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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 19, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> good afternoon. my name is christy. owner of. [inaudible] for 30 years. having been a resident of our city for 38 years, i have seen it grow and go through many changes, like a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. i am here to support the flower market project for this reason. working out with the flower markets on their project for five years. updating the customers come along the way, and have always been responsive to their comments. i know some of the vendors asked for the option to move to a new location. instead of moving back to sixth
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and brannan. they are concerned about changes in the neighborhood. i believe the new flower market project is exciting, beautiful, and would make an amazing new home for this flower market. it is modern. but, for the design and embracing the neighborhood it is warm, friendly, vibrant, thriving community -- would you imagine that? flower vendors, wholesalers, buyers, florists, caterers, like us, and artists will all be there where we belong. flower market will definitely be an added tourist attraction for
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them to visit, and help bless us. we are here, a local resident who enjoys a gym in our city. so very grateful for kilroy to put so much love in this project. may you find it beneficial to approve the flower market project for our community and the city itself. because, imagine sixth and brannan, the gateway to the city with a new flower market it is like coming home, showcasing another side of the city. romantic. beautiful flowers, beautiful people of the flower market coming together, looking beyond. supporting the vision, plan a project. i love the flower market. i love the people.
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i love flowers, and i love the people. this project is important for the city. i hope you find in your heart to have its day. >> you are a poet in addition to a florist. thank you. any other public comment on this item? with that public comment is now closed. >> commissioner moore. >> this has been. [inaudible] i am happy we are here today. it is a remarkable project there's only one sad thought. that is that the flower mart may
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not be there in the end. it leaves the commission with a very unusual situation that is to decide on a still to be determined future of this building. i have never had that before, and it gives me a lot of pause. the building, as it stands is asking for a lot of special conditions, and exceptions, in the grand gesture i really wanted to have the flower mark market, in tran07, make sense. that is what everybody wants sitting in the commission chair, only hearing it being talked about in the paper which has been over the many years. however -- for the flower mark marked, the building and everything which comes with it has my 100% support.
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the only thing i have questions about is when the building becomes something else, what we are primarily wanting to approve it for, leaves me with a few questions. we just have to ask the questions, because that is why i sit here and that is what i have to do. i want to first go to a page in the newly released synopsys of the projects, on page 34, where it is under paragraph c, a very well written explanation that exceptions on this are necessary to facilitate the provision of important public assets that would otherwise be difficult to locate in the highly developed neighborhood like south of
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market. it speaks about very specific exceptions that were designed, and should be approved for the operation of the flower marked. if you read that paragraph, that is what i would be slowly improving i would say yes. it comes to a different kind of a building i have questions and i will quickly touch on them as i wrote them down. it's not necessarily in the order of importance, but the effect outcome of the building. the most important one is to look at the loading bay. for the fact of this particular project exceptions were made that they are open loading bays rather than being enclosed loading bays pay for the operation of the flower mark, that made a lot of sense. if you get into understanding how that works.
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the loading bays for the flower marked that waivers the question. justification for building separations, the flower market itself is a huge of all that requires buildings to with that pressure -- one starts to ask, why? there is the issue of narrow street setback for the markets fall variant. without a market hall -- not being achieved? there is the issue of mass production. the lot merger exemption in the historic district.
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there is the question of pdr replacement, obviously those rules were not properly meant if i understand that correctly. i never saw exactly the number of parking spaces that i asked for in this project. i looked but i may have not properly identified it. so, we are talking about a building that is in flux. the addition of childcare is an obligation that i think is good. i question the size of childca childcare. the typical child model is 10-15 children per class.
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this is very large. the location of the childcare in a very large footprint seems to be at the opposite end of the area on brannan plaza there is a particularly pointed out children's playground equipment. you can go through this and read it page by page. the variant is hard to understand because it is not designed for the variant it is designed for another yousendit is retrofitted by finding square footage of assignments reflect an alternative. there is one thing and i have talked with and presentations as i mentioned to -- as we are continuing to experience a large exiting of retail in all parts
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of even our successful neighborhood commercial districts and as we are seeing a very large amount of retail square footage assigned to not just this project, but all others, i am wondering if we are not getting on a slippery slope because everybody wants the same kind of animated retail. the same kind of ground-floor activation. i am wondering if we are asking more. i'm not trying to make this a depressing commentary, on my part, but i believe i need to ask questions. in the end, we want the market to succeed in its entirety. some of the questions are generic to all projects. some of them are specific to this project because this project is very, very large. i am looking for additional
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flexibility in building execution when it comes to that particular.where it is decided that the flower market can stay and everything will be wonderful or it will, for other reasons, designed to look for another home other my support for the project is -- 100%. however, i believe those questions for you to decide as we move forward. >> thank you. >> with all due respect, i think this is one of the best projects we have ever seen, or, i have ever seen. i don't think there's anything this project does not have. not only has kilroy been exit -- in business managing existing building's already here in tran07 they are coming out with new construction that is actually blowing my mind. the pathways, the setbacks on the balconies optimizing open
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spaces and creating pedestrian walkways in a way i haven't seen many times before this is a very under liberalized parcel -- -- underutilized parcel. for the other commissioners, and the public lead platinum is almost unattainable, very difficult and very costly to reach. the academy of sciences is a leed platinum building. another one we are sitting in right now, this is an existing building obviously, but it has reached and gained lead platinum status. thank you, city and county of san francisco. this aligns with the mayors and the cities rules to achieve net zero energy and address climate change. just yesterday there was a press release, authored by mayor breed and supervisor peskin to initiate a plan to fully electoral -- electrify ground transportation.
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cars, buses, this is just one way we can start chipping away at our climate change problem. it is good to see kilroy is aligning with what were trying to do with the city. those are my main reasons for supporting the project i'm in strong support. again i want to say thank you on behalf of the building trades to see tim paulson here and let everyone know the 26 trades are going to be employed on this project, not one, two, three, but 26 are going to be involved in this. you don't see very often. when we do we make a big deal about it. thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you. i, too, want to say this is an incredibly exciting project. i think it centers around a community that we all deeply care about that is a san francisco treasure. i will always remember the first time i walked into the flower marked and was just blown away
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by the beauty of community and the natural world. in a very urban setting. it's been a real gift to have in the city. we have all worked together and come together to make sure that it continues to be supported and thrives in the city. i think it was one of the questions that everybody asked, i think. when we heard there was the potential for the flower marked not to come back to the buildi building. we want to make sure that that is truly what is best. all united by what is truly best for the flower marked ultimately. and then we wanted to make sure that the building itself is utilized in a way that continues to support community benefits. i actually do think it would be useful to just have the project sponsor to share a little bit more about what you are thinking about the use, in case the
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flower mart doesn't come back. i think the public deserves to hear little bit more about that. how you will continue to support retail? integrate the flower marked in creative ways? >> if you could put up slide 15, just so you can talk us or what's going on there. >> why don't i start, i'm going to ask ben to appear. [laughter] on help me out. we shared these same questions when we heard the flower mart was considering not coming back. it is, you know, a big site. with the flower market there we were not able to do a lot of things that we would like to do on a site like this. the most obvious example of that
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is the childcare. the biggest i would say change if the flower marked doesn't come back is that we are able to do a childcare facility on the site. in response to the comment about the size of the site. we brought a childcare consultant with us today, who has worked on this project and many childcare projects who can certainly speak to the appropriateness of the size of this facility if that would be helpful? i also think it is important to emphasize that this is a 2.5 million square-foot project. the wholesale flower mart is 115,000 square feet of this project. it is a change, no question about it, but the wholesale nature of the flower mart means we designed the flower mart working with the vendors to be something that was not outward facing on the project. it is something that is inward facing on something that faces
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the service drive or all of the loading activity is taking place. all of the retail and the public open space, all of the other public facing features of the project will remain the same whether there is a wholesale flower mart there or not. there is some other changes to the project that ben can talk about in a second if there is no wholesale flower market there. ultimately while we would like the wholesale flower market to be there, as alexander said in the presentation we recognize it is their decision. as you said, we want what is best for the wholesale flower market. ultimately that is what is best for san francisco. that they are in a location that they are going to thrive. why don't i let ben speak to some of the other changes. we are happy to bring up the childcare consultant if that is something that would help. >> the changes that come into play if the wholesale flower
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mart does not return. basically start below grade, there's a reconfiguration of the basement we got the whole wholesale flower market in the their. it modifies how we actually have the basement. as mike's talks -- the community room, and the widening of the market alley. the widening of the market alley is fairly impactful. it lets us bring light and air further into the project and really improves the social aspect. as you move past that, the rest of the changes have to do with a change in the ground floor height and how that goes through the blocks building. we re- proportion some height a little bit. those are really the big changes. in terms of the site in general, you know, we have really gone to a lot of work playing with the
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said design and trying to bring out the spirit of the san francisco flower mart. [inaudible] we have gone through a lot of work, really thinking how we play out the heritage of the san francisco flower mart. we are trying to figure out ways in which we can rotate the plantings seasonally, and really play out the different typologies that come from the san francisco flower mart. >> let me quickly add a couple of things that ben didn't get to and i didn't mention. there's an expanded bike parking facility and expanded retail. i want to emphasize that whether there is a wholesale flower market there or not. whether the host cell component is there or not. the intention is to continue the partnership with the flower
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mart. have a significant amount of flour retail on the site. have flower shows, farmers markets in all kinds of things that will bring the flower marched back to the site, even if they do ultimately decide that a better location exists. >> can you go back and talk about what is going on if the flower mart does not come back? i asked you to put up slide 15 to commissioner johnson's question. the child care is labeled, can you go through what is the blue, the orange, the community room and all of that? what is going on? >> the tank is that a childcare. it's located at the northeast corner. located in that condition to provide an outdoor play area. to clarify, it's about 16,000 square feet of enclosed childcare with 6,000 feet of outdoor play area which is calculated in.
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it's located in that position because it has the best chance of connection to light and air. we have wind issues that keep her from being located in other areas. to the west of the childcare facility, there are a series of back up house spaces that have to do with and the relocation of some mechanical equipment. we brought it up. a loading space brought up from the basement which allows us to excavate less intensely and dig in the site. in the center of the project that is in office amenity piece. it is one of the more challenging pieces of the project. it is not daily it's. it is landlocked. it is more challenging and other configurations. in this configuration, locate media, back of house spaces.
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if it is dedicated to the office use, so we coded it to office. and then you essentially have retail and it has to be slightly reconfigured along the market alley. it's been optimized a little bit more, really with the san francisco flower mart in place trying to get any retail in there and maintain any clear passageway to the microwave was a challenge. now that we have a little bit more space it gives more of a variety of retail to speak to the question about how retail survives on the site. >> there's is no connection between that middle office space and the retail space? >> no there is not a connection. the retail is outward facing in it connects the market alley and the office space is the interior. the blue that you see our reconfigured office lobbies.
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this was another aspect of it being a challenge to bring offices out to the street with the san francisco flower mart. we always wanted to expanded a little bit given the volume that has to move through the site. we've done the simulation work to try to figure out. it helps us to be able to push that out a little bit to ease the movement. >> thank you. >> my final comments are just really excited about this project overall. excited that the filipino cultural heritage district will be denoted in some way. would love a retail component of the flower mart to be there so people can continue to experience the beauty and really san francisco as an institution. i think it will help make it a landmark space.
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>> this probably is the most complex project i have seen in my short time here. i think it has been very comprehensively dealt with. since it took me four hours to read this i felt probably a lot of things have been considered. the issues that have been brought up are ones i think we have all thought about. the problem is that there is no guarantee for any use. there is no guarantee that the wholesale flower operation is going to be around 10-20 years from now. we hope that they will be, but there is no guarantee for that. the issue for me in terms of my role here is that is this an appropriate use, is that an appropriate design within the context of the central soma pl
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plan? is it appropriate for the many exceptions that have been applied here and is the overall composition of this design one we think will add value to not only central selma but to our city, at this point i would say yes, i'm in support and except if of the exceptions in light of the large scale redevelopment as occurring here. and a project that is quite separate from perhaps some of the conceptual buildings. therefore i am prepared to act on this project today. >> i do not want to belabor this
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kumbaya moment everybody is sharing. i recall the day i believe it was 2014, when i went to see the 5m project. that morning, peskin was in the front page of the paper doing this flower mart things that you aren't taking our flower mart away. i said isn't there anything sacred in the city anymore? they're going to rip the flower mart out and put an office building on top of it. here we fast to to today, have to think the city staff for keeping what is sacred and keeping san francisco what makes it unique. no matter where the flower mart goes, let's hope it will be here in 50 years. you are planning for that eventuality. i moved to peru. >> second. -- i move to approve. >> second.
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>> i want to thank all of the folks from the flower mart that have hung in there, i know how, you know, how hard it is to have things change. i want to thank kilroy for being such a great, you know, partner and developer in this process. i am supportive of the project. i would love to see the flower mart come back to the site. i actually love the building. it looks like one of these european marketplaces. i can't wait to see it when it's actually built. if it does not get built, i like the childcare facility there. i think we need it. in central selma which has -- soma. we are adding a bunch of jobs. if i had a child and worked in one of those new jobs it would be an ideal location. we have such a shortage of
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childcare and the city i think it is a great use. i am not crazy about, you know, i may be office in the middle of everything, because it is such i think it we could think through what other ways we could configure the space, may be tied into the retail, some art pieces. i don't know. i can think of myself, in the middle of the building looking up at the ceiling and thinking, what a waste to have this be back office rather than something fabulous. but, i am completely supportive of this project. thank you for bringing it to this point. >> could i ask of the architects one more question, please? would you speak briefly to the variant and the main entrance coming off the breezeway? have you shifted the entrances away from the building come
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again on centerline. with the flower mart version, the dynamic is engaging. the way this plan is rendered, i do not see that you are still coming through brannan street on a dedicated pedestrian crossing right into the big space. >> i will toggle back and forth really quickly so you can see. generally the approach from brennan street doesn't change. you pass through the market hall building, through the oculus, right? coming up from the oculus you have elevators that bring you up from the garage if you are driving. you come through, neither variant do you enter any of the lobbies from the center, right? you always distribute out. this is a way of us activating the site. we forced everybody outside, it's a sort of a mix in the popos space. the only things that have changed with the office lobbies
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is that they've gotten a little bit less corridor. with the wholesale flower mart we had to keep the space tight in order to meet the requirement. when the san francisco flower mart, if they don't return we take advantage of that to throttle out the lobbies a little bit. does not answer the question? >> it does. thank you. >> if there's nothing further, commissioners there is a motion to second on approve this matter with conditions on adopt a recommendation for approval. [roll call] .-dot motion passes unanimously 6-0. yes, but they approved the planning code. yeah, we are taking it together.
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all of them together. >> thank you. >> for the benefit of the public and commission i'm pleased to announce that item 15 for case number 2018, at 3902 clay street, the discretionary review has been withdrawn. commissioner, that places us on item ten,. [reading notes] 3301 fillmore street, conditional use authorization. >> the project before you at 3301 fillmore street is requesting conditional use authorization for a formula retail mass tutoring surface at the ground floor of a three-story residential commercial building. the project proposes no change to the existing tenant space or the building envelope. to date the department has not received any public comment on the project. @ the department finds that the
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project is unbalanced, consistent with the goals and objectives of the general plan as the proposed format retail establishment provides a constructional service within a vacant space and contributes to the diverse economic environment of this the district. project is necessary and desirable, therefore the departments recommendation is to approve with conditions. this concludes my summary of the project and i am available to answer any questions. >> we will now hear from the project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners. could i have the computer? >> there you go. >> i am seeking your approval to allow us to open a math knees et
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3301 fillmore street. we chose this location because it is centrally located in a very family oriented area, with a lot of schools. within a 1.5 mile radius there are 1500 students. we haven't seen any educational areas that specializes in math within that radius. in general, about mathnasium, why a franchise? even the mathnasium is a franchise, me and my husband will be opening it, it's more about if the curriculum
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developed, the founder put his heart and soul into it, all of the centers have very good ratings, and they really look at the students and make it a fun environment for the kids. me being a parent, my children go to the center at mountain view. they love it. they look forward to going to it and sort of looking at it as a chore, they actually look at the fund. they look at it as a fun thing to do, like a sport. they really enjoy it. we hope to serve kids from ages 5-7, from elementary to high school age group. there is a middle school just a block from the center that we hope that the kids can come, just walking to the center. also there is a public transit. there is a stop right across the street from us.
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we are hoping that a lot of kids can use public transit to come after school. we are going to be open after school. 3-7:00 p.m. we also plan to be a good member of the community. the community, most of the mathnasium's they offer things where they hold, because parents drop their kids for an hour, at the center where we explore the businesses around the area. we also received the support from the business community around the area businesses that
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we reached out to and able to support. i think that is all i had to say unless you guys have any questions. >> thank you so much. we will now open this item for public comment. is there any public comments on this item? >> my name is kate mcgee, i'm an agent for the client. i am that had to leave earlier. i will be very brief. i wanted to realize some of their supporting words, and that is terry and dennis norton, the landlords, with terry's sister madeline, they've owned the property for over 100 years, it's been and their family since 1914. they say frankly, we cannot think of a negative argument against it and neither can our
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neighbors whom we have pulled it. in addition to the letters of support that we have received from the landlord, bruce hall, cpa has an office in the neighborhood that is in support of the project, has also provided a letter of support. they have support of the project, and addition to that, the 11 merchants have signed a petition as well. i am available for questions as well. >> thank you very much. any other public comment? with that, public comment is closed. >> i think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood and i moved to approve. >> second. >> thank you commissioners. on that motion to approve this matter with conditions. [roll call]
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that motion passes unanimously 6-0. >> item 11,. [reading notes] 1901 fillmore. conditional use authorization. >> hello again, commissioners. 1901 fillmore is requesting conditional use authorization to legalize an existing formula retail use within a one story commercial building in the upper fillmore neighborhood commercial district. proposing no change to the existing tenant space or the building envelope. the department has not received any public comment on the project. the department finds that the project is on balance consistent with the goals and objectives with a general plan. the formula retail establishment contributes to a variety of neighborhood serving specialty commercial services within the area.
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and the project is necessary and desirable. therefore the departments recommendation is to approve with conditions. this concludes my summary. i am available for questions. >> do we have a project sponsor? >> chair members of the planning commission, my name is cheryl brady. i represent sage natural wellness, the store director is here if you have any questions. as you are aware we are requesting a conditional use authorization for a formula retail use first sage natural wellness it is an existing 22,500 retail store with operating hours 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. monday through friday
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at 11:00 a.m. until six the san francisco store currently has two managers, and a five part-time team members totaling seven employees. the store is open for business, building permits were approved to allow the interior improvements. once completed the store is open for business. once open a complaint was received in the aspect that they did not receive notice that it was formally retail. researching city records, staff realized that building permits were processed without the conditional use authorization approval for the formula retail. we did have a commute, we did reach out to the community, we did have meetings. the walked in, nobody had any opposition. i believe the person that did complainant came to the meeting and stated that they had
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concerns, because they never received notice for the business that they were happy it was located there. if you are not familiar with sage natural wellness, it is a canadian retailer, which provides essential oils, home essentials and skincare products with the commitment 100% natural ingredients. we have read staff report. we agree with the conditions of approval we want to think katie for all of her help getting us here. we are available for any questions you may have. >> thank you so much. do we have any public comments on this item? public comment is now closed. >> have one question. i am asking about the use of the word legalizing, it has been there for an extended period of
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time. it's a very nice store in fillmore. why does it have to be legaliz legalized? >> essentially it is referring to the fact that it needed the formula retail conditional use authorization. legalizing the use under the formula retail controls. >> was not over look to time when they moved in? >> apparently so. >> okay. moved to approve. >> second. >> thank you commissioners. on that motion. [roll call] that motion passes unanimously 5-0. item 12. case number 2015-015199 cua. at 56,228th avenue, conditional use authorization. >> the project before you is
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requesting conditional use authorization to demolish a single-family dwelling and construct a new eight family dwelling pursuant to sections. located at 56,228th avenue. the proposed building has a gross floor area of approximately 13 school thousan. of the eight dwelling units, to proposed as accessory dwelling units. the project previously proposed six dwelling units and a residential care facility on the ground and basement levels. the department received a signed petition and opposition of the project from nearby neighbors with major concerns being that the residential care facility which was removed was not in character with the neighborhood
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and the lack of a one-to-one parking dwelling unit ratio. on balance the department finds the project compatible with the general plan necessary for the community and recommends approval with conditions. this project is remove an older therefore natural more affordable dwelling unit, the increased denting offsets that loss. one additional recommendation should the commission grant approval. remove condition 11 which relates to antidiscriminatory housing line does not apply to this project because it is less than ten units. @ i am available for questions and i will turn it over to the project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the project sponsor. on that last point, even if that condition needs to be taken away, we are happy to support it if that is something the city attorney would like. the architect is running late, so i am going to run through a few comments and hopefully, in
11:45 pm
the next four and 40:00 the architect arrives. i want to touch on a few points going back to the hearing you had, the first hearing had today. this product is taking advantage of the adu and new construction legislation. this project allows two rent controlled units on a site that currently has no rent control these will be in a space that otherwise would have been car parking, residential care use or potentially larger units. both of the adu's are family sized, 1200 square feet with two bedrooms. in fact, seven of the eight units in this building will be 2-3 bedrooms. there are -- all of the units are moderately sized. the two and three bedrooms -- that means this is an easier price.for more san franciscans.
11:46 pm
this is not a mega home, and this is not a make a home with a small adu. this is a true multi family development. because the architect is not here to explain this in professional language, i will use terms on the building desi design. it is contextual and consistent with the neighborhood. it's also consistent with this commission's feedback on other projects. it has no roof deck. we are not seeking a variance to increase building size, or to encroach into the rear yard. there are light wells that match each of the adjacent neighbors. it is sculpted in a way to try to maximize light and air going into two bay windows on the downhill neighbor. the development will be consistent with the block open space.
11:47 pm
we think it is a great project and it is a perfect site for this part of town. thank you, and we are available for any questions. >> thank you. is there any public comments on this item? come on up. if you want to address us line up on the screen side of the room. >> good afternoon. i am a neighbor which is close to this project. i live at 558 28th avenue. we are completely opposed to this project, because we have been concerned, i'm sorry for my english, i cannot really explain very good.
11:48 pm
to be short, because it is a long session already. to be short, we have two issues. one of the issues is the parking. if you built an eight unit building, you can provide no parking for even one parking. i'm not sure. one parking for eight units in a very crowded area. it's a very busy place. there is no empty space on the street. it is a big problem. this can be solved very easily. development is to spend a little bit more money to make underground garage, or garage under the building, some different place. but, it has not happened.
11:49 pm
second, you know, the project has several negative impacts on building 558. [inaudible] in the stairwell of our buildi building, we are supposed to run 24 hour time, you know, common area in the stairs because they make so small.
11:50 pm
[inaudible] they can make it bigger and open it for a light well. don't want to reduce space of the units. it's again make very uncomfortable our life. twenty-eighth street has a hill, if some cars double park, it's very dangerous for us coming out from the garage. we cannot see what is going on on the street if some cars double parked. for all of this concern, i hope you guys help us, you know, to ask of the developer. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> make more parking space.
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>> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> thank you very much. i am sorry. >> thank you for the opportunity to comment. i am a resident of this street. on behalf of myself, and the other residents on the street i do want to comment on the parking positions in the proposed plan. we do have concerns with the fact that there are plans to have three units in this proposed contract, which would likely have families dwelling their, they typically have cars. the project does not have provisions for adequate parking, and as my neighbor already mentioned, parking on the street is already a problem. they are metered spots. there are not enough spots to accommodate additional cars coming on the street without parking provisions. just as an example i would like to state that most recently,
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building that was constructed on the street may be 3-number years ago, they have constructed parking as part of their underground basement. if one building can do it, i just don't see why the plan can't be revised to accommodate at least a few more spot @. that was my major comment that i had. thank you. >> anyone else like to publicly comment on this? public comment is closed. commissioners? >> i had a similar question when i reviewed the project description. there is spillover from gary that absorbs a lot of the on street parking. what does the department think about providing only two spaces for that many units?
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>> generally speaking, i mean, for one, the parking requirements have been removed so none is required. there are two major bus lines in the area. there is gary and balboa bus lines which have regular and rapid to take residence downto downtown. presidio runs north and south. the adu legislation is designed to take advantage of left over space within a building, to provide extra units. the space that would have traditionally been used for parking is now being used to provide additional dwelling units. >> wishful thinking sometimes it doesn't always correlate to reality -- that area, there is a lot of drivers and a lot of cars out there. i am not sure this project is,
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you know, essentially exacerbating the issue for some of the neighbors immediately around there. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you. i live in the neighborhood, and i do understand that there is, there are issues around parking. when i think about what we, as a commission, and what some of the cities objectives are. we are looking at every parcel looking to densify, and making sure that everybody, at every income level, every family shape and size has places to live. this commission has chosen, with the ones who started the motion to remove parking requirements recognizing that times are changing. not everybody has a car. they actually have friends who
11:55 pm
have kids, in the richmond, who do not have cars. so, i would just say that i recognize parking is potentially going to be an issue with the addition of some new neighbors, but the addition of some new neighbors, and to our neighborhood, and places for families to live can be -- to me far outweighs that issue. i am in support of the project. >> ditto from commissioner johnson's comments. every thursday we are up here trying to put more units on the ground, and we are trying to decrease parking. i mean, you have transit vehicles, buses, scooters, skateboards, electric skateboards, you have every mode of transportation available jamming around the streets on these intersections, all the time. i think we are supposed to be a peer granting approval for housing units, not parking spaces.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> the project is also requesting a variance for exposure and a variance for a 2- foot 2-inch encroachment into the required rear yard. the item was hope -- heard at commission on june 6, 2019. at that time, the commission continued the project to allow the sponsor to make plan revisions. reduce the amount of glazing at the rear, and allow time for private agreement between neighboring property owners regarding on street and offstreet parking. the project has since increased the size of units from 750 square feet to 1500 square feet and has reduced the amount of glazing at the rear façade.
11:59 pm
this was published and the department commission has received two letters and property owners urging the commission to remove the private garage from the scope of the project as well as concerns regarding light and privacy and character of the proposed project. after an analysis of all aspects , the project and the department recommends approval for the following reasons. the project would maximize density and r.h. two zoning district and contribute to the housing stock by adding an additional unit, the project does not have a history of evictions according to the rent board, the project provides adequate rent -- front and rear setbacks to preserve existing made lock space, and the project is consistent with the planning code and the objectives and policies of the general plan and downtown area plan. the project sponsor will now be making a presentation and i will be available for any questions. thank you. >> good evening, good afternoon. i will keep this brief because i did a full presentation of the
12:00 am
project to you on june 6th, a little over a month ago, so i will just put up some graphics to illustrate what was just spoken to in terms of the changes the design team has made to the project. there was comment, and i think it was stated to tone it down a little bit in terms of glazing on the rear façade, those were the notes that i took. after reviewing the last hearing , the façade on the left is the rear façade presented to you at the last hearing. the façade on the right is the revised façade with reduction of about 13% glazing in the area of the second and third floor. that was easy for us to achieve and i appreciate the comment.