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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> this is the meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. i am the commission's president. if you like to speak, there are speaker forms which can be filled out and they are located in the front table. you can hand them to one of our staff or you can come to the microphone when we called for public comment. we do ask that everyone turns off their cell phones or put someone silent, including commissioners and staff. we want to thank san francisco government t.v. and media services for sharing this meeting with the public and we will start with a roll call. [roll call] >> all right. the first order of business is general public comment.
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this is for public comment and any item that is not on the agenda tonight. if anybody has something to say it for something not on the agenda -- seeing then, general public comment is closed. let's get into the regular meeting. the next agenda item is item number 2. approval of our minutes for june 18th, 2019. i will ask, do we have a motion to approve the minutes of june 18th, 2019? >> i moved to approve. >> second. >> is there any public comment on the meeting minutes from june 18th, 2019? seeing none, public comment is closed. [roll call] >> the minutes are approved. the next agenda item is the report from our executive director. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners.
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jumping into my report, the first thing i wanted to let you all know about, and i am hopeful that you received notification about this through various social media channels as well as forwarding along via e-mail, we are very excited to share that the mayor issued an executive directive to streamline special events in san francisco. so you will see her press release inside of your binder, as well as the actual executive directive language, and that s.f. chronicle article that came out right at the time that the directive was issued. the entertainment commission is playing a role in this process. we will be a seat on this during committee. essentially this is born out of a lot of the work that the entertainment commission has been doing over the past several years. specifically in dylan rice's work as our analyst looking at
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outdoor events and looking at how complex and decentralized the process is across city agencies currently. and so this committee will look at our current process and explore ways in which we can improve that process, not only through an organizational structure, but also through looking at our fee structures the way that they are right now, looking at creative financial solutions to support our community-based events, as well as looking at potential share to digital platforms which would also help enhance the customer experience so that there is one platform that they would use, as well as on the city agency side. so we are extremely excited about this. this is step one in what will be probably a lengthy process, but we are going to be -- our committee will be providing recommendations and a report to
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the mayor within six months. so we are looking at january for that. we will certainly share that report with you. we are preparing this alongside our move to 49 south van ness. when we moved to the new building, there will be a permit center there and so timing is really appropriate because we're moving into this space and we want to have a path for success once we are in there. that is one item. i'm happy to answer questions about that or just take questions at the end. whatever you prefer. next on the agenda is just introducing our newest employee to the entertainment commission. we are very happy to have jordan roberts join our team. he is filling the senior inspector role in the office, and jordan has about 11 years of experience in acoustical consulting. he got a degree from columbia
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college chicago and audio arts and acoustics, so he is really a fantastic person for this position. he is helping revamp our process for doing sound testing already. he is only five days in at this point, so jordan, we are very pleased to have you on the team. you will also see him doing the presentation of the enforcement report to moving forward after today as the deputy director is currently training him on all aspects of enforcement. moving right along, i wanted to update you all that the entertainment commission is playing this role that every time we have large-scale events in the city, pride was our most recent one where we partner with the department of emergency management in helping our events and our venues be better prepared during these big events pride was another example.
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we did the same work around new year's eve where we had our inspectors go out and flyer different venues and known events with alert s.f. so the patrons and venues can actually sign up for alert s.f. just in case there is any kind of emergency during pride or next it will be halloween, and so on and so forth. so they went to 73 businesses -- or they distributed 73 flyers at 36 businesses. we also do our work to compile events for all city agencies. we have our master calendar of events again focusing in on big events that are coming up. we go ahead and put together a master spreadsheet for all agencies to be able to see her situational awareness as and for what is going on. we attach that here in the binder fee to check out.
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finally, under corrective action , i had to unfortunately issue a suspension for public safety on june 21st to june 24 th for club malibu, and the details of that are in your binder. i would prefer not to discuss this in detail at our hearing, just because this is currently under investigation by the police department. but we are going to continue to monitor this -- these premises and ensure compliance with their security plan and conditions of their permit. do you have any questions about any of those items? >> i do have a question. is there any discussion in terms of the formation of the special events task force within the scope at this point? >> any discussion, what do you
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mean? >> what is the formation process >> so the mayor designated two cochairs as this hearing committee. so it is the city in ministry to kelly, as well as director torres from the office of economic and workforce development. so they are tasked with coming up with the agency that will be involved in the committee, and so we are looking at, primarily regulatory agencies that will sit on the committee. it is supposed to be made up of city agencies as opposed to event producers, but we do plan to engage other stakeholders throughout the process. they are just not voting members of the committee. >> thank you. >> yep. >> also related to that, first of all, it is exciting to see the city moving forward and building on all of this. it is so worth it, but how will this help move that forward?
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what is this going to enable this mission on the city to do beyond what dylan has already been able to do in -- and the work that is already underway? >> this is calling to light what the actual problem is that all of us have been so close to for the past several years, just because analysts have been working so closely on this and in keeping you all apprised, but now it is really getting much more recognition at a city level , which was very necessary, and we haven't brought together these agencies to look at this problem. i don't know if it ever has happened, so we are -- that is the first thing. we need to really discuss what the issue areas and the pain points are and come up with possible solutions to address those. we think we know what some of those solutions may be but we want this committee to have full hands on in determining what those positions are.
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>> i don't have a question, i just have a comment. i want to applaud our mayor for taking these steps. i think we have all known that if you are a smaller street festival or smaller cultural festival, that sometimes the bureaucracy and the fees are so much that it is almost impossible to put something on. suggest that we are able to talk about this now and bring people together is a huge step and it definitely shows we have a mayor who cares about these specific events, and that is awesome. thank you. >> i just have one quick comment i think absolutely this is fantastic that this is happening over the years they've heard lots about ten b. and the police department policy. it is something that nonprofit organizations in smaller groups have trouble predicting and then feel like often at the last minute they get a lot of high fees for extra officers, so i know that there is a whole gamut of things to talk about, but i would love to see some specific
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attention addressed to that particular issue. that could be passed on. besides that, this is a slight tangent, but are we still going to be holding hearings in city hall once the office moves? >> yes. >> cool. thank you. >> is there any public comment on the executive director's report? seen none, public comment is closed. they give very much for that. our next agenda item is a report from our senior analyst -- >> no. >> sorry, did i get it wrong? are deputy director. sorry about that. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners. so this is a lengthy enforcement report. i have highlighted some topics specifically that i want to discuss with you, but happy to answer any questions that you may have.
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let's dive on in. the first that i want to bring to your attention is the blue light. we did issue a citation at this location. the applicant is applying for an l.l.p. they are actually here this evening applying for an l.l.p. in the interim, they were -- they did have entertainment, and it was discovered by inspector savino. there was a d.j. that was performing in the kitchen out of sight of the patrons, but so we did issue a citation, and i have discussed that with the owner about needing a permit to do entertainment. the next on the enforcement report that i like to bring to your attention is st. mary's pub it is also an applicant that is present tonight for the hearing regarding an l.l.p. permit. i did just want to bring it to your attention that there has been a lot of mediation that occurred between the neighbors
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and the owner of the club. so i think that is important to highlight here. i did work with both of the neighbors and the applicant. on page 6, you will see that we had halcion on the enforcement report. we did issue a notice of violation. the inspector responded to a neighbor's complaint from the night prior, and when he went, they were out of compliance with their sound limit. miss milano was out of town at the time and the inspector was working with the manager that evening. the director did speak with miss milano and we did issue and an ob and they did bring their volume down to come into compliance that evening.
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and then skipping all the way to page 14 of the report, you will see all job is highlighted. this is a location that we currently do not permit, however , it was brought to our attention that they were having entertainment on the roof by a neighbor. and when inspector savino went out this weekend, they were having entertainment on the roof and downstairs in the bar area. we did issue a citation. the reason that we jump straight to a citation was because it was correspondence with the owner on possible occasions that was assuring me they were not having entertainment, when in fact, they have been. so i'm working with them to bring them into compliance, and hope that they will apply for a permit. they are zoned for a p.o.e. and an l.l.p. i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. >> i'm curious for halcion, did they provide an explanation for why they were over their limit? i know that at one point we had a condition to say that there should be a limit on it and we were assured that they could,
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with their human powers and other machines, control that, i'm curious what the response was. >> the response was actually to tell the d.j. to turn it down. that is what the manager told our inspector to do, so our inspector stated that that is not his job to do, but rather to work with the management team to bring them into compliance. there wasn't really an expo nation as to why it was exceeding the limit. >> i see. i'm curious how halcion has not paid for fines on certain citations. i think -- >> correct. >> i'm curious, are they still indebted to us or not? this is outdated information. >> i don't know of any unpaid citations. the most recent citation they had was october, and that was the one that they appealed and one.
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they don't have anything outstanding so we reset the clock since it has been about a year, not quite a year, but over a year since they received a citation that stuck. >> thank you. >> refreshment memory, did that permit, did we insist on a limiter, or did we leave it off the table? >> no limiter. >> okay. if they had a limiter, we they wouldn't be able to go over that mark, so that is something to make a note of. if we have to come back again. >> can i just get clarification what you said to commissioner ten. did you say that when our inspector spoke to the manager that the manager told our inspector to go tell the d.j. to turn the music down? >> correct. >> okay.
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>> this is definitely something that i had a conversation with miss milano about immediately after she was -- after. she was out of town, i don't think this is an excuse. >> it was just the regular manager? >> yes. >> i mean, was there some kind of aggravation or something that would cause an employee to say such a ridiculous thing? >> not to my understanding. it is not a normal conversation that happened. they know who the inspector is, so, no. >> maybe i should go in there and give them a real citation. >> maybe you should. [laughter] >> i did have a couple questions actually, just one specifically. i know blue light is here tonight applying for a permit. well we have the enforcement side of things here, can you just walk us through the process where the multiple complaints on
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bluelight, is that how it started? what did we find when we got there? >> the complaint came in earlier in the week and it was a 311 complaint and then there was also an e-mail correspondence that was sent to the supervisor 's legislative aide. it was not a direct complaint more of a concern of what was happening with the permits. it was permit clarification. it got transferred to me and then i did correspond directly with the neighbor about those, clarifying what the l.l.p. means and looks like. the complaint did come in about 2:00 a.m. in the morning the night before and upon inspection -- upon investigation, inspectors arrived and heard loud music, but didn't see a d.j. in the normal front part of the building where they normally perform. so he walked in and went to the back and heard the music, and then observed through the kitchen window where the food
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comes out that there was a d.j. performing behind in the kitchen and so he observed that after 10:00 p.m., as well, and just made a note of it. there was no action that was taken at that moment in time. i did speak to the owner after the citation was issued about that and i did say that that is defined as entertainment regardless of if the d.j. is visible to the patrons or if it is a staff person. >> and i just wanted to clarify on the odd jobs citation. so we had multiple, or at least one or multiple complaints about a band playing on the roof. >> correct. it was a neighbor, the same neighbor has e-mailed both of us stating that there was music on the roof and wanting to bring it to our attention, so i did reach out to the owner directly. it was never a 311 complaint
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regarding those previous e-mail correspondences, so it wasn't a realtime response, and upon e-mailing with the owner, the e-mail response was that no, we are not having entertainment. recently, however, there was a 311 complaint that when i looked on the google -- google map, it came up halfway down the block. i determined it was audit job because there's not much else around there. my e-mail to the owner with that anonymous complaint, the response was that there is no entertainment that night. so on saturday i received an e-mail around 5:00 p.m. that said they are setting up the band again, they will have entertainment, so i asked the inspector to respond then and he went around 7:00 p.m. they were already having music upstairs and planned to bring a band in at 8:00 p.m. downstairs. >> got it. all right. >> so is the rooftop actually set up to have public assembly on the roof? >> that is a great question.
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i'm not sure. i need to get more clarification from the owner of what they are eligible to do. >> you could call the fire department permit section and if you really want to get down to it because rooftop, you know, if they don't have enough exits to get out and things like that, it could be quite nasty. so if you really want to know, you can talk to permits, but rooftops are great, and i think we need more of them, but they have to be safe. we are worried about that. >> hello. thank you for this report. it is very lengthy. it is 15 pages. >> sixteen. >> sixteen. are you thinking there is an uptake in violations that we need to be aware of or is it just because we did not meet -- >> we did not meet, and then also what you're saying, too, is pride. inspectors went to a lot of
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places. they were working diligently to do a lot of enforcement. there wasn't a lot of enforcement needed on pride weekend, but this reflects all of the stops that they made. i'm happy to see jones in full compliance on all the multiple times that folks stopped by, and i also noted miss milano as being on an item other than halcion, eagle eyes. [laughter] >> i read the report. [laughter] >> it is challenging. >> interesting. >> i just want to make one last comment. i did notice just how much ground our inspectors are covering. please send our thanks to them. i don't know if they are doing over time or just hustling a lot welcome aboard, mr. roberts. we are looking forward to having
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a full team on. thank you. >> all right. thank you very much for that comprehensive report. is there any public comment on the deputy director's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. let's try this again. the next item is a report from our senior analyst, dylan rice. [laughter]. >> good evening, commissioners. i know we have a lot on the agenda so i'll try to make this brief. our next education and networking initiative, which is the s.f. after events network is happening this coming monday on july 22nd at jolene's which is in the mission, i hope you guys can make it. it is from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. as you know, we do a different educational topic at each event. this one is an evergreen topic that will always be important, which is vendor management or we are calling it success through vendor management, and it is looking at best practices on how
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you can turn managing your vendors into a real revenue driver, but at the same time ensuring that the event is safe and compliant. we have a great lineup of speakers. we have michael blue who is the c.e.o. of a company called event tub. he will be doing a presentation and moderating a panel, calling a mini panel, which is two people. it is somebody from a restaurant that produces the s.f. street food festival, and then andrea kirk from dpm and from eat, drink s.f. they will bring a really great diverse background and perspective to their experiences pick the topic is heavy on the food and beverage management. so i will do another social media push and e-mail push this week. we have about 32 rcp his, so we're hoping to get that higher. that is coming up.
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and then our ongoing efforts to streamline our permitting process in terms of the commission, i am working with the digital services team -- we just did a user test for the screen door permit diversion of the one-time event permit -- one time indoor event permit, and my colleague, krystal stewart, has been helping. we oversell some testing. in your binder that will see the user testing no sever compiled by digital services. so it is very candid, raw data that we are going to take and tack to digital services this thursday and see how we can take this feedback and really enhance the current draft of the permit form, and in the bigger picture of increasing the clarity and increasing efficiency of this permit process.
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that is all i have.
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>> motion to approve and second. >> commissioner perez. (roll call). >> the consent agenda has been approved. congratulations. and on to our regular agenda. >> the first permit on the regular agenda is for an extended hour's premise, change in ownership located at
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3801 24th street. the location has held a permit since 2000. it sells doughnuts and sandwiches 24 hours a day. the neighboring tenants are in your file about the machinery, stating a fan runs throughout the night and located above the doughnut shops. the owner was provided with the summited opposition but did not share with the staff they followed up with the neighbor. included in your file is a copy of the letter that the owners postedded in the tenant's entryway. they were in compliance with noise regulation. ec staff explained to the concerned neighbors that this falls under the purview of public health, not the entertainment commission. i contacted jonathan piakus, a
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noise control officer with public health to share the neighbor's concerns. he asked me to schedule a sound test to check on the fan's noise combines and this ensures the operating levels curing al duril operations. this does not preclude your ability to grant the amendment. the mission statement approves no added conditions and i'm here to tell you -- note we have an interpreter so if we could just allow extra time between questions.
12:30 pm
any questions? >> everybody, my nape i name isd yen. i'm the son of the previous licenses opener. owner. >> so usually the permit
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applicant will tell us about what they're applying for and why it will help their business and what their plan is. if you could give us a minute or two or more. >> generally the permit holder will talk aman or two if they choose what they're applying to and what they intend to do with the permit and how it will help their business and what their plan is for that. (speaking foreign language).
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>> for the permit i'm applying for, i want to continue doing the same thing and i still have the same customers. >> question, how long have this shop been there? (speaking foreign language). i mean from the day it opened until now. my parents opened the business or took over the business, i should say, in 1997. it was a bakery before that and i don't know if they had the
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permit but i believe not because my parents applied for the permit while they were in business. >> it's been running 24 hours ever since. >> every since you applied. >> it was originally a police department permit. >> but it was running 24 hours since '97. >> since tow. 2000. these people complaining, your neighbors, are these existing buildingings that have been there for awhile or are these new buildings? the ones that are complaining. the building is mixed use. >> so the tenants, that same building, where your do doe dout shop has been since since tow. 2000.
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>> the complainants live above the business. is that the understanding? i'm sorry, sir. they have called but i'm not sure where they live. it's a large complex and i'm not sure what unit they live in. >> but part of the same building structure, probably? >> probably, yeah. >> just since how you're familiar with past, has this fan issue been an ongoing thing for some time? >> sir, i'm referring under your parent's ownership. >> it's always been the same complainants who are hearing a noise issue. they believe it's coming from our location. a few years ago, they filed a complaint with the department of public health and we had an inspection. i think this was in 2015, i
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believe. my memory precludes me. but they said that the sound was within reasonable levels, the fan and the hood. so i'm not so sure what else the sound might be coming from. they said something about it was a generator. >> so if i'm understanding you correctly, you guys reached out to public health, it was. and they deemed the equipment within an acceptable range. >> within acceptable decibels. >> the complainant reached out. >> but the health department gave you -- you were within the limits, in compliance. >> they didn't find anything abnormal for the equipment we were using, the decibel level. some i think i need to interject
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was the deputy stated, this is under the purview of the health department. they have an active health permit to operate. health could come in at any time and inspect for compliance and we did encourage via email engines police italexplicitly hs could follow up. because this could do a check every six months on the fan to ensure it meets with the allowable noise emissions for the health code, but this is not something that we can regulate or enforce on, sound-wise. so just bringing that to your attention and i don't know how long you want to deliberate on that. >> the point i'm making, it's been running the same way. it hasn't changed. environments change and equipment does get old but if you're in compliance, then we shouldn't have any problem of that issue. i'm just curious if there's any
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new buildings that have come up and things like that. but you're saying you've been doing this for the last 20 years. >> right. it's been run the same way, more or less, license 2000 and you know, it's always been the same complainant for the past ten years. they call us, the police department to come over late at night to see what's going on with the noise and if there was a problem, yeah, we encourage them to contact the department of pub health because there's only so much to do with inspection and whatnot. the police came and said they didn't find anything abnormal late at night or early in the morning. but they keep calling anyway. so i think it's a couple of people, i believe. >> you haven't had any issues with security and people coming late and everything has been business as usual. >> of course, this new years,
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halloween, yeah, but other than that, everything is quiet. >> ok, thank you. >> the own comment only commenk to is what this does illustrate, there's three emails here and a couple of them are actually quite reasonable and i guess what i would have like odd hav o have seen is better communication and the fact that doesn't exist is concerning to me. it has been done, i would like to hear about it. >> we understand that they have concerns. as far as i know, they did call me, myself and my family before regarding the concerns. and we could turn off the fan
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but they never asked us to do just that. and i feel like we went through appropriate avenues to remedy the problem. >> i'm not sure if you just didn't pass it off to the city. you've got a neighbor that's having a problem and you toll them to call the city. i'm not getting it. i think perhaps you could have walked down to your doughnut shop, you could have sat down and discussed it and maybe even toured your business. because you eluded to it might be a generator generator. >> i don't recall exactly, but it was the fan so the only fan we know that's running is the hood and like i said, we had the sound test. >> sir, i understand that. i guess what i'm trying to say is, perhaps my approach would be different. if it was my difference and i was in the middle of selling it, the last thing i would want is
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complaints. referring them to a city agency, you could have met and had a conversation and possibly identified the problem and it could have been as simple as maybe adjusting the times of the day the fan runs, and if that's an option, perhaps, it's not. >> i think they're complaining about probably early morning, is when we start our operation. >> sure, and donate making starts earth in the morning. early in the morning. >> they're saying they had a hard time sleeping. they keep hearing news and vi brace. vibration. >> perhaps for the new owners, you may want to work with these neighbors to fine a shoes. find a solution. i suspect something can be done. let's try to reach out. >> i'm wondering if people ever walked in. the best solution makers are people living with the problem and it's you guys, the business
12:41 pm
operators and the people living above it i just wonder if it could be as simple, instead of breaking bread, breaking a doughnut and solving a problem. >> i have met raffa before. he ran happy do doe doughnuts oe corner of ellis and taylor and she is a kind, patient and thoughtful operator. and i've broken doughnuts. >> break bread, break doughnuts. >> with her, so i encourage you as a new operator of this location on 24th street to talk directly with your neighbors so you can have a better understanding of what they're experiencing and i know that you are the son of the
12:42 pm
former owner and so it's not necessarily your problem at this point. but i can testify that you are a very kind and compassionate person to talk with and you can work through these issues moving forward. >> can you speak into the microphone, please. >> she will start talking to the complainant and neighbor.
12:43 pm
>> that's great. there's a particular process and that's what the commissioner was getting at and if you have the openness to doing that, we would be happy. >> i'm happy and welcome that advice, but i need to locate her because i always hear her complain but never get to meet her in person. >> well, you can -- we can sometimes help with that, our office, and if the complainant is willing to, which is sometimes they are and sometimes they're not, we can sometimes help as a liaison.
12:44 pm
>> you can have a seat and i want to give a chance for the public to speak. >> there is a letter of support from the other neighbor upstairs. >> you can hand them to our staff and thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this agenda and i do see one here so let me call the speaker card first. i believe it's mike widnr. ner. so please step to the microphone when you're ready.
12:45 pm
>> i have lived on the third floor above happy doughnut since 1981 and i've been there the whole time happy doughnuts has been here and i'm a regular customer. all i've got to say, it's a great place run by kind and hard-working people. flat out. and noise has never been a problem and that's living directly above the happy doughnuts. the folks that live in the apartments downstairs, the omars have never had a problem with noise this, either. and i'll say the nightshift lady helps out if people are outside of happy doughnuts making a racket, she'll go out and ask them kindly to tone it down a bit so people can sleep. so not only is it not a noise
12:46 pm
problem put a noise helper that way. and happy doughnuts is open 24/7 and there are good ron fo reasor that. neighborhoods who get up early and stay up late have a place to hang out and folk can stop by before or after work and police, fire and plan ambulance have a e to take a break. i've seen j-line conductors hustle over. for myself and many other people, happy doughnuts is an essential part of the valley and should be open 24 hours a day. that's it. >> thank you for very much. >> thank you for com coming dow. >> is there any more pu public
12:47 pm
comment on these items? >> shocking we do. i did hear the case and i did hear officer falzon's comments. maybe the owners could invite neighbors to their space and say this is what we're hearing and wear they're moccasins for a moment. it may not be a violation with the city but doesn't mean there isn't noise. some people hear things other people can't hear but if they get that perspective, then they can say to the city, well, you've had other cases and what are some of the safebadder safeu put in and maybe they can try that. if this has gone on for ten years, that seems like a long time and sounds chronic. but i think the other part that the lady didn't mention is, she worked for an aunt for 19 years and does have experience in making doughnuts. and so, in that part it's pretty
12:48 pm
good. but this is something that can be worked out. they have to get together. >> thank you very much pu. >> any more public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. thoughts? >> for me, you know, we need places after 2:00, extended hours, places to sober up and in reading the letters, there are a lot of first responders stay up all night and need a place for coffee. it's obvious and i don't see any police complaintse complaints o. sometimes we hear some spots. yeah, i mean, the fans do put out some output and the health department has remedies or it's in their jurisdiction but they've been running it the same way for the last 18 years.
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i don't see it's a problem and changing over to another generation or people. so i'm in support of passings pg this permit per the good neighborhood policy and everything else. >> i'm also in support of this. i think we need more late-night and 24-hour places. i'm an avid fan of doughnuts. i think we deal often in other venues, actually real entertainment venues that have mystery callers and mystery complainers and i would hope that if this person is watching tonight, that they just approach this business owner because i feel there is reasonable accommodation that they're willing to make and if not, there are avenues to take. so with that, i would like to move to approve this permit with
12:50 pm
the good neighbor policy with the conditions. >> second. (roll call). >> your permit has been granted and follow up with the director at your earliest convenience for neck steps. thank you next steps. thank you. this is for a place of entertainment permit for the steakhouse at 399 garry street with live entertainment in the evening. the owners have restaurants including morton's steakhouse. there's a letter to 23 of the neighboring businesses,
12:51 pm
neighborhood socialse associatid community groups and neighbors around the area, as well. there was no opposition for this application. tenderloin station approves this with no added conditions. here to tell you more is the vice president, gregory hammond. >> hello. my name is gregory hammond. i'll tell you about the company. we started in 1999, opening fine dining and stake steaks and have opened 16 restaurants across the united states. this will be our 17t 17th location. we're very excited to be a part of the city of san francisco. and a part of the union square restaurant family and we think it will be very successful.
12:52 pm
we work very well with our communities in all of the cities we are in. we're very active participants in outside events, as well as charities. specifically to the entertainment, we have live entertainment in 15 out of the existing 16 locations that we currently operate, that takes place seven nights a week and it's an important part of concept. there's great service, fine steaks and seafood and live entertainment and it's an integral part of who we are and talented musicians, playing top hits giving the clientele a positive atmosphere to enjoy special occasion and wind down after a hard day. i don't know what else to tell you. any questions?
12:53 pm
>> i notice that you have a patio and that it looks like there will be speakers on the patio. one of the issues that has come up for us is anything with an open-air and what kind of neighbors? are there residential buildings abutting the patio? >> not to my knowledge. i'm not intimately knowledgeable of the area and this is my fifth trip. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> in interviewing salary personnel. it doesn't seem to have any residents. union square is fairly replete with more hotels than i've seen in a four-square block radius, which is great. but we did seven the
12:54 pm
neighborhood letter, delineating what we plan to do. we got one response from an individual with the christopher clark fine dining art gallery. he wants to book a private event. that's the own response that i'm aware of. so not to my knowledge as far as apartments or homes or condominiums and i could be corrected by someone on the panel. >> are you applying for the outdoor speakers as a part of this permit? >> i believe that is a part of the permit, yes independen. (please stand by).
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
>> if we have guests that are causing too much noise and we get complaints, we can also respond to that in realtime and certainly want to be sensitive to our neighbours, and would do so. >> great, thank you. >> tell me something about the sound equipment that you are going to be using. i see it is basically piano. are you going to be having larger bands or d.j.s? >> no, d.j.s is not a plan of hours to put in place. we are not a nightclub atmosphere. it is more of a high-end supper club. but with lively music. the set up is a piano shell with a keyboard. it is a lot easier to keep a keyboard tuned then a regular piano, so it is a show piano
12:57 pm
where you can dine at the piano and typically a vocalist, as we, and the most we typically add is a third piece, which could be guitar, is a typical third edition, but that is the extent. >> the amplifiers powering the vocals, and i'm sure music is going to be travelling to a board and it goes to the outdoor patio and the inside, and these are all going to be controlled, but your basic music format is piano, it is more like a dinner music. you could have a d.j. that plays lounge music, there's a lot of lounges that are d.j. capable, but they don't do, you know, full dancing or anything like that. >> right. >> you are able to do whatever you want, i am just saying what is powering it? is it a thousand watts system,
12:58 pm
or is it a little speaker? >> we have -- it is going to be a nice system. i don't know the brand or wattage or anything like that. i could provide that information from our general contractor. it is going to be a nice system. i think of a high end residents and speakers while throughout the residents. it will be very similar to that. we are not looking -- we have people dying so there needs to be conversation going on. if it is too loud and people can't hear each other, it is not a concert venue, what is going to be a nice system, i would hope, but again, it is lively. i don't want to give the impression that it's very, very soft jazz. we want a lively environment, you know, modern hits, top hits, sort of song choices. >> will you be running this after dinner? dinner is usually around -- over around 11, and you will continue
12:59 pm
the bar until 2:00 a.m. with the music? >> the application states 5:00 p.m. until midnight for the music, and 4:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. for general operations , so i don't for cs going past midnight in any scenario with the live entertainment, but if the bar has patrons, we will -- we could go until 2:00 a.m. i find a lot of our restaurants, new york, chicago, beverly hills , it is not super often that you will see our bars going right up until 2:00 a.m., and you will see times when our live music stops in the entire venue by 10:30 p.m. it fluctuates. >> right. there is always a difference between a real restaurant supper club versus a bar or a club that is just serving appetizers.
1:00 pm
i am just trying to distinguish the difference. >> we do have -- we are serving a full menu. our average check is $150 per person. we are saving prime steaks and lobsters and king crab leg. people are coming in for a very full, fine dining experience, that is what is so unique about mastro's is you're getting this fine dining, steak and seafood experience with a live music. >> that building is a standalone it is right across the street from pinecrest. >> that is correct. >> right down the street from the old release guy. it is a great location, you know ,. restaurants are doing well there so you will be the only tenant in this building, or is there -- >> no, there is a c.v.s. operating on the first floor street level and basement and you enter our restaurant on the street level