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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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on may 14 we held a meeting at pier one, attended by 60 individuals from over 40 different environmental services firm. we are very happy with our turnout. a list of the members was submitted and approved by cmd. the panel members were ryan jackson,. [inaudible] on the submittal due date which was may 31, we received seven proposals we had -- proposals. the first step in the process
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was to review each proposal for compliance for qualifications. all seven proposals, that we received, met the qualifications area the next that was to review the cmd forms and make sure they met the lbe requirements. again, they all met the requirements. the proposals had to score 45 points or more to be invited to the next phase. five of the seven firms scored over 75 points and were invited to the next phase. the oral interviews were also worth 100 points. the most qualified respondents were the top two firms. this light shows the final top.
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we therefore recommend contract award to the top three scoring firm which are esa/cdim venture, sca environmental and aew engineering. they have not been any project through regarding evolution. we have here with us, some representation from the winning teams. [please stand by]
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>> commissioners, this slide shows the l.p.e. participation. we are pleased to show that the contractors from this contract -- there was is almost 60% of that. this is scheduled for completion in late 2020. in conclusion, commissioners, we expect that you reward the port as needed for this contract.
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[indiscernible] i'm joined by our planning department. we are available to answer your questions and thank you for your time. that concludes my presentation. >> thank you. can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you for the thorough presentation. i really liked the participation rate that we are getting and when we are seeing contracts at this level above 40 or 50%. i support the motion. >> no questions. i will be supportive.
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>> commissioner adams? >> good presentation. i am good with this. it is good to see some other people getting up there. >> thank you. thank you so much for this presentation. elizabeth, welcome to the port. we look forward to working with you. >> i think it is absolutely phenomenal that we have done so much outreach and put so much effort into working with our l.b.e. i want to thank everyone for the effort. i do hope that, sooner or later, we can focus on minority inclusion, also. i know that these cannot be based on that, but i do hope
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that our submittals will try to find other firms to join venture with, to teach, to bring into this industry so that we can be there and represent all of san francisco. but i think this was a great effort and i want to thank all of you. all in favor? >> aye. >> resolution 1933 has been approved. >> item 13 a, informational presentation of contract number 281, crinkle park and 19 th street parking lot. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is erica peterson and i'm the project manager for the crane co. park -- crane cove park project.
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i will be giving the presentation. in this presentation, and we'll talk about how the contract meets the port's strategic objectives of the backgrounds, disco -- discuss the scope and progress, the cost control measures that port staff have been putting in, and l.b.e. goals. this contract supports the goals of the port's strategic plan as follows. the park will be a major new public open space that preserves the historic maritime resources, provides public access and recreation opportunities to the bay, contributes bay, contributes to a vibrant new community, and explores the port 's connectedness to public open space. it will be the only publicly accessible beach. the contract promotes a living wage jobs by providing opportunity for local business enterprises and by meeting mandates for local higher and construction. the parkas designed for 28
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inches of sea level rise and part design and construction shows best management practices for stormwater management, water efficient landscaping and energy efficient lanes. the port commission awarded this contract to gordon on november 13th, 2018. and at that time, port staff committed to providing a status update through the contract. the contract amount is for $17 million. it is and l.b.e. subcontracting. i want to apologize. there is a typo in the staff report. it says 25.5 in some places, but it should be 24. the contract is on schedule with the exception of rain delays. they will be contract allowances as of june 25th, which was the last progress we had, $6.9 million has been paid, and based on their schedule, this is
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about 39% of the work. so based on being five and a half months to the 13 month contract duration, there are 42% complete, so progress is according to plan. the specifications allow a certain amount of rain days for each month of the contractor that they build into their schedule. and due to this very wet winter, there have been rain days beyond what it accounted for. our specifications don't penalize the contractor for those. the total extra rain days we have our ten. i will now talk about the construction progress and show some photos. most of the demolition has been completed at this point. this is the photo from january, 2019 at the very beginning of the project. you can see the excavator in the bottom of the photo beginning to remove the third charge from future 19th street, and you can see building 30 is still there on the left side. this photo is from july, and the
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surcharge has been removed. building 30 is no longer there. the retaining wall, at the very bottom of the slide for the entry plaza has been installed, and this is where future people will step down into the park. the white blocks here in the bottom corner and stored over here are part of the surcharge program that has been removed. and the next slide, as i mentioned before, they relocated building 30. this was one of the first tasks of construction in march. it was moved from the area, and the dotted redlines here, those are offsite to the other redlines here. another scope item is the northern shoreline improvement to create a beach. the demolition and base greeting are complete.
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they are currently working on laying the various layers. this photo his on the beginning of june when the retaining plan of the beach has been constructed. this shows the shape of the future beach here. you can see the big slab of concrete in the middle. they had to demo it. i will quickly go through our next photos, but i wanted to show them because they had nice progress shots of the beach. this photo is from july. and first -- this is from july 1 st and this is from july 31 st. this is my most recent photo from august 6th. you can see the black fabric and they geotextile fabric that they heavily laid. they have started putting the betting stone for the cap on top of that. another task of this contract is the 19th street parking lot. here you can see the parking lot on the right side in the
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beginning of january and on the left is july. you can also see building 101 that works above it, but this is a parking lot. they have installed the curbs and the stormwater drainage. here is another photo of the parking lot looking down on it. the left is in january and the right side -- i tried to outline the shape of the parking lot in blue, and so you can see the curbs there and when the one that -- where the parking stall meets. okay. in november of 2018, staff reported regarding this contract and we presented cost control measures that would be implemented for this contract in order to stay within budget. the port and gordon ball have partnered on construction phasing and troubleshooting on foreseen conditions. one example is the end water work window. we assisted him in requesting an extension for the in water work from the national marine fishery
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, and the request was accepted which allowed for gordon ball to begin work sooner than anticipated. as a site used to be functioning shipyard, it was expected to see some unforeseen site conditions that would arrive during demolition, and one of the conditions -- when the conditions have come back -- come up, we worked with gordon ball to determine this. our team worked together to find a solution that preserves as much of the contingency budget as possible. the port construction management team has been used on this project instead of the third-party. the port project manager has been more involved in submittals and request for information, r.f.i. reviews, then unusual projects, and in both of these have conserved projects. as a result of the above efforts , engineering has not
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been needed for very many aspects of the project. the building relocation was one area where we revise the final location as a way to save money on the foundation. as mentioned earlier, the contract is on schedule with the exception of rain delays. we are on track to exceed the l.b.e. subcontracting goal of 24.5 4%, along with providing mentorship to their l.b.e. and subcontractor. as part of their project work, they have parceled off the entire parking lot scope for the l.b.e. firm. by doing this, will gain experience and knowledge over an entire scope of construction to be performed. by doing the entire scope rather than a sinker task, hopefully we will gain experience that we can use her future can't -- future projects. this is a good example of other can't -- that other contractors can follow. another subcontractor has had the ability -- they have
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provided mentoring and guidance to assist in completing these technical drawings. in addition to the l.b.e. sub contractor participation committed to at this time, all tracking for the project performed to date has been performed by l.b.e. truckers and they have had multiple lunches with the crew to commemorate milestones that they have achieved. it has been exclusively provided by a local catering company. given the remaining work to be performed by l.b.e. firms, the final% of work to be completed is expected to be above 24.54%. the contract team, including port staff, they will continue to work together to deliver this contract on time and on budget. we anticipate the beach to be completed in september and the parking lot should be completed in november. the sidewalk should be completed in december, and planting and
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entry plaza will be installed in january 2020. we expect substantial completion in february of 2020 and the park to open shortly after that. this concludes my presentation. myself and others are here to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? [indiscernible] >> i am one of the minority truckers that is out there. i want to say i have been doing this for 20 years. it is very rare to get agc to come in and do what he says for the truckers. >> great. thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> awesome, present -- also presentation, thank you. no questions. >> it is great to see the progress. no questions.
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>> i really appreciate hearing from you. it is always great to hear from the community. it is great when we get the feedback and you can come out and do the presentation. first i want to say good presentation. thank you. >> thank you so much for the presentation. great report. are we on budget? or do you see any foreseeable issues? >> i don't see any foreseeable issues right now. we have our contingency is at 1.7 million dollars. a fairly good cushion. and right now, the total change over, potential change order that i have seen are like 10% of that. i feel okay about it. >> great. thank you. thank you for the report. i really enjoyed seeing the progress. it will be a beautiful project. >> item 13 b. is informational
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presentation regarding the waterfront resilience program and a proposed amendment to the professional services contract with ch2m hill hill engineers inc. for planning, engineering, environmental services for the earthquake safety and disaster prevention program. the u.s. army corps of engineers flood resiliency study and related activities. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am with the -- and the waterfront resilience director representing the waterfront resilience team. we were before you in february, so we are a bit overdue for an update. this afternoon we would like to introduce the waterfront resilience program to the commission and the public and give an update on the embarcadero seawall program and the flood study. would like to introduce a proposed contract amendment for planning, engineering, and environmental services to support those efforts. and talk a little bit about
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plans to bolster local business participation in this contract and future contracts and to prepare the san francisco workforce for workforce development training and opportunities for future construction work, and conclude with a funding update on the program. it really was direction from the port commission to expand resilience planning efforts port wide. president brandon, this is a point that you had made to the team. we started this work with important life safety and emergency response work around the embarcadero seawall program. but with the army corps, we are now looking port wide at the entire seven and a half miles of port jurisdiction, including aquatic park. the result is a more robust, collaborative, an integrated effort.
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we have been doing a lot of work with the public to understand their values for this waterfront and principles that they would encourage, including the commission to use in selecting first projects. we have taken this vision statement out to the public, that the waterfront resiliency program will create a safe, equitable, sustainable, and inspiring waterfront. there are elements that the resilience program that our port wide, like the flood study. there are efforts that are focused and specific geographies like the embarcadero seawall program, in that same area we have the historic peers rebuild tatian program, which we view and the resilience program as a key resilient effort, providing seismic improvements to historic peers and flood control
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improvements. in the southern waterfront, we are working very closely with the planning department and the municipal transportation agency on the creek adaptation study, which we hope to merge with the flood study. we will also be back in front of you with the chief engineer to talk about the southern waterfront and seismic vulnerability assessment, which is intended to replicate work that we completed in 2016 that led up to the embarcadero seawall program. we have been working very closely with the public and our agency partners to try and align these efforts and be able to explain them to the public. in particular, we have been working hard with the engineers to align the embarcadero seawall program and the flood study in the waterfront area so we can address -- we hope both seismic and flood risks with a single
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project. we are also keeping a close eye on and participating in city resilience planning so that the port's efforts are reflected in that planning work, and that we are aligned with the city's goals. we continue to pursue funding for the estimated up to $5 billion of improvements that we need for the waterfront. we are making a trip up to sacramento in late august to potentially pursue additional funding in a state bond measure that may end up on the ballot next year depending on what the legislature does. of course, we are always trying to understand better the risk exposures that we are dealing with. i will talk a lot more about the risk assessment which is the primary focus of our work right now. there are distinct study areas. the port has different maritime functions in different areas of
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the waterfront, different commercial activities. we are also dealing with unique geographies. so solutions to our seismic and flood risks will be different in different areas of the waterfront. particularly with the creek and mission creek. we are dealing with the confluence of two potential flood risks. storm surge and wind driven wave action from the bay, and then stormwater designs with the creeks in this area, creating a very challenging problem to solve. i'm very appreciative of our planning team's work to develop an adaptation framework that helps the public understand the nature of this work. we are going to be funding constraints, and implement in this work over a long period of time, which is the basis for strengthening, adapting, and vision. strengthen is the first
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$500 million worth of investments to address life safety problems and emergency response. we will develop an adaptation plan, the adapt plan, that we will be updating every five years to look towards the future next set of projects to just the seismic activity, and then eventually we will no longer be able to adapt the current waterfront that we love so much today, and to deal with six or more feet of sea level rise, we will need to start envisioning a new waterfront that will be resilient for those water levels we are looking forward to an effort next year with our agency partners and the public and policymakers to be envisioning that waterfront, not so we can design it today, was so we can understand what we might be building to. so the public engagement in this effort has been really
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remarkable. i really want to commend the team. very innovative strategies. our next community meeting is september 19th at the southeast facility center. we continue to do road shows going out into neighborhood groups, and we had a really fun boat ride in july, and over 200 people participated. a very diverse group of folks, different ages, people that we don't normally see at the ports. typical of public outreach of them. so it's just very exciting work. our multi- hazard risk assessment is the focus of our work now. i really want to commend stephen and the team for designing a very structured approach to understanding what are all the port buildings that are exposed
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to these risks. the utility infrastructure and transportation infrastructure, how will all of these perform under a range of earthquakes scenarios and flooding events, what are going to be the direct damages and indirect damages of those types of events, and what will be the consequences from the city, for instance, how will that impact to city's emergency response operations? we have been walking the public through all of this. there's a there is a good public understanding that we have constrained something to make initial decisions. the next steps for the risk assessment will be taking the geotechnical data that the team collected and modelling that under a variety of earthquake events to understand how these structures and infrastructure will perform. we are giving strong consideration to advanced analysis and the ferry building area.
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it is -- there's a very deep mud in this area and there is a need to better understand the lateral struggles in this area and how the soils will interact with structures. so turning to the flood study, we have been seeking a partnership with the army corps since 2012 and we are lucky to get a new start last year. again, the flood study is looking at the entire porridge jurisdiction plus aquatic park. if the army corps recommends the project to congress, and that will be based on a cost-benefit analysis that looks at avoiding flood damage compared to the amount of total project cost, and the federal government will pay up to 60 5% -- pay up to 65% there is no limit to that federal funding. it is just the damage by a
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project. you can pursue a locally preferred plan that has elements in it that will not be part of a normal army corps flood project. the policymakers here could decide to fight it. whether or not there is that federal money at the end of the rainbow, there is great benefit to this flood study that will help us understand the flood risk across the entire waterfront. will be able to work with local communities to understand their plans to address flood management. we will end up with a preferred plan with local support. the army corps has been a great partner in this process. we achieve the first milestone last december and we are projecting that we would arrive at a tentatively selected plan in september of 2021.
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we would have complete environmental clearance for the project through this effort. the army corps is currently going up its chain of command to seek authorization for a more expensive study that will take more time. typically the army corps does a $3 million study within three years with a broad recognition that this is a complicated urban waterfront, a big expense that we are looking at, it will cost more and take more time to do the proper kind of study. we are in alignment with the army corps at the district level and making that request. so turning to the proposed contract amendment, there's a lot of work that we are undertaking here. we need resources to be able to conduct that work. the proposed contract would be a
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20 million-dollar amendment to a base contract of approximately $40 million. we are projecting 30% l.b.e. participation in the contract amendment. the additional contract scope, about half of it is to support the flood study. ten land dollars in in-kind support for that study. a much more robust public engagement including the southern waterfront, port wide adapt plan, and a vision exercise that i talked about, and i will turn in a moment to l.b.e. support services and workforce development. with the last item is we will need additional project management support to manage all these efforts. we recognize the policy goals of the commission to make work available to our local businesses. this is going to be complicated
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work. we've got three years to plan, which is a good thing. so we've put together a proposed team of that group. there will be d.n.a. communications to look at the work we are planning to do, look at the available l.b.e., how are we going to package this work and do this work so people have the capacity to do it? matchmaking between prime and l.b.e. subcontractors, connecting l.b.e. contractors with the type of support services, technical issues that they will need to make a successful bill for this work, so we are very excited to take advantage of the time that we have now to get people ready for these opportunities. workforce development is a very similar story. we've got time. there's going to be a need to look at the types of trades and the type of work that will be
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available when we select projects. who are the people that are going through training at that time, what are the skill gaps that they have, how can we augment existing training opportunities to meet those gaps , the people are ready to go for these high-paying jobs. to summarize, the l.b.e. participation in the bays contract, it is a 21% goal. the additional scope would have 30% l.b.e. participation. overall, l.b.e. participation rate is estimated at 23%. ch2m hill continues to work with the contract monitoring division to look for additional opportunities to increase l.b.e. participation and we have added several new l.b.e. contractors to the team as part of this contract amendment, including bollard communications,
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represented here tonight. i want to conclude by telling you a little bit about where we are in terms of funding the program up until now. it has been funded through a variety of city and port sources , with a $5 million state grant totaling $20 million. the city's revolving loan and the port's capital contribution are repayable from bond proceeds when we are able to sell a bond. we are collaborating closely with the office of public finance and the city attorney on the first bond sale that is up for consideration by the board of supervisors in september. there is litigation over proposition a, which the city one on trial court. the city attorney is quite confident of the city's position , but we will continue to consult as to the appropriate timing of that. as i've said before, we are
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actively pursuing other sources. core funding at the federal level, and we look forward to the commission's assistance in washington, d.c. and stayed bond funding potentially in the form of an amendment to s.p. 45. that concludes my presentation. i am available to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> that was a very good report. thank you. very comprehensive. this is informational. i think i'm just going to ask stuff to give me a briefing on this off like -- off-line. this was originally awarded when the sale took place between ch2m hill and jacobs, they are doing the work now.
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[indiscernible] >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> you know, i heard -- [indiscernible] it is great what you've done so far. i have involved a nationwide group calling -- keeping kids above water. i just would like to ensure, and i know the severity for ch2m hill, but there is a good integration with the historic preservation commission and your own historic preservation work here as for the staff and making sure there is an integration with historic preservation and
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any of the pre-- seawall engineering designs that they are analysing -- [indiscernible] just keep in mind, there again, keeping history above water, keeping the relationship to that there is a lot in the waterfront about this, as well. it is just a reminder. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none. >> thank you for the report, it was really comprehensive. we all know it is a matter of when, not if. thank you so much. >> president adams? >> you are like an actor going from one role to the next. last time you were at port city and now we have you down there doing this. this is great. very thorough. you have your sidekick.
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i didn't even recognize him with that beard. [laughter] he is keeping it low key here looking like harrison ford. this is great. i can see why they want to get it. this is a lot to take in. this is so serious the ramification that it has, but i am so happy that we are getting upfront on this issue. some people might say it is boring because there are so many nuts and bolts to it and stuff like that, but this is going to take care of generations to come i like it because the waterfront is changing and it will be a new waterfront. things have to be done. is very complex. i just couldn't imagine going down and engaging -- going around and engaging the public. it is just -- there is just so much to it, but it has to be done. i'm really glad the port is out there and i'm glad you were on this project because it is tough you're like a bulldog. you get a hold of it and you don't let go. you will make sure that it gets
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done. this is what it takes. it is the perseverance and having that patients as we move along. the president has been on this commission for 22 years and has seen a lot. this is a long thing. i am glad you were on the project and i am glad that director forbes has put you on there as a cleanup man, in a way thank you. >> thank you so much for your presentation. we have missed your presentations. [laughter] we really have. this is so detailed and so wonderful. so much information and you are the perfect person to bring this all together. i'm really happy that you are considering, you know, what workforce will need and have it fit our local businesses. so this particular amendment, this 60 million, this is going
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to do everything we need it to do for three years. >> yes. >> do you foresee any future amendments? >> i don't foresee any future amendments. we tried to be thorough in terms of scoping the work needed to support the army core project and additional work for the program. our expectation is that this will carry us through the next 30 years. >> i'm really happy that we have included the southern waterfront in the study and that we are looking at the entire waterfront we are prepared for whatever you do with this event. i do hope there will be federal funding that comes along with this and i do hope that the army core agrees to do the overall study. that is the big one. and that we are successful in washington and in sacramento with funding.
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this is a necessity. we have to do this so thank you for taking the lead and thank you so much for engaging our local business enterprises. thank you for working on the workforce. thank you for all your efforts. >> thank you so much for your support. >> item 13 c. is informational report regarding an anticipated amendment to the feasibility cost sharing agreement with the united states army core of engineers san francisco district for the san francisco waterfront flood resiliency study. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am a straight man here for the army core. [laughter] this is an informational item in
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regard to the anticipated amendment for the feasibility cost share agreement between the united states army corps of engineers and the san francisco waterfront flood resiliency study. the name changed, the federal government does, in fact, believe in the resiliency, climate change, and sealevel rise, in the army core has sought to change the name of the study to reinforce that. as you heard from brad, the port is seeking federal assistance or flood protection since 2012. and november of 2016. they allocated $100,000 and completed determination for the waterfront in 2017. the court in the port commence the flood study for a portion of the waterfront downtown. and in june of 2018, the big one , the port was in awarded a
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new start for a much larger general investigation. we suspended the cap 103. the process includes four legislative acts. number 1, the study offers relation on the water development act. number 2, the study appropriation, that was last year. number 3, construction authorization by a water resource development act. the study results in a chief's report with a recommendation to execute the flood protection project. that authorization will be in the construction appropriation itself. it is another legislative act.
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the feasibility cost share agreements are standard. the army core agreement is for the core and a sponsor in executing the feasibility study. you heard about the in-kind services in the presentation. the core court typically does not enter into these with other terms, assuming you have to start the study to fit the standard. the waterfront study does not fit the standard. during the course of the study, it became apparent that we knew from the start, the is an extreme the complex waterfront. it includes the historic shoreline, the complex services setting, regional transportation
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system, the earthquake risk and numerous and various stakeholders. the core staff began messaging after the alternative milestone and the core staff have been working together with the schedule and schedule of the study that are still in process. they are currently pursuing this exemption based on these assumptions to allocate funding for the next fiscal year. in addition to the budget and schedule changes, we are looking to add a standard provision to the study for these accelerated funds. these accelerated -- the accelerated fund clause allows them to advance funds to the army core, something they may want to do to keep the study on track if appropriations are delayed for any reason. and such cash contributions will be subject to the board of
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supervisors approval. the accelerated fund provision is standard and approval must come from the assistant secretary. in summary, port and army core staff are finalizing their scope budget and schedule for the feasibility study and are pursuing a waiver request this month and provides us with $20.3 million. we request commission approval including authorization for the cost share and to revise the bond clause. this concludes my presentation. i am here to answer any questions. thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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>> thank you so much. i just have one technical question. the funds booked from the army corps of engineers, is it just congressional authorization, burgesses also require presidential authorization. >> the funds are in the federal budget. sometimes funds are right through the core request, other times they can be appropriated directly. >> okay. would there be any risk that the current presidential candidate does not look favourably enough at the city that our funds could be at risk for the project? or are they guaranteed in the federal budget? >> they are not guaranteed. >> there is a risk. right now, if we put the funds in and we elect to use these
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funds, those funds would be at risk. there is no guarantee. there has been federal appropriation to match those funds. >> okay. that answers my question. >> thank you for the presentation. >> i appreciate the presentation going back to what the commissioner said, have we hit speaker pelosi up? we have a pretty heavy delegation. we have speaker pelosi, we have one senator who is running for president, and we have a senior senator, senator feinstein. that is a pretty -- those are pretty political heavyweights from northern california. i would hope that they would weigh in heavy to try and bring the state home, and also i think
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there's the general that is here for the army core, would be good if she could come to a port commission meeting and tell us if she could talk to us and stuff like that. >> i would be happy to ask her to come to the commission meeting. we have been in contact with speaker pelosi's office, senator harris, and senator feinstein in regular contact, and we have also had general -- a general from the army corps of engineers any civil secretary of the army who both came to visit. james would need to sign off on this waiver request. they both have seen the complexity of this study and i think they are quite excited to see it move forward. we ought -- they are the decision-makers in the army corps.
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they echo our efforts. the senators have been very good so far. >> would it also help if all the commissioners sent letters and made phone calls? would help if we made some calls and we wrote to some of the players and said we need to see them? >> i think that would be extremely helpful. the one thing we continue to hear from the core is we want to know you were serious. you have a bond measure that passed, every step of the way, we want to know you are serious. we want you to know you can make decisions when it is time so we can move forward and get authorization. >> take brad, and you will still know you are serious.
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[laughter] >> that is why i am growing the beard out. >> they q. so much for this presentation. so just a clarification, the amendment that we just did includes the $10 million that we need for our share. >> that contract amendments, which will be back hopefully next month for the action item includes the in-kind share. nearly all of our contributions are the $10 million and is envisioned to be in-kind services, and a good piece of that his work we will be doing on the seasonal program anyway. they are together.
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we need to be at the table with our team to help that study along in partnership with the army corps. >> great. i just wanted to say that every year we go to d.c. and we visits feinstein, harris and pelosi, along with other senators and congresspeople. i think we are trying to schedule a trip in october to do the same, to let everyone know that we are serious and we do need help. >> that's great. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on new business? seeing none, commissioners, any new business? >> no. >> can we have a future update about the world trade center appear on the peer?
10:53 pm
is there anything that is going to be here or will it just sit there vacant? is anything moving? can stuff give us an update? >> i was hoping we could get a really short brief update -- i was copied in on an e-mail from her attendance from. forty about their concerns about restrooms and restroom operation from the shed. i was hoping we can get it update and a list of suggestions , particularly when they are overrun by public going to and from the giants game, using their facilities. i was hoping we could get an update on that. >> any other new business? >> i make a motion that we adjourn in memory of joseph lloyd simon. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> meeting is adjourned.
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you. >> when i first moved here people come to san francisco to be the person you want to be can be anyone you want. >> the community is so rich and diverse that i'm learning every single day san francisco is an amazing photoy town historically been base on evolution
10:56 pm
and that applies to every single professional field including philanthropic arts today what i do is photo based art manifests traditional forest and some colonel lodge and other frames of digital forest is a meeting that has been changing like super rapid and the quality is not extended by the medium if you took forest in school or you get a job in a newspaper they'll give give you a list of how to create a philanthropic story my goal to break down that model and from a to b that is unique and allows the ability to incorporate different types of i believey about propels someone through the rise and a fall of their own experiences one of the main things i'm trying to contribute it unconditional narrative form the narrative art of photograph the
10:57 pm
in between of photos how does a group of photos come together as how to use the space between photos to alight emotional responses from the audience and bring innovation and create bodies of work that narratively function the way that photos do san francisco as the commission came out and you visited me and one of their prerestricts was to find an art with enough work to fill a large says that a quad down the hallway downstairs and we hung that quad to feel like a train station that constant sensation from all different directions some of the major characteristic
10:58 pm
of the landscape festivities the blur of the train their 70 miles per hour and they're not perfect as opposed to to what landscape will look like it creates a dichotomy for people insides the train not just the story of the subject it is not just the visual design the composition juxtapositioning, etc. not just all autobiography boo-hoo it creates pictures with meaning within them and then some of the portraits feel awkward some of them feel welcoming and the person that mime making the picture is really comfortable and other ones feel awkward and weigh i didn't and tense that sensation is counter to
10:59 pm
what we feel like makes a successful portrait that sensation makes that work it is hard to be an artist in a city is 100 percent focused an business the cost of living is expensive and to value your success not scribble on financial return creates a conflict between the paramount egos in san francisco today. >> you see a lot of artists leaving for that reason because you need space to make work my ultimate goal to make work that firms people firms this gift and just the experience of life
11:00 pm
and of their worst and of the amazement the wonderment of everything around us >> hi, everyone. i'm the executive director of the richmond neighborhood center , and i want to welcome you all today. thank you for coming. [cheers and applause] we are so excited to be hosting this budget signing today. i want to tell you a little bit about the richmond neighborhood center for those of you who might not know. then neighborhood center offers a number of programs for families, children, seniors, and adults in the richmond. we strive to be a hub of resources, providing services directly and


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