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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  January 10, 2021 3:00am-7:01am PST

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episodes, like, wow, like, i'm proud to be a filipino. >> being able to connect with someone they know on television has been really, really powerful for them. and as a mom, i can tell you that's so important. the social confidence development of our early learners. [♪] afternoon, welcome to the january 5, 2021 meeting of the board of supervisors and happy new year to everybody. madame clerk, would you call the
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roll? >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: present. >> supervisor haney: present. >> supervisor mandelman: present. >> supervisor mar: present. >> supervisor peskin: present. >> supervisor preston: present. >> supervisor ronen: present. >> supervisor safai: present. >> supervisor stefani: present. >> supervisor walton: present. >> president yee: present. >> all members are present. >> president yee: all right. thank you. the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral
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homeland of their ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance to their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of this place as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects for acknowledging the ancestors, elders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples.
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colleagues, place your right hand over your heart. will you please join me in reciting the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> president yee: on behalf of the board, i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgovtv, neil the , i /*. madame clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: yes, mr. president. thank you. the meeting minutes will reflect that board members participated in this meeting remotely to the same extent as though physically present in the legislative chamber.
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the board recognizes that access to city services remains essential during the health emergency and therefore the following options are made available for the public to be able to communicate with the board or to access this meeting and participate remotely. written correspondence will be received and made a part of the appropriate legislative file. if you're sending by u.s. mail, the board's address is the san francisco board of supervisors, number 1, dr. carlton b. goodlett place, room 244, san francisco, california. if you're sending via e-mail, please send to bos at sf you may watch the live stream by going to you may watch on television by going to channel 26. however, due to the signal delay, please turn down your
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television and listen from your touch phone if you intend to provide public comment, because it is through your touch phone you will be in live sync with the meeting to listen to the meeting and provide your public comment without delay. the telephone number streaming on your screen -- 1-415-655-0001 -- when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d., which is 146 862 2654 ##. you'll have joined the meeting as a listener. online when you're ready to -- only when you're ready to provide public comment press star 3 and listen carefully for the prompt, you have been unmuted and then you may begin speaking. i'll say a few words about agenda content that is eligible for public comment. general public comment occurs once item 17 is called and you may speak on items that are
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within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, but are not on today's agenda, except for items 18 through 27. those are without reference to committee calendar items. those items have not yet been spoken about because they never went to committee. they're on this section of the agenda and are eligible for you to discuss once general public comment is called. all other items are not agenda consent eligible for your testimony as each have had a noticed public hearing fulfilled at committee. we're grateful to the office of civic engagement. we have interpreters at today's meeting. i would appreciate it if each could introduce themselves. we'll start with our spanish interpreter, then chinese interpreter and then filipino interpreter.
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maybe you're muted? >> can you hear me now? okay excellent. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish]
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excuse me one second, please. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] thank you. >> [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] [speaking
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chinese] thank you.
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>> [speaking philippifilipino] [speaking filipino]
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thank you, madame clerk, that's all for us. >> clerk: thank you all three for being with us. great support. for persons experiencing connection issues we have a live person answering phones in the clerk's office. (415) 554-5184. pursuant to title ii through a prior arrangement, when you see fit, we have an individual who has requested to make his public comment by telephone. that concludes my communication. >> president yee: madame clerk, before we get started, a
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friendly reminder for all the supervisors to mute, but not when you're talking. your microphones when you're not speaking to avoid audio feedback. before we get started, i want to say this is my last meeting, but i will be the first ever president to preside over a board meeting by myself sitting in a chamber and nobody is going to be ever able to take that title away [laughter]. okay, madame clerk. i understand we have received an accommodation request from a member of the public who wishes to provide public comment. we'll open public comment at this time for that individual. madame clerk, is the person ready for comment? >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. yes. can you unmute the first caller? >> hi, my name is zack.
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i'm a wheelchair user, community organizer and district 9 voter. i'm calling for a number of reasons. i want to urge this board to please, please use the appointed our city our home oversight committee to help oversee the funds for prop c which is $492 million for homeless services that took years of legal battles to finally unlock. please, please appoint and help make these funds available through people that have lived experience of homelessness and are community advocates and service providers. don't let those funds be locked up in unnecessary bureaucracy. i want to ask that the board consider making all hotel rooms available that fema has funded. it's my understanding that some of the hotel rooms for the homeless are not being provided when it is possible and there is funding available for all of them to be used. i'm also deeply concerned with the overall response to the
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covid-19 pandemic. it takes -- there is no mental health support line for covid-19 survivors and people that really need it right now. that is an easy way to create jobs in the city and support our small businesses and people that are struggling. additionally, rather than sort of advocating for the spread of the pandemic through the opening, which this board has continually done, i want to see advocacy for increasing jobs, reinstating the mayor's office on disability which had eight months of meetings cancelled this year, and providing subsidies for our small businesses that are closing in massive droves right now. some of my favorite places are not given the financial support they need to survive and are required to make tough decisions around staying open during a very dangerous time and they need your support. the city has the highest concentration of billionaires more than any in the world. let's redistribute the wealth and support our small business.
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thank you. >> clerk: thank you. mr. president, that concludes the accommodation. >> president yee: okay. thank you, caller and madame clerk for arranging this accommodation. let's go to the consent agenda. please call items 1 through 6 together. >> item 1 through 6, are on consent. these items are considered to be routine unless a member objects. an item may be removed and considered separately. >> president yee: okay. i see nobody on the roster, so madame clerk, go ahead and call the role. >> clerk: on items 1 through 6, supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye.
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>> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay, without objection the ordinance are finally passed unanimously. madame clerk, let's go to our regular agenda. please call the next item. >> clerk: item 7 is an ordinance to waive fees and tax relief for certain businesses. >> president yee: okay. >> clerk: on item 7, supervisor ronen?
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>> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye. >> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: without objection the ordinance is passed. let's go to item number 8. >> item 8, resolution to approve amendment number 2 to the agreement between cross country staffing inc. and the department of public health for as had beenen needed -- as-needed registry personnel to increase the agreement by $16 million for a new amount not to exceed $26 million and to extend the term
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by one and one half years through june 30, 2022. >> supervisor peskin: president yee? >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: were you able to see my name in the chat? sorry, i just wanted to make sure. >> president yee: my fault. i see it now. >> supervisor safai: thank you. i just want to say briefly, i want to thank the chair of the budget committee, supervisor fewer, for working with me on this item. colleagues, i had asked for reconsideration of the contracted amount. this is something that is necessary during our current surge to hire and contract with traveling nurses, but the request was over a five-year period which i felt like far exceeded the need during this
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pandemic. and it had been a priority of mine working with the administration and the department of public health to ensure that we're hiring more full-time nurses. we have been able to hire over 175 nurses since the beginning of this pandemic. we need to continue to do that so that nurses aren't being asked to work extensive overtime so that they're not being spread too thin. and that we're ensuring that we're looking at the per diem nurses on the list first before we're hiring traveling nurses. there is the love juggling that -- lot of juggling that has to happen, but we're always prioritizing full-time staff as a way to stabilize our system. that was my request. i appreciate the budget committee working with me to reduce this to a contract over a year and a half and we'll continue to ask the department of public health to come back
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and work with us to ensure they're prioritizing full-time staffing. just wanted to put that on the record. thank you. >> president yee: sure, mr. -- supervisor safai. [laughter] okay. take the roll now? >> clerk: on item 8, supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye. >> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: aye.
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: without objection, those resolutions are adopted. let's go to item number 9. >> item 9 is ordinance to amend the campaign and governmental conduct code to update the conflict of interest code form 700, the statement of economic interests, filing requirements by adding, deleting and changing titles of designated officials and employees to reflect organizational and staffing changes and by refining disclosure requirements for designated officials and employees. >> president yee: okay. so then it needs a motion. like supervisor fewer and myself, darn. roll call, please? >> clerk: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye.
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>> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. without objection, that passes. madame clerk, item 10. >> clerk: item 10 -- mr. president, items 10 and 11 are both appointments to the m.t.a.? >> president yee: why don't we call them separately? >> clerk: okay. item 10 is a motion to approve the mayor's nomination for appointment to the municipal transportation agency board of directors.
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it's a motion to approve emanuel yekutiel for a term ending march 1, 2024. >> supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: yes, thank you, president yee. colleagues, i felt i needed to speak to you a little bit about the vote that i'm going to take today about -- as we emmanuel who we know as manny. i have heard loud and clear from the latinx community about the lack of representation on the board. i believe that manny is an excellent choice to represent small businesses which the small business community has been crying for a very long time. however, i find myself in this situation that i have actually spoken to the mayor also about representation for the chinese community. and i voted no on many m.t.a. appointments because of the lack of representation of chinese on
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the m.t.a. board. i find myself in the situation around the latinx community, too. and because i am leaving office and because i will not be here for future appointments, which i know you all will fight for to have latinx representation on the m.t.a. board, i will not be here to do it. this is my way of urging the mayor to actually appoint someone who is latinx that meets the needs of the community and also has authentic representation for that community. having said that, i will not be able to approve this appointment today, but i do it not against manny at all, which i already said that i think he will also fight for the next appointments to be someone who represents the latinx community. but when i looked at the asian community and the latinx community i think this is not the only commission we're seeing
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a lack of representation. today i am voting no on this appointment because i think that the next appointment should be a latinx person and i want to use this tool to send a message actually to whoever is doing the appointments for the mayor, that it is really important that we let people of their own culture represents themselves. as a chinese person, i do not want someone who is not chinese to represent me as they have spoken for my community for many years. it is time we spoke for ourselves and i think that opportunity needs to happen on the m.t.a. board. so, colleagues, i respect the work the community and what they're doing. i respect the work of manny and what he's doing in the community, too, and i look forward to working with him to support the voices of the small businesses on the m.t.a. board, but i will urged the mayor and all of you, and i know you will
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fight hard, especially supervisor ronen are, for latinx representation on the board. thank you, colleagues. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: yes, thank you. thank you, supervisor fewer. i agree with everything you said with the exception of how you're going to vote. i will be voting today to support manny. i think he will do an excellent job on the m.t.a. board and physically represent the small business community quite well, but i could not agree with you more in terms of everything else that you said. and i will continue to be here and still be fighting for latinx representation on the m.t.a. board. we have not had that representation for a long time. it's sorely lacking. i will use this opportunity to echo supervisor fewer and ask the mayor to send us a latinx candidate for the m.t.a. board
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next time around. >> president yee: supervisor? >> supervisor safai: i echo the comments of both colleagues. i will be supporting manny. i do think it's important to have a representative of small businesses on the commission. he's done a great job as an advocate and also i've heard from labor, he's spent a lot of time listening to labor and it's really important with some of the issues, that they have a strong advocate. i also agree that our next appointee should be latinx. the latinx community needs representation on the sfmta commission and on all of our bodies, particularly where they make up a disproportionate share of the ridership. i would underscore a last point which is the latinx community has been disproportionately
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impacted by covid-19, which i think is a reflection of other inequities in our city that relate to health, poverty, housing. so it's critical there be elevated in leadership positions and i'm excited about supervisor melgar, but we need to make sure we have representation on the commission and other bodies. so i echo those comments. and, supervisor fewer, you have my commitment as does the latinx community and supervisor ronen, to fight to make sure that the future appointees are reflective of the diversity of our city. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, i think a lot of my colleagues said a lot of what i was about to say. i'm committed as well to having the next appointee on sfmta board. it was not long ago there were two members from the latinx
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community on the sfmta. now that the transition has happened quickly over the last year to no representation in a city where 15% of the population is comprised of latino community, it's important to have that. as others have said, the ridership, the need for thinking about equity, i think it's really important. i, too, am committed. i had good conversations with individuals from the latinx community. and talked to them about ensuring that we're strongly in support of the next individual that the m.t.a. appoints, that the mayor appoints be someone from that community. so, absolutely committed to that. certainly important. did have good conversations with manny. i'm very appreciative of his insight, appreciative of the work he's done, small business community, and as he did in this process, as someone who was a
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former chair of the rules committee, not many individuals spend the time to meet with all the different interest groups that will be impacted by the role that they seek to obtain. whether it's library, whether it's transit -- labor, whether it's transit advocates, small business advocates, whether it's communities that are underrepresented by the lgbtq community. so i think all those things factored into my decision and support for him today, but understand that the next appointee should absolutely be someone from a community that is completely underrepresented. as well as now that we passed most recently prop c which opens up for commissions to those that are not citizens, we have a larger pool of individuals to choose from. thank you, mr. president. >> president yee: supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you, president yee. and i want to thank all the folks who weighed in regarding
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this appointment of manny to the m.t.a. board regardless of their views. i've spoken at length with manny about his nomination. i know he is a conscientious small business owner and small business commissioner and i appreciate all his advocacy for small businesses and his skills as a convener and community leader. and i'm looking forward to working with him on transportation issues if he receives the majority of votes today. colleagues, i have struggled with how to vote on this appointment. i have shared that with manny. on the one hand, manny is in many ways exactly the kind of person we want on commissions. thoughtful, hard-working, generous with his time, action-oriented and independent. on the other hand, right now in this unprecedented moment, it is hard for me to understand an appointment to the governing body of our city's
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transportation agency who has no meaningful experience on transportation issues, and particularly muni. our public transportation system as you know right now is a shadow of its former self. transit operators living in fear of losing their jobs. layoffs threatened. many have no way to get to work without public transit. entire lines are shut down with no plan to restore them. m.t.a. has squandered massive amounts of money on failed capital projects. meanwhile members of public are fearful of returning to public transit. and the environmental costs of return to private-vehicle travel could last generations. i think real questions persist about how and if public transit is going to bounce back during this pandemic and beyond. and all this is occurring while private corporations are eager to kick muni when it's down and
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realize their long stated objective of moving people off public transit and into private vehicles. amidst that, i think it's paramount that folks serving on the m.t.a. have at minimum some transportation experience. i want to admit that manny has candidly acknowledged his lack of experience in transit, but brings other skills to the table. so i believe, he may be right on all those fronts. if he is seated, i will do what i can to support him. if he's on the commission. but i just think right now, more than ever, having some demonstrated commitment to public transit, to vision zero. these are essential things as m.t.a. leads the way in charting the future of transportation in san francisco. and you know, since i've joined
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the board, colleagues, i've really tried to make public transit a priority and i just think the need for leadership from the m.t.a. board has only grown in this time. we need m.t.a. board members that have a bold vision, have experience, have a demonstrated commitment to robust transportation systems, to transit equity in our most marginalized communities. i want to acknowledge and appreciate the latinx leaders who reached out, both in support and opposition, to manny's appointment. i want to echo the comments from my colleagues around the importance of latinx representation on the m.t.a. board. it is a serious problem that the m.t.a. board right now lacks any latinx representation and it's encouraging to hear from so many colleagues the commitment to doing our part to change that. it is my sincere hope that the next appointee, whether for this seat or another is a member of the latinx community with a
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demonstrated commitment to transit. so, colleagues, the bottom line for me is this. i'm impressed with manny's work, i like manny, but i will not be voting in support of the appointment to the m.t.a. board. i look forward to working with him if he takes a seat on the m.t.a. board to fight for transit equity and vision zero. thank you. >> supervisor walton: thank you, president yee, and colleagues, i just want to start off by saying it is 100% disheartening and a travesty that we do not have latino representation on the san francisco m.t.a. board of directors. that is problematic and that is something that we will continue to fight to make sure that it changes. like always, i will do everything i can to make sure that the latino community is represented in all areas of leadership here in san francisco. with that said, i do think and feel that manny is a good choice
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for the sfmta board of directors. i will be supporting him, but i'm supporting him also knowing that i'm going to do everything in my power, along with my colleagues, to make sure that sfmta board of directors is represented with a latino representation as soon as possible. and we'll be working hard in pushing. >> president yee: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. president. colleagues. i'm not sure why we're all referring to the nominee by his first name. i don't remember any other time when such a thing has happened, but apparently he is familiar to many of us. but i just wanted to state that for the record. and i, too, hold the individual in high regard and know him for a number of years. actually back when he was involved in politics in the contested city and county of san
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francisco election. but i want to start in a little bit of a different way. i think there is a representative here from the sfmta who used to be a latinx commissioner on said body is now employee of said body. is mr. ramos available? >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for calling on me. >> supervisor peskin: i want to start with some pretty self-evident questions which we know the answers to. but i think it's important to say this on the record. both within the realm of having diverse representation on this body, but also with the realm of law, which is to start with at a very high level, how many commissioners does the sfmta commission have?
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>> the sfmta board of directors, there are seven seats available on that board. >> supervisor peskin: and how many of those are currently occupied? >> there are five occupied right now with these two seats available. >> supervisor peskin: right. and what are the expiration dates for the balance of the seats? >> my recollection is that the next available seat would probably be available in march of 2022, when director brinkman's appointment is expired, if i'm not mistaken. >> supervisor peskin: i think you're right, mr. ramos. and relative to the two seat qualifications that are before us today pursuant to the charter, which i think i -- i authored a part of it in 2007
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with proposition a and there was iteration with proposition e. what are the seat qualifications? by the way, if you don't feel comfortable answering that, deputy city attorney pearson is ready to answer that as well. >> i have an idea of what the qualifications are, but i think that the aim of the body is to make sure that we do have a diverse representation of folks from various constituents. i could guess what they were based on my recollection. i'm not prepared to offer, you know, accurate information that i can feel confident. i do remember that things were like, they want experience from the transit advocate. somebody who represents small businesses. senior, people with disability. those kinds of things. the goal is to have a good representation of all the
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various constituencies in san francisco. >> supervisor peskin: deputy city attorney pearson, if you can speak to the seat qualifications, requirements, pursuant to the charter as to items -- well, this item is 10. i don't think we called 11 yet. as to this item that the aforementioned individual has been nominated by the mayor for? >> deputy city attorney ann pearson. the charter sets forth the qualifications for the members of the m.t.a. board. at least four of the directors must be regular riders of the m.t.a. each director -- >> not the m.t.a.,y. >> i'm sorry, muni. fields of government, finance, or labor relations. at least two of the directors most possess significant knowledge of or experience in the field of public transportation. i don't know if there are
3:41 am
already two members who fulfill that requirement as having expertise in public transportation, before whether that expertise has yet to be filled. >> supervisor peskin: is a representative of the mayor's office here who can speak to the requirements pursuant to the charter that have just been set forth as to how all of those seats are being filled pursuant to the requirements of the charter? in other words, as this particular seat is that a muni rider with expertise in finance, what -- what does that particular seat fill? and i would not call on the deputy city attorney. i would call on the mayor's office for that. >> thank you, supervisor. i do not have that information at my finger tips.
3:42 am
i am very happy to quickly get it and come right back to you. >> supervisor peskin: okay. mr. president, i would like to move on, or i would like to suggest that while ms. kitler is making sure that this nomination is actually pursuant to the requirements of the charter that we come back to this item so that would be my respectful suggestion, mr. president. >> president yee: i will honor that request. i see, i will give supervisor mar an opportunity to speak. >> supervisor mar: thank you, president yee. i did want to just state, like all of you, i struggled with this. even before it came before the rules committee several weeks ago and we started hearing concerns raised by leaders in the latinx community about the lack of representation on the m.t.a. board. i think like many, i agree that
3:43 am
mr. yekutiel is very qualified applicant. and he brings a lot of capable leadership abilities. he is broadly supported by a wide range of stakeholders. most importantly, he's very connected to the representative of the small business community in the city. and i would agree that is a very high priority to ensure that the small business community does have a voice in representation on the m.t.a. board. and i do appreciate all the conversations, the communication that i have and many of you have had with leaders of the latinx community. and agree with supervisor fewer and everyone else that this should be a high priority for us as a board, really the mayor's office, to ensure that latinx
3:44 am
community, you know, is prioritized in appointments to the m.t.a. board. also, i think it's been brought to our attention through the communication with the leaders in the latinx community about the lack of representation in the high levels of leadership in management in sfmta staffing. so i think that's another very important issue that needs to be addressed. so, yeah, again, i'm supportive of this appointment of mr. yekutiel to the m.t.a. board. >> president yee: supervisor peskin, did you want to speak again? >> supervisor peskin: i do, mr. president. i do want to just actually follow up on supervisor mar's comments. i don't want to put mr. ramos on the spot, but i think that while representation on the governing body is profoundly important and should be reflective of the diversity of our city, that
3:45 am
leadership where most of the decisions are made is actually as important or more important. and so i would like to ask mr. ramos and i say this looking at a letter dated on new year's eve from the latinx leadership in san francisco, that has a hierarchy chart that would seem to indicate that the top levels and the subtop levels of this transportation agency do not have a proportionate share of latinx leadership. and i don't even see mr. ramos' name in this, even though he is my go-to guy at that agency. can you address that? not to put you on the spot. >> yes.
3:46 am
i believe that director tumlin and the agency as a whole has acknowledged the disparities in representation from the latinx community within the m.t.a. we have a strategy in motion to address this issue particularly as we speak towards leadership. both on the board and obviously within the executive leadership. and thanks to so much advocacy on the part of this board and human rights commission and the advocacy of some of the community leaders, it's been brought front and center to director tumlin's awareness and he's fully committed. as early as yesterday, he was meeting with latinx affinity group to talk about shortcomings that are pointed out by that letter. so, yes. there certainly is acknowledgment there needs to be
3:47 am
more diverse representation within the agency. >> supervisor peskin: relative to the population, i think the latinx community is about 15% of san francisco. but relative to ridership, do you have that number? >> the ridership numbers are higher. i think they're something like 30 -- if not higher than 30%. i can't remember exactly, but 30% is a number that comes to mind off the top of my head. >> supervisor peskin: so, yeah, i mean that seems like a pretty good argument for why there should be representation, not only in the staff leadership, but in the governance body, right? i mean it's not just 15%, it's really relative to the consumer, sounds like close to a third. and the asian population would be probably almost half. so, mr. president, i am sorry, but if ms. kitler is not ready
3:48 am
to respond to the charter law questions, i -- oh. >> president yee: ms. kitler, you're muted. >> thank you, president yee. i just wanted to clarify quickly that i understand your question, you're asking what mr. yekutiel's qualifications were as far as governance, finance or transportation, right? not how other commissioners fit into those qualifications? >> supervisor peskin: so through the president to the representative of the mayor, given the description of the criteria for how this board should be nominated and approved by the board of supervisors, nominated by a mayor and approved by a board of supervisors, i'm trying to figure out whether or not -- not only these two seats, but the
3:49 am
other five seats collectively, because if you heard what we heard from ms. pearson, it's kind of a broad range of things. so it's not just this individual nominee meet the seat, but does the entire commission meet the criteria collectively? >> understood. so if this does not answer your question, let me know. director heminger has significant experience in finance and government. commissioner -- director ethan and brinkman have experience in transportation -- public transport. and director borden, significant experience in government. and how nominees yekutiel and heinz fit into that, our thinking in why we put their
3:50 am
names forward, their experienced on commissions, which we can observe part of government and bringing community process to government is important aspects of that and the ability to build the coalitions and make sure the coalitions are represented in government, as well as their individual experience, both with the small business community. not to speak for him, but mr. yekutiel has been very engaged in aspects of sfmta that are not public transport specifically. i realize that is not the named qualification, but we think is relevant. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. ms. pearson, can you direct this body to the actual language -- and i am now looking for the appropriate charter section for collectively read. >> sure, it's section 8a, 102 of
3:51 am
the charter. subsection a, the second paragraph. it starts with -- >> supervisor peskin: hold on. my computer is slow. >> 8a.102. at least four of the directors must be regular riders of the municipal railway. the directors, so each one of them must possess significant knowledge or experience in one or more of the fields of government, finance or labor relations. and at least two of the directors must possess significant knowledge, or professional experience in the field of public transportation. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madame deputy city attorney. mr. president, i turn it back over to you. >> president yee: okay. i was going to make a comment on some of the comments you made, but i think supervisor fewer
3:52 am
will probably say the same thing, so supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. i'll be short. colleagues, i couldn't resist actually making a comment about this is why we need the office of racial equity. this is why we have held every single department sitting on racial equity reports and internal facing and external facing. i just wanted to say this is a perfect example of why we need the office of racial equity. and you know, i know a lot of people first said we didn't need one, but this is the type of conversation we shouldn't be needing to have, quite frankly, because once we're aware of this and act on it, i think the questions we're asking today can be easily answered once we have the reports done. but you know, i think this is why we are talking today is
3:53 am
about racial equity and representation. and thank you to mr. ramos for actually saying they're doing an internal look at that. thank you, president yee for the time. >> president yee: thank you, supervisor fewer. i was right [laughter]. you know, i'm really glad to hear that the board members that are remaining will make sure that moving forward as you probably remember, almost all of the appointments that i had the privilege to make as president of the board of supervisors have been my attempt to rebalance or balance the sort of ethic makeup of the commission that i was able to appoint to. it's not to say that ethnicity is the only thing, but ethnicity
3:54 am
is one layer and in every group i know, whether it's latinx, black, asian, api, white, there are qualified people for the position and you just have to be open to actually looking for those people, rather than just give it a casual attempt and say, you know, there is nobody qualified from that group. which i've heard all my life. they were qualified to do these positions. i will be supporting mr. yekutiel for the commission. and it's a lot easier hearing what my colleagues have said about their commitment to ensure there is a latinx person in our next appointment.
3:55 am
so let's go ahead and take the role. >> clerk: on item 10, supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye. >> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: no. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> clerk: can you repeat that? >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: no. there are nine ayes and two nos with supervisor fewer and preston in the dissent.
3:56 am
>> president yee: 9-2 vote, the motion is approved. madame clerk, item 11. >> item 11 is motion to approve the mayor's nomination for appointment to the municipal transportation agency board of directors for fiona hinze for a term ending march 1, 2024. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: thank you, president yee. i just wanted to commend fiona for putting her name in for this position and her public service. i know fiona from being on the school site council together at washington high school. i just want to say i worked with her throughout my term of supervisor and in my district. i wanted to congratulate her and also the mayor on this appointee. i think she will serve the m.t.a. very well and all of us in san francisco. congratulations, fiona. >> president yee: ditto that.
3:57 am
i worked with her quite a bit with the seniors and disabilities folks. and she's amazing in terms of her activity and how she gets involved and she commits fully to things that she is involved with. and the perspective she brings in is valuable to the commission. i will fully support her. roll call, please. >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye. >> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye. >> supervisor mandelman: aye.
3:58 am
>> supervisor mar: aye. >> supervisor peskin: aye. >> supervisor preston: aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay, without objection, the motion is approved. madame clerk, let's go to item 12. >> clerk: item 12 is motion to' appoint marc brandt and kisai henriquez to the bicycle advisory committee. roll call please. >> supervisor ronen: aye. >> supervisor safai: aye. >> supervisor stefani: aye. >> supervisor walton: aye. >> president yee: aye. >> supervisor fewer: aye. >> supervisor haney: aye.
3:59 am
>> supervisor mandelman: aye. [please stand by] [please stand by]
4:00 am
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: the motion is approved. next item. >> clerk: item 14 is a possession to appoint mary claire amable to the south market community planning committee. >> president yee: roll call please. [roll call vote]
4:01 am
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. motion is approved unanimously. let's go to item 15. >> clerk: item 15, was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday january 4, 2021. was forwarded as a committee report. item 15 is the resolution to retroactively grant permission to a-z300 grant llc to occupy and maintain pairers and -- pavs
4:02 am
and beverages fronting 300 grant avenue. effective november 16, 2020 and adopt ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings. >> president yee: call the roll. >> clerk: [roll call vote]
4:03 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: let's go to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: first up to introduce new business is supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, today i have two items. the first item is legislation to address fraudulent abuse of the city's building permit system. several recent cases perpetrated by department of building inspections were repeated violations, triggered me to hold a hearing in november 2020 to hear about d.b.i. permit practices and to draft this legislation. i called for that hearing with supervisors peskin and haney and the three of rus us are sponsorg this legislation today. the history of fraud correction in our permitting practices is
4:04 am
long and ugly. at times there's caught in the spotlight have been d.b.i. staff and management and other times, it's been developers and contractors and consultants who are seeking permit approval. in may 2020, a structural engineer was arrested bethe fbi and charged with bank fraud. the city attorney already had a pending civil complaint against him. that suit was amended this year as well as charges of forgery. in another case in my district, i've been working with the city attorney and city department to resolve a project that was permitted for new construction but then went ahead and built 30. creating immediate concerns about house and fire dangers for occupants in the neighborhood. just over a year ago, a project cost the city $1.2 million to
4:05 am
settle civil suit. after months complaints from the neighbors with serious and justified concerns about damage to their homes foundations and more. these examples are unfortunately the tip of a deep iceberg. demonstrates disregard for city laws and repeated wrong doing by developers and contractors. with no measures in place to stop them is absurd. that continues to happen that d.b.i. has taken a passive response to defend the integrity of the code. it is critical that we take action to enact clear regulations to ensure implementation of enforcement, regular reporting and public accountability. my legislation creates an expanded compliance control list of parties, or projects associated with three or more serious violations.
4:06 am
d.b.i. will be required to report any license professional to the state licensing board and any new permit application associated with a project on the will will be subject to expanded compliance control measures that will ensure elevated scrutiny. the legislation requires d.b.i. control list on their website and provide regular reports that the building inspections commission. lastly the legislation establishes standard for internal staff accountability through training and guidance. i can't think of a more fitting way to greet the new year at city hall to launch a new day of open and transparent and ethical government. i hope that along with this recovery, this will be new 2021. i want to give a very special thanks to my chief of staff for her incredible work on the hearing and now on this
4:07 am
legislation to d.b.i. policy and legislative affairs liaison, who's input help to shape the legislation to city attorney and guidance. i know there's a lot of work to do to clean up city permitting processes. we need to make them more accessible and transparent. right now the procedures are overly complex for small projects. i know that many colleagues expressed similar concerns. i'm hopeful that we are reaching a point where at the moment and commitments are in place to change the current system to make expediters irrelevant. i look forward to passing this legislation and to improve and
4:08 am
simplify our permit system. secondly, i am introducing a hearing request and asking that it be sent to the joint select committee. in the early stages of the pandemic, san francisco and other counties across the state require the immediate closure schools to slow the spread of coronavirus in the community. school districts and educators across the state stepped and adapted to the challenges of the school closures by shifting to online distance learning. even with innovative distance learning measures, the covid-19 school disruptions have adverse effect on k through 12 learning and overall student well-being. the school closures have cut student learning time limiting educators to provide their usual level of support, diminished opportunities for students to develop their social and
4:09 am
emotional skills and increased race of -- the disproportionate impacts of covid-19 on the black and latino, asian park islander and including higher rate of job loss have exacerbated. sin the time line when students will be allowed to return to in-person instruction remains open and unclear, it is critical that the city partner with sfusd. i'm continuing you're continuing to hear the horror story. i'm worried about the well-being of young people in san francisco. i'm calling a hearing to discuss how the school district is expanding the availability of social and emotional support for
4:10 am
students and families by taking inventory of the existing social and emotional support program available to district families under distance learning and identify specific unmet needs or gaps in the capacity of these programs. the need to fund additional school social worker positions to work with families, to increase community school coordinators, etcetera. now we know there's no end in sight to start reopening at least elementary schools, we cannot just continue to leave families struggling and hurting on their own. there's not enough support systems in place through the school district. it's time for us to look at how we can intervene and help with this situation and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you supervisor
4:11 am
ronen. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you colleagues. first of all, happy new year. i know this is something we're looking forward to putting 2020 behind us. supervisor ronen talked about, there's been lot of sad things we've had to deal with. hopefully this is to a healthy and safe new year. i have two items today. first of which, i think upbeat tone. where we would like to build on the resolution that the board sent to sfusd urging them to provide a more comprehensive return to school plan. i think that was an important message. we certainly don't have power nor do we want to have power over the unified school district. we do have the power to support and we do have the power to
4:12 am
support activity that foster community relationships. i'm introducing a resolution today that urges the board to work with the san francisco unified district by providing resources if allowable under the current health order to be allowed for their families relatedly to graduation. like to work with the joint school committee, select committee. we've had conversations with the department of human rights commission, public health, school board, school board members themselves, sfusd student advisory board and parent advisory council, how we can work with them to come up with an item i listed allowable under the health order that would allow for and support seniors in their 2021 year. i can't even imagine being a
4:13 am
senior this year and not being able to participate in any activity. it could include helping with yearbook. it could include helping with rings and jackets, if it help includes student athlete to prepare for admission on athletic scholarships. there's a whole host of things we can provide some help and support for. even small portion of resources to support class of 2021 so they can properly transition and conclude their secondary education. that's one resolution. today, i'm requesting a hearing to analyze the city's crime rates and possible loopholes in system failures for people on parole. county probation, federal probation and pretrial diversion. as many of you and all of you aware, we lost two people loves
4:14 am
on new year's eve by an individual that was on parole. we're not going to go into details of that active criminal case, it was very glaring evident there was multiple system failures that could have possibly prevented this tragedy. we need to have a real conversation about substance abuse and as it relates to the criminal justice system and it's usually a primary factor in many of the tragic events that we encounter. we will dive into the issues with the goal creating legislation or system adjustment and helping with the loopholes that will be revealed during this hearing. i have reached out to our district attorney to let him know that this is a conversation that we need to have publicly. i have also reached out to and very, very, proud to have a new
4:15 am
staff member on my team who brings extensive experience from adult probation system. we're going to work with the police department, the sheriff's department, district attorney, california department of corrections and rehabilitation and probation to really dive into this conversation and look at how we can adjust and what system failures happened, what system failures need to be adjusted and how we can ultimately correct the system. the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you supervisor safai. supervisor stefani.
4:16 am
>> supervisor stefani: i'm introducing a letter including district attorney, chief of police, sheriff, chief of juvenile probation and chief of adult probation. we heard the tragic story of the two women, who were killed by a driver during a hit-and-run incident on new year's eve. the suspect in that case, who is now been charge charged chargedh manslaughter have been arrested at least six times since april of last year for serious charges. including auto theft and firearms. since the incident, there have been several rival accounts what happened and a significant amount of finger pointing regarding which law enforcement agency bears responsibility. the bottom line is this. elizabeth platte and hanukkah abe should be alive today and the system failed them.
4:17 am
five days later, neither i nor the public has a clear view of what exactly went wrong in this case and we all deserve to know. unfortunately, this tragedy is not an isolated incident. last summer, a 19-year-old city college student was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. one of the sa assailants in that case was arrested on more than 10 firearms charges before being released. on december 20th, the san francisco police department reported arresting an individual for felony, motor vehicle theft. on december 29th, the department reported arresting another individual for burglary who was wearing a deactivated ankle bracelet during the incident. there has been far too many of these stories and far too few
4:18 am
clear answers. about exactly what policies are in place or who's responsible when incidents like this occur. i think it is unacceptable for any of our departments to be pointing fingers rather than taking responsibility and that's especially true for our departments responsible for san franciscan's health and safety. it's a shame on our city that hanukkah abe's mother is arriving from japan today and has to mourn her daughter under cloud of doubt and misinformation. in this letter, i'm asking all our public safety agencies to provide statistics and policies on the following. what happened when an individual on parole is charged with a new crime? how often individuals are rearrested and what happens when individuals are rearrested for crimes like burglary, motor
4:19 am
vehicle theft, arson and drug sales. how many arrests are for individuals who reside out of our county? how are counties working with neighboring jurisdictions in those instances? incidents like these and the inability to clearly explain what happened and most importantly, to prevent similar tragedies from taking place in the future, it erodes the public trust. it jeopardizes the lives and livelihoods of residents. we have a lot of work to do to instill confidence in our public safety system. most responsible for violence in our city, must be held accountable to the fullest extenextent of the law. it is my hope that the information received in response to this letter and the hearings
4:20 am
will create a forum to begin rebuilding that trust and ensuring public safety for all. i want to thank supervisor mandelman for cosponsoring the hearing and thank you supervisor safai for your hearing request and the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin, did you have a point of information? your hand is raised? >> supervisor peskin: i do not have point of information. that is an old chat. >> clerk: okay, thank you. supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: i appreciate this call for public safety from colleague. i called for division zero for homicide and violent crimes. the board unanimously support.
4:21 am
i had 20 homicides in my district in 2020. i have been outcrying about this violence and homicides for a long time. i would hope that people value all lives, the same way. this is something that is important for all of us to keep people safe in our communities. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. mr. president? >> president yee: thank you, madam clerk. i want to make a comment that i wanted to actually cosponsor like a bunch the stuff guys are introducing today. i realized that madam clerk, reminded me that -- [indiscernible] at least what i heard so far, thank you for all the thought that you're putting into the types of things you're
4:22 am
introducing today. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. supervisor fewer? i'm happy not to cosponsor any of the hearings. one last thing to everyone. happy new year everyone. >> clerk: thank you supervisor fewer. supervisor haney? submit. >> clerk: supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: i have asked to be out of the cosponsor. this hearing is necessary. it's necessary because two women are dead who did not have to die. we need to understand what happened and how. it's necessary because we need to understand this is tragedy is an isolated one or if it's one that reflect broader policy and
4:23 am
administrative failures. we must ask the uncomfortable questions and be willing to pursue those questions when they lead to uncomfortable places. there's no more important job for government than to keep our people safe. for many years now, decades really, the city has been engaged in work that i believe in and remain committed to. reexamining how government provide safety to make it more equitable, less racist, more restorative and rewha rewhat bi. san francisco today is a far safer place than it was when i was growing up here several decades ago. over the last year, i have been hearing from constituents who feel it is becoming less safe. colleagues, we proceed at our
4:24 am
peril if our people come to believe that reform and safety is incompatible. our policymakers is not to announce reforms, to set it and forget it. rather to ensure implementation in a way that makes the public their. i look forward to having this important conversation with the public safety partners and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: submit. >> clerk: supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. colleagues. i would like to call a special board meeting so that president yee and budget chair fewer can
4:25 am
attend on friday morning at 9:0. that was a joke. colleagues, today, in consultation with supervisor stefani. [laughter] i'm introducing a resolution to initiate landmark designation of the d.a. mural at 800 chestnut street. the san francisco art institute. a property that is already subject to landmark designation status. landmark number 85 that was adopted in 1987 with the votes supervisor diane feinstein and nine colleagues. while there's an argument that existing designation for
4:26 am
chestnut street, would subject the murals to landmark designation. there's some legal question around that and as to whether or not a permit or certificate will be required for the alteration removal or demolition for this artwork that is internal to the property. i think that piece of san francisco's artisti artistic des its own landmark status. i've been in there dozens if not close to hundred times. you don't need any convincing.
4:27 am
colleagues, let work together with the san francisco art institute and board of regents at the university of california that bought their debt. may be some of their greatest art student graduates that include others and chart a path towards their solvency and include their faculty and representatives that are represented by opeiu and their students alumni and the neighbors that supervisor stefani and i share. there's a little dispute, we're getting to the bottom of that. it should be our prerogative to ensure that the mural the remain at 800 chestnut facility and
4:28 am
remain open to the public. i like to journal today judy young. she was born in chinatown, shared bathroom and kitchen. her father was a junior janitor, her kids were referred to by a number or -- brothers and sisters referred to by a number. judy was called number five. as a librarian working in chinatown in the nearly 1970s,
4:29 am
ms. young discovered a major hole in their collection and scholarship in general. i like to adjourn the board meeting in her memory and the rest, madam clerk and outgoing president and outgoing budget chair, submit. >> president yee: madam clerk, i want to second that.
4:30 am
she actually was a pioneer paving the road for many more publications after she got started. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. >> i like to be added? >> president yee: make a motion to have it come to the entire board? >> second. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. last on introductions is supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you. colleagues, today i am introducing a resolution urging the california regents to postpone their consideration of the proposed ucsf expansion. it's scheduled to be heard at this month's regents meeting. at our last meeting, colleagues,
4:31 am
i called for a hearing before this body on the proposed expansion plan as well as the m.o.u. between planning department and ucsf. since our last meeting, just days ago, a draft m.o.u. has been released publicly. it has been presented and reported on by the local media as if it were a done deal. i want to say that is not how i see it. i believe the city can and must do better than what's presented in the draft m.o.u. my initial conversations with stakeholders since the m.o.u. was released, some very serious concerns have emerged about whether the draft m.o.u. even satisfies the basic commitment
4:32 am
by ucsf to mitigate to not exacerbate existing issues. the housing commitment within the m.o.u. appears to not satisfy the demand. likewise the transit investments appears inadequate to accommodate thousands new riders on the already burdened when they return to be burden again and judah, the 43 line and the 6 lines that run right through the campus. also given that this entire proposal by ucsf commitments between ucsf and the community serious questions have been raised by advocates regarding enforceability. those need to be addressed too.
4:33 am
my offices called for hearing on both the expansion plan and the terms the m.o.u. scheduled and thank you chair peskin for the land use and transportation committee meeting that's coming up next week on january 11th. which time we will explore more thoroughly, the issues in the m.o.u. and the overall plan. we'll hear the perspective of ucsf, the mayor's office, the planning director who all negotiated the tentative deal. we're continuing to hear from advocates and neighbors and welcome any input regarding this project from the public. what is clear, colleagues, given the concerns expressed on the terms m.o.u. as well as the inability for the public to even see the text of this very significant m.o.u. until just a few days ago. the obvious limits on outreach
4:34 am
given the pandemic and the current surge. what is clear, the plan is not ready to be considered by the california regents in a matter of weeks. therefore, the resolution urges the regents to move the date from regular scheduled january meeting to march meeting to allow public adequate time to consider the merits of the proposed m.o.u. and the project overall. the rest i submit. >> clerk: okay, thank you supervisor preston. seeing no names on the roster, mr. president, that concludes the introduction of new business. let's go to public comment at this point. you're muted. >> clerk: thank you mr. president.
4:35 am
apologies. at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes your general public comment. if you watching on channel 26, there's a signal delay. when you are ready to provide public comment, you must turn down your television and listen to your touch phone. you can listen t proceedings to provide public comment. the telephone number is scrolling across your screen, 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d meeting. just begin speaking your comment. you'll have two minutes to provide your testimony. we do have an interpreter standing by. i will ask that they just jump in and assist any of the callers with interpretation once they
4:36 am
hear their language. let's take the first caller. welcome caller. >> hello. thank you for let me me speak. this is my first time. i'm nervous. my name is max, i'm 25-year-old resident in district 6. please excuse my frustration. regard lack of oversight abuse and neglect in social services -- [indiscernible] -- i'm
4:37 am
dealing with pain where -- [indiscernible].
4:38 am
in my experience, i'm judged on substance abuse history. my struggle to maintain good hygiene in he current health, my level of education, my age, when i'm treated like a child and even race, i'm suffering to struggle because i have white skin. i have physical health that is compromised and i have ptsd from history of trauma. >> clerk: next caller please. >> i want to wish good luck to supervisor fewer and nor man yee. supervisor fewer, i have respect
4:39 am
for you. my point was, during the lafco meeting, you asked the m.t.a. taxi question about the viability of the medallion program. at this point, they haven't sold the medallion in almost five years. i'm hoping still to get some resolution to this issue. i wanted to use my time to first wish sandra fewer for her service. i'm sure her successor will do a fantastic job. as for norman yee you did wonderful job as president as board of supervisors. you treated everybody equally. you treated all sides fairly. i want to thank you for your
4:40 am
time. last, i want to echo supervisor stefani's comments. it was horrible for what happened to those two women on new year's eve. it's important that we get to the bottom to how this individual was able to be set free and be out on the streets. manslaughter is not strong enough. it was negligent and it was deliberate. to get in the car and steal it and then drive wrecklessly on city streets. please, i urge you to work with law enforcement to prevent this thing from happening again. >> we have six people on the phone listening.
4:41 am
no more in the queue. if there is anybody else who like to provide public comment, please dial star 3 now to line up to speak. mr. president, -- is there anyone else on the line? >> yes, we have one additional caller. >> hello. >> i just have a couple of quick things about m.t.a. we feel like it's a an arbitrar. when they built the condo side, they included the area of the permit and came to the parking
4:42 am
garage. i like the community to be more aware. for example, on saturday -- [indiscernible]. i don't like they took away the parking we did have. they gave 24 hours, 7 days a week for loading zone for nothing that's there. it's like a empty place a
4:43 am
backdoor to a park. you need to have a loading zone. then across the street -- [indiscernible] >> clerk: thank you caller. is there another caller? >> that completes the queue. >> clerk: mr. president? >> president yee: seeing no other speakers. public comment is now closed. let's call for the adoption of all committee reference, agenda
4:44 am
items 18-27. >> clerk: okay. item 18-27 were introduced for adoption without committee reference, a unanimous vote is required for adoption of resolutions on first reading today. otherwise any member may require resolution on first reading to go to committee. >> supervisor peskin: mr. president i like to take out items 18, 19, 22, 25 and 26. i can repeat that slowly if you like, sir. >> president yee: i got it. you say 18, 19, 22, 25 and 26. >> supervisor walton: thank you. i will recommend that we send items 18 and 19 to committee. [laughter]
4:45 am
>> second. >> supervisor walton: i rescind my recommendation. >> i rescind my recommendation. >> supervisor fewer: i like to sever item number 27. >> president yee: so for the remainder of the items, roll call for 20, 21, 23 and 24. >> clerk: on item 20, 21, 23 and 24. [roll call vote] safai is absent.
4:46 am
[roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: move the resolutions are passed. adopted. i want to skip 18 and 19 for now and just go to item 22 first. >> clerk: item 22, resolution to commend and honor matthew goudeau for his 20 years with
4:47 am
distinguished service with the city. >> supervisor peskin: thank you mr. president. i have no idea where mr. goudeau is going this time. i like to be added as a cosponsor. i expect him to come back. >> president yee: okay. supervisor safai? >> supervisor peskin: i want to say in all seriousness, mr. goudeau, who went to texas for a while and came back, has done most every job in this government and done it incredibly well and wherever he's going, i hope he comes back
4:48 am
soon. >> president yee: safai? >> supervisor safai: i wanted to be added as a cosponsor. i didn't know if supervisor mandelman would say nice things about matthew. i'll say, very quickly, it's been an honor to watch him over the last 20 years, serve the city in so many different capacity. i hope he does return to serve the citizens of san francisco. i think he has had a distinguished career here in the city. it's been a pleasure to serve and work with him in all his multiple capacities. thank you. >> president yee: supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: i want to say few words with matthew. i had the pleasure of working with matthew for well over a decade. i cannot express my gratitude for all he's done in public service. it's hard to believe that it's
4:49 am
20 years. he's been great every time i had to reach out to him about anything. when i was the county clerk, i worked on a project trying to get a plaque in the county clerk hallway to commemorate gay marriage. he was so wonderful and always so helpful and hilarious and so funny. i missed him as a district 2 resident. i know he's in district 8 now. matthew, good luck in all your future endeavors and just been a joy working with you. >> supervisor mandelman: in pre-covid times we probably would have had in him board chamber and said invite him and
4:50 am
given him flowers. as a sad thing about covid, we are no longer able to do that to people who meant so much south city. i thought we sneak this in and get a little resolution done for matthew. i think it's lovely that people wanted to acknowledge him and thank him for his service. matthew you will continue to do great things for the world. thanks everybody. >> president yee: roll call? >> clerk: on item 22. [roll call vote]
4:51 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay the resolution is adopted. let's call item 25. >> clerk: a resolution to support california state assembly bill number 15 and 16 introduced on december 7, 2020 by dave chu will extend eviction protections through december 31, 2021 and establish framework for financial support to ensure long-term stability for renters, small landlords and affordable housing providers, protect tenants during the public health
4:52 am
crises to ensure equitable broadly shared recovery. >> president yee: i wanted to be added as a cosponsor on this resolution. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you president yee. i want to apologize, make a motion to correct page 3 line 11, remove letter t after the word be. and be it and rather than not bet it. this is not a betting matter. i like to remove that t. i would also after discussions with supervisor preston, who i believe has a motion to amend which i discussed with the legislative sponsor, my predecessor assembly member
4:53 am
chiu, i will defer to supervisor preston to make that amendment. i like to correct that typo. >> president yee: is there a second? >> supervisor preston: second. >> president yee: on motion to correct the typo. >> clerk: on amendment to item 25 as stated. [roll call vote].
4:54 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: motion chiu amendment passes. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. thank you president yee. i want to thank assembly member chiu and thank you supervisor peskin for authoring the resolution before us to put the city and san francisco on record to support the efforts. this has been obviously an incredibly challenging time for our city. i don't know that we've gotten every aspect of our covid response right, i am proud of the work we've done collectively to date to shut done evictions during this pandemic both the
4:55 am
mayor and this board have come together as a city to collectively stand up against displacement. the conversation in sacramento, by contrast, has been less unified. we know that there are and will continue to be negotiations on ab15, ab16, which is why the resolution before us is so important getting cities it across the state and appreciate supervisor peskin's leadership on that. we also need to make sure that our city can continue to create rules that solve the problems locally. that's why i'm proposing a friendly amendment to the resolution to urge that ab15 be amended to remove any preemption of local tenant protection during the pandemic. this will provide cities like san francisco, if we wish to
4:56 am
provide protections above and beyond what the state authorize to tailor our laws that. on page 3 lines it 12-14, to add the phrase san francisco -- thank you again supervisor peskin for working with my office and being so open to this amendment and continuing to keep open communications with assembly member chiu. >> second. >> president yee: this is second. supervisor ronen on the amendment. >> supervisor ronen: i wanted to
4:57 am
be asked to be added as a cosponsor. >> president yee: supervisor walton? >> supervisor walton: thank you, i need to rescind the vote for item 23. >> president yee: okay. we'll take that into consideration. on the motion to amend. >> clerk: on the motion to amend item 25. [roll call vote]
4:58 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: motion to amend passes. take the roll on the amended item. >> clerk: on item 25 twice amended. [roll call vote]
4:59 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: resolution is amended. passes. supervisor walton, i believe you wanted to rescind 23? >> supervisor walton: thank you so much president yee. i had some amendments i did send around to all my colleagues. they are not substantive. we want to make sure we put them on record. i apologize for not severing items. >> supervisor peskin: second. i'll second the motion to rescind. >> president yee: madam clerk. >> clerk: on the motion to rescind item 23. [roll call vote].
5:00 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: motion to rescind passes. >> supervisor walton: thank you so much general president yee. colleagues, i wanted to introduce two minor amendments to the resolution. i want to thank my colleagues, supervisors haney, ronen and preston and stefani for cosponsoring. i like to thank for working with this resolution.
5:01 am
line 3 changing at least 12 locations to at least 40 locationses align with the definition of retail establishment in san francisco. the second one is on page 3 line 19 and 20, adding, grocery stores in are considered formula retail establishment to the result cause, clarify this resolution is for large chain grocery stores and not small mom and pop grocery stores. i wanted to make sure that was very clear in the resolution. i would hope that we could accept these amendments. >> president yee: is there a second? >> supervisor fewer: second. >> supervisor mandelman: i wanted to ask to be added as cosponsor. >> supervisor safai: i have a question for the importance.
5:02 am
i'll wait on my question after we accept the amendment. >> president yee: i'll think about it? [laughter] roll call on the amendment. >> clerk: on item 23 and the title is urging grocery stores to provide all employees an additional $5 per hour in hazard pay. on item 23. [roll call vote] there are 11
5:03 am
ayes. >> president yee: motion to amend passes. >> supervisor safai: i wanted to thank supervisor walton for putting this forward along with the respected labor union. i want to say on the record, it was reported today that safeway will replacing its delivery workers with doordash. they're going from having full-time employees to independent workers as part of their delivery system. it's one of the things we talked about in this covid crises. way to ensure that we're expanding job opportunities for those in need, helping seniors and families that can't get out the grocery stores, looking to have good paying jobs. it's something that's been touted by corporations like safeway for them to turn around and change that over to
5:04 am
independent delivery drivers and using doordash as was reported today. i think it's unconscionable during these times. thiit does show a true commitmet for this corporation to use the full-time employees. if doordash is taking advantage of this opportunity, that's not appropriate behavior in these economic times. doordash is using this as way to expand their footprint and displace full-time workers, that's not appropriate action. i wanted to say i'm happy to be a cosponsor of this. it's directed at large formula retail that have the ability to pay during this time hazard, crises but to take actions like
5:05 am
replacing full-time workers is not the appropriate move. >> supervisor peskin: i too, like to be added as a cosponsor. although, with no offense to supervisor safai, i think this is abhorrent behavior by doordash. >> supervisor safai: i misspoke. i meant that it was a point of behavior that was intended to displace full-time workers. sorry to cut you off. >> supervisor peskin: please list me. >> president yee: please list me as cosponsor also. go ahead and call roll on the amended resolution. >> clerk: on item 23 as amended. [roll call vote].
5:06 am
>> supervisor fewer: please add me as cosponsor. >> clerk: will do. [roll call vote]. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: resolution is amended approved. let's go to item number 26. >> clerk: item 26 is a motion to appoint grant nash colfax medical doctor to the position of health officer for the city
5:07 am
and county of san francisco. >> supervisor peskin: thank you mr. president. as we are all very aware now getting on to 11 months almost a year in the pandemic, we have chief health officer that historically over decades with the same position as the head of the department of public health. those two positions were separated when a non-doctor became head of the department of public health. our previous public health director, mr. robert garcia, assumed that position has chief health officer as he also head of population health. he has recently departed to work for the state of california or he will do great work on the eve of the vaccine being
5:08 am
disseminated and we have one of the few appointees that is before this board together with -- the clerk of the board in a bigger capacity head of the san francisco county transportation authority. i think or thought, i think think still think that we could merge those two positions. which will have a robust public policy conversation. we are under no time frames that interim position is now under the very capable hands of dr. susan philip, who we heard from in our last meeting. supervisor walton suggested that we have a public discussion of that, may be a committee of the
5:09 am
whole on the eve of transition on the board. on friday we'll gain two new colleagues. we're all very excited about. i like to, mr. president, make a motion to continue this item and then depending on the will of the new board, either have it be heard by committee or committee of the whole. we can figure that out later. we're under no heavy time constraint. i like to make a motion to continue this item. >> second. >> president yee: roll call please. >> clerk: we're talking continue it to january 12th? >> supervisor peskin: no. i like to send it to committee. >> clerk: okay. >> supervisor peskin: sorry, i said both things. i like to send it to committee whether or not that is a committee, or committee of the whole.
5:10 am
>> second. >> president yee: roll call please. >> clerk: okay. on the motion to send to committee we'll work with the president where it will rest before it's determined if it's specific committee or a committee of the whole. [roll call vote].
5:11 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: the motion to send it to committee passes. let's call item 27. >> clerk: item 27 is a motion to concur actions taken by the mayor in the 22nd supplement to the proclamation of emergency to meet the ongoing local emergency related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. >> supervisor fewer: the reason i pulled this item for discussion is because this is about the racial equity action plan that are required of every department. providing an extension up to 30 days. i have a question on which department have yet to actually -- are requesting an extension have yet to submit their plans? is there anyone in the mayor's
5:12 am
office that can answer that question? >> thank you supervisor fewer through the president. to my knowledge, before the requested extensions department of public health, homelessness and d.p.w., two brought theirs to the commission. there's a public version of that. they are working to incorporate those edits into their plans that it feedback they got from commission. as you know, the executive order require that only they can demonstrate they have been impacted by this most recent covid surge. not the pandemic in general. >> supervisor fewer: okay. i'm thinking, my concern was
5:13 am
that, there were many departments that had not submitted the plan. i wanted to commend the department for the compliance. i know that this is the first time doing it. it's been difficult process. i'm thrill to hear that it is only for departments. these departments who had a heavy load during covid-19. that is only reason that i pulled this item. >> president yee: roll call please. >> clerk: just to the members, we are loading all of those reports that have been submitted to the department of the board into the comment folder. those are large documents. i'm not sure if that job is complete. your offices will be able to access those reports from the shared drive. okay. on item 27, [roll call vote].
5:14 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: the motion to approve passes. let's go back to items 18 and 19. please call both together. >> clerk: item 18 is a resolution to commend and honor
5:15 am
supervisor nor man yee for distinguished service to the city and county of san francisco and president and member of the san francisco board of supervisors. item 19, resolution to commend and honor supervisors sandra lee fewer for her service to san francisco and her venerable service as a member of san francisco board of supervisors. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> i think i severed this, but go ahead. >> president yee: yes. >> supervisor peskin: sorry to do the rules thing. president yee, colleagues and madam clerk and members of the public, i wish we can be gathered in the board's chambers.
5:16 am
i will be brief, i will try to be brief and succinct. norman, you have really become a role model i think to many of us and to me for sure. i rarely say things like that. it's totally true. always thoughtful, caring and sometimes emotional. you and i go quite ways back. i won't address the obvious your legislative leadership legacy i'll just say this. for couple of decades, as a north beach chinatown person, i was rivetted on that basketball
5:17 am
team photo of you that -- it might actually still hang up in the chinese rec center, photo of you writ that chinese kid. you looked tough and little bit scary. you assured me that you were the peacemaker. we go back to children services days when you transformed that nonprofit into an early childhood education power house that it is today. that job, really everything that you done along the way with kathy, particularly all that travel and most importantly, securing the title, prepared you
5:18 am
for this one. in so far as you -- i was looking at quotes of yours on the internet. you had a quote that said that your background helped expose to trauma. you said when you were first elected and it remains absolutely true to this day, i will work with anybody, whatever people need. i played that role. i'm not here to compete.
5:19 am
i'm not walking the city hall like i'm going to wheel and deal. i will not shy away. you have not shied away. i've been in some pretty exciting and challenging meetings and delegate negotiations where you resided with the mayor, labor, advocates, other electives. you always kept everybody focused on the job. never allowed yourself or anyone else to be disrespected. that's a leader. either by luck or skill, hired and mentored some of the most incredible staff, mostly women, that i've had the pleasure working with in city hall and recruited people who share your values. i think that speaks volumes.
5:20 am
norman, as i start my 14th out of last 21 years as a member of this usually not always, body, as of end of this week, 39 members of this board, five mayors and five board presiden presidents, you're the best president that i served with. thanks norman. >> president yee: [indiscernible >> supervisor peskin: job well done sir. i will say few things about supervisor fewer if i may, sir. i'll try to be brief again. it's pretty hard to encapsulate everything in a few words. let me just start by saying
5:21 am
that, sandra lee fewer and her husband are true friends. i really can't express enough the impact that sandy and john and her family have had on my life in public service. i'm not sure sandy, if you and john just love to campaign or you're so darn good at it, frankly you two campaigned hard for me in 2015 than i did.
5:22 am
the second you walked in my office, which is now supervisor safais office years ago, i instantly say your drive, your wisdom, your fearlessness and most importantly, your realness. i think if i recall, i endorsed you on the spot and later on begged you to run for district 1, begged you to run for budgetary. you never disappointed even when you're chewing me out and yelling at me and talking smack behind by back. most of the time it was well deserved. you keep it real. your compassion for community across racial and ethnic lines is legendary and reminds me many of ways of the power house that
5:23 am
hope elect me in 2015, late great rose pack. you don't just care about your district, you care about the city at large and never forgotten chinatown. we are only as good as our staff. both you and supervisor yee, have absolutely phenomenal staff. i like to thank them too and shot out not all of them but
5:24 am
your chiefs. there was a lot more to say. to the two of you, thank you both, jobs well done. >> president yee: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much. i will say that i had put my name on the roster to sever this item before you. it was buried in between the two items. i went faster than the item being put up. i just had to have a stickler there to get you back. >> president yee: can i rescind? [laughter] >> supervisor ronen: to the public that's listening, the way
5:25 am
that this board work, it's a combination of 11 different people with different backgrounds, different experience, different passions that come together and do our best to work as a whole. every time that colleagues leave the board, i guess this anxiety and fear, who is going to protect seniors and small children and pedestrians. who's going to fight for communities of color and racial equity and tenant rights. i always get so afraid because, starting with you, president yee, your work in those areas, is nothing less than extraordinary. you have spent your entire career on early childhood education. it is the determining factor in
5:26 am
most people's lives for the rest of their lives. it is so crucially important and there are so few experts that end up going into public policy and become elected officials. you stand above and apart from that. it's someone that i admired for very long time. i certainly will be calling you and relying on you still for those issues that are extremely important to me as well. i want to thank you so much for your extraordinary work. to have broken the mold being a man that's leading in that field, it's something that i
5:27 am
respect and admire more than i can say. i want to say, i said this to you privately, there's only one vote that i ever regretted that i taken on this board. that was when you and i ran against each other for board president and then someone rescinded the vote to all vote, to be able to vote again for those who didn't vote for you. to vote. i didn't vote for you on that second round. that's something that i have regretted because i believe that you have been an excellent board president. i just appreciate all work that you put in to this job and done it in such an even candid way. thank you so much to you, president yee. i'm going to miss you a lot. supervisor fewer. you and i came into this together. you me and i kimberly, ran
5:28 am
together. the three of us. three women in different districts running rough campaigns, having you by my side during that first race, which was tough, was incredible. it made me feel stronger. then starting this job together with you, was such a joy and especially in those early days. we worked on so many things together, raising the wages for home care workers, so many budget fights. so many projects that you and i just see eye-to-eye on. then, we didn't work as closely together for a while. just recently getting to partner with you again on fighting together to getting schools back open. making sure kids are okay during
5:29 am
this horrible time and horrible tragedy. [please stand by]
5:30 am
>> i've watched quite fearlessly particularly for our youngest residents and worked hard to make sure that early childhood educators received parity in pay. they are the most cherished, but they do not get the credit or the compensation that they deserve for looking after our young people. you fought for years to make sure that that pay equity gets closer and closer as we try to
5:31 am
close that gap. you have reached out for advice and have provided advice on several different issues. and you have led with class. you are very measured in our approach, but you also know how to hold people accountable and let people know when you have an issue. i want to again just remember how important our work was togeth together. just working with you is a treat. you have a leadership policy that is calming. i'm looking forward to having
5:32 am
the ability to reach out for advice and checking in on something we both share and that's how your grandchildren and family is doing. enjoy your family until your heart is content. and i want to thank your entire office for making the work for the entire force easier. thank you. >> supervisor fewer. >> i hope it's appropriate and okay for me to call you sandy for purposes of this statement. but this is actually the second time i have had to say goodbye or so long to you after serving together on the body for only two years. you know, our original meetings
5:33 am
[indiscernible] still never supported any of my runs. however, when we started to serve together and you immediately became a mentor and a colleague. when i started to run for the board of supervisors, i immediately endorsed and it meant so much to me. when you and i were fighting against t.f.a., pushing through all the districts, my respect has always been and remains. i've seen you work hard for all district franchise communities and keeping the status quo every step of the way. you've taken steps by going against the grain and it's been
5:34 am
great to work with you. although we do not always agree, i know that your heart and your focus guides your decision-making. i also always know that you work for the roles that they are responsible. as budget chair, you are fearless and equitable and you make a hard job look easier than it is [indiscernible] -- i do wish that we did have more time to serve together. i know that we have not seen the last of the focused supervisor fewer. i wish you and your entire family the best in your future. i do hope in the near future i receive the opportunity to take more of your cooking, as it has
5:35 am
brought me pleasure over the last few years and i want to thank you for sharing the opportunity to taste your food because it is amazing. i will see you soon and you are blessed and i wish you the best in your next journey. >> sandy and norman, it's been just such an incredible honor and so much fun usually serving with you on the board on the west side and making sure that the chinese community have a strong voice on this committee in the city. sandy, your big-hearted authentic presence will be sorely missed on this body.
5:36 am
we want to thank you first for your deep commitment and advocacy for racial equity and justice. this is clearly core to who you are and everything you've done on the board. especially in your work as budget committee chair, along with your leadership in the ground-breaking office of racial equity. last year, you know, with the covid pandemic worsening, long-standing racial disparities and the systemic racism and the killing of george floyd, you have made sure that your values have been a guiding principles on many related crises over the past year. i want to lift up your advocacy
5:37 am
for affordable housing. proposition e and a which included equity due in large part to your advocacy. i want to add that we're starting to see the real and significant impact of your leadership in the sunset district in our first two 100% affordable housing developments, one for educators and the other for low-income families. just on a personal level, sandy, i want to thank you for being my big sister to the north just across golden gate park and all the mentoring you have offered me. we've been friends and comrades in the struggle for many years before serving on the board for
5:38 am
many years. i want to thank you for your friendship as you step back from this environment and to spend more quality time with john and the family. norm, you will be sorely missed as well. thank you so much for thoughtfully and skillfully leading the board as our president these past two years, but especially during the extremely challenging past year in tapping everyone's talents. in your capable leadership, managing the board and working effectively with mayor breed has been key to responding to the pandemic and the related crises over the past year with the overall success. you've been a tremendous leader on so many issues which you moved legislation on in your final year. i just wanted to acknowledge what i think others have touched
5:39 am
on which is what you've been most recognized and will be remembered for, the most consistent, prolific and impactful champion for our oldest and youngest community members. this includes your strong advocacy for senior housing and ensuring that affordable housing is affordable for low-income seniors and ensuring an affordab affordab affordable housing in your district. i want to lift up your leadership on pedestrian safety issue for drafting the vision zero policy and task force and just continuously pushing the city and sfmta to make sure the city is safe and taking every traffic fatality personally based on your experience.
5:40 am
here in the sunshine we're seeing the real impact of your strong advocacy for safety. following the resolution you implemented, we engaged with sfmta to implement and install daylight improvements at many intersections in my district. finally on a personal level, i want to thank you for all the support and guidance you've provided me over these past few years as my big brother to the south. going back to my community organizer moments when i first met you, being someone so driven to public service and the needs of our most vulnerable community members, rather than ego and
5:41 am
personal ambition. thank you so much for your work and your shift to family and look forward to seeing you around in the neighborhoods, both of you, sandy and norman. >> thank you. supervisor haney. >> i want to thank you for leading this board with incredible fairness and integrity over the last few years. this was, especially this year, undoubtedly one of the most challenging years our city as faced. you put the best foot forward in being the mayor and bringing us together. it's hard to imagine a board not led by you, president yee, and it's surreal to think we will
5:42 am
choose a new president on friday. the way that you balanced everything and kept everything calm and cool reflected of what a president should be of this board. in many ways, it was reflective of your experience and deep commitment to the city and its people. i remember the first time i sat down with you, i heard stories of seeking endorsements and having conversations about endorsements. i came out to your district and had a conversation when i was running for school board in 2012 and you were running for supervisor at the time. when i was talking about some of my priorities, i made the huge mistake of referring to it as preschool and you immediately interrupted me that it's early education. i never made that mistake again. for you it wasn't the words. it was about the respect and the
5:43 am
reverence and the dignity that you have for our youngest children and the importance of early education. and i will never in fact -- in fact, i have now corrected people if they say preschool, i say early education. in so many ways you have brought that dignity to what we do and the importance to what we do. i want to appreciate you for expressing emotion when emotion is warranted. one of the things that actually i find frustrating about the board of supervisors which is different from the board of education is we often are a bit more stiff in this usually chamber. when something is traumatic, when something is awful, when somebody has died, it deserves to have an emotional response. so the very human moments that have taken place on our board i
5:44 am
will often associate with you and these moments on our board. kudos to you after many decades of service to say i need to have some time for myself and my family. you have contributed so much, especially to children and family. i know i got to serve with you as a supervisor, but i think of you as a school board supervisor. i got to see how fiercely you fought for our kids. nothing got by you, nothing. when i think about how -- and many of us have the both of you learning what a public servant
5:45 am
looked like and how they stood up to people who are vulnerable, stood up to the powerful and asked the tough questions and demanded accountability, i saw that first in you. i remember first to supervisor waldon, you didn't endorse me when i was running and you pulled me aside. you said, matt, you may win and i want to support you, but i'm worried because you don't talk enough about race and racial equity, and that's what i want you to do. i remember you telling me that and it had an impact on me, especially as i went into the school board and i had the opportunity to work with you and fight alongside of you for racial justice and racial equity in our school district. when i got on the school board, you were the first person who worked out and said, i want you
5:46 am
to work with me on this issue. we worked on a local hire in our district. you had been somebody who had a mentor, who is a role model, who is an amazing, supportive colleague. you invite over and have the food and baked the food for our retreats. i feel blessed to have served with you. as others have said, we haven't always agreed, but you have helped us all be the people that we are and you have made such a tremendous impact on our city. i'm grateful to be able to see it. congratulations to you and john and your family to be able to enjoy the next phase of your life and we'll miss you. thank you for everything.
5:47 am
>> i will try not to repeat what so many of the board has said. i have only had the pleasure of serving with you for over a year and now you are going. i want to thank you, president yee, for your leadership as board president, especially during this year. i think all of us have extra challenges just with what the city and the nation has been dealt with this year. your leadership, calmness, and integrity is everything that is done as a leader. i appreciate it myself and i'm
5:48 am
sure everyone on the board. i remember when i took office and sometimes it's the little things, grabbing coffee with you. i realize i saw you in the newspapers and probably lobbied you for a vote here and there and never really gotten to know you. it was really a pleasure to have more insight into your incredible history in the city, your deep roots here and really what a lifetime of service looks like. as others have noted with a focus on folks who are often forgotten, which are seniors and the youngest residents. i think one thing that i have seen and gained an impression in serving with you over the last year is the extent to which your advocacy is really a model in how comprehensive it is. there is nothing about your work
5:49 am
that is about grabbing a headline, grabbing a particular news cycle, election cycle, whatever it is. if you look at any area of your work, what is reflected is years and years of advocacy. i saw this in both your work around child care and education and advocacy for families spanning your time on the school board and your time before politics your time on the board going to the ballot leading the legislative efforts. such a comprehensive approach to leading an issue that's making this city family friendly in a way that it isn't. you have worked to make it and to resist that and to make this a more family friendly place and that's a huge part of your legacy. and i know a lot of us are
5:50 am
committed to carrying on. it's similar in your vision zero work. it's similar to commenting on the streets, it's difficult to establishing the vision zero task force, is working on the daylighting issuing that others have referenced that is helping to found the families for safe streets group. there is a comprehensive nature to the way you approach issues that i have found insteyring and i think is a model for how to be a leader, especially over time, and appreciate your lifetime of service. supervisor fewer, i want to thank you for your tireless work and as the director said for always centering racial justice, i think your work is part of that, but much broader and deeper. as supervisor haney recounted, i
5:51 am
have similar discussions of centralizing racial inequity in our discussion. i also -- and other folks have highlighted different aspects of your work. i want to comment on the extent to which so many things you have led on the board are really big-picture visionary issues that require transformative thinking. for me as the affordable housing advocate, seeing how you took the issues, something that a decade ago was so controversial just as an idea. and then in your time on the board, working so closely with advocates got it to the point where it was unanimous list accepted and has become a model certainly on the west coast and
5:52 am
perhaps nationally and something that i hope we can continue to expand on. your vision on affordable has been remarkable and consistent and a shoutout to your amazing staff. folks have mentioned chelsea's incredible budget work. i want to mention ian's work on the agenda and pushing that through at the board. another thing that i think is a real visionary part of your work and i feel like you were just getting started and i know you will be so missed on this is the public bank work. i think years from now when we have a public bank in san francisco and we've looked back on that, your partnership with the public bank coalition in not just pushing for state law
5:53 am
changes will be remembered as one of the most significant aspects of your work on the board of supervisors and i'm looking to that coalition to make sure your work continues. finally, others have mentioned it, but i want to say as a supervisor who began last year going through my first budget process here at the board, which can be very challenging thing to do, i and my staff were challenged in the pandemic and to somehow take the priorities of 11 supervisors.
5:54 am
to make sure that in bad budget times that the things that matter most to everyone on this board may not have been fully funded but were valued and were part of the budget that emerged. that is a remarkable achievement. i know from others that you've done that before. i've only experienced it once and probably in the worst budget cycle in many years, though you're leaving just before it might get worse. i wish you all the best in your next steps and we're grateful to have had your leadership and experience. >> i will be brief.
5:55 am
it was said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those in the dawn of life, the children. those in the twilight of life, the elderly, and those in the shadow of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped. the line which is dated, but the sentiments perfectly describe what this is about. you've become a friend. you have been an amazing colleague and an amazing president and i think have demonstrated that a person can be kind and strong at the same time. so it has just been a tremendous honor to work with you and i'm going to miss you a lot, president yee.
5:56 am
chair fewer, you're terrifying. [laughter] [please stand by]
5:57 am
>> you always are open to hearing from people who have concerns and always thinking about whether the things that you are proposing and promoting and advancing can actually be done. i really appreciate bringing those two things together. i'm going to miss you so much. i think the two of you, there's little age difference. you do kind of both come from -- represent a piece of san francisco at a time that remarkable how both of you on the board at the same time is a real gift for the city. thank you both for your service and your friendship and i hope you will call me and tell me if
5:58 am
i'm doing something wrong and if you have any good ideas. >> president yee: thank you. >> supervisor safai: i want to say a few words. to supervisor fewer, i know things have been bumpy. i have to say, though, it doesn't mean i haven't enjoyed so many phone conversations with you. you've given such great advice not just with regard to work but life. i enjoyed the laughter, you make me laugh. i missed that, actually a lot. i admire you. i admire you so much. you done so much good that it will have lasting impact on so many people. with the office of racial equity, it was brilliant when it started. it's going to make a difference. that's why you got into public
5:59 am
service. i love that we've had -- we shared a border and we worked together on issues, pedestrian safety and closing the streets during the pandemic and other issues as well. i picture you and john on that double motorcycle riding away to some fun times while we all stay here and try to get along. i want you to know that i will miss you. i have really enjoyed the fun times we've had together. i thank you for that. i wish you the best of luck. i hope you will have lot of funnel. hopefully you can travel somewhere soon. to president yee, i'm going to miss you so much. i think someone asked me, what's the difference between being a legislative and a supervisor? one of the greatest things about
6:00 am
going from aid to supervisor is that i got to get to know you so much better as a colleague. i felt always, so kind, so approachable, so loving really. that emotion supervisor and knee talk -- haney, i couldn't help tear up either. i'm going to miss that. you led us all well. i wish you great times with your grandchildren. thank you. thank you both for what you done for children in the city for education. for supervisor fewer too, just
6:01 am
moved by your resolution to get these schools open and again, another reason why i admire you. president yee, your vision and for early childhood education. i want you both to know that i have valued and i have appreciated and i feel lucky to have been able to work with both of you. i learned a lot from both of you. thank you for your service. i wish you the happiest times ahead. thank you. >> president yee: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you president yee. i will start with you. i want to say, i want to thank you personally from the bottom of my heart for constantly being a guide and mentor around the
6:02 am
issue of child care and early education and being suchal fierce advocate for that. i always found you someone it look to as a model. you never hold grudges. even when people might have perceive to wrong you. i see you as a genuinely kind, humble, good person. there's not a lot of people in politics that you can say that about. i'm not trying to be funny either. i'm being truthful. it's genuine. you know, you have a quiet confidence. you're someone that doesn't always look to gain recognition, that doesn't do things for headlines, that doesn't do
6:03 am
things to get publicity but you do things and you choose issues and you choose items that you genuinely believe in, that your heart is behind and that you truly have dedicated yourself and your life to. one of the things that enjoyed about serving with you for the past four years, which was it was on committees together or working on legislation together, when you put your mind to something, when you committed to something, whether it was money for our schools, whether it was balboa reservoir project. when you put your mind to something, you saw it to the end. few people have said, as we go into our next era and you're pasting the gavel to the next board president, you set a tone and you set a desire and an example that people should shoot
6:04 am
toward. i was proud to support you as our board president. i think you came in at at a very important time. our city had lost first its chinese american mayor unexpectedly. you stepped up. whenever you were called upon to lead and speak and be an example for your community, you there have been there. i truly appreciate it. you know how to salsa better than almost anybody i know. it's pretty amazing. i toolly enjoy serving with you. i will carry as much as possible a torch and fight for early child care in any way that i can and follow your example.
6:05 am
supervisor fewer. i'm thinking back on the night that supervisor cohen was on the way out. you called her a bully. i thought to myself, whoa, that's pretty funny. supervisor fewer, you're a bully too. you know what, you're a fierce, tireless, unforgiving, unrelentless bully for all the right issues. you're a gentle and kind bully. i enjoyed serving with you for the past four years. watched you fight for equity like no other. saw you fight during the budget process and people were not necessarily looking forward to going in and asking for anything. it was out of the realm of possibility. you set the bar really high in that regard. i really appreciated you as a
6:06 am
colleague. i have enjoyed serving with you. i was genuinely surprised that you chose not to run for reelection. it takes a lot of confidence and humility to pass the torch. you have done that to our incoming colleague, supervisor-elect chen. i know you will be there to guide her in any way that you can. i think it's also -- i want to point out, i think it's also really interesting that both colleagues today, president yee and supervisor fewer are children of chinese hospital. they are the children of chinatown. what that has meant for this city. important history and legacy. both of you have been fierce advocates for your community and chinatown in particular. we will do everything we can to carry on that torch.
6:07 am
thank you. >> president yee: thank you. right now what i like to do is ask our madam clerk -- if she will make a comment or presentation or whatever you want to do. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. you leave board o board of supes for eight years. supervisor fewer gave us four solid years. you were two kindred spirits and you came to us with similar experience under your belt. you deserve special mention as the members described but also for your behind the scenes work on behalf of the department. it is in this respect, that i offer my thanks on behalf of the office of the clerk of the
6:08 am
board. by the time you both assumed the two most powerful positions this organization has to offer, the board president and the budget chair, you were already seeing your members for some time. you both have a strong sense of -- strong common sense. your values of public service and what that means to your center, to your compass and i believe this really distinguishes ability and character and judgment to be able to handle the span of control of your duties to have the resolve in the face of risks, pressure and the temptations that come along with the power and authority that is vested in these positions. above all else, what you sought, your quest for meaning whenever we would meet mr. president, supervisor fewer, the first principle was always your sense of duty, your devotion to the
6:09 am
department and to the city. i always saw you keep the focus on the goal of the puzzles that were before you, the problems and never once did i ever see put yourself at the center or look any self-aggrandizement. it is with that good spirit in and mind that your staff has written underlining resolution contained in items 18 and 19. i want to thank your respective board aids for their hustle to provide the language to us and to assist us in gaining the member signatures along with my staff. you may have by now, admired the framed and engrossed resolutions on your desk. this was produced by our operation deputy, he had the great assistance from lot of the clerk staff, none more so --
6:10 am
this resolution of commendation has been signed by every member of the board. board of supervisors and as the members thank you for leading us, i also thank you for the impression that you have left us as you've taken on the role as board president and budget chair and i think you should feel very proud for your many accomplishments, the reputation that will precede you will be mature, diplomatic. you will be dearly missed. supervisor fewer,ly stop there. we will miss you. i'm sure we'll continue to speak with you ongoing. to the president, mr. president
6:11 am
the caliber of your leadership of this department for your wisdom, you hired the best board aids who continue to propel things forward for this department. each of them had the imperative to be the best they could be, precise, organized and responsive. the department was well run under your leadership. in honor of your term, we are prepared for you the outgoing president plaque, you've been very steadying force this body point department and board. your calming demeanor will be missinged. you will be remembered. thank you, sir. congratulations on your retirement from this department and thank you so much for your good work both to you and supervisor fewer. >> president yee: thank you very much. thank you for signing.
6:12 am
i like to turn it over to my kindred spirit, supervisor fewer, chair fewer of the budget committee. would you like to say a few words? >> supervisor fewer: i like to say a few words about you. you and i sort of go way back. i think that i was working at -- i remember how hard you worked. i wanted to say ever since then, i think that we've had such a close relationship. i was so glad to support you and your running for school board and really support you also when you're running for supervisor. after having worked with you on
6:13 am
two boards and having worked under you, actually, when you were were president at the board of education and also president now board of supervisors, i've been honored to work under your mentorship and leadership. you have been personally a mentor to me. i think most people, i don't know most people know, before i ran for school board, president yee invited me to coffee. asked me if to run for office. the same thing happened about supervisor chiu. you saw potential in me that i didn't see potential in myself. i was afraid to do it. i think that you encouraged me in every step the way, you have been a mentor in this guiding light. i come to you many times. norman what do you think about this and that.
6:14 am
it's always so pragmatic and sound, your judgment. i seen you work on this board, collaboratively with all of our colleagues and also with the mayor's office, which is sometimes difficult. actually doing it so well. i have to say, among your many accolades, housing bond that now my district have 99 units affordable senior housing. i remember doing the budget, oh my god, we're going to get that money. yet, didn't compromise into the very last moment but won it for our early educators. they have such respect for you. it is no small feat to pass it.
6:15 am
this tenacity, this sort of courage, this integrity and leadership. it is so rare. it is so rare in politics, i think. i think it should be called out and it should be highlighted. it is not only that. i have to say, i am astounded that you were able to delve housing at the city college reservoir. they were talking about housing then. i know, i think supervisor mar would agree, if we were to build a 1000 units of housing in our neighborhood, oh my god. i don't know it would happen. it would be incredible. but this vision and this tenacity to stay on and doing
6:16 am
it, i have to say it's remarkable. not only that, i think you have been the supporter of the progressive vote here on the board. you have judged things from your heart and said it's just the right thing to do. then you just do it. i always admired that you're able to take these votes and sometimes it very hard votes and then you're done. you don't let it bother you, you don't go back on it. you make up your mind. you use your moral compass to make those decisions. that also, president yee is very rare. the fact that you're able to herd 11 of us together and serve us so well as board president, i want to say thank you. i know that we will be friends for a long time. we were friends before. i think that your grandchildren
6:17 am
are so lucky. you're like the perfect grandfather. i wish you and kathy much, much happiness in your long retirement together. i want to say that, it has been a pleasure and an honor to watch you work. this humbleness and just humility. i think it should be model for future presidents of the board whoever that may be. i want to thank you for being such a kind friend to me. i hope that when covid thing relax, i can have you over for dinner. i love to cook a meal for you.
6:18 am
you have cooked many meals for me norman. i like to say to my colleagues. look, i know that as supervisor mandelman said, lot of people -- i think that i do have sort of -- [indiscernible] my son say mom, your bombastic style. after he said it, i was like what are you talking about. it is true. am i an easy person to work with? not all the time. am i transparent? absolutely. do i speak my mind? kind of all the time. do i offend people? yes i do. when i catch myself, i don't have a problem apologizing.
6:19 am
i think i should never offend anyone. i know that my style is pretty tough. i think most of you are probably thinking. she's retiring, she's going to be home all the time with the poor guy. li want to thank you for the honor of working with all of you. i think the work that we have done together has been outstanding. i think the work that we have done together has been phenomenal we have served city and county of san francisco very well. this is not an easy job. it's a difficult job. it's a job that we wish we had more tools to work with. it is what it is. i want to say that we all get into this job for a different reason. you can kind of see from supervisors in it votes what they bring forth, what is really important to them and what speaks to them.
6:20 am
i want to say thank you for everything that we've done together. thank you for being partner so much lot of legislation that i have opposed. i want to thank the clerk's office for my god, especially this year during budget. thank goodness. for them and thank you for all the support.
6:21 am
i want to thank them for making my job as budget chair so much easier and guiding me as someone who didn't know what i was doing. i want to thank the mayor's office also. mayor and i don't agree all the time on ideology. we can kind of go at it. we agree lot of times to disagree. i think that she and i have really forged a friendship. through those arguments and disagreements we have come to agreement on many things. i want to thank her for partnership and partnership of her budget staff. they've been so helpful.
6:22 am
i know most people run for two terms i think there's been lot of speculation that sandra will leave the city. i want to set the record straight. i'm a fourth generation chinese-american. my father was born in san francisco 1900. i have raised my family here, my children are fifth generation san franciscan, i have lived in the richmond. this is a district that has raised me and my children and my husband and this is the district i hope that the coroner will pull me out of my home on 22nd ofavenue. i want to say, i have been
6:23 am
blessed and everyday i thank the stars that i have a wonderful family that i have a wonderful staff. this isn't a job that i particularly like doing, i think everybody knows, i kind of made it clear, i think. but the saddest feeling that i have is leaving my staff. this is people that i will forever love. people that i have real respect for, the work that they do is excellent. they have produced legislation that i didn't ever think we could do. it was groundbreaking and i do think that it sets the foundation for a better society. some of the legislation may have passed, it's being looked at by
6:24 am
the state. our office of racial equity has authored, crafted -- state now looking at an office of racial equity. people say i love the work that you're doing in the district, they don't love me. they love angelina. she's the backbone. she's the face of my office in my district. so hard working, so kind and so humble. this young woman and so skilled. i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. i couldn't have done it without them. i want to say that, i never have a dream to be a supervisor.
6:25 am
i always had the dream to be a parent, to be a mother and indeed for the 19 years of my life, i was sta stay-at-home mo. my three children, i feel like are wonderful people and probably my proudest accomplishments. i love them dearly. i also had a dream to be happy and to live a long life for somebody wh. to my partner, john fewer, i want to say, i'm glad we have made this choice together. not to run for another term because i think at our age, time is running out. we only have a short time left to be with each other. i want to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity. especially to my constituents
6:26 am
and residents and city and county of san francisco. thank you for giving me this opportunity. i will say colleagues, in closing, i think we'll have a couple of rough years. this year will be tough and the year after will be tough. i have faith and trust in you that you will leave the city with a moral compass knowing that government must work for the most marginalized and the most needy in our city. thank you, colleagues. stay well, be well and always. >> president yee: thank you supervisor fewer. boy. [laughter] i want to take that
6:27 am
opportunity to really thank a lot of people. ly start off with the city staff. i think this past year has really shown me the dedication of the different departments i had a chance to work with during this pandemic. i want to say that it's really city staff that keeps the city running. to the department of emergency management director, thank you for stepping up and managing. setting up the command center to address covid-19 while dealing with all the bad air quality issues. to the department of public health director, grant colfax
6:28 am
and health officer, thank you for making the hard choices to keep our residents safe. you've been stellar. you've been working overtime. just amazing. it's been a pleasure to work with deputy city attorney. thank you for your guidance.
6:29 am
thank you for working so diligently to keep our people in particular the seniors during this pandemic.
6:30 am
to sfmta, thank you for the work and to make variety of pedestrians safety improvements in district as muc 7 and througe city. i know you'll continue to do more work. to the department of children youth and families director, it's been a pleasure working with you to improve services for our children and youth especially during the pandemic. it was great to see programs expansion, using additional funding i was able to secure with our reauthorization of the children's fund ballot initiative.
6:31 am
to the office early education director, thank you for taking sure expansion in the child care and education services and the implementation of the teacher stipend program. i'm glad office of early education has resources to access the program. to my board members, to my colleagues on the board, thank you for allowing me to serve as board president for the last two years. this gave me an opportunity to work with you for me to
6:32 am
understand your individual priorities. even before covid-19, during my first year as presidency, we were passing many pieces of meaningful legislation and implementing new programs and holding departments accountable. over the past two years, it has been a tumultuous time. since january 2019, when i became the president, san francisco had a rosy economy and rosy economy was humming at the time. we just finished a process for us to determine who would be the mayor and to lead us into the future.
6:33 am
we were talking about major transit projects and transportation along marcus street. when city started announcing delays in projects in 2019, it was only at the beginning of the bad news. then, 2020 happened. once news hit in january about the corruption scandal surrounding our department heads, we start to get a sense that the scandals will rock city government and that we needed to brace for that. we continue to the investigations. during -- of course covid-19 hit february and march and rocked the city again. it rocked the entire world.
6:34 am
city need to act swiftly. should or should we not close down businesses or other services. what is essential and what is not. how do we strengthen our healthcare system as we saw in other cities and countries. what's going to happen in businesses and economy.
6:35 am
this is not the time to squabble over lesser decisions when people lives are at stake. i'm really proud of all the members on the board of supervisors for coming together and really working together with the executive branch to address many of these issues. again, i want to thank each and every one of you for showing the leadership that the city needed and continue to need throughout this pandemic. just few words for each
6:36 am
individual, supervisor preston, you've been on the board for one year. it's evident your tenacity and efficacy on tenant right protections that will carry you through in many years you'll be serving on board of supervisors. that, i think, the city should be thankful for. supervisor mar, you bring the services such as city college and classes into into the district when there was no services. your ongoing you're always fighting for earners. i thank you for that perspective. supervisor haney, you bring attention to have d.p.w. to
6:37 am
clean our streets and to actually come up with a structure to have more oversight of the department itself. thank you for that. i think the city residents will benefit immensely as we move towards that commission that have brought for us. then your fighting for the homeless population, just goes -- it's never going to be forgotten. supervisor walton, i want to thank you for working on the charter amendment.
6:38 am
your fight will lead california into the right direction. thank you for doing that. you are saving lives in the long run. supervisor stefani, one of the things i admire, you stand up to the gun lobbyist. you always fighting for gun safety. you will always be there in the forefront. it's really good to know that
6:39 am
you will be there while fighting for these issues. certainly you got to do it at the local level. i'm hoping you will take it to the national level one day. supervisor safai, i really want to thank you for stepping up and during the pandemic and fighting for getting $1 million donation to really support the family child care providers. you took a risk. you said that we have a lot of rvs that are filling the streets. you took the risk and said, no, let's put some in your district.
6:40 am
your fight for affordable housing is commendable. most of us trying to fight more affordable housing in all districts in san francisco. supervisor ronen, your work and partnership with supervisor haney on mental health is just unbelieval. we will have a partnership with mayor breed to really make this happen to bringing services that are needed in san francisco in regards to mental health services.
6:41 am
you fought really hard battle. it was something i was sure you would win in this battle. certainly, you won and it will pay off for residents across san francisco. saying enough is enough. we need affordable housing. thank you very much for that. supervisor mandelman, your focus on several issues, in particular wanting to make sure that small businesses survive in their city. small businesses that make up the san francisco culture. you've been so active own the economic recovery task force.
6:42 am
really shows it wasn't just lip service. you were leading most of the discussions that i saw. thank you for that. i appreciate your sensitivity towards mental health services for our most needed. thank you for partnering a fight to supporting to needs. supervisor peskin, you know, i give you the title -- you can have the title if you will, you can be the senior member of the board of supervisors. [laughter] more than one way. you're such a strong supporter. i want to thank you for, in
6:43 am
addition to you react quickly when things need to improve on streets in chinatown for pedestrian safety. it's really showing if terms what's coming out of the committee. your fight to respond in terms of what needs to happen, you and other colleagues fight for the hotel room and also for your focus on bringing attention to our s.r.o. and protecting them. thank you for that.
6:44 am
supervisor fewer, yo you mean so much in many ways. i have to mention that. you've been great. i'm looking forward to the day when we can share a great meal again. it's nice to know that you and i come from the same roots and being born in a chinese hospital. we became board members, there has been nobody elected on the
6:45 am
board of supervisors that came from chinese hospital. i'm not sure, i believe, there's been nobody that were elected to the board of education born in chinese hospital. that's something that we share and maybe that's why the passion that you have and passion i have are very similar in how we really fight for our community. we're talking about so many that's so focused on the things that you care about, that i care about. things like racial equity, social equity. there's nobody that can claim that they can -- people do care about it, i seen over not only this past four years but also with my four years that overlap of you on the board of education. it's been really consistent in
6:46 am
terms what you care about and what you fight for and the reasons why you fight for these things. you know that without those equity, people that have not have been able to get their fair share, their shake in life, will never get it -- [indiscernible]. thank you for that.
6:47 am
that's what characterizes you. somebody that does things. somebody that takes action. all of us will appreciate that forever. sometimes i hear from people from your district. they tell people from my district. people from my district say, supervisor fewer doing this, why can't you. i better follow suit, otherwise i will never hear end of it from my own district.
6:48 am
you fought really hard to have some money from the affordable housing fund. thank you very much for that. you really are a gift to san francisco. you heard lot of good things spoken about you today. may be after few years of enjoying john and family and you will reconsider and run again. you're somebody that have not reached the end of what you can
6:49 am
give to the city. thank you very much. i look forward to at least sharing some food and some wine with you. i love drinking wine with you. you don't drink wine. i get most of it. thank you very much. i don't want leave not saying thank you to my staff. having great staff is the difference in the system. i really cannot agree for that more. i look around and some of the things that many of you have done and many and myself. it was so staff-driven.
6:50 am
not knowing much about land use, to have him as a coach and to have him as a staff to push things forward, he was instrumental in helping me think out how do i get people to compromise and get this whole
6:51 am
issue done. everybody says forget it. nobody will compromise. sometimes you're able to do it and pass that bill where again, people were satisfied or weren't satisfied. which seems to be a good compromise. i added erica, who is queen of participatory budgeting.
6:52 am
thank you tracy, for stepping in
6:53 am
for a few months, while erica has been on maternity leave. last but not least, there's every place who helped put egg together for me including making sure we were able to reform our business tax. passage of our recent stopgap. it helps unlock the child care fund collected from the 2000 ballot initiative. she met the effort to move
6:54 am
district 7 reservoir housing project forward. a project that will provide 1100 housing units with 50% affordable. she helped develop affordable senior howing -- housing project that will seat 300 affordable housing units. together, they were able to push our city to have -- to push what's right for children and family. witand provision making san francisco first city in the united states to acknowledge internationally. as you all know, she also managed the president's role.
6:55 am
who much detail and careness to all your offices. thank you city staff. thank you my colleagues board of trusteecolleague board ofoffice. please continue to work together, to make our city for a better place for all. thank you. [applause].
6:56 am
we have to vote on this. >> somebody made a motion to send it to committee. [laughter] >> president yee: well, you could. okay. clerk, can we have a roll call on both items, together. >> clerk: on items 18 and 19. [roll call vote].
6:57 am
>> supervisor peskin: just to drive you crazy, please add me as a cosponsor. colleague, never ask cosponsor in the middle of a vote. aye. >> clerk: thank you supervisor, we'll add you. [roll call vote]. there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: thank you colleagues. congratulations to supervisor fewer and supervisor peskin. no surprises there. one more thing, i forgot to say, i thought supervisor ronen, where are you? i thought were going to ask to rescind the vote?
6:58 am
[laughter] it happened two years ago. [laughter] >> supervisor ronen: i wish i could. angelo will kill me. >> president yee: okay folks. thanks for really all the kind words today and i believe that this brings us to -- where are we? to the end of our meeting. please read the memorials. >> clerk: on behalf of supervisor peskin, motion made by supervisor peskin, yee and fewer for the entire board of supervisors for the late ms. judy young and a submittal on behalf of president yee for the late elizabeth platte and
6:59 am
hanukkah abe. >> president yee: colleagues that bring us to the end of my last meeting. i will say one more time. it's been a real pleasure serving you and all the other supervisors i've been able to serve with in the last eight years. thank you very much. madam clerk, is there any other business? >> clerk: that concludes our business for this evening. congratulations. >> president yee: thank you very much. we are adjourned. >> (roll call) you have aquorum.
7:00 am
item three is the announcement of prohibition since we're not at 400, i will not make that announce m. announcement. item four is approval of the minutes of the last minutes. >> there's an amendment, i'm going to open up to public comment at this time. i will remind members of the public how to make public comment at this time. the phone number


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