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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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in san francisco for 30 years. supervisor peskin, rose pak was a complicated person. he thinks this her contribution to chinatown was honoring. for sake of your reputations, i want to share my opinion. hitler made germany strong economically. he certainly contributed to germany, but no one would praise him today because he was a war criminal, and those who followed him suffered the
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consequences. for the chinese president is taking organs from leading students and citizens. rose pak worked hard to support the persecution of communities and unloading those practices
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to the united states. the rose pak accompanied the former san francisco mayor willie brown to china. [inaudible] >> why should we support someone like rose pak? please think about it. so why should we commemorate
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follower like rose pak? please cherish your own reputation. thank you all. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, everyone. my name's grace. i call on all of you as supervisors and the public to understand the chinese communist republic is a devil regime. please search on the internet facts on how the chinese government has been harvesting
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organs from its people. if some people here out of personal interest want to be fre friends with the c.c.p., if the chinese government for the
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chinese communist regime?
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on june 13, 2016, the u.s. house of representatives passed hrs-343 which condemned the people's republic of china for its forced organ harvesting. i urge all of you to take a look at hrs-343. so i think chinatown station should use chinatown, not rose pak. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker,
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[recording] >> okay. let me translate for his speech. he said this is the chinatown station. how can you name rose pak station? she doesn't deserve it. anybody's name is not suitable. if you name after rose pak, people can -- can -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments.
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thank you. next speaker, please. >> dear chairman and the supervisor, my name is alice. depending on the report, rose pak is not a good personality. she is not honest. she took advantage around the garment. she put her name below her lawyer to buy the house. i think subway chinese station is good enough. in the future, it's good for the business, for the economic please show respect to us. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker.
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>> old gentleman living in chinatown was speaking at an m.t.a. meeting, and i bumped into him after his talk. when i was talking to him, he was so afraid, he burst into tears. he said maybe he shouldn't have talked for fear of his life, but for the corruption going on in the city hall, m.t.a., and
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board of supervisors pushed him to stand out. and he said that he needs to go back to hong kong, and he's afraid that the people's republic of china would retaliate him just because he stands up against rose pak, who represents chinese interests. he said he witnessed rose pak walk chinatown again and said to retaliate against people who killed here. now you can see the name of
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rose pack represent the fear, terror. using her name to name the chinatown subway station after her just brings fear, and this is a violation of the u.s. constitution. ist to tell you this -- i want to tell you this because i was moved by his self-lessness and also to expose the evil so that he can be protected. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> can we -- need some help
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for -- [recording] >> clerk: to the translator, if that'll take a bit longer, we can have someone else speak while you work on the machine. >> yeah, that's fine. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is lee -- lee min yao.
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just like today, and what the chinese chamber of commerce did shaping supervisor people here to hold an event, younger people collected senior people's ballots. and supervisor peskin knows that very well. [recording] >> my opinion was it was created by a powerful san francisco power broker, rose pak, and i believe they are spending tens of thousands of dollars that are not subject to the campaign finance laws of san francisco and that that is a violation of the law. that may be a criminal violation of the law.
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>> thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, honorable board of supervisors. i do object naming the chinatown subway station after rose pak. we know that rose pak went to guangjou. we all know that the western doctors are all the best in the medicine. i'm a chinese. i know that very well the chinese culture and readings. for thousands of years, we believe we would keep our whole body, even after we die. that was why seldom we would donate our own organs.
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so china could not collect many organs. rose pak went to san francisco. why she went to san francisco, had her kidney transplanted, not in the advanced most u.s.a.? where did rose pak transplanted kidney come from? so i do think the status of her transplanted kidney is very suspicious. two years ago, i have a friend more than 40 years old friend. he is doctor in china, and both of his siblings -- [inaudible] >> -- that's the hospital that rose pak went, had her kidney transplanted. i asked --
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[inaudible] >> he say yes. three years ago, the house of representatives pass 343 resolution to stop the harvesting of organs in china, so i really hope you consider -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments, thank you. >> my name is ethan lau. thank you for the opportunity. i was sad when i heard the supervisor peskin want to name the subway station after rose pak because several years ago, he wants to investigate her. and why now there's so much difference? the most biggest issue for the rose pak is was she was helpin bring the chinese communist party to the u.s. and san
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francisco. [inaudible] >> in 2016, u.s. house passed house resolution 343 that all condemns china's communist party. they kill people for their organs. right now, more and more people in u.s. know the persecution of those people. here in san francisco, i hope our supervisors can make the right decision asking how the people in not only san francisco but all over the world. no rose pak.
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>> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. my name is robert. i just heard this news. today, there are three board of supervisors together with a group of people in red shirts, and they were announcing at an event that this rose pak resolution has already passed. i remember supervisor peskin promised he would give us a chance for the hearing.
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but according to the world journal reporter you guys already announced at the event here at noontime that the board has already passed this resolution with 10 versus 1 against. that the communist
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party cannot represent china, and rose pak cannot represent chinatown. we are here to awaken your conscience. we hope you can listen to our voices and make the right decisions for yourself and for the world for the future. thank you.
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>> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> i don't want to start just yet. is this general comment? >> clerk: yes, it is. >> this is just general comment, so i'm just speaking out because of all the asians here are -- are our heros. i used to have a tape thing in my window until it disintegrated. i was lucky enough to be at jeff adachi's memorial. i thank all these people, ed lee, and rose pak, they're heros. they know what's going on, and all these things that i speak here today, you know, when that statue was erected, i go visit that statue over in chinatown, and i wish that you might put it out there in alcatraz and
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put a big one, so we can welcome all these people to our country. when we try to cover up what's going on with rose pak and ed lee lying, you know, i feel sorry for them, because, you know, they'll fall on their own swords. we name this tunnel after them, it'll be a good thing because we'll always hear of what went on with -- >> clerk: sir, direct your -- >> i practice this stuff, and it really makes me a man today, you know, spiritually, and everything else. and i thank you. and i hope that you all will recognize this day and thank jeff adachi. he would be here today. thank ed lee, because you know, it's china, and we should be recognizing -- you know, when i
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was on polk street, i was tour.
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but right before this information booth was going to be available to the public, rose pak had her gang to stow it the night before, and the chinese neighborhood association sued the rose pak to the california supreme court. and the court had ordered the rose pak to pay $5,000 in fines. and $1,000 of the fine is for rose pak's contempt of the court. and $4,000 was for the legal
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fee. even though the information booth was returned to the neighborhood association, but the exact spot became a parking lot. and that resolution to change the spot to the parking lot was also raised by supervisor peskin at the time. i think the information booth was helping the tourists and helping the residents in chinatown. because of rose pak's
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interference, there's no information booth in chinatown now. would you call this her contribution to chinatown? also, there's another incident that happened in 2002, and the former mayor gavin newsom named the former pius lee the president, and lee noticed there was $500,000 missing, and there was no paper trail, and it was moved to an association under rose pak's management.
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and pius lee had worked on it quite a few months for this fund to be returned. i would like to ask each of the supervisors for such a person -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. my name's lee. i'm here to strongly oppose the naming of the chinatown central subway station after rose pak. as you know, she represented the interests of the chinese communist party, not the chinese americans living in the chinatown area.
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the c.c.p. lied to the world and used their lies as justification to suppress information around the world, and especially the brutal persecution of practitioners in china. rose pak was deceived by the lies from the c.c.p. if you support rose pak and the naming of the subway station after here, you are indirectly supporting the lies of the c.c.p. as you know, 30 years ago, the chinese government opened fire on tienanmen square, and they killed thousands of people. and even after 30 years ago
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today, they are still denying their behavior. so we have to keep in mind, they lie to the world all the time. lying is their strategy. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> i can easily imagine that many among the tens of millions of tourists visiting san francisco's historic chinatown over the coming years from nations all over the world could easily find themselves confused over rose pak station, particularly given that the name is stricken with similar and sound to that of the similar historic figure, rosa parks, for example. so there are places where the streets carry several names. google maps may state one
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thing, a physical map another, and street signage and signage on buildings another. i don't wish to see controversial figures on historical places. keep it simple, please. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i wasn't planning on speaking here today, but i attended a meeting upstairs at the m.t.a. meeting, and i feel like i have to say a few words. at the meeting upstairs, they' they're supporting the station being named after here. i felt the logic -- it doesn't make any sense to me because
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when we honor someone, you have to look at this person overall. and just because he did something -- i don't know the details, but maybe contributed to the financial backing of the subway station, that doesn't mean that he deserves to name -- to have a name for the station. just like the articles i read a few years ago, there's a person being sentenced, you know, for the crime he committed, but their argument is he did all these things, the kind act on his part. and just because somebody did some contribution, maybe did something positive for the community doesn't mean that he -- we couldn't hold her or he responsible for the bad things he did which has some greater grave consequences. to me, to name a station after rose pak represents the -- our
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acceptance of the infiltration and the corruption from the chinese government and as extended persecution and human rights violation into the american soil, so that could be wrong. i amy strongly against naming the train station after rose pak. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker. >> can we use this? he wanted to show something on here. >> clerk: just place the document on there, and it should come on to sfgtv. >> ladies and gentlemen, my name is mu ying, and i just
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arrived in the united states recently. i was imprisoned in china for total together 12 years. during in my imprisonment, i wastortured using different methods. for example, using 30,000 watts to shock me. i was bound on the desk, and i was put on the iron chair for three months without moving. i also secretly videoed some practitioners being tortured in
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the prison. i provided that to the international media and to the international society. i also talked at the u.s. congress and the california assembly about my experience being tortured in china for religious beliefs. this is for the first time, we have seen some complete inside scenes of the persecution. fox news reported in depth news on me and another practitioner on may 25.
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i find out that the rose pak, this human rights violators, cooperated with the people's republic of china to persecution practitioners here. she even went to china to get a kidney transplant. and a lot of these organ transplant come from the live pharmaco transplant organs. this is a humanitarian crime committed against this planet. how can you use her name to name the subway station after her? how can you to represent -- to show the democracy and freedom and -- and the -- in the u.s.?
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on some of the -- her allies and her associates are continuing her -- are continuing her effort. and this person -- these kind of -- this person's name is evil. using her name to name the public station will only make people think of evil and terror. if you use her name to name the subway station, that means that you agree with her evil act.
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[inaudibl [inaudible] >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> he's going to show a video that's -- can you turn the screen on that? these are the video showing the -- >> clerk: pardon me, ma'am, are you translating for him or can he speak? >> you can speak. no sound, right? [inaudible] >> clerk: okay. >> this is a -- one of the evidence of transplant -- forced transplant that's done
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in china. >> good evening, board of supervisors. i would like to give you missing part of story if you're not aware of that. why is the subway big deal today? because it connected chinatown to the outside world. that wasn't the case before. s.r.-480 connected chinatown with the outside world with 70,000 cars going by every day. 1989, earthquake damaged 480. there was a debate whether or not to keep 480. the entire chinatown community rallied behind keeping the 480. however, halfway through, rose pak changed her position and
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pushed against the highway. with her help, 480 was demolished with then just a one-vote margin at the board of supervisors. today, chinatown has gone downhill until today. to sum it up, rose pak abandoned chinatown at the most crucial moment. we don't know what caused that crucial position, but we always know as a power broker, she always gave something by taking something. we don't know what she took, because chinatown gave nothing. could the subway riders replace 70,000 cars? common sense tells us not possible. if someone takes everything you have, and returns one quarter, would you honor her as your
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hero? that doesn't make sense. for many years, the board of supervisors and politicians gave rose pak for recognition and we don't know why. rose pak does not have the credit nor that honor. >> clerk: thank you. [inaudible] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> greetings. my name is huang, and this is the fourth time i've come here. i'm one of the volunteers participating in the petition in chinatown. i know so many people telling you about the persecution and the story behind rose pak, but mr. peskin cannot, does not
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care about anything. he thinks by getting the votes, by supporting rose pak's people, he can gain. he miscalculated. you ignore people of the belief and then trust people who close to you. besides the 400 businesses, most chinatown residents rally against this naming. we are determined that the chinatown and that landmark of
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san francisco chinatown cannot be named after such a person. if you handle this in the black box, try to push through this resolution, we will take legal action. we will make a referendum of this, and other things. if supervisor peskin rescinds his pak resolution, all people in chinatown will thank you. otherwise, you wait for next year's election. we know mayor breed, she declared she would stay neutral
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on this matter. you work close with people with money, and you think you can get the votes and you can get the heart of chinatown people? i wish supervisor peskin will make the right choice. thank you, everyone. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone. my name is maggie. i strongly urge the board to oppose the resolution to name the new chinatown spral subway station after rose pak. i would also talk about rose pak's track record of defaming politicians not in line with her. back in 2006 when the board of supervisors were debating over a resolution to condemn fallen
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chinese, rose pak heckled and threatened them, supervisor fiona mar, their advertising in the san francisco chronicle. she threatened she would end supervisor mar's political career. supervisor mar, the only asian american on the board at the time chose to uphold the u.s. and the california constitution to protect rel juigious freedo. she stood up to what the chinese consulate threatened. she is now actually having great success in her political career. we strongly urge supervisor peskin and the entire board to uphold your promise of protecting the rights and the freedoms of your constituents.
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thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is shalina fung. i came across this fairly recently, and i decided to attend parts of the square put together events put together by the 400 business owners yesterday, and i was really shocked with the overwhelming concerns that different people have expressed. there was a lot of people reviewed the -- the hate crime that, you know, rose pak committed. people coerced, violently attacked, so there's all sorts of controversy with this
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person. i really believe in the u.s. system. it's not going to be operated like the chinese system. this person that has a lot of connections with the former chinese president, who launched persecution against these people and all these horrific crimes that have been going on for 20 years. there's no doubt that this person is very controversial. and you know for people who are coming to chinatown, whether they're immigrants or worldwide tourists, whether people ask, well, who's rose pak, all these business owners cannot control themselves to vent how unjust how this whole process has been to them if this really truly happened. i know that the m.t.a. policy doesn't ask people to name a station under concern people's
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name. okay. if we have a station that's going into fisherman's wharf, if you name this obama or trump, people are going to get mad either way. so why do we do this to the people in chinatown? >> clerk: thank you. >> thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> i'll translate for him. >> clerk: okay. >> my name is michael ng. i think it's not difficult to name chinatown station -- come up with a name for the station. it should be a very natural and easy process, and it should be a very simple matter. to name it chinatown station is
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a very natural process. why do we have to make this matter like this to become such a serious matter that everyone has to jump in and be divisive or be very serious about it? what is the person's purpose behind this? the goal is to divide the chinese community. if you name it chinatown station, american people would know what it is, chinese people would know what it is. why do we have to stir this pot, like, unnecessarily?
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there's only one purpose to it. because rose pak has been serving the chinese communist party, everything she does has ties to communist. when china persecutes people, she persecutes people here. >> he repeated the same sentence. >> i think it's setting an example to the free land of united states how united states
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would bend down or serve the communist party. it just breeds people habit -- to bring the fresh air here, drink the fresh water here, but do -- brings people here to breathe the fresh air here, drink the fresh water here, but do everything against the united states. i oppose everything against rose pak station. that will really crack the purpose of communist china. [applause] >> good evening, everyone.
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well, this is a total improvised speech. after hearing all this, i have to stop and say something. mr. aaron peskin -- >> clerk: direct your comments to the board as a whole, not to an individual. >> okay. why name subway station after someone so controversial? i did a google search, what i found is in 200 -- i forget the year. basically, rose pak had a contract with the former mayor, ed lee. so earlier nominate julie to be the member of the board of supervisors, and so rose pak supported aaron peskin to be a member of the board of supervisors. so is that the reason why you supported rose pak?
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because -- there's no reason to name a great station after so notorious people. i can show you, this is what i found on wikipedia. so after you name the station after rose pak, somebody on wikipedia said aaron peskin support chinatown station being named after rose pak. is that what you want to be recorded on history? okay. many years later, people would say this is a politician playing political games, or do you want people to say this is a great politician who served the community. come on, give the people a break. they already suffered a break. before they came here, they
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were doctors, lawyers, have offices like you. and because of the future, they have to come here. >> clerk: thank you. >> okay. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone, board members and people sitting here. my name is june, and we've lived in chinatown for 30 years. we bought a howuse there and raised our kids there. we live on grant avenue, so we enjoy it so much. and concerning rose pak, i have a very personal story. so when i was, you know, a staff, you know, for a company, i actually encounter rose pak in portsmouth square. and she have, like a really big
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cigarette and a lot of big, black smoke. i didn't like that. chinese have a rich history of the heaven, earth, and people in harmony. just seeing her organize events like this, i would just suggest other organizers to try to have community events there that is going to be more beautiful and use money more wisely, so that is my suggestion. and, yeah, about it. and i heard so many people speak about a really beautiful meditation. you should check it out. it teaches compassion and tolerance, and yeah, thank you. >> clerk: thank you 23for you comments. next speaker, please.
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[please stand by]. >> you will see that those people from chinatown that don't know this, they don't agree with it. so not only for the vote. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. and next speaker, please. >> hi, hello. >> hello, everyone that are officials here. i come from main land china. i love america because america gives me the freedom of belief.
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i don't need to be in prison here. and also, my practice of my religion makes me a healthy person. i'm a driver. many people ask me what is my belief. i have a -- i believe in buddha. indian people say oh, the buddha comes from india, and i tell them truthfulness, compassion and tolerance is boundless, without boundary. many chinese may want to risk to come here, is here for the freedom and the society of this
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freedom. i don't think many main land chinese people will come here and tour here. and if other people from other countries hear about our subway station, they wouldn't want to come here, so i speak sincerely from my heart, please don't name the subway station after rose pak. thank you, every official here. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is susanna, and i live near chinatown.
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i strongly oppose naming the station after rose pak. chinatown is a name that represents the chinese people and the chinese people who have settled down in america. chinatown represents the past, the present, and the future. i hope everyone can support this name chinatown station. thank you.