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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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economic analysis around the card sharing a delivery act and its effect on small business. that way we will articulate, and outline, the shape of what the economic impact or analysis should be. what has not been scheduled, our trailing new business items that have come up over the last year are commissioner dooley has requested a presentation. commissioner. >> for requesting a presentation from the district attorneys crime strategies unit, and commissioner zouzounis you asked for a presentation of training on small businesses on how to prepare for rfps. what is on the docket as well, which falls more on the policy side is online retailers, a
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policy document to determine whether an economic threshold needs to be established for online retailers. that is a good one to formula retail. the planning department has made it clear they deal with land use area this would fall within our wheelhouse, to work on a policy document potentially working on it with other entities, as well. this is pretty much the first six months leading into the last six months of this fiscal year. i wanted to highlight that for you. if there any questions, it's just a presentation discussion item. >> do we have any commissioner comments or questions? tran21 is, on the -- --
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>> one is on the delivery apps, can we add peer to peer car rental? >> s. -- yes. >> i remember requesting a joint hearing with planning commission , as they expressed interest in that, too. allowing for small businesses to ask terrifying questions on their uses. >> any other commissioner questions? do we have any public comments on item number five? seeing none. public comment is closed.
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any other questions? closed. next item, please? item 6, director's report. update and report on the office of small business and the small business assistance center, department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor, and announcements regarding small business activities. discussion item. >> commissioners, you have the written reports in front of you and there is copies for the public, on the table. just providing you an update with the numbers of checklist that have been submitted regarding the abe. we are now at 6500, that is less than half of the number of properties that have been notified. i met with the united kingdom small business commissioner which is equivalent to the fda director, it is a national physician. their program, that they have, focuses on assisting businesses to get payments.
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i guess this is a big issue, in terms of the private sector. a lot of small businesses, are being economically impacted because the larger businesses are not paying them on time. he was very interested in the work that our office is doing, and the role that you as a commission have, it was a short meeting, but it was a great meeting to share ideas and also very interested in the legacy business program. you have a list of three pieces of legislation that have been recently introduced, and those -- one was referred to the commission, on friday, so we will get that out to you. we will likely start hearing those in september. just a couple of updates, the small business streamlining legislation had its first reading in the last meeting of
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the board of supervisors, before recess. it will have its second meeting and i will provide you with an update in terms of what was amended. then, the change to the health scoring system, that was introduced in -- by supervisor peskin. that should be scheduled in committee, after recess. in the upper market land-use changes, were signed by the mayor, last friday. in regards to the state legislation, ab-161, i'm not sure i mentioned it in the last meeting, it now eliminates the requirements or e-mail receipts. it is pretty much down to just requiring toxic free paper. it still does have that small business exemption, but our office has worked with the department of the environment, where we will be submitting a joint recommendation to the city , legislative committee saying that we support the legislation -- i'm sorry i
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didn't finish this, should the event be that if the legislation does eliminate the small business exemption, i think we are fine with that. i think, statewide having all businesses provide that paper it helps create a greater market demand. in all likelihood, that would be something that would be coming forward, if the exemption stays in place, at the state level, probably coming forward at a local level to require all businesses. >> do we have any kind of idea on the date for ab-161? >> it is still in the senate. we do not have a date, at this point. then, lastly, i just want to say that the last strategic plan
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that the department has is from 2013-14. i have discussed this with the president, and the vice president, that it needs be updated. i think this is something we could work on during the commission meeting without having to have a separate meeting. we will be working with president adams and vice president dwight to bring that to you. >> great, thank you. >> quick question, going back to the earlier thing. you mentioned one-stop shopping for the new portal. this goes into an idea, i was just wondering, what does that mean like you can apply for all of the permit, just through the portal, or? >> we were working to work with the departments to get there, but now with the 49 south van
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ness which is at the corner of van ness omission being created, a permit center that will have all of the agencies there, instead of working through our portal, the focus has now been working on doing technology -- and communications between the department where they can streamline in terms of applications. there focus now on delivering that. >> that is great. >> any other questions for the director? to be have any public comment on item number six? seeing none. public comment is closed. any other questions for the director? item six is closed. item seven, please.
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item 7, commissioners' reports. allows president, vice president, and commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. .discussion item. >> i just want to let everyone know that our meeting -- i want to make sure i get this right, monday the 26th, we will not be having a meeting on monday the 26th. our next meeting will be on monday, september 9. >> mr. president, is not in honor of my 40th birthday? it sure is. [laughter] >> i have nothing else. do we have any other commissioner comments? commissioner ortiz. >> last week i attended a conference in san diego. it hosted array of things that concerned the latino community. obviously i was there to represent the small business
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issues area what did arise, and i want any small business to be very, very concerned about is i-9. make sure your i-9's are filed properly, regardless of the business. you can get find for having a scribble, or not following it properly. i think, as a small business owner, we are not experts in that. let's make sure our i-9's are in order. another thing that affected california, is the bail bond issue. so, if you get arrested friday night, you won't be released until monday, because there is no longer the bail option. that does affect a lot of our small businesses. i was in the conference, right or wrong, i'm not getting into why you got arrested friday night, if you do have the bail option you could lose your job. it affects a lot of the food industry, believe it or not.
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saturdays and sundays are our busiest days, for whatever reason. i'm not going to get into the details, if my staff doesn't have the option to bail out. there is legislation, to put on the ballot. the spirit of the original legislation. but, if there is another tier where you do have the option, it does impact our small businesses, especially the food industry over the weekend. just putting that out there. >> thank you. >> yes, i attended the chinatown , it is a new item that is organized by the entertainment commission. he worked with the local merchants to put it together. every sunday, for the next eight sundays, counting yesterday, there will be activities, you know, in chinatown.
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they have different themes. yesterday was classic car exhibition, and antique car fare. they had a little parade, and the lion dance. and a fashion show. august 18, 25, september 1, september 8, and september 15. there will be different themes. they will have a history day, and a pop up food fest, martial arts, and also the other one is healthy and safe chinatown. one of the merchants told me, because of this, her business has gone up 30%. they're hoping to bring more people to chinatown to help with
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the business economy. >> thank you. >> so, i was asked to speak at an event on the eighth call the real food, real stories. it's a nonprofit. i got to speak to a whole crowd of millennial's that consider themselves foodies, but really don't understand the struggles that our small businesses, particularly our minority, and immigrant retailers deal with. that was really cool, because i got to tell them about our work and how they can be engaged with their favorite businesses, and try to understand about what they go through, and how they can support. that was neat. also, i went to a couple of hearings, in the last month, with some other merchants and we have been tracking amazon, and the cloud kitchen applications for off sale alcohol permits.
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i was also asked that we keep track of that, in new business, and add it to our resolution that are affecting small businesses. and, also, i will ask, if i have a moment at the end to close the medium in memorial of one of our local legacy businesses got lost someone in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >> absolutely. >> i just wanted to bring the commissions attention, there was an article in the chronicle last week, i don't know if any of you saw it it was about ice sandwiches. maybe some of you have had the sandwiches? what is not to like about like? i think the article is directly relevant to our work, because he talked about how he has one location in san francisco, and
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49 locations outside of san francisco and a number of other states. they asked him, why didn't you open anymore locations in san francisco? he mentioned the permit process, which we are well familiar with. he also mentioned the formula retail provisions, as being something that locked him out. by sheer coincidence, i was wrestling with my son, on the couch, knocked over my laptop and destroyed the screen and had to take the laptop -- i wanted to take it to apple, but apple said it would be two weeks. >> we want to know who won the wrestling match, though? >> clearly heated. he's 11 years old. -- clearly he did. he's 11 years old. the laptop lost. apple recommended i go to the store, mobile kangaroo, whom
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i've never heard of before. i was a little iffy, i went, they they are in north beach. kind of a schlep where i'm coming from. i made it up there. i was greeted by the owner, ted. he said, you are lucky you came here, because we can turn it around faster than apple can. i said, geez, it's so hard to get out here, why don't you open up something on the other side of town? people have laptops there, too, phones and whatnot. he said, we have 15 locations in the bay area, but i cannot -- we have tried, we looked into it, but it's too hard to open another one in the city, because of the formula retail. i thought this is the second time, in 48 hours, that i have read about a local hometown hero who has built up a successful business, in the city, hiring fellow residents, made it
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through that rigmarole that makes it so hard to succeed, so hard to get ahead. finally built a successful business, and we slammed the door shut and tell them to get out, and get lost. i think we can do better. i get it, we don't want mcdonald's, and wendy's opening up on guerrero and haight street , nobody wants to see giant targets everywhere, although it seems like we have a couple in the city anyway. that leads to another point. it seems like the formula retail provision primarily seems to benefit the larger companies that have the capacity, to circumnavigate it and lock out these smaller businesses that are hometown heroes. they have found something that works. we should be celebrating them. we should be encouraging them to open up more locations. we should be helping them anyway we can. i am pretty fired up about this. by the way, sheer coincidence,
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my business would also be prohibited from opening another location in san francisco, because we have 15 locations on the threshold is 11. this isn't about me, i don't want to open another location, even if i was allowed to come i wouldn't do it. the point is, i think we can do better. i think we can do better for our local hometown heroes. i wanted to bring the commissions attention to these articles, get us thinking about this. i will certainly be reaching out to the relevant supervisor's office, trying to determine if there is any room for negotiations here on any of the stuff, so we can have another ike place, or a mobile kangaroo. these services that our residents want, and enjoy, that our local entrepreneurs to celebrate and encourage them. >> good timing, because san
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francisco business times this weekend also had an article, they had an editorial that we need to relook at our formula retail rules because molly stones has put in a bid to open in the old lombardi sports, because whole foods could not because it cannot get past the formula retail hurdle for the neighbors. molly stones can, because they have nine locations. upon opening the store, if they are approved, and they open at lombardi's, they can never open another store in san francisco. they will be at the formula retail limit and they will go through that process. here we are, they're going to come in, right underneath, solve a problem for us, and basically were going to lock them out. i think, you know, 10-11 is an arbitrary number. we have to draw a line in the somewhat -- sand somewhere, i guess. we are finding that the arbitrary number is too low.
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>> my observation would be locally owned area may be a separate consideration from looking at international corporations coming in. my other observation would be, there may be some room to negotiate lower talking about the size of the footprint. >> there are others that have been affected by this. >> if you want, we can move both of these items under new business instead of under commission reports. you both have made good. especially with ike. i know ike, and i know his frustration. i know that article was coming out. especially when the first ike's was in my neighborhood, the first superduper was in my neighborhood. he's not opening up anymore anymore in the city, for that reason. those are the best burgers. >> friends of the caliber owner, i disagree.
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i know he would like to open more locations, as well. >> okay. any other commissioner comments, or report? to be have any members of the public who would like to make comment on item number seven? seeing none. anymore reports? number seven is closed. next item, new business. new business. allows commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the commission. discussion item. >> i want to ask for a couple. i have been talking to a lot of the taxis lately, because i happen to be at a board of supervisors hearing that they are at. they are going regularly. they are organizing themselves, and have documentation and case studies for what they are going through. i wanted to put that on our new business to see where the city is at, in supporting that.
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they are small businesses. i would like our office to at least be able to report with the city's outs, and if we for these small businesses. secondly, i think in the spirit of really waking up our elected to how they are going after small businesses with almost every new law that is introduced you know, in conversation with commissioner dooley, largely disproportionately immigrant and minority businesses are being affected by the regulations that are being in place, whether, you know, they are big picture ones are technical ones. i think this might warrant a joint hearing with immigrant, i've talked to their doctor before about this. i think we need to have a really strong voice in this, not just the regulations.
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i know when ice is in town, i know businesses that close their doors. we need to have a serious conversation about that. the sector i am in, is being harassed by city departments in bringing regulatory bodies that are state and federal, and there has been some horror stories that even reference people's religion. i think the environment of enforcement is also something they need to consider how they are contributing to this environment appear. >> thank you. >> following up on our previous discussion, i would like to officially ask that we have an assessment of our formula retail rules. >> great. any other commissioner new business? do we have any members of the public who would like to comment on new business? seeing none. public comment is closed.
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>> sf gov tv please show the office of small business slide. >> it is our custom to begin and end each small business commission meeting .-dot the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco, and the best place to get answers to your questions about doing business in san francisco. the small business commission is the unofficial public form to voice your opinions and concerns about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in in san francisco. if you need assistance with a small business, start here at the office of small business. i'm going to turn it over to commissioner zouzounis. >> i would like to request that the commission close our meeting today in memorial for kitchen manager at the old clam house on bayshore. their daughter was kayla salazar , who was a 13-year-old, that was killed at the gilroy garlic festival.
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in honor of kayla. >> i second. item 8, adjournment. closing the meeting in honor of kayla salazar. [roll call] meeting is adjourned at 6:49 p.m.
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on
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from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area
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where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like.
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this is the regular board meeting for the san francisco board of education. tonight is august 13, 2019. let's do roll call please. [roll call] >> i want to start this meeting in honor of toni morrison, who passed on august 5, 2019.
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she said, freeing yourself is one thing, framing yourself as a free slave was another. general information, number one, accessibility information for the public, number two is teleconference information. section b, putting items. we have the approval of board minutes from june 25, 2019. can i have a motion at a second? roll call vote on the minutes. [roll call]
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number two, superintendents report. . >> secretary: thank you president cook. good evening, welcome back. next monday, august 19, students return to our classrooms for the 19-20 school year. i hope staff has had a restful summer and ready for a great year. school staff have returned to the sites and prepared to look at my students on monday the 19th. over the past few weeks, administrators and teaching staff are participating in training and professional development. i would like to highlight a few of these trainings. july 30 through august 1, we had our all administrators institute where the theme was clarity and equity in leading people. administrators, this past week had bayview ignite for the third year where school staff from our bayview schools participated in
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a three-day community building and learning experience to strengthen the foundation needed to serve our students and families in the community. the theme for bayview and ignite was passion, power, performance and potential. yesterday i had the opportunity to welcome nearly 1,000 educators, and staff at the fourth annual digital district day at john o'connell high school. this is hosted by our department of technology, digital district day provides interactive and engaging learning opportunities for our district employees to explore applications of technology and innovative ways to strengthen their own teaching practice on productivity so they can help each and every student drive in the 21st century. this year's theme focused on the sky is the limit leveraging technology to strengthen and beef in social, emotional relationships between students and teachers. today, deputy superintendent lee and i had to welcome the student nutrition services staff at
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their kickoff event at st. mary's cathedral. san francisco unified's third annual para- educator institute will take place on august 14 and 15 at lowell high school. all para- educators are invited to attend. the institute will feature speeches from district leadership as well as our para- leaders in the entire district. all attendees will select morning and afternoon workshops to attend that best meet their job needs and professional learning desires. finally as we head into the school year i would like to celebrate our principles. our principles are instructional leaders and community builders. we know how important they are to the extremes of teachers and parents and ultimately to the success of our students. tonight i want to share some short videos with you that celebrate a few of our principles in the ways they support their students and staff at their schools. first we will meet ron machado from harvey mill elementary, and then miss thomas from burton high school.
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>> the one thing i was say he's really good at is keeping an open door policy. i can literally go in and talk to him about the most uncomfortable work situation. it's a hard conversation a lot of people are afraid to have. he's open to that. >> have got to it like this. shake it off. shake it off. >> we have been having facilitated discussions around race. it started out, it was going to go in one direction. as a facilitator, he realized as a staff we needed to talk about these tougher issues. ron gave us the space to do that. >> what was that?
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>> when he feels we need support, he's not going to just take charge, he will give you ideas and thoughts on best practices on what may work, what may not work. he's looking for you to stride, have you take initiative to build on your own skills, and bring it as a team. it always goes back to team. he brings that. >> for real, how old do you think i am? >> 40. >> it is frequent that we don't see eye to eye. even though i support him 100%, there are institutes where there are decisions made that i don't necessarily agree with. >> we don't walk into the staff meetings despite their crazy days that he's had, that hours he has put in, he's able to come to the staff meeting and stay calm, still be a leader, still offer extra time to the teachers. >> we have an off-the-cuff relationship. [laughter]
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i don't even want to chase her, just give it to me raw. it is supportive. it's always constructive. >> you get all of the leverage like that. yes acclamation.hey, get that, you got that. [♪ music playing ] >> miss thomas has that perfect balance between -- strict and being able to provide that personal touch. >> she is the person that i want to model my leadership style after. she is a servant leader if anything. she will help out. she will connect to. she will ask if i need anything,
5:38 am
asking if everything is going well. if she misses a meeting she checks in. if she is at the meeting we check in afterwards. she will remember stuff, and you know, and say how's it going. >> she actually became my friend first. i joined during a hard time and it was my dad's funeral. her and mr. bass came to my dad's funeral. every sense that, i respected them because they came out for me. >> i seen her ask, rather than tell. that is such a great thing for a leader to do. to say, "do you think this is the way we should go? is this the decision we want to make for burton staff and students? ". >> she also leave our positive interventional behavior supports. it's a tiered system.
5:39 am
really pushing the tier one approach of how do we reinforce positive behavior with students and with each other as staff members. i think she models how to acknowledge and celebrate when people are meeting community expectations. i just build that into the culture of the school so that can then be translated from staff to student and between students. >> she is loving, she is firm. she is equitable. [applause] >> thank you, president cook. that is my announcements for this evening. >> thank you, doctor matthews. number three, student delegates reports. we have nine tonight. number four, recognitions on resolutions of commendations. we have not tonight. >> number five, recognizing all valuable employees, we have not
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tonight. i'm going to move up to section h, special order of business. number one, import notice regarding public comment on item number two, recommendation to remove from public view the mural at george washington high school. the board of education has already received extensive public comment on this matter and anticipates several additional speakers at tonight's meeting. in an effort to accommodate as many speakers as possible, also reserving the necessary time to address the remaining items on the agenda, the board will allow for 30 minutes for public comment regarding the agenda item recommendation to remove from public view, the tran07 at george washington high school. the board will allocate a total of 30 minutes for public comment as follows. fifteen minutes for speakers in favor of keeping the mural and 15 minutes for speakers in favor
5:41 am
of removing the mural from public view. the board strongly encourages speakers to collaborate, and coordinate their messages in order to make the most efficient use of their time. in the event speakers do not coordinate their message, the board will call speakers individually, and allow one speaker for up to 15 minutes per position as set forth above. individual speakers will be called, in the order of their speaker cards were issued. the board of education will not accept speaker cards via telephone, or e-mail in advance of the meeting on this item. speaker cards on this item must be requested and submitted in person. the speakers must indicate their position on their speaker cards. so, number two, 198-13s01, recommendation to remove from public view, the tran07 at
5:42 am
washington high school. -- may have a motion on a second? >> therefore it be resolved, the board authorizes staff to assessing a range of alternatives for the purposes of sql review that removes from public view the arnautoff mural at george washington high school using solid manuals or -- equivalent to means or method. they have further resolved, that this action shall supersede the board's action on june 25, 2019 regarding the arnautoff mural at washington high school. >> i'm going to call on the speakers that have signed up. first, the people that have signed up to not cover the mural. when you hear your name called,
5:43 am
if you can make your way to the podium. again, 15 minutes total. reverend doctor amos brown, frank driscoll, carol denny, george wright, kristin's will, michael, i apologize for mispronouncing her names, as well. -- your names, as well.
5:44 am
[reading names] again, we have a total of 15
5:45 am
minutes. i don't know if folks have allocated the time accordingly? we won't be doing any more than 15 minutes. >> there's too many people 415 minutes. reverend brown you can start whenever you are ready. turn on your microphone. >> my name is brown, president
5:46 am
of the san francisco branch of the national association for the advancement of colored people. also, senior pastor of the historic third baptist church of san francisco. it was f scott fitzgerald who said, "the sign of an integrity us mind is to see both sides of an issue, and still maintain one's integrity". i have friends on this board, and it had a conversation with the president.
5:47 am
i have no friends nor enemies to punish on this issue. i just came tonight to be the truth giver. [inaudible] one of the blacks to finish harvard university, a degree in sociology, and history. share this, and i quote him; " either the united states will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the united states". [applause] i do not use the word "ignorance" as a negative. we were talking about, not to be aware, not to be enlightened, not to be a friend of truth.
5:48 am
the first thing i want to do, before i sit down, is recommend that every member of the board get a copy of this book entitled "stamped from the beginning". but abraham asked kennedy. the most definitive history racist ideas, in these united states of america. board members, mr. chairman, it pains me that we have become complicit in a move to do a reduction of history. history is history. someone said, if you're going to learn the lessons of history, you will make its mistakes. i hope this board will leave that mural alone.
5:49 am
it tells the whole truth about mr. washington being complicit in the slave trade, about what he did to the native americans, with the invasion that is now still alive, in this country, today. please, pretty please -- somebody else does your thinking for you. whoever does your thinking for you will be our master, new their slavery had san francisco are to be about the business of empowering our students that they may become critical thinkers. my great-great-grandfather was a slave in mississippi. mattie native americans -- many
5:50 am
native americans have the pains and aches, it didn't make us better, it made us better. to deal with this evil of racism that is america's original sin. what you are saying, that you will wipe out that slave -- >> doctor brown. >> just a minute, i am not finished when you wipe out native american -- >> you can finish, just letting the group now -- they're only ten minutes left for the group. can you stop the time? stop the time, please.
5:51 am
just so everyone is aware, you have nine minutes left. >> my name is frank. if i went out to washington high school today, and a the mural i would be arrested for destroying public property. because it doesn't belong to me. it doesn't belong to the loudest people. it doesn't belong to the quietest people. it doesn't belong to the widest people. it doesn't belong to the darkest people. it belongs to all of us. to all of the people in this room, all of the people sitting at home having dinner. by the same token it does not belong to you. when you were elected, use or to protect and defend the public trust. not to erase and destroy it.
5:52 am
in a recent poll, 75% of people, of all ethnicities, thought the mural only 12% supported your view. assuming a proposition, on the spring ballot, i would support any action you take that would preserve the mural, from destruction, until all of the people have a chance to vote at the ballot box. thank you. [applause] >> my name is george wright, member of the united public workers for action. as a historian, and a political scientist trade i'm always trying to figure out the meaning of social processes and developments. there is an incredible incredible amount to learn in the episode we have been experiencing for the last number of months to get a couple of points stand out strongly to me. one, this episode has exposed opportunism, and the ignorance
5:53 am
of democratic party operatives. i must say, i am speaking about the school board. the second thing, it is exposed the bankruptcy of identity politics. this incredible poison that makes us not understand the reality of our society. we need to have a class analysis nevertheless, what this episode has showed me in a very inspiring and optimistic way, how people of all walks of life from all over this country, from around the world can mobilize in a united front to defend principal defense of first amendment rights. thank you. [applause] >> and carol denny, it is no compromise and for this to refrain from destroying a priceless new deal work of art. but continued to promote obscuring it from the students are public at large. the school board is entitled to
5:54 am
claim to its deliberate misinterpretation of the work, but a wiser national public knows how brave it is, even today, to acknowledge the exploitation upon which our nation was, and is based. the school board and its supporters are entitled to claim, to have a traumatic reaction to the side of anything they please, including the american flag. but constantly describing our high school students, as incapable of distinguishing between exploitation, and the critical observation out -- about exploitation as represented by the artwork, or unable to manage critical thought, or or forever forever in need of protection from provocative ideas is more seemed to me than anything you can put up on the wall. please, people here tonight who can run for a seat on the school board, please consider doing so because the school board has made san francisco an international laughingstock, and we as a community have work to do. [applause]
5:55 am
>> good evening. i stand alongside, there mural should be utilized as a teaching tool and not removed from public view. just as a radical artist intended, the criticism of the myths that are commonly accepted about the founding fathers of our country. the board's unanimous decision to destroy at a massive financial cost of the district is a detriment to the students they are mandated to. art is a powerful tool for social justice. i implore you to use it as the value of these murals, our shared values of the city. and power to bring unique and underrepresented voice, in part in meaningful especially when it is not popular. always push hard towards equity. are these exactly the ideals we and the city want to teach, promote and be an example of.
5:56 am
it is imperative that we we confront these people with empathy, not with whitewashing. we all need to be held accountable to that. two for that myself i am running for the board of education. thank you. >> good evening, i am michael, differing my time to the attorney. >> thank you, my name is robert. i was prepared to come tonight to speak in favor of compromise, but this proposal is not compromised. it is a predetermined outcome. a more appropriate compromise would begin a good faith process that complies with sql, the brown act, and all other relevant legislation. the murals are historic resources. if you do not follow the sql process in good faith, you will be open to legal challenges that will be expensive, and time-consuming.
5:57 am
you cannot blame those who institute legal proceedings if you are not following the law in good faith. your discussions and the resolution speak of the mural. there are 13 separate murals and three separate banners. each of them is a separate historic resource, and each should be separately evaluated. for each marrow is considered objectionable? what is the best way to address those concerns with the least change to east -- each historic resource. given the degree of public concern, as well as the brown act, this process should be public, at every step. if you have already determined the outcome, you are not acting in good faith.
5:58 am
[applause] >> my name is ben wood. by focuses on a civil approach to creating a discord and acknowledgment of this troubling task by finding a dynamic inclusive and empowering creative response. how might we reverse the colonial narrative so there is a contemporary understanding can be in dialogue with the likes of the washington bureau. i see affirming opportunity to animate and give context to the mural that are proposed, feasible unless costly solution projecting outlook onto the mural in relation to the mural itself. you should go down to the young museum right now, there's a great museum by an artist called emissaries and she orchestrates reinterpreting colonial history and bringing them to video and movement. you should definitely check that
5:59 am
out. i think that is a feasible solution to this issue. surely we have the tools here, capital here in san francisco to respond in a forward thinking, and inclusive and creative manner. thank you. >> i am an alumnus from the 1974 time. i want to emphasize, everybody should see. they haven't given enough attention, in my mind. there are three murals, the native american mural, the asian, they are in the next adjacent room and they show the heroic figures from all of these communities historically, as well as modern eras that are very inspiring. i think we should see them. i do think, when they unveiled these murals, keys were made to show, and identify these heroes. i think plaques should be made
6:00 am
of these and placed under the murals so that today's young adults, and i do stress they are young adults, not children, they can see these and see who these people are. who these heroes are. they are inspirational and they can be used as role models. i think we should be empowering our youth and concentrating on creative responses and creative dialogues with the murals, just like the response murals were a creative dialogue with them. in this regard, i note that city college has just started a class, i would like to think that was inspired by this entire dialogue. why not have a mural class at george washington high school. it is possible to do individual murals. i would like george washington high school students doing their murals. you can make them about the size, and they can do response murals and these can be exhibited. if one of our young adults feels the need to respond personally to one of thba


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