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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  July 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i thought we were done rolling. ♪ this is a regular meeting of the small business commission held on monday july 22, 2019. the meeting is being called to order at 2:02 p.m. the small business commission thanks media services for televising the meeting which can be viewed on channel 78, our live streamed.
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members of the public take this opportunity to silence your phones and other electronic devices. public comment during the meeting is limited to three minutes per speaker unless otherwise established by the presiding officer of the meeting. speakers are requested but not required, to state their names. completion of a speaker card, while optional, will ensure proper spelling of the speakers names. please place speaker cards in the basket. speaker cards will be called in the order in which they were placed in the basket. additionally, there is a sign and cheat on the front table. please show the office of small business. >> welcome. it is our custom to begin in and each small business, it is the only place to start your new business business here in san francisco, and the best place to get answers to your questions about doing business in tran07.
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the office of small business should be your first stop when you have questions about you can find us online or or in person here at city hall, and best of all all of services are free of charge. san francisco small business commission is the official public forum to voice your pigeon -- opinions and concerns about the policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. if you need assistance with small business matters, start here at the office of small business. thank you. >> item one, called to order and roll call. [roll call] mr. president, you have a quorum.
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>> next item, please. >> item number two, general public comment. >> do we have any members of the public who would like to make comment on any items not on today's agenda? public comment is closed. >> item three, approval of legacy business registry applications on resolutions. @ discussion and action item. applications are laying antique and state jewelry, lucca's foods, deli and a san francisco and scoma's restaurant incorporated. the presenter is richard kurylo. >> great. thank you. richard?
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>> good afternoon. richard kurylo, legacy business program manager. sf gov tv i have a powerpoint presentation. before you today are for applications for your consideration for the legacy business registry. the applications were reviewed by me for completion, submitted to planning department staff on june 20 and heard by the historic preservation commission on july 17. for each applicant, has a draft resolution, the application, a case record report from planning department staff on a resolution from the hbc. there are copies on the table in the public binders. item three a is laying antique and estate jewelry. the business is a jewelry store established in 1969 by a native of then czechoslovakia. the store is well known for its vast and diverse reflection of
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antique and jewels as well as their large estates and engagement rings. the current corner -- owner, a third-generation jeweler purchased the store 19 and brought on suzanne martin is in 92. lang antique has moved three times over the store's history all within the same 300 block of sutter street. the present location is bright and spacious with ample room dashed ample room for their jewelry display, office staff and an in-house jeweler's studio for repairs, restoration and resizing. item 3b is lucca's deli and wine shop. it is a small neighborhood grocery store and delicate founded in 1927. it features home and personal essentials, hot and cold sandwiches, beer, wine and spirits for the local community
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in addition to a mix of imported goods from different countries and local goods that are not commonly found in corporate supermarkets. since 1997 it has been owned and operated. lucca's is a known and respected part of the community. they maintain late-night hours. they are a san francisco green business, they have been recognized as the best deli and best price for a sandwich on multiple occasions by bay area elitists. a competition decided by city voters. the business plays number one for the best place for a sandwich in 2017. item three c is punch line san francisco. the longest comedy club in the city established in 1978. the punch line was originally founded -- the foxes are the founders of the san francisco international comedy competition. the venue was sold to a concert promoter bill graham in 1980,
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and is owned today by live nation worldwide, inc. punch line established itself as a premier comedy club for performers and audiences alike. the punch line has had comedy shows at least six nights a week for the past 40 years. the city comedy festival sketch fest operates in partnership with the punch line for three weeks out of each year. the weekly sunday showcases the longest running comedy showcase in the entire city of san francisco. robin williams, dana carvey, drew carey, dave chapelle and chris rock all took the first steps of their show business journeys on the punch line states. many still make guests appearances and perform surprise shows. item 3d is a scoma's restaurant. the business is a seafood restaurant on fisherman's wharf opened by albert and joseph in
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may of 1965. it started as a coffee shop or a fisherman and soon became a restaurant that served from the beginning they foraged and nurtured relationships with local fishermen who defined the war and the restaurant is well known for its initiative. in the 1970s, scoma's bought a 40-foot fishing boat, launching the restaurant into the commercial visiting -- -- fishing business to support the fishing industry. in 1993, a fish receiving station was constructed on pier 47 allowing for fish offloading directly to the restaurant. they entered the retail market in the late 2,000 through the launch of take us on for their crabcakes, eventually as tending in 2010. scoma's is more than a restaurant, it is a brand in the businesses has contributed significantly to the history and identity of fishers wharf in san francisco.
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all of our received a positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission. after reviewing the applications and the recommendation from the hpc, staff finds businesses have met the criteria to qualify for listing in the legacy business registry. there are a four draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission, one but for each of the applicants. the support of the business should be as a motion in favor of the resolutions. in the resolutions, please pay close attention to the core physical features of traditions set to define the business. once approved by the sbc, the business must maintain these physical features or traditions in order to maintain the business registry. providing antique and estate jewelry is a jewelry store, for lucca's the foods and deli and the wine store it is a food store punch line it is a comedy
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club. for scoma's it is a restaurant featuring seafood. i am pleased to report that all four businesses are added to the legacy business registry today, scoma's will be the 200th business added to the registry. congratulations to all of the businesses today added to the legacy business district. this concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer questions. there are business are presented if in attendance i would like to speak on behalf of the applications. we have certificates on promotional items for the businesses that are added to the registry today. as a new procedure we will take photographs with each of the approved businesses. thank you. >> thank you, richard. do we have any questions before we open it up for public comment okay. we are going to open it up for public comment right now. if anyone would like to come up and speak on behalf of of any of these 4 businesses, come on up. do we have any cards?
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>> we have michael from punch line comedy club followed by will durst, and followed by nicole. >> come on up. >> hi. my name is michael, i'm a representative of punch line comedy club, which as you know, has been open for 41 years. at the front of 44 battery street here in "breaking news". one of the top comedy clubs in the country. it's been made great by all the greats that you have heard, many have not it's been a vital part of the san francisco community, the comedy scene. we have hosted all demographics here in san francisco. many fundraisers for all sorts
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of organizations and we continue to be proud of the work we do here in san francisco and we hope you will approve this measure before you. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> will durst followed by nicole christine. >> hey guys, i am a comic, good to see you. thank you for even considering this. i don't know how to explain to you what a comedy club means to a comic. it's a cathedral. it is a classroom, it's an incubator. it so many all of those comics that richard spoke of, all grace that stage. i swear to god, not making this up, you go around the country and talk to headliners everywhere, they will call the punch line to one of the top five jik comedy clubs in the country. a lot of them will say it is a top one along with me.
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it has meant a lot to me. i was -- it was the first stage i hit when i moved from milwaukee. i had to leave because comedy was illegal in milwaukee. i came to san francisco, i met my wife there, the funny one with the red hair. [laughter] third club held a benefit so that we could get married, and we pay for our rings from that money. every time i looked down at the third finger of my left hand, i think of the punch line, for better or worse. [laughter] comedy is important. i think it is a public utility. i really believe that. i performed at the punch line the week after 9/11, people were desperate to hear something funny, to laugh, because we needed to release. comedy, we kind of ask as the
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glass of femurs and proxy, we can say stuff that other people don't get to say, and we can bleed wounds and to cure stuff honest to god. [laughter] i know i sound crazy. it is important, for this town, it is a public utility. it is not just a comedy club. comedy allows hope to come back in on the inhale. it is a snort of defiance in the face of anxiety. i hope you think of it more as a comedy club, but as a necessary part of the city. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm not sure how i follow that. my name is nicole, on marketing manager for tran07 antique and estate jewelry. we are very pleased to we were
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started by missus lang 50 years ago. we have one of the largest collections of vintage and state jewelry in the country. people come from all over the country and truly all over the world to visit our store to learn about our collection. we not only sell jewelry but we educate people and we cultivate a community of people who are interested in vintage jewelry. we hope to continue to do this and we are excited about becoming legacy. >> great, thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is debbie durst. i am an improviser which is different than a comic. i make up things on stage. i was a part of an residents group when the punch line first up another comedy underground. back in the day, well before improper groups or sketches were
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thought of as being popular marketable. the punchline took a chance on us and we were there every monday and tuesday night for a long time. also, as will mention, we met there, we had our benefit to get married there and there is so much history in that one room. i am also the producer of san francisco's comedy celebration day and the punch line has always been a big supporter of comedy day. they've had many many benefits for various organizations and nonprofits and they have always been there. it's kind of a home away from home. you talk to, as well said, any comedians around the country there was a the punch line is the best. a lot of comedians working in the bay area, and they have time, they will stop by the punch line on their way back home or to wherever they are staying, because they know, the brotherhood of comedy and comedians in san francisco is so strong. the punchline has always been
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there to support everybody. we are not la, we are not comedians of new york, where you disparage over comedians from boston. it is a very good community. to have comedy history still alive here, in san francisco, where the hungry eye on the purple onion work, lenny bruce, phyllis diller and all of those people, just to have a continue here in this town, where i was born, is very important to me. thank you very much. go giants. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. thank you for considering scoma's restaurant. i'm here to speak on behalf of the team members. i work for the scoma's family for 35 years. i started when i was five, not really, we have numerous team members who have been there longer than myself, many who
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have recently retired after more than 40 years. for them, they are very thrilled for the family. a family that has offered them the opportunities over the 54 years that scoma's has been operational to raise their families and to stay with a company, for as long as i have stayed there, and in many cases, longer. that doesn't happen often in the high turnover world that we live in now. we want to thank the scoma family and thank the city and to fisherman's wharf and san francisco, the restaurant community and the greater business community, the environment, they are truly a tradition that keeps with a progression in mind. to make sure we protect the environment. and that we give back wherever we can. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> suzanne martinez, followed by tom creedon. >> good afternoon. thank you for having us, and i am really honored that lang antiques is being considered for a legacy business here in san francisco. i think we qualify for a lot of reasons. we have become a destination. there are very few people that do antique and estate jewelry in the united states. here in san francisco, we have a lot of small vintage jewelers, and today we are the only one standing. we love our community of people like nicole said. people come to our store from all over the world and all over the united states, when they come to san francisco, we are one of the first place they visit. we want to keep data we want to keep our legacy alive. thank you very much for considering us. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> i am tom creedon, president of scoma's restaurant, native san franciscan. this is really tough being this far back, and to follow marianne, this tells the whole story, i've been there for 40 years, my father-in-law drafted me from the san francisco fire department and i've been there to see things come and go. i want to thank you commissioners for creating this award. people don't realize how difficult it is to keep a business going. i watched businesses open up, and people put their whole life savings into it. within a year or so they fold. the reason scoma's is still a
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success, is the support of san francisco. thank you very much for being considered. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners, my name is nato green, i am awaiting my resolution resignation. i like you to support the legacy businesses for the punch line. the punchline stage is the first place that i did not feel. [inaudible] forty years of comedian generation after generation, the staff at the club, the people that work there it has been we've been through marriages, divorces, addiction and recovery, and all of that stuff, i made a contribution. talking about the punchline being recognized for its contributions, nationally but
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also even galactic lee. there nitrogen based comedians as an important club. the achievement of the club is unmatched. to provide a clubhouse comedian in other words to provide a bar to alcoholics is not something you can do easily. it's really important that the club has this kind of juju that the comics talk about that live in the walls that make it a @ that cannot be reproduced or conjured up. it has to grow authentically. that is why, obviously, the city recognizes something as juju that needs to be maintained in the building code and cannot be removed without conditional use authorization. finally, i just wanted to say, in support of punch line i wanted to remind you of this -- [♪ music playing ]
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just to get in. you're going to want to cry on rock out of the same time, @ it's all true. [♪ music playing ] thank you. [laughter] >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> were going to have the plumbers union in next. good afternoon commissioners i'm going to speak on behalf of the punch line. i'm a comedian that started there and have been performing there for about 20 years. to me the punchline is sunday nights. everybody in the bay area comedy scene, that's from sacramento to san jose. everybody knows if you are comedian your first step on a journey in a bigger career is
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you come on sunday nights. you come on sunday night to see about 10-12 comedians on stage. you will see 100 comedians in back waiting to get on. that is community. everybody wants a chance to get on stage. i think about the people that i saw show up for the first time, allie wong who has two netflix specials to her name. santos, another gay guy who made it onto a tv show called superstar. i think kamal bell who is the best representation of women stand up comedy and the first amendment meet. he has his own show on cnn. i think all of those people were products of the sunday night punch line system, where you showed up and you are encouraged to find your voice. that is something unique in stand-up comedy. a lot of clubs want you to tell the same old same old. dating is weird, what's up with
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that? not the punch line, they want you to be original. as a result of that, if you say you are from san francisco and you come up to the punchline, you have a certain cachet that translates all around the world, literally. the beautiful thing about the community that is the punch line , people have gotten married on the stage. i can't wait to corners of that room when i first knew i was in love with a cocktail waitress. i complained point to other corners of that room when i found out that she was dumping me. everybody there is pulling for everybody. if it was a gay-rights benefit, if it was a benefit for earthquake survivors, if it was a benefit for one of the comedians who could not pay their health costs, we came together as a community to do that. so many times, in the city, they will call the punchline and they
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will ask a comedian to do a benefit show for them. we represent the canary in the coal mine. comics will often times identify an issue before anyone else will @ and will give it voice, we will speak truth to power. and we will make you laugh. if everybody in this room wants to come sunday night i would strongly encourage that. i'm sure we can work out a deal. maybe half-price. we will make you laugh area because god knows the world needs that. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> no other speaker carts. >> anyone else want to come up and say a few words? >> hello commissioners, my name is sonny, i am representing supervisor peskin who has nominated three of the businesses for legacy of business approval on the agenda today. he wanted to be here, he is chairing the committee right now where we are having a robust conversation about small businesses. some pieces of legislation that have been before you.
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also really having a discussion about what is the value of small businesses in the city. and what does that mean when we incentivize things that we streamline things and, are we looking at the death of small business in san francisco right now. after hearing these testimonials from the public today and hearing from the applicant's, it is not true. do not believe the hype, from the copious amounts of newspaper articles about how retail is dead, nothing can survive unless it is a bar or nightclub. that's just not true. i have taken my grandmother to lang jewelers many times. it is one of her many -- favorite places to go. i am a san francisco native, and grew up with comics like allie wong and shane ling.
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i was there when i might drop happened and he decided he was tired, he just wasn't feeling the audience and decided to lease out. nato green a dear friend who i have watched completely evolve in his comedian and political justice. it has been said, scoma's is also in our district. it has been a vital part, hoping to revitalize that local economy these are all people who have entrusted -- invested their entire families, generation of their families have invested in being a part of these neighborhoods. it is really a commentary and a commitment from you that, you know, all of the awards they have gotten from travel
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magazines, different things, the city is recognizing that these small businesses, these family businesses it's not just about office space, it's not just about incentivizing office space and incentivizing, you know, bars, it is really about supporting these families who have invested so much in us. i want to thank you for your consideration. in this past budget we did allocate more funding to expand the business phones. i want to thank rich for all of his incredible work working with our small businesses to put together their applications. we believe in this program, we think it does demonstrate a commitment that we want to keep people in the spaces they are in now. i want to thank you for really recognizing all of these folks today. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public? public comment is closed. >> first i want to thank all of you for going through the process of applying.
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i know it's a tedious process at times. as a small business owner myself, we spend little time reflecting on our past while we are faced with the challenges of today and the perils of the future in our businesses. i think everyone who has gone through the process has found a very rewarding. i know rick does a tremendous job of walking you through the process and getting you to where you are today. thank you very much, and for showing up today. we all have businesses to run. i also want to give a shout out to supervisor peskin, and his office for ushering in three nominees today. that is fantastic. and a shout out to supervisor fewer who is a regular here. i hope that our other supervisors, especially the one in my district will take heed of this activity in these districts and present some legacy businesses to us. i know we have a big hue of them
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in district ten that we would like to get through the process. so, it just great to see the legacy business program, where it's at today, with the number 200 and were going to get some of the fruits of our marketing efforts here today. you are the first to receive the certificate and the door stickers and whatnot to proclaim to the world that you are legacy businesses. thank you very much. just a shout out to lang, my wife and i have passed by lang jewelries and looked at all of the items in the window and now have reason to come in. so we will cross the threshold next time we come in. i guess tom, you are proof that if you cannot stand the heat, get in the kitchen, right. that's awesome. oh my goodness, you are so young when you started there. i hope i can be a legacy business someday. thank you very much.
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>> commissioner laguana? >> it's a privilege and honor to sit up here and listen to the stories, as business owners ourselves, it is hard not to reflect upon our own journeys and experiences, and see ourselves in you and be proud of you and be excited for you. i did want to say, nobody was here today from lucca's to speak up for them but i have enjoyed many sandwiches there, i'm pleased see them. i'm endeavoring to make sure my wife does not learn about lang's antique jewelry, i suspect that will end in failure. scoma's we have had many meals at, thank you for your lovely contributions. i think you underestimate your comedic abilities. finally, punch line, which for
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me has a special place in my heart. i came from the arts community, and every time we have somebody from the arts community before us, i get particularly excited. i know how difficult it is to make it work in the arts environment and listing to your stories of community reminded me of what it's like in the music community which is very similar in many ways. it's very difficult to determine what makes something good. you know it when you see it. it's pure magic, and that's always a blessing to be able to witness it. i have been to many of those sunday night open mics. we've also attended the free events around town, including the video store over on valencia, and i think the comic use to do something for a while with ben feldman, i think it
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was. comedy is something i certainly enjoy a lot, it's an honor to be here and listen to this, i am pleased with this comment from who said "comedians are people who embarrass themselves in style. @ "thank you, punch line for providing a platform for people to embarrass themselves. >> once again, i am really excited to see more incredibly deserving small businesses that really represent san francisco. i have to say, unlike my other commissioners, not only have i fondled the jury at lang but i have it. i'm looking forward to buying more. congratulations to you all, well. >> commissioner zouzounis? >> thank you for coming and
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reaffirming, how important our small business community is and how we are all connected in certain ways. i want to give a special shout out to lucca's deli, sam is active in his district organization un-american brochures, i really supports community organizing a merchant organizing. shout out to lucca's. >> want to say congratulations to all four. if you're wanting scoma's it was the very first restaurant i ate out on the fisherman's wharf 26 years ago. twenty-six years ago this week, it's always been a favorite of my parents. when they come into town we have to go to scoma's.
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congratulations to everybody. like my fellow commissioner says, these applications aren't easy, but it takes you back. it's really amazing the stories we have heard over the last few years are yet i also want to give a special shout out again to supervisor peskin, he has had the most legacy businesses come before us here. that's really important. thank you. any other commissioner comments? do we have a motion? >> move to approve all four resolutions as presented. >> second. >> we will do a roll call vote. [roll call] motion passes 6-0 with 1 absent.
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[applause] >> i want to congratulate all four businesses on your inclusion on the legacy business registry. congratulations to scoma's restaurant to be in the 200th legacy business, in san francisco. [applause] i would like to take a moment to recognize the achievement of the legacy business program for reaching its 200th business on its registry. the legacy business program is a landmark, one-of-a-kind program in the united states that celebrates businesses in san francisco that help shape our city's identity. scoma's restaurant as the 200th business is quintessential example of how a business has shaped the identity of a neighborhood. fisherman's wharf would not be what it is today without scoma's' presence over 50 years
5:38 am
at pier 47. this is why it's so important for us to celebrate and preserve legacy businesses. they have the bedrock of our communities, our residents and a draw of tourists from around the world. preserving legacy businesses is an critical to maintain @ the unique character of san francisco. it is an honor that this commission has a role in helping to do so, shaping this, through our legacy business program. let's take a moment to celebrate this achievement. all four businesses have made significant contributions to the city's history, and identity. congratulation legacy businesses. the commission is going to take a few pictures, with all four legacy businesses, one at a time starting with lang antiques. representatives from peskin's office will join us for a fourth picture recognizing scoma's as a 200th legacy business. congratulations to everybody,
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you are the fabric of this city. thank you. [applause] >> commissioners, we are going to take the pictures down here.
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[please stand by]
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>> thank you everybody.
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>> thank you for taking the photos, this will help us with our social media. >> before we go to the next item i want to give a shout out to richard kurylo who has handled all 200 businesses, and now has a seat in the office. congratulations area. [laughter] >> item number four. >> board of supervisors health code food preparation on services disclosures. or amending the health code to replace the requirement that
5:47 am
food preparation and service establishment post a symbol issued by the department of public health with a requirement to post a color-coded placket indicating whether the establishment has passed, green, conditionally passed, yellow, or failed, red a health inspection. clarifying some of the terminology pertaining to violations for same. discussion and action item. >> good afternoon commissioners, my name is calvinyan, i am legislative aide to peskin. i want to thank you for your time and consideration on this item today. another legislation that the supervisors are trying to push and help the small business community. i am with the department of
5:48 am
public health, patrick goodall and terrence hong to present to you and seek your support for this revision to the current food establishment scoring system. the current system that san francisco is using is misleading and convoluted for the consumer and the operators of restaurants. under local law, they are authorized to award a score to a food establishment at the end of each inspection. it is a number from 0-100. one restaurant can have a score of 95, another could have an 85, both can still be operational but the score is really misleading for a lot of folks. personally, my parents, 95, an 85, 85 would be a disapproval when it comes to my grades. under public health, and the goals of ensuring the public safety, that score is confusing for a lot of folks. the proposed color-coded system
5:49 am
would address the confusion by using a red, green and yellow system. to identified by u.s. cdc. the system had already been adopted and proven by a number of counties around the bay area. including alameda county, santa clara, solano, contra costa, san mateo and marin county's. above all of that, we have other counties in california who are still using this system. i want to ask that we are also working with the department for some amendments to the current legislation to also include new categories of facilities corresponding annual and permitting license fee. so the department can further ensure the safety and innovative food establishments are being developed every day and that will be coming down the line. i do want to pay tribute to lisa
5:50 am
who has been a driving force of this legislation. the board of supervisors have honored her efforts, 38 years of service in the inspector, and also ensuring public safety in the communities. i know she is watching on tv today, even in her retirement, i know she is working hard to ensure that this is supported but also ensuring public safety. i want to introduce presenting a little more detail of what the system will look like and how it will be easier for consumers and operators alike. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is patrick, i'm the assistant director of the environmental health branch. we are super excited to be here this afternoon. the beginning of this whole journey with getting this legislation passed. as was mentioned, we are from the environmental health branch,
5:51 am
it is the regulatory branch of the health department any time a code is a past that requires some sort of enforcement it ends up in my branch. we regulate everything from hazardous materials and hazardous waste to noise, air pollution, site cleanups as well as food establishments like restaurants. we believe that this legislation represents a win-win for public health in san francisco, as well as for the restaurants and in san francisco that have been asking for this kind of change for quite some time. again, we are really excited to be here this afternoon. i'm going to have terrence, who is one of our district food managers walk you through what we are trying to do.
5:52 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners. with our current scoring system introduced in 2,004, it was a first of its kind in the bay area. the better part of it two decades it served a purpose to do a job. it was a combination of food safety violations, administrative violation, and structural violations. unfortunately today, it is no longer useful. to explain why i need to share a secret with you. the secret is known by all food safety inspectors. inspectors are not in any way the most important monitors of food safety. the operators, the owners of the businesses, r. we are just the checkers of the checkers. inspectors conducting anywhere from 1-2 inspections at a restaurant per year. that pales in comparison to the operators that are there three to 65 days per year. to properly protect the public we need the operators in. we need a willing partner for all of the restaurants and markets.
5:53 am
as previously mentioned, because the scoring system can be heavily influenced by nonfood safety violations, and because the final score never reflects the current state of the restaurant or market now in compliance. too many of our partners have lost faith in the system. the system was designed for them to be proud of the scoring system and the evaluation given by the health department. we want to try to rectify that. as previously mentioned by our assistant director, we are sort of behind the curve here. the san francisco department of public health in my biased opinion is second to none in terms of protecting public health. the danger of striving to be the best and sometimes that determination confidence @ to get you to the top turns into stubbornness and arrogance. fortunately, the department is equally committed to staying humble. that humility allows us to
5:54 am
disarm any illusions to use self critique area to use self improvement. it allows us ask ourselves very honestly. is there somebody doing it better than us? is there someone we can learn from? can we learn and mimic from the success of others. we are the last bay area counties who have adopted the system. and not accepting this food -based system but more accurately reports food safety of the public, other agencies have artie adopted this. in addition to this more improved and accurate method, it can also potentially unify the entire bay area. everyone will be under the same one scoring system and it will make the customer experience much more user-friendly. much more intuitive.
5:55 am
this is what we would like to see san francisco adopt. the placard system has a proven track record and also resting -a locations. the san francisco food safety inspectors can adopt any food safety system we potentially implement. we do what we do, and again in my opinion we do it better than anyone else whether it is educating an operator, and forcing a requirement or in a rare case suspending a permit temporarily. the high quality inspections that we do, doesn't need to be sacrificed in the slightest. it is only the reporting methodology that we ask for us to re-examine today. the current restaurant score. less is more. we don't report the structural violations anymore, or the small
5:56 am
dirty portion of the restaurant floor is not reflected with the score anymore. what then are we reporting. the good news is that it's all science -based. the genesis of the system starts with the united states cdc. they have defined and identified five high risks. the first is improper employee hygiene, and proper cooking temperatures, and proper holding temperatures, contaminated equipment and getting food from unapproved food sources. a major violation is defined by something that the inspector would observe and there is a condition that would cause or contribute to one of these five big risk factors. pretty much you can rattle off sewage underground, a rat infestation, cockroach infestation, no water or hot water in the facilities.
5:57 am
these are the only things that put a restaurant or market in jeopardy for being temporarily having their permit temporarily suspended. a minor violation, we would still write that, and we would come in check, but it can no longer be reflected in the score. i think that would alleviate some of the consternation that our business community is feeling now in terms of having this pressure and being perfect. where we can do what we want to do ultimately, both sides of the equation, protect people from foodborne illness. in in a nutshell, how the system would work is if you have one or fewer high-risk violations it can be abated or corrected on site while the inspectors there, you get the green placard. if you have more than one major violation, but you can corrected on site, you get the yellow
5:58 am
placard. only in the case where your major violation cannot be corrected on site you would be issued the red placard, you would have a temporary suspension of your permit. for example you had a hot water issue and you are able to adjust it yourself or have your contractor come out and adjusted , then, you know, you would not be impacted in terms of business wise you would get the green placard there were just be one major violation. in the case of a raptor cockroach infestation, in order to do our job properly for the sake of the public we would ask them to temporarily address the problem without having to do business at the same time. a lot of times that means bringing in outside help whether that's professional pest control company whether that's a professional steam company or all of the above. whatever you have to do to eliminate that major violation at the time.
5:59 am
even though the current system serves the public for a long time, it's not enough just to maintain excellence. we have a mindset of just maintenance beginning with complacency. as responsible stewards of public health, we have the special one-of-a-kind city by the bay, by adopting the system as the assistant director has artie said is a win-win situation. and maximizes the operator, the owners, small business, has the pressure of obtaining a certain score is off the table now, it's just about the focus on preventing the major violation which create foodborne illness. this is becomes more intuitive to the consumer that is very possibly the whole area can be unified in the same scoring system. now they can make an informed choice. i would also like to mention that two years prior to the health department was proactive in going to people with a restaurant association to get
6:00 am
the communities buy into. i am proud to say that we do have the endorsement of the restaurant association as well. >> thank you. >> any commission or comment. >> yeah. whatever we can do to help, i'm in favor of. this is a great move. i hope that we can, you know, find more focal points to work with the office of small business on the department of public health on things related to this. quick question are there new things that get added to inspections, there was an egg inspection and my family story the other day, and i've never seen that. the department of public health agricultural department and they inspected our eggs.