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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  June 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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between 11:00 and 9:00, but depending on the needs of the community or specifically this programme, those hours can change. so these budgeted already within that station. >> thank you. >> and is it part of a broader safety plan? >> it's part of the safety plan that's already set per every station. so all of the planning around where officers are deployed are based on the needs that are reported. so this one that's so special, we're not going to wait for that. we're deploy two officers, seven days a week, on foot, so we don't have to worry about traffic. you know, the accessibility of getting to that area. and it's just not going to be just at the site, but it will be all around that area.
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so they've mapped out a safety zone for that area. >> thank you. >> and i appreciate that. i'm glad the resources are there for the foot patrols. in contrast, the entire tenderloin has foot patrol north of market. so this is a big commitment that's met and i think it will have an impact. it's actually something asked for, i think, before this navigation center was there or will be there. >> great. >> any other questions from any of the supervisors? seeing none, i think it's now giving an opportunity for those that are in opposition to please come forward. you have two minutes. so this is an opposition to the
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appeal or support of the project. come on up. >> i'm going to ask the appellants if any have. homeless for a considerable amount of time to raise your hand. you have to consider passing this bill. it's very important to the 200 people out there. i commend supervisor pe secondsr standing up and i want to ask each of you to stand up to get buildings in your district. so what i'm hearing tonight in the previous testimony has met a lot of anti-mayor.
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is this an anti-mayor campaign or what it is about, property values? so i would have a suspect of motives here tonight. they talked about traffic. there was no opposition to the chase center down the street. there was to opposition to at&t down the street and no opposition to ucsf down street. homeless, we don't drive cars, so we're not going to be an impact. and earlier someone said, i heard a joke, steelhead fish? really? homeless are being blamed for the fish in the oh ocean?that's a new one. we talked about alcohol and drugs, where there's 26 alcohol licenses within walking distance of this center. i don't think that's an issue. i'm a citizen board member at the local homes coordination and we oversee the department of hsh. we unanimously supported this
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issue for the center and the last thing i want to say hear, , people were talking about citizens and homelessness, those are the same thing. once you are on our streets for 24 hours, you are a citizen of sanfrancisco. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening, board of supervisors. i'm john ortanny, the director of interim housing shelters at the centers of san francisco. the community services partnered with the city to open up the first navigation center located at 1950 mission street in march of 2015. ecs manager manages central andy opened up 125 bayshore. ecs manages the next door and
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sanctuary shelters for a total of 534 single adult shelter beds. 13 supportive housing sites, ecs is the lead agency for the single adult coordinated entry system and we manage a senior center and healthy agent planning across all of our programming and workforce development and programming. benefits of navigation centers, they are an important component of san francisco's homeless response system. these centers take people off the street giving them needed respite. many street homeless will not enter additional city shelters for many reasons. navigation shelters offer 24-hour staf staffing with no curfews, and minimum rules and high operation's staff to client ratio and room for pets and partners to stay together. it's space to accept all
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belongs, outdoor space. since they are a much smaller living environment than the legacy single adult shel shelte, people find this easy to adapt. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm the associate director of bryant and central waterfront center. i'm the both the services at these sites. the navigation center services include on-case management for all guest,e, on site medical clinic, access to treatment, housing navigation for those that have the highest needs as assessed by the coordinated entry team and supportive
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housing, problem-solving for those not prioritized for housing, legacy shelters. some of the navigation center benefits include decrease in incantments. there's close communication and relationship between the city and providers such as ecs with surrounding neighborhoods, protocols and procedures regarding how navigation leadership deals with complaint, addressing the impact that the center has is having on the surrounding community. they have a higher staff ratios. case management will work wit person to get them ready for housing or if not prioritized for housing, work with the problem-solvers to end that person's homelessness. navigation centers provide the
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left of case management required to get people off the streets. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is kathy and i'm the director of programmes for episcopal community services. ecs is a strong partner in support of housing as we work together to plan and implement innovative programmes to address homelessness. as recently as july of 2018, we were chosen as the lead service provider for the city's single adult coordinated entry system. our teams of problem solvers, navigators assessed nearly 5,000 single adults across access points, navigation centres on the streets, in the emergency room, at the centers. the importance of the use of assessments in the one system is that we now have a deeper
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understanding of the people we're serving. navigation centers are one piece to ending homelessness in san francisco and nav centers are triage centers where we determine individual roadmaps out of homelessness which is different, be it housing or problem-solving. we provide services, treatment for substance abuse and benefit's enrollment. i'll end with a tor story as ret as yesterday. my director of coordinated entry left me a message. he said, kathy, it's working. i share with you, within a four-hour period, there was a man on streets, on mission street, that was wrapped in a blanket, that had limited engagement, that we mobilized
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our mobile team to go out and they went out with their lap tops and assessed him and right then and there realize edhe reae scored for housing -- >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is cal con conroy. i'm here to speak about building more centers in san francisco. i've had the privilege of being able to visit the navigation center and taken on a tour. i feel a lot of people have never been inside one. they are -- at least the one in the dog patch is amazingly clean. all residents there were very happy. they seemed to be extatic they were not on the trees an street.
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we should be building more massivnavigation centers in san francisco. next speaker. >> my name is danny drysdale, the community liaison at music city cf, where a hostile and ongoing construction project to provide resources for working musicians. as city resident and landlords, we fully support the proposed navigation center at the lot discussed today and urge the board to move forward in establishing a navigation center at that location. puover 1600 different people coe through the door and many of whom are low income or currently homeless individuals due to purposefully low prices and, in fact, our hostile has been the first step in achieving a place to live for many formerly
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homeless individuals. so we would like the city to do much more in supporting them and helping them to get off the streets. it would be disheartening to see the city above towards abandoning this site with potential as the one now. iwe welcome the nav center in or own neighborhood soon as there's a house of fans location discussed. so we're fully supportive and happy to have one to our location soon. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, evening, supervisors. i'm corey smith and certainly as the deputy terro director as. both organizations are in firm support of the proposal to reject the appeal here today on the simple facts this is not a single issue, that this is not a
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quality issue and that in and of itself should be enough to reject the appeal. the rest of my comments i'll be making as an individual. i've been to enough of the meetings, thank you to everybody that is over there, work on this and spending the time, as well as supervisor hainey and trying to do what you can to have all of the conversations with everybody. i know that's not easy. i know you take the full brunt of all of the crap thrown at you and it's difficult but i appreciate it and it's difficult to do. i was at the commission hearing and there were 88 people that spoke in support and 39 people that spoke against it, almost 2-1 support for this proposal because we fo know that people d places to live. we need option and solutions around the city. i've spoken with my supervisor, supervisor brown. we need one. we have people sleeping on the
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street every single night. and anything we can do to save one life at a time is worth it and it's why all of you do public service. it's why you're on the side of it. so it's not forgotten and all of those people don't show up and give you the thanks and kudos that you deserve, but it is absolutely deserved. lastly, i have to believe we have better ways of doing this and figuring out how to provide homes, especially for the most vulnerable neighbors than having people come out on a tuesday afternoon, at this point quarter to 6. there's a lot of issue that are facing the city and just want to be speaking about that. >> next speaker. >> my name is brian edwards if district five. one of the things i learn today is that this isn't a sequa issue. but what this is is a san francisco issue. another thing i learned today is
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that the san francisco version of, i'm not racist, but is the claim that you care about homeless people right before you make some bullshit augments to o keep a navigation center being built. the gentleman before me talking about a 2-1 support ratio. i was at the first one where there were five that spoke in favour of this navigation center and everyone else was against it and not a single person could tell a story about a neighborhood homeless person who they knew, who they related to, who they spoke to on a regular basis and that is not san francisco. i don't know how you do it out there. i know in district 5, we know our homeless neighbors, we talk to them and feed them and call emergency services if they need help. that's san francisco. this is not a sequ issue and we need to build this.
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>> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is robert fucman. homelessness is a crisis in that neighborhood as its is in mine and in a navigation center will address that issue. it i shoulthere are many expenso buildings with double paned windows around that proposed navigation center so i do not share concerns. much more noise and pollution comes from the multiple i-80 ramps nearby. i've seen and heard them and i eagerly have a concerted effort to oakland and east bay. all of the data about navigation centers shows they are good for the city but i've been to several meetings at the delancey about this project.
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so many neighbors refuse to believe this. a resident at the dog patch navigation center is a success and a few months ago, a neighborhood association even voted to support an extensionful their navigation center nearby. if anything, the fact that it's taken months to approve this is a sign that the current process is not working. why should we have months of meetings to approve something that we know is both necessary and morally correct? should we repeat this arduos process? is this good for people to leave work and say, it must be painfully obvious? because it is painful to watch here o and on the sidewalks. >> good afternoon. i used to live off of second and king street. i'm a support of the navigation safe center.
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what about ballgames? they all cause traffic. i'm in support of the navigation center. it's funny how people's values change when it comes to your property value. i thought the pil bible says toe your neighbor. we need to support people in need. everybody is working about parking, 9-1-1 calls and crimes but nobody sounds concerned about all of the people living in unsafe on the streets. it is a center to help people in need, a navigation center and we need people. it's homeless people, people need help. so i sport. thank you. i support it. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i live in district 6. i live more or less around the corner from the episcopal center and i have lived there since
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1996 and i come home late and guess what? i'm female and i'm not terrified of poor people. i'm not terrified of my neighbors. we're talking that this happens to be george orwells 600t 600th birthday. i think some of you read books and it might help to think about treating people decently in shelters as well as providing shelters rather than sticking people outside. not to be scared neighbors, but to be scared for neighbors is a pretty good thing, who are, incidentally, hard-working tax-paying citizens. i've always been worried going by episcopal sanctuary that there were ambulances. the answer is oh, not get this thing out of my neighborhood but help people to be in better shape. don't take their property, don't take tents, don't deny them
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sleep, don't deny them peace of mind or a right to own property or don't deny them hope. and, basically, i am uncomfortable supporting a navigation center where people are going to be mistreated if the city's record holds true, but this is a minimum. anyone who genuinely believes that they want folks to be treated decently doesn't say get if center out of my neighborhood but say make this center in my neighborhood and make it well explained, provide people with due process and also -- i'm just astonished the director of homeless services says safe and clean free without seeing a contradiction. we need to meet people where they are and not hurt them. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm kelly with the coalition
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on homelessness. i don't know about you, but i'm so tired of this going to endless meetings. it's just ridiculous. because you know what, we need to be providing shelter and housing for people that are often forced to sleep on our streets. i'm offended by the bad data and trolling on social media and wasting everyone's time and so many people that are working so hard to be helping folks who are living on our streets. and who are dying on our streets. and i'm glad that we're not having port meetings any more
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because net were horrible and all of thawful and i walked oute it was grow gross and things tht were being said were gross. but so often, the humanity of people has been lost in the discussions. and that's what we have to get back to. we needed to be doing -- we all need to be doing what we can to be helping our fellow san francisco neighbors and not demonizing folks like that. that's it. >> hello. as many times have been brought up tonight, there is issue with a navigation center on final and bryant. fifth and bryant. i live across the street and it is a fabulously-run establishment. and they are quiet neighbor, and most of my friends that come by think it's a storage facility. that is how quiet it is and
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well-maintained it is. my issue here isn't the fact that we should -- i'm not trying to argue for this explicit navigation center. i'm frustrated because we've made this discussio decision may times. the mayor has made this decision. the port commission has made this decision and how many times are we going to come up here and argue with shelter? how many times are we going to deliberate? will we have to do this for the next 2,000 shelter beds across the city? >> look at all of th all of thee spending on the issue. i know you guys are debating expediting bills right now and they don't address the specific issue, but we need to approach those issues. we need to take hold of the issue that we give voice to a dozen people to splock a whole project. we have people sleeping on the
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street and we're more concerned about people walking dogs. three, please support this navigation center. >> i live in the tenderloin of constituent 6. everyday, when i walk home in the evening, i see my own neighbors and i want to remind you that is the terminology we should be using. these people are our neighbors and they are your constituents and many are supervisor hainey's constituents. they deserve to be taken care of and as long we have a shortage, no neighborhood should get to say no to building more of them, especially one that is a mile away from any existing shelter, particularly one in the same district. like a lot of the previous
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speakers, i'm tired of having this discussion, of the endless meetings. if you are tired of this continuing to come back, i urge you to support changes that would streamline this process and take it away all together. you pass resolutions in supporter opposition and there's one on your agenda right now, in fact. i urge to pass senate bill 48 which stalled for this year and take navigation centres out entirely and we would not be here and i would be at home cooking dinner right now. thank you. >> go ahead. >> good evening, soup stores su. i'm a resident in district 6 and i live about a block away from the projects. i'm firmly in support of the navigation center and oppose this. the process doesn't have to be
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this way. this project is fortunate enough to have a categorical exemption under se albuquerququa. it could have a sta statutory exemption. this would enable projects to be proposed with more confidence and avoid watering down, such as what occurd with this project. supervisor hainey, i appreciate your engagement on twitter. but it's unchair why you believe projects like this should be subject to a process to preclude the exemption from applying. you state that as a policy decision, but you have not clearly stated what policy you are pursuing. i remind the supervisor that people cannot live in percentage or policy. you are in a position to change the process right now. and thus far, have refewed t reo so. you can change the process and
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you can reduce or eliminate meetings like this and put projects like this on a firmer legal foundation and get more people housed without compromising like i have here and all it takes is to support the charter amendment. thank you. >> hi, i'm laura foot and obviously in strong support of the homeless navigation center but i want to take a minute to think about what is nimbyism. the people who wome came out toy have repeatedly have said, they're not nimby but nimbyism is a thing triggered. they call come up over and over again and say i support homeless housing in general, just not here. i have an elaborate reason why it shouldn't be here. no matter where you propose
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something, you will hear that same answer. our neighborhood is special. i don't know a person who has come across a neighborhood that is not special. our neighborhood has families, as do many neighborhoods. our neighborhood has old people. i hope every neighbor has old people. this is what integration looks like, is bringing different kinds of people to live together. (please stand by).
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>> president yee: you may start. >> thank you. numb number one, i have three points. miss gibson mentioned this project may be a nuisance. being a nuisance is not a definition of being a good neighbor, it's being a bad neighbor. if the city is not being a good neighbor in this instance, the project should be rejected. number two, the port director, in response to a question from supervisor haney, said that there were hundreds of interim leases that had not gone to the state lands commission, if i heard correctly. my strong suspicion is that those were public trust leases rather than nonpublic trust
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leases which is what we're talking about here. in any event, i would request those leases be put in the record in this matter. but let me just read the statute that the port drafted, ab 2797, section 7-e. a nontrust lease, a lease is by definition a nontrust use, shall be subject to approval by the commission -- it's the state lands commission -- as provided in paragraph
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sounds like there's some objections. i did not hear any remaining valid argument that had to do with ceqa, so in terms of that, i don't think there is a ceqa argument here. i do want to respond to some of the things that were said and talk about how we move forward. you know, i spent, you know, i think a lot of my first couple months in office talking to people about this issue. dozens of meetings down at the waterfront, talking to hundreds of neighbors, including people who were housed and unhoused,
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people who were in navigation. i visited all the navigation centers that currently exist in our city, and i think i came out of that process believing very strongly that we need navigation centers. they are not the entire' solutientire' -- entire solution, they are not going to solve the crisis by themselves, but without navigation centers, people are forced to create their own
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we have seen a positive impact on the broader community, so i hope we can move forward and see this work. i understand there are people that may have been concerned about the process, and i respect that. but i hope that moving forward, we can come together and make this work for this community. i will do all that i can to make sure that we fulfill our commitments, that the departments fulfill their commitments, that we work together, that we listen, that we hold ourselves accountable. this may not have been a perfect process, but we should learn as we move forward because this will not be the
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last navigation center that we build. in fact i'm hoping that we have one in every supervisor district. but this navigation center will move forward. it will have the continued support of my office and the city. i hope that even folked who were opposed will work with us and make this a success because nobody wants to see what we have on our streets right now, nobody wants to see people without housing, without shelter, dieing, and the navigation center is an important tool to get us there. so with, that i want to move -- >> president yee: excuse me. supervisor haney, before you make a motion, i want to excuse supervisor peskin because he had to leave. >> supervisor mandelman: so moved. >> president yee: it's moved by
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supervisor mandelman, seconded by supervisor fewer, and i excuse supervisor peskin. >> supervisor haney: i move to affirm the categorical exemption determination. >> president yee: so you move to approve 46 and to table items 47 and 48. >> second. >> president yee: and it's been seconded. roll call, please. >> clerk: on the motion to approve 46 and table items 47 and 48 -- [roll call]
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>> clerk: there are nine ayes. >> president yee: okay. colleagues, the determination of the exemption is finally affirmed. [gavel]. >> president yee: madam clerk, i don't know if the department of election is back yet. >> clerk: they have returned, mr. president. >> president yee: where are you? >> clerk: yes, yes. >> president yee: okay. then let's go back to items 49 -- no, to 50, actually. colleagues, i believe we have the ballot election summary report form from the department of elections for the north of market tenderloin community benefits district. madam clerk, please announce the results. >> clerk: the returned weighted ballots voting for the north of tenderloin community benefit district was 83.44%, and the returned weighted ballots voting against the north of tenderloin community
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benefit district was 16.66%, further indicating there was no majority protest. >> president yee: okay. so there's no majority protest. colleagues, without objection, can we take a vote on item 50, the resolution to establish, renew, and expand the north of tenderloin community benefit district? madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 50 -- [roll call] >> president yee: okay. i might have to rescind the vote when supervisor haney comes back in. >> clerk: okay. we'll just proceed.
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[roll call] >> clerk: there are eight ayes. >> president yee: okay. so with that, then, it passes. [gavel]. >> president yee: i guess the next item is just to go straight into general public comments. madam clerk? >> clerk: all right. at this time, the public can address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes, including the may 21, board of supervisors minutes, and on item 62, the adoption without reference committee calendar. public item will not be allowed if an item has already had its public comment. please direct your comments to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors, and not to the audience. if using interpretation assistance, you'll be allocated twice the amount of time to testify, and if you'd like to
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display a document on law
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is followed, that when people come here to make public comment, that they're not given difficulties in making those public comments. the second thing, which is what the hearing is today is since this is constitutionally protected politically free peac speech, protected by the brown act and sunshine ordinance, violation by putting summaries in the minutes which are not accurate is a violation of not just a violation of the brown act, but the sunshine ordinance and first amendment rights. the clerk does not follow the
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law as the ordinance relates. the law says the clerk of the minutes will include the name of the person speaking, what they spoke about, and what their position was. the only thing the clerk of the board does is put in the person's name and the subject. so she does not follow it in regard to any citizen of san francisco. and as i've said to you before, i'm the only citizen in san francisco who actually gets his public comment -- >> president yee: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm going to further fine-tune my already demonstrated well over -- several times demonstration on how to take care of this homeless problem. as i said before, i'm quick to react to contradictions.
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i find it odd that you could say it's not going to solve the homeless problem. that's why this controversy is taking place. if it's not going to solve the homeless problem, what the hell are you doing it for? my proposition of putting up the two towers that would solve the homeless problem is a demonstration of your total incompetency and how you should be dealing with the problem. sfgov viewer. year after year after year, you keep doing the same stupidity, unprofessionalism, administration after administration after administration. you claim you want to help the people that have mental disabilities, but you don't even have a place to put them. but your departments come asking for millions to treat the people, but yet you don't
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know where the people you want to treat are located. make no mistake, you had an $88.2 million negative cash flow deficit in the last several months of ed lee's life. you got that? and you had that same deficit that you took over after you died. you got that? people got nowhere to go on the street. you got that? you got 80 -- you've got $12.2 billion because of donald j. trump. you got that? you got that because of the tax cuts and the tax cuts of his regulations pertaining to taxes. and for you to have that much money and not have permanent housing to benefit everybody is an insult on everybody's intelligence. >> president yee: thank you.
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next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is matthew sutter, and i'm a taxi driver in san francisco. i want to bring to your attention that san francisco credit union are now denying our loans. we ask who do we have to pay? they're not interested. they are forcing our hands, and we ask you guys to hear us, to listen to us because you guys are our voice. i signed a contract stating that if the medallion program fails, the city shall issue me an untransferrable medallion. i've driven these streets for 27 years. i've picked up your kids. i've probably picked you up once or twice, and i've picked people up off the ground, too. this is a disgrace. the sfmta and credit union are
10:48 pm
now driving owners into a state of depression. it's happening in new york, it's going to happen here, and it's going to be on your hands. we need you to step in and put a stop to it right now. we paid the back on time every time, and now, they don't want to renew our loans. what are we to do with that? this is the same thing that the bank has done in the past, issuing loans to people to buy homes that they did not qualify, and then, they foreclosed, lost everything, and what happened? the government bailed them out. when is it going to stop, you guys? when are you going to standup for people? when did san francisco start losing compassion for people and families? you are the ones that need to step up. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for all honorable supervisors. the other day, we had seen a
10:49 pm
little light thrown in our dark rooms for years and years. thank you for that. i appreciate you for working hard and getting us out of that rut. got bless you for that, and we have that feeling that you guys are really working hard for us, and just thanks for you, and i hope we'll get out of that soon because you really are working hard, so thank you so much and god bless you for that. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, everybody. my name is ali tunney. 30 years driver. just coming here to remind you again as my co-worker, he said everything i had to say. i hope you guys have open ear. sometimes i wonder how many times we come in here and tell you situation of what's going
10:50 pm
on for us. this is the people, after 30 years, and another guys, more than 30 years, we purchase the medallion. i don't call them purchase, i call them forcing us. and please, you guys have to have attention. this is not just continue -- as long as i know, eight years, seven years from the beginning, i've been here, and i'm trying to tell you guys what's going on. this is -- this is not to continue anymore. you guys have to force the m.t.a. to do something. they have patience, they have patience, they not worried about them. they said to me, we don't want to be cab company, but this means who you are? what is your job? what you are doing? they are failing. they are not doing their right
10:51 pm
job. if you want to helping us, you know that, there has been so much money for other reason, reform the taxi industry. tell them to reform some people professional, being from outside. they cannot do it. thank you very much. please, we need your help. it is a time for action. >> president yee: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm speaking on behalf of several taxi medallion holders. we vigorously oppose ride share
10:52 pm
actions. sfmta are keeping us as slaves to benefiting themselves and increasing their pays. we are fed up with this system. although we had been coming here more than a year but did not get rid of medallions. medallions are worthless. medallions owners are miserable. someone needs to refund money to us. sfmta never listened to us. sfmta made uber, lyft very rich. our airport business is unsustainable as long as ride share exists at airport. we cannot we lie on this business. we cannot deal with this
10:53 pm
catastrophic business. it has been destroyed. it is devastating to our taxi business. we know all city supervisors are good peoples. respective supervisors, please buy back our medallions, and payoff our outstanding loans to the banks. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is harjit corcorea. i am he driving taxi drivers almost -- i am driving taxi, drive almost for 26 years. san francisco is beautiful city and very nice people here, and everybody in the world, they love san francisco, they love california. everybody love u.s.a., and when
10:54 pm
we know if somebody like now, the meaning of u.s.a., go other countries and look them. everybody like to come here in the united states, and i'm not able to drive taxi anymore. and also, sfmta, they make a promise to us. if we are not able to work anymore, we can bring the medallions back to them. they can give our money back, and we can get a regular life. i don't think so. sfmta is forcing us to be homeless. my guess is we'll be homeless one day in san francisco. i love the homeless, i love san francisco, and i was here when i came here new. and i said thank you for san
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francisco's supervisor, and all this, and thank you very much. that's it. >> president yee: thank you very much. next speaker. >> and jesus said that if i with the finger of got cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of god is come upon you. something happened in the kingdom of god, 8,497 days ago, i am certain of that. i am certain the time of the end of the last days began then. now in the old testament, when you got a revelation once in a while, you'd get a promotion. joseph interpreted pharaoh's dream, and he got a promotion. paul got caught up into the third heaven and heard words
10:56 pm
unspeakable, it was unlawful, and he got beatened with rods, stones, almost killed, and then beheaded. but things are different in the new testament. i'm telling you something, okay? we are now in year 2,544 from when the temple was destroyed. it was destroyed in the fifth month, the tenth day of the month, and it was destroyed the second time, it was destroyed on the same exact day unless you don't count that sabbath day in the 70th year. which i don't think you do. that means there were 84 seven-year cycles between the destruction of jerusalem, and there's 84 84-month cycles w. t
10:57 pm
what i'm thinking is august 11th will be the day that the jews mourn for the 5,844th day to be precise. that's judgment day. i've made predictions in the past, but i know when jesus answered the questions of the disciples -- >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. good afternoon. thank you very much. my name is ajaz. i am a cab driver for almost 29 years. first of all, i thank you, supervisor fewer, and sandra fewer. forgive me if i pronounce wrongfully the name, and safai, and aaron peskin. this issue is -- we should just
10:58 pm
go away and solve the problem, and the sfmta should buy back the medallions, and we should be in peace, and the city should be in the peace, and hope -- sfmta has gone inspect hibernation. this is the only place we have to come for help from you peoples. and help and buy back the medallions, and push them as far as you can. also, request, like, if we have $2300 of baggage on our back. if you could takeoff the $1250 that we pay every month to the cab companies, what for? 1,000? that's fine. we are thinking -- we got the loan from the federal credit
10:59 pm
union, but why are we paying $1250 or so to the cab companies. we should be exempted from this affiliation of the companies. if you could consider this point also, then it will alleviate at least half of our burden from our back until they are buying back, al least it will alleviate our pain a little bit, and i hope you will consider that. thank you very much. >> president yee: thank you. next speaker. >> i have a translator here. hello, all the members of supervisor and the president, my name -- [speaking native language]
11:00 pm