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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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great to figure out if we can make that happen. >> i am happy to make a motion to approve. whatever our personal feelings are about scooters, they are working for some people. some of the commenters made a good point. it is our job to keep them safe on the streets. the best way to get them off the sidewalks is to make the streets safer and expand our network of bike and scooter lanes. whatever our personal feelings are about them that is our job to keep everybody safe on the streets. >> madam chair, before you approve -- >> i just want to respond to that. i do agree. i guess i come down on the underside of the question. i don't think we have clipped the safety problem. as long as we haven't, i am not comfortable authorizing a move from a pilot program to a mainstream, no, how many ever we want to have approach.
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i think if we cannot assure safety, both for pedestrians on the sidewalk, and the users of these devices on the road. i think we have to go slow. >> i see your point, director heminger. mr. hyde, do you feel with the reporting that we get back from 311, and with the structure we have in place of what we expect to see from these scooter companies in terms of not blocking the sidewalk and being locked appropriately, people not riding on the sidewalk. if we were to come into a situation where as they expanded they get more numbers, and we start seeing bad behavior, multiply, do you feel under this proposal you have the tools that you need to then ratchet down on the companies who are not meeting our standards? >> absolutely.
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we are issuing permits that are valid for no longer than one year. that is one thing to consider, these will have to be renewed on an annual basis. it's not like we are just handing over permits forever. acknowledging that the technology is constantly changing and this mobility space is rapidly evolving. in terms of whether or not we could potentially revoke permits. we definitely reserve the right to revoke permits if users are consistently not complying with laws, as well as if the companies are not complying with any of the terms and conditions of the permit. >> does that sort of help? >> i am afraid not. i think it is hard to say, no after you said yes. yes -- this is a yes. it seems we are voting on today. i wish i had reviewed the material director eaken
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mentioned. maybe i need to get better educated about the subject, too. for now, unless i know more, i'm still on the go slow boat. >> if i could add, the information that director eaken mentioned has some safety as well. i think i share your skepticism about the as actually being positive, necessary form of mobility. they are replacing walking trips. it was director rubke pointing out we doing a lot of measurement of collisions of these devices that are reported, we are raising san francisco
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general hospital and other data sources such as the police department and they are thinking the single digits, more or less area when we compare that to the number of auto collisions, as she pointed out, we should be doing this in a normalized way. it's probably an infinitesimal fraction of the collisions on the street. based on the observed behavior of these in the streets, and other items in this meeting, i think to the extent that this is really facilitating mode shift from tnc's two scooters, notwithstanding that there are legitimate safety concerns that exist with scooters. probably better that a car being driven by somebody who doesn't know where they are going, who's @ an ab, his maybe racing to pick up a fare. on balance, we not elect to the
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safety issues with the scooters, but to the extent it is a facilitating mode shift out o of -- automobiles, seems to be a nontrivial percentage. on balance it is a positive thing. there are a lot of protections in the permit we have seen from the pilot. we have been able to drive the complaints way down. the number of citations we are issuing our way down. suggesting that the regulatory framework can be an effective way to manage for many things, including safety. i offer that for your consideration. >> i would agree with that. in general, you can't ensure safety. people make bad choices whatever it is. that is a hard thing about it all. people who are safety minded will wear helmets and make safety choices.
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they were and the full traffic lane and i thought, oh my god. >> this is an age-old problem. enforcement. it is a constant problem in any facet of law. because enforcement is always the key to making sure that you implement the laws the legislator intended. be careful when you say you're going to get this under control, because it hasn't happened in so many areas. and fact, many times legislation ought not to be introduced we should just enforce the laws we have on the book now, but we don't. whether it's toxic issues, environmental issues, health issues, traffic issues, et cetera. the issue of safety is extremely important as we begin to look at mobility devices and approaches. i want to share my fellow
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directors concern on the safety issue on the fact that i do @ that enforcement is really going to be implemented properly. >> if i could ask a question unrelated related to safety, i guess? somebody mentioned the fact that they have seen electric scooters with seats and i always have an interest in making sure our emerging technologies take into account people with disabiliti disabilities. i am wondering, under the legislation for the pilot, not the pilot, the permit if an operator came forward with an innovative idea to make their scooters more accessible without be a factor that would weigh in favor of them getting a permit? >> yes. that is part of the permit application. we are asking permittees to pilot adoptive scooters. that will be a part of this version of the reporting period. >> i appreciate the legislation
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as a whole. i thought it was awful. that we are tracking the non- revenue. >> we have a mesh -- motion, second and we have an amendment. >> you need to amend the code. a motion to amend the code to delete the duplicate. >> motion to amend the code to delete 9.16 e3. all in favor of the amendment? >> are we doing two motions. >> that was just for the amendment. >> now we take the original motion of the legislation. all those in favor of legislation as proposed? the motion does carry. we are going to move on to item
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14. i have to read a little script here. >> appointing tom maguire to serve as the interim director of transportation beginning august 14, @ and continuing until a permanent director of transportation an employment agreement with tom mcguire, with an annual salary of $299,000 reimbursement for professional develop in expenses and benefits and other terms and conditions equivalent to specified benefits and other terms and conditions in the memorandum of understanding between the city and county of san francisco and the municipal executives association. >> this agenda item is to take possible action to improve employment agreement between mta and thomas mcguire. the employment agreement with. >> reiskin expires. he will serve as interim director of transportation from the expiration of mr. reiskin's
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agreement. [reading notes] california government code section 54953 c three requires the board to report a summary of post salary compensation of fringe benefits before mr. mcguire before taking final action to approve the employment agreement. @ pursuant to that agreement, the board provides the following summary. the proposed agreement says an annual salary of $299,000, under the proposed agreement mr. maguire will receive fringe benefits equivalent to the specified benefits provided to the employees represented by the municipal executives association under the memorandum of understanding between mta and the sfmta pay the full list of benefits as set forth to this agreement.
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[reading notes] under the proposed agreement, mr. maguire will be eligible for $2,000 of reimbursement for eligible expenses. @ also receive retirement benefits according to the applicable provisions of the san francisco charter. under the charter, mr. maguire is responsible for paying any required contributions to the san francisco's retirement system. are there any questions from the director on what i have just read? >> are we going to give him a
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scooter? [laughter] >> have one question on one of these terms, it's probably been negotiated already and it's not the time to amend it. i want to note, for someone willing to take on this position as interim director i see $2,000 for professional development as @ in terms of executive coaching and other supports that might be appropriate to take on this significant of a challenge. i don't know if there is some limit to, in the budget, or some additional sources of funding. i would be very supportive of additional resources for professional development to usher his success. >> or if he were to decide he did need something else, is that within the ability of the board to approve it on a requested by request basis? >> city attorney, maybe you can explain, where it is number come from? >> good afternoon, katie porter. i believe that is the reimbursement under the
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municipal executives associati association, per individual, per fiscal year. this is also anticipated to be a time-based contract through the october -november timeframe. this is $2,000 for a number-5 month period. also the agency has training funds that probably could be deployed, if necessary. $2,000 is what the employees give her a fiscal year. for professional reimbursement on development. >> even a new director, when you hire that person they would only get $2,000, as well. >> it is a negotiated time. this is just a term we came up with with a contract based on the model. certainly a future director, or this existing contract could be amended to have a higher amount. that is the city model, this is not even intended to be a full fiscal year contract as it structured right now.
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>> do note to the deputy city attorney's., that this contract as well as this collective bargaining agreement which is where this number comes from as well as some of the others provide for professional develop men dollars. those are in addition to agency funds that are budgeted and available for training and professional development. they are not the only source. many conferences and other things that people attend, some are able to use funds that they have is available through these collective targeting agreements. first of all, the board does not have to stick with this 2,000 number. as with all of those other things, and the collective targeting agreement. even if you left it, as is, for whatever reason the director just like any other employee, had needs or desires for more training and professional development, there are resources within the agency budget to accommodate that. >> great.
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are there any other additional questions? without i'm going to open it to public comment? >> mr. bloch is not here. >> good afternoon. my name is laura, i'm here on behalf of doug block. he is sorry he had to leave for another meeting, but he wanted to say that he is supportive of this appointment and thanks to mr. maguire for his collaboration on multiple projects including the commuter shuttles. congratulations. >> deleted you prefer the record. when i read this agenda item, i was encouraged. we need to have continuity in this agency.
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i found him to be approachable, and attentive. i go to many of these meetings, not just here but in other places. engagement and approachability, and the open door is very important. tom and i are both products of new york. my area of expertise is much more in the subway and railroad realm. tom's global perspective of leadership and knowledge in this very broad endeavor that isn't public transportation. my narrow perspective of subway and railroad. it is indeed what this agency needs going forward.
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i'm looking forward to tom being able to give us a sense of continuity in this so-called interregnum. thank you. madam chair, your last item on your agenda.
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as everyone should know, if they aren't already aware, we have started a nationwide search for our next director of transportation. as part of that search we want to engage all of the stakeholders throughout the entire community, within mta, external to mta about their thoughts on the next director. we have a research committee. they are going to be interviewing potential candidates working along with a search firm and recommended them to the board. i want to thank them upfront for taking the time to do this very important tax -- task. >> am pleased to provide an update on the search. the committee has met twice this summer and we have made good progress. we have additionally provided feedback on the position description on the position announcement is being finalized as we speak. the purpose of today's agenda
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item is to hear, from the public, those if few of you who remain. the quality experience you want to see. i just want to ensure members of the public that your feedback is going to be taken very seriously as part of this process. we have want to hear from you what kind of director you think is appropriate to lead this agency into the future. i will say as a side note we've heard some inadvertent feedback on the qualities people want to see in the next director things like calmness, embodying the agency's values, dedication and accessibility. i just want to mention we are going to be sending out a survey in the next few weeks to give folks an opportunity to weigh in anonymously if you have feedback. if you don't feel comfortable speaking today. in terms of timeline and updating on that, we do want to move as swiftly as possible to find a new director while
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balancing that goal with our commitment to run an inclusive process to find the right director to lead this agency forward. if you have any other comments, that you want to send incoming you can e-mail the mta board with any further suggestions at >> were going to open it up to the public. >> herbert weiner? >> yes. >> herbert weiner, these are the qualities i would like to see. for one thing i think the new executive director should be a transportation professional. i think that goes without saying. these are some of the qualities i would like to see from my own
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personal perspective. i believe that the executive director should be able to take issue with his managers, for one thing. he should be able to clash with them, bite them and even dismiss them. this has not been the case, so far, and i think this has been one of the reasons why we are in the mess we are in right now. he should also take issue with this board. these clashes should be public. they should not be in private only. we should be able to witness these differences and provide some input. we have something to say about this. i think what has been the case as you have rammed through everything, these meetings have been a dog and pony show. and, we have to get all of the vehicles off of the sidewalk,
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except the wheelchairs for the disabled. also seniors on the disabled should be supported by the executive director. they have to walk up to a court of a mile to the bus stop. this is inhuman. also, we have to make sure that everyone is search. this agency should serve everyone, and that is the mission of the executive director. so, also, the neighborhoods get equal service. >> thank you. >> i love a good public meeting. i get to participate and say all kinds of good things.
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i am looking forward to our search for a new director. my comments today are to be simply taken as they are, comparisons to anybody else out there. i'm looking for bold leadership. i'm being able to embrace the old, and the new. somebody who is diversity mind minded. [please stand by]
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him my technique in developing the apartment building and he used this technique and my technique saved him $66 million. is that clear? and i have heard nothing about it during the affordable housing
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here. and by the same response, this is another example of the differential treatment and you refuse to use the 15% of all buildings for low income bracket people. and as a result you're missing out on approximately 45 units that is supposed for low-income affordable housing. and i also object to all of your words, and being paid a mere $400 million when (indiscernible) -- strike that -- >> thank you for your comments. >> shot four times in mario woods. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> supervisor, and from maccoseff and i would like it to be a director that is willing to take action and have a culture of taking action. and we saw this in the meeting today is that we see not just myself but members of this board trying to push the m.t.a. to do more. and it would be great if that pushing came from the people inside the m.t.a. and this board and less pushing was needed in
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the long term. thank you. >> paul breed. i would like to comment that questions are at innovation and towards this job description but i'm not sure that is entirely applicable in my view. when we look around the world we see places like asia and places like europe that have managed to soft their transit problems. it's not a new solution that i think that we're looking for. i think that it's an examination of what we have already found to be evidently useful and productive activities. we see seoul and tokyo with transit systems to go 160-mile range in an hour and a half and that's not the reality anywhere in america. and so when you contemplate searching for a new director, as this constituent, i would
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encourage you to examine someone who has experience leading and developing those foreign networks because of those transit networks seem to have done a more functional job at serving their populous than any transit network in my opinion in america has. >> thank you. is there annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn >> we are approving as many nnnn
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parks as we can, you have a value garden and not too many can claim that and you have an historic building that has been redone in a beautiful fashion and you have that beautiful outdoor ping-pong table and you have got the art commission involved and if you look at them, and we can particularly the gate as you came in, and that is extraordinary. and so these tiles, i am going to recommend that every park come and look at this park, because i think that the way that you have acknowledged donor iss really first class. >> it is nice to come and play and we have been driving by for literally a year.
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>> it is kind of nice. >> all of the people that are here. ♪ >> clerk: and both commissioner bonilla and anderson are on their way. oh, first one is here. okay. super quick, if we could just get everyone to turnoff any sound-producing devices that would go over during the meeting. also, we would ask that you take any secondary conversations outside so the meeting can proceed as efficiently as possible. if you speak today, we would
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request but not require that you fill out a speaker card. commissioner buell, how many minutes -- >> three. >> clerk: you will have three minutes to speak. if you don't have the opportunity to speak on item 4 because it is for only 15 minutes, you may speak on item 12. it's continued from item 4. when you address your comments to the commission, please note that neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment in order to allow equal time for all. the commission may ask questions of staff when public comment is closed. last, if the firearm alarm goes off, you must exit the building in an ordinarily fashion. please note that the elevators
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will return to the first floor and are not available for use. if you require an elevator, please make your way to the closest gathering area, which is in the men's rest room. use the box. it will ring the fire department, and they will be able to assist you. >> i did receive a communication regarding the passing of an employee, doctor carlin. dan was an enthusiastic team member who never lacked for a kind comment or word of encouragement. he made me feel welcome here immediately upon my arrival at this department and always sought to be helpful. i've heard it said that dan is probably the few people we know who lived his life with vigor
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and had very few if any regrets. he was one of those people who could fit into any group and bring the fun do it. almost everyone knew dan and dan certainly knew everyone. living a great fun life was more important. he warned me about this on many occasions. dan will be very much missed here in the carpentry shop where he spent time. so with that, i would ask that we adjourn the meeting today in his memory and turn it over -- that concludes my report. >> clerk: is there anyone who would like to make public comment under the president's report? okay. seeing none, this item is closed. okay. we are now on item 3, the general manager's report. >> mr. president, commissioners, thank you for adjourning today's meeting in memory of dan. dan was an extraordinary
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employee, part of our carpenter team. dan was someone who had a smile that could light up a park, light up a room, light up a building. incredible amount of love and invested an incredible amount of love and time for camp mather. about 1.5 months ago, getting ready to open up for the season, dan led the charge to get it ready for the season. he worked up to 18 hours a day trying to get things done. and he did it with a smile because that was who he was.
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we spoke wi-- all i can say is that he will be missed and his memory will be a blessing for all of us. > turning over to more joyous topics, yesterday was play day. we were visited by over 1,000 kids, the large majority of which were our kids from the bayview, but we had kids from -- not just from our summer camps, but from nonprofits from all over the city who came for rides and games and activities. we opened up the pool. there was paddle boarded and kayaking and food -- paddle bore boards and kayaking and food and the pool. it couldn't do anything but put
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a smile on your face when it was there. so it was joyous, but seeing these kids outside, running around, being treated like kings and queens for a day was really something special. i want to thank lorraine banford who oversees these events every year, and it was really, really, really remarkable. turning -- or moving from the bayview to the mission, i want to talk about ian chanka hall and its community garden. presented by liveable city, the
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liveable awards honor individuals and institutions that have made contributions to san francisco's liveability. the hall opened in june 2017. it brought much needed green space to a dense, diverse neighborhood that was searching for a welcoming communal space. it was literally a parking lot. a committed group of volunteers helped us to transform the park's community garden into an area representing neighbors from across the globe. the group hosts cultural events and grows produce often hard to find in local groceries. as you know, our program supports and manages a program of 40 community gardens and growing. we have a couple more on the horizon, where members can grow
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produce and cultivate ornamental plants for person use. each is run by a committed group of volunteers. moving back to the bayview, supervisor shaman walton joined local kids on a newly renovated basketball court for a game. rec and park, as you know, has been making a significant investment in the southeast part of the city and specifically in district 10. i don't know over what period of time, but capital projects in district 10 right now total about $80 million, and the operations division alone has invested nearly $1 million in
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resurfacing projects in district 10. and since 2012, district 10 has received well over $40 million in philanthropy. so a lot of good things. bayview playground, k.c. jones is in the construction design phase. youngblood coleman, you know quite a bit about india basin which is in the concept design phase, and a variety of other improvements beyond the court resurfacing projects are underway, so a lot of good things happening in the southeast sector of the city. all right. let's turn to soccer. fresh off the excitement of the u.s. national women's soccer team's stunning world cup
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victory in france earlier this month, we are proud to partner with street soccer u.s.a. and other agencies and nonprofits to bring two fields to the city for a summer of play. there are open field times for youth and adults. there's organized team play. anyone can use the courts, so for more information, visit our website at we move on to golden gate park and stern road. we have the stern road festival. outside lands comes to golden gate park august 9 through 11, but now, through july 22, the
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san francisco botanical garden hosts its annual flower-piano event, placing 12 pianos in some of the garden's most beautiful locations and inviting anyone to come and play whatever they want. this year, flower-piano invites more people to play, more performances by professional musicians and special events for families including two new even time flower piano at sunset. there's also been a piano sing along, free lessons, flower piano at night, including one this evening, and it's where the garden is all lit up, and there are food trucks. it's really amazing.
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the 12 pianos are tucked away within the garden and are available for the public to play 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through july 22 except during select performances. if this piques your interest or you're interested, contact while we're still in the summer, it is not too early to begin planning for fall. registration for all begins on-line and at 15 select locations throughout the city. we have something fore everybody. you can log on to to register.
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next week, i and several others will be attending the greener park conference in denver. we hosted this conference in san francisco in 2015 where we'll share the role of parks and recreation departments today. i will be involved in two sessions, one creating family friendly downtowns, where i'll be discussing our work at civic center plaza and best practices for driving equitiable investment in parks, we're really proud to be taking such a prominent role in this conference, and we will certainly report back next
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month. all right. we do have a brief bit of recognition before we conclude the report. it is national recreation and park month, and so in celebration of national park and recreation month, we want to give some recognition to an outstanding volunteer group. we really like to thank airbnb, who has become one of our most active and dedicated volunteer groups. volunteers from airbnb over the past year have dedicated their time and energy to improving our park spaces and proving to be really traffic community members. including at victoria manolo park, where 10 to 15 volunteers gather to cleanup the park.
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in total, airbnb volunteers have provided more than 2,200 hours of volunteer time in the last year alone, making them easily one of our most prolific volunteer groups. we have several of them here with us today, so mr. president, join me in offering a certificate to them and offering them an opportunity to say a quick word. thank you, airbnb.
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[applause] >> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for welcoming us here today. we're incredibly honored to be receiving this recognition, but really and truly, we want to thank you all for opening your doors to our volunteers and allowing us to support the wonderful park and recreation department that we see do amazing work every single day. i thank you all for creating space in the city that's accessible to everyone, and so really just want to be grateful to you all for creating that
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space for us to volunteer. a little bit more about our program. each employee, a full-time employee at airbnb has four hours a month to volunteer in our community, and we want to make sure that our employees have an opportunity to give back to the city that gives us all so much. so thank you all for the space, and i don't know if you have anything else to add. >> keep volunteering. [applause] >> all right. commissioners, we conclude with the video of the month -- before he you do, ryan, let me back to soccer. you see the women's national team push for equity, but one of the real challenges in the sport of football or the sport of soccer in the u.s. that we face is the u.s. soccer
10:48 pm
federation and all of us have to do a better job of exposing this game to communities of color, particularly african americans, making it more affordable, making it more accessible and more equitiable. if you look just -- i'm a soccer fan, so i'm going to go off a little bit. if you look at france's success and their success on the field, it is focused on communities of color, and it's something that the u.s. does not do well. we are engaged in an effort to introduce the sport to communities that have not historically or traditionally had access to it, so your recreation and parks department has created its own soccer club, bayview united, and i'll turn on the video.
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[video] >> and that concludes the general manager's report. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: is there anyone who would like to make public comment on the general manager's report? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed, and we are now on general public comment. this is up to 15 minutes. if the 15 minutes is up, this item will be continued to item 12. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest
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to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda item, you will have the opportunity to address the commission when the item is reached in the meeting. so i'm going to call up the first five cards, and then, we'll have an opportunity to continue. susan, micah, bob, maureen, and denise. >> hi. i'm susan, and i have a tale of three gardens. in 2015, rec and parks installed beautiful plants in
10:53 pm
the north park library and the dimaggio playground. they are beautiful, but the only species that they attract is the invasive norway rat, and the hawk that may eat the rats. in another park, rec and park installed a variety of native plants, that is attracting native wildlife. we have multiple species of birds, and because rec and park put nonnative -- native parks, i have multiple -- native
10:54 pm
plants in my park, we attract birds and bees and we have biodiversity. i want to encourage you to continue planting native plants. in fact, please plant exclusively native plants so we can meet california's and san francisco's biodiversity initiative as well as improve san francisco's resilience to climate change. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: next speaker, please. if i called your name, come on up. >> my name is micah kemp. i'm 16 years old and a rising junior in high school. i've been playing squash for six years and i'm a recently certified squash coach. squash has been dubbed the
10:55 pm
world's healthiest sport. it's up and coming on the west coast, and i'm working with a nonprofit organization called squash rights which is an after-school program based in oakland that benefits underserved bay area youth.
10:56 pm
i'd love to meet with any commissioner interested in this project. let's make the city better together. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> i want to thank you very much. my son went to college back east and learned how to play squash there and loved it, so i do support that wholeheartedly. i wrote my remarks. commissioners, i want to thank you for the opportunity to speak again. thank you for your service to our city. last month, you must have felt assaulted by the citizens of potrero hill and dogpatch, but i want amaze -- i was amazed by the amount of support. [please stand by]
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10:58 pm
. >> -- and they are both in the planning pipeline, 20-story
10:59 pm
towers. during the last -- in the business section during the last month in the san francisco chronicle, which is setting on my kitchen table, chase added $34 million to the project. it will a jewel in our skyline. so we want no phases. we want the construction to be done without phases. half this generation's children will be affected if it's taken many years -- excuse me. thank you very much. 2020 bond. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: okay. bob or denise? >> good morning, commissioners. today, i urge you to update rec and park policies and practices to manage all parks' trees incorporating climate change and biodiversity which are the
11:00 pm
council's top two priorities. i have a dense stand of combustible trees in glen canyon park. the other taken in 2013 when the trees were fairly green. the other, a few weeks ago, showing more brown. we want healthy parks, not to follow the unfortunate example of ucsf reserve on mount sutro where a significant portion of standing trees were found to be dead or unhealthy. neighbors from diamond heights, glen park, and mt. davidson have communicated our fears of wildfire to rec and park. i urge you to promote cal fire