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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 7, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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covington, commissioners, good e you here. i'll start off with or academy. i know chief velo is gg his report, he'll give you more detail. but we did start the mes of station 49 in our suppression academy this week. so we are gog full bore now. and you will get further information from chief . on the 11th, myself and severaly staff, including chief tom met h the san francisco general hospil foundation. and we went through, psych emergency services and tao them about how we work togetherd sort of what their capacity is w we can work better together. ane talked also about all sorts of e
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that we bring that don't necessy need a hospital, an emergency rd sort of how can we collaborate t and do ems prevention. i know te already doing things at san frao general hospital. they have a ce folks at tree i can't imagine tt wor --triage and they will divem because they don't necessarily o be in the er. so i'm looking fod to working with them in the fut, whether it's community paramedir what have you. on the 15th i haa meeting with the doctor about community paramedicine and seeit we can do there as well as our y and procedures. on the 15th we o met with local 798 to discuss al sorts of issues. and ems was definitely one of the top ones.e
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followed that on the 21st with s labor management meeting. and we collaborating on all sorts of ts ems related. and it's a good, productive relationship. i alsot to a community health needs asst breakfast the other day with chf tong and heard from dph and somr folks and met with afterwards w. bennett who is the director of interdivisional opportunities. e are really looking for ways to collaborate, whether with dph or hospitals, in terms of what we o to impact not just call volume t people's lives on the street. it to on the 16th, mayor breed andh
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attended the welcome kickoff foe international association of firefighters human relations coe conference. we both spoke that morning. we went -- we had the t shakeout at rosa parks school ad thank you for attending, vice president covington. and then te preed events on the 17th. thanko president nakajo and vice presit covington for attending the piet that was held up in marina greet was a treat to have jerry shannn there who is a retired firefigho was really -- made a huge impach his work during and after loma . on the 19th we had the 30-year t drill anniversary. as we know, t came out of the loma prieta
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earthquake. it was founded afte, because they wanted to do somet. we had a meeting with the strest yesterday. myself and chief veld our chief of health and safety,f parks. we met with them. and wee discussing how to streamline communications from within and s as well as data that we want tho collect in terms of seeing how y people were actually working wid sort of what our resources looke in relation to that. tomorrow ie ann rush foundation burn relay.t will be coming to the division f training at 19th and folsom arod
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4:45 tomorrow afternoon, you arl invited. the black firefighters association will be cooking dinr everyone. this is the peninsula. so they started down the penins. i'm not sure if it was at menlok but they've gone through there d their last journey is tomorrow o us. and if you don't know, ann h was a child who was severely bun 1970 and died from a backyard be accident. and we had many of our members involved with the alyssn rush foundation. we are mother d it as a way to educate folks abt burns, stop drop and roll came f that. and they also assist peopo have folks who have family membs that are burned. we have a meetg with the controller this week tk
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about, again, ems and sort of ce the dashboard that we've been u. we've been very reliant on juste going to expand that dashboard o include all sorts of things froe beginning to the end of the calk at the system from a really holc perspective. and yesterday i weo station 49 and did a meet and gt with probably 20, 25 members. is very well-received. chief tong d chief were there. we are havinga conversation and really openinge door for more of that and collaboration and it was prettyl received. and i believe that cos my report. >> thank you very much chief
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nicholson. at this particular te will call for public comment onf nicholson's report. is there any member of the public that wisheo give public comment? seeing non, public comment is closed. at the commissioners, any questions fof nicholson? if not, then we will proceed to move onto the reportm the administration, deputy chiee velo. >> thank you, mr. president. jue question. you mentioned that yoe having conversations with local8 regarding ems and some of the initiatives that you are going e putting together. can you elaboe without divulging any confidenc, of course, can you elaborate wht these might be with 798? >> sure. we are working with th,
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looking at the entire system anw it impacts they're very concernh the members as i am as well, bum also concerned in being able toy out our mission effectively. ane of that does making sure our mes are scared away. so we are lookt the entire system from time of l that comes into dispatch, so wee looking at that, to response tio on-scene time, to time it takeso get to the hospital. we know trc is getting worse. so we are usil these sorts of data and statisto really drill down on our case is of what our resource ask will bd so it's been helpful collaborat. i'm hearing what they are hearim their members. of course i am gg
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out, we are going out to the sts and talking to folks. but we rey want to figure out how we can ry make sure we have a resilient workforce at station 49. >> do you see this -- [off mic] >> no. if we determine that we actually do need more resourcest would be an ask in the budget. e just want to -- we want to dialn on all the data, all the detailo if and when we do go to ask, wee solid and we know exactly >> [off mic] >> exactly, yeah. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much, commissr cleveland and secretary for thed 527. commissioner veronese has d us. are there any other commentr
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questions other than that? did l chief velo already? >> no, we did not. >> report from administration, y chief jose velo on the administe divisions, fleet and facility ss and updates, finance, support services, and training within te department. >> thank you very much, madame secretary. and good evening pre, vice president, commissioners. [speaking spanish] >> there we go. >> this is my report for the mof october. like i've done in the t few meetings, i have a comprehee report for you. i'm going to bry go over some of the highlights e report. and i'm happy to answery questions at the end. so some oe personal projects i'm working om continuing to attend meetings tt
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the feedback to give the administration's view and visior the work that's going on. aattea workgroup that came up with goo, positive ideas that we are goino dial down a little more. the war supply committee. every time i n opportunity i attend the meetini attended this monday's very pose meeting with 798 on health chece have a really good ideas of whae hurdles were in the past and hoe are going to move forward with . we are going to collect informan from different parts that we ne. in regards to the contract partt so we now have a clear path of e we are going with this. we'll ha contract with the vendors that e this. at the start of the meetie are saying we want the best forr members and make sure we get thk in place. so we agree that is te mission and vision. so it was ry
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good to have that meeting. contg to review our plan. and we are focusing a lot on management tr. we are bringing up more traininr our members, management trainin, operations training that we are bringing along to make sure thae have a good upper level, mid-management training for our members so they can succeed in e endeavors if they come into the position of management. so we ae working on that a lot. we have n the works. i'll update you moren we have more con treat programsn place -- concrete programs in p. like the chief says, it's a good opportunity to get first-hand information from the folks in to see what they experience. i wily it's very positive feedback fros going to the stations and gettit feedback. and some things they e know and we take care of them ae solve them quickly. academying -
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academies are starting. some ofu attended the graduation of the s and some of you were at the cer. the mayor was gracious enough to appear and give a speech. it way nice. we also had a fleet week.d opportunity to train some marind folks from the navy and it was enlightening to find out in the initial meeting, some of those s that back in 2011 with this tra, they were able to use it at they earthquake when they responded - haiti earthquake when they respd there. so that was satisfying tr that from them. the recruit clas started on october 7. we compleo weeks of ems training. and membf 49 joined the class this mondaye
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lost the recruit on the ems poro we have 55 remaining for the cle have an attrition rate that's nl for classes. so hopefully we ket low. it's going full boar and im getting the reports from them te have several classes scheduled e fall. confined space rescue cla, tech class which is a repetitiof the one we did a few months agot now we have a new module, pge is helping us. so they have been vy good with us and helping us identifying and helping us traiy couple years to do that. the anl drill, very helpful. this year t included a portion about publicy shutdowns. so they had a small n where they were talking about hg those folks that depend on mechl and electrical devices to survi,
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ventilators, they can go there d identify the devices, notify 91f there's a need for that. so it s very good and very well-receivey them. and we are going to work h dpa tomorrow on those topics tor nert volunteers, along with oura prieta anniversary, they were dg the drill and they were helpfulh that. they were practicing for w months with that. so it was gooo see them there. we mentioned cls in languages and also nert helda cantonese class this month. we e extending that. we have the prom for the spanish person of nert.e have classes that we continue ty to expand in our languages in tt program. our planning bureau han
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very busy with -- remember fromt meeting we were talking about t. very few hitches with that. the vacancy for our members was pubd today. after that, management wl select the process. they've been working hard to make this a smoh process. and i think the members appreciated the transpartnerty w things are working with -- transparency with that. the chis been busy getting feedback fromm too. commissioner, pier 35 is go more delays for that. we are wog well with that. if you drive byu won't see a pier there next to n 35. so that's good progress. 49d news, back on track as far as te goes. 50 percent complete constn right now. and we are back on to final completion date of septem0 of next year. so that's good nes
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far as apparatus, it was compled now they are at central shops to complete the final document beft gets submitted. so that's good progress on that. we have a bidr two jet skis that will be out s. six has been ordered and they an the construction phase in addito the trucks already in place. ass station goes, some of the updat, station 31 generator will be thy december of this year. they just poured the pad for it, and it'sg along well. some of them were ne and we had to remove some with e exception of station 15's towerh has become a historical part ofe building and they wanted to keet there for the neighborhood. so s the only one that is staying. be others will be removed because y are not safe. a lot of work hasn done by chief parks, our health, safety and wellness chief. lastk and thanks to the foundation frm
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commissioner veronese we have al class peer support training. ita wait list of folks. maybe we cao more in the future. it was well attended and well received infon that was given. i'll share somee graphs as we are starting to ane the injuries that the members ae suffering and what we can do wi that. gathering data to make a e for a more robust unit. some ofe data we are gathering, primary m we have is sprains and strains.e dial down to that. and of course of the main causes of the spraid strains are apparatus, getting e apparatus off and on so how cano that. so we are looking at implementing training programs d videos to show the members the r technique, three point techniquf getting off apparatus. so now te have started to analyze the injs
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we can put progress in place and training in place to hopefully e that. the top injuries, the most common injury we have is lower k injury. so we are going to implt some of the techniques for lift. that's one of the things that cs injuries. so how can we use pror technique, using the legs. so wn come up with a program for thato that's what chief parks is workn with us. we also have a health . we are working together with the doctor's office. we had the hea- the flu shots, we have nutrition information, we have enrollmentr that. we are going to bring thak next year in addition to we areg to work with the foundation, sof the tests they are doing. we arg to bring blood pressure testing, diabetes testing, so a comprehee test we can provide our membersr that health fair. and we do sevl days of that. so that's good pr.
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and chief parks has done really. some of the community events the department is involved in, one e ones that has been successful ie ems program at mission school. y visited the airport, they visite tower. it's really well receives really like it. we are hoping wn continue to that and expanding o other schools as well too. we ad recently the nowhere cal fire g- nor cal fire girls camp. it wast to see them learning how to be a firefighter. we had a lot of stf from our department and from departments all across the areao help. it was an incredible expee to see the enthusiasm. recruitig
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office has been busy. usf, we wo a camp in sacramento, recruiting folks. members of the department talked to folks, possible candis coming in and learning about thb and just hearing from them whatt takes to be a firefighter. so ae chief mentioned, the anniversars good to see. to finish my repori want to thank all of you who cao the police and fire mass. it wal attended. it was great to show r appreciation for the many yearsf service to the fire department.t concludes my report. thank you.d happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much, chief vt this point we'll ask for public comment on chief velo's present. any member of the public wisheso
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give public comment? seeing non, public comment is closed. commie never knees. >> thank you, vice president. cu pull up the chart that had the e chart? is that possible to get ? and while you find it, have we r done that before? have we done s analysis in the past? or is thie first time we are doing this? >> not that i know of. >> it's incredible. it's great u guys are doing this. because i e the fact that we are gathering o figure out what the problems aru probably saw this coming but onf the injuries i don't see on thet i think is important is post-trc stress injury. and that, i'm cus as to, if it's possible in the e to see a chart like this that tt drills into the type of things t
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cause that or the types of incis that the fire department respono that are triggering that type of injury. and i think that will ts a lot about how we react or howe stress unit should react to cern calls. i know it's probably goio be obvious. it's going to be chn dying, it's going to be stuff le that. but i think it's worth dig into. and i'm sure that data is probably out there already but d be curious to see if the same ss happening in san francisco. >> one of the things we are dois asking the unit and now they hao a person in the unit gathering s information. we talked about ths before. the member reporting pta injury report is rare. but how y times is the stress unit helpine folks out there. and that's thea we want to make sure we get. ano anonymous, no names, but actualw
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many times this or that person,h of time, types of injuries, caud effect of particular events. wen event on monday where two infans died, eight months old. so we wo see what the effects are for ths at station 19 that went to thats hard for members to report thata injury report. >> yeah. >> but we can get data from thes unit. so all of our process wit. we are asking them to provide td track that information for us se can have an idea of what we areg and who are they helping, what e issues coming up. and again, no, just facts, like you said. >> great. that's great. thank y, chief. i appreciate that. >> sure. >> thank you very much, commissr veronese. commissioner clevelan, please. >> thank you, mr. president. i d like to echo commissioner verons comments regarding the trainingr
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people in terms of what are the injuries out there and how are y being injured. the more informae gather and the more data we have better prepared we are to instrt them on whatno what not to do.d to add ptsd as a type of injuryr members get. i would like to cod you for setting up with i assume lieutenant baxter's health fairi think that's incredibly importar our members. i appreciate the sn visits that you and the chief ae doing and the other brass, reacg out to the rank-and-file on a rr basis just means a lot to them,e than you probably realize yoursi appreciate it personally as commissioner. and one question,u talked about the mission high sl ems program. what would it taked a high school, another high schn
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town to ems training program? >> so what's happening right noa pilot program. so we are going - we need to see sort of the succf that. and this is just one clase topic that they are working on s semester, next semester is anotr more ems-involved. so this is te pilot school. >> okay. i didn't realize it waa pilot. sorry. >> so we really need to sort ofe how that works. but there is --n there is certainly willingness m the school district and from ciy college. so we'll just have to n the future. >> i think it's terrific. so thk you. thank you, chief, for your report. >> thank you very much, commissr cleveland. commissioner hardema. >> thank you -- thank you. hells it on? doesn't sound like it's .
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thank you, president nakajo. as, these are great reports. the tre is with you teaching spanish, mn was very fortunate, he was in hh school at sacred heart, just bee was entering his senior year, tn our trip to school to the univey of -- and when he came back, ani think he got a b plus, which shs me, because they were having a y good time over there. [laughter seventeen-year-olds. anyways, t. but he says dad, i didn't learnd heart. so i guess whatever theyh different language than they lea
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joke, as a comment. i'm sure you came here, coming from the coun, they come here probably can't ug at that pie chart, all the years and people being injured and i d each year in the united states n diego there's like 7 or 8,000 ol conference. so i do know a lot , shoulder, knee, exactly the samy come with an eyelash of the perw when i was a sign hanger, i wast
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33 when i switched over to becoe last thing, having a lower backd a lot of heavy lifting. in thosc stuff you have now. it's all doo sometimes the back injuries arey firefighter reaching around, lil your back going. i remember juse incident. everybody in my shop,e back was out that week or that l bad back and it never ended.
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talking about your division re, there's on page 21, there's an d i see h2 firefighters by far hat because they are in more he nums there something particular relan that leads to those numbers. >> yes. those are the ones thate doing most of the trainings andd work when it comes to fighting s and lifting heavy objects. theye the highest membe number. >> and the back injuries are beg addressed how?
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>> now we can address the traino chief park is working with our occupational health specialist h stefani, identifying maybe some training videos. education is we are looking for for them to be o address that and know that we he this data and showing that the a and these are things we can do p ourselves with that. >> that's very important because you have a back injury, you alws have a back injury. it's never , you know. you can accommodate id you can work with it, but it ner actually heals to the point wher back is what it felt like previ. i'm sure those of us of a certae will remember that when you were working in tandem with someone n a physical task, people would st
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your back into it, put your baco it. and that is the exact wrongg to do. so maybe the campaign cae called don't put your back into. just to let everybody know to rd everybody that it can lead to a debilitating situation. all rign page 24, for 2010. i see that ts an amount of liquidated damagest goes to up to $479,000. do those damage -- $489,000. do those coo the department? >> unfortunately it's public wor the cost. >> since it is the bond that red in the department being given tt
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money, again, i'm really tryingo understand why that money doesnn come to us. >> so was it two weeks ago, they explained to us they can use itr other bond work, and some of tht has to go to them for the salard costs associated with the work e station. >> i would like to dig deeper os with you because this has come s before. and i suspect that cumulatively we may be losing ms of dollars. and we need the mon. [laughter] okay. so that's page 24. and thn pge announced that they would bw the department might be impactee
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question regarding the emergenco all of our stations have the emy fuller powered or are they powd, means. >> all stations have generators powered by diesel engines, and y can last up to three days in a w without refueling. and we have measures in place so we can refl them back and keep going. >> all right. so i assume then t they are exterior generators. >> most of them are. some are on roofs. it depends on the facili. and some are exteriors. >> very good. and you say three. is that full light refrigeratio,
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everything? >> everything in the station wog for two days uninterrupted is te level we have. and again, many stations have fuel pumps. and we methods now because of this thre have with the power shutdowns, e have a method to refuel the gens before three days happens. so we one of the main departments thas the fuel so that we have discuss with city agencies that we neede fuel first. but we have ways tot fuel from our stations into the generators if needed. >> that makes me feel very comfortable. i'm wondering if ts a way to find out how many indil homes have generators. because e was a huge article in the newspr just a couple days ago regarding regular citizens getting these generators for their homes. just because there needs to be some f
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information that goes out to the public regarding how these genes can lead to other problems. >> correct. the exhaust. >> yes. okay. thank you. and --s see. page 28. i can skip that do time, i will skip that one. so t know which page this is, but its human resource resources. the hn position. all of these positiond then it says vice and then thera person's name after that design. what is the definition of vice s
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particular context? >> so if a member has either tir promote -- retired or promoted, there's a vacancy. to fill a vay that's how we relate it, so that person is coming in to fill that position. so you see chief, hisk was h30 so now we have a new can taking that spot that was authod by the city. >> that's why it was confusing . because it says rivera. and i we okay, are we missing something? >> he was actually deputy chief. >> okay. and the first name is e person who is currently with the department who replaced him in ? >> yes. >> all right. thank you. i hadnn that before. i was wondering wht
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meant. i think that will do it . thank you. >> thank you very much, vice prt covington, commissioner verones. >> chief, commissioner covington reminded me of something. on the of, in the past i said the depat needs to do a better job of advg for themselves. and i think thae are leaving millions and milliof dollars on the table by not doig that. and the station 16 thing,e that ship may have sailed becaus a contract the city got into yes ago, it's a very good example of a million dollars that could goy an engine, probably even a coupe engines. >> right. >> so if we have somebody that s new administration that is in ce of advocating for the departmenn the contracts come up, that woue amazing. and one of the things u mentioned earlier is pge. so pgs doing the rolling blackouts, ri? these rolling blackouts happen,s basically them handing off a hue
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expense to this department, rig? these are intentional acts whery these are intentional acts whery
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>> that's another advocacy issue. we could be charging as mechanism to do if there isn't -- i'm sure if we charge a patient for ambulance ride, work charg-- we can charge a hospital while we're waiting for someone to take the handoff of the patient. i think in 2020 these are things we need to be thinking about as a commission and super advocating for ourselves. d.p.w. managed to get half million dollars out of the fire department's hands going into
9:42 am
their hands for a job that's a fire department job. maybe we should hire that guy at d.p.w. i'm hoping in 2020 we do a better job at this and we as a commission start to see this stuff. thanks chief. >> thank you very much. chief velo thank you for your report. i have two things. there was a drill on saturday october 19th. did you want to comment on how well this drill went? >> that's the drill debut that coincides with the earthquakes we had in past history of san francisco. very well attended. lot of volunteers were there. it was very well attended event.
9:43 am
we were able to get commitment to do this. they were very pleased to do that. they actually approached us to get the idea of getting that in the school. we'll meet with them in the future and have ideas. having that relationship with s.i. and having that large drills going from house to house instead of doing it live, it was a great drill. >> i was pleased to see that. the press was impressed. pretty much a full page and the back side. i wanted to get some feedback on that and i want to thank all those volunteers and members who went out there that day. only other remark i wanted to show our appreciation.
9:44 am
to you commissioner, veronese for this program. >> item 6, commission report. report on commission activity since last meeting october 9, 2019. >> commissioners, i'll call for public comment on this item. any member of the public wishes to give public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. any announcements that you would like to make at this time. vice president covington. >> vice president covington: i was thanked to thank commissioner veronese for his ongoing support regarding the stress unit. i think it's very admirable.
9:45 am
he pursued money and training for the peer support group. i thank him for that. i wanted to say that i know that the president of our commission was there but the commemoration of the 30th anniversary was outstanding. it was just absolutely wonderful. it was very uplifting. i would think it might be a somber event, actually we laughed a lot. the st. francis fire boat was there. the mayor did a wonderful job as emcee. supervisor stephanie was there. there were people in the department who has been in the department who had time to speak as well.
9:46 am
it was heart warming. i saw little bit of it on sfgov today. >> commissioner veronese i see your name on the roster. >> commissioner veronese: just on commission activities. we had the fire department hosted a pier support training. there were about 30 members. the training was put on by the international association of firefighters. my foundation, the national first responders paid for it. it was a great program. i stopped in the very beginning of the program to say hello. sat through an hour of it. it's a great program being
9:47 am
offered. i look forward to doing as many of these as we can. there were three or four different departments from all over the bay area that jumped in on it. which is great. there's more money there to keep doing these things. i hope that the department we'll do some in southern california as well. i look forward to the department and other departments contributing to it and with their people. i was really pleased to see it was a good show. we'll keep doing them as long as people show up to them. the credit goes to the thousands of contributors that contributed to the fund and everything that- everybody that was part of that. thank you for that. >> commissioner hardeman. >> commissioner hardeman: this will be brief. had celebration fleet week the day after the last meeting
9:48 am
downstairs. george schultz was honored. his 99th birthday, former secretary. there was charlotte, his wife, who has been so good about hosting things. she's having a hard time getting around. it was a very nice performance. i didn't see a lot of first responders. i think there was an invitation that went out like the day or two before. i think lot of people were missed is what i was told. i was representing the fire department. we were there. i enjoyed it. it was fun. thank you. >> president nakajo: thank you very much. commissioner hardeman. >> commissioner hardeman: on monday november 18th we have our retirement scheduled at headquarters at 4:00. just as a reminder. i wanted to comment as well on the ceremony.
9:49 am
i believe chief anita bradley, she gave remarks. i tell you, that was some really inspiring and enjoyable comments. she's got talent. it was just enjoyable how real she was and how honest she was and how she brought everything in perspective. i really enjoyed that. to cap it off with the vice president, we had an opera singer that was really fantastic to be able to add to that and the atmosphere. she said something about us san franciscans everything and we celebrate earthquakes as well. it's the resilience of everybody within the department and city and county of san francisco. i know everyone is prepping for the next one or trying to prep for the next one. i wanted to remark on that as
9:50 am
well. thank you for all of that. i appreciate it so much. madam second? >> item 7. agenda agenda for next and future meetings. >> president nakajo: call for public comment on this item. what do we have for the remainder of the year? >> it was confirmed today ems6 presentation with captain payne. and a closed session settlement. >> president nakajo: that is for the commission meeting november 13th? >> yes. >> president nakajo: we have two more commission meetings left in the year. december 11th will be the last meeting of the year. commissioner hardeman --
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>> commissioner cleaveland: wont writer position on. give us an update on what's happening with that position. perhaps share if it has to be in closed session to discuss the candidates for the position. i think this position is so critical to future funding for lot of things that our department needs. i like to have that on the agenda and get an update from the department on what's happening. >> president nakajo: we'll have the chief of the department comment on that. >> updated. i gave vice president covington some of the applicants who we are going to get their red resus and who we want to interview. i'll be happy to talk to you about it.
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>> president nakajo: thank you very much. madam secretary. >> item 8. public comment on item 9 on all matters pertaining to item 9b below including public comment on whether the item 9b in closed session. >> president nakajo: any member of the public that wishes to give public comment on this item. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> vote on whether to conduct items 9b in closed session. the commissioner may hear item 9b in closed session to code section 54957b and administrative code section 57.10b. >> president nakajo: , in terms of this motion to go into closed session, commissioners? >> second.
9:53 am
>> president nakajo: we have a second from vice president >> is that a motion commissioner hardeman. there's a motion. is there a second? thank you very much. vice president covington all in favor say aye. thank you very much. we are completed for this evening. we are adjourned. thank you very much commissioners. .
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>> a lot of water heater in san francisco look like this may be yours doesn't too do you know it is the post earthquake problems we'll show you to brace our water heater hi, everybody i'm patrick director of quarter safety for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another
9:55 am
episode of stay safe today, we'll talk about bracing water heaters water heater failure is a leading problem with earthquake fires you have a a single source you'll have in our home. >> how are you. >> so what are we looking here. >> this is a water heater 3 weighs from 200 to nine hundred pound during an earthquake that weight will try to move sideways we need to secure is. >> we'll brace the water heater our model home in south of market we'll use a simple kit interest the hardware stores from $20 it the the clean up itself single thing to do what necessary look like. >> this is what you'll find in
9:56 am
our kit a inch and a half wide strap to attach to the wall around the water heater and so you want to compare this in some garages around the city and state which is called plumbers tape innovate as strong and we need to brace the water heater if you find this you'll want to replace it with a streetscaping kit. >> we've put blocking so that way we streetscape the water heater a nice fit it is important and important probation officer mention you need to move our water heater to strap is it talk about to a license plumber they'll come out with a firm once we streetscape those obviously we want to follow the manufactures instructions. >> typically the instructions will require the strap one strap
9:57 am
be installed to fit the top third of the water heater and the bottom on the bottom 1/3rd away from the controls if it is above a certain size 50 gallons a third train e streetscape in the middle of the water heater. >> a lot of time i see older water heaters on the ground obviously explain why this is required and the mr. chairman is required if you pa a water are hereto in the garage gas fumes can accommodate and the pilot light will ignite the fumes so you want to above the grouped level. >> so why not go ahead and he get started with the bracing. >> we're joined with peter from construction he'll help us
9:58 am
>> there you have it for not a lot of 340e7b in a short time we were able to reduce the risks as you can see secure and even in a
9:59 am
big rumble bell not going to come losses thank you for watching we'll give is one more big push as you can see with
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