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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 22, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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her that she ex sows as -- exhausted this every year. by merchants who labored to succeed and serve the community, she fought for parks for children to play in, she willed the new chinese hospital and was a big part of central subways before us. asian-americans make up over 30% of our city population we are part of 250 year history, part of building the city to make it more just. it was the six-year-old who fought the policy that prohibited asian-americans from attending the public schools. they went to the california supreme court and won. six companies in chinatown fought the first racial ban in
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1892 and resisted the registry. people of color and immigrants make up the majority of population. their names are not on streets and buildings. stations are named after the streets and acknowledges like stockton and montgomery. buildings like chase. we will reflect the history that has purposely written out women and women and people of color and made them invisible that is not what san francisco standing for. thank you so much for your time so much. i will give my time to supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer welcome. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. i am the supervisor of district one. i am here to support the rose pak chinatown station. there are people who have thumbs
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down. i will give my support here. i am a fourth generation chinese american from san francisco. migrate grandfather started the first chain nose produce station. rose pak is not responsible for china or hong kong. she is not responsible for the what is happening with whatever. she is just not. rose pak, the woman i know is tough as nails. dropped a lot of "f" bombs that can be intimidated. one thing in her heart she always fought for chinatown. this idea that she recruited political people for china she has never once asked my opinion for china she did ask me to protect chinatown.
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she spent her life doing that. she was not a rich woman. she live dna small -- lives in a small apartment on jackson street. she lived humbly. she was tough. i want to remind you during her time in fighting for chinatown she was fighting a political war, political with really the power in white men. she was a chinese woman from hong kong. she was tough and powerbroker fighting for chinatown. i want be to say rose pak knew chinatown would be vulnerable and she played the central subway. it was a long game. i know the city well and you
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know it, too. the city would never invest $1 billion to make sure chinatown was alive so the store owners would continue to have commerce and economic stability that chinatown will remain a cherished destination? san francisco forever. it was a transit destination. she was caring about the people and the livelihood. i know you have a hard decision ahead of you. i don't envy you in this oven. i am here to remind you this is the board of supervisors voted unanimously to urge you the m.t.a. commissioners to vote to name the central subway station the chinatown rose pak station. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor. anyone else wish to comment who hasn't commented. we will close public comment and open up for discussion among the
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directors which i trust will be brief. before we do that i want to thank my fellow directors for patience, i want to thank the wonderful secretary and city attorney for their patience today. i would like to thank all of you particularly private citizens who helped with translations. a lot of you are here and you helped over and over again. i thank the sheriffs deputies who are probably in overtime and we will probably get work orders for that. you have behaved professionally, shown respect for the process politically and from law enforcement perspective. please thank your colleagues on our behalf as well. to you the public, this is a difficult debate. we did it civilly in the tradition of san francisco and i
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am proud of that. i thank you all. sor e rerefor the reppri -- sorry for the reprimandses. if there is anyone who wishes to comment. director torres, the floor is yours. >> thank you to members of the audience who were here in a difficult situation. we really do appreciate your ability to live and work and speak in a democracy, also, it is important to know i knew rose pak personally and worked with her for many years when i represented chinatown in los angeles and in san francisco. it is my honor to move we name the central chinatown station as the china town rose pak station. >> there is a motion and second. other directors wish to speak? >> briefly i will say there are a lot of people who spoke that i
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respect tremendously. i respect everyone and the fact that you came out. i don't know a lot of you but the persecution of religion is not right. i am a descendent of slaves. i can't say that i love robert e. lee. one could say it was treason but he led the south in a war to maintain my people being slaves. did he accomplish great things for the south? i have to acknowledge that. there are many monuments nobody on the side of history is a winner when it comes to slavery or civil rights. the people we named things after dirt have those things. hopefully, they deserve the names they got because they worked hard to make those
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happen. more often the names came because people were moment business people. we have an opportunity to name something for a person who worked hard to make this happen. she didn't want the freeway torn down. when she realized it was coming down she said i don't want to see chinatown taken down like chinatowns all over the country. did people like it? no. every year we have the process two people that face-off at presidential election depending on what side you are on you hate that other person. that means we all can disagree but we have to be able to acknowledge when people do something significant. we are not saying name it for a person who lived in chinatown and did great things. this is a person were it not for her effort this subway would not
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be built at all. in said it should be in her mon nor. the truth is she is responsible for that happening. it wasn't priority. i see worked at the board of supervisorses in the late 1990s. i am aware what handed. i am not criticizing anyone. i don't know rose. she was not my friend. this is about me as a woman of color seeing we don't acknowledge people for great works. we hold them to a higher standard than we hold many of the white men. ultimately if she hadn't worked to make subway a reality because she was trying to preserve china town we would be in a different position. she did thinks in a way i wouldn't do those things. if we named something after me people would saythings about
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that. i want to honor it. it is still the chinatown station. there are airports around the country named after people that people don't say their names. it opens up dialogue about history and who the significant players are. i am surprised when the street is named after an african-american person. if they question tactics isn't it a valuable debate. the conversation around the historhistory makers is being ao acknowledge good people do good things. we have to acknowledge the achievements. we can't take that away no matter how bad they are. the reason i supporting this is not for negative things.
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i see it a way to elevate a person of color of a significant community in the city who fought against all pop position. chain no town north beach were opposed the only way to get done was excludes them. i am talking what happened and what i experienced. this is not personal. i am not paid. i don't know rose. she is deceased. all the harm she may have done is no more because she is not alive. it is a nice way to honor that legacy. >> director eagan. >> this is a difficult decisionir want to thank all of you for staying with us today. i want to thank those who expressed opinions. i have listened and i am weighing them carefully.
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three points very briefly. first, we are not starting from scratch here. when we have to weigh a tough policy decision we have to figure out the right answer. we are not starting from scratch we have a station naming policy that says name a station after a geographic location. it also says if you read all of the words it says in noteworthy circumstances an area of a station or plaque may be placed to honor an individual who or group of individuals who made a special contribution. it seems to me the decision before us today is exactly what the board anticipated when they adopted that policy a couple years ago to say we do not name stations after people we can name an area or plaza or plaque after a person. i would be supportive of that approach. the policy clearly says do not name stations after people.
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second point diversity, equity and inclusion. these are themes we heard a lot about today. in san francisco in 2019, we celebrate a diversity of youth. we strive to be a city that is inclusive of all people. naming any public asset after one person is likely to make some people happy and other people very unhappy. i was struck by one speaker who said this renaming in some ways symbolize this one person symbolizes chinatown. this is probably why the policy says do not name a station after a person. finally i will share this comes down to a cost and a benefit. we are on the board to weigh the potential benefit with the potential cost and make very difficult decisions. if this renaming was essential
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to the sfnta reaching the gelling then i would consider it. this renaming bears no relation to the ability to achieve the strategic plan goals. it is very offensive and divisive. the costs clearly out weigh the benefits. i would echo the speakers who said pick the name not offensive to anyone which is chinatown station. >> thank you. >> i love going after the director because she said much better what i was going to try to say. i support what she said. that was my view the first time this came to us. i wanted to thank everyone who spoke. i respect so many people who spoke passionate leo the other side of the issue. i want to thank everyone for
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efforts and voices. i did hear all of you, and i hope everyone feels that. thank you. >> drinkto.>> thank you all who. you have taken a lot of time it wish we weren't at this devicesive place but we are. i have not heard anything to change my opinion. we do need to name more things after women, people of color. we have a lot of things to rename. we are renaming some things. still come on chinatown station. we need to look at the neighborhoods and rename things particularly in chinatown. we have so many fantastic people to name things after.
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i support that. i can't support naming this rose pak. >> director heminger. >> this got to the board before i did. today is my first impression even though i did watch the tape of the whole meeting last time. i have heard from a lot of people on this subject. people whom i respect and admire on both sides of this question. i do appreciate the opportunity to explain my vote because i think whichever way it went, it was going to make somebody angry. i come down to 3- three basic points. tivfirst istiveviciveness.
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in her day she was divisive. she remains so today after her death. i don't think that is disqualifying from civic recognition. if that were the standard we would have to stare down half the street signs in san francisco, probably some numbered ones. the second point emphasized by visits today from members of the board of supervisors past and present. this item is on the agenda at the request of all 11 elected members of that body. now, i am aware the charter gives this body certain independence from that body. i think in some instances it makes sense to exercise that independence. in other instances where they are making a reasonable request we should honor the request.
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the maybe too nuance for this debate. i would like to speak to opponents and proponents of the change. maybe offer consolation. for proponents words of caution. i think what we tend to see with the passage of time is that it may be as difficult for future generations to remember who rose pak was as it is for us to recall who is jose castro or henry hate. history remembers who it wants to in the way it wants to with plaques or signs or not. i am going to vote in favor of the name change that is before us in the motion today. >> very good. thank you. my position will remain is same.
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i appreciate the input at the meeting to address a few points. i agree with the speaker who said the name chinatown rose pak is a compromise. for transit reasons i feel it has to be chinatown first for the reasons discussed here today. we cannot have confusion among visitors or residents where the station is and by having the name chinatown first that makes clear the geographic location of the station. there are questions raised about the policy, good questions. iny this is a different situation. the reason for the policy is two fold, one to prevent the requests to change to names of popular people and put us in a situation where number two we would create confusion. if we change the name of powell street to the willie brown
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station, joe montana station or pick your favor it san franciscan. popular people, we create confusion because people are used to the name powell street station, the maps are drawn. this is a new station. this is a new station that will bear the geographic name followed by rose pak. i don't see an obstacle. i found very moving the comments about the need to honor more women, more asian-american women and to honor rose pak for the role she played in this specific project. with that we have a motion and second. i thank everyone who participated today. if it is not clear that your voices were heard, i think the board listened carefully. i am proud of my board members
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foreign doo -- for over 8 hours. i will ask ms. boomer to call roll. i vote in favor of china town rose pak station. (roll call). >> the eyes have it. that condition concludes the -- that concludes the business before you today. the ayes have it. this meeting is adjourned.
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[♪] >> i really believe that art should be available to people for free, and it should be part of our world, you shouldn't just be something in museums, and i love that the people can just go there and it is there for everyone. [♪] >> i would say i am a multidimensional artist. i came out of painting, but have also really enjoyed tactile properties of artwork and tile work. i always have an interest in
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public art. i really believe that art should be available to people for free, and it should be part of our world. you shouldn't just be something in museums. i love that people can just go there, and it is there for everyone. public art is art with a job to do. it is a place where the architecture meets the public. where the artist takes the meaning of the site, and gives a voice to its. we commission culture, murals, mosaics, black pieces, cut to mental, different types of material. it is not just downtown, or the big sculptures you see, we are in the neighborhood. those are some of the most beloved kinds of projects that really give our libraries and recreation centers a sense of uniqueness, and being specific to that neighborhood. colette test on a number of
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those projects for its. one of my favorites is the oceanview library, as well as several parks, and the steps. >> mosaics are created with tile that is either broken or cut in some way, and rearranged to make a pattern. you need to use a tool, nippers, as they are called, to actually shape the tiles of it so you can get them to fit incorrectly. i glued them to mash, and then they are taken, now usually installed by someone who is not to me, and they put cement on the wall, and they pick up the mash with the tiles attached to it, and they stick it to the wall, and then they groped it
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afterwards. [♪] >> we had never really seen artwork done on a stairway of the kinds that we were thinking of because our idea was very just barely pictorial, and to have a picture broken up like that, we were not sure if it would visually work. so we just took paper that size and drew what our idea was, and cut it into strips, and took it down there and taped it to the steps, and stepped back and looked around, and walked up and down and figured out how it would really work visually. [♪] >> my theme was chinese heights because i find them very beautiful. and also because mosaic is such a heavy, dens, static medium, and i always like to try and
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incorporate movement into its, and i work with the theme of water a lot, with wind, with clouds, just because i like movements and lightness, so i liked the contrast of making kites out of very heavy, hard material. so one side is a dragon kite, and then there are several different kites in the sky with the clouds, and a little girl below flying it. [♪] >> there are pieces that are particularly meaningful to me. during the time that we were working on it, my son was a disaffected, unhappy high school student. there was a day where i was on
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the way to take them to school, and he was looking glum, as usual, and so halfway to school, i turned around and said, how about if i tell the school you are sick and you come make tiles with us, so there is a tile that he made to. it is a little bird. the relationship with a work of art is something that develops over time, and if you have memories connected with a place from when you are a child, and you come back and you see it again with the eyes of an adult, it is a different thing, and is just part of what makes the city an exciting place. [♪]
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sustainability mission, even though the bikes are very minimal energy use. it still matters where the energy comes from and also part of the mission in sustainability is how we run everything, run our business. so having the lights come on with clean energy is important to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to the bill.
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good afternoon, thank you for coming to the july 30, 2019 board of supervisors. this will be our last meeting, the next meeting will be beginning of september. madame clark will you please call the role. [roll call]
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>> mr. president you have a quorum. >> thank you. please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff of sf gov tv. they record each of our meetings and make the transcripts available, to the public, online. madame clerk, are there any communications? . >> clerk: we received a communication from the office of supervisor wilton, who indicated he would be late in attending the meeting as he is attending a funeral this morning. >> thank you very much. colleagues, before we move forward with our meeting today. i want to share a message of unity and strength with the city of gilroy. we are outraged, by yet another horrific mass shooting, to the community of gilroy, we stand by you. to the victims, and their families, we are praying for you
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and we pledge to fight until action is taken on gun reform. lost to us today are 25-year-old trevor irving, 13-year-old, kayla salazar, and 6-year-old stephen romero. please join me in a moment of silence, to honor the young wives stolen for this unnecessary act of violence. -- lives stolen for this unnecessary act of violence. thank you. colleagues, today we are approving the minutes from the june 20, 2019 special -- special
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board meeting. the june 25, 2019 regular board meeting and do 19, 2019 -- -- june 19, 2019 and june 20 -- [ crying ] 2019. board and finance committee meetings. which constituted a quorum of the board of supervisors. are there any changes to these meeting minutes? seeing none. can i have a motion to approve as presented made by supervisor fewer and seconded by supervisor
1:35 am
mandleman. these will be approved after public comments. madame clerk, can you please read the consent agenda one through 20. . >> clerk: mr. president, given that supervisor walton is not present in the chamber, and eddie funeral today would you like a motion to excuse him from the votes until he arrives? >> a motion made by supervisor safai, seconded by supervisor stefani. we would take this motion to excuse mr. wong from the votes until he gets here. okay. . >> clerk: 1-20 are on consent. these items are considered to be routine. if a member objects an item can be removed and considered separately. >> okay. colleagues? today, i'm sorry, would anyone
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like to sever any items from the consent agenda? seeing no names. madame clerk, please call to roll. [roll call] . >> supervisor yee: colleagues, these ordinances are passed on the resolutions adopted. madame clerk, please call items 21-30 together area.
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>> items 21-30 or 10 ordinances on final reading that pertain to the budget for the city and county of san francisco for fiscal years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. item 21, appropriates receipts and expenditures as of june 21 of 2019. item 23 is ordinance adopting the neighborhood beautification and graffiti clean-up fund tax designation ceiling for tax year 2019. item number 24, 190624, ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of certificates of participation, in one or more series from time to time, on a tax-exempt or taxable basis, evidencing and representing an aggregate principal amount of not to exceed $160,000,000 to refinance certain certificates of participation that financed various capital improvement projects and finance certain additional capital improvements; approving the form of a third item number 25, 190626, ordinance appropriating $160,000,000 of one or more series of refunding certificates of participation proceeds, de-appropriating series 2009a and 2009b certificates of participation of prior reserve funds of $16,500,000 and re-appropriating refunding certificates of participation series 2019-r1 of $176,500,000
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and placing these funds on controller's reserve pending the sale of the certificates of participation for fy2019-2020. item number 26, 190627, ordinance amending the fire code to increase fees for certain fire department services; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. item number 27, 190628, ordinance amending the park code to permit the recreation and park department general manager to set guest docking fees at the marina small craft harbor by flexible pricing based on certain factors; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. item number 28, 190629, ordinance amending the park code to permit the recreation and park department general manager to set non-resident adult admission fees for the japanese tea garden, the coit tower elevator, the conservatory of flowers, and the san francisco botanical garden by flexible pricing based on certain factors and at certain times; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. item number 29, 190630, ordinance amending the park code to permit the recreation and park department general manager to impose a surcharge of $1 per non-resident adult visitor at the japanese tea garden to fund the restoration of that facility, until such time as the restoration is complete; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. item number 30, 190631, ordinance amending the administrative code to eliminate
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fines for overdue library books and other materials and equipment, and forgiving outstanding patron debt for overdue fines. >> supervisor yee: before we take a vote, once again, i would like to say something about our budget on item number 21, i know we have said this over and over again. you know, it was such a fine process i have to keep on thinking the person behind all of this. i want to thank chair fewer, head of the budget committee. once again, i cannot thank you enough for getting us out of these chambers before midnight. it was, again, such a great process. so transparent. the staff, chelsea, was magnificent. many of the other staff out there contributed to the budget
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process. chair fewer, congratulations. before we take this vote. we are making history, biggest budget ever. quickest budget created ever. we are solving, beginning to solve as many problems as possible -- as much as ever. forever i hope you will be the budget committee chair. [laughter] i just want to thank you chair fewer. >> thank you for your kind words i want to thank my co- members, actually, of my committee for all of those long meetings. thank you so much for the support. especially to you for affording me this opportunity to serve the board and the residence of san francisco in this capacity.
1:41 am
. >> supervisor yee: i don't want to ignore that there are others in the city government, controller, from the budget office, thank you very much. colleagues, can we take these items in call? without objection objection these ordinances are passed unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item. . item number 31, 190495, ordinance calling and providing for a special election to be held in the city and county of san francisco on tuesday, november 5, 2019, for the purpose of submitting to san francisco voters a proposition to incur bonded indebtedness not to exceed $600,000,000 to finance the construction, development, acquisition, improvement, rehabilitation, preservation, and repair of affordable housing improvements, and related costs necessary or convenient for the foregoing purposes; authorizing landlords to pass-through 50% of the resulting property tax increase to residential tenants under administrative code, chapter 37; providing for the levy and collection of taxes to pay both principal and interest on such bonds; incorporating the provisions of the administrative code relating to the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee's review of affordable housing bond expenditures; setting certain procedures and requirements for
1:42 am
the election; adopting findings under the california environmental quality act; and finding that the proposed bonds are in conformity with the general plan, and with the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1(b). >> supervisor yee: thank you everybody for cosponsoring this legislation to put it on the ballot for november. i am looking forward to this passing in november. colleagues, can we take the same house speaker, nancy pelosi one call? without objection this ordinance passed unanimously. madame clerk please call the next item. . item number 32, 190709, ordinance approving health service system plans and contribution rates for calendar year 2020. >> supervisor yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house in call? without objection this ordinances passed. madame clerk, please call the next item. . item number 33, 190048, ordinance amending the planning code to 1) require building setbacks for buildings fronting on narrow streets, 2) modify front yard requirements in residential districts, 3) increase required rear yards in single-family zoning districts by five percent, 4) amend the rear yard requirements for through lots and corner lots in certain districts to permit second buildings where specified conditions are met, 5) allow building height increases to existing stories in existing nonconforming buildings in order to accommodate residential uses, and 6) provide that specified alterations to nonconforming structures for the purpose of creating habitable space or an
1:43 am
accessory dwelling unit are not subject to section 311 review requirements if the specified requirements are met; affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; and making findings of consistency with the general plan and the priority policies of planning code, section 101.1, and adopting findings of public necessity, convenience, and general welfare under planning code, section 302. >> supervisor yee: i'm going to call on the author. . >> supervisor mandleman: thank you. thank you for your engagement with my office over the weekend. i think several of us will be offering amendments to this legislation today. i have a couple. they are shown on this document that has been handed out by the clerk. my changes relate to two things. one is grandfathering in applications that were submitted prior to january 15, 2019, when we submitted this legislation. and then the other is to exempt out the bernal heights special use district, at the request of the district nine office. requesting amendments from section 261.1 controls, which apply to additional height
1:44 am
limits for narrow streets and alleys. those are the two things that i wanted to amend. i know there are others. . >> supervisor yee: is our second for that? seconded by supervisor ronen. hopefully we will all accept these amendments. supervisor peskin? . >> supervisor peskin: i would like to reinsert, and this was actually in the legislation and then was taken out of the legislation which means it will not have to be re- referred or require any more public comment. which is to add residential mix use districts of which i know there are a lot. the city commonly known as district three, as well as other districts.
1:45 am
i think it is a good change to section 26, 261.1, applying standards to second-story setbacks along alleyways and narrow streets. i would ask that page 16, lines 4-16 section b, subsection 2, subsection b, that any frontage reinsert rm and make that same corresponding change. also on page 16, subsection c, the controls in this section shall apply, et cetera. that would be my motion which i have discussed with the maker and is acceptable to him. . >> supervisor yee: okay. >> thank you. i just wanted to thank
1:46 am
supervisor mandleman making an exception for bernal heights. it is one of the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of narrow streets. for that reason had a special sed. i want to thank you for taking that into consideration and thank you for agreeing to do that. . >> supervisor yee: i want to thank supervisor mandleman for this legislation. while i support the general intent of this legislation, i would like to offer a friendly amendment. we have heard from some of my community members that there is a concern over elimination of 311 notifications of residential roof height increases to assisting stories. while many of these changes may not be significant, impacts could vary from project to project. for instance these height changes or roof adjustments could impact light exposure. in these instances neighbor
1:47 am
should be made aware so they can work with the project sponsor to solve their concerns or get therefore i am proposing to retain guidelines for 311 notifications as they are currently in place. the amendments would be to strikethrough lines 9-12 on page one. lines 23 and 24 on page 13 and lines 22-23 on page 17. colleagues, i hope you will be supportive of this minor amendment to keep 311 vacations consistent. okay? so, there has been -- >> i'm sorry. could you reiterate the last change? . >> supervisor yee: the amendments, it is a strikethrough lines 9-12 on page one. and then line 23-24 on page 13.
1:48 am
and lines 22 and 23 on page 17. >> thank you. . >> supervisor yee: there has been three individuals making motions. supervisor ronan would you like to be second on all three? thank you. colleagues? two of the amendments conflict with another, one of the amendments adds the provision with regards to specified alterations and the other strikes that language. am i missing something? the first amendment included a
1:49 am
subsection six. not subject to 311 notice, and then the third amendment strikes that language for you to something? >> deputy city attorney john gartner. the double underline section number six in the long title. was added as an amendment in committee. that is reflected in the document supervisor amanda meant supervisor -- >> thank you for that. . >> supervisor yee: there has been amendments proposed and made motions for an seconded, all three seconded by supervisor ronen. can we take these amendments without objection?
1:50 am
can we take this item as amended same house, same call? okay. this ordinance has passed. our first reading as amended unanimously. let's go to item 34. . item number 34, 190731, ordinance amending the planning code to change, from 18 months to three years, the period of non-use required to deem as discontinued a permitted conditional use in the north beach neighborhood commercial district; affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; making findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1; and making public necessity, convenience, and welfare findings under planning code, section 302. >> supervisor yee: i'm sorry, supervisor walton, did you just come in before the last vote, or after? >> he came in before the lasso. . >> supervisor yee: i'm sorry,
1:51 am
please resend the last vote. we need to take. [roll call] , i believe. is that correct? . >> clerk: i think that is correct. motion to resend is in order. may i have a roll call on the amended item? [roll call]
1:52 am
. >> supervisor yee: .-dot ordinance is passed on first reading as amended unanimously. back to 34, you already read out. colleagues, can we kick this item same house, same call? this item has passed unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item. . item number 35, 190732, resolution retroactively approving an agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the san francisco bay area rapid transit district (bart) regarding administration of capital funding to fund half of the cost of the bart/muni market street entrance modernization project with proceeds from the sale of general obligation bonds, in an amount not to exceed $45,000,000 for an agreement term from february 1, 2018, through december 31, 2025. >> supervisor yee: can we take the same house and same call without objection? this resolution has passed unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item.
1:53 am
. item number 36, 190743, resolution authorizing the sheriff's department to enter into a third amendment to the existing contract between keefe commissary network, l.l.c., and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its sheriff's department, for jail commissary services, to extend the contract term by six months beginning september 1, 2019, for a total term of september 1, 2014, through february 28, 2020, with no change to the guaranteed annual minimum income of $590,000. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house and same call? without objection this resolution is passed unanimously. please call item number 37 and 38 together. . item number 37, 190758, resolution authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to accept and expend the county competitive allocation award in the amount of $18,250,554, under the california department of housing and community development no place like home program, which provides funding for counties to develop multifamily housing specifically for persons with serious mental illness who are homeless, chronically homeless, or at-risk of chronic homelessness, for a term to commence following board approval. item number 38, 190759, resolution authorizing and delegating to the mayor's office of housing and community development, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to accept and expend the county noncompetitive allocation award in the amount of $9,519,091 under the california department of housing and community development no place like home program, which
1:54 am
provides funding for counties to develop multifamily housing specifically for persons with serious mental illness who are homeless, chronically homeless, or at-risk of chronic homelessness, for a term to commence following board approval. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house, same call? without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madame clerk, next item, please. item 39, 190761, resoln authorizing the acceptance and expenditure of california state senate bill 1 local partnership program formulaic funding in the amount of $2,340,000 for san francisco public works' sunset and parkside streets pavement renovation project, for a term to commence following board approval through june 30, 2023. >> supervisor yee: colleagues, can we take the same house, same call? without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. . item 40, 190763, resoln authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to expend a gift to compton's district transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual (tlgb) stabilization fund dollars in the amount of $300,000 to support the city's efforts to recognize and support historic and present-day tlgb communities in the tenderloin
1:55 am
neighborhood, for a term of august 1, 2019, through june 30, 2020. >> supervisor yee: can we take this same house and call? without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk please call the next item . item 41, 190765, resoln declaring the intent of the city and county of san francisco ("city") to reimburse certain expenditures from proceeds of future bonded indebtedness; authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development ("director") to submit an application and related documents to the california debt limit allocation committee ("cdlac") to permit the issuance of residential mortgage revenue bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $50,000,000 for 401 avenue of the palms (parcel c3.2 of the treasure island master plan) (maceo may apartments); authorizing and directing the director to direct the controller's office to hold in trust an amount not to exceed $100,000 in accordance with cdlac procedures; authorizing the director to certify to cdlac that the city has on deposit the required amount; authorizing the director to pay an amount equal to such deposit to the state of california if the city fails to issue the residential mortgage revenue bonds; approving, for purposes of the internal revenue code of 1986, as amended, the issuance and sale of residential mortgage revenue bonds by the city in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $50,000,000; authorizing and directing the execution of any documents necessary to implement this resolution; and ratifying and approving any action heretofore taken in connection with the project, as defined herein, and the application, as defined herein. >> supervisor yee: can we take the same house same call? without is adopted unanimously. madame clerk please call the next item . item 42, 190766, resoln authorizing the san francisco public utilities commission to accept and expend a grant in an amount not to exceed $3,759,822 from the california state water resources control board for
1:56 am
planning, design, and construction of the sewer system improvement program baker beach green street early implementation project for the period of november 4, 2017, through march 21, 2022. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house same call? without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item . item 43, 190764, resoln approving and authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development to execute documents relating to loans for the acquisition, rehabilitation, or permanent financing of four project sites pursuant to the small sites program, preservation and seismic safety program, and downtown neighborhoods preservation fund, for a total loan amount not to exceed $37,493,000; confirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; and finding that the project loans are consistent with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item . >> clerk: item 44, resolution to approve real estate division to acquire real property located at
1:57 am
1828 egbert avenue from san francisco's self storage number three llc, doing business as 1828, for the purchase price of $67.3 million and to adopt the appropriate findings. . >> clerk: . >> supervisor yee: can we take the same house same call? without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item. . >> clerk: and ordinance to amend the building code to waive specified fees from 100% affordable housing projects and certain accessory dwelling units , projects for an approximate one year pilot program and to affirm the sql determination. . >> supervisor yee: supervisor mar. >> thank you. finding a balance between incentivizing adu's and ensuring
1:58 am
larger real estate investors, and landlords are not granted public subsidies they do not need. eighty years are very appropriate strategy to add density to the district and other website neighborhoods. the fee waiver aims to incentivize adu production where it has been underdeveloped and single-family homes, small apartments. we should support every day members in our community to stay in their homes, provide or create rental units for members of our community. along with the fee waiver on 100% affordable housing, this additional financial incentive will help immensely. in the sunset district we held an adu adu workshop this last weekend which drew over 150 residents. through the workshop, and surveys, my office has been collecting from homeowners. i have received overwhelming inputs and requests for more flexibility, more options and
1:59 am
greater support from the city. i did want to finally mention that i'm currently working on an adu incentive program to expand on the waiver and create additional support for homeowners to add adu's, including technical assistance and other types of financial incentives. i'll have more to announce on that this fall. thank you. >> thank you. i also want to thank the mayor, and my colleague, supervisor mar for helping, and working altogether to have this one year pilot come forward for a fee waivers for a hundred% affordable adu's. they would apply to building inspection, plan reviews, records, retention, surcharge fees, fees on 1% affordable housing can range up to 100000-150,000 per project.
2:00 am
we are confident this aspect of the legislation will positively impact 100% affordable housing project. while the amounts say per project, is much smaller for adu's, amounting to a few percent and have a total of a total project, roughly around 3200 on average for most of the small adu's. our hope is that this just stands, bringing public awareness to build adu's and bring more property owners interested in building adu's to do that this year, rather than waiting. i am really excited, supervisor mar, that you had your adu workshop and people came out, 150 people, that is amazing. that is really exciting that people actually want to do this in their homes. we know that we have heard multi- generational


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