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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that i'm currently working on an adu incentive program to expand on the waiver and create additional support for homeowners to add adu's, including technical assistance and other types of financial incentives. i'll have more to announce on that this fall. thank you. >> thank you. i also want to thank the mayor, and my colleague, supervisor mar for helping, and working altogether to have this one year pilot come forward for a fee waivers for a hundred% affordable adu's. they would apply to building inspection, plan reviews, records, retention, surcharge fees, fees on 1% affordable housing can range up to 100000-150,000 per project. we are confident this aspect of the legislation will positively
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impact 100% affordable housing project. while the amounts say per project, is much smaller for adu's, amounting to a few percent and have a total of a total project, roughly around 3200 on average for most of the small adu's. our hope is that this just stands, bringing public awareness to build adu's and bring more property owners interested in building adu's to do that this year, rather than waiting. i am really excited, supervisor mar, that you had your adu workshop and people came out, 150 people, that is amazing. that is really exciting that people actually want to do this in their homes. we know that we have heard multi- generational.
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seniors love these adu's because they are ground-floor. it creates an affordable housing unit. i have more adu's in my district. what's amazing, and i do appreciate you adding this small property owners, to with these fee waivers. they are so much more less expensive. we look at rents in the city, for one bedrooms almost $3,700 per month. not many people can afford that. the adu's are an average of $2,500 for one bedroom. even though that sounds really expensive, it is a lot cheaper when you are out there looking for a one bedroom apartment. i wanted to say thank you for helping guide this through. we need more choices for housing and people. i think this is really going to push forward our housing stock. so thank you.
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. >> supervisor yee: can we take this item, same house same call? without objection, the ordinance has passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to our 2:30 p.m. agenda item. . >> clerk: i have introducing -- an accommodation, supervisor stefani. >> sorry about that, i lost my glasses. speaking of 50 years. today i am thrilled to honor
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perry's restaurant, a beloved san francisco institution and its owner, perry butler for half a century of operation on union street. at just 26 years old, perry open the doors to his restaurant on august 20, 1969 at 5:00 p.m. at that time, a hamburger cost $1.60. since 1969, they have sold over 1 million burgers and the restaurant has grown into a family affair. perry met his wife joe at the restaurant, and the two since 1978. perry and joe have raised five children who helped to manage a business. they are now proud grandparents as well. perry has also served as a setting for the 1972 film, butterflies are free as well as the workplace main character brian in his 1978 novel, tales of the city. the list of regulars at perry's is too long to read in full but includes joe montana, shawn estes, senator dianne feinstein,
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speaker nancy pelosi, former mayor willie brown. it has also been a friend and partner of the san francisco giants serving food and drinks at the candlestick club from 1986-2014. for decades, the iconic white and blue checkered tablecloths, and sports memorabilia have created a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. perry's original promotional flyer called the restaurant to place you could sit and watch the world go by. fifty years later, that is still true. thank you perry, and to the entire butler family for giving the gift of perry's two union street and all of san francisco. i am so excited to enjoy your next 50 years, as well. [applause] >> thank you so much, supervisors -- supervisor stefani. it is indeed an honor to stand
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up here. if you would have told me what i was 26 years old, 50 years later i would be here with this wonderful family and you wonderful people i would have not believed a word of it. it has been a marvelous journey. the one question i get most often from people is how heavy lasted for 50 years. the answer is very simple, there's been a tremendous number of wonderful people who have come to perry's going back to day one, going to the present time who do the heavy lifting every day whether it is the host at the front door, the waiter at your table, the bartender the cook in the kitchen who has the most unglamorous job of all but they do it well. all of these people, i wish i had up a list of everybody who has worked for us for 50 years. there is a lot of memories but it's not written down anywhere. they are the ones that have made it happen. i get the credit but it is the people that do the everyday work. i have this marvelous family that you very nicely
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acknowledge. my wife joe, my five children, i would not be [ crying ] sorry. it's not an easy business. it's not an easy town to be in this business. but we made it this far. thanks to the kids who have taken on the responsibility, they're going to take it a lot further. we are going to celebrate all week long of august 12. culminating with a block party on sunday, the 18th, you're all invited. please come and help us raise the banner of 50 years. thank you very much again. [applause]
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. >> supervisor yee: thank you, that concludes our special accommodations for today. madame clerk, let's go back and pick up on item number 46. . >> clerk: a resolution regarding nonrenewal of a mail back historical property contract with the owner of 690 market street, the chronicle building specifically assessors parcel block number 311, -- 069, 73-74 and 78 through 79 under chapter 71 of the administered of code. >> let's have roll call. [roll call]
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. >> clerk: there are ten. . >> supervisor yee: this resolution is adopted. madame clerk can you please go to the next item? >> a resolution to approve the sheriff's department electronic monitoring program rules and regulations and approving evidence of financial responsibility for the 2019 calendar year. . >> supervisor yee: can we take this item the same house same call this resolution is abducted unanimously. . >> clerk: united -- item 48. an ordinance to streamline small business permitting by amending the health planning and police
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codes to a firm to seek a determination to make the appropriate findings. . >> supervisor yee: supervisor brown. >> thank you. i'm happy this legislation is before us finally. i spoke about the many conversations i've had with merchants about the time and expense city regulations create for them and about how this legislation is aimed at removing aspects of our city code that are unnecessary, duplicative, overly burdensome and many times it just plain confusing. our small businesses have a lot to contend with right now. including competition from online retail, rising rents, labor costs, and in this environment there is more reasons than ever to ensure our regulations are truly necessary and serving the public interest. otherwise they can be the straw that breaks our small businesses through needless time and
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expense. all too often, overly burdensome city regulations can stop a business before it ever even signed storefront and any of our districts or make it harder or impossible for struggling small business to adapt to changing times. this legislation is a package of common sense fixes developed in collaboration with small businesses and city departments. fixes that are unanimously supported our planning commission, small business commission and the san francisco chamber of commerce, the san francisco council of district merchants. these changes include supporting live music venues by eliminating duplicate we have inspections and regulations. making it easy for retailers to bring reasonable limited live entertainment to enrich customer experiences. allowing for more open air dining, creating opportunities
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for more to go food service and reforming this planning code to limit the impact of one neighborhood restriction on another neighborhood business. the amendment legislation that is before you today is a little bit stronger. among other small cleanup amendments, we are narrowing the proposed exemption to the bona fide eating place requirements. her ticketed entertainment venues to only -- [reading notes] 51% food receipts and a five days a week. these venues still have to operate kitchens, and serve food , but would no longer be called upon to meet requirements that do not fit into their business model. we have removed proposed changes that would have liberalized permitting for outdoor activity areas, conversation i hope we
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can return to at another time. we've also amended the legislation to preserve a one quarter mile buffer for neighborhood commercial districts around limited commercial uses that now look to the nearest ncd rather than the most restrictive. this guarantees the most appropriate application of neighborhood zoning controls. today we are introducing amendments that can make changes to two aspects of this legislation. first, based on feedback about the proposed changes to bona fide eating places, the attached amendments clarify that actual and substantial sales of meals are still required during the normal hours of operation of every restaurant including entertainment venues. second, the attached amendment addressed some district desires to preserve but first, around certain neighborhood commercial districts and restricted use districts. we checked in with every office
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about these specific amendments to ensure they reflect their desire for but first, in their district. i hope you all cast your vote today and support of this legislation. our small businesses are watching and waiting anxiously. thank you. . >> supervisor peskin: i just want to second supervisor brown's amendments. . >> supervisor yee: there has been a motion made and seconded by supervisor peskin. can we take these amendments without objection? the motion passes. madame clerk and you take roll call on this item as amended? [roll call]
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. >> supervisor yee: this ordinance has passed on first reading unanimously as amended. madame clerk please call the next item . >> clerk: item 49, resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to order the vacation of streets phase two site and to set the public hearing date for the board to convene as a committee of the whole on september 3, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. for all persons interested in the proposed vacation of said street areas . >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house same call? without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call the next item . >> clerk: resolution to support assembly constitutional amendment number six, introduced by assembly members kevin
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mccarty among others and co-authored by scott weiner to allow automatic registration of voting rights to those on parole , upon completion of a state of her -- state or federal prison term. . >> supervisor safai: if the court could please add me as a cosponsor to this . >> supervisor yee: great. can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call the next item . >> clerk: item 51, motion to approve the mayoral nomination for the appointment of -- to the board of appeals for a term ending july . >> supervisor yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk, can we go to committee reports?
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[inaudible] . >> clerk: item 52 was recommended as amended with a new title. a motion to approve the mayor's nomination for the appointment of ruby, to the board of directors for a term ending february 26, 2022. . >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house same call? this motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk please call the next one . >> clerk: item 53 was recommended as amended with a new title, motion to appoint julie roberts, term ending july 1, 20202 the children, youth and their families oversight and advisory committee >> supervisor yee: colleagues, can we take this item same house and call?
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without objection this motion is approved unanimously. next item, please . >> clerk: item 54 recommended as amended with a new title, motion to reappoint theodora, term ending july 1, 2023 to the entertainment commission . >> supervisor yee: can we take this item same house same call? without objection this motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk, next item . >> clerk: item 55 a motion to appoint supervisor gordon mar to the bay area executive board term ending june 30, 2021 . >> supervisor yee: can i have a motion to excuse supervisor mark? without objection, supervisor mar is excused. . >> clerk: i apologize, who was the first on that motion? if you thank you. item 54, supervisor haney.
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[roll call] . >> supervisor yee: without objection this motion is approved unanimously. next item . >> clerk: item 56 is a motion to appoint supervisor walton, term ending february 1, 2021 to the bay area air quality management district board of directors . >> supervisor yee: okay. can we have a motion to excuse supervisor walton on this one? motion made by supervisor brown and seconded by supervisor ronen. without objection, supervisor walton is excused. roll call please. [roll call]
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. >> supervisor yee: without objection, the motion is approved. . >> clerk: a motion to reappoint supervisor mandleman, term ending june 30, 2021 to the association of bay areas government executive board . >> clerk: no objection. supervisor mandleman is excused. [roll call]
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. >> supervisor yee: without objection the motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk, i want everybody to know that it is 2:51 and we are going to go to roll call. [roll call] . >> supervisor haney: that was quick. today, my colleagues, we are
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calling on the sheriff and the city and most traders office for a plan to shut down county jail number four at the hall of justice 850 bryant street and present these plans at hearing here at the board. built nearly 60 years ago, the building has been marked for demolition since 1996, over 20 years ago. two years ago the city administrator called for the jail to be closed by the end of this year, 2019. despite this, no active plan exists to close the jail. for the immediate safety of those in the jail which includes hundreds of city employees, staff and those housed at the jail. many are awaiting trial because they cannot afford bail. the board in the city must take steps immediately to close this facility. no one believes this building is safe area i've met all of the key city officials on this issue , and they all agree, the
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building is seismically unfit. as a result, nearly everyone who works there will be moved out of this building, including the district attorney's office who are said to him of the. the only group for whom we do not have a plan for, are the people who are incarcerated there. and those who work directly with him. everyone is in agreement that the jail should close and that it will close in the near future. one city official actually told me that the building is so obviously unsafe, and widely understood to be so, that our own department of building inspections code read tag it and close it themselves in any moment. shockingly, there is no plan or process in place for us it is urgent that we change this and develop a plan for the most safe and practical way to close this jail. two months ago i spent the morning at county jail number four, on the seventh floor of a 50 bryant which sits in my building. it is an old way of building a
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jail. forcing those who are incarcerated to spend most of their day in old, small, concrete, crowded cells. it is like a defunct alcatraz prison but without a yard. most modern facilities including the jail at san bruno house individuals and pods i regularly accessible recreation space. so individuals can spend most of the day outside of the cells in recreational and educational areas. at 850 bryant, large numbers of people are incarcerated for 23 hours a day in small cells with little to no space for counseling groups, education programs or exercise. people with severe mental illnesses have very little ongoing care and more importantly are not in an environment fit for treatment. 90% of people housed there have not been can -- convicted of any crimes. many have been awaiting their day in court for months or years and language and cramped sales because they cannot afford to pay bail or lack of a space and
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other facilities. continuing to house people in this facility is also an issue of public safety. people who are house their need and deserve individualized treatment and rehabilitation, not concrete cellblocks on a fundamentally unsound building. we are not safe as a community when individuals spent time in this, or treatment, and released back onto the tree. the jail the racial and economic disparities of our city's criminal system. fifty-six% of those held in the jail or black 30% are in need of mental health care, a quarter under 25, an 80% of the people are held pretrial. those incarcerated on the seventh floor, employee sheriff's deputies and other employees including doctors, nurses and counselors. it's also a violation of their safety and well-being. for the many staff that work there.
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in fact, a recent news article in 2017 alerted the public to the fact that the building will likely crumble in a major earthquake. the community has recognized the need to act. many of you were lobbied, i believe, last week. one hundred community members that came and met with our respective offices. seventy community organizations who signed on, united and this amount to take immediate steps. in 2015 we rejected new jail construction, and instead directed departments to pursue ways to reduce the jail population. we are now well along in the process, and need to put forward both a process and a plan for this jail to be closed. we will be asking the city administrator, and the sheriff, who i have looked into as well as close partnership on this moving forward with the mayor, the district attorney, the public defender to put forward plans related to a timeline, reclassification, released to noncustodial programs, in
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collaboration with the police to release bookings. i'm looking forward to working with these departments. to this hearing, i want to thank my colleagues for their support on this as well. secondly, quickly, i am introducing legislation to create a street-level drug dealing task force which will be comprised of community members, city departments tasked with evaluating the increase of street-level drug dealing, and putting forward new creative space solutions. many of you remember, or you were there, and we had a seven hour hearing where we had most of the departments, who respond to the issues related to drug dealing present. what we heard from them, and what we heard from the many residents that came out and spoke, at that hearing, the city urgently needs ordination.
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we need a comprehensive strategy. we need to partner in a serious way to put this forward. this drug dealing task force will allow us to bring together experts, residents, department officials to be able to develop this strategy, and act with great urgency, prioritizing real solutions, collaboration and accountability. we are going to be working closely with the chief of police , who is aware of this, and supportive. the task force will look at crime prevention, law enforcement, economic development, and alternatives to incarceration. they will be able to hold public hearings, testimony, and access data and research were best practices. this is, without a doubt, one of the issues i hear the most for my constituents on an absolute daily basis about how extensive street level drug dealing is,
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particularly south of market, tenderloin, and the civic center. they are demanding, calling out for a real strategy from our city. i am hopeful that this task force can be a key part of that. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. . >> supervisor mandleman: thank you, madame clerk. today i am introducing an ordinance that will allow cannabis businesses participating in the amnesty program to continue to access fee waivers. the ordinance will also extend temporary cannabis permits through 2020. following the passage of proposition 64 which legalize recreational cannabis activity in the state of california, the city commence that allowed existing, resale cannabis operators to come forward and make themselves on their activities known to the city. [please stand by] am.
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memori tand by] am. secondly, some of you may recall that late last year, which seems like a lifetime ago, i requested a budget and legislative report. that report was released today and i'm requesting a hearing on the report so we can better
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understand the city's use of these conservatorships. -- contributed to a decrease in the total l.d.s. conservative caseload. interestingly, that caseload has increased somewhat over the last year. now one of the perhaps surprising things i learned from this report is san francisco is conserving gravely disabled people at an alarming average and is ranked ninth among counties in its per capita rate. so what's going on?
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are there fewer people in need of conservatorships in san francisco county or are we failing to meet the needs of residents that cannot take care of themselves? part of the explanation of that decline is the loss of the last decade of appropriate placements of people suffering from serious mental illnesses. plainly, there's more work to do, and the report and the experience of my office over the last year suggests that the lack of placements may not be the only reasons for san francisco's low conservatorship rate. i hope we can all agree that
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caring for the sickest among us, ensuring that the gravely disabled are not left to fend for themselves is among the most basic obligations of a humane and caring community. by that test, san francisco has been failing for some time, and although i hope we have turned a corner and there is actually some evidence for that in the b.l.a. report, we are far away of meeting that threshold of decency. above all, we must use information to build a complete and compassionate system of care for those who cannot care for themselves. i love forward to discussing these issues with the b.l.a., department of public health and the office of the conservator in the fall.
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and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i have two items today. first i am requesting a hearing for the city's internal auditors to present the comprehensive financial coffer and their single management letters, if any, related to the city's audit for fiscal year ended june 30, 2018 and to present their plans for fiscal year 2019. this hearing is required under charter section 9.117, and we look forward to sharing their findings at the government audit and oversight committee in september. secondly, following growing incidents of property crimes targeting chinese residents
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today, i'm formally requiring that the san francisco police department provided aggregated data over the past ten years. this is critical to developing more effective crime prevention strategies in ensuring all communities are safe. thank you to supervisor walton for cosponsoring this request. i first requested this in february. four months later, chinese americans have been victims of
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violent and serious crimes, but the police department has not provided this data to the public. at my hearing in march on home invasion robberies, over a dozen chinese residents from the sunset district spoke out about this, yet the police department was not able to confirm or respond. four months later, they haven't responded despite the violent attacks on two community leaders in chinatown and numerous other incidents in other neighborhoods. we have also seen other communities being targeted for crime. supervisor walton has indicated how the african american community bears the burden of the most violent crimes, including homicide. given these alarming trends and urgent public safety concerns of many different communities,
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i am submitting a formal letter of inquiry today requesting that sfpd provide al ravated demographic data on victims of crime by category, police department district in even year for the last ten years. furthermore, to ensure this data is tracked, aggregated and disclosed going forward, i would urge that the police department be mandated on reporting the aggregated data yearly. this information is critically important to strengthening our crime prevention strategy and keeping our districts safe. it's information that other police departments already provide to the public. for example, new york city police department has been
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providing reports on the ethnicity in annual reports for ten years. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. today, i have several items. while there's certainly a rationale that everyone, regardless of their status of tena tenant, there are some on fixed or low-incomes who budget their income down to the last penny with no room to deal with further rent increases, and they should be subject to hardship petitions. we've heard from tenants across
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the city in virtually every district on pass throughs on top of the annual allowable rent increases. this will allow a process by which those tenants can petition for the same relief as operating and maintenance and capital pass throughs in order to keep them in their homes. speaking of tenant displacement, we have also seen a citywide increase of tenant displacement as a result of construction and mandatory retrofitting. i'm sure you're all getting the same complaints and e-mails that i am. this applies both to residential and commercial tenants and has serious ramifications, and while i was not on this body when the mandatory seismic retrofit was adopted, i think we are all along overdue in creating some protections and mitigations for those displaced tenants. our own rent ordinance allows
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landlords to temporarily evict tenants for the performance of capital improvements, but a lot of these go on way too long. for example, a pending project in my district threatens to evict four long-term tenants, seniors, in my district, without replacement housing. even given for those at the top of the income scale, a temporary capital improvement eviction notice is a disaster in the making. as a result, some unscrupulous investors and landlord attorneys have utilized the mere threat of these to vacate
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their homes. additionally, i know that many of us have been approached by tenants, particularly, veritas tenants struggling with pass throughs on their rent. there are residents in my district that did not make the cutoff for reforms. this means that all the low-income tenants are absorbing the property and rent pass throughs mostly which are banked over a number of years. we're talking about what is potentially balloon pavement increases that some of these tenants were not contemplating and you go yare struggling to .
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i am contemplating proposing an answer for those who need relief, and i am looking forward to discuss with veritas and i appreciate their willingness to discuss this and hopefully we will find a solution. on a different topic, i want to repeat what we said at our last transportation authority commission meeting. as we all mourned another pedestrian fatality due to running a red light and excess ti sive speeding, as we say speed kills. it's one of the top five serious cyclists and pedestrian injuries and fatalities. and while we've added additional resources to the traffic addition of the p.d., we need to use every resource to expand our ability to highlight that speeders will be caught and they will be
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ticketed and there will be consequences. that's how we're going to save lives. the city of san francisco and organizations like walk sf have alo long asked us for automated speed enforcement, and i think it's long overdue. we've been blocked by everyone from law enforcement to my friends at the teamsters, and that proposal has not seen success in sacramento. at our last meeting, i called on the san francisco police officers association to call for a carve out for the city of
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san francisco and i am happy to say that they responded in the affirmative, and i am hopeful that this moves forward in sacramento. if sacramento does not get it done, it would not be a san francisco first, mr. givner, if we went our own way. we did that in same sex marriage. we did that back in the day as it related to needle exchange which was not legal under state law. we declared an emergency and did it any way. to that end, if san francisco cannot get it done, i will be asking the city attorney to draft some policy ideas, even if they are accompanied by a cautionary memo as to how we can moderate discretionary speed enforcement, law be
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dammed. finally, i would like to adjourn this meeting in memory of ronnie sawyer, passed away this sunday in north beach of pancreatic cancer. ronald was the best of what north beach has to offer. he embodied the spirit of the beach, uncompromising, unwaivering while leading his own undelighted liiluted life. over the past two years, we watched as ronald fought his illness in a way few of us could imagine. there was no bitterness, no self-pity, no regret. he stood tall and strong, reading his latest works with passion and commitment even as his body was giving out.
6:47 am
who could listen to his words and not be touched by their power and brilliance? ronald, we will miss you, and back to his partner of many years. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: if you google corporate rental s.f., you will find a seemingly endless list of units markets for extended stay and corporate housing. they offer direct billing to
6:48 am
corporate accounts, stocked kitchen and bathrooms, concierge amenities. by loose count, there are more than 100 of these in the mission and many more spread throughout the city. they include condos, apartments, rentals, and single-family home. what they have is the abuse of california law that defines rentals over 30 years as housing. every one of us on the board is struggling to find solutions that will help us meet our housing needs, real housing for real san franciscans, whether they've been here for generations or just completely arrived. what we need is housing for people who will make san francisco their home, who will enroll their children in our
6:49 am
schools and will become neighbors in the community. how can we in good faith approve new residential construction if we have no assurance that what we are approving is what we will get? this has serious implications for both our housing stock and for san francisco tenants, so i'm requesting our budget and legislative analyst to prepare a report on the proliveration of housing and rentals in san francisco. now, there's a new loophole that we have to fix. if it's true that we need temporary options, let's take control of planning for them, consider where we want them, what controls are enforcement, and make sure what revenue we can get from our hotel works, and prepare for hotel housing.
6:50 am
clearly, there are state regulations, but i also need to know what exists now or could be included in our planning codes or rent ordinances. and lastly, i want to know how this is affecting individuals and the hotel industry. supervisor mandelman is just as appalled as i am for this trend, and i want to thank him for cosponsoring this request for me, and i look forward on working with him on sensible ways that we can address this issue. and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: just one
6:51 am
brief announcement, wanted to recognize the 17th annual jerry day, celebration at the jerry garcia amphi theater. i just wanted to show the poster for sfgovtv, if we can. it's a big day. we're very proud of the jerry garcia amphitheater, and everything that happens there. we have some money set aside for some capital improvements, but we are going to be pushing for some additional improvements going forward. and in addition to the jerry day, we are going to be having some other events going on throughout the day. jerry day, august 4, from 11:30 to 5:30 at the jerry garcia
6:52 am
amphitheater, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: today, i'm submitting an ordinance for the current site of the -- the development agreement i am introducing is for a 744 unit housing project with 186 units dedicated to much needed affordable housing for low-income seniors. the developer will be responsible for developing on-site senior housing and the development agreement is the best way for the city to ensure that this major benefit is realized. as many of you know how we as a community care for our senior neighbors has recently become very personal to me. four days before i became a
6:53 am
supervisor in january of 2018, i was sitting in a room with my family, waiting for a doctor to diagnose my father, who was 75, after many trips to the doctor because of memory loss. in that room, we were told that my father has lewy body dementia, and there's no cure, and that he has maybe five years, but there's no cure, and it will get progressively worse. when i was sworn in, it was one of the greatest joys of my life. he knew what was going on, but when i came out of this chamber and i saw him at my door, he knew what was happening. why do i mention all this? since my father's diagnosis, i have been immersed in what it
6:54 am
takes to properly care for our seniors, especially those with disabilities. i have learned how complicated the medical system is for them, and i have learned how precious few resources are available to our seniors. i've come to understand the dearth of housing opportunities for our seniors in san francisco, how expensive housing can be, and how even with family health it can be hard to age in place or find a suitable family home. i am determined to do everything in my power to address our seniors' needs, especially when it comes to finding them a place to live. that's why i'm proud to propose this agreement which will build more homes in district two than we have in the past decade.
6:55 am
i know that this is a priority shared by this board, and i'm thrilled to have negotiated this critical piece of the project. the affordable senior building will be located on california street, adjacent to transportation and retail and across from the j.c.c. it will have 186 units for seniors, and it requires a direct preference in marketing for seniors. the majority of this is designed with multibedroom units and will include a large child care center on-site to encourage families. the project will accommodate a wide range of needs while maintaining our community's family friendly character. as we begin this legislative process, i look forward to continuing to work with the community and the developer to refine the project in the coming months so that in the end, we all get a project that we can be proud of.
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also, as president yee mentioned at the start of our meeting, the community of gilroy was terrorized by gun violence this weekend all because an unstable young person consumed with hate was able to easily obtain a weapon and open fire on an unsuspecting group of people at a garlic festival. here in california, we have some of the strongest gun prevention laws in it the country, but that -- laws in the kreecountry, but that didn stop the gun man from purchasing an ak-47-like weapon and open fire. unfortunately in the united states we are only as safe as the weakest law in the closest
6:57 am
neighboring state. this incident alone should be enough to spur national action, but we all know that the united states is plagued by an epidemic of senseless gun violence that lap dog politicians continue to ignore. every day, 100 americans are killed by guns. every year, there are over 36,000 gun deaths and over 100,000 gun related injuries. a mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot at one time. in addition to gilroy, there were three other mass shootings over the weekend, and since then, there have been at least three other mass shootings across the country where three people were killed and 35 were injured. we know what measures and laws
6:58 am
to put in place to stop this carnage. we know that strong gun laws result in fewer deaths. the gun homicide rate is 25% higher than any other higher country in the world. the gun ownership rate is two times higher than that of any other country in this world. there are 393 million guns in this country. that means that there are more guns than people. if more guns meant more safety, america would be the safest country in the world.
6:59 am
our country has been hijacked by political extremists. the problem persists even though our elected representatives all across this country took an oath swearing they will defend the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. today, i am introducing a resoluti resoluti resolution designating the national rifle association a domestic terrorist
7:00 am
organization. the n.r.a. aggressively tries to block every sensible piece of gun violence prevention proposed, even after 20 first graders were murdered with an assault rifle in their classrooms. the n.r.a. values the manufacturing and sales of mass killing machines over the innocent life of a six-year-old boy and over a


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