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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 1, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i'm the director of capital planning. i wanted to use this opportunity to introduce to you kelly rudnick who's the project planner. although she's new to us, she's not new to the city. she comes from public works. she has managed several projects that have come before this body, including washington square. we're happy to have her, and you'll be seeing a lot of her. thank you so much. >> good morning, commissioners. sitting in general manager and secretary, thank you for that production. i am today presenting west portal playground renovation contract for jackie ho, who is on vacation today.
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so we bring to you the west portal playground renovation possible action to award a contract treaty construction in the amount not to exceed $2,095,000. this project supports the strategic plan strategy number one, to inspire public space, and objective 1.2, to strengthen the existing parks and facilities and objective 2, to strengthen play, and 2.2, to strengthen and promote the health, safety, and well-being of san francisco's youth and seniors. the west portal playground is in the west portal playground and in district 7, at west ulloa road and lennox way. the port westal renovation project is part of two clean and safe neighbor parks bond programs. the communities opportunities fund and the let's play s.f.
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initiative. the community outreach process was mainly conducted during the community opportunity fund program application between january and march 2014. on november 20, 2014, this commission adopted the resolution authorizing r.p.d. to produce with design development. the proposed -- the scope of work that we're bringing to you today for the project includes the new children's play area, accessibility improvements to the clubhouse rest rooms, replacement of paving and waterproofing, fencing, seating, accessible parking, an access pass, and a nature nook, featuring drinking fountain, landscape, and irrigation. the plan is handicapped accessible and meets all a.d.a. requirements in design.
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the project, beginning in fall 2019, is expect today last nine months. the staff requests the commission award a contract to treaty construction for $2,095,000. this is supported by president norman yee, and others, along with let's play s.f. and the s.f. parks alliance and a donation from the friends of west portal playground. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment -- oh, richard, come on up. didn't see you. >> good morning, commissioners,
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mark. >> good morning. >> i remember this project a while back, so when i get to see something on a slide, it's really interesting. i just want to include if there was any possibility around the slide areas, little dragons that they could play on. why i'm bringing that up is i didn't talk about it before, but in chinese, the culture, you know, that tunnel that you've got right out there, twin peaks? they always call them dragon, you know? so i just thought it might be a little nice for the people out there, when they get a little -- not totally disseminated from their culture. it's something that would be good for the few generations that you have asian culture.
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so that san francisco being diversity influence and practicing, i just want to thank the planning department, r.p.d. for putting in the slide. thank you. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low? >> do we have any history with treaty construction? have they done any other parks projects? >> yes. right now -- tooks might have to remind you, but right now, they are working on -- sorry. i had this this morning but i've forgotten. >> yes. they're actually working on merced heights right now. they are also working on some public works project streetscape projects with public works, so we have vetted them. we believe they can do the
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work. >> okay. >> okay. seeing no other questions, chair would entertain a motion. >> move for approval. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? okay. >> clerk: we are now on item 8, award of contract. >> commissioners, general manager, secretary, kelly rudnick. i'm here to bring you george christopher playground award of contract. this is also for treaty construction in an amount not to exceed $3,335,000. this supports both strategic plan number 1, objective 1.2 to strengthen the quality of existing parks and facilities, and strategy two, objective 2.2 to strengthen the health of san
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francisco's youth and seniors. there were three bidders for this project and bids were opened on june 14, 2019. george christopher playground is located in the eastern edge of glen canyon park in the diamond heights neighborhood, bounded by diamond heights and gold mine drive and apollo lane to the southeast. the 6.8-acre site includes clubhouse with rest rooms, a softball field, tennis court, children's playground, pathways with bench seating. the trails from george christopher park and playground connect to nearby glen canyon. the george christopher playground renovation is a named park in the 2012 clean and safe neighborhoods bond, and the purpose of the project is update the current playground for safety and accessibility and provide
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accessibility to the on-site public rest room. the community outreach process was held in 2015 and 2016 to get the community's desires and conduct the outreach plan. process includes conducting community surveys, prioritizing of desired play elements and feature features, incorporating feedback to iterative concept adoptions. the commission adopted it in june 2017, and since that time, the department of public works has continued to provide regular updates to community stakeholders, including through meetings to explore additional scope to the project. in june -- just last month,
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2019, following a community stakeholder funding request, the district 8 supervisor's office provided additional funding to support additional work at the playground consisting of the repurposes of three midcentury play structures and the expansion of the courtyard fence around the clubhouse. the scope of the work for this project includes the renovation of the children's play area and associated amenities serving it. the plan is fully accessible and meets all a.d.a. guidelines for accessible design. again, i want to note that $140,000 was just received for this project in this year's capital budget from the district 8 supervisor's office for that equipment, so this award request, this request for approval of award includes a base contract amount of $3,335,000 which includes this
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add-on work for this repurposed equipment since this funding was just received. the construction is expected to start in fall 2019 and has a ten-month duration. and the project so supported by district 8's supervisor mandelman's office, friend of christopher park, diamond heights community association and the noe valley nursery school. the staff recommends that the commission award the construction contract to treaty construction in the amount of $3,535,000 which includes change orders for $247,000 for the work identified for the equipment that was just funded by the supervisor's office. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item? okay. being none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> commissioner low. >> maybe my math is off.
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$247,000 for a change order, but $140,000 was that back -- from supervisor mandelman's office, so isn't there a gap there? >> yes, that's a good question. the -- the gap has actually been funded through some procedural general fund capital funds that we have so we're supplementing these efforts on our side also to make that whole. >> okay. >> sarah, did you want to weigh-in on that. >> yeah, just to clarify, this was -- the community really wanted to see these -- what would you call them? almost statues retained, and so we worked with the supervisor's office to say if you come up with half of the money, we'll come up with half of the money. >> okay. seeing no other questions, commissioners? >> i would like to move for approval. this is actually a park that i grew up in.
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my mother referred to me as a park rat. i am a nonnative species. i move to approve. >> it's been moved by the park rat and seconded by commissioner anderson. all in favor? so approved. >> clerk: we are now on item 9. >> good morning, commissioners. i'm monica scott with the capital division. i'm here before you to discuss the construction contract for yerba buena association to increase the contract amount by $339,000, bringing the total not-to-exceed amount to $1,017,000, which is greater than 10% over the original approved budget of $678,000. i want to stress for the commissioners that this is not a request for additional funds.
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the project is fully funded. as you all are aware, this was -- this is a very historic site and there were a number of unforeseen conditions that arose in the course of the demolition of this site. we have conditions ranging from layers of asphalt to historic subbase structures for monuments dating back to 1888, so i'm here today to recommend -- i should say this is supported by the tennis coalition of san francisco, as well, so staff recommends amending the construction contract for the demolition and abatement to increase the contract amount by $339,000. and i'll just repeat the agenda wording, bringing the total
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not-to-exceed amount to $1,017,000, which is greater than 10% of the original budget. thank you. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there any public comment on this item? okay. being none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners? >> move to approve. >> second. >> move to approve and seconded. all those in favor? okay. thank you. >> we are now on item 10. richmond playground -- >> i'm here for discussion and possible action to authorize the recreation and park department to enter into related agreements with the san francisco parks alliance under the let's play s.f. initiative for the renovation of stern grove playground and richmond playground. as we move through the initiative -- and i'll give you the presentation, but i wanted to pause and say that these are the last two related agreements
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of the initiative, so it's a really nice milestone to hit. so just for some quick background, as you know, let's play s.f. is a public private partnership initiated to renovate san francisco's 13 most deserving playgrounds. on november 13, 2016, the commission approved an agreement between the department and the parks alliance to accept up to $15 million for let's play s.f. and recommended that the board of supervisors approved the grant, and the board of supervisors gave that approval on february 1. also, on december 15, the commission approved an m.o.u. that defined the general working relationship between the department and the parks alliance, and that agreement called for the alliance to partner on each park that would receive funding under the
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agreement. both projects are tier two projects, which means that they will be largely privately funded. the agreements are nearly identical and map out roles and responsibilities between the partners and identify city terms for design services commissioned on public land. completely coincidentally, the estimated budgets for both sites is $3,050,000. and i did also want to note that the landscape architects were selected by the parks alliance with support from the
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department after a thorough r.f.p. process, and the two landscape architects are m.i.g., who designed children's center -- children's corridor in golden gate park and is now -- the firm is now working on hertz playground, and they'll design richmond playground, and jeff miller who's designed such playgrounds as lafayette playground will design stern grove. and i'm happy to answer some questions. i see we have some constituents in the audience. >> a row of ducks came in. >> does he want to speak? >> must have been something you said, lisa, go ahead. >> no, i'm finished. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there any member of the public that would like to make comment on this item? oh, richard. >> he's stretching. it must be a long comment.
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>> i am. i was just looking at the occupational agreement and what comes up. you have it in the folder. i noticed one of them that -- we talked about it at committee, and there was the conflict of interest and now that might be bounced bang. if you do the consultation and the work, you can't do the bid. so i just hear that listed on that particular time is in contract. so of the bidders for different project, they also have the subcontractors. so of the issue, what
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happens--i'm trying to formulate a question -- a rhetorical question. what happens when the subcontractors are in a conflict of interest? that's a very minor question because i'm already looking as they already have the question and been picked up by park alliance. >> thank you, richard. i think somewhere in there was a question. lisa? >> so just to clarify, these are just award of -- this allows us to enter into agreement with the parks alliance so the parks alliance can enter into contract with landscape architects, so it doesn't have anything to do with construction at this point. >> got it. >> and that the playgrounds will go through the full standard process, so this just
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allows us to start the participanto participatory process. >> and parks department enters into the contract with the architect. >> correct. it conveys to the parks alliance what the city requirements are from the landscape architect so the parks alliance can make sure the architect meets the requirements of the city. >> thank you. commissioner mcdonald? >> just a quick question. it just seemed odd that both plans have the exact same budget and the exact same funding. >> to me, too. at this point, they're just estimates. they'll -- once the concept plan is more fully formed,
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there'll be a more detailed estimate, as well. but it is based on a professional cost estimate provided to the department. >> thank you. that doesn't quite reconcile it to me, but okay. >> it has to do with cost and existing site conditions and topography. >> why don't we write the contracts ourselves? >> because these are private landscape architects. so the parks alliance is
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privately funding the hiring of private landscape architects. >> so they're contracting with architects. >> landscape architects, that's right. >> and ultimately, we will contract with the people doing the work. >> exactly. we'll -- the department, through the full standard construction process, will contract with construction contractors, that's right. >> so we normally do not contract with landscape architects? >> no, we normally do not. >> we have our own? >> that's right. >> and in this case, why are we not doing that? >> why are we not using our own? >> yes. >> so for let's play s.f., it's been a mix from the public works department and privately hired landscape architects, and that's always been the intent of this project because there are private funds available to vary how the contracts were
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awarded. >> but that was part of the let's play initiative? >> right. >> okay. thank you. seeing no other questions, i would entertain a mometion. >> so moved. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. all in favor? >> clerk: we are now on-si it 11. >> the item before you today is discussion and possible action to award a contract to miller company landscape architects in the amount of $152,920 for the buena vista park needs assessment and cost analysis project. this project honors the department's strategic focus in the project.
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the san francisco recreation and park department is undertaking a study to assess the needs and associated costs of improvements to buena vista park. the scope of services includes cost estimation, concept planning, forest management planning, and community engagement. buena vista park is a densely forested urban park in the northern central section of san francisco. the park wide needs assessment and cost analysis project seeks to build upon an existing 2015 project. the project will incorporate
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the capital improvement plan, community needs and maintenance needs while considering the circulation and hardscape, emotion control and water management issues and forest management. key stakeholder in this project is the buena vista park neighborhood association, bvna. they have provided a grant to assist the department with undertaking this work. the two organizations will be working in partnership on this project, and the consultant will be required to meet jointly with the department and bvna members as a focused working group. regarding the selection process, a request for proposals was advertised on march 15 of 2019, and the department received proposals from five consultant teams. a selection committee approved by the contract monitoring
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division was composed of two department staff and two members of bvna. a review of the proposals by the selection committee yielded a short list of three consultant teams which were advanced to interviews on may 2, 2019. following these interviews, miller companies landscape architects received the highest score as determined by the selection committee and approved by the contract monitoring division. the project will receive -- or will feature multiple opportunities for opportunity input and engagement. there will be three community meetings cohosted by the department and bvna to discuss the needs assessment and to provide feedback through the iterative process. community park walk, led by the consultant team, is also planned to provide field observation and discussion of existing park features. the project was also presented to the haight-ashbury neighborhood council on thursday, july 11, 2019, to
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encourage additional attendance at the upcoming community meetings. the project is fully funded, and the funding sources are as follows. a grant from the buena vista park neighborhood association in the amount of $50,000. a budgetary add back from district 8 in the amount of 50,000, and recreation and park bond funding in the amount of $162,560. it's expected that construction will commence in august 2019, and be complete in 2020. a letter of support from the buena vista park neighborhood association is attached to the staff report, and one item that i'd like to clarify for the record is the d-8 support that
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we received actually referred to the previous supervisor. we have not received notice yet from the current d-8 supervisor. i apologize for that error. staff recommends that the commission award a contract to miller company landscape architects in the amount of $152,920 for the buena vista park needs assessment and cost analysis project. i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> clerk: is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low? >> once the report's prepared, what's the strategy -- what do we do with the report once the needs assessment is completed? >> the need is to identify the areas of the park that are in greatest need of improvement and investment. it's to assist with future planning for construction projects that may occur in the park. >> so the needs assessment is
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required first before future planning can be conducted? >> it provides detailed scoping and cost estimation to understand the funding that would be required for improvements and could assist with determining future projects. >> thank you. >> commissioner anderson? >> um, can you tell me if a needs assessment and cost analysis is done because we think there's a good chance that we will go on and take action based on the report? >> yes, that's the intent, is that the needs assessment and cost analysis will determine where investment is -- should be prioritized. knowing that that park is in need of substantial amount of
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work, and there is significant community interest in making those investments in the future. >> do you know what the possible timeline would be before such a project might begin? >> no, i don't know the timeline. >> okay. thanks. >> commissioner mcdonald. >> thank you. i guess picking up on commissioner anderson's question, i'll presume that not knowing a timeline is because you don't know the scale and scope and what will be required. are there resources already identified at some level that post assessment you'll have some identified sources? >> post assessment, i'm not aware of any identified sources? >> so basically, we have two
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strategies for making investments in parks and tackling deferred maintenance. one is through our park program, which is a mix of bonds and grants and phil philanthropy. what we will use this for is we make significant investments every year through the general funding that we receive as a result of proposition b, so we have -- work there is ongoing, but it is a very significant park both in terms of its size, its topography, and its history. it's something we need to continue to pay attention to and think about how we're going to make even more significant
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investments there. so the analysis is a guide that we will use to use our ongoing maintenance investments. there's going to be a big figure number of work that's going to be done at buena vista, and we're going to have to figure out over time how to get there. >> thank you. one more question, different point. i just want to make sure i understood your clarification around district 8 support. so we don't know one way or another whether supervisor mandelman supports it or not. >> we requested a position, and we have not received a response. >> thank you. >> thank you. the chair would request a motion and second. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? so moved. thank you. >> clerk: we are now on item 12, general public comment continued. if there is anyone here that would like to make general public comment that did not on item 4, please come forward
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now. okay. being none, this item is closed. we are now on item 13, closed session. is there anyone who would like to make public comment on closed session? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners, we need a motion and a vote on whether to go into closed yeah. >> okay. we are coming back into open session. commissioners, item e is a possible report on actions taken in closed session. you would need a motion on whether to disclose the action, and then, if you do want to disclose it, and then, item f, two separate motions, is to vote on whether to disclose any or all discussions held in
2:34 am
closed session. so for item e? >> i would move that we do disclose the action taken. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> clerk: and commissioner buell, will you please comment on the action taken. >> the action taken is to retain the director of the commission, ashley summers. >> clerk: and then, item 13 is a vote to disclose any or all discussion held in closed session. i need a motion and a second. >> i would move that we not disclose any of the conversation taken. >> seconded. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? so moved. >> clerk: okay. we are now under item 14, which are commissioner's matters. are there any commissioner's matters? >> i just wanted to clarify,
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it's all right, i wanted to clarify discussing jackson park? >> we had discussed that in a bond presentation for you. jackson is one of many parks and many park communities that are interested in investment, so i think we can provide a general overview for you. >> and that will be next meeting? >> i think we had it slated for september. >> september? okay. thank you. >> i don't see any other comments. >> clerk: is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 15 is new business agenda setting. commissioners, public comment? no public comment. this item is closed. communications, is there any public comment? seeing none, this item is closed, and item 17 is -- oh,
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i'm sorry. >> no, i'm moving slow, so it wasn't you at all. >> i'll talk to him offline. >> clerk: are you sure? >> yes. go. >> clerk: and item 17 is adjournment, and commissioner buell, you requested that we adjourn in memory of dan carlin. >> yes, and i would like that motion and second. >> so moved. >> second. >> move that we adjourn in memory of dan carlin. all those in favor? so moved. okay.
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>> once i got the hang of it a little bit, you know, like the first time, i never left the court. i just fell in love with it and any opportunity i had to get out there, you know, they didn't have to ask twice. you can always find me on the court. [♪] >> we have been able to participate in 12 athletics wheelchairs. they provide what is an expensive tool to facilitate basketball specifically. behind me are the amazing golden state road warriors, which are one of the most competitive adaptive basketball teams in the state led by its captain, chuck
2:39 am
hill, who was a national paralympic and, and is now an assistant coach on the national big team. >> it is great to have this opportunity here in san francisco. we are the main hub of the bay area, which, you know, we should definitely have resources here. now that that is happening, you know, i i'm looking forward to that growing and spreading and helping spread the word that needs -- that these people are here for everyone. i think it is important for people with disabilities, as well as able-bodied, to be able to see and to try different sports, and to appreciate trying different things. >> people can come and check out this chairs and use them. but then also friday evening, from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., it will be wheelchair basketball we will make sure it is available, and that way people can no that people will be coming to play at the same time.
2:40 am
>> we offer a wide variety of adaptive and inclusion programming, but this is the first time we have had our own equipment. [♪] . >> the hon. london breed: almost. good morning, everyone. i'm london breed, mayor of san
2:41 am
francisco, and i'm so excited to be here today with so many amazing people to talk about something that's so important. just this past week, we had a big event celebrating a $600 million affordable housing bond that will go on the ballot this november. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: and i want to thank the board of supervisors for passing that unanimously, and i want to say that there's something in there for everyone, for our low-income families and seniors, to our middle-income residents, to our teachers. we know that housing affordability is critical to the success of our city, and i'm grateful to the board of supervisors for passing that ballot measure, and i am hopeful with fingers crossed that the voters will support that, and we are putting forward that housing bond without raising property taxes again, so i just want to say that over and over and over again. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: so
2:42 am
today, we have another opportunity. today, we are signing the legislation to put a $628 million bond on the ballot to help with our emergency facilities all over san francisco, and we are also doing that without raising property taxes. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: the goal is to put this on the march ballot, and so we're going to have to work hard to get voters to approve this one, as well. i just want to start by that i thinking naomi kelly, and the work of the capital planning committee. because of the work of the capital planning committee over the years, we've been able to have a very well-thought-out plan for investing dollars in facilities that the city owns, especially our public safety
2:43 am
facilities. and in 2010 and in 2014, voters passed these bonds without raising property taxes but with almost 80% of the vote to support rehabilitating facilities all over san francisco. and just this year, i was really excited about cutting the ribbon on station 5, which is my home station, where i used to get my toys as a firefighter. our firefighters and our police officers, fixing our buildings and making sure that they can sustain an earthquake is so critical to protecting the lives of our citizens. in fact we are all reminded from last week, the major earthquake that happened in southern california and the devastating impact it had on
2:44 am
that community, we are reminded that we have to be prepared. it's not about if, it's about when a disaster strikes. so what are we going to do to make sure that our public safety personnel can focus on the work that they need to do to save lives and not necessarily the challenge that exist with the buildings that house them and what could happen to people that we need to shelter in a disaster. kezar pavilion is not seismically safe. it is one of the facilities that could qualify for additional revenues so that if necessary, we can use that as a shelter facility in case a disaster hits. we have to be thinking ahead in not only repairing the buildings that we know need to
2:45 am
be repaired, like park station, which is currently undergoing some renovations like police and fire stations and public safety buildings, and 911 buildings where we send our dispatchers, all of these places matter, so when a disaster hits, their only focus is on saving lives of the citizens of san francisco and not worrying about the condition of their buildings and whether or not they're in a bad place themselves. so today, we are announcing a $628 million public safety beyond for earthquake safety and emergency response for the march ballot, as i said. and i am just so excited and so proud of the work that we did collaborating with the board, collaborating with the capital planning committee to do this in such an incredibly responsible way. and i just want to thank all of you for being here, joining us,
2:46 am
because this is exciting for the future of san francisco. we know that there are challenges in our city, and we have to make the right kind of investments, not only the issues that we face today but for the issues we'll face tomorrow. this is just taking one step further to doing just that, and so i'm really excited to be here with so many incredible people, including the supervisor who represents district 5 -- [applause] >> the hon. london breed: many of you all know vallie brown. she's been a community advocate in this district for so many years. not only does she spend time cleaning it up, i mean, personally, literally in the morning, picking up track with her own picker, but she also spends a lot of time fighting for resources in this community. whether it's our public safety
2:47 am
locations or our community locations, she's been a real advocate, and some of you know the work that was done here, also, the track that was repurposed. and commissioner buell, what was the location over here by the triangle? what is that called? yeah, with public and private dollars, we're transforming this area. and when i served as supervisor, the person who was really actively engaged in working with the community and helping to bring together public and private resources to get these projects done for this community was no other than your current supervisor for district 5, vallie brown. [applause] >> supervisor brown: thank you, mayor breed. i'm really happy to be standing here today and to be talking about this. just a few months ago, we were
2:48 am
at fire station 5, brand-new opened. not only is it absolutely state-of-the-art and beautiful, but it is going to be a hub if anything happens in this city. and when i think about we have so many other stations and buildings that we need to have this kind of bond money to be able to fix them up so if we do have earthquakes, if we have things that happen in this city, that we're prepared. when we look at -- i know that mayor breed was talking about kezar and other places, but when we have a major earthquake, and if we think about the earthquake that just happened in southern california, and how strong it was, but it was in the desert. but think about what if it was here, and what it could have done to our city. i think about that every day, and what i would do if my place
2:49 am
was flattened in the city. i probably would be camping in the park unless i had someplace to go that was safe, right? i would. i know the no-tent rule, but i think they have a cot there for me. i asked them, can you put a cot? so i just feel that it's so important that not only is this city ready for anything that could happen, unfortunately -- and we know it will someday, but we have to be ready individually. we have a responsibility. i actually just went to a fire in my district a few weeks ago. everybody ran out of the building. there were, like, 12 people. the things they forgot when they ran out -- they forgot their i.d., they forgot their medicine, all of those things, and it keeps going into my mind, am i ready? am i ready for an earthquake? am i ready for a fire or
2:50 am
anything -- any other kind of emergency? so i went home, and i remembered an emergency kit that i had put together probably 12, 15 years ago, when i did nert, and nert was first starting. my water was expired, the batteries expired, the food expired. i'm like, i'm not ready, and i didn't have the emergency little pack that you're supposed to have by your door to grab and run if something happens. i wasn't ready, and i think about that because i think about what about my neighbor that's elderly, and she has a hard time getting down the stairs? we should be going out, talking to our neighbors. we should be going out, training with nert. please sign up. if you're not a member, it's kind of fun. we need to start thinking about our neighbors and what we can do individually. are you signed up for the alert, emergency alert, everyone on your phone?
2:51 am
your neighbor? this is the kind of thing that we need to do because it really takes us as an individual and our neighbors to really protect each other if this happens. and believe me if we have an earthquake, i'm heading down to cafe revelry, and if his coffee machine is working because these are the places we're going to have to go to see, are they left behind? do they need help? i say that because i appreciate all the work in this city that everyone does. our police chief, fire chief, naomi kelly, and especially our mayor to say we need to look at this, we need to do this now, and being so creative for doing this. i want to thank everyone for coming to district 5. it's nice and foggy here, but cool you down a little bit before you go back to your job.
2:52 am
so thank you, everyone. and the next speaker -- are you going to bring him up? all right. thank you. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, supervisor brown. and just a reminder, anyone can go to if you want to get prepared for any emergency situation in san francisco. a lot of great information from emergency management. now i want to introduce someone who's ae be who's been a 25-year veteran of the san francisco fire department and has a very thorough knowledge of how to deal with emergency situations and is why she is currently serving as the chief of the
2:53 am
department. please welcome jeanine nicholson. >> good morning, everyone. i love our san francisco summer weather. speaking of nert, as supervisor brown just mentioned, i want to recognize, we do have some nert volunteers right here, and nert is going to be critical in the event -- [applaus [applause] >> in the event >> -- in the event of a disaster. we know it's not if, it's when. i want to recognize mohamed nuru. he's been a great ally for us and working with us. in the event of a disaster, our fire department needs to respond immediately. our firefighters and e.m.s. workers work 24-7, 365, and we need to be able to respond immediately. and this bill will provide the
2:54 am
funding that we need to invest in our public safety infrastructure so we can continue to bring the city and the citizens the best service that we possibly can, but especially during a disaster. so thank you all for being here today. good day. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: all right. our last speaker for this program before we finally sign this legislation is the chief of the police department, bill scott. [applaus [applause] >> thank you, mayor. i'll be brief. i just want to reiterate what the mayor said. we have 13 san francisco police departments and 14 other buildings. many of our stations are over
2:55 am
25 years old. these stations, from the day that the doors open, they are open 24-7. they have always been in use, and many of them are in need of seismic improvements, significant seismic improvements. and we don't want -- in the time of an emergency, we don't want to have to worry about whether or not the station is going to be standing, even though we plan for that if it happens. that's the last thing we want to worry about, so i, too, want to thank you all for being here. the vision of the mayor, city administrator kelly, and the vision of our city for looking forward so our city has the proper infrastructure to respond properly, so thank you for the leadership, and thank you, mayor. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. and again, i want to thank all of you for being here. again, this is only the beginning. the real work beginning when we have to -- begins when we have to campaign to get this ballot measure passed. we have been successful in 2010
2:56 am
and 2014 in getting almost 80% of the support of the voters for a previous eser bond, and i want to make sure that we top that, so i'm going to need your help. it's incredibly important that we shrine a light on the measure that will be going on the march 2020 ballot for voters to support. i appreciate you all being here, and also don't forget to vote for the housing bond on the ballot this november. all right. let's get this signed. [applause]
2:57 am
>> the hon. london breed: 7, 11, 19, done. [applause]
2:58 am
2:59 am
3:00 am
>> good evening, and welcome to the july 17th, 2019 meeting at the san francisco board of appeals. to my left is as the deputy city attorney who will provide the board and then he needed legal advice this evening. at the controls is the board's legal assistant and i am julie rosenberg, the board's executive director. we will also be joined by representatives from the city departments that have cases before the board this evening. in the front we have scott sanchez, the acting deputy building minister. we expect joseph duffy, senior building inspector representing the department of building inspection


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