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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 17, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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please let us empathize and hear our call. thank you. [applause] >> good evening everyone. thank you for coming out. i wanted to say, had a few thoughts. a school is really a place that students don't necessarily choose to go. they have to go in order to access education. we have said many, many times that our schools need to be places where students feel safe and supported. in general, george washington high school is such a place. both of my daughters had positive experiences there. i have really appreciated the letters from students. i saw mr. reading earlier, i think he has left, but i really appreciated that he has assigned every single one of his students
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as a final exam to write to us, their feelings about the murals and the opinions were really varied. there was definitely as many variety of opinions as there in this room. i think that was a really brave, and great piece of teaching. i just want to commend him for that. we heard tonight, in fact, he supports taking down the mural. i think we can draw from that that students were encouraged to engage with us on what they felt they weren't told what to feel by their teacher. i want to commend him for that. i think it's really important and i think it's what we hope all of our teachings in our schools is about. i have been particularly guided, by the students, that told us that they felt the murals were demoralizing. i don't think they should be forced to view images at school that make them feel that way. i find it incredibly disrespectful, and intolerant,
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the adults that have said to us that somehow these opinions don't matter. even if it is a small group of students that ultimately feel this way, every students view is important and it is really important for us to listen to students, and to that we are listening. i don't pretend to know how a person of color feels when they look at these murals. i can try to hear others describe their experiences. the question, for me, is how do we respond to and support the young people who find these images upsetting? on june 25, the board voted to paint over the murals. i was not present at that meeting because of a long planned a family. i said, at the time, i believe the murals should be covered. i continue to believe, right now, this is the appropriate
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course of action. i would be supportive or willing to change my mind at some point in the future, that is found to be possible to move the murals to another location. that would be better than having them on display in a school. but, for now, i do think covering permanently the murals is the appropriate course of action, and balances the concerns of the community that we have heard a lot, and the concerns of the students which of their welfare needs to be paramount in our considerations. i want to finally just thank you, president cook for your leadership. i know this has been a really difficult and painful discussion for our community, and the board trying to help us to navigate that. i appreciate your willingness to continue a dialogue, and i support your resolution. . >> president cook: thank you.
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. >> commissioner moliga: if i get emotional -- i am going to be emotional. it took me a lot alike muster. i was thinking i should write something because i'm going to get emotional. i figured -- i am samoan.
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i know how it feels -- i know how it feels to be overlooked, and we express that every day as pacific islanders, in san francisco. it hurts me that we have to go through these conversations, and decisions, you know, it's not as simple as folks were lighted -- like it to be. when the vote first came around, i supported painting the murals down. as i progressively saw things out and how it's impacting every thing else -- i used to have to jump over the bart stools to go
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to school, because i did not have enough money. i lived in a dope house, during my time at city college. i say that -- you know, will we talk about fighting for your life, as a person of color, i get it. i completely get it, right? this issue, i'm surprised the media is here. why are people paying attention to this stuff? i don't get why people are standing up for this, you know? there are black and brown boys dying, and people are making noise around, you know, and i was just confused. i was like, what are we supposed to be doing? is this a smokescreen? is this the okey-doke, like they say back in the hood? are we supposed to get caught up
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in this so we can be confused about the issues that are really impacting our kids of color? i was confused. i was like man, i don't know what is going on here, okay. let's see if this bypasses us, but it hasn't. my hat is off, you know, you have three alumni's on this board right now, from the school district. black and brown, african-american, samoan, the most underserved communities, in san francisco, are sitting on this board right now. each has a story, going through this school district. so, i want to uplift my superintendent. the load and the work that he is carrying, and the work that he has to continue doing because it's not easy, and we are doing it, you know, we are here, we are put together, but as a
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person of color, there is a lot of other stuff that people how to navigate. i don't like hearing my superintendent saying he spending 90% of his time on this mural. we got school next week, right? how long is this going to go? i bring up my fight, because i am here today, because i had to choose my battles. with all due respect, you know, with all due respect, i am with the first nation every day, you know? in dakota, we were there. i've got people flying out to hawaii right now, right? i cannot continue this. i'm not trying to fight with you people. i'm not. we have kids, and i have staff, in the district here, to support as much as it breaks my heart, you know, to go the route that i
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need to go -- it is my journey, and my feelings, and i'm going to have to deal with it. tonight, for me, i need to hold the recommendation that is put out, by the district. that is where i stand. thank you. . >> president cook: commissioner collins. . >> commissioner collins: toni morrison said, since emily had a quote "the function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. it keeps you from doing your work. it keeps your explaining over and over again your reason for being. if somebody says you have no language, so you spend 20 years proving you do. somebody says your head isn't shaped properly, working on the fact that it is. someone says you have no arts, so you dredge that up. none of that is necessary. there will always be one more thing ".
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i want to apologize, on behalf of the district for any contribution that i may have had , in did you the opportunity to have your voice heard. i think this is a very symbolic vote. the ceqa process is a process. because of all of this that we see here, we see this as an example of the fight that we have ahead of us. if we really seriously want to remove structural racism and white supremacy from our education system.
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i identify as black. i have learned a lot in this process. it is up to me to listen to indigenous people, follow their lead. i just want to add a democratic process can be an equitable, when we put people's rights for provo. i wanted to be mindful, when we make these ballot measures, or we have a whole school of over something, like we did at george washington high school the last time around, the majority at that school is for white students. it was at a time we didn't even integrate our school district.
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i hope the media here makes that , it's also important to report on demographics, who is speaking, right? i been noticing a different articles, some people are getting more time, on the microphone, when it comes to what is being reported. some people are doing a better job than others. i encourage you to go directly to the people who say they are harmed, and i also encourage you , to take the quotes off of traumatized. when people are saying they're traumatized, they are saying they are traumatized. when you put quotes around it, your say they are making it up, that is disrespectful. i believe children when they say they are being traumatized. it is not my experience, but i believe them. i will not be supporting this resolution, but i will be supporting a peaceful resolution where i can, and i will be offering resolutions where i can to support the indigenous community. thank you.
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. >> president cook: ultimately, as president of this board, it is my responsibility to bring items on the agenda. this is definitely an two issue that has garnered a lot of national attention. it is an issue that has caused public debate. there has been deep passion on both sides. in some ways, it's harmful to see it's an issue that is dividing our city, when we really need to be coming together in the service of our students. i take responsibility for that. there are people that don't like the resolution i'm putting forward. the deeply advocate to paint over it, i know this alternative is harmful to them. there are people that, from the
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preservation community and alumni, that do not think this goes far enough. i know this alternative is also not pleasing to them. so, you know, when it came to the vote on the 25th, when it comes to the vote tonight, when it comes to, who you want to make sure you don't ever vote for again, i am the person you should be looking at. it was my responsibility to bring this forward. i brought it back. if you're upset with somebody, be upset with me. ultimately, my time on this board, i want to be about addressing serious issues that i now have a lot of urgency with our young people. more than 2500 students are homeless us. homeless. there's been a couple of reporters that have talked to me about that. not everyone that is here tonight.
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i know there are advocates on both sides of this issues that have been engaged in that. i know there's pretty much agreement that the murals depict a racist history. i think everyone agrees, that that is the case. it is a history that we have to tell. it is important that every student in our district no, there are also truths about the history of this country that are deeply inspiring to me. i started this meeting reading a quote from toni morrison, who i think is the greatest american author who ever lived. she inspires me. my great-grandfather came up here with an eighth grade education, bought a home in the redlined district, in the
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western edition, raised six children. my grandparents met at schools here. my personal history is deeply tied to this district, and my time on this board will be deeply committed to serving our students, ensuring that they have an empowering future. if you continue to be upset, directed toward me. [roll call] that concludes this item. you are welcome to stay.
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were going to move on with the rest of the agenda, so this will be a. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to ask of you having a conversation you move into the lobby. section c, public comment on non- agenda items? please note the public comment as an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction. we asked that you refrain from using employee/student names. if you have a complaint about a
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district employee you may submit it to the employees supervisors in accordance with district policy. as a reminder, the board rules in california law do not allow us to respond to comments, or attempt to answer questions during the public comment time. if appropriate the superintendent will ask that staff follow up with speakers. i have two names here for public comment. when you hear your name, please make your way to the podium. he will have two minutes. sorry, have more than two names. [reading names]
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>> thank you to the san francisco school board for the opportunity to speak tonight. my name is margaret ray as i a former employee 18505. i'm here to request that this board began to take responsibility for the current abuse of power among a few at george washington high school. in february, 2019, after i refused to drop a rent a band-aid, higher law firm, willfully and knowingly published my full driver's license number, ample birthdate on a website that is publicly viewable. also february of 2019, your in-house attorney, who works directly for the school district sent out a copy of my personal medical records that he had been specifically, and ordered by a federal court judge, to destroy more than six years ago.
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attached to the medical records was much commentary about age, religion, racial and ethnic heritage, national birth origin, weight, body type, gender, sexual preference, perceive lifestyle, marital status, pregnancy status, perceived social economics, my complexion, various physicality's, clothing choices, et cetera. i want to be abundantly clear that you legal counsel sent out choice medical language that is highly politically charged, sexist and can only be used against wyndham -- women. your legal counsel had been ordered to destroy this medical record more than six years ago. in the interest of time, i've only scratched the surface. i would like to review some of your part out of it, to my knowledge, nobody has disputed. the average age for a person in sfusd is 53 years old. eleven years older than the average age for sfusd teacher. this does not account for the
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countless people who retired, simply because they are -- the average age for african-american women is 63 years old. at least one ethnic group is completely missing from your data. i'm willing to speak to any of you about it. again, i ask that you start to address -- >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is sharon chapelle and i am a proud san francisco school bus driver. i am here tonight to not only represent smart 1741, my brothers and sisters who are here, but i'm here to also look
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at you, for you to see us, there is a discord about who we are. you see our students, but you don't see us. i would love to open up a dialogue as we continue about what we are, and who we are and this is us. there are a lot of things going on. we do know school is opening next week, and we are here to let you know that we are not just bus drivers, but we are caretakers. we are sometimes the first people that some of the students even see. we are the ones, when my nose is bleeding on the way to school, we have to attend. we are the ones, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and a parent was out working hard, and cannot get to the bus stop on time, we are the babysitters. we are not a number, we are school bus drivers who are caretakers, who love what we do.
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i want the school board to start seeing our face, not the student's face, but we are the face of first students. we are here to take care, we have been here, it feels like over 50 years, i have been with first student and i have been a bus driver for 36 years. i went to school here, i am a native san franciscan. my parents was a schoolteacher at cob. i am a proud graduate of george washington high school. i have been with the city, we have been with the city, and i want the school board to know that we are here, we have partnered, we are part of the village and we want to be here for whatever the needs are of our children. we are here. . >> president cook: thank you. >> good evening, i am the chairman of local 1741. we are here to voice some concern, it could be, it may be
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false, but we are concerned that the board may have an intention to subcontract 300 of our most vulnerable students to a nonconforming vehicle, that does not conform to federal and state standards. they will not be required to pass chp inspections. there drivers would not be required to recertify every five years, just like you do not want an unqualified teacher, you do not want an unqualified professional school bus driver. there is no stigma associated with it, when you think about safety. if you decided to put your child on a lift -- lyft or uber, is not a felon, if he is not federally fingerprinted.
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if he has lived outside of the state, at any moment. we understand that the yellow school buses very safe. going to talk a lot about the design, and construction. do not undermine, all of these state agencies that endeavor to keep tilden safe in california. the highway patrol, the d.o.t., and the department of education which certifies instructors who teach curriculum that is mandated. we need to have first aid training, basic first aid training. a lot of our drivers have cpr training. this is ongoing. we also have staff development, mandatory training. we are required to receive ten hours of in-service training, by state law. if we don't we lose our credential. thank you for your time.
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>> i mean, there is a move to replace some school buses, at this time, with white vans. that are nonconforming. what that means is they do not meet the federal centers of safety. we are very concerned about that i mean, i was going to talk about the buses, you know, there is absolutely no man made that meets the high federal standards made for school buses. there is 36 federally mandated vehicle safety standards that trucks, buses have to meet. the school buses alone have to meet for additional requirements , not required of any of the others you the first is rollover protection. none of those others have rollover protection. it dictates the structural strength a school bus must have to sustain integrity, in a
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rollover, so they don't crash and. vans do not have to meet those standards. the school bus body joint strength, that is the second standard. that is the strength standard between the panels that compromise the bus body on the bus structure. our buses have welded steel cage structure with interior and exterior body panels which provide a tough resistant impact body. not sheet-metal like vans. the third mandated standard is that vans don't have to meet is the school bus passenger seating on cross protection requirement. in school buses, the deal passenger seat frames are well anchored to the floor, there is a continuous seat that runs the entire length of the wall. it is much less likely than a van to rip free, in an accident.
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school buses have high seatbacks that have high energy impact value. . >> president cook: thank you. thank you. we already ended your time. >> good evening, i am sherry klein, i am a school bus driver and i've been driving 415 years. i am native san francisco generation, born and raised. i love my job, have a lot of pride in what i do. also, these white vans, nonconforming white vans do not have the warning system on the red light system.
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flaws with the 50 years we have been here, not one fatality. i thought we were going to speak first, so i didn't write a speech, we did some notes, so forgive me. we have over 260 drivers, on average, the drivers stay with the district roughly ten years. many have been working for sfusd for more than 25 years. i want to elaborate how we build relationships, with our children. i have been driving special needs children 15 years. i've been driving for spectrum, they are autistic children, nonverbal. i cannot imagine if a vehicle like uber, or lyft were to pick up one of my students, they would have a meltdown. they would not want to get on the bus. just to go a little bit more into the safety, how our license and certificates are constantly and carefully being monitored
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for anything related to safety. this includes ongoing background checks, pool notices every 3-farm months on driving records, as well as any related offenses such as regulatory may consider issues of moral turpitude. anything we do on or off duty affects our certificate. i needed a faster, i guess. okay. there is medical issues. if we have high blood pressure, diabetes, any conditions, our doctors contact dmv. thank you. we will be seeing you again. >> good evening board. i was really excited until about ten minutes ago, i thought i would get away without commenting out a board meeting for the first time in a year. here i am. aleta fisher, former chair of
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the community advisory committee for special education. i'm here to support our local bus drivers, who i have to say, as a parent of a kid who has been on the yellow school bus. when you are not a parent who gets to school, often times, your school bus drivers are link, your communication and your lifeline, to your school. it takes a huge leap of faith to put your student in any mode of transportation, other than your arms, or your car and let them go to school. we really need to make sure that the people that are taking our babies, our priceless bundles of a is from us are trained and qualified. there is a system of accountability to make sure that everyone is safe. having said that we are hearing from our families that our bus travel times can be triggering for our students. it is hard for a student with sensory needs to be on a bus for
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half hour longer. unfortunately, sometimes that is the nature of our city. so, we have really looked forward to working with first students, and our local partners in making sure that everyone is supporting our kids. i want to stand up here and say thank you to the drivers who are here today, for taking such good care of our babies. we look forward to working with everyone in reducing costs and keeping our baby safe. thank you. . >> president cook: thank you. that concludes public comment. section d. advisory committee reports and appointments. number one there is no advisory committee report tonight. number two, are there any appointments to the advisory committees by the board?
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seeing none. section e, consent calendar. number one, can i have a motion to second for the motion calendar? >> so moved. we have no public comment on the consent calendar. any items to withdraw or correct by the superintendent? >> no items withdrawn tonight. >> any items removed by first reading from the board? >> i just wanted to ask some questions about an item on the consent. . >> president cook: no items removed from the first reading. which item did you want to sever for discussion? >> number 11. ratification of service contracts, specifically i wanted to ask about the zoom contract.
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. >> secretary: went okay. -- >> president cook: okay. do we need to record the actual item? we will vote on all of the items except the one being severed for discussion? [roll call]
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>> thank you. i just wanted to learn more about how we arrived at zoom, knowing again to strengthen programs we were expanding and i wanted to learn more about how we were partnering with the company? >> sure. thank you for this opportunity. with all due respect to our bus drivers, behind me, thank you for the work that you do. i don't want to equate zoom with with uber or lyft. something was said about zoom that was not accurate. i'm going to forward the website to you, they are vetted, fingerprinted, f.b.i., sex
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offender records, address history. for shoestrings, we have 5-7 students to a new site. zoom, again we went through a legal process. they have already been vetted by first five also. first five has given us a grant to support the shoestrings process. it's not just with our money, it's also a grant for first five to continue this. this is an individual driver that picks a student up, takes them to have erred, and then at the end of the shoestrings day takes them back to their school. it will also pick up the parents, at the home, and bring them to parent/child interactive therapy. this is strictly for the diagnostic program when the student is picked up, the teachers zoom get a notice on their app and they follow the car as it's coming to school.
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it's very safe. it has been vetted. the parents are very, very supportive of the zoom pickup service and delivery service. starting in september this will bring the parents for parent/ giant -- child interactive therapy. it is a contractor this is a partnership with first but we have vetted it with legal so the contract is very, very, and we are pleased that it's very safe. >> you said it is one child per car? >> any other comments or questions? is this a separate vote? roll call. [roll call]
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. >> president cook: section f. a discussion about on consent calendar resolution for separate consideration. section g proposals for action. there are none tonight. we already completed section h. section i, discussion of other educational issues. there are none tonight. section j, calendar items removed at previous meeting. there are nine tonight. section k, introduction of proposals on assignments to committee. there are none tonight. proposals for immediate action, there is none tonight. section m, board members reports do we have any reports from committees? we did have a joint committee meeting with the board of
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supervisors, and the board of trustees of city college, where we discussed the mou between the school district and the police department. supervisors had questions about to make sure that mou, we had comment from people in the community about what direction they wanted the mou to take. that basically summed up the meeting. i don't know if other commissioners want to add to that that were present? seeing none. board delegates to membership organizations? any other reports by board members? i just want to say, i didn't ask permission to do this, i want to send my personal condo since,
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our prayers are with you and her. we appreciate your service to this district. if you need anything from us, let us know. >> thank you, president cook, i appreciate that. >> calendar of committee meetings? let's see, we have budget in business services slated for september 4. at 6:00 p.m. we have rules, policy installation for monday, september second at 5:00 p.m. the curriculum and program, monday september 9, at 6:00 p.m. commissioner lopez. . >> commissioner lopez: i proposed earlier having a meeting, this august for curriculum, to happen on monday, august 19. . >> president cook: is everyone on board for that? >> yes.
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what is the date? >> monday, august 19, first day of school. >> what time? >> 6:00 p.m. thank you. >> has staff responded? >> the staff that works with curriculum has been informed. yes. >> student assignment, monday the 16th at 6:00 p.m. >> september 16? okay. we have a new chair for committee personnel relations. the meeting being set up.
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the joint committee for the school district, for for buildings and grounds, we canceled that meeting in august, were going to meet in september, september 23, on a monday at 6:00 p.m. the joint committee school district and community college select committee will be meeting friday, september 13 at 10:00 a.m. the meeting will be held at city hall in the legislative chambers. section n, other information items. acceptance of gifts monthly report made through july of 2019 , number two august
7:43 am
quarterly report on williams uniform complaints made through july 2019. section o-interjection, memorial adjournment. there is none tonight. at this time we would take public comment for those for close session items. do we have any public comment for closed session? seeing none. the board will now go into closed session
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>> ok. we are back. section q. following the closed session. we will remove to the regular board meeting and i will read actions from tonight's closed session. let's see. q number 1. vote on employee contracts for unrepresented chief executive employees. i move to ratify the contract for the chief executive officer with the salary set at grade 6 step 1 for the term commencing on july 1st, 2019 through the appointment of a chief academic officer september 3rd, 2019. can i ask for a second. >> second. >> roll call, please. [ roll call ]
7:45 am
seven ayes. >> i move to ratify the contract for the chief executive officer with a salary set at grade 6 step 5 for a one-year term commencing on september 3rd, 2019. can i have a second. >> i have a second from vice president sanchez. roll call. [ roll call ] seven ayes. >> number two, report from closed session. the board by a vote of seven ayes ratifies the contracts for one interim assistance superintendent, two directors, one supervisor, one principal, three assistant pranc assist pr. six ayes approved the contract for one director.
7:46 am
the board by a vote six ayes approved the contract for two interm principals. the board by a vote of six ayes approved the contract for one in terms assistant principal. on one matter of public employee discipline dismissal release the board approved the agreement between the district and one classified employee on a matter of public employee discipline dismissal release the board by a vote of seven ayes approved the agreement between the district and ones certificated employee. and the matter of sfusd versus k and mohs the board by a vote of seven ayes gives the authorities and the district to pay up to the disability amount on three matters of anticipated litigation, the board gave direction to general council. section r, adjournment. that concludes tonight's meeting. good night.
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>> working with kids, they keep you young. they keep you on your tones -- on your toes.
7:49 am
>> teaching them, at the same time, us learning from them, everything is fulfilling. >> ready? go. [♪] >> we really wanted to find a way to support women entrepreneurs in particular in san francisco. it was very important for the mayor, as well as the safety support the dreams that people want to realize, and provide them with an opportunity to receive funding to support improvements for their business so they could grow and thrive in their neighborhoods and in their industry. >> three, two, one! >> because i am one of the consultants for two nonprofits here for entrepreneurship, i knew about the grand through the
7:50 am
renaissance entrepreneur center, and through the small business development center. i thought they were going to be perfect candidate because of their strong values in the community. they really give back to the neighborhood. they are from this neighborhood, and they care about the kids in the community here. >> when molly -- molly first told us about the grant because she works with small businesses. she has been a tremendous help for us here. she brought us to the attention of the grand just because a lot of things here were outdated, and need to be up-to-date and redone totally. >> hands in front. recite the creed. >> my oldest is jt, he is seven, and my youngest is ryan, he is almost six. it instills discipline and the boys, but they show a lot of care. we think it is great. the moves are fantastic. the women both are great teachers.
7:51 am
>> what is the next one? >> my son goes to fd k. he has been attending for about two years now. they also have a summer program, and last summer was our first year participating in it. they took the kids everywhere around san francisco. this year, owner talking about placing them in summer camps, all he wanted to do was spend the entire summer with them. >> he has strong women in his life, so he really appreciates it. i think that carries through and i appreciate the fact that there are more strong women in the world like that. >> i met d'andrea 25 years ago, and we met through our interest in karate. our professor started on cortland years ago, so we grew up here at this location, we out -- he outgrew the space and he
7:52 am
moved ten years later. he decided to reopen this location after he moved. initially, i came back to say, hey, because it might have been 15 years since i even put on a uniform. my business partner was here basically by herself, and the person she was supposed to run the studio with said great, you are here, i started new -- nursing school so you can take over. and she said wait, that is not what i am here for i was by myself before -- for a month before she came through. she was technically here as a secretary, but we insisted, just put on the uniform, and help her teach. i was struggling a little bit. and she has been here. one thing led to another and now we are co-owners. you think a lot more about safety after having children and i wanted to not live in fear so much, and so i just took advantage of the opportunity, and i found it very powerful to hit something, to get some
7:53 am
relief, but also having the knowledge one you might be in a situation of how to take care of yourself. >> the self-defence class is a new thing that we are doing. we started with a group of women last year as a trial run to see how it felt. there's a difference between self-defence and doing a karate class. we didn't want them to do an actual karate class. we wanted to learn the fundamentals of how to defend yourself versus, you know, going through all the forms and techniques that we teaching a karate class and how to break that down. then i was approached by my old high school. one -- once a semester, the kids get to pick an extra curricular activity to take outside of the school walls. my old biology teacher is now the principle. she approached us into doing a self-defence class. the girls have been really proactive and really sweet. they step out of of the comfort zone, but they have been willing
7:54 am
to step out and that hasn't been any pushback. it is really great. >> it is respect. you have to learn it. when we first came in, they knew us as those girls. they didn't know who we were. finally, we came enough for them to realize, okay, they are in the business now. it took a while for us to gain that respect from our peers, our male peers. >> since receiving the grant, it has ignited us even more, and put a fire underneath our butts even more. >> we were doing our summer camp and we are in a movie theatre, and we just finished watching a film and she stepped out to receive a phone call. she came in and she screamed, hey, we got the grant. and i said what? >> martial arts is a passion for us. it is passion driven. there are days where we are dead tired and the kids come and they have the biggest smiles on their faces and it is contagious.
7:55 am
>> we have been operating this program for a little over a year all women entrepreneurs. it is an extraordinary benefit for us. we have had the mayor's office investing in our program so we can continue doing this work. it has been so impactful across a diversity of communities throughout the city. >> we hope that we are making some type of impact in these kids' lives outside of just learning karate. having self-confidence, having discipline, learning to know when it's okay to stand up for yourself versus you just being a bully in school. these are the values we want the kids to take away from this. not just, i learned how to kick and i learned how to punch. we want the kids to have more values when they walk outside of these doors. [♪] better.
7:56 am
san francisco department of environment is a place where climate hits the street. we know that we don't have all the answers. we need to support our local champions, our local community to find creative solutions and innovations that help us get to zero waste. >> zero waste is sending nothing to landfill or incineration, using reuse and recovery and prevention as ways to achieve zero waste. the grant program is a grant program specifically for nonprofits in san francisco to divert material from landfill. it's important to find the san francisco produce market because there's a lot of edible food that can be diverted and they need positions to capture that
7:57 am
food and focus on food recovery. >> san francisco produce market is a resource that connects farmers and their produce with businesses in the bay area. i think it's a basic human right to have access to healthy foods, and all of this food here is available. it's a matter of creating the infrastructure, creating jobs, and the system whereby none of this goes to waste. since the beginning of our program in july 2016 to date, we've donated over 1 million pounds of produce to our community partners, and that's resulted in over 900,000 meals to people in our community, which we're very proud of. >> carolyn at the san francisco produce market texts with old produce that's available.
7:58 am
the produce is always excellent. we get things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, bell peppers. everything that we use is nice and fresh, so when our clients get it, they really enjoy it, and it's important to me to feel good about what i do, and working in programs such as this really provides that for me. it's helping people. that's what it's really about, and i really enjoy that. >> the work at the produce market for me representing the intersection between environment and community, and when we are working at that intersection, when we are using our resources and our passion and our energy to heal the planet and feed the people, nothing gets better than
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> the health services board will now come to order. please stand for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] madam secretary, roll call, please. >> yes. item three, roll call. [roll call]


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