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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 24, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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now i do not make these comments to be insulting, but still a truth. human beings can make oversights , but we do say, to air is human, but to give his divine. i would like to invite all of you to go and see the last black man in san francisco. it is very chilling. but on this -- on this day in which we stand before this body, and i applauded the gay community. i was one of the first preachers to stand up against proposition eight. and other mentions for gay
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rights. but for us to acknowledge that community, and unfortunately, i did not hear of any measure. >> finish your sentence. >> around june, nothing was said that was indifference on the part of this body. this is the 400th year of the acknowledgement of the slave trade. we in san francisco can do better than that. >> thank you. >> i ask you, just a minute, i ask you to not be in different to these young men who are standing here, who fled with district five and our supervisor of the district to make sure that the african-american heritage building stays in the hands of that community. i was on that board when the
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late sue bierman initiated a measure to give the asian community their own library for a dollar, and i supported her. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. >> thank you. >> we hope that this -- >> thank you, reverend brown -- [indiscernible] >> all right. next speaker, please. [applause] >> i am a longtime resident of san francisco.
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it is unfortunate that way only get -- we are asked if it is something that is already ours. we are out here and we have been out here in this community struggling and fighting, and now it is getting down to the nitty-gritty. we are still up here talking about stuff that we are already entitled to. there's too much politics going on, you know, you have taken out what's important to us, and you are not even looking to the simple things. i am here standing with my brother. i am at a loss. i don't understand it.
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they should have been back up there at that center. my daughter just got her master his. we wanted to celebrate at a place. that building was a big part of us. [please stand by]
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>> we are celebrating the lgbtq community and i appreciate you saying that. i am here today basically to speak -- i want you guys to
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support us, and that is what i'm here to speak on today. i remember when i was born -- i was at filbert in high school. syndic -- to go demaio shut down the whole school and had a celebration. we did this for chinese new year , the same thing. we went to the celebration performances. i knew for black history month that it would be lit, we have a whole month. the whole month went by and nothing happened. i asked a faculty member, i said , what were you guys do for black history month? they said, that is for you and your people. so i just want to see the same kind of extension towards other
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communities as we see towards african-american -- towards african communities. also with some of our school district. he helped found the san francisco unified school district. i want to see a celebration of our people across the city. that is why i'm here today to speak on a citywide black agenda i would like to support you all as well for making the city better. unite the city. >> thank you. next speaker. [applause]. >> before the next speaker begins, i will remind the good people in the audience that this is a rules-based organization and the rules say no clapping. we allowed you to klopfer reverend brown, but -- we would -- we allowed you to clap for reverend brown, but if you'd like to show your support, just
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shake your hand. >> we really should mourn the lgbt key -- lgbtq not being celebrated. we can't make wrong right just by giving people words -- awards surely judgement day is near. it is now 8,490 days from the 40 th jubilee from christ. how long am i waiting? i don't know, but i'm counting for them. it is very, very near. you know what bothers me the most, there is a guy who is from the naacp. he is lost, he is going to hell. anyone who says homosexuality is good is celebrated. there's lots of fake christians and he is one of them. but i actually am saved. the thing is, what bothers me is a christian says it is hateful to point out what god says is wrong. leviticus says thou shall not hate done brother, but they'll
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shall rebuke thy neighbor and not allow him to sing when it comes to talking about don't avenge your brother, love your neighbor as yourself. and you are saying i am hating people, but in reality, god says you are being loving. you should also be forthright. speak the truth and love. homosexuality is always wrong. if one gets saved, then they are forgiven, they are justified, they are sanctified. and they no longer continue in their pack during of wickedness, whatever it was, whether they were homosexual, and adulterer, a fornicator, there are many seen -- since, but surely judgement day is coming. and all the fake christians are going right to hell with all of the rest of the loss. jesus said -- i don't have time
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to quote it, but i hope you read it. john 645. >> next speaker, please. >> i would like to see you practice what you preach when you say 100% affordable housing for all incomes for the teachers let's see you do that for the nonteachers. that is an example of the treatment. teachers is not the only population here. is that clear? you talk about affordable housing. this technique you are using, peskin is talking about 40%, that means that everyone who has an income that is low 40% of the a.m.i. is a plaintiff in the housing discrimination lawsuit. you discriminate, you price fix it again. my topic here today is about the san francisco police officers
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and other officers. i'm pointing out that police officer suicide is that more than 164-2018. having risen for a third straight year. it has tripled in the year 2018. is that clear? suicide among serving law enforcement happens every 17 hours at a rate among the violence -- it is sharply increasing. i want to point out to you that i have watched two hearings pertaining to the redevelopment agency. you say there are rules and regulations, this one here pertains to low income, and 15% are coming out of the god damn mayor's office of housing is supposed to be for low income to low income people. [indiscernible]
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>> affordable housing at 144 units, $56 million in 87 units and $57 million. i want two of those floors, which is six stories, to be for reability of police officers, veterans, and people that are homeless that are suicidal. i want another section to be for the homeless people to take care of the homeless problem -- [applause] >> next speaker, please. >> carl magnolia. thank you for the land use committee taxi hearing last week sfmta refuses to admit the medallion sales program is
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defunct because language in the contract with the credit union triggers major financial consequences were it to do so. in general, i agree with supervisor sandra fewer's suggestion to blow up the medallion system. but for card medallion holders who have invested their entire career $250,000 to payments of taxi medallions, individual medallion holders might be viewed as a necessary middleman component. the year 2020 bond measures needed to come and see the medallion holders adequately. [indiscernible] >> separately, aaron peskin's charter amendment, which assigned chart -- taxi jurisdiction to the empty has a clause affording m.t.a. exclusive authority over taxi related functions. and highly suspect opinion, the city's board of appeals has rolled up a luminary authority
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language in it means that no taxi permit holder has any due process appeal rights. also, m.t.a. appeals that prop k. had the attention to -- [indiscernible] -- this interpretation is dangerous and violates americans for disability act. the san francisco taxi coalition asks this board to sponsor simple housekeeping amendments for prop a of 2007, on the november knowledge to specify due process and disability rights. unfortunately, i have been put in charge of making that happen, so in the next week or two, i will call around to a few supervisors and hopefully we can find a sponsor to lead the effort. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i too m. a medallion holder, although i don't want to be one. but you see, when the m.t.a.
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took over, it had a policy that instead of us retiring with our medallions, we would be able to sell them to new taxi drivers, but something happened. they had a budget shortfall so they created 400 new medallions. this is an approximate figure. i believe it was 400 and something and something. by doing so, we lost the ability to sell our medallions. now this wouldn't matter, but the m.t.a. now tells us at least half the proposition k. medallion holders are actually too old. i am 80. so what do we do?
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we don't drive, and they say, well, we have a rule that says after three years you have to give up your medallion, but this was brought about by the fraud of the m.t.a., which has a similar attitude now to the people they sold the medallions to. they directly compete against them by releasing out the medallions of people who have defaulted and are renting these out. it is crazy. >> next speaker, please. >> all right. ready? my name is dane johnston. a peace sign, a trash. i have been in paper headlines -- [indiscernible]
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>> people out there watching, you have to free yourself. these people are going to help the homeless, but they have started. we will -- they said we will get rid of the homeless. we will put so many negative stories in the paper. that is what they have been doing. that is where their salvation is at. don't believe that they will help people. i will go back. [indiscernible] >> i will tell you what. you will be right beside me on the highway. i will tell you what, in 1994, the media scapegoated the homeless people saying all the trash was the homeless people's, they did not mention 50,000 gay sex people every month. i can prove it happened. drugs, condoms, sex from the gay people, maybe maybe some homeless people.
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that is the first time they have escaped. the second time, here is a second time. i will sell you down the river now. here's the thing. when you get rid of the homeless people, what will you say about the cockroaches and all the rats that live inside of buildings that have nothing to do with homeless people. they will say, those aren't rats , those are big cats. we are, levelers here. don't believe it. stop hating people. four days i went without food. none of you gave me a bread stick, not one of you. people on death row and animals get bread and you make sure they get bread every day. it takes away your humanity -- >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> i am a career cabdriver and he medallion holders since early 2009. as you may already know, the medallion sales program was masterminded by gavin newsom and carried out by late mayor lee. in january 2013, years after the program was first approved, and seven months before the cpuc had given t.n.c.'s any legitimacy, ed lee praised the ridesharing companies in his state of city address and proclaimed july 13 th live today in san francisco. and as lieutenant governor in 2014, gavin newsom urged the california legislature not to stifle innovation by heavily regulating t.n.c. the positions taken by lee and
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newsom to promote and facilitate unfair competition, at the same time the city profited from medallion sales was sleazy, immoral, unethical, and very costly and illegal. may i have the projector, please this is a letter that the m.t.a. sent to a fellow cabdriver, who in 2013 believed in the m.t.a.'s promise of a future medallion market. even though the taxi industry is the real victim here, the credit union is there -- is in the claim against the m.t.a. if the law firm steps forward to represent the taxi industry on a contingency basis, we could file a lawsuit against the m.t.a. as well. as i said to supervisors on the
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land use and transportation committee for having a hearing on this matter, i urge all of you -- >> good evening, supervisors. my name is michiana, i am the government relations manager for kaiser permanente. we have officially had the opportunity with supervisor moore and other offices as the board considers approving a resolution in support of senate bill -- in support of a senate bill. it is targeted solea kaiser permanente. the current law acknowledges our unique financial and clinically integrated model and reflects how we budget and forecast to meet the needs of our patients to support the well-being of our employees. in its current form, it is no such structure, and there are many benefits to our model.
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kaiser permanente is committed to transparency, which is the aim of this bill. as we have shared, we are currently in negotiations with the bill's authors and sponsors and we have made great strides towards consensus, just this week, we agreed to an amendment that is reflected in the current bill text and is the basis for your resolution. for these reasons, we feel any action is premature. we are hopeful the board recognizes our ongoing efforts and we will consider tabling or continuing this item. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i stand to speak with my colleague. my name is dr. shannon, i am a pediatrician at kaiser permanente where i have been seeing patients for 18 years. i wanted to clarify that senate bill 343, that we are not exempt from reporting requirements and that the accommodations were made just to reflect our unique
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model. a different structure is allowing for that regional reporting, and we stand by this truly integrated model that a lot of the country is looking to try and emulate as the rest of the country is trying to move towards value-based care, which we really are the model for. as my colleague mentioned, we stand by transparency and we have been working with senators and the authors to move forward to make sure that all of our needs are met as we are moving to this. we accept the need that we need to modernize some of the recordings, but we still want to make sure that we can do the right thing, and it is this group, as well as the state that feels that we need to make differences about the way we are reporting, so we want to make sure the understanding is there about the cost. it is those costs that aren't really truly necessary because we value making sure that the costs, we are maximizing our resources. the resources are our patient's
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dollars that we want to make sure we are maximizing the most efficient use. i stand and ask you to table your vote for a couple of weeks for a very -- we are very close. all voices are on this. then we can stand together and all stand in support of a really good resolution and legislation. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am currently an employee with the san francisco housing authority, and as you all know, the housing authority is going through transition right near -- right now. that transition will have impact on the 200 plus employees that are currently working to help resolve the homeless issues here in the city. we have a body of very dedicated employees who are continuing to do the work that is necessary to provide housing, however, with the upcoming transition of basically 90% or more of the
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staff that will be laid off, and we are, i am hearing from the different unions that are there that they feel that the negotiation process for severance packages, of course, nobody wants to have a severance package. there are very few folks in that position to be able to take advantage of a severance package most folks are looking for another opportunity to continue in the housing area, or within the city, or at least to try and find some other gainful employment. we are about ready to have another 200 plus employees that are currently dedicated to the city, adding to the problem. now, while we do realize that everybody has to do what they need to do in order to survive, and nobody is entitled to a handout, we really would appreciate support in trying to
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help these hard-working individuals find gainful employment somewhere in this city, in the system, sister agencies, whatever you can do to bring the parties to be to negotiate in good faith. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everybody. >> pull the microphone close. thank you. >> hello, everybody. i am a kaiser worker. we are here for the appeal. we want to help and establish the cost. we are here to support today's resolution. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am an employee of the san francisco housing authority. i have been here for 25 years. as you know, the housing
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authority is privatizing the entire agency, and we know what that means for black and brown people. i am a resident of san francisco , i live in the western edition. miss brown, i would appreciate your support. i need you guys to assist us in this transition. we need city employment. the majority of our employees are black and brown people. we have the highest level of african-american managers at the san francisco housing authority. i ask myself, why are we being chosen for contract out? we want to make sure that, you know, the city helps us with employment. the mayor made a promise to ensure that we all are employed after the housing authority. negotiations are not going well. that is not happening. i am appealing to you. i do not want to be the last black person in san francisco. i live in a co-op, one of the oldest co-ops in san francisco. i have history here. my coworkers have history. i am appealing to you guys. introduced a resolution to save the san francisco housing authority. if we do not have money from
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them right now, if the budgets are being shortened, what makes you think that a privatization of an organization can come in and manage it any better? we have been standard for three years. we are working hard. think about that, asked the mayor the hard questions. how much will this cost the city to come in and privatize this organization? just remember that. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> happy pride. i'm going to also support the woman who spoke about privatizing housing. i was a tenant at mercy housing. before mercy housing took over, i was living there eight years, but after they took over, because of my gender identity, i lost my housing, and i'm
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concerned about the privatizing of housing because we are losing our civil rights. we are losing our ability to file a complaint internally. the mayor's office of housing does have an eviction prevention program, but you have mercy housing too cozy, and we are losing our rights, and i support supervisor brown on the violence against women's act because in 2014, i had my first assault inside the housing program, but, currently, there is no emergency transfer program in place. in 2016, i was assaulted again. in 2017 -- so, my biggest concern is, mercy housing is not
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complying with h.u.d. regulations. no one is holding them accountable, and because i went to co-op in 2014, i went to san francisco women against rape in 2016, and i went to another. they protected me by providing counciling services, and -- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is krystal prior. i'm here as a member of the sciu california. i also am a kaiser member, and i hope that you guys will support the resolution. transparency is really big considering kaiser is considering making their profit. i know coming from medi-cal to go into kaiser, it is important that the members know what is
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going on with the money and that they can be accountable to all other standards and all other hospitals. i'm asking that you support the resolution to provide transparency for all members and for all people to know what is going on. thank you. >> thank thank you. next speaker, please. >> last week i spoke about the mental health centers, the safe harbor, and adding to that, a safe injection site with a doctor prescribing drugs. i head two locations, one of course, in the tenderloin, and i had one at the mcdonald's property on hate and standing in
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-- hate on haight street. i don't think too many neighborhoods will be fighting for this, for anything like that in their neighborhood, but i want to sweeten the deal. how about if we have a neighborhood walk in medical clinic sponsored by the city? how about adding a gerontology clinic? one that not only let's people walk in, but actually organizes home visits for the people in the neighborhood? then i added -- let's add a new clinic with an experiment with the lst and the suicide, and if what is happening, if what they are promoting and talking about now continues, that maybe very progressive for helping both
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seniors with their whoa of old age, and helping drug addicts break some of the bonds that are holding them down. i think both those neighborhoods would like something like that. what we can't do is, we have to break the laws of the state and the federal government, and what we need to do is bring our government back home, be efficient and effective where we live. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i only have two minutes, i wish we had more time, but i will applaud all the people who came down here to speak. the powers that be to keep them accountable. you will not get everything you wanted, at least you were holding them to the fire. keep speaking out and we will move to get something done. anyway, i want to mention, we have a lot of problems here in
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the city. we have traffic, health issues, and i want to applaud the toronto raptors for the championship, the great job done now that the chase center is opening up, not all is well here in the city. the data is groundbreaking. as a supervisor peskin, i don't know if you knew this, there was groundbreaking at the chase center. i spoke to an x supervisor. i said, why did they rule against us citizens to disallow this arena? and he said, rodney, they only take 5% of the cases, it is at the discretion of the judge. the judge did not hear us in our final argument to our appeal. we do not want that arena down in the mission bay, potrero hill , so what i am calling for down the road, if this doesn't pan out, and the traffic -- the
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powers to be will be ousted at that point. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i am with the sciu. i am here to speak in support of the resolution on s.b. 343. i wanted to talk about some of the comments around the amendment. there will be some amendments, but i want to say the bill will remain the same, and the vote on the resolution is not on the language of the bill. i wanted to comment that a bill like this on transparency for companies, especially nonprofit companies, is especially important for communities, just like san francisco where we are
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seeing a housing crisis and we are seeing folks that are on the lower end, they are having to pay more on rent, more on food, they shouldn't also have to pay more on healthcare. thank you. >> anymore -- yes? come on up. >> hello, i have spent half of the past four and a half years visiting some 40 cities around the globe hoping to obtain multiple perspectives to better shape my opinion as a distant one-time member of the san francisco mycological society. i applause them in their decision, but when it comes to -- it comes to me as an observation that you have spent no less than $1 million per 260 working days out of the year, generating what perhaps a
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majority of local residents regarded as a fictitious report that concluded that city streets are clean. the report was produced by a. company. perhaps this was done with the intention of shaping public opinion for political reasons, while you are apparently willing to spend no less than $380 a day to have someone take briefs walks along streets. you appeared to adamantly refused to pay teachers in our most troubled schools and give them incentives, which is 340% less then the amount i have seen recommended of $7,500. your attitude undermines your underlying attitude with regards to basic equity and education. the million dollars you spent so frivolously could readily have provided adequate and substantial benefit to 133 secondary school teachers who struggle to meet payment. it appears the education gap is
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unfortunately the space between the undercarriage and the asphalt. it comes as an additional unfortunate need to have found that $75 million for local school teachers was left on the table in sacramento a year prior to the departure of the school district. i counted the fact that the administrator failed to turn in their paperwork. funding which could have provided financial relief for 1,000 san francisco schoolteachers. >> thank you. any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is now closed. madame clerk, please call the adoption without committee agenda. >> item 56 through 59 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee, unanimous vote is required for resolutions on first reading today. alternatively, any supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee.
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>> okay. would any of my colleagues like to sever any of the items? >> what number is that? number 56. i would like to sever that. >> fifty-six? okay. anybody else? seeing none, 57 through 59 -- i believe has changed house again. roll call, please. >> items 57 through 59... [roll call]
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>> there are ten aye. >> okay. the resolutions are adopted and the motion is approved. madame clerk, please call item 56. >> item 56 is a resolution to support california state senate bill 343 authored by state senate health committee chair richard pond to create uniform healthcare data disclosures and parity and data reporting across the healthcare industry. >> supervisor mar? >> thank you. first i wanted to thank supervisors peskin, brown, haney , and ronen for cosponsoring this resolution. i would like to thank others for working with my office to draft a language, and finally, of like to acknowledge kaiser for reaching out and even being here to speak in public comment today about as.
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>> supervisor cohen: forty-three to explain the practical challenges they face as an integrated system in complying with the same cost reporting requirements as other health plans and hospitals in the state i was pleased to hear from kaiser that they are working with the bill sponsor on amendments that would create a cost reporting structure that complies with s.b. 343 and is workable for kaiser. i am hopeful that the end result will create a more uniform reporting structure that will allow the city and county of san francisco, other employers, workers, and consumers a fuller picture about healthcare cost while acknowledging kaiser's integrated model of healthcare. i look forward to seeing the end result of those negotiations, and i am happy to move this resolution forward to support those conversations. thank you. >> okay. colleagues, can we take this same house, same call?
3:43 am
without any objection -- >> mr. president, different house. >> now it is a different house. roll call, please. >> on item 56. [roll call] >> there are 11 imacs. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> madame clerk, please read the in memoriam. >> the meeting will be adjourned today in a memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor mandelman, for the late mr. michael lipp. on behalf of president g., for the late miss joanna, and on
3:44 am
behalf of supervisor stefani, for the late young, barack johannes. >> okay. , colleagues, that brings us to the end of our agenda. is there any further business before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> we are adjourned. [♪]
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>> it had been rain for several days. at 12:30 there was a notice of large amount of input into the reservoir. we opened up the incident command and started working the incident to make sure employees and the public were kept were safe there is what we call diversion dam upstream of moccasin. the water floods the drinking water reservoir. we couldn't leave work. if the dam fails what is going to happen. >> we had three objectives. evacuate and keep the community
3:46 am
and employees safe. second was to monitor the dam. third objective was to activate emergency action plan and call the agencies that needed contacted. >> the time was implement failure of the dam. we needed to set up for an extended incident. we got people evacuated downstream. they came back to say it is clear downstream, start issuing problems and create work orders as problems come in. >> powerhouse was flooded. water was so high it came through the basement floor plate, mud and debris were there. it was a survey where are we? >> what are we going to do to get the drinking water back in. >> we have had several
3:47 am
emergencies. with each incident we all ways operate withins dent command open. process works without headache. when we do it right it makes it easier for the next one. >> we may experience working as a team in the different format. always the team comes together. they work together. >> our staff i feel does take a lot of pride of ownership of the projects that they work on for the city. we are a small organization that helps to service the water for 2.7 million people. >> the diversity of the group makes us successful. the best description we are a big family. it is an honor to have my team recognized. i consider my team as a small part of what we do here, but it makes you proud to see people
3:48 am
come together in a disaster. >> safety is number one through the whole city of san francisco. we want people to go home at the end of the day to see their loved ones. we don't want them hurt. we want them back the next day to do their work. >> there is a lot of responsibility the team members take on. they word very -- they work hard. they are proud of what they do. i am proud they are recognized. adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shop & dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in
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the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique is that we're reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitting next to the xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying
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local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant community[music] >> san francisco city clinic provides a broad range of
3:51 am
sexual health services from stephanie tran medical director at san francisco city clinic. we are here to provide easy access to conference of low-cost culturally sensitive sexual health services and to everyone who walks through our door. so we providestd checkups, diagnosis and treatment. we also provide hiv screening we provide hiv treatment for people living with hiv and are uninsured and then we hope them health benefits and rage into conference of primary care. we also provide both pre-nd post exposure prophylactics for hiv prevention we also provide a range of women's reproductive health services including contraception, emergency contraception. sometimes known as plan b. pap smears and [inaudible]. we are was
3:52 am
entirely [inaudible]people will come as soon as were open even a little before opening. weight buries a lip it could be the first person here at your in and out within a few minutes. there are some days we do have a pretty considerable weight. in general, people can just walk right in and register with her front desk seen that day. >> my name is yvonne piper on the nurse practitioner here at sf city clinic. he was the first time i came to city clinic was a little intimidated. the first time i got treated for [inaudible]. i walked up to the redline and was greeted with a warm welcome i'm chad redden and anna client of city clinic >> even has had an std clinic since all the way back to 1911. at that time, the clinic was founded to provide std diagnosis treatment for sex workers. there's been a big increase in std rates after the earthquake and the fire a lot of people were homeless and there were more sex work and were homeless sex workers. there were some public health experts who are pretty progressive for their time
3:53 am
thought that by providing std diagnosis and treatmentsex workers that we might be able to get a handle on std rates in san francisco. >> when you're at the clinic you're going to wait with whoever else is able to register at the front desk first. after you register your seat in the waiting room and wait to be seen. after you are called you come to the back and meet with a healthcare provider can we determine what kind of testing to do, what samples to collect what medication somebody might need. plus prophylactics is an hiv prevention method highly effective it involves folks taking a daily pill to prevent hiv. recommended both by the cdc, center for disease control and prevention, as well as fight sf dph, two individuals clients were elevated risk for hiv. >> i actually was in the project here when i first started here it was in trials. i'm currently on prep. i do prep through city clinic. you
3:54 am
know i get my tests read here regularly and i highly recommend prep >> a lot of patients inclined to think that there's no way they could afford to pay for prep. we really encourage people to come in and talk to one of our prep navigators. we find that we can help almost everyone find a way to access prep so it's affordable for them. >> if you times we do have opponents would be on thursday morning. we have two different clinics going on at that time. when is women's health services. people can make an appointment either by calling them a dropping in or emailing us for that. we also have an hiv care clinic that happens on that morning as well also by appointment only. he was city clinic has been like home to me. i been coming here since 2011. my name iskim troy, client of city clinic. when i first learned i was hiv positive i do not know what it was. i felt my life would be
3:55 am
just ending there but all the support they gave me and all the information i need to know was very helpful. so i [inaudible] hiv care with their health >> about a quarter of our patients are women. the rest, 75% are men and about half of the men who come here are gay men or other men who have sex with men. a small percent about 1% of our clients, identify as transgender. >> we ask at the front for $25 fee for services but we don't turn anyone away for funds. we also work with outside it's going out so any amount people can pay we will be happy to accept. >> i get casted for a pap smear and i also informed the contraceptive method. accessibility to the clinic was very easy. you can just walk in and talk to a registration
3:56 am
staff. i feel i'm taken care of and i'm been supportive. >> all the information were collecting here is kept confidential. so this means we can't release your information without your explicit permission get a lot of folks are concerned especially come to a sexual health clinic unless you have signed a document that told us exactly who can receive your information, we can give it to anybody outside of our clinic. >> trance men and women face really significant levels of discrimination and stigma in their daily lives. and in healthcare. hiv and std rates in san francisco are particularly and strikingly high were trans women. so we really try to make city clinic a place that strands-friendly trance competent and trans-welcoming >> everyone from the front desk to behind our amazement there are completely knowledgeable. they are friendly good for me being a sex worker, i've gone through a
3:57 am
lot of difficult different different medical practice and sometimes they weren't competent and were not friendly good they kind of made me feel like they slapped me on the hands but living the sex life that i do. i have been coming here for seven years. when i come here i know they my services are going to be met. to be confidential but i don't have to worry about anyone looking at me or making me feel less >> a visit with a clinician come take anywhere from 10 minutes if you have a straightforward concern, to over an hour if something goes on that needs a little bit more help. we have some testing with you on site. so all of our samples we collect here. including blood draws. we sent to the lab from here so people will need to go elsewhere to get their specimens collect. then we have a few test we do run on site. so those would be pregnancy test, hiv rapid test, and hepatitis b rapid test. people get those results the same day of their visit. >> i think it's important for
3:58 am
transgender, gender neutral people to understand this is the most confidence, the most comfortable and the most knowledgeable place that you can come to. >> on-site we have condoms as well as depo-provera which is also known as [inaudible] shot. we can prescribe other forms of contraception. pills, a patch and rain. we provide pap smears to women who are uninsured in san francisco residents or, to women who are enrolled in a state-funded program called family pack. pap smears are the recommendation-recommended screening test for monitoring for early signs of cervical cancer. we do have a fair amount of our own stuff the day of his we can try to get answers for folks while they are here. whenever we have that as an option we like to do that obviously to get some diagnosed and treated on the same day as we can. >> in terms of how many people were able to see in a day, we say roughly 100 people.if people are very brief and
3:59 am
straightforward visits, we can sternly see 100, maybe a little more. we might be understaffed that they would have a little complicated visits we might not see as many folks. so if we reach our target number of 100 patients early in the day we may close our doors early for droppings. to my best advice to be senior is get here early.we do have a website but it's sf city clinic.working there's a wealth of information on the website but our hours and our location. as well as a kind of kind of information about stds, hiv,there's a lot of information for providers on our list as well. >> patients are always welcome to call the clinic for there's a lot of information for providers on our list as well. >> patients are always welcome to call the clinic for 15, 40 75500. the phones answered during hours for clients to questions. >>
4:00 am
>> the commission meeting is in section. the secretary will call the roll. >> clerk: commissioner chow. and commissioner royce and commissioner chung and commissioner green. the second item on the agenda is the june 4, 2019 minutes. >> it's in your hands and we have time to review them and what you have, accept the motion to approve the minutes from june 4th. >> seconded. >> all those in favor signify by saying aye.