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the cabs use bush to kearney a lot. if you get the green at pine. i want to ask if you do no turn on red that is not all of the time but that is only restricted hours like 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. like you do on franklin street. i believe ellis you have restricted hours. you can't make the turn on red up until after 7:00 you can make the turn on red. after 8:00 at geary. i appreciate it. >> we already voted on u, unfortunately. >> i put down u. i gave a separate card for u.
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>> that looks like a w to me. >> i put in a u and w. >> okay. thank you. >> she messed up. i put u and w. >> it doesn't mess up. >> madam chair i have full faith and i make a motion to approve. >> second. >> did you want to add anything? all those in favor of approving items v and w, 10.2. >> aye. that passes. 10.3. environmental review parkings on fourth street associated with the central subway project. >> mr. toronto do you want to talk about 10.3?
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>> this item should be regular agenda item. it makes a lot of changes to the corridor around the caltrain station. it has to do with the central subway. however, we ask to filling out exemption for taxis like we have now going north at fourth, at town send making a left to go west on town send. we need to keep that. that is an important turn at times. we lose that, we lose service abilities. >> going southbound at fourth at king. we need that for the baseball games. that is the easiest way to get to the third street cabstands. we have a cabstands on second and third street. there is no easy access to the third street stand. if we make a right turn to third
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starting from the seventh inning on the traffic is at tortious. it takes up to 10 minutes to get one block where pete's tavern is for us to get to the third street stand we eliminate the ability to use it or go to berry and come up third street. that is five more minutes to get there. at least lift the exemption to get there from the southbound fourth street to make a left turn to king. otherwise we are not going to get it. i won't serve baseball games any more. i love it because i love picking up business people for parties that take cabs. i won't be able to do it because i am not sitting in traffic 15 5
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or 20 minutes to get to a cabstands. >> i know if we thought about a work around for muni and taxis? >> i will address it and my colleague, the engineer, can answer the specific questions. this is a proposal to improve the flow of muni vehicles. it compliments the central subway where the trains are above ground and need to get across. the turn restrictions are there to reduce conflicts between traffic and peddez streets. i note the transportation manager does provide quite a bit of feedback. we modified the turn restrictions because he is familiar with the flow of traffic to and from giants games
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and the importance of those vehicles getting through. >> when we do these types of changes, how do we include tax sees in our reasoning? i just want to give this board the confident that your staff do considerault modes when they blame these changing. >> i will ask dustin to talk about the outreach process taken here. >> good afternoon. dustin white, sustainable streets transportation engineering staff. typically we do scrutinize turn restrictions to see if there are appropriate exemptions to taxis to support the taxi industry. in this instance the left turn restrictions at fourth and king are to separate the vehicles
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from crossing the tracks from through moving trains. we don't think it is safe or viable for anybody to make those turns. >> those turning movements would require separate signal faces that would matthethat would con. >> we see these come through with exemptions except for taxis. i am confident we consider the needs of the taxi drivers. i make a motion to approve. >> there are muni lines running during commuter hours 82 and
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83x. are those buses going to make that left turn or going to berry street now? >> that is a good question. thetal train express makes the left turn at fourth and quiching. this board considered changes to town send. in conjection with that we are proposing mine other route modifications so they will no longer make those movements. >> left turning going away? >> muni vehicles will not travel southbound on fourth to eastbound an king. >> nobody is turning left? >> correct. >> i second the motion. >> any other questions, check tor. all in favor of 10.3.
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aye. >> moving to the regular agenda 11 making environmental review and closing octavia street, changing one way direction between lagana. establishing a protected bike lane from north down to southbound and improving safety associating with the octavia hope street project. >> i am the transportation manager and project manager for the octavia project. our area of focus is on
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patricia. it is the the central gathering space. if you backtrack 15 years ago there was an elevated freeway that connected franklin and golf. we replaced that freeway with a boulevard and created a nice public park here between fell and hey streets with one travel lane in each direction. it has grown to have a significant importance to the hayes valley neighborhood. this neighborhood has seen additional change in the years, additional growth. new population, new people moving into the neighborhood. that continues. >> this particular heart of the neighborhood we see issues. it is a nice place to spend time. there is a lot of confusion at
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this dog-like intersection where people are making maneuvers. it is challenging no matter what mode you are using in the area. we her about traffic safety here. four engineering he we received a petition to study this for traffic calming and look at safety issues. we determined that the area would probably benefit more from pedestrian design rather than travel speeds. couple other things in the area. proxy space which is a public opened space to the east. it profiles a smaller business the ability to do commerce. this will be reducing the amount of public space in hayes valley
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and add more residents to the area. there is more residential development in a block or two of the intersection. this would close octavia on both sides of the park, reverse one way to provide access to the street with access to octavia not provided. improvements for people walking and bicycling. improving sightlines and adding a bike lane. lastly we at to this as part of the package, a new load zone on
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self street. we can better organize the high demand for passenger loading in the neighborhood. this is the graph i can showing the proposal. i will call out air couple items. a little replacement motorcycle parking to replace parking on octavia and hayes street. another ey item is how to work h the fire department. there are collapsible bils to gn access to the area. i should add that the outline over the past four years to
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conduct temforrary disclosures. that culminated in testing this proposal and we are studying the effects. those closures began in 2015 and 2016. we are allowed to look at this on a light basis and to engage the community. a few years ago when i joined we conducted an closure on the east side of patricia. last year it was a 17 day closure to test the concept. it was tied to other neighborhood events. in terms of public engagement,
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we did a traditional open house a few blocks away from the closure area. we were happy that we could do out door open houses office hour events for people to meet staff and have conversations on lunch break or evening hours. we had a chalkboard out and kept poster boards posted and allowed people to write comments, meeting people where they are instead of coming to us. touching briefly on the most important thing we studied which is circulation. when you are talking about a
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treat to vehicle traffic how many are there. i would like to point out octavia street poses safety concerns. it has light traffic. >> octavia street carries light traffic. we studied the changes in traffic speeds during the temporary closures. on lincoln street for us we recognize the importance it holds for pedestrian first. with the temporary closures the speeds went down one or two miles per hour. on the other volume the mollua e
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subsequent year we were successful to get google and apple to take the closed portion offline. we saw that significantly improved traffic flow and communicated to people that street is closed and doesn't provide access to the street. generally there is a three-legged approach. think like a stool. people familiar with the area. we would like to work with navigation providers and people staring at phones for better or worse when driving that navigation would not direct them. the data over the years from uber and will i many the.
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we added loading zone to keep the material. we can't compel them to use the spaces, if there is a possibility that we could do something in the future these are ripe to implement such proposal. why after four years are we before you today with this proposal? vision zero is high with the work we do. it is octavia and hayes street. seeing the issues now. we do believe we worked through traffic same changes. we worked to provide the mini
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street sweep persons. we found success with he the bike lanes through the city to keep this area clean as well. while the block see space will be developed to affordable housing it is three to four years ahead. we can see if we with make it more permanent. in terms of schedule if approved today we could implement in the fall with all projects an evaluation period looking at the same things. we want to conduct asure vihow people are using the space. it is making adjustments or
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services. i will come back if you need adviser clarification. >> why didn't you extend the scope further to make a nice amenity for the neighborhood? >> we have heard that from many constituents. there is a two-fold answer, one it would require lynn dinto be a dead end. it is narrow. we have existing streets with that character. some businesses on the octavia block to make that a dead end street it was not something we
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want to put forth today. could we keep lindin local access only? we are prohibited be state law to restrict access to certain people. we can restrict by mode of travel. we can't say you can live or live on this street and can or can't drive on that. it requires state level legislation. if it is limitations by state law. >> for lindin it was machining vehicle access? >> larger vehicles, garbage trucks. >> any other questions? well maybe you can wait. we have mr. rimski from
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supervisor brown's office. >> thanthank you so much. this project is squarely in the heart of district 5. supervisor brown asked me to come and speak with you. since being established it is where you walk your dog and play with your kids and hang out. several years ago, as you heard from sfmta the community asked for these improvements. over the last four years sfmta has done a robust engagement process. super visor brown is 100% supportive. they commend m.t.a. on the outreach. these comments take advantage of the light traffic on octavia to
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produce more pedestrian safety to get to zero vision goals. during the years of temporary closures. m.t.a. worked in hayes valley neighborhood and with other business owners to work through the project. it was page fully slow. it is what it is. we have a good project before us today. it will improve live ability of the neighborhood, less honking, more bicycling. it is needed with the space east of take trisha's green. it is going to be developed soon. it is a high priority of supervisor brown. she would like to see this
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within the next one to two years. we will have the domlors in place. it will be a great opportunity to change this intersection to make it people oriented. they are low cost, flexible, easy. we think folks will be happy with this and wonderria it is different. people have lived there since it has been proxied. supervisor brown hopes the board will aproof that. -- approve this. we will make sure this space continues to serve the community. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. >> we will open to public
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comment. >> i have a unique perspective. i lived on the corner for 39 years. i have seen changes. on a daily basis, people coming up octavia turns left on hayes causes a major nightmare. there is honking, screaming, fights, accidents. one of those pictures was mine. speaking of pain in the butt, i sent him so many pictures of things you would cringe at. i watched people get hit by cars. i percent naturally think this is one of the best things you could do to our neighborhood to
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move forward. >> next speaker. >> i am simone thomas. i worked to organize the community process for sustainable development for san francisco in the 1990s. i work with mayor jordan to forge the department of environment and was the chair of the first commission. it is unusual for me to speak today in opposition of a project build as a sustainability project. i live on london between octavia. i speak against the reduction and removal of the parking on octavia street. there are a let of issues that affect sustainability in a inner neighborhood. i realize they have lost parking
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on lagoonna street for the large bicycle facility there. people do not take their own vehicle if they can take transit. i live in an old building. i have people there inbic up trucks to repay. there are buildings in that neighborhoods with no garages. people have guesses. it is extremely difficult to park there now. i would like to strongly urge you to remove from this project that section that removes all of the parking on octavia. it would create an eyesore. it is not a green space. this can be seen from here. ir brought these to passion
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around. the pictures that i took of the trash and filth that covers that block now. >> thank you. next speakers, please. >> i work above the kiosk on the 300 block of lindin. we are not opposed. we understand the motivation is to increase pedestrian safety. there are a lot of pedestrians from the blue bottle to the street. it is a living alley. we want be to keep people safe. we want to emphasize our concern. we appreciate that. the 2008 the maps apps had that block taken off so people
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wouldn't be there. we would like to really have it be a necessity for a geo fencing for lyft and uber. we appreciate the passenger loading proposed. i would ask that additional safety measures be implemented as well such as not a through street or local access, just the texture part of the street to just slow drivers down. we understand that there is garages there. there is no way to block it oventirely. that would be a dream. we would like to slow traffic down to keep people safer. thank you. >> jim marshall.
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>> i have been a hays valley resident for 16 years. as we talked earlier about your legacy, incredible staff are what i would like to call out here. mark has done a fabulous job and all of the comments i had about the specifics that i am so supportive of. i don't really have to go into other than to say i think he articulated the benefits and the thought that went into it. i would like to call out that casey hildreth was the person who first got involved with this and his unbelievable creativity, openness and making
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comprehensive outreach is a model. while i support all elements of this for the reasons marked so aptly detailed, i would like to just say that while, yes, the pace was worthwhile because what you are getting is the product of an inch cred-- incredible amount of outreach and the best of planning. i urge you to support it as is. >> next speakers, please. i am a resident on lindin. i have been there 40 years. i have watched the place change and supervisor brown said 100%
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behind it. i am against it completely. they have done outreach and i have drawn pictures about it, how it should and shouldn't work. it doesn't work for me. i live there. i see it all of the time. the streets part of octavia they want to close there is no use. it is the restaurant and candy shop. there is a law. on the other side. they can have the street closed, do whatever you want. that is where everybody is. they will be gone in two years. they start building. a bunch of contractors have more
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space to load stuff. it is not a lot of commercial people. the people that live there we kind of look to it is changing, yes. i don't think this is really worthwhile for the people that live there. we lost a lot of stuff already. we lost our neighbors because they had to move out. people sold cars and now you are going to add a park to what? who thought of this reason to do this in this little community with a park now to extend the park for who? you go down there. there is no one down on one side. thank you.
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>> i believe this is a best resolution to create safety, getting out of your car. i would really advise commission to continue to look at geofencing and other informal ways that we can remove from the traffic apps, that we all use including our neighbours on the west side as they plow through our neighborhood to get to the freeway. so we want you to continue many things because it's e emblematic and we need control of the safety of our neighborhood. >> the last two people who have turned in a speaker for this topic. >> i just want to state some things for the record from this project. first, i think it does kind of make sense to close the southbound portion of tavvia street, a frontage road between hayes and lynd new yoron, becaue there's a cafe that extends
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outside and not really -- you can go down to laguna to go down to fell but there's a concern about northbound, about how we have taxis and others that have access from the freeway and octavia. so i'm expressing concern there be consequences by closing the east side of what i call the frontage road to octavia boulevard.
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you need for of a loading zone on hayes street because it's one big parking lot because it will create more traffic between octavia and laguna. thank you. >> next speakers. if anyone else would like to spiel you can still keep a clear
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way for emergency vehicle and have them go after that level and it doesn't need to be a frenctrenchthat cuts off areas.
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don't stop here and fill in that street, chose the other half of the block and find more streets to close because we need more of this. thank you. >> marta lindsay followed by ed bidard and the last speaker is jason henderson. >> san francisco strongly supports this proposal and especially children and families can cross into the green more easily and safely. we believe they need to make crossings into all parks, schools and senior centers and this is right in line with that.
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and i'and yeah, i was involved n
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designing the park years ago but the northeast corner of the street is actuall at sidewalk l. there's no step-down at the curb. it was design and envisioned to be a pedestrian realm that cars could go through and i think that this is in keeping with the original intention on that part. and crossing on the western part, i'll tell you, the cars, it's strange how much speed they can get in that little bit of distance. it's difficult for a pedestrian to get by sometimes. jason henderson. >> i'm chair of the hayes valley neighborhood associations and
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planning committee and we've been working on this for many, many years as you've heard. in 2014, this iteration began kind of in relation to the tech boom because the traffic from the tech boom started to get bad that year, but also, that was the year we started to see more uber and lyft swarming hayes valley. pot so it tooit took a long tima staff is to be commended.
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paige street is a disaster. it's a total disaster, waiting for a death. and hake street has constant violation of the red transit lane. >> madam chair, that's the last
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perp. person. >> are there any additional speakers on this topic? >> good afternoon, directors. howard stressor. i whole-heartedly want to support this. we need places to add a little piece of street for pedestrians, only, and great that it's near a park. i was somewhat involved with this project when the people in this neighborhood, where the people in the neighborhood, one of the first neighborhoods that supported reduced parking ratios for the houses. so we need to find more places where we can do this kind of project, slightly expand the park. last year was in eastern europe and people were blowing bubbles and all of this will happen on this little street very quickly nice stuff happens. when you do the right thing, the park expanded and the neighborhood is happy very soon. thanks a lot.
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>> good afternoon. my name a cole benefit unanimoui work and bike through this intersection and i were like to support this pedestrianization.
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if you take the street down fell street down hayes street, so many things happen there. i want you to consider making this one of your special projects for the city and we will need to have this happen. i support it 100%. >> any additional public comments? seeing none, mr. drager, can you come back up? i know that we said in answering director akin's question, we couldn't extend it but will you be doing traffic calming along lyndon street.
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we'll see if that impacts the comfort of walking on that street and public works has been living allies programme and they joined the last openhouse to discuss the things to be a part of that programme but i think it's early to necessarily commit to anything that could come out of that effort. we definitely support that. >> especially as you turn because now that people can't go all the way through, that will be an issue. and another question is, did we look at opportunities for loading on hayes because that's where all of the traffic is coming down to drop traffic off
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and for whatever reason, people are too lazy to walk a block. did we look at that. we have another one there for awhile on the block from octavia to gulf which is in the middle of the block. so we will work to add more loading zones and also having the load zones being properly sited. if it's in mid-block location and it's one or two vehicles long, nobody will parallel park to drop off a passenger. so we have to think about how that interface works. but 100% agree. >> i was thinking, also, about the last turn lane you used go straight. if you're now, like -- could there be a loading stone there e if the loading zone could be on
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fell, right there, where the farrest turn lane is, because i feel like people would use that, because they could visually see it and be reminded of it. plus there's visual eyesight to the businesses their visiting. >> we have looked at that location and i think there's a geometry challenge there to swing out to make that left turn. but we can look to see if that is the case. i will confirm a commentary, a few people did ask, is that the case that the three lanes on fell street would be required to turn on -- on octa versuvia andt is what we're proposing. we heard conflicts with two travel lanes to merge together to make that maneuver to hayes and so we would like to make it there's a single travel lane to do that.
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>> i appreciate the neighbors help and the time that everyone has taken but i want to second the request pho for lyndon and e we're moving 11 car-parking spaces and you're able to find similar space for the moda space and this is ask for increased parking management.
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it would be great to take a look at the area and find some that could be daytime slowin loadinge and if we could have them run for two, three or four hours so guests could park for a good length of time. it's challenging in the city and i'm not saying that we shouldn't remove 11 parking spaces but what i always say is that we can manage the parking in the area to make sure that everybody who needs to park can park. they may not do it for free and it may not be uncontrolled but we absolutely can park. i want to just refer back to the hayes valley neighborhood association letter, that had a really good request in there which was to take a bigger look, again, at the area, and adopt a
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green mobility framework, prioritizing managing private car traffic. when i'm sitting on the 21 hayes which i do a lot in outbound direction, we get stuck in traffic on the couple of blocks by patricia's green lot and this is calling out for charge the chair requested a few months ago, which is to take a look and find streets where we can make them transit and taxi only and get the private automobiles and the tncs out of there that are clogging the traffic up for the two blocks on hayes. what blocks am i looking at, gulf, octavialaguna where it can take my bus six or seven minutes to get through there and that would be a fantastic street. not just a pedestrian and other
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than that, this project is great and i appreciate the counter-flow bike lane from patricia's green on to octavia. that will be good. >> i had the same reaction. (inaudible). >> the one thing i realized that even these collapsable pallards is something we can talk about.
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>> it's not a surprise to me. i would encourage you to look at ways to strike the right balance. on the question of balance, i was struck, also, that we're getting rid of the automobile parking, but replacing the motorcycle parking and why is that one mode and not the other? >> first of all, i think of things in terms from my priority, in terms of the space it takes up and in particular but scoot networks, this is something that's grown in the past five or six years and this
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these are people sharing the smaller electric mopeds and they're quiet. >> but the park isn't just for scoot, right? >> no, parking for anybody but a lot of them are using the space around patricia's green and that is what i latched on to, that it would make sense if they had access to the neighborhood and these are folks that aren't taking a personal car and i think it's a mode that is generally, maybe not the top of the totem pole but higher than that. nut. >> would there be a way to strike that balance, where you preserved some but not all of the the motorcycle parking and not all of the automobile parking? >> i think that's what i'm asking. >> generally, you would get about five or six motorpsychs no one parking spaces since they're not demarkated and we are able to take all of the spaces and
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squeeze them in the place of one larger vehicle space. so in terms of how many would be removed otherwise, it just displaces one. >> director brinkman mentioned counterflow parking and i guess at the last meeting with did counterflow in a way because we did a two-way and one lane is contra. (please stand by).
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