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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> this is a reminder to silence all electronic devices. our commission regular meeting, wednesday august 28, and the time is 5:01. item 1, roll call. president? vice president? >> i'm here. commissioner hardeman? >> i am here. commission cleveland? >> present. chief of department? >> here. item 2, general public comment. members of the public may address the commission for up to
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three minutes on any matter within the commission's jurisdiction and does not appear on the agenda. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department personnel. the lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> at this particular point, is there any member of the public that wishes to give public comment? public comment? >> good evening, commissioners and chief. i'm denise louie. i live on mount davidson at the edge of glen canyon park. i would have photos that i took in 2014, and a few months ago, in june, showing the difference
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between the tree tops in glen canyon as green five years ago, but now those same tree tops are browning. glen canyon is 70 acres in the heart of the city. and you know there is a preschool deep in the canyon. there are designated camp fire sites in the canyon. neighbors and i told rec and park that we fear wildfire. i mean, climate change has taken a toll on the trees. so i went to the fire prevention division. they said they don't have an expert to talk about trees. okay. can the commission or the department please refer to the urban forest council or the arborists on staff within the city and get expertise about the care of these trees?
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and then try to follow the cal fire vegetation guidelines for tree spacing and fire safe plant choices. climate change is upon us and we fear wildfire within the city now. i urge you to take steps to take a look at these trees and then adopt the cal fire vegetation guidelines. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. any other member of the public that wishes to give public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. madame secretary. >> item 3, approval of the minutes. discussion and possible action to approve the regular meeting minutes of august 14, 2019.
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>> president nakajo: any public comment on this item of approval of the minutes, item 3? seeing none, any discussions from the commissioners? commission cleveland? >> commissioner cleaveland: i move to approve. >> moved by commission cleveland seconded by commissioner hardeman. all in favor, say aye. any opposed? none. thank you. item 4, chief of department's report. report from chief of department, jeanine nicholson on current issues, activities and event within the department since the fire commission meeting on august 14, 2019, including budget, communications and outreach to other agencies in
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the public. report from administration on the administrative divisions. fleet and facility, status and updates, finance support services and training within the department. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, madame secretary. good evening, chief nicholson. >> chief nicholson: good evening president, vice president, commissioners, this is my report since the last fire commission meeting. chief and i met with the advisory board on the 14th of august. we meet with them a couple of times a year to get their input and assistance. and they're incredible volunteers. and they're really go-getters, so we appreciate them. speaking of nert, the 30th
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anniversary will be commemorated on october 19 at st. ignatius high school from 8 a.m. to noon. so ericka is ramping up for that. in terms of the fire department employee groups, chief worse, chief biello and myself have met with the employee groups for the first time. we've completed that. and we will -- we met with ems officers association on the 15th and we will continue meetings with each group and we're not sure if we're going to do it tri-annually or biannually. we don't know. we'll see. the new station 49, the ambulance facility gate, we have been in numerous meetings and
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have gotten really great working relationship with michael bard lows the artist, and it's going to the arts commission. they were going to do a few more little tweaks we asked for, but we're pretty good with it. we're great with it actually. we're really happy with it. and we'll get you the updated version when the arts commission gets back to us. so that was on the 19th we did that. so next is fire science and emt classes in high schools and communities. i met with san francisco unified school district as well as supervisor walton to discuss furthering that in some different schools and how we reach every community.
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and we also spoke about bringing emt classes out to communities instead of having them in schools. so that is a work in progress. and we're off to a good start. as you may know, mission high school -- mission high school started the -- started their fire science class this fall. so... the g.o.t.c., haven't heard those initials for a while. commissioner cleveland and myself met with them on the 26th and they're working on a strategic and business plan which we're happy to hear about. they're going to involve us in
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the process. chief biello is going to represent us in one of those interviews. that is the latest from the gotc. i know commissioner cleaveland was there and i think it was a good step in the right direction. so chief worse and biello and i welcomed 20 of them who started on monday. we welcome them that day. when are they due to graduate? anybody remember? october 4th. they're due to graduate. so we will send you out invitations for that. today chief wore and chief biello and i met with fire prevention members. as we've been meeting with all the stations, we're meeting with fire prevention, fire investigation. so we talk to everybody within the department.
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and i think it was -- it was well received. department of real estate has engaged a broker. and we have our first meeting with them this week. and this is for the training center land. >> i want to talk about the chase center. i know we talked about some of the, you know, test runs that we've done. and we've continued to work on that. and troubleshoot. and what i can say is that we're going to do what we do every day, which is take care of our business, get there, you know, and address the situation. i have no doubt that we're going to be able to, you know, protect
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the lives and property of everyone in and around chase center as well. so you know, we have to adapt all the time and we've been adapting a lot over the past however many years with the growth of the city, right? with traffic and changing of lanes, and the bicycle lanes and all that stuff, so we're very adaptable. we just like to plan for -- we like to be proactive and plan for things that -- plan for the worst and then we're ready to go to work. so we are really looking forward to welcoming the warriors to san francisco. and it's really been a good relationship with the warriors themselves. not the actual ball players, okay. but with their construction folks and we've had a lot of collaboration there. so, we're ready to go on that. i'm very confident in our
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ability to respond in and around there. stair climb. there is a stair-climb coming up on the 7th of september. and i am -- i will be climbing. okay? so i challenge anyone in the department who wants to come do that, please do that. i think olivia is going to do it, too, our civilian representative. so, yeah, it is stair-climb 4, mental health 4, first responders. thank you for putting that on. i'm looking forward to it again. 9/11 commemoration ceremony will be coming up. as you know, we do it in the morning on 9/11 at every station. it begins at 6:45 a.m. and this year, we're going to be doing it
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with the mayor at the new station 5. again, it happens at every station, but that's where the larger event will be. and then i was going to talk about the police and fire, but i don't have the intel in front of me. september 29. so we have more time to -- we have more time to talk about that in the meeting. so that concludes my report for today. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, chief nicholson. at this point we'll call for public comment before any questions or comments from the commissioners. any member of the public wishes to give public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? vice president -- excuse me, commissioner -- >> thank you, thank you, mr. president. chief, thank you for your
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report. could you go into a little more detail, you know, just for the sake of those people who might be tuning in to talk about some of the measures that the department has been very active in, in securing, you know, very, very good and workable plans for the chase center? >> chief nicholson: so we have done our due diligence. we had that first drill. and again, it was without sirens, so we really have to take that into account in terms of some of the slower responses. couldn't really push traffic out of the way. but since then, we have gone back and worked with chase, with the mta and with our companies
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and units in the field, our divisions, and we have set up -- and we've also been speaking to our department of emergency management in terms of changing who we're going to send to different incidents in those areas based on what we believe will be some of the traffic patterns. you know, that 16th might be the better way to go. so we've been going out there. and continuing to drill and i think that -- we've also been -- i think chief cochran can probably speak to some of the meetings that you've gone to and some of the work you've done. if you could. >> good evening, mr. president, commissioners, mike cochran, homeland security. chase has been very open. they have a robust homeland
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security division. he's nationally known. they've done tabletops with the d.m. with us, i've worked with them. like the chief said, we're about preparedness, so we had to test it out. every event box, parade, a stadium, is what we call the event box. the whole city is our event box. so we have to figure out, like the chief said, do we need to adjust? it's not trying to call out anybody. they've been helpful. and they're willing to work with us past opening day. >> commissioner covington: thank you, chief cochran. the chief of the department, you're confident that we are indeed ready? >> we are absolutely ready. we're good to go. it's what we do. again, we like to be proactive and that's what we were doing a couple of weeks ago and we're still doing. but, yes, i am confident we're good to go. thank you. >> commissioner covington: thank you.
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>> president nakajo: thank you very much. commissioner cleaveland? >> commissioner cleaveland: thank you, mr. president and chief for your report. i understand that the department has engaged a real estate broker. can you identify the broker? >> chief nicholson: the department of real estate has and i do not know. >> commissioner cleaveland: all right. a quick question on the relocation of the training facility. i know there has been talk about the school of the arts site, soda. and i know we have talked to the school board, but i wondered where that was. >> chief nicholson: what i can say about different sites, we don't really want to talk about it in open session in case somebody else gets the idea that they want to go in there, so we're not going -- i'm not going -- i'm happy to talk to you offline about things, but yeah. >> commissioner cleaveland: sure. all right.
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>> chief nicholson: we'll chat. >> commissioner cleaveland: in terms of the chase center that vice president kovington brought up, doesn't the chase center have a private ambulance contract, so they're going to have ambulances at the chase center and personnel there i think for every event, correct? >> yes, they have their own medical plan. they have two ambulances within chase center. and medical group in there. so, yes. they are ready to go and like chief cochran said, the guy who is leading the charge there is, you know, formerly from secret service or something and he's the real deal. so he understands. he's been great working with us. and again, so i'm confident. we've also been working with the police department and m.t.a. and d.e.m. and everyone, so we're ready to go. >> commissioner cleaveland: thank you. i think that's important, chief, that the public understands it's
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not just our department or the police department, but there is also private ambulance service that is going to be onsite. you know, whenever there is an event there. >> chief nicholson: and it's more robust than just two ambulances, they have a clinic. >> commissioner cleaveland: thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, commissioner cleaveland. veronese? >> commissioner veronese: can we see the -- >> yes, i will get it to you. >> commissioner veronese: then as far as the chase center is concerned, i'm sure you've run all the scenarios of having different events stacked on top
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of that one event, right, because you have the baseball stadium there, you have rush hour traffic, you've got, you know, god knows what other you know street closures happening on the weekend there. have you looked at the calendar and kind of run worst-case scenario of what that would be like? >> chief nicholson: yes, we have, absolutely. >> commissioner veronese: i have another thing and i forgot to write it down so i forgot it. i just remembered. in regards to the ongoing discussions you've had with the department of health on the ambulances sitting on hospitals, those are still ongoing? any progress there since our last meeting? >> chief nicholson: so we are gathering data around the time on task stuff and time at the hospital that we were talking about, but my meeting with dr. colfax and dr. colwell, i think
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it's next week. >> commissioner veronese: i applaud you for gathering that data. i think that data will be illustrative of probably your best argument. so i'm looking forward to seeing some of that. maybe you could share some of that with us, at one of our meetings, or send it off to us. >> chief nicholson: i'll have assistant deputy chief tom get on that. >> commissioner veronese: thank you, chief. >> president nakajo: commission hardeman? >> commissioner hardeman: thank you, president. good report, chief. glad to see you're still meeting with the groups and active. the chase center, the first conflicts, they start about september 10, and then the good news, as i started reading it, and wondering how that would affect response, i was at the game last night. the attendance said 28,600.
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there is 26,000 season ticket holders and then you have a couple of others. so there is maybe 18,000 people there. so there was an event at chase center that was sold out. everybody goes. it would still only be 36,000 people to worry about. i continue to think [laughter] probably the two safest places to be if there is fire or earthquake in san francisco, besides muss coney center, would be those two locations. so i don't think there is a lot to worry about. i don't see the giants having 40,000 people like they did in the six or seven years straight in the short-term. it would be nice if they did. i like your attitude. i think you're not going to have problem servicing the medical needs that would probably be and hopefully there will be no other things, other than medical problems that normally are
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associated with a number of people being at an event. yeah, i'm excited about your feeling that this is a good thing, that we have the broker. i'm just -- think i would know this -- but i'm shocked the city didn't have one. this is something new. this has been a huge department, been dealing with the city for many, many years and to find out we didn't have a broker firm to work with, i could do research. as far as knowing and keeping things a secret, i'm all for -- let me be the last one to know. i don't care. over the years i've seen when only two or three people know something, all of a sudden, the press knows it. so the less known sometimes the better. and i would think you should use that as your discretion. that would be my opinion on that. that's it, thank you.
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>> president nakajo: thank you very much. commissioners, i have a couple of questions, chief. you were talking about the nerd drill, city-wide drill on saturday, october 19. is that date also -- i thought i saw -- okay, it is 30th anniversary celebration? >> chief nicholson: the actual date is the 17th, so we'll be having an event -- a separate event that day as well, that the city is putting together. not just us. so we'll keep you informed about that. but that is in the works. and this nert event on october 19 is the 30th anniversary of also -- nert came out of that basically. it was formed because citizens wanted to help and wanted some
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training. >> president nakajo: thank you for that. i think it's significant, chief, that we're having that city-wide drill, but also on the 30th anniversary. and so thank you for the clarification. so not particularly will the loma anniversary presentation or event happen at this drill, it might be at a different location in the city? >> chief nicholson: yes. so that is the 17th and 19th are two different locations. the 19th is at s. i. and the 17th -- do you remember the name of the school? what's that? claire lilienthal. so again, when that information comes out, the public timing as
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well, the 17th is a separate event for the loma. i can't even say it. what was it? >> claren lilienthal. >> yeah, wits one of the public -- it's one of the public schools in the city and county of san francisco. there is two locations. one in pacific heights and one a couple of blocks from the marina green. >> president nakajo: so you think thinks the one at pacific heights? >> no, it's a small campus, so it would be the larger one for sure. >> president nakajo: okay. so when we get the information, we can disseminate that out with a time. that would be great as well. i'm very, very thrilled and impressed that st. ignatius is going to host this drill on their campus. i think that's wonderful. i also wanted to ask clarification. you mentioned october 4 as a date. is that a graduation date for
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emt academy? >> yes, for the h3 level 1 academy. those are emts john adams campus. >> president nakajo: okay. thank you for that as well. my last comment, as many of the commissioners chimed in on the chase drill, we do what we need to do to be prepared. as you have always said, we take care of business and part of that is being proactive. i look at it as that. we are the san francisco fire department and we will respond. so i appreciate whatever we need to do in terms of that particular preparation, whatever it takes for us to do that and let the citizens of san francisco rest assured that the san francisco fire department is on the job. thank you for that, chief. >> chief nicholson: thank you. >> president nakajo: as in our tradition, we don't have any other report from you, chief?
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we will call up chief of administration. as tradition goes, after chief velo gives his report, we ask public comment and the questions and comments from the commissioners. >> may i interrupt? if my command staff would like to take their jackets off -- it is hot in here. you may take your jackets off. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you for that, chief. >> commissioners as well, absolutely. [laughter] >> good afternoon, president and vice president, commissioners, chief, maureen. deputy administratidis aba admi. i'm going to give you highlights of the report and i'm glad to answer questions you may have. some of the ongoing projects i'm
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working on right now with my divisions and other groups, we have engaged all of the employees, the work groups and committees. they have submitted to me all their work plan for the year. we are going to put those online. so the goal is -- so we have a place in the fire bulletin online. we're going to have folders for them so everyone can access the information and see what every work group is working on. so if there are committees that have things to interject, they can see that. i'm working on that. i've met with all the chairs of the committee and am engaging in that process. they're going to do some policy revisions we need to do. that is ongoing. it might take some of them longer than others, but you'll see that coming in the next year or so with updated revisions for that. i've been working with our chief cochran and chief worsh on
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management team development. we've had action to get our volunteers to be part of that. and we're going to start engaging with drills. we're having discussions with d.e.m. and we'll have meetings. so the more we practice, the more we get better at it. my division, this past month, we had some training, live rail vehicle training. what we do, we do it twice a year. we engage our members how to lift those trains in order to rescue. many times we have incidents where patients get trapped underneath and learning how to do it. we have that coming up. we continue to do active shooter training. in july, we have 57 members who went through the training. like i mentioned last month, we engage, s.f.p.d. is coming to
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the drills, too. some of the issues in the past, members of 49 were not able to train because of the time they were busy with the ambulance, so we brought the training to them. we engaged them for shorter times, so they understand the concepts. we bring the training to them which is very positive. as you might recall, our 124 class finished their one-year testing, so they're all done. they're moving in the next week or so to the new assignments after they finish the probation assignment. all members but two that went on disability for a little time have completed probation and are moving over to the next assignment. one of the things we do is engage in training. we engaged with the nert teams. that was important to have that there because we're talking about one of the things that saved them. so have them engage in that process, it was really important.
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one of the things we did -- for that, we are having this week, actually, we're having the nert train the trainer classes. members of the parliament, we need more trainers, so they're coming into class and learning how to train your citizens in nert. we have 15 folks in the class on the first day. it was good to see new faces come into the program to train our citizens for this program. so it's great. i was happy to be at the graduation for the reserves. 29 members of the reserves graduated from their 6-month academy. it was a nice evening, nice event. some of the folks you might see in the next class that are coming in. they were given conditional offers for the next class. a little bit of my bureau of research and planning, what they're working on. we have a project that is coming up this week, it's a balancing tour project. i think i mentioned it last. we have tours on balance, so
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working on changing some of the tour numbers so the overtime will be balanced and we'll have less of that, which benefit all of us. they're working on the vacancy for station 49. that takes place september 4. the groups have been involved with this. getting input into process. we believe that the new system is going to reduce some of the gaps that we have because of the shifts aligned. so i think we're happy with that. we just talk about the three level 1 class that started on monday. we had a good meeting with them on monday. and we assign six new ems captains to the program and we're promoting chief -- i mean second chief pang to that position to oversee the program. they're working on that. support services. our new chief of support services is working very hard. really pleased with the way she took this and is running with it. very organized, very diligent, detail oriented. so very good start with her.
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we are about to complete with the pier 26, they're going to be docking our boats while the construction is going on. demolition for 35 pier is postponed until the 16th. it was due on the 3rd. they're starting working on some parts of the demolition, but they're going to start on the 16. and we also selected a new water supply officer. working with puc and all the projects that are combined with us. so that position is, as you may know, is funded half by puc for that position, so lieutenant reedie retired in june. some of you were at this great event, station 49, the ceremony. we're moving forward with that project and it has good timelines, so we're happy with that. some of the issues with apparatus, as you know, updates.
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the specs have been finalized and are going to be handed to -- we had a consultant working with the specs. we had to do some modifications based on the size of the apparatus make sure it fits there. we're moving forward with that in good timing. their boe staff is going to do the final inspection of the new trucks that are coming in. they do one truck and make sure everything is correct. then they give the go ahead to the manufacturer to build the other ones. they measure compartments, measure everything, make sure it's according to the specs. we get one right and then we go ahead. this month they're going in for that final for the first truck. we also doing demonstrations on battery operated fans which are going to be very important for our members in the field not to have gas powered fans. we're trying to clean the air over there to have. it's going to save the emissions
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that are coming in. that's our goal, to start battery operated fans. we're looking at battery operated rescue tools. we also have five new engines on the pre-construction phase. they're coming up. we have six new chief's vehicles coming in september. the tahoes, the larger ones for the division. some that have a driver. so they're coming up soon. this is an example, we have five that came in. one that is about to be finished. got the new engine. on the right side on the left picture is the new engine. the left side is the older engine. they have the new engine. they're happy with that. some of the new features. it's exciting to see the fleet getting better. we're not there yet, but it's getting better. we're happy to see that. some of the community events in the last month. the chief went out to a night out, it's a good vent for the
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community there. we have some third street clinic interns working and some members engaged with them and they reported that they were engaged individuals. they really want to have future in the ems world, so we're looking for them to apply for jobs. we're going to reach out to them, too. it was a great event. members attended the hey street playground opening. we have an ems academy -- the chief talked about this -- at mission high school. this program is actually going to give the individuals a legs up if they want to go city college for the fire science program, they're going to get credits for that. it's a great program. well received and we have folks helping with that. that is one of the things that chief is bringing the training to the high school, bring the training to the community and that's one of the steps we're doing there. we also had a good turnout. members and sponsors, they're
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trying to do a first responders in spanish course. and it was very well received. and it's going to continue through the fall. we're going to host it on fridays at the ingleside police station. it was captured on national and local tv. that was interesting. finally, to close, this program opportunity for all, it was one of the mayor breed initiatives that came up. it was very successful. we had, if you recall, four interns. one nert and the captain reported to me that was fantastic. worked well with the person. she wished she could have stayed longer, but had to go back to school. it was great. we have three ems and reports that were great over there, too. the mayor attended the ceremony to closing the program for the summer. and it was very impressed to see the young people come up and say what they felt and how they participated in the program. and the mayor has pushed for this program and made a push for
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the sponsors to come up to make it a year-round program and we'll be looking to participate more in the future. because we think this is the way to go. show them what they can do. this is picture of the orientation. they were roundtables and they come to us and talk about careers in the fire service. they engaged with her. they expressed, i didn't know what it was about, i wanted to do it. it's a great program. the chief mentioned we'll be working with the mayor's office to bring in more folks next year and work with them. that concludes my brief report. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, chief velo. at this point, we'll call for public comment on chief velo's report. any member of the public wishes to give public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. any questions or comments from the commissioners?
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commissioner hardeman? >> commissioner hardeman: mine was up there accidentally, i was going to put myself up there, but i'm already there. >> president nakajo: you're already there. >> commissioner hardeman: good report. very helpful to the commissioners we get it before the meeting. the public speaker today, the citizen that lives in glen park area brought up a good point. something that has always intrigued me over the years, she mentioned glen park, but there is golden gate and mclaren park. i've never heard it discussed how access is to a helicopter, to use in case of dropping water. is that something that we have
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access to in san francisco? >> we do. we belong to a cal fire unit which is based in the santa cruz area and if needed, we can call for help. the cal fire breaks down in different units. even though we have our own department, we can get pretty much anything we want. >> commissioner hardeman: so the nearest one is how many miles away? >> my report is they can be here in 15 minutes. so they're ready to go. especially with the fire season now. >> commissioner hardeman: that's something that you would think we'd want to have real quick access to a helicopter now that we have our hose -- [laughter] especially living on the west side of the city, listening to the complaints over the years of people feeling threatened by not having adequate -- >> i'm going to say that the glen park -- the glen canyon
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area, we have plans in case of a wildfire what to do. we have good plans on what to do if that happens. so we're always concerned about that as well, too. >> commissioner hardeman: something for everybody to think about. it would be nice to have a helicopter to our own disposal, because if there is an earthquake all over the bay area, we would be first in line. that's all. just thinking out loud. i was glad that the lady was -- took her time to come down here and speak, and not just responding to her proposal, but to trim the trees, which probably should be done, but to find out at some point maybe moving in that direction. there is huge capacity now that they're getting with helicopters. i don't know, i guess there is the weight issue and they get more powerful and carry more waters. okay, thank you, chief.
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>> i'm glad you were able to answer my question about a lot of research. thanks. >> president nakajo: thank you, commissioner hardeman. any other commissioners, questions or comments? thank you very much, chief velo for your comprehensive report. the only thing i wanted to say was, i'm very, very gratified in terms of assistant deputy chief don dewitt, six pages in the report, page 21 to 26, that's a whole lot of pages with a whole lot of work for someone who just hit the ground running. and so i just deeply appreciate that kind of fortitude, as well as ability and skill. and it's just not information on things that she's dealing with or we, the department are dealing with, there are some very complex issues in that area of support services. and, again, i just wanted to
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thank chief dewitt for your being on top of this and taking care of business and being supportive of our department. thank you very much. thank you very much, chief. appreciate it. and madame secretary? >> item 5, commission report. report on commission activities since the last meeting on august 14, 2019. >> president nakajo: at this point we'll take public comment on this commissioner report item 5. if there is no member of the public that wishes to give public comment, public comment is closed. i see commissioner hardeman up there. >> commissioner hardeman: i'm gabby today. thank you. i took the advice of commissioner veronese and commissioner cleaveland and instead of just commenting on the fire department's museum, i should go look at it. and i'd seen it online and in pictures, so i did.
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my wife and i looked at it. we had two receptionists, nick and jeff, who were volunteering as the receiving people in the afternoon we were there. and just happened to walk in. didn't do a special thing. they were happy to see a commissioner there. anyway, fabulous museum. boy, is it -- yeah, there you go. looks like the smithsonian shrunk down. probably could have five times as much space as they have. it's very, very tight, but it's something you could spend quite a bit of time. i was very impressed. but obviously there is absolutely zero room for anything else, so getting any of these pieces of equipment that the guardians are trying to work on. so space is the key, but it was very good and i thank the two gentlemen there. they're looking for a future in
5:47 pm
the fire department and that's why they were volunteering and they were knowledgeable and helpful. it was very nice. i just thought i'd report that. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you, commissioner hardeman. commissioner cleaveland? >> commissioner cleaveland: thank you, just wanted to reiterate what the chief said. we had a meeting with the representative of the guardians of the city and various fire department members and i think it was a very good meeting. we came away with an action plan, if you will, that people will comply with i hope. and i'm encouraged by frankly from that meeting that we'll have a better line of communication between the department and the guardians of the city volunteers. and hopefully, their business plan as mentioned by the chief will be completed and when it is completed, it will help them raise some funds, which has been
5:48 pm
their achilles heel up to now. so good meeting. and i'm encouraged by it. and look forward to greater success between the fire department and gotc. >> president nakajo: thank you very much, commissioner cleaveland. i wanted to express our appreciation to commissioner hardeman for visiting the museum and your report, but also you, commissioner cleaveland, for attending the meeting with the chief on guardians of the city. whatever we can do to start working in a collaborative manner. i only have two items. we had the grand jury report briefing that was going to be scheduled for this evening. again, it's a work in progress. with edid get -- we did get a request from the puc and mayor's office for more time to review. we will have it at the next fire commission meeting on september
5:49 pm
11 because the due date for the civic grand jury report, our response by the department and by the commission, is due september 15th. and duly noted, our staff representative will be visiting each one of you to give you input in terms of the work that has been occurring within that grand jury report with our response to this particular point. the second information i wanted to share was recently we had our department physician, scheduled for tonight to give us a briefing. he requested a delay, which i granted. he will absolutely be at the next commission meeting on september 11 as well to do his briefing in terms of the physicians' office. with that report, any other comment? madame secretary?
5:50 pm
>> item 6. agenda for next and future fire commission meetings. >> president nakajo: we'll take public comment on this item, number 6, agenda for the next and future fire commission meetings. any member of the public wishes to give public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? any comments or suggestions? we have a lengthy list that we took from the last commission meeting, but again, scheduled for the next commission meeting would be dr. traza and do we have a ceremony that is supposed to occur as well? >> yes. distribution of certificate of appreciation. >> president nakajo: okay. so that will be scheduled for next commission meeting as well. okay? thank you very much, madame secretary. having said that, i took public comment already on future and next commission meetings.
5:51 pm
madame secretary? >> item 7, correspondence received. letter from rasha harvey of the civil grand jury. >> president nakajo: on this item, any public comment on correspondence received? seeing none by the public, in terms of public comment, public comment is closed. madame secretary? >> item 8, adjournment. >> president nakajo: commissioners? moved by vice president covington, seconded by commissioner cleaveland. ladies and gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned.
5:52 pm
>> welcome back to 49 -- hang on , have you seen our first video? >> if not, click on the link before in the description and watch before you watch this one. >> welcome back to 49 south van ness. we are excited to show you around today as we have now topped out and we are well underway for construction. >> early in june this year, we had a topping out ceremony. it was the very last steel beam that was placed at the roof penthouse level. we had a number of speakers who came to join us. >> it was a great event and we can't wait to show you what is going on inside. [♪] >> what has happened in the last year is steel construction is now topped out at the top. down below us, as you can see,
5:53 pm
as a full foundation. the basement is almost complete. we have concrete, we have steel, we have framing, we have a little bit of everything. to get started, i would love to walk you through what we call the form. it is a really exciting new way to get from here into 49 south then ness. >> it is a new public open space that cuts through the walking allows people to walk through there and gives the civic building three or more ways to be connected to this really big block. [♪] >> we are in the pavilion gallery. right behind me as south van ness. it is very close to the street. you will see a curved wall with an l.e.d. screen. this space will be used for a number of different purposes. it will be also one of the most prominent spaces in this building. >> we are here in the main atrium lobby. behind me here, there are the grand stairs that will eventually be fully finished with wood and this will go to the level to permit center.
5:54 pm
>> welcome to the permit center. we are now on the second floor of the building. the permit center is the driver for this project. picture this. i am a plan checker and i'm sitting on the inside of the permitting counter. >> and i am a member of the public, and i get to come in here and enjoy this big, open, beautiful space as well as tables and chairs behind to open up my plans, review them. the terrace is just outside. tons of windows, daylight views. it is very exciting upgrades and improvements. [♪] >> now we're on level three, which has a really great building amenity, the childcare center. >> in fact, we are standing at the terrace, or the outdoor space that is connected to the childcare center. >> the kids will have access to a huge area for playspace, as well as a really nice interior space for three classrooms. >> when the kids are out here
5:55 pm
playing, they will get a very close up view of the historical clock tower. >> a some of you may have seen, we have preserved a historic clock tower that one point was the coca-cola bottling plant, so we have tried to integrate this into our building and thoughtful and meaningful ways, and preserve some of the character of the site. [♪] >> the two have so the tower joined in the center. >> the idea was to create a scene where all of the collaboration spaces can rise vertically to the architecture is a public -- as the public comes to the office building, they are physically within a public realm, but visually connected to the inner workings. >> the theme is going to be a collaborative center that includes an atrium nested by a series of stairs. >> this is the bottom of the three-story stack. at the bottom of this, would be a collaborative breakout space where you can have meetings, have lunches, just talk to your
5:56 pm
coworkers. [♪] >> we have conference rooms throughout the building, including the coffee center and the training center which will be used by staff and potentially for things like city hearings. there are a lot of amenities in the building that make it really be unique -- really unique and special. [♪] >> one of the unique aspects of the building is it is clad in eight and a system that will adjust the intensity of the tent of the glass as the sun moves around it and is whether patinas -- weather patterns change. everything from the glazing that covers the glazing, to the water system, -- we're really excited to bring this tower to san francisco. [♪] >> it is a pretty exciting project. a civic office building for the city of san francisco. it is pretty unique. i don't believe the city has built a new building of this type in at least 50 years. we're really excited to partner with the city to create a new experience for you and for all
5:57 pm
of us. >> thank you so much for joining us today. we hope you really enjoyed the tour inside the construction of 49 south of then ness. >> watch our next episode when we give you another update on the projects being that -- >> see next time. [♪] [laughter] >> i view san francisco almost as a sibling or a parent or something. i just love the city. i love everything about it. when i'm away from it, i miss it like a person. i grew up in san francisco kind of all over the city. we had pretty much the run of the city 'cause we lived pretty close to polk street, and so we
5:58 pm
would -- in the summer, we'd all all the way down to aquatic park, and we'd walk down to the library, to the kids' center. in those days, the city was safe and nobody worried about us running around. i went to high school in spring valley. it was over the hill from chinatown. it was kind of fun to experience being in a minority, which most white people don't get to experience that often. everything was just really within walking distance, so it make it really fun. when i was a teenager, we didn't have a lot of money. we could go to sam wong's and get super -- soup for $1. my parents came here and were drawn to the beatnik culture. they wanted to meet all of the
5:59 pm
writers who were so famous at the time, but my mother had some serious mental illness issues, and i don't think my father were really aware of that, and those didn't really become evident until i was about five, i guess, and my marriage blew up, and my mother took me all over the world. most of those ad ventures ended up bad because they would end up hospitalized. when i was about six i guess, my mother took me to japan, and that was a very interesting trip where we went over with a boyfriend of hers, and he was working there. i remember the open sewers and gigantic frogs that lived in the sewers and things like that. mostly i remember the smells very intensely, but i loved japan. it was wonderful. toward the end. my mother had a breakdown, and that was the cycle. we would go somewhere, stay for a certain amount of months, a year, period of time, and she
6:00 pm
would inevitably have a breakdown. we always came back to san francisco which i guess came me some sense of continuity and that was what kept me sort of stable. my mother hated to fly, so she would always make us take ships places, so on this particular occasion when i was, i think, 12, we were on this ship getting ready to go through the panama canal, and she had a breakdown on the ship. so she was put in the brig, and i was left to wander the ship until we got to fluorfluora few days later, where we had a distant -- florida a few days later, where we had a distant cousin who came and got us. i think i always knew i was a writer on some level, but i kind of stopped when i became a cop. i used to


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