and they said -- rose pak, she's a free loader. she come to start taking things without paying, and the merchant said i remember it as a kid. i did not want to say bad things of a person. how many bags i have handed over to her without getting money? but you can ask -- i bet you can ask any chinatowner in the 70's. and also, they tell me that if people didn't go along with what rose pak wanted, she would threaten them to write a newspaper report to make their life difficult. because in the 70's, she was a crime reporter, so how could we
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name the chinatown station, a public facility after such person? i feel it's a shame for the chinese community, so please make your independent decision and do not support this resolution. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i am a civil engineer and a coalition for naming chinatown subway station as chinatown subway station only. over 500 residents of chinatown signed the petition. many have been afraid to speak out about the injustice suffered at the hands of rose pak for fear of retaliation. the merchants have faced retaliation from many fronts,
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including feedback on social media. most chinese media have long served the members of the chinese communist party, influencing our local politics. the president of state owned chinese publications, if china could gain control of the chinese media in the u.s., it would have a better chance to influence the articles and politics. [inaudible] >> those media represent the interest of chinese communist party. it has taken a lot of courage for chinatown community to
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openly oppose the rose pak naming. please follow the will of people. do not name chinatown station after rose pak. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is ramesh, and i'm speaking on behalf of the taxi medallion holders. we didn't get justice. taxi drivers is a business of poverty. s.f. has left us in a deficit trench. there's no way to get out of it. s.f. exalted public to ride with uber and lyft. they altered taxi business. ride share dropped their fares
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so low, taxi had become infamous. s.f. is still claiming 136% taxi business. we have lost 90% taxi business already. uber and lyft business data now actually rating taxi business data and now telling you how many hours we work every shift. they use clever tricks, and never appear off guard. we do not want to die with deficit. it's a bad karma. we work longer hours. we live for work, not for our lives. it is imperative that you buy back the medallions
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immediately. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker. >> i know that uber, it's like a cat let out of the box. we're not asking and complaining anymore for uber, why is uber here, because it went out of that way, and everybody is supporting them, and it's very cheaper. we cannot afford to take that much money because we have mortgage, companies, pay chunk of the money. we just want all this, our beloved supervisor, just say i, i, i, i before. we want you guys to lift us up. we don't say anything -- you guys know the situation. if there's no work, how are we going to survive? so we just want, please, get that money out of the sfmta.
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we could be homeless, but we have kids, we have families. like my kids, i have five kids under 16. two are 2 years old. so how am i going to drag them on the street? so before it gets so bad, we request humbly. we are just stuck between a rock and a slate, so only you are the one that can get us out of it. we still have hope, and hopefully, one day, we will see from your side to solve the problem. i appreciate it. thank you. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is junio flynn, and i work in downtown san francisco as an engineer. i strongly oppose naming rose pak after any city facilities. yes, there are many chinatown community leaders and the
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merchants, get together in part of the naming of the chinatown station only. and they're not only chinese merchants, but also non-chinese. i'd like to play an audio clip. >> we would like the station to be named chinatown station. it has to be chinatown station because people don't know who rose pak is. we want as business people chinatown station because it's important that people need to know, okay, this is where we get off for chinatown. if you put rose pak, it doesn't mean anything. i think it's a very bad idea from all the merchant, nobody likes it, and we've been supporting aaron peskin for many years, and he should
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consider the fact that for his idea at this time, there are no supporters. >> so this is a few voice of chinatown business owners. so please do not disappoint them. please do not disappoint me. i took time off work because i trust you. no rose pak naming, please. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name's gigi. i strongly urge the board to oppose this resolution to name the new chinatown central subway station after rose pak. i would also like to talk about rose pak's track record of defaming politicians not in line with her. back in 2006, when the board of
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supervisors was debating a resolution to condemn the persecution of -- [inaudible] >> -- the chinese consulate in san francisco also called on supervisor mar to pressure her. rose pak threatened that she would end supervisor mar's political career. supervisor mar, the only asian american on the board at that time, chose to uphold the u.s. and california constitution to protect freedom of religion. she stood up for what is righteous and contrary to what rose pak and the chinese consulate threatened.
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supervisor leland lee opposed the following resolution because rose pak promised him $1 million campaign funds. in the end, his political career was destroyed by rose pak. so supervisor peskin, whatever promise you are given now could come back to backfire on you. please listen to the voice of community, not the rose pak chamber of commerce. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is long. i'm here to express my thoughts against the naming of chinatown bus station after rose pak. to be honest, i'm shocked and disappointed to hear that chinatown station is proposed to be named after the political
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puppet string puller rose pak instead of after chinatown. chinatown is a well known landmark to almost all visitors, including those of chinese and non-chinese. it would be a joke if it's not named after chinatown. as you can see, naming it after rose pak or even just rose pak herself is a very controversial topic spreading among the citizens. if it is named rose pak, this is regarding the concern of the public, it will make people wonder if a personal deal had been made between rose pak and whoever initiated the proposal. if it were a promise to fulfill due to some personal favor, this regarding the voice of the
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benefit of the citizen, i am wondering if our government is already on the verge of being corrupted, just like those in the chinese communist. so a little joke. if it's intended to name after a predominant name, why don't we name it confucius station? rose pak station is kind of confusing. can you imagine entering the station with a controversial image of a lady smoking cigarettes -- >> clerk: thank you, sir. [inaudible] >> clerk: and next speaker,
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please. >> dear president and supervisors, my name is f fan wen. i'm against to use rose pak to name subway station because her past action conflicts with traditional american and chinese value. i want to share a recent incident around the oldest shop in chinatown. the owner called. i used to have one of the largest store on falcon street. just because we had different political view, rose pak kicked me off of the association. the owner signed a petition to oppose to name subway station after rose pak, and as another lady mentioned before, there are 400 shops in chinatown to
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oppose this proposal. democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer said to president trump, to be tough on chinese government regime on a trade war associated issues because chinese government has manipulated the word to gain economic power and extend their extremism ideology to the world. rose pak is instrumental to carry on chinese communist government in san francisco. she has caused violence in carrying out this task. i don't want our future generation of chinese american to face a result if we make a wrong decision today. thank you.
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>> my name is helena lee, and i escaped five years ago from communist china. several years ago, i was attacked by rose pak's thugs.
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rose pak, when she was alive, used her influence to suppress any support in the san francisco government and chinese community for these spiritual practices. she was close friends with the chinese communist regime which has been carrying out the brutal persecution of people for many years. she caused a lot of pain for local and community practitioners who thought they would be free of harassment in america. how does the u.s. government
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look at this today? the u.s. government is imposing stricter visa vetting and would deny visas to human rights perpetrators, including holders of green cards and naturalized u.s. citizens. for those who are carrying forward rose pak's world and suppressing religious freedom, you are being watched. why would the san francisco board of supervisors choose to name a subway station after a person who is a human rights violator of the united states?
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i also urge my supervisor in district 10 to vote no on this resolution. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning -- good afternoon, everyone. my name's yan lee. three years ago, i lived in san francisco. i return after hearing the naming of the subway station, i returned after hearing using rose pak's
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name for chinatown. and now, today, why somebody come up with the idea to use her name to name after chinatown? it's extremely inappropriate to use this controversial name. it goes against the majority people who lived in chinatown. i want to ask a question today. this person who decided to use the name, under what kind of interest and why did he decide to do so?
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use chinatown's name, this good and simple thing, why don't we do it? i can clearly tell you. you have to be aware that chinese consul was aware of using the chinatown name to -- please be -- use your attention that it will initiate hate, confusion, and influence the
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united states. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speakers. >> hello. my name is david wu and i am a resident of san francisco. 30 years ago, i was in tienanmen square, and a few days, i left tienanmen. but unfortunately, a few years ago later, i was put in a hard labor camp. i came to the united states with the help of the u.s. government and congress people. i strongly oppose the naming of the chinatown subway station after rose pak because she caused a lot of hatred of the chinese community. a lot of the evidence shows that she helped the chinese government, a foreign government to extend the persecution of people like me into the u.s., so please do not
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use rose pak's name on chinatown station. we all know that god is watching everyone. so if you're asked what's your position today, please think about it, how will you answer? how will you tell god? thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is gosia. i've been living in chinatown for over seven years. i am strongly against naming chinatown subway station after rose pak.
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the sfmta's station stops need to be named clearly for those who frequent, infrequent, and perspective use -- prospective visitors and users to the area. i think the name chinatown fits the above policy perfectly. i have talked to neighbors and business owners on my street. they want chinatown only, and if not, it could make their life more difficult than it is now.
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applying the chinese communist culture in san francisco, she yields the chinatown consulates to retaliate against the people she did not like. the name of rose pak equals a chinese communist culture. now -- [inaudible] >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name's joel ng.
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i grew up in san francisco chinatown. i still remember in the 70's and 80's, we used to sail in and out of chinatown by the 480 freeway. i remember those good old days. however, in the last 30 days, when all of chinatown and north beach people would feel the pain of what happened without the freeway. i still remember, my aunt still lives in chinatown these days, 99 years old, and every week, i would drive in there, go through the pain of the streets, congested, and go to chinatown. i remember the good old days and so do many merchants in chinatown how many merchants have been affected by the loss of the freeway in chinatown. why? thanks infoto rose pak and her
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influence. there was a board of supervisors vote, and 5-6, we lost the proposed freeway. today, in chinatown, over 90% of the merchants are opposed to naming the subway station after rose pak. you want votes in chinatown, north beach? please, don't put rose pak's name on that station. thank you for listening. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> respectfully, board of supervisors, my name is annie yee. i live in san francisco.
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i love america, i love san francisco, and i love the people that live here. i support the san francisco, the chinatown station as chinatown station, but without rose pak. because i was persecuted in china, main land china, was locked up in the labor camp for 1 year and 2 months.
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i was locked up. when i was locked up in the labor camp, i was forbidden to sleep, to go to wash room. i was electrocuted with an electric shock and really had a very tough time. and during the -- being chased and trying to be captured by the police, they chased me up to the 6th floor, so i fell, and during the falling down, i was injured badly.
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for instance, my left cheek, my bone fractured, and my hands, legs, and feet, bone fracture. after i come to america, i feel this place is a place of freedom. i feel the freedom and love and the one -- the one that i -- i just never experienced in china when i was persecuted. but rose pak was helping communist party to persecute -- helped persecuting certain
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practitione practitioners -- buddhist practitioners in the chinatown area. by naming, you know, the station -- railroad station with rose pak, it's as if all my scars, all my pain in my life were being reminded again and again every time i go through there. thank you very much. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is mario su. i'm also here to not name the new subway station in chinatown after rose pak because she was a spy.
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on june 9, 2016, it was written that rose pak had very demonstrative and provable ties to the chinese government. [inaudible] >> moreover, supervisor peskin has acknowledged that rose pak worked for a foreign government, namely, the people's republic of china. rose pak is a highly controversial people, and she had caused a lot of conflict in
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the chinese community. therefore, she does not deserve the honor. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening to the board of supervisors. my supervisor for district 2, it's a pleasure to finally see you, madam stefani. i've lived in town for 20 years. i'm the only speaker tonight who i assume is a professional magician, and i've lived here for 30 years. i came here to speak about senate bill 1045 and encourage your continued support of it. i fear as a person who has had continued exposure to the severely mentally ill. >> clerk: sir, i'm pausing
8:52 pm
your time. this is on the agenda, and it's not -- same about the liquor licenses if you're speaking about the liquor licenses. >> okay. my final comment is about supervisor peskin. >> clerk: so then, you would address your comments to the board as a whole. >> to the board as a whole, i contacted supervisor peskin's office regarding a shake down of a person on polk street and reported to your office and have not heard from you. it's criminal activity. i'd appreciate if one of your aides could speak to me this evening as i'm going out now. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> thank you. >> supervisor peskin: and sir, my staff may be watching, but if you'd go out this door to the left, at the end of this hallway, to the right, my staff
8:53 pm
is in my office, and we'd like to hear from you. >> i'll go there now. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your climb. ne -- time. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, i live in san francisco. i hear someone suggested to name the chinatown subway station after rose pak.
8:54 pm
i feel it is wrong. the withhold world knows -- whole world knows that san francisco has a chinatown, but as i understand it, this person is very controversial, and many chinatown persons also opposed the name because of her efforts to promote china's former head of state. she was responsible for genocide and all the harvesting of prisoners of conscience in china. do we want to name the chinatown station after a supporter of such policies? do we want chinatown to become a place ruled by the c.c.p.?
8:55 pm
u.s. officials issued a safeguard in human rights and freedom. how could it stand in defense of an evil regime? according to a report recently,
8:56 pm
u.s. officials -- there will be stricter visa policies especially to those human rights abusers and persons who persecute religious groups. they probably will be denied for getting a visa. and a spokesperson for the u.s. state department says a violator cannot use the u.s. for a safe haven. he also informed that people can submit a list of those who have persecuted others including those who have collaboratively in this effort overseas in persecuting others.
8:57 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jennie. i think the proposal of naming the subway -- chinatown subway station after rose pak is very offensive to many san franciscans. i have lived in the city long enough to know that many chinese had experiences of living in a rose pak community or mistreated by rose pak in san francisco. my family used to rent shops in chinatown, and they told us they had to -- they were forced
8:58 pm
to pay money to rose pak in a so-called collection fee. no matter how big or small your business are, and also, they also witnessed people -- many times, rose pak, all these business owners, they had to bear with rose pak, like, free loading off their shops, and they had to hold their anger and they dared to say nothing about that. and also, rose pak, we know that she concealed her real properties to cheat to get affordable housing, and she ev even -- said in one of her political -- [inaudible] >> i really think our supervisors, our government officials, we should represent our residents interest, like, the people.
8:59 pm
this slij individual is incapaf representing any interests. i'm pretty sure that there will be a time that several investigations will be held. no one who played a part in this action can escape. so i believe in our lives, we all have to standup for what is right. so in this case, i really hope that our supervisors, you can make a thoughtful and informed decision. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone. my name is li, and i've lived
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in san francisco for 30 years. supervisor peskin, rose pak was a complicated person. he thinks this her contribution to chinatown was honoring. for sake of your reputations, i want to share my opinion. hitler made germany strong economically. he certainly contributed to germany, but no one would praise him today because he was a war criminal, and those who followed him suffered the