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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> i always have to ride on a b.a.r.t. bus every day, and if i have to see rose pak's name every day, i feel a lot of name. it's not the name for the station. i really hope that all of you can carefully consider, you know, to name this station only as chinatown station only please. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language] >> my name is shun ching. i see the condition of san francisco is going down every day. the smashing of cars and windows is making our city going down every day. we should be doing different
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things other than wasting our time on this naming. it has been lots for a few months. it's really a waste of time. >> we should move on to the things that make our city better, so as a result, i don't support rose pak, i support chinatown station. thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> i support the naming of the chinatown subway station. i would like to show a video.
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>> your time is winding down, but... >> dear board of directors. american's core value -- >> your name? >> my name is junia. 400 years ago, the first
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american settlers came to this land to practice their religious freedom. the founding fathers say in the declaration of independence that all people are born with inalienable rights to freedom. 400 years later, i came here to pursue the same american dream. this dream is based upon religious freedom because this land created the free market and free economy. so it really surprised me that people want to put rose pak's name on our subway station. rose pak was very rough with marginalized people and people with religious believes. she doesn't represent the values of america. what she has done is totally against the cornerstone of this country. how can you honor such a person? thank you. >> thank you. your time is expired. next speaker, please.
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>> next speaker, please. >> my name is susanna. when it's down, chinatown really suffers. and then, what happens, rose pak first came out, and it says she really wanted to have this freeway rerouted and rebuilt, and she supported the tearing down of a freeway. so what happened was chinatown was really, really disappointed. so i remember we organized the first moon festival, and now, it's a long time to build the
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subway. however, if i were a tourist from china, from anywhere, i would say, no chinatown station in that's confusing. >> i'm sorry. your time is up. thank you. >> i'm sorry. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> please watch the video. and this is actually from a jewelry store owner chinatown. >> i think that just calling it chinatown station is what everyone is going to call it. nobody's going to call it the rose pak station. she suddenly changed her
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politics to -- and do something with aaron peskin, and i thought okay. what could that be? they are on opposite sides of the fence, hate each other for years. suddenly, they are friends. the whole san francisco board of supervisors is out of their minds. they're out of for minds. i look at all the homeless people on the street -- >> thank you. your time is complete. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is ming. i'm from san francisco. i only heard about chinatown. chinatown is chinatown. i don't want any other name.
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chinatown continue, please. >> thank you. next speaker, please. next speaker, please. [speaking native language]
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>> i've been in this country for three years, and i've heard enough about rose pak. what i've heard is she is double sided. she had a dark side and reminded me about what is in china. so i don't like her name and i don't like her name on the subway station. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking native language] >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is yang lee. [speaking native language]
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>> this naming idea happened three years ago. at that time, as a local resident, i wrote you a letter about that expressing i'm not for the naming of rose pak. [speaking native language] >> there is a law against naming a public place after a person name. i was very thankful for that reply, but what i don't understand is why this issue comes back again?
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rose pak is very controversial figure. she followed the chinese communist policy in san francisco. >> thank you. thank you. your time is up. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is hu lin. i object to having the chinatown subway station named after rose pak. she lied on low-income housing and took away housing from a deserving family. here is an f.b.i. investigation and examiner report for
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information. thank you. [speaking native languag
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>> my name is lina chen, living in san francisco over 30 years.
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[speaking native language] >> i heard that rose pak supporters say that she have rallied for the chinatown subway and she should be commemoriz commemorized and be made immortal. pak's involvement with the chinese community communist regime to the united states will be eventually recognized by all americans, just like
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hitler's persecution of jews was not originally recognized by all. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking native language] >> board of directors, my name is danny jeng.
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i'm a san francisco resident. [speaking native language] >> san francisco station is a public entity, so we shouldn't be naming it after a private name. [speaking native language] >> i just feel like this is something that the hong kong government is doing to harm hong kong people. [speaking native language] >> i support chinatown station only. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language] >> hello, everyone. my name is huei-jing. [speaking native language] >> i live in san francisco. i know that san francisco is a beautiful and peaceful city. if we're naming the chinatown subway station after rose pak, that's disturbing. [speaking native language] >> i support naming chinatown station only. i'm against rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, everyone. my name is lucy tree, and i love in san francisco.
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i've heard some opinions from other perspectives, like those who agreed to use her name at the station name. they always say that rose pak was their family members or friends or friends that looks like family, and for the things that comes to like today, there's always agreement and disagreement for this lady when she's already gone, and if we're going to use her name in the public subway station, there's always people be reminded of what she has done wrong. you can't guarantee that she never did anything wrong, but if you use her name, people will say, oh, i remember that person. she'sst person that did all those bad things, but they forget her bad things. and also, i heard the subway station has been built because of her --
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>> i'm sorry. your time is up. >> sorry. just a few last words. >> i know but your time is up. thank you. [speaking native language] >> my name is shu-ming lee, and i'm all for naming the chinatown subway station only. that's only reasonable. [speaking native language] >> i object to using the rose pak name as the station name because she take things for free and other things.
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[speaking native language] >> she's not a good people to most of the values of the traditional chinese culture. she's bully and she's evil, so i don't agree. i just don't agree naming the station after her. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. [speaking native language]
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>> my name is esai. i'm against naming chinatown's central subway station after rose pak. i escaped from china to san francisco in 2011 due to religious persecution.
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when i arrive in san francisco chinatown, i was very surprised that the chinese people had deep misunderstanding of the falun gong buddhist group. later, i learned it was rose pak. she took all opportunities to suppress us. [speaking native language] >> on june 10, 2012, i was
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telling people the real story of what happened in china -- >> unfortunately, your time is up. >> i can't finish translating? >> no, because your time -- oh, i was told you couldn't. >> -- so they took advantage of us. attached is a copy of the police report i filed. luckily, a couple bystanders took a video of what happened to us, so they showed the police and here are a couple pictures from the video. these are pictures and the police report. >> all right. wonderful. your natime is done. thank you. [speaking native language]
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>> i have a friend from the chinese -- >> what is her name? >> my name is ti fei wang. t-i f-e-i w-a-n-g. i have a friend in the chinese society saying those who support the naming of rose pak have a financial reason to support her. in fact in the entire chinese
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community, they despise here. she is called -- despise her. she is call the village bully in chinatown. i hope that all of you will cast your votes for doing what is right and not political reasons. the public will remember and thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. actually, i just follow people who supported -- >> would you, please, sir, not hold the microphone and give us your name. >> i just had a conversation with the people -- >> what is your name? >> it's tristan. >> tristan? okay. thank you. >> okay. can i start now? it's 40. i had a conversation with the people about chinatown subway station. by the time we realized we had
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a different opinion on the subway station, suddenly, we had a war between us. there are so many divisions in this world, we shouldn't create anymore. we want to create a world with harmony, so i just want to -- people -- try and unite people, not divide people. don't name chinatown subway station after rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone. my name is kay lee. rose pak is an influential
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lobbyist in san francisco city politics in general and in the san francisco chinese community in particular. it is alleged that pak has uncomfortable qualified for financing the purchase of condominium unit towers, 400 beale street. she is also known for illegally qualifying for -- >> unfortunately your name is up. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language]
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>> thank you. yes, please, you can do the transition now. >> i did not give up my falun gong meditation exercises in 2008. i was locked in the labor camps, and in the winter, i was frozen and they poured cold waters on my body, and they hung me up seven days. another fellow practitioner did that. following that, i executed truth, acceptance. naming the station after rose pak is a shame, and anyone in this country, too. >> i'm sorry to hear about your extremes. if i can remind everyone to
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stick to your position on the stations, that would be great. >> my name is len liu. i live in chinatown. [speaking native language]
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>> all right. now translation. thank you. thank you. translation. thank you. >> my name's mako, and chinatown was peaceful, and we don't have those issues, but know, someday, this naming issue came along, and as you can tell today, two different opinions. rose pak is a very controversial person, and as you can see, this has created a lot of division and controversy in our society. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language] >> thank you. thank you.
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it's time for your translation. >> my name is li bau, and i live in the chinatown for 12 years. i made many friends in chinatown. many people had bad opinions of rose pak. one is she expected china's communist policy in america. i don't think using her to name our chinatown station is a good idea, and she does not bring good things to our community. >> thank you. your time is done. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. next speaker. whoom whomev whomever wants to go next -- okay, roberta, can you read some more names for the time being? >> they won't hear. >> okay.
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great. if the sheriffs will let more people in. >> that want to speak. >> umm, yeah, please. please come forward. you may speak at the dais if you're ready. if we could get some more people in here since we have about 50-plus more speakers, and i think more people keep
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coming. >> my name is yuki. my mom was persecuted to death in china just last month. she was 79 years old just because she did not want to give up her faith to practice falun gong. they did not release her. even her health was in really bad condition. she died in prison. as we see, rose pack has the chinese community come to extend the persecution in s.f. if you stop naming her name, that will help stop the hurt. please name the chinatown station only. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening.
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my name is john wickman. rose embodied the courage, perseverance that identifies the chinatown experience. the name rose pak in chinatown lets people know where they are. you can't get more geographically more specific than that. thank you. >> thank you. next per, -- speaker, please.
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>> my name is loreen chiu. i'm here to support the naming of chinatown rose pak subway. rose pak, just like myself was a product of the 60s era of civil rights, women's liberation, the current #metoo movement. that woman's movement taught me, a woman of color that if we were going to make a difference in changing an unjust world, we had to "stop thinking" about who you might offend and start thinking about who you might inspire, which she did. rose was saereared in a man's
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world, in a totally misonygistic power structure. >> thank you. your time is up. >> good afternoon. my name is die collier. i am a perform -- dia collier, and i am the former president of the association of chinese teacher. i have taught u.s. history for 17 years at the middle school level. there are some who say that rose pak was a bully, and one can say that she was, but our history is full of bullies. andrew jackson was a bully, theodore roosevelt was a bully, and others were bullies. perfection has never been a
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prerequisite. the charge that she is a communist was ridiculous. rose pak was a journalist. she was an activist, she was never a communist. most of all, people think that chinese people have contributed nothing to this city in the last century -- >> thank you. unfortunately, your time is up. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. [speaking native language]
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>> hi. i'm strongly against naming of rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. [speaking native language]
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>> are you going to translate for us? it's time for the translation. thank you. >> his name is nien, and he's seen a lot of division in the chinese community, so we're fighting each other just because of naming issues. rose pak, this name is like a nail stick deep down into our hearts, into the chinese community's hearts, so i just hope that you have the power to stop this dividing, and i just hope that you can cast your righteous votes. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> may god bless you. >> you, too. next speaker, please.
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[speaking native language] >> good evening, board members. so i understand you're sitting here for hours. i appreciate that.
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[speaking native language] >> some people told me after they travelled to the u.s., they love this country. it's the quality -- [speaking native language] >> so when i first came to chinatown, i thought it was beauty, but it wasn't because of the dirts, and that's because of rose pak. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm karen wong. as a member in the chinese
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community, i strongly oppose anything against naming something against rose pak. rose pak was very proud of carrying out the chinese communist party's tasks, infiltrating san francisco to the benefits of the chinese communist regime. looking at the way the bullish way that the chinese communist party is treating the protesters in hong kong. i strongly oppose the naming. no rose pak. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, everyone. my name is su-ling.
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[inaudible] my co-worker, they said they don't like rose pak. i don't feel comfortable. >> okay. so i work in san francisco. all my colleagues don't like rose pak, so when i heard this naming issue, i don't feel comfortable. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. [speaking native language]
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>> my name is ying. i'm strongly against naming the -- of rose pak. she does not deserve it. >> thank you. [speaking native language]
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>> my name is wongshu, and i just want to say i'm for chinatown station naming only, so there's no controversy, no division. thank you. [speaking native language]
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>> my name is yuli ping, and i've been living in the united states for 30 years. i've read many reports about rose pak, and many of them were negative things, so she claimed a low-income house herself, so i don't believe we should honor such a person, and to pass the legacy to our generations.
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thank you. >> hi, board of directors. my name is lulin. i live in san francisco's chinatown. when i hear the naming of this person, i barely know this person. why are we naming this after a person? chinatown belongs to all people, not a single person. over 90% of chinatown business owners support naming chinatown station only. now i see there's a big division among chinese community like naming our chinatown subway station will stop the argument and the division. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone.
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my name is yung chan. actually, it's very easy if you follow my steps. follow the policy. the policy is there to follow, not break or make shortcuts. second, separate it from noise. but what is the seriousness? if the person did a wonderful thing, but if the seriousness of person did something that violates people's wealth or health, that is serious, you may ask, so take that into account. three, the human heart. what is the human heart? when you make a decision, you have to decide, will it hurt somebody, okay? so now, chinatown station name will hurt no one, so why take risk? i just talked to the guy out
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there, security guy. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. commissioners. my name's garrett tom. i'm a former deputy chief for the san francisco police department. i've worked in chinatown for most of my career as a sergeant, inspector, and captain. i grew up in chinatown, worked in chinatown. been in chinatown for 59 years. i metro's pak in 1986. people say she's a bully. that's true. i've seen her bully mayors, the chief of police. she's bullied yours truly? when you have problems, who's the first person you're going to be calling? rose pak. she's going to be screaming at
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you, threatening at you. san francisco's a safer place because of rose pak. but i'll sttell you, she gets the phone -- >> i'm sorry. the time is up, but thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening all commissioners. my name is wango wong. i've been a member of the chamber of commerce over 35 years. i've served as the president of the chamber for four terms and have many discussions concerning the chinese community concerning our general consultant, rose pak. she successful got the central subway chinatown station approved. during chamber monthly
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meetings, rose gave us updates on this project, all documented in the chinese newspaper. i would like to voice my support in naming the chinatown station the chinatown rose pak station. we hope that this dedication can honor her work and future tourists and people can learn about her contributions to the chinese community. >> thank you. next speaker. >> what was your name? >> wingo wong. thank you. >> good evening, board of directors. my name is eddie au. i am here to support the naming of the rose pak chinatown station. she was the name of chinatown.
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she was the biggest supporter of the central subway station. without her, there would be no central subway or chinatown station to be named. rose worked to ensure our community was represented in city hall and quality health service and housing. the chinatown rose pak station will ensure her contribution and remember by our future generation. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, commissioners. you must be tired. you can standup and take a breath if you want. my name is lonnie chin. i was the principal of the oldest public school in california, spring valley public school, and that happened to be the school where chinese were not allowed to attend in 1884, so it has a
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history. i also served on the library commission for 18 years, and i know how you feel sitting there. but i want you to recognize that those of us that support chinatown rose pak station also are people who grew up in chinatown, work in chinatown, support all kinds of projects and all kinds of good works. i want you to know that the people that are doing this don't give a damn about chinatown. they are just pissed off because they wanted to instill their weird religion on a parade where it's supposed to be nonreligious. >> okay. thank you very much. next speaker, please. thank you. >> name on you. >> good for her. you go, girl. >> no outbursts, please.
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please. everyone's been really civil. we live in a party with two political parties and more, so people have different points of views. thank you. [please stand by]
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>> how much rose brought to the community needs to be recognized, and rose pak is not anyone. she has done a lot for us, like chinese hospital which was going to be torn down. this is the last thing rose got for us, the chinatown rose pak station. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> we almost lost $800,000 from our nutrition program maybe about ten years ago and it was rose pak that led the fight for our community to get organized and go fight for the money back, not just for seniors, but children and youth and families. rose not only helped build the central subway, but also the chinese hospital, the a.p.i. hospital and many other charitable causes. today commissioners should make the safe choice by not failing to remember rose pak. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please? smpbilitys good evening. my name is michael lau. i live in san francisco.
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i used to be a store owner. to be honest, in the beginning i didn't know rose and stories i heard was just as what was said before. afterwards when i finally met her and talked to her and saw all the things she did, she fought for chinatown. she didn't give an inch to any politicians or anybody around. so that's why i support chinatown rose pak station, because she did more for chinatown than anybody here, especially the ones behind me. i'm not paid to be up here. i'm doing this of my own free will. >> clerk: if we can be careful not to block the door because it is a fire hazard. so if you co


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