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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> public take this opportunity to silent your phones and other electronic devices. public comment, during the meeting, is limited to three minutes per speaker unless established by an officer of the meeting. state your name, completion of a speaker card while optional will help ensure proper spelling of the speaker's name and the written record of the meeting. please place speaker cards in the basket. they will be called in the order they were placed. if you do speak, this is a special notice, the room is very hot today, we have a large fan in the background. if you could please speak closely into the microphone so that closed captioning can pick up what you're saying, that would be very helpful.
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additionally there is a sign in sheet on the front table. sf gov tv please show the office of small business slide. >> a reminder that the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco, and the best place to get answers to your questions about doing business in san francisco. the office of small business should be your start first stop when you have questions when you have -- about what to do next. you can find us online or in person here at city hall. best of all, all of our services are free of charge. the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your apparent -- opinions and concerns about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. if you need assistance with small business matters, start here at the office of small business. first item. >> call to order at roll call. [roll call] area.
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[roll call] mr. president, you have acquired. item 2, general public comment. allows members of the public to comment generally on matters that are within the small business commission's jurisdiction but not on today's calendar, and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future consideration. discussion item. >> do we have any members of the public who would like to make comment on items that are not on today's agenda? okay. public comment is closed area next item, please. item 3, approval of legacy business registry applications and resolutions. discussion and action item the presenter is richard kurylo, legacy business program manager, office of small business. >> welcome, richard.
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>> richard kurylo, legacy business program manager, office of small business. sf gov tv have a power point presentation. before you today are eight applications for your consideration for the legacy business registry. the applications were reviewed by me, for completion. submitted to planning department staff on june 7. i do want to fix that before i continue, let me see if i can. that's weird. okay. it's weird because it's opposite my laptop. for each applicant the sbc has been given a staff report, the application, a case report from the planning department staff,
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and a resolution from the hpc. there are copies on the table in the public binders. anco iron & construction, inc., the business is a family run company founded in 1969 dedicated to fabricating and calling ironwork throughout the bay area. the business was established by brothers william and tony who left mexico in the 1950s, san francisco with entrepreneurial spirit. they started anco iron & construction, inc. after neighbors saw the brothers excellent construction work on a handrail and the brothers basement. they asked for one as well. anco iron & construction, inc. has worked on many notable structures including canister park, ghirardelli square and the san francisco international airport. in the 1990s, william son joined his father in the business, and eventually his children joined making it a third generation business.
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the hobby company of san francisco, the business is a hobby store established in 1975 in the inner richmond neighborhood. they provide merchandise for hands-on crafts and hobbies, serving crafters of all ages and skill levels. the hobby company sells models for model builders, basic crafts for schoolchildren, deeds for jewelry makers, yarn for knitters, miniatures for dollhouse enthusiast's and more. gina mark, the current owner, started working at the hobby company in 1990 and worked at it for many years before buying the business in 2,006. just for fun, the business is a retail store founded in 1987 and features a diverse collection of gifts, toys, candles, frames, photo albums, journals as well as social stationery and invitations. just for fun features small departments within the overall
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store, allowing the store to maximize on trends and to stock product broadly and deeply. scribble doodles is the stationary department where one can buy personalized stationery and handmade invitations. there is a full-service corporate division that works with event planners and in-house marketing department and another popular division is art's sake featuring fine arts applies and crafts. next is kinmon gakuen, the organization was founded as a japanese language school. in 1910 to support educational opportunities for children in japan town denied access to the public school system, due to their race. in 1924, became recognized as institute inc., in 1926, the building constructed at 2031 bush street was completed. during world war ii, fdr authorized executive order 9066 and all persons of japanese
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ancestry were subject to military registration. he was forced to cease operations on his building was taken over. in 1952, kinmon gakuen, returned to the historic building. the organization offers classes for children and adults in japanese language and culture. national jamanese american historical society, inc., the business is a nonprofit organization established in 1981 as go for broke inc. to promote the military x weights of the japanese american veterans. in 1983 the organization changes name to the national japanese american historical society to prevent it automation -- for national and global audiences. the organization move to its present location at 1684 post street japan town in 1989. in 2013, after today needs a planning the organization open
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the historic learning center, a 13,000 interpretive square center falls on the presidium. nichi bei foundation, part of the legacy of japanese american media. was published from 1899-1942. at its peak in the 1920s it was the most widely read japanese immigrant newspaper in the united states with a reported circulation of 25,000. nichi bei times it printed its first edition in 1946 and focused on getting the japanese american community reconnected after their wartime incarceration in american concentration camps. nichi bei times fell victim to harsh economic climate during the great recession. as it was closing down in 2,009, a group of math, community leaders and media professionals
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set out to establish nichi bei foundation. a nonprofit organization to keep the nichi bei legacy alive. documenting the japanese community's history, and preserving japanese culture and community. tin wah noodle co., the business is a new manufacturer specializing in taiwanese and japanese-style noodles and wraps. the business caters to wholesalers, restaurants and culinary institutions of the bay area. there noodles are served in some of the areas favorite establishments, including several award-winning eateries area the current owners have a long history with the business and craft of noodle making. using culturally significant vintage machinery, and requiring a master noodle maker. tin wah noodle co. sister company owned by the same owners and located next door, was added to the legacy business registry
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on march 11, 2019. yasukochi's sweet stop, the business is a bakery located within the super mirror grocery store in japan town. it was founded in 1974. his signature world-famous coffee crunch take has garnered a royal following and placed on west of dessert list. it is the exact replica -- prior to owning yasukochi's sweet stop come he co- owned a bakery on ocean avenue. it was there that moses learned that coffee crunch cake recipe from tony, who used to come help out at the bakery. tony was the coffee crunch maker who previously worked at brahms bakery in union square.
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it was tony who share the famous recipe. all eight businesses received a positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission. after reviewing the applications, and recommendations from the hpc, staff find the businesses have met the pre- criteria to qualify in the legacy business registry. there are eight draft resolutions for consideration for the small business commission. one for each of the applicants. your support of the businesses should be has a motion in favor of the resolutions. in the resolutions, pay close attention to the core physical features, or traditions that define the business. once approved by the sbc, the businesses must maintain these physical features in order to remain on the legacy business registry. for anco iron & construction, inc., it's a player and fabricator of iron products to get for the the hobby company of
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san francisco it is a hobby store. for just for fun, it is art supplies, and a craft store. for kinmon gakuen it is japanese language and culture education. for national japanese american historical society, inc. it is preservation of japanese american history and culture. for nichi bei foundation it is publication following the japanese american community. for tin wah noodle co., it is manufacturing of noodles and for yasukochi's sweet stop, it is a bakery. this concludes my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions. there are business representatives in attendance that would like to speak on behalf of the applications. we have certificates on promotional items for the businesses added to the registry today. following the vote we would take photographs with the business commission and each of the approved businesses. >> thank you. any questions before we go into public comment? i first would like to invite up
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supervisor fewer who is here in the audience. thank you supervisor fewer, for your nomination. >> thank you, commissioners. thank you for allowing me today to enthusiastically support my recommendation for the prestigious legacy business award to the hobby company of san francisco. it has been in existence for 44 years, i personally grew up with them as did my two children. every art project, every science project, overnight parties, our dollhouse, all bought at the hobby company. really moderately priced. folks could actually go up there with her children and marvel at things that look at what craft could possibly do. these small treasures, in our neighborhoods, are completely losing ground in order -- they
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will have to relocate temporarily as they are upgrading the building. i think the hobby company really represents my neighborhood. it is open, it is friendly, and hires people from my neighborhood. as you can see, the current owner was once a worker at the hobby company. i have to say, if we did not have the hobby company, it would be a very big loss to my neighborhood, as we have all depended on that little store, on gary street, to supply us with all of our art supplies, but also things i think we aspire to be able to do craft right area i also wants, as i'm here today, so pleased to see that other stores and services are being nominated. i just want to give a shout out to yasukochi's sweet stop, the lemon crunch i want to recommend that. tin wah noodle co., this is a
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staple in my refrigerator, as it is for i think a lot of asians in san francisco. and national japanese american historical society, inc. who does these fabulous stories in japan town to actually make sure that the history of japan town, and the history of japanese americans in our country are not forgotten. commissioners, thank you very much for your consideration today. >> we do have some beaker cards here. hector collins, followed by rich ,. [inaudible] >> good evening commissioners, my name is hector colina, i am the owner of anco iron & construction, inc., a latino owned business. one of the last few remaining, in our beautiful city of san francisco. it was not long ago, during a recession, that we were
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considering shutting our doors, and we have been part -- our family -- it has been part of our family for over 50 years. it was that time we learned about the lbe, and certification and that has kept us going, you know, when we were qualified and registered. anco iron & construction, inc. has been part of the history of san francisco, one of the proudest of our business, the bay area has always been a city of ironworkers. the san francisco shipyard, we are daily working in the naval shipyard as one of the last
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remaining steel companies of san francisco, we are honored to be considered a san francisco legacy business. we have the privilege of working [inaudible] anco iron & construction, inc. has loved the city and takes pride in building in our community. i would like to thank you for the consideration. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is richard, i am a board member of kinmon gakuen. since children of japanese
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descent were discriminated from attending japanese schools, kinmon gakuen was founded in 1910. it was interrupted by war i due to racial hysteria, the u.s. government sees the school and use it as an assembly center. during the incarceration. , the school was entrusted to the booker t. washington community center, and after the war, it was returned to kinmon gakuen and there was grace, from the japanese royal families on three separate occasions. in the late 1960s, early 70s, japan town was again hit by a setback due to urban renewal. which forced the removal of hundreds of japanese families in japan town, which reduced the number of attendees, or students in the school.
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so, during that dark time, what the school did was show movies, inside the auditorium to offset the operating cost of the schools. some of the facilities are rented out to other groups, or rules. thank you very much for your consideration of kinmon gakuen. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, thank you for your time and considering
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yasukochi's sweet stop as part of the san francisco legacy business registry. i am privileged to be here speaking on behalf of my parents i was seven years old when the bakery along with the fish market opened in the summer of 1974. my memories of the time are distant and vague, i do remember my sisters and cousins holding -- holding a thousand paper cranes to decorate for the open exhilaration. these cranes, a symbol of hope, also represented my dad's wish come true to own his own business. the bakery was always in the background of my childhood. something that was often taken for granted. i remember a little boy in my class once had, wow, your parents own a bakery, you are so lucky. you can eat all of the cakes, cookies and. i laugh at that memory, now reflect on it from the eyes as an adult, knowing we have been very lucky for the friends and customers who have graced us
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with the honor of allowing us to make the cakes, pies, cookies, and other dessert to celebrate the milestones and special moments of their lives. for that, we are incredibly grateful. we are also very grateful for the san francisco community. small family run businesses are hard to sustain an even harder to grow and thrive. word of mouth, the print media, and programs such as the legacy business registry have held and continue to support the bakery through the next generation. my son is now the primary baker, so we can continue my parent legacy by serving our customers, and hopefully bringing happiness to their life celebrations. we are honored and humbled to be considered a san francisco legacy business area thank you. >> thank you commissioners get i want to say thank you, and thank you for considering us. i'm so grateful. >> thank you.
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next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners and i am the executive director of the national japanese american historical society, inc., nando's as some people fondly call us. i wanted to extend my appreciation. i want to give a shout out to sandra fewer, and the supervisors really nominating us to get founded in 1981, by members of the same japanese american second combat team, our mission is to collect and interpret and share the japanese american experience for a global audiences. today we strive to be a catalyst for change across cultural awareness by learning from the past and influencing the future. since 1981, they have served the
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broader community by presenting, publications, and videos on historical events, arts and cultural cracks. currently situated at 1684o street, along san francisco's historic devout -- japan town. [inaudible] [reading notes] [reading notes] by doing so, we have commemorated the japanese american experience.
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[reading notes]
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners. on behalf of the board and staff at nichi bei foundation i am humbled to stand before you tonight as part of what i believe is the oldest continuing legacy in san francisco story japan town community. as community legacy that has witnessed the highest of immigrant drains, and the lowest discrimination. a legacy that has persevered through to forced relocations
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that stands proudly as one of three remaining japan towns in the country. we are proud to be a part of this 120 year legacy of community leadership through media which began with the founding of the nichi bei in 1889 by community pioneer, said to be the most influential prominent immigrant of japan to america. he founded not only the most influence on newspaper before the war, but also labor contracting company bringing laborers from japan, three farming communities, colonies in central california, and encouraged japanese immigrants to settle route and their adopted country. upon his death in 1936, is widow became the publisher of the newspaper until wartime uprooted the japanese american community and to american concentration camp. after the war, their only child, would work with shareholders and
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reestablishing to get the community. [reading notes] as the nichi bei was closing, the oldest northern california japanese american new paper in 2,009, a victim of the worst economic times in decades. gave birth to the need bay foundation and the first nonprofit is annuity newspaper and its history. the legacy has always been about building community whether it be the emerging immigrant community before the war, rebuilding the devastating community after the wartime incarceration and american concentration camp or keeping vastly does first community connected and formed and empowered in the present day. we are the last in line in our generations to come on a daily basis. validating our experiences. our education programs such as pilgrimage, have reconnected
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thousands to their own family history. we truly appreciate the city's recognition of our storied legacy. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello everybody. thank you for this opportunity. my name is deborah niemann i am the executive director of the community benefit district. i'm here in support of the application for just for fun to be a legacy business. you've seen it the application you know how long they've in the neighborhood. i am here because it is a neighborhood of babies and dogs. we wants joked that our local should put a dog in the stroller because that is what you have locking down 24th street. just for fun is one of the stores that you can buy things that people with babies and dogs need. every saturday morning i feared to think how many birthday gifts they must wrap, because they are
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the go to place for that last gift for the kids birthday parties. more importantly both robert and david have been incredibly generous in terms of giving to the community. every year on 24th street, a day sponsored reindeer and the parkland in front of their store. yes, of course, that brings business to their store, it's quite an expensive endeavor. and it's enjoyed by the whole neighborhood. david also help us warm this 14 years ago and were now in the renewal process we had both men have contributed greatly to not only the economic vitality of the street but also the fun parts of the street. i am here to support them and i am grateful to richard who has held the hand of anybody who has gone through this approval process or the application process and i'm very grateful that the city even has the pogrom. to have good people and good merchant having the opportunity
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to get a bit of a break, and in a city that is tough to do business for small business. thank you. >> anymore members for public comment? now is your time. >> hello commissioners. i am the owner of the hobby company, in san francisco. i wanted to say thank you for the kind words on the support. i have been in business for 44 years, the store has been there since 1975 selling craft and hobbies to the community. i wanted to keep the store going since were the last hobby shop in the city right now, it's important for me to continue to provide all of the crafts and hobbies for everybody, like the school kids and for everybody
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who loves crafts and hobbies set up. i just wanted to thank you for considering the hobby company for legacy business get. >> thank you. any other members of the public? >> good evening. her name is connie and i'm so happy to get a chance to come here and see you today. >> probably remember us, from back in march it's our second time here. where presenting for the tin wah noodle co. it started back in the 1940s. this noodle shop has a deep relationship with my grandmother, because my grandfather when he first emigrated to the u.s. he did not
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have much, but he did have this tells of a noodle maker. tin wah noodle co. was one of the first places he was employed. when they retired, the first person they thought about was my family, and so here we are. [laughter] we are fourth-generation noodle makers we actually make japanese and taiwanese style noodles including ramen,. [inaudible] again, we are thrilled to be here in front of you. thank you for your consideration >> thank you. anymore members of the public? okay. public comment is closed. >> commissioner. >> five -- --
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>> i am from anco iron & construction, inc., i am actually the youngest child. i watched my dad worked for years, the heart of what he does and he has affected it. i am extremely proud of him. me working in the business as well, very proud of myself. i just wanted to say thank you guys for your consideration for legacy business. thank you. >> anymore public comment? all right, public comment and is now officially closed. >> i just wanted to say, at the time, in the united states where we are seeing horrible resurgence of racism that it is very appropriate to me to honor today so many proud and wonderful contributors, to our city. and say how well-deserved each and every one of you is to be a legacy business.
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>> thank you. >> thank you everybody for coming. i'm getting work up over this one. i am so impressed. these narratives are incredible. i love that we have three generations of family showing up today. i love that we have district ten businesses that, you know, and pre- and post war industrialism that is really the theme tonight yeah, i mean, you all are so important to the city, hopefully legacy businesses. i am really honored to be on this side of the podium hearing your stories do you you so much. >> it seems to me that the four corners of the vibrant city,
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would be family, education, eating, and playing and all four corners are represented here. from the perspective of a business owner, hearing about so many of these businesses being passed on to their children. my children have yet to take any interest in my business, but certainly i would be honored if they did. i admire those of you that have been able to pass it down to your children, and now in this one case were talking multiple generations. kudos to you for that. i wanted to say briefly, all of you have contributed to the cities culture, and we are the ones that are honored to be here , hearing about your stories i did want to share once dori, in particular, which is about the hobby company, which so far as i know, it's the only city that sells model rocket supplies
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area to find sons had it in their mind that they wanted to make some model rocket, so we went down there, we went down there, we made the rockets. they are surprisingly complicated to make. we made them, and i didn't know where to launch these things. then we decided, well, i looked it up and it is illegal and there's no place to do it. so we just went to mclaren park, and try to find a place that nobody was around, or nobody was looking. we went with some friends, and the minute that rocket took off, we just got out of there. [laughter] we were so terrified of what was going to happen, because it was so much noisier, and bigger. that was an indelible experience with my two boys, they still talk about, that time we ran away. we didn't even recover the rocket. we were so worried the police were going to come, we were going to get arrested.
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these memories that you guys make, with your food, your can action, with the stuff -- -- construction, with the stuff you sell. this is what makes a city, this is what makes the community, this is what makes lives it living. thank you. >> i have to follow you without interesting dori? -- story? >> you are the one, after all of these years. [laughter] >> are you saying you have my rocket? >> when i read the application, so many stories, history, i know some of it, but then when i read it. after all of that hardship you make it to the legacy district. congratulations!
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as for the hobby company, i used to run a bank branch around your area, and i've been to your store many, many times with my nephews, nieces and all of that. i am so glad you're still there. maybe another 30 more years. congratulations exhalation. >> thank you. >> i just want to say congratulations each and every one of you, are very deserving of this. it is japan town night here, i love it. i've had one of those coffee cakes, too. those are really good. i do want to echo what one of our speakers says, i want to give a shout out to robert and david at just for fun. i have bought many many games, toys, thank you cards, and robert and david are basically 24th street.
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they have a park in front of their business which they allowed to happen. a lot of businesses don't, they did. they decorate year-round. they are a real part of that community. i know both of them, if united by monopoly, sorry or anything like that, they have it in their store. they are part of the community, so i wanted to give a special shout out to them. do we have a motion? >> move to prove -- approve all eight resolutions and add them to the legacy business registry. >> second. [roll call] >> motion passes, 6-0, with one
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absent. >> thank you. congratulations! >> if we can do photographs, is that okay with the commissioners i scoped out a space right over here. we will do one at a time. >> make this quick. we are going to go alphabetically, we will start with anco iron & construction, inc.
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>> next is just for fun.
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next up is kinmon gakuen. next is national japanese american historical society, inc.
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next is the nichi bei foundation and, tin wah noodle co. lastly,
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yasukochi's sweet stop.
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>> okay, next item. item 4, approval of draft meeting minutes. (action item) explanatory documents: draft minutes september 25, 2017 and october 2, 2017 >> okay. >> does anyone have any comments on our draft minutes for september 25, or october 2 of 2017? do we have public comments on the draft minutes from septembe, 2017. seeing none. public comment is closed. do we have a motion?
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>> moved to approve the minutes as presented. >> second. >> motion passes. item 5, update on office of small business fy19-20 project list. discussion item. >> good evening commissioners, i have provided a handout for the public if anyone would like to see it. i highlighted what will be the key initiatives and projects we are going to work on, for the next six months. so that you have some time lines of deliverables that our department has. we will be working with the active space we have been assigned through legislation navigate through that process. we have begun interagency meetings. early september is when the legislation is in effect in the businesses that do want to stay
12:49 pm
active space grade we will be assisting those as a through that process and working with the department to get clarity on what that processes. the business of portal is officially being migrated over to the office of small business. we will not be doing any more technical enhancements to it because of the one-stop permitting center. it will mainly be content management and upgrade. that official date is now september 9. the area, under hiring, does need to have a good number of local and state laws that need to be added. that will be one of our key focuses. and then commissioner
12:50 pm
ortiz-cartagena we are definitely working with our department of technology, we will be meeting this week to investigate about the tablets. the commission will be conducting a hearing, targeting end of october. i will be soliciting to you, questions, and wanting to make sure that we ask the department -- of questions of the department on the request of information that you would like to have presented to you, at the hearing. and then that way you are able to hear the responses pre- presentation in case you want to follow up with questions and then we will follow up with submitted set of recommendations
12:51 pm
economic mitigation, this is the working group that supervisor walton cosponsored by supervisor if. this is going to be the most intensive work that we are going to be engaging in, over the next six months. the first meeting is going to be early october, and so will conclude the end of march. we will need to establish a first set of recommendations for the most vulnerable businesses. we are targeting to have that in january, and then we will be concluding with a final set of recommendations to be submitted late march or early april. there is quite a bit of work that will fall on our office as we are providing research and contact material. we are still formalizing her
12:52 pm
sitting on the working group and should have that done soon, and as soon as we have that, we will send you the working group. for the legacy business, we have actually started to meet on how we can and how we might reconstruct the legacy business grant program. it is a new program, it is too complicated to amend the proposition j program. we need to have that done and completed by the end of december so we can ensure that it is part of the budget allocation so that it can be implemented for the 2021 budget fiscal year. we are working on that, we will be working with the mayor's budget office and bringing that to you, probably bringing that
12:53 pm
to you towards the end of november. and then two other key things as we do want to get the first round of plaques up to our legacy businesses, in november- december. we are doing some pricing for the official plaques. plan to work on that. we will be able to initiate the hiring of the staff person in october. we are working on providing policy recommendations to the 2015 regulations for massage. complete policy .-dot -- documents for you to look at. determined to whether we need a full presentation or just submit the policy recommendations to you. under new business, dominica and
12:54 pm
i have discussed, when there is certain ideas, when new businesses -- business is presented it will be in the form of presentations and working on getting information prepared for you ahead of the presentations, or we do resolutions, which is encouraging the board of supervisors, or the mayor to take action. commissioner ortiz-cartagena, september 9 we will have a resolution based upon your request about conducting an economic analysis around the card sharing a delivery act and its effect on small business. that way we will articulate, and outline, the shape of what the economic impact or analysis should be. what has not been scheduled, our
12:55 pm
trailing new business items that have come up over the last year are commissioner dooley has requested a presentation. commissioner. >> for requesting a presentation from the district attorneys crime strategies unit, and commissioner zouzounis you asked for a presentation of training on small businesses on how to prepare for rfps. what is on the docket as well, which falls more on the policy side is online retailers, a policy document to determine whether an economic threshold needs to be established for online retailers. that is a good one to formula retail. the planning department has made it clear they deal with land use area this would fall within our wheelhouse, to work on a policy document potentially working on
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it with other entities, as well. this is pretty much the first six months leading into the last six months of this fiscal year. i wanted to highlight that for you. if there any questions, it's just a presentation discussion item. >> do we have any commissioner comments or questions? tran21 is, on the -- -- >> one is on the delivery apps, can we add peer to peer car rental? >> s.
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-- yes. >> i remember requesting a joint hearing with planning commission , as they expressed interest in that, too. allowing for small businesses to ask terrifying questions on their uses. >> any other commissioner questions? do we have any public comments on item number five? seeing none. public comment is closed. any other questions? closed. next item, please? item 6, director's report. update and report on the office of small business and the small business assistance center, department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor, and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion item. >> commissioners, you have the written reports in front of you
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and there is copies for the public, on the table. just providing you an update with the numbers of checklist that have been submitted regarding the abe. we are now at 6500, that is less than half of the number of properties that have been notified. i met with the united kingdom small business commissioner which is equivalent to the fda director, it is a national physician. their program, that they have, focuses on assisting businesses to get payments. i guess this is a big issue, in terms of the private sector. a lot of small businesses, are being economically impacted because the larger businesses are not paying them on time. he was very interested in the work that our office is doing, and the role that you as a commission have, it was a short
12:59 pm
meeting, but it was a great meeting to share ideas and also very interested in the legacy business program. you have a list of three pieces of legislation that have been recently introduced, and those -- one was referred to the commission, on friday, so we will get that out to you. we will likely start hearing those in september. just a couple of updates, the small business streamlining legislation had its first reading in the last meeting of the board of supervisors, before recess. it will have its second meeting and i will provide you with an update in terms of what was amended. then, the change to the health scoring system, that was introduced in -- by supervisor peskin. that should be scheduled in committee, after recess. in the upper market land-use changes, were signed by the
1:00 pm
mayor, last friday. in regards to the state legislation, ab-161, i'm not sure i mentioned it in the last meeting, it now eliminates the requirements or e-mail receipts. it is pretty much down to just requiring toxic free paper. it still does have that small business exemption, but our office has worked with the department of the environment, where we will be submitting a joint recommendation to the city , legislative committee saying that we support the legislation -- i'm sorry i didn't finish this, should the event be that if the legislation does eliminate the small business exemption, i think we are fine with that. i think, statewide having all businesses provide that paper it helps create a greater market demand


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