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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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john jay ditto santino, he's either a conspiracy dupe. lulu has threatened me and has a drug fiend who's stealing from me. my girlfriend and i, we have many who we love who help us in -- >> president yee: thank you. [inaudible] >> president yee: thank you very much. so seeing no other speakers, public comment is now closed. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, please call for the -- the for adoption without committee
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agenda, items 26 through 28. >> clerk: items 26 through 28 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee. a unanimous vote is required for resolutioned on first reading -- resolutions on first reading. alternatively, any member may request an item to go to committee. >> president yee: okay, would any of my colleagues like to sever any items? okay. colleagues, seeing none, can we take this same house, same call? without objection, the adoptions and resolutions are adopted unanimously. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, please read the in memoryams. >> clerk: on behalf of supervisor stefani for the late clinton wiggins, on behalf of
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supervisor brown, for the late speedy woods, and on behalf of supervisor mandelman, for the late hope eisenberg. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, that brings us to the end of the agenda. madam clerk, is there any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president yee: okay. sorry to say, we're adjourned.
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>> i love teaching. it is such an exhilarating experience when people began to feel their own creativity. >> this really is a place where all people can come and take a class and fill part of the community. this is very enriching as an artist. a lot of folks take these classes and take their digital imagery and turn it into negatives. >> there are not many black and white darkrooms available anymore. that is a really big draw. >> this is a signature piece. this is the bill largest darkroom in the u.s.. >> there are a lot of people that want to get into that dark room.
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>> i think it is the heart of this place. you feel it when you come in. >> the people who just started taking pictures, so this is really an intersection for many generations of photographers and this is a great place to learn because if you need people from different areas and also everyone who works here is working in photography.
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>> we get to build the community here. this is different. first of all, this is a great location. it is in a less-populated area. >> of lot of people come here just so that they can participate in this program. it is a great opportunity for people who have a little bit of photographic experience. the people have a lot, they can really come together and share a love and a passion. >> we offer everything from traditional black and white darkrooms to learning how to process your first roll of film. we offer classes and workshops in digital camera, digital printing. we offer classes basically in
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the shooting, ton the town at night, treasure island. there is a way for the programs exploring everyone who would like to spend the day on this program. >> hello, my name is jennifer. >> my name is simone. we are going on a field trip to take pictures up the hill. >> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. >> actually, i have been here a lot. i have never looked closely enough to see everything. now, i get to take pictures. >> we want to try to get them to be more creative with it.
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we let them to be free with them but at the same time, we give them a little bit of direction. >> you can focus in here. >> that was cool. >> if you see that? >> behind the city, behind the houses, behind those hills. the see any more hills? >> these kids are wonderful. they get to explore, they get to see different things. >> we let them explore a little bit. they get their best. if their parents ever ask, we can learn -- they can say that
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they learned about the depth of field or the rule of thirds or that the shadows can give a good contrast. some of the things they come up with are fantastic. that is what we're trying to encourage. these kids can bring up the creativity and also the love for photography. >> a lot of people come into my classes and they don't feel like they really are creative and through the process of working and showing them and giving them some tips and ideas. >> this is kind of the best kept secret. you should come on and take a class. we have orientations on most saturdays. this is a really wonderful location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center
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focuses on adult classes. and saturday workshops expose youth and adults to photography classes. >> good morning, i would like to call the meeting for thursday -- thursday, june 13th, 2019. [roll call] >> mr. chairman, you do have a quorum. can i call you next item? >> yes, please. >> item three is communications. due to a conflict, we'll be looking to reschedule your july board meeting, so i will be reaching out to firm out a date. >> okay.
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>> anything else. >> i probably have to leave the meeting when a get called. we have a budget hearing so i will have the vice chair run the meeting. >> that's right. okay. next item. >> yes, please. >> item four his board of directors knew and enrolled business. i am not aware of any. executive director report. >> good morning, directors. i am pleased to provide you with our plans to seamlessly open the center to the public. as you know, we discovered a fisher with two steel girders over fremont street last september. we committed to reopening the transit center only after finding the root cause of the fisher -- for sure.
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as you all know, all these steps are now complete and all the experts involved have compared -- have confirmed that we can open it for operations. i would like to think mayor breed for their leadership to help us reopen the transit center with a high level of confidence to the public. i would also like to thank m.t.c. for empowering independent and highly respected and nationally renowned team of experts that oversaw the robust and exhaustive review of the transit center. we will hear directly from the chair this morning about the findings and the conclusions of the review. you will also hear about our ongoing plan to reopen the transit center the two the public. our goal is to reopen the transit center and exceed the public's expectations. we owe them gratitude for their patients. we know that this temporary closure was significant
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inconvenience, and we plan to open and have the center better than they remember back in september. we continue our work with the transit operators to ensure a smooth transition for transit riders. bus operations will not begin july 1st, but we do everything possible to have have bus operations ready after that date we began a rehiring plan last month and we now are fully staffing up for operations and conducting final testings of the building operation system so we can be ready for july 1st. i want to thank you for your leadership and support over the last eight months as we conducted an exhaustive review and fully cooperated with the m.p.c. independent review panel. at this time, i would like to ask christine if she could come and share with you our plans for communication for the reopening. >> thank you, good morning, directors. i just wanted to briefly go over
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our plans to communicate with transit riders in the public as we reopen the center. we have already, with our goals, we want to reassure transit riders and the general public about the robust independent review that we underwent, we want to reaffirm the center's importance to the region, to the city and to the transportation for our entire region. we will be doing a lot of the same communications we did a few months ago, eight months ago when we opened the center, really highlighting the need for the transit center, but we need to first start and win back people's trust. the first thing we will do is provide comprehensive multilingual outreach to the public and to transit riders. we began that this week with the announcement of the reopening. we have done some media tours and we will be doing that over the next few weeks with the goal of showing people the center is better than they remember and our goal of opening as seamlessly as possible and
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winning back their trust, showing what a great job that the staff is doing to welcome them back and have their experience seamless. we are -- our campaign began this weekend we're launching a social media campaign. we have relaunched the website with a very simple to understand timeline of exactly what happened from september to today people could go to the website, learn what happened, learn what we did about it, learn about the independent review and why we are reopening now. all of our social media channels will be reinforcing that message and driving people to the website to learn about the temporary closure and the reopening, and also everything the transit center would like to reopen. i'm working with the transit operators -- transit operators for early july. what tjpa will do is offer a temporary or limited ambassador program, so you will see the ambassadors who were usually at the transit center, the week before, educating transit riders
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, and bus service has not yet begun. we will have ambassadors out in the morning and the evening, inviting people back to the park , the amenities, the food trucks, the grand hall, and letting them know to check in with their bus operators for when that service will start. i've also provided the bus operators, marketing and communications communications team with a toolkit that includes confirmed facts, saq, fact sheets and timeline, to communicate how they want to communicate but they have all the facts, dates, and figures they will need to be able to do that, and make sure no matter what transit agency is speaking, we are all speaking from the same facts. about two weeks before the reopening, you will see it -- see ramped up social media messaging. you will see more of that. you will also see the mill marketing going out explaining the closure, thinking people for
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their patients, apologizing for the temporary closure. physically at the temporary terminal and at the transit center, on july 1st, you will see physical signage as well. what people are walking by and see the doors open, they can see there's no bus service yet. when there is, we will alert them to that. i have heard from the several transit agencies that they ramp up for transit operations that they will have their own ambassador program talking to their writers in easing the transition for them. with that, i am happy to take questions. >> in regards to the leasing front,. [indiscernible] this will be used as a clinic for the residents and the workers in the area. by approving this lease, the lease count would be 60% based on the square footage parked. we assume that this effort will be picked up now that we are reopening it.
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we have addressed all of the comments and we have been provided with additional documentation. we do have a meeting with them on the 17th. we hope it will be the final meeting before the approval of the process. i am very hopeful that by the july board meeting that will be concluded. in regards to the status of the peer review by the san francisco transportation authority, the consultants team continue to hold workshops as planned, both -- both based on the current schedule, the peer review is expected to be repeated later this month on june 25th. we will present the results of the peer review to the board at the july board meeting. at the last board meeting, the
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board requested that the peer review members meet with the peer review members from -- that presented their findings last month to you, and working with director chan on arranging them. finally, we have a front for your quarterly financial report. if you don't have any questions, this or concludes my report. >> any questions from board members? no questions. >> all right. i will call your next item. item six is the ten break closure of the salesforce transit center. >> good morning, directors. we will give this month's construction and temporary closure update with an emphasis on the preparation for reopening on july 1st. i will cover the results of the facility wide validation that we have been tracking for the last few months regarding the structural steel item. also facility wide readiness for
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reopening, which will -- basically i will talk to the staff report that was submitted under this particular agenda item that work to complete in the wrong contract closeout and legislative. we have been presenting this graphic for a few months now to show the extensive research and investigation throughout the entire transit center as it relates to the structural steel items and the review for the structural elements. i am pleased to show this funnel that started as -- with a very large, wide evaluation criteria, that worked through a more detailed, down to various on-site visuals at the very end and as you can see, i am showing with the graphic that all of our items are closed and i will touch on that a little bit in the next slides. this closes out this particular graphic that i have been showing
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out for months on the structural steel health check throughout the transit center. through that building wide review, there was 47 details of complex and susceptible nature to fractures, it was needed for thorough investigation for each and every one of those 47. even we went on-site, 175 locations on-site were opened to ensure with visual, nondestructive testing, particle testing, to confirm all the information, not just on paper, but physically in the field. and extensive analysis for fit for service was done as well for each one of these, or at least specific ones, and basin all
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those test results, the engineer of record and our independent experts peer review concluded -- we closed the last one last friday, and any anomalies inconsequential, and that there are no concerns for structural integrity in the building. that was clearly stated in the letters that were provided throughout the last few days. i want to touch on the elements of the staff report. the staff report was a follow-up to the request by the board to give a comprehensive report of all the elements that were identified throughout our findings. the key entities is the first part. this report, the staff report, you will notice there is no less than 2222 attachments -- no less than 20222 attachments, so it is in one spot to tell this entire
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segment that happened over the last eight and a half months. it addresses the key entities, the contractor side, the design side, the peer review through m.t.c., l.p.i., and then the use of isi through that process where the key elements. identify through the staff report, the timeline starting on september 25th of the crack itself, and how we worked through that. this temporary jacks that we put in place. the implementation of the peer review, and then there various elements of scope which are, you know, the chair of that committee will reference in status here later this morning. eventually, the installation of the permanent ensuring that was in place. all of this was reviewed by d.b.i. as well. we actually had an independent overview for the shoring and also it was submitted to the peer review. bringing l.p.i. onto the board,
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through the tjpa, so that there was -- they were not from the design side or the contractor side. all parties, including the peer review, agreed on the l.p.i.'s sampling and testing. this polemic results were submitted in december and presented to the board. based on those polemic findings -- based on those preliminary findings, it was created and blessed and procurement of materials started, and all throughout that, the d.b.i. also did their review of the design times -- design plans and ensuring compliance to code. by march, we were installing those plates, and by the end of april, april 19th on fremont, in april 27th on first street, the repair was installed. and then it was signed off and the shoring was removed. i touch on that in the staff
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report. i also go into the other efforts , the building wide review, the funnel, that also is heavily addressed in the peer review and in the staff report, and then providing all the milestones and how all 47 elements of that building were satisfactorily closed. also in there, the identification -- the structural and seismic review committee items. i have their original letters, their original design review, the original d.b.i. signoff of the original design. all those letters are in there as well, up through 2014, and then we even brought that same, two of those members back to the board to refresh what they had already reviewed, and look at the current situations back in january. that presentation they gave is also linked. and then on top of that, we had
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our cmo do that building wide nonstructural seal review, that was when steve came in and gave a presentation on all items such as structural concrete, the bolts, and all other items not associated with the peer review investigation. all that was put together and was put in one spot, to come to the conclusion, that based on the study letter issued that the structure is sound, in the building is ready for reoccupancy, we received the letters from the peer review panel issuing concurrence to the m.t.c. both letters being submitted to the mayor and also the nonstructural steel elements verifying the rest of the building is sound. based on those elements, we came to the conclusion that we are ready to open on july 1st.
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that is what is in the staff report. and i wanted to just hit on that following up on that, and the close cooperation that was noted , the munimobile bus plaza will be open next week for reoccupancy for the operators, and then the bus staff will be ready for training in july, and available for full operations by august. i will allow martha, our silty manager to go into that in more detail in her presentation that will follow us. in addition to this, we are also doing -- adding instrumentation in various specific spots that is being modelled and tracked through l.p.i. as well. there is a picture of some -- we had the convenience and opportunity of the locations that we opened up for the building wide structural steel review. we were able to add monitors so we'll be able to go back and keep track of -- and monitor various elements of the
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structural steel and basically correlate various design assumptions as well, as the buses start rolling again. we took part of that opportunity as well. we call that the fatigue analysis, as we're going forward over a long term review. switching from those parts, going back to the base contract work, i want to give you a quick update on that, on the breezeway , the alley, and on our signals, in the ceiling panels, and the pathway, and ultimately, the bus ramp. we continue to make progress. this is at the far west end, the breezeway. it looks essentially complete. it will be ready for the public through there starting july 1st . this is the far west end. shot alley, that is the jamie carpenter art display called linear art, that will be ready
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and available for the first time on july 1st as well. we are making the final cleanup on that. this is real close to where the food trucks were last year and will be there this year. it will be very effective, especially in the evening hours. our signals, pg and he promised they would be installing that fuse limiter and it is the 13 th and we have not seen anything yet, so m.t.a. is on hold, waiting for them to do what they need to do, and waiting for these parts to show up, and in the meantime, m.t.a. is trying to do all they can to ready for the signals to be activated, so we are still waiting for them. we are reaching out at all levels has not got these parts here any faster. hopefully they will be here soon the remaining work is very little.
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and then ceiling panels, there are miscellaneous ceiling panels that will need to be put back, especially on the bus deck. those 175 locations that i noted , a lot of those were on the bus deck. taking covers off includes taking ceiling panels off and putting those all back together. it is happening. a common term we have been using his stitch back of all of the elements related. those are also happening at a very expedited pace at this point out there. and then the pathway, we reported we were in the process of replacing the path, the concrete, which was the chosen material, has been installed and looks great, and we are now in the process of prepping it to put a good sealant down, and that will absolutely be ready for july 1st as well, too. and then very close to the food trucks, the last item here, is
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this is where the bus ramp comes in. there is a very elegant ramp that is being put around the 50- foot section that goes over the walkway that is being installed. that will also be ready for the july 1st opening to the public again. with that, i will turn it over to ron to close up the rest of our presentation. thank you. >> good morning, directors. i will probably be rather brief, as you can imagine, the rest of our activities have been out in the field to get things put back together and secure, and i want to express my gratitude to dennis and all of the field staff who have been earnestly working all month to make sure we get everything done and ready for opening. with that, we have had some activity towards the contract closeout. on the slide, you will see we still have 21 trade groups in various stages. in the last month, we had about nine that met full and final,
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and that was about the movement in terms of the pie chart. i expect now that the girder repair is complete we will start seeing some of those trade groups that have been involved with the girder repair be positioned to begin discussions and closure processes. again, we have 13 trade groups that are in the process of dispute resolution. we are hopeful for july, but it looks like perhaps august we will initiate some of the d.r.a. meetings with some of those trade packages. there has been a little bit of back and forth on terms of the d.r.a., and in terms of the legal and litigation aspect. you will hear more in closed session later today. in terms of budgeting contingency cost drawdowns, we
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pretty much a zero doubt on construction contingency and program reserve in the last month. there was some, as you can see in the slides of the bullets below, some construction related drawdowns, but they were balanced out with some captures of cost, some of which were allowances that were carried that were unrealized risk. all in all, the contingency is the only thing that shows a net drawdown of 2.4, and much of that has to do with the pathway and some other elements of which we -- will be dealt with in the d.r.a. format of our form. in terms of budget, we are squeaking a little higher. in terms of overall c.a.c. construction, i think we had a
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50 million-dollar uptick as we started to reevaluate the risk and exposures in front of us, and some of the things that are construction related. with the 34 million-dollar uptick on the overall budget, including t.i. and legal work, so that brings us to an c.a.c. with t.i. and legal to 2.397.1, just below our overall budget, but maintaining and managing that despite the protracted timelines and other challenges that we have all lived through in the last eight and a half months. that concludes my part of the presentation. we can address any questions on this aspect.
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>> board member questions? >> thank you. i have one brief question for ron and then some for dennis. on your contingency slide, you showed four -- forecasted use of $2 million for design services related to nonconforming steel girders. it sounds like a cost that ultimately we should be recovering. >> yeah. we have already started to do some of the recapture in terms of deductive change orders and what have you. it will all be in the mix. that is why we see zero out on drawdowns this month. >> i guess my question is, should we need that to millie dollars of contingency to front for design services related to nonconforming steer girders? are you expected to recover that >> generally, yes. >> okay. thank you. so my mac --
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[please stand by]
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. . . . i know our chairman has in play trying to schedule meeting with pg&e, so it's been elevated on all fronts not only for this project but all the other activities we have going on out there. we've been all plagued with pg&e issues. >> well, if more voices would help that conversation this, one is definitely a challenge when we opened the first time, and ended up having to barricade off the streets, and that's just not -- >> i cedar -- darrin klein had no real answers, and i was underscoring it is a safety issue and nice to have us here, but we want to see some results. >> we will send you the details. >> would be happy about that. >> we have been trying hard, but like you said -- >> no, and i don't mean to say
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it's for lack of effort. sometimes maybe from more angles would help get it over the finish line. >> a we are experiencing the same on many of the projects, so i certainly understand that. this one, there is no excuse for this at this point. and then on the -- on all of the reviewer, i want to appreciate the work that you all did and the whole team to get us to this level of confidence. i know that this board asks you to do more than you originally were planning and extend the timeline, but i think it was important such that we can -- such that christine can have good talking points in terms of restoring public confidence for riders and the general facility that the -- and the general public that the facility is safe. and it was worth it and then two specific questions, and so the 47 complex welds and the 175 places that you opened then up, i think you said there was
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visual inspection? did l.p.i. do anything beyond visual inspection? >> you can probably describe the techniques better than i. >> 175 welds were opened up basically taken and what i mean by that is taken off the fireproofing so you can start with a visual and then majority of them, if not all of them, had additional nondestructive testing done depending on the type of weld and whether ultrasonic testing or mag particle testing. and then on top of that, we also have l.p.i. director vecchio was out there doing the reviews as well. and ultimately depending on the weld and the criticality, even a fit for service model was made to ensure that each one of the locations was fine and to the point where we're able to close out with confidence. so there was multiple levels depending on the type of weld and access to the weld and that
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is why we opened up so many so we could have that very high level of confidence. >> who would be the consequence should one of those welds at some point in the future since you said they were identified because they are susceptible to being brittle if at one point one of those in the future developed a crack or failure. what would be the consequence to the structural integrity and the building. >> i could probably defer that to dr. vecchio if needed, but it was determined even if there is -- because these welds that we ended up looking at especially on the bus tech were related to seismic type elements because we are looking at the welds, just the transitions between two pieces and it wasn't base metal that we were looking at. just a weld transition. so it was from strictly seismic concern that we were looking at. it was not -- it wasn't from a load bearing element. >> so after a seismic event, but
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would likely re-inspect the welds. >> there is a program of inspection that we're in the process of working through and that you would have an engineer and we would include those probably locations as part of within 24 hours and any large structure to re-review. >> right. and then to the mon the organize and we know what we know now and the building will wear over time to be subject and that is excellent. and i hope it is as comprehensive as makes sense. have you thought about how to report the results of the monitoring to the public to the board on a regular basis? and it would be help fg not in a technical way and the high level and green, yellow, red, and some way of communicating on an ongoing basis that were
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monitoring the structural health of the building and that it's okay and we found an issue when we're addressing it. >> and there is the first milestone when we get the monitoring up and running and start having buses run, there will be a correlation to confirm that the original design assumptions and the effects on the structure versus what we are reading and would probably be a milestone point and maybe that would be a point that we could get an update with that kind of information. >> i would suggest that whatever the initial milestones and on an ongoing basis, the information that popped up on the website somewhere so that we're being transparent and any lingering doubt cans be assauged by seeing that we're monitoring and everything is good or monitoring and when we see an issue we're addressing it. >> we can do that. i want to point out that the monitoring was over and above and we have no reason to believe that there is any issues
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whatsoever in the building itself or the retrofits. and like dennis mentioned, we had the area opened up. we took the opportunity to put some string gauge in there just to monitor. but we can put it up on the website and also is green all the time. >> sure. >> and i want the public and sta f to recognize what an incredible job that you have done and i was very adamant about the importance of regaining the public's confidence and the reputation and the peer review panel, l.p.i. and staff's vigilance combined with mttc support really has achieved that goal that we established. i am comfortable going back and excited to get there. i don't want to contradict myself and i am an operations guy and i like contingencies.
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i would encourage us to hold on to the temporary terminal for a few months to ensure there is nothing else that might be there so thank goodness we had the temporary facility and congratulations. it is a good day moving forward. >> thank you. any other director comments? thank you. >> item 7 is the facility operations update. >> thank you for presenting this item. mark has been working with the operators as well on the transitioning back to the southwest transit senter from the temporary terminal. >> good morning, directors. martha valez. today's update will cover four areas and an update on activities associated with reopening to include operations and security, a brief summary on the kaiser release transaction
9:45 pm
on the consent calendar, general retail update and a brief summary on tenant improvement work. the bus plaza is baseball and the ceiling tiles were reinstalled and removed for the plumbing andt.i. work and plumbing lines to the vacant spaces to not reopening the ceiling. and also this week, the area is being thoroughly cleaned to include restrooms and offices and the fending machines will be restocked.
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>> the areas are stocked with tenant improvement activity. the tenant improvement activity to the topping slab on the second floor. and this work will be completed by the end of june. with regard to web core, they are moving quickly to put things back together. any material needed for work beyond june will be placed in the center island beyond the yellow strip. some of the work is putting back the ceilings and column covers. so the general plan is to use the beginning of august to thoroughly clean the bus deck so it is pristine for riders. and the tjpa was sent the formal communication they will not be leasing the second floor space
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from tjpa. the talk is for a couple of bus bays on the bus deck discussions continue. >> the next few slides will cover fail fails and security operation -- will cover facilities and security operations. with lincoln t primary staff reductions were in cleaning and building, engineering, and maintenance. with building, engineering, and maintenance, we started out with 10 ftes or staff and are up to eight, but will not increase staff at this point until the commuters are back. we will not automatically go back up to 10 but carefully assess at that point. with cleaning, we started out with staff in excess of five per shift. this was reduced down to two per shift. we are now back up to three for ramp up. and on opening will increase to five per weekday shift with less on the weekend. and as with engineering and maintenance, we'll pause at that
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point to assess when the commuters are back. with regard to service contracts, key contracts remained in place throughout the closure. those with, of course, engineering and maintenance, cleaning, escalator, elevator, and pest control. and the fountain services, the service provider and a host of on call vendors such as plumbers and electricians. cleaning for the entire center is underway and the website has been relaunched as christine mentioned. saleforce transit center dot com. i al going to go to the digital media. with regard to transit information on the digital kiosk, a brief overview. there are three areas related to the digital kiosk. it is static information, like maps. the commuter information, which
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includes schedules, fairs, and bus assignments. and then the interactive screens. so starting with the interactive screens, these screens are located in the grand hall. the bus plaza and the bus deck. in general, content will be available by touching the screen to include maps, way finding around the transit center, and transit center stakeholder content. the stakeholders in the transit sent rer the operators. the tjpa and then eventually the retail tenant. much work has occurred over the closure to design and refine the structure of the interactions and it will be live on july 1. however, even though it will be live on july 1, refinements and enhancements will continue as we settle in and understand the user. with the static information, it was in place when we first opened. and muni is working closely with pearl on minor adjustment which is will be completed in early july. with a.c. transit f any
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adjustments are needed, the deadline for content to pearl will be communicated at the monday operator meetings so that pearl has enough time to load the information and be ready for display in early august. and with regard to commuter information, muni and pearl are working closely to be ready in early july at the bus plaza with a.c. transit for the bus deck and similarly will communicate deadlines and work through the information at the monday transit operator meetings. with other transit operators, they have been working through a.c. transit or muni and the information is also incorporated. >> with the park, i am going to focus on the programming. by july, brb will have the core schedule in place. this is about 20 programs a week that regularly occur, like fitness classes, toddler tuesday's, crafts, hobby, and live music.
9:51 pm
also in place will be the games, the reading room, and the art cart. and example of other activities that the r.v. is working on are the silent disco, salsa dancing, and live music. and booking bees and signing contracts was dependent on the announcement of an opening date. in particular, this first week will be special because of the fourth of july holiday. with regard to access to the schedule, even though the website is live, they need a few more dates to load the information on salesforce transit center dot com. lincoln is working with an organization called hubert who is affiliated with off the grid. and cubert is depict and the bottom right-hand of the slide. this is currently on the ground level in front of the grand hall facing salesforce plaza. and is a new type of self-contained mobile unit being piloted at this location. the general plan is to place three units on the park about
9:52 pm
the first week in july. however, the date is somewhat fluid pending all the appropriate permits from the health and fire department. as noted on the slide, the food trucks will return. and the other amenities will be activated and recall that the vending and the the operators when we first. and decisions underto activate them and to turn over to sidney for update on security.
9:53 pm
the director of security and the preparation and reopening and the sport wills provide and and we would like and before martha continues. >> question? >> director hursh. >> the public and the riders were quite vocal about the clipper machine when we moved. it sounds like we're going to be in two locations for six weeks. there is a plan for clipper ad value to either get it back in the facility or have machines between the temp terminal and the facility? >> it to follow and there's two machines and we may move one and
9:54 pm
lever one in the temporary terminal. >> and we will discuss that. >> thank you. director? >> with regard to amtrak, small question, what are you going to do with the space that you are anticipated to use and now not going to use? and concerning question, is there a risk that amtrak and so that happened a while so change the model and they were going to to reduce the footprint by a couple of ticket vending machines in the passenger area and that is no longer the plan. in terms of the risk, negotiations are going well and that is between a.c. transit and
9:55 pm
amtrak. >> my only comment would be, if you think pg&e is slow, you should work with amtrak. >> i think it would be nonacceptab nonacceptable if we build this center and folks can't access the main commuter center on the east bay. >> i think they are working closely. director hursh, i got the impression that they are very close. >> that is good to hear. >> thank you. >> i had a question. thank you for the report, and i assume that the costs as we have discussed previously at the board are being track and eventually that the director can bring the report back to the board about the full range of financial impact from the process that we can follow up. >> yes.
9:56 pm
>> and i will move to the leasing update at this point. this slide is a summary of the kaiser financials. it is in all aspects a good deal for the transit center with above performer rent and below performa expenditures as demonstrated by the overall proceeds of $1.9 million and if you can see by the graphic, they are in the vicinity of the greyhound space and it's a 10-year lease. it's about 4,000 square feet. its medical offices at the c.a.c. meeting on tuesday night were asked if it was urgent care. it is not urgent care. it is not an emergency room. it is a basic primary care facility. and on the backside of the space will be the doctor's offices and the front side will be exam
9:57 pm
rooms. you have seen this before, although i slightly modified it. it is a summary of the retail activity at the top box is current where we are currently. and whereas the bottom box is what it will look like when the kaiser deal is finalized. and so that will be, then, at 59% occupancy of the square feet will be leased. of the spaces, it will be 39%. and at the annual base rent will be at 62% of base rent as compared to the original projections and that is what will be realized. this slide is the leasing report shown when we last met. however, it was updated as part of the fiscal year 19-20 budget process so the final budget presented by erin reflects the general information. the kaiser lease is shown in the
9:58 pm
second quarter of 2019. this is the leasing activity on the ground level as of about a week ago. the logos indicate the signed leases and this is for the ground level. two sales copies -- the tycoon kitchen, per diem, charlie's cheesesteak, and eddie rikenbachers. the rest are in various stages of discussion and negotiation with six really solid prospects that are on track and we think will come to fruition. these six represent about 10,000 square feet. in addition, another two for about 9,000 square feet are considered serious. so we're expecting to bring anywhere from 1 to 4 leases to the board in july.
9:59 pm
this is the second level and mention this at the cac at the meeting tuesday night, there was a positive reaction. this floor is shaping up nicely with fitness asset, on site dental, and kaiser. not shown are early discussions with a nail salon adjacent to on site dental. finally, this is the roof level. discussions with the full service restaurant are progressing with the letter of intent in negotiation. for the cafe pad, this operator is also in discussions for a space on the ground floor and we are considering this one a serious prospect also. this is the last slide. it is a brief snapshot of the tenant improvement work. i will have a schedule next month that will reflect the fiscal year 19-20 budget.
10:00 pm
under active construction are fitness sf, on site dental, and phil's, and the topping slab. the rest with in various stages of design and/or refining the construction budget. any questions? >> questions from board members? thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. go ahead and call the next item. item 8. >> 8. >> citizens advisory committee update. and i believe chair holtz is with us. >> citizens advisory. >> good morning, directors. i'm derek holt and thank you for continuing to hear updates from the tjpa cac. given the announcements monday and tuesday regarding the planned reopening of the transit center, the meeting tuesday evening was exciting and joyous.