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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 11, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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away because there's no other people in the city that -- there's not enough affordable space for therapist to provide services to families. we tend to charge little bit lower rate. >> president adams: two minutes is up. thank you. next speaker please. >> hi. i'm michelle malloy. i'm a body worker. i've been a body worker for 22 years in san francisco. self-employed for 21. i moved into active space in 2013, taking over rent for someone for $470 a month for an office space that's 8 by 11. that's how small my office is. i specifically sought out this
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building because it's the most affordable for me to be able to afford home rent, office rent, everything else that includes to be self-employed, health insurance and all this stuff. i had no idea as this p.d.r. zoning for us to happen. one the reasons i sought out active space, i am disabled. i have an arthritis disease. i'm not able to work like other therapists. i can only see sometimes 10 to 15 clients a week. that means i have to keep my cost low. i have to see maybe two or two clients a day. i can't see three. puts me physical pain. which limits my income which limits my expenses. lot of people i see work in the area, work downtown or live elsewhere and they take bart in or freeway in.
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it's a good match for all of us. it keeps me having affordable crises for my clients. now i really hope that we're able to stay in active space if we don't, if i'm not able to, i've listen looking at other office spaces to at least double if not triple. i would have to close my doors and probably move out of san francisco. please consider keeping us active space. thank you. >> thank you guys so much for listening to all of us. i want to add mid voice to the chorus of my fellow neighbors. i echo everything that has been said. particularly about the affordability of active space
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and being able to share this building with so many of my fellow neighbors who are amazing practitioners. it's like our tiny independent business incubator of sort. that's really valuable and really important. the building in addition to its affordable rent is mostly clean. it is secure as was mentioned earlier. really important for us, it is also accessible. there are elevators, pathways are wide. it's easier to access for people who have impaired mobility. there's also very low barrier to entry. i have only been a business owner now for exactly one year with my partners. we opened in active space last summer. being able to have this more affordable space has allowed us to experiment and test out our business model and see if this is something that can really be
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sustainable in this city. i don't know there's another place where that can happen without having to commit to a 5-year lease somewhere with extraordinary rent. i do hope that you will consider helping us to keep testing out our ideas and pursuing our dreams here in the city. thank you so much. >> i'm helen hick han. -- hickman. i been in practice at active space for 10 years. when the office became available, i moved in myself. when you found siff space in san francisco, i was thrilled to go into practice by myself. i have been a structure body worker. i'm a massage therapist. my thing is to get people out of chronic pain. i started practicing 27 years
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ago. to be able to be a woman owner of my own practice in san francisco is quite a wonderful thing. i also want to say, one of my favorite things -- there's things i like being stiff space. a third of my practice is bay area based. they come over through bart transportation often. it's like everyone said before, it's safe. it's really conveniently located. what i love about active space, i feel like this broken apart, we have such a great community there. over ten years i've been able to meet so many different therapists. we're even tighter now as a community. for a practitioner, we can't cure everyone. our technique may not great for everyone. it's such a wonderful place to consult with other practitioners
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and also to one stop shop for our clients. able it see other people when we're there. there's also other communities, other businesses that can be affected all our practitioners leaving. i want to thank you for your time. i hope you consider having us stay. thank you very much. >> i'm evan kaminski. i lived in san francisco now for 25 years. i've been a san francisco business owner for 19. i've been active space for 11. i'm disabled. i'm gay. different issue issues that keee from being to able to work full time. being active space has allowed me to do so. i live in a below market rate
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apartment. i'm barely getting by as it is. i'm able to cover my expenses with the rent that i have at active space. when i moved in there 11 years ago, i was told to me that it was multiuse. i was never once informed of any changes of the zoning. i feel that lands on the owner's management. it's very difficult for someone like me to have to pay the fees that we're being asked to pay just to legitimatize. but at the same time, if i lose this space, i lose my primary income and i probably would have to lose my apartment in san francisco. it's important to me that i could serve my clients. i serve clients from every gender, every body type. i provide personal waxing and
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grooming service. thank you for your time. please help us stay where we're at. >> good evening. thank you for hearing me. i'm jean palmer. i'm a hair dresser at active face. i've been doing hair for 30 years. including my time in navy and gulf war. i started my business in 2011, it was the first chance i had to create my vision what a hair studio can be. i'm grateful for that and majority of my clients, who broad spectrum of the entire city, elderly people, students and members of the service community providing service providing community. most of whom are on fixed
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incomes. it is because of being in active space that i'm able to keep my rates low. if i'm forced out, many others rely on us for quality services at reasonable costs. please help us stay where we are. thank you. >> president adams: thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening. commissioners. i'm elizabeth sher. i'm a free land medical writer. i been in active space since 2008. i write grant proposals for the san francisco general and helping them raise money to support their research like cancer and heart disease. i'm a woman ha-owned minority business. i appreciate supervisor ronen efforts. there are hand full of tenants who are nonprofits or work with
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nonprofits who will likely be evicted under the current legislation. i like to urge you to please amend the proposed legislation to allow nontechnology company tenants to participate in the legitimatization process without have been a discretionary i've been told by the office of small business this process will cost $14,000. there's no guarantee that i would be able to stay. as you know, the planning commission recommended that office use tenants like me, even if we were able to navigate that long process, would only have three years to stay resident and 10 propose the for the other personal service space businesses. as everyone else mentioned here, there's really nothing
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comparable. san francisco at this price point. i understand the importance of preserving affordable face for artist. it's critically important to support sole proprietors and variety of people who are contributing to a diverse, vibrant economy and i ask for your consideration. thank you very much. >> my name is sonia. i'm a bilingual mental health clinician. i have been active space since 2015. it has been a beautiful community. like many of my peers, we really want to stay there. it is very affordable and we're serving communities that would have a very difficult time getting services if we were
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somewhere else paying the rent. in my work, i particularly work with more than 50% of the people that i see are monolingual families. their primary language is spanish. they have difficult time getting access to services. i would imagine not being able to provide the services there would make it harder for them to see a therapist. we know it is very difficult to get anything here. rent anything here in san francisco for affordable price. being there it really helps us to provide services that are reasonable price. i ask for your support so we can continue to be there for this community and so that we can continue to do what we love. thank you.
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>> good evening i have auto immune disorder. if i had to move from this location, i have to close my doors indefinitely i would not be able to afford another space in city of san francisco. i have looked times for salon pacspaces.they are double oar tt i pay because of gentrification. this doesn't just affect the business itself, it affects my health and livelihood. this is also how i sustain myself.
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many of my cohorts are in the same situation a i'm in. i thank you for considering and i hope that you will vote in our favor. it's critical to our businesses but also it's critical so some of us for our health and well being. thank you so much. >> my name is brittany. i have had active spaciness spae 2010. i'm a salon owner. it allowed me to stay in san francisco. i'm bay area native. without active space i wouldn't be able to do what i'm doing. there's been so many great points here today made by everybody. i'm not going to go on. i wanted to tell you that thanks for hearing us and i hope you consider and vote in favor. thank you. >> president adams: any other members of the public? public comment is closed. i want to thank everybody for
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coming out and speaking tonight. i know you're all independent and people do massage appointments and hair appointments in the evening. i really appreciate everybody coming out and speaking tonight for public comment. do we have any commissioner comments? >> vice president dwight: well as a p.d.r. business owner myself and founder of s.f. made. it's dedicated to preserving p.d.r. businesses in san francisco. i think that probably zoning restrictions on this building has outlive their usefulness. it doesn't seem to me in p.d.r. even a practical use for the building. regardless of the subdivision that happened within the building. even if it were reformatted for p.d.r. i doubt we'd be able to attract the kind of p.d.r. businesses
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that would occupy such a space. zoning needs to be reevaluated. that being said, it's not okay to just break the law. landlord here has led you all into a trap. i support legitimatization process to allow you to stay in these spaces allow building undergoes an evaluation as to what appropriate zoning would be. the landlord probably need to bear some of the financial burden of this process. i'm i not here to adjudicate th. that would be my recommendation. i think that all of us here are here to support and preserve small businesses and you guys have all doing the hard work of running your own business. we all appreciate that here because we're doing the same thing. i support the legitimatization
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process and hope it includes some of the offices related kind of endeavors >> commissioner dooley: i'm familiar with active space. as small independent person. i totally support. the city is driving away some of the best people. we just have to take a stand here and say, you people are needed. you're necessary. giving services it that are very important. >> commissioner riley: i agree with my fellow commissioner. this building needs to be rezoning. i have a question for planning. after we've gone through this
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process. if they are allowed to stay, how long would that be? would it be to the extent of the lease? >> the ordinance allows them to stay for 10 years from the effective date of the ordinance. it should be about two months from now. the tricky thing with land uses, it isn't the tenant it's the atlanta use. -- land use. the other people can move in within this 10-year period. >> does it revert back? >> it goes back to earth zoning. the planning commission suggested doing s.d. for the property. rezoning would be difficult.
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it's seed p.d.r. 1g. you'll be putting different zoning in there. >> vice president dwight: it begs to look at other buildings to see if they are in compliant. this happened organically in this building. >> i would argue that happened deliberately. the landlord knew what he was doing when he did this. this building was constructed prior to the p.d.r. zoning being implemented. the planning commission put a restriction on the building that said it could only be for light and industrial or art activity uses. that restriction wasn't honor by the landlord. >> commissioner dooley: do we
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have to wait ten years. can it be considered to do it ahead of time? if there's a need for it? there are 15 vacancies. there's not a high need for that kind of use. maybe we should look at the supervisors, take a look at the zoning. >> that will up to the supervisors. not up to planning. >> vice president dwight: what is going to happen with this landlord? are there fines? >> there maybe enforcement fines. i'm not sure when they start incurring. when trying to come to compliance, they trying to come in compliance. we hold off on enforcement. there maybe time and materials
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charges for them. >> commissioner zouzounis: a recommendation that is bigger picture, this is looking at the definition of office use if that is something we can add to our recommendation in addition to what's been said. i would like that. lot of different types of businesses in san francisco. that's a pretty broad catch-all. thank you all for coming. you are the face of san francisco, small business and although, these circumstances are less than ideal, i'm glad that you're in the fold of now advocating for small business in san francisco. knowing we're a reference point to help that. >> president adams: i've been to
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3115, 18th street. my massage therapist used to be there. it's a great building to go to if you get lot of massages, it's a great place to get a massage. i'm saying like it is. i agree with what my fellow commissioner have said here. the landlord does need to be held accountable. it's unfair to all of you. you guys all work hard and you pay taxes and you are the heart and soul of the city. it's people like you, the hair dressers, massage therapists, the mental health therapist. those are very important items that we desperately need in the city and affordable spaces for them. i totally support this legislation.
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do we have a motion? >> i like to try out a motion to support this legislation with some recommendations. the recommendations being to broaden the legitimatization to include those businesses which are presently excluded from it. to provide a pathway which has minimal cost to the tenants to complete their legitimatization and those expenses, if there are expenses, those be covered but the landlord and not by the tenant. and that serious consideration become given to rezoning this building. understanding that spot zoning is a difficult issue but also to look at a broader rezoning of this area and just to look at whether this area has outlived its zoning as it currently on
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the books. that would be my recommendation. >> second. >> president adams: read that back. >> commissioners, do i need a motion to support the legislation as it is written with recommendations to broaden of the current businesses who are included -- to broaden who's included in the legislation to include all businesses that are excluded to minimize the cost burden for the businesses and attempt to have that cost be born by the owner to rezone --
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to have the city look at rezoning this building and also to evaluate the zoning of the entire area as well. >> correct. >> roll call vote. [roll call] motion passes 5-0 with two absent. >> president adams: thank you very much for coming. [applause] >> now back to work. >> president adams: next item please. item 6 [agenda item read] >> president adams: i don't have anything to report at this time. >> i have one announcement.
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it came to my attention as an employer in the city, small business employer in the minimum wage is increasing once again on judgment -- july 1st from $15 an hour to $15.59. this odd numbezathathathathatzao
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there has been no proactive outreach from the city to alert small buzz -- business owners that minimum wage is increasing. clearly it's on the books. we need to be aware of the law. we also get reminders to pay our taxes. we should be adult to know about that too. it does help when the city proactively informs us of dates and actions that affect our businesses even if they're
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already in the legislative code and we're not experts on that code and we're busy running businesses and aren't aware of changes. july 1st is the adjustment wage in the city and county of san francisco. >> president adams: any other commissioner comments? >> commissioner dooley: i wanted to mention that this weekend will be the north beach festival. the oldest festival in the united states. this year as we have been doing, we're moving away from the generic festival and this year we're introducing entire block of makers booths where you can meet the artist and see them doing their work. we hope to in years to come, follow more in that direction and weigh from the general life.
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just getting drunk. please come out and meet the makers and support our moving forward towards supporting small business. >> president adams: any other comments? seeing none. do we have any public comment on commissioner reports? seeing none. public comment is closed. next item please >> item 7. [agenda item read] >> president adams: do we have any new business? public comment is closed. next item. >> sfgov tv show office of small business slide. donal
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>> president adams: okay. it is our custom to begin and end that the reminder that office of small business is only place to start your new business in san francisco and best place to get your answers to questions about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your first stop. where you have question about what to do nexting you can find us online or in person here at city hall and best of all, our services are free. small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions and concerns about the policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. if you need assistance with small business matters, start here at the office of small business. >> item 8 adjournment. >> move to adjourn. >> president adams: all in favor. aye. >> meeting adjourned 6:32 p.m.
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adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shop & dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique is that we're
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reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitting next to the xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them
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people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant community. >> my name is naomi kelly the single-story for the 775 i started with the city and county in 1996 working for the newly
12:34 pm
elected mayor willie brown, jr. not only the chief of staff a woman but many policy advisors that were advising him everyday their supportive and nourished and sponsored united states and excited about the future. >> my name is is jack listen and the executive director of a phil randolph institution our goal to have two pathways to sustaining a family here in san francisco and your union jobs are stroen to do that i have this huge way to work with the community members and i think i found my calling i started in 1996 working for willie brown, jr. i worked in he's mayor's office of housing in the western edition and left
12:35 pm
3 years went to law school of san francisco state university and mayor brown asked me to be the director of the taxicab commission and through the process i very much card by the contracting process and asked me townhouse the city purchaser and worked with me and i became the deputy administrator and . >> having trouble struggling to make ends meet folks will not understand what importance of voting is so we decided to develop our workforce development services after a couple of years offering pathways to sustainable jobs. >> (clapping.) >> we've gotten to a place to have the folks come back and have the discussion even if participation and makes sense we do public services but we also really build strong communities
12:36 pm
when i started this job my sons were 2 and 5 now 9 and 6 i think so the need to be able to take a call from the principal of school i think that brings a whole new appreciation to being understanding of the work life balance. >> (clapping.) >> i have a very good team around me we're leader in the country when it comes to paid and retail and furiously the affordable-care act passed by 3079 we were did leaders for the healthcare and we're in support of of the women and support. >> in my industry i feel that is male dominated a huge struggle to get my foot in the door and i feel as though that definitely needs to change this year needs to be more
12:37 pm
opportunities for i don't know women to do what tell me dream i feel that is important for us to create a in fact, network of support to young people young women can further their dreams and most interested in making sure they have the full and whatever they need to make that achieveable. >> education is important i releases it at my time of san mateo high ii come back to the university of san francisco law school and the fact i passed the bar will open up many more doors because i feel a curve ball or an where you can in the way can't get down why is this in my way we have to figure out a solution how to move forward we
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>> good morning, everyone. you guys should be excited. good morning. thank you. i serve as the director of public works in the city and county of san francisco. on behalf of public works, we are very excited because we are going to be a tenant in this new building 49 south vanness. how about a big hand for that. [applause.] i am also excited to be here to celebrate a major construction milestone. today is very, very exciting not
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just for public works but for the other nine city departments that will be relocated into this state-of-the-arts building upon its completion. at the end of our ceremony, we will raise the final steel beam into place to complete the structural framing of this new 430,000 square foot building. 430,000 square foot building. how about a big hand for that. [applause.] it will house approximately 1-800-cit1800city staff to movet summer. this gives us a good reason to celebrate. i want to thank all of those forgetting us here today.
12:40 pm
thank you builders, the prime contractors. let's give them a big hand. the development firm and the architects worked on many projects. let's give them a big hand. public works takes great pride in the public private partnerships such as this one as they help bring the city's vision for a modern advanced san francisco to life. i also want to give a special shout out to the project management team. let's give them a big hand. [cheers and applause.] all of this work would not happen, however, without the leadership from our elected officials who allow for capital
12:41 pm
infrastructure projects to be approved and implemented. with that said i have the pleasure of introducing our mayor london breed to say a few words about this project. welcome, mayor breed. >> thank you. you know, as someone who grew up in the city and someone who has had to get permits and get permits specifically for festivals and community events, it was often times frustrating works through did bureaucracy. one minute it is the planning department in this building then to city hall, then down the street somewhere that you couldn't find, and the fact is this building what is so amazing. we are bringing 10 city agencies together in one building with a central permitting system that would make it easier to do
12:42 pm
construction projects, would make it easier for entertainment, easier for events and all of the things we do in san francisco that make san francisco such a great city. it is about making bureaucracy more efficient. that is what this building is about. i know people don't get excited around efficiency, but i do. because i know you all remember when it was taking us 18 months to build one accessory dwelling unit and putting out an executive directive to bring in the fire department and planning and building department to work together. we completely reduced the time. now it takes up to six months. streamlining the process is critical to building more housing and making sure the festivals and events and nightlife that we are so excited
12:43 pm
to have in our city continues without delay because san francisco as we know is a special place, but we only work when we work more efficiently together. i am excited, and i know those over 1800 employees are excited to have new bathrooms and shower and places to park bicycles and the other great things we are adding to new buildings. i want to thank everyone who is building this place and the work you are doing to get this building built on time and hopefully on budget. you know that is important to us. more importantly, how this is going to be one of the projects that really changes how we do business in san francisco. no longer will you have people going on line to those different places where they complain about the process and what they have to do to get a permit. what i want to see them going on line to say is, wow, the city
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makes it easier. they have a new permitting process to get permit online and it doesn't take that long. that is what this place is about. i want to thank all of you for being here today. i also would like to acknowledge which i think is absolutely incredible that we will have an on site child care at this location as well so that families who work for our city in those various departments have a place to take their children. this budget that i just announced last week also including $7.7 million to digital the city permitter and create an electronic review process. san francisco is the technicaltal of the world but our city is a little behind schedule. we have to make the right investments to get to a better place. this is making bureaucracy more
12:45 pm
efficient. i want to thank all of you who have played a critical role in doing that. probably the only member of the board of supervisors who cares about efficiency the way that i do is my former colleague on the board who is supervisor for district 6. i want to ask supervisor aaron peskin to say a few brief words. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mayor breed. i am the supervisor representing the northeast corner of the city, but i share with mayor breed the desire to have a one stopper hitting shop for everything in san francisco, and this floor print of almost an acre, 40,000 square feet, is precisely the right way to do it whether it is integrating planning and building and health
12:46 pm
and fire. this is going to be a huge step forward for the city and county of san francisco. thank you to related, thank you to public works. i cannot wait for it to be finished. [applause.] >> it is not easy to get projects done in our city. the person who is a leader to make sure we put forward the responsible policies and budgeting practices to allow an opportunity like this and recognizing we need to make the city more efficient and provide facilities that are safe and energy efficient is really the leader, one of the leaders of the city, our city administrator, naomi kelly. >> good morning. i have to say i am so honored to be here today. i want to thank mayor breed,
12:47 pm
supervisor peskin. they were with us in the beginning. we had to go to them to help with financing. part of that was selling off three city buildings to get into this one beautiful building that will have a one stopper mitt center. part -- permit center. why they supported us to open a restaurant you need 20 permits from 13 different city locations all over the city, not just one spot. if we get a one stopper mitt ste permitting that is how we kick started this. i promised we are not just about brick and mortar co-location. we need to streamline that process to make the permitting process more customer friendly
12:48 pm
through digital. i want to thank the mayor and board through funding those opportunities. in this building is the department of public works, building inspections, city planning, environmental services. in the one stopper mitter shop in addition to those major departments it will include the fire department, public utilities, office of small business, entertainment commission and we are looking at other satellite departments to touch the building in here, m.t.a., office of cannabis, disability. police, board of appeals and tax collector. that is all important. as the mayor talked about a.d.u. pilot and trying to streamline that process, let me drilling down what our team is looking at. as we currently before if you
12:49 pm
were an a.d.u. permit resident you needed five different departments, answer 516 questions and navigate multiple applications and forms, as we looked at that we want to unduplicate questions we are asking over and over. we needed 289 questions. we could stop asking the same question 227 times. that is what we are looking for. one clap is good government. that is the bureaucracy mayor breed and supervisor peskin wanted eliminated. then we will make it digital. i am excited to be here today. thank you tom, john, stephanie and all of those and ken leading this out of my office and melissa white house. you have all been fabulous to make sure we are not thinking about this as brick and mortar
12:50 pm
but streamlining the process. thank you. next up our partner in the begins, matt woody is instrumental to make sure he works with us every step of the way. he works on many projects. this is one that is near and dear to my house. up next matt woody from related california. [applause.] >> thank you, mayor breed, city administrator kelly, director, i am matt woody. we are overseeing the development of this unusual project. in the city like san francisco that is so land constrained, it is rare to find a 2.5-acre site, much less acquire it in the heart of the city close to public transportation and co-develop it.
12:51 pm
that is the reason we are here to celebrate. i would like to recognize the vision and leadership of our former mayor ed lee. many years ago as city administrator mayor lee began creating the one stopper mitt center to simplify the process. this including the food truck to a project like this, everything you need approval for in san francisco. this is less than a year away from realizing his vision. later on, as mayor, he was instrumental in acquiring this site from goodwill industries in 2014. this is the type of thing we look to do. it is something we are going to be proud of it a year from now when it opens. i would like to recognize the people you have heard about from the supervisor and mayor.
12:52 pm
chief among them is john updike, josh keene, john ram, jeff jocelyne and dan snider from planning. edgar lopez at public works and charles sullivan from the city attorney's office who work with us to get us to this point. related has been partnering with the city and working in san francisco for over 30 years on large projects of this type. innovative public private partnership is the type of challenge world class developments we work to do. 49 south vanness fillings the need to consolidate the city to one place as you have heard. by designing abconstructing both buildings at the same time we
12:53 pm
had the unique opportunity to plan and consider the needs for both buildings. i would like to kill out som and their team who work with us and the city to get these two buildings less than 200 feet apart to look as compatible as we can agree they do. the results of 1.3 million square folk and two magnificent buildings to bring 1800 city employees and apartment complex is unique in san francisco. this mixed use is proof of what san francisco can accomplish when we work together with optimism. thank you very much. >> let's hear from the team on the ground getting this building done. come on up. >> thank you for introducing me.
12:54 pm
i am joe mckeown. i have the honor to stand up with this great group of speakers. i hope i can live up to their charm and wit. welcome. this is a place of pride for all of the workers. this is our daily life and family. we are here to work together to build this great building for the city and county of san francisco. we appreciate related california and the city and county of san francisco to build this building that will live on for the next 100 years to serve the city and county of san francisco. a special thanks to the teams that show up every day and work hard building this building. [applause.] it is the skilled trades men and women behind me today that have worked over 260,000 hours on this building. they excavated 92,000 cubic
12:55 pm
yards ofvillsoil. today will hang the last beam of 2200-tons of -- 2300-tons of structural iron. i am proud to represent this team and i would like to ask you to join me in a great round of applause for the men and women behind me who are the heart and soul of this project. thank you. [applause.] >> thank you. now, mayor, we will go sign the beam and we can get our signatures and it makes the journey to the 16th floor to complete the structural work, and next summer this building will be occupied with the city agencies you heard and the one stop to get anything you want
12:56 pm
done in the city. come in the door and someone will take care of you, right melissa? thank you. thank you.
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>> you don't know what will be inside the canister until you open it. [♪] >> these are beautiful, historical drawings of san francisco. these drawings range from 1908 to 2010. [♪]
12:58 pm
[laughter] >> i build muscle. a lot of people don't know this, but we have a full team of architects that designed specific buildings and public safety. sometimes it is creating a brand-new building from the ground up. other times it is giving new life to one of our historic structures. [♪] >> i had to have some degree of artistic skill from a handcraft point of view to become an architect at that time. it is an incredible amount of loss, in my opinion, to not draw by hand. that skill of having to manipulate a pencil or a pen to make line wait and to make the drawing we've. i have seen this development of technology and this huge transformation in the world his that you do leave some things behind that have beauty to them.
12:59 pm
[♪] >> now a day, technologies a completely different. we're not using paper, we are not using paint pencils, but we are using computers to model our buildings to produce drawings, it is different craftsmanship. >> in addition to the beautiful drawings, the person who was taking care of our file for almost 30 years was the one who organized those drawings and listed all of them in big binders with all the name of the projects, and they were still using these which is amazing. >> 840. we are building an electronic archive of all the drawings for future use. the scanning project started back in march, 2018. we have scans about 36,000 sheets of paper and there's the remaining balance of 93,981.
1:00 pm
we can do about 100 sheets per day. hopefully by february 2020, it will be completed. >> we feel that our collection of historical drawings represents san francisco's a rich history. not only do we help make history , we also preserve it for the benefit of future generations. >> good morning. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the june 10, 2019, meeting of the rules committee. i am supervisor ronen, chair of the committee. seated to me is supervisor walton, and to the left, supervisor gordon mar. our clerk today is victor young, and i would also like to