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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  April 6, 2021 10:15pm-12:01am PDT

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and they've all told us beautiful stories about their dad and their grandfather and he will be deeply, deeply missed and loved but his memory will continue. >> thank you, supervisor ronen. >> thank you, madam clerk, colleagues, today with supervisor haney i'm calling for a hearing to receive information from the public as well as from the office of economic and workforce development and there are subsidiary office, the office of small business on their collective efforts around business relief since we finalized our last budget, obviously during the pandemic, and how we have begun to pivot grants to small businesses to support their recovery efforts and by way of background, my
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office has had some issues, not directly around this but around the disposition of the city's construction mitigation fund and i've heard quite a bit of feedback the current programs are not adequately or directly impacting the communities of concern we're trying to address. so i want to thank supervisor haney for joining me in this hearing. as how we can better deliver direct support. i also want to acknowledge the good work of former oewd director for working to push an equity over lay around small business grants and loan programs and now that we have a new oewd director who i look forward to meeting, i know that there are many communities and neighborhoods through out the city that would really appreciate hearing and contributing the plans for insuring that equity be
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prioritized, particularly in the upcoming budget. and given that there's no commission that oversees this department or these programs, or this function of government, it would be helpful to have a public hearing to allow the community toy in on how we can i have prove things and finally and after discussions about president walton, and given the news that was referenced earlier in today's meeting that the governor of the state of california's announced we will likely be in green by mid june and i think it's time for all of us to start a public conversation not only as to when the board of supervisors chambers and city hall reopened but also maz to when and how we're going to end the official emergency which is not to say that we won't have an ongoing public-health crisis and we want have the responsibility and obligation to take measures to continue to deal with it but i
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think it has come the time to start the conversation about how we're going to sunset the charter provisions that were invoked that we concurred with over a year ago some 13 months ago. madam clerk, if you can please add me to supervisor mandelman inmemoriam who knew and was pond of my father. the rest i'll submit. would you like us to briefly comment on our outside roles and i'm happy to talk about my outside role on the bay conservation development commission and san francisco bay restoration authority or i can hold that for a future meeting. i know that you wanted us to do that but i don't know if today is the day. it just popped into my head.
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happy to do it at the next meeting. that concludes my roll call. >> thank you, supervisor peskin and we'll make the addition to supervisor mandelman's inmemoriam. ok. next on new business is supervisor preston. >> thank you, madam clerk and i too would like to join the inmemoriam and join an ex tending my condolences to robert call gate today at request of dozens of residents of plaza east apartments in the fill more, i am calling for a hearing on the current housing conditions at plaza east and the proposed plans for the property. and i want to start by thanking the many brave tenants who come forward to speak out and stand up for their rights and demand fair treatment and last week an
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article from san francisco public press took a deep dive into the living conditions of residents at plaza east and i want to thank the public press for their detailed reporting which is rare when offering public housing or any housing conditions and the article documented in detail the uninhabitable conditions and how residents have complained for years to the city about serious housing problems. and the conditions described in the article include the whole range of issues such as leaking pipes, rolling floors. electrical marries and ventilation causing moisture and how old to buildup in the units and many other conditions. no residents in san francisco should ever be forced to live in these conditions. and it really con be more clear
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that immediate action is needed to address the uninhabitable living conditions that residents of plaza east are currently experiencing. residents have asked my office tone sure that their voices are heard and that tenants get the necessary repairs to address the substandard living conditions and more than 30 residents have submitted petitions to my office asking that we hold a hearing to investigate the habit ability concerns and get clarity about the redevelopment plans for plaza east. fixing their homes should be a top priority for the developer. and for the city. the conditions of the complex have successfully declined over the years and some of the conditions before they've reported sewage that tenants
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face. even as conditions at plaza east have deteriorate and despite the pleas of residents, city government and the property manager have failed to step up and intervene on behalf of the residents. from the moment we took office, we've been working to change this and listen to go the tenants for a change and taking their complaints seriously. it's my understanding that san francisco housing authority has been aware of the need for plaza east for years and in november, of 2020, the agency took the first step in the demolition in the process signing up on the plan to tear down and rebuild the site.
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among other concerns. the application to hud does not discuss how the developer or the city can address conditions at the complex in the immediate future. the housing authority has since sent a demolition application to the u.s. department of housing and urban development for review that was done i believe in january. if hud a proves the proposal it would be the first site in the nation that we're aware of to be torn down. meanwhile, there are additional sites in san francisco that have already been or will sooning undergoing significant rehabilitation, none of which are candidates for demolition. the demolition in this case, will be the second time f. it occurred, the second time in just 20 years that hud would have given approval to nbs, this developer to tear down and
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rebuild plaza east. with hundreds of units of market rate housing as part of the proposal. so i have serious concerns with the same property manager that rebuilt plaza east in 2021. now deciding to tear it down just 20 years later. particularly after hearing from residents about the property and learning from mbs themselves regarding the large backlog of deferred maintenance that has been largely ignored. so what is going to be different for residents this time around? the answer to that question remains completely unclear, we hope we'll get more clarity with the hearing. when it comes to the future of plaza east, specifically whether the property should be demolished as proposed by mbs and the housing authority, that decision must be led by residents based on full information and through a transparent process. but let me be clear, regardless of the ultimate plan for this property, any changes are years
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away and in the meantime, the status quo is not acceptable. the residents ehealth and safety is at issue. and their lives, their health and their safety matter. there needs to be a clear man to immediately address the living conditions at plaza east. my hope is we're able to have a more public discussion on how we better protect residents and public housing while also ensuring that residents receive the necessary repairs in a way that treats them with respect and dignity. i think in a city as wealthy as san francisco, it's unsell able that folks are living in these conditions. city government has failed to intervene for years and that needs inform end. we send a clear message that the plaza east tenants being ignored by city hall are over. i would also like to offer an
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inmemoriam for the late robert leon. many know robert through his visionary work at the man behind the hate ashbury street fair. robert touched the lives of so many people as a community district leader and district 5 and dear friend. robert was born in phoenix arizona and moved to san francisco at the age of 25 where he would remain for 45 years. he graduated from the international association of assembly managers in 2003. and was deeply involved in community building through events throughout his life. he was a dedicated neighborhood activist searching as a board member of the street fair since 1979 and executive director from 2007 through 2019 he had big shoes to fill after the previous executive director pablo but
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managed a transition. the fair thrived under his management and he was known for his integrity, humor and skills in creating community building events. the 2007 street fair was chosen as the recipient of the san francisco bay guardian 2007 best of the bay award. he served on the neighborhood council from 2009 to 2011. robert worked in events services for over 40 years working with city officials, sfpd, vendors, exhibiters, and art since. he was involved in theater productions and venues in san francisco and in community arts and issues in the ashbury neighborhood and he is a passion for creating spectacular community events and understood that successful events do not occur by themselves but require the management, care and vision
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that he possessed. on saturday, my office had the honor of attending a vigil to celebrate robert's incredible life. the outpouring of love for his contributions to the neighborhoods and his family, and the community he built in the hate ashbury is a testament to the person he was. he will be missed dearly but his legacy will continue to live on and bring light to so many in the neighborhoods. he passed on march 22nd at the age of 70. i would like to extend my deepest condolences to robert's family. and richard ivan ho for sharing their memories with us. may his memory be a blessing. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen. >> yes, thank you. colleagues i'm introducing a resolution and support of the
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california nutrition incentive program budget coalition request for state funding of $20 million in 2021-22. market match is a important program that doubles the purchasing powers and this past year has only shown how urgently this program is needed and how effective it can be in our communities. prior to the covid-19 pandemic, food insigh occur tee in san francisco was too common and dph reported 1/4 were at risk for hunger with impacts on long-term and physical long-term health. and the glaring issue that has defined the pandemic for san francisco is how disparity of wealth has determined how people have been individually effected.
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without question they have suffered the nothing further and across the san francisco there were quick mobilizations to expand food pantries and grocery and meal deliveries and an organizations like the mission food hub and any district have been life savers the farmer markets are opened throughout the state at home orders and central businesses and serving as a vital resource for fresh, affordable healthy foods. market match doubles the purchasing power of people using cal fresh when shopping at farmers market and by providing a dollar for dollar match and at the same time, they are reinvested into california's small and miz sized farms. in the past year as food insecurity increase they offer market match saw a huge jump in state wide and locally the farmers market in my district wide lean known as the people's farmers market increased weekly
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participation by 635% in 2020 from an average of 48 per week in 2019 to 300 and 53 a week in 2020. thank you to a supplemental grant. data shows that the sharpest and similarly, heart of the city's farmers market which was founded in 1981 to address food insecurity in is not fran tenderloin and other central city neighborhoods has one of the highest market match participation rates in the country serving 6,600 participants in the last year. it's a federal grant program to support programs like market match but to secure a federal fund we need state funding a as a match. and an investment now of $20 million in state fund to the
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california nutrition incentive program is critical to keeping market match going. 20 million state funding could secure another 20 million of federal funding and matched with cal fresh low income californians would be able to buy $80 million in produce and this is leveraging that we can't afford to let slip away. a coalition led by the non-profit ecology center the california market match consortium and more than 80 hunger school district food policy council and local food systems organization including san francisco based non-profit organizations a better course which administrators the market match programs that the market which operates both the mission market and the ferry plaza market heart of the city farmers market and the san francisco marin food bank have come together to advocate for state funding to continue the market match program. this resolution will confirm san francisco's support for a state budget appropriation of 20 million for the california
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nutrition incentive program and urges the governor and budget committees to include that in the fiscal year 2021 budget act. here in california the largest producer of nation's food we have an extraordinary opportunity to bring fresh, healthy and affordable food to our lowest income communities and federal food supplement dollars and warmers workers as of of of our food system. i have one more and it's with agreement sadness that the board to adjourn to remember mr. king
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ping li a devoted husband, father and friend to the community. he leaves behind his wife, his daughter sally and his son kevin. he first emigrated to america from china in the late 90s and he first arrived in chinatown before settling in the neighborhood at living there with his family for 19 years and he was part of our san francisco community for 31 years and when he arrived in san francisco, he did not speak english but he worked hard for the sake of his family. they each worked two jobs to make ends meet and ensure their children could attend and get great education, his wife remembers him as a good and loving husband. he was a generous spirit during the covid-19 despite not having much income and he volunteered at self-help for the elderly to help others less fortunate than himself in the community.
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we are sad by this tragic loss and away want to express our condolences to the family. he will be dearly missed. >> clerk: supervisor safai. >> >> thank you, madam clerk. i have one thing i want to talk about on the record today and earlier until the day we sent a drafting request and i'm asking the city attorney to draft an ordinance, in many ways, the an thinks a sis of what is happening in georgia where they're infringing upon voters' rights. i know supervisor walton will talk about that today. i believe that we should be doing everything we can to expand voting rights and one of the things that we can do, as we saw last year? the election by ending every voter in san francisco a ballot
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that is a way to increase people's participation in the election process and i think that that is again, there's many things that have come out of the pandemic and lessons that we've learned one of which is allowing every voter to have a ballot mail to their house and we saw tremendous voter participation with that and it helps people with language barriers and helps elderly and helps those that have mobility issues. so many different things. and i know that it's something that increases that voter participation and our democracy so we will be asking the city attorney to draft that legislation and work to make it part of here in san francisco and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor stefani. >> thank you, madam clerk.
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yes, i would like to be added to supervisor mandelman's inmemoriam for al and extend my deepest condolence to robert, one of my most amazing constituents and the rest i have submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor walton. >> thank you so much, colleagues, today i formally request legislation along with supervisors safai, main oh melgar and stefani, to expand chapter 12x and the city administrative code prohibiting city travel and contracting in states that allow discrimination to include voter suppression laws, such as the one that was passed in the state of georgia on march 25th. the current chapter 12 prohibits city travel and contracting in states that allow discrimination
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against lgbtq individuals and anti abortion laws. this legislation will expand that to include laws that restrict vote fres exercising their voting rights. we try to make our elections as accessible and possible by opening early voting and at city hall and vote by mail ballot last year in the middle of a pandemic and providing drop off boxes in every district including all precincts on election day. georgia's new voting law is a clear attempt to make it harder for back people and people of color to exercise their rights to vote. throughout history, there's been efforts to restrict people of color from vote north this
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country and we have another example of that. this is a threat to democracy and here are some of the restrictions, voters will have less time to request absentee ballots. there are strict new i.d. requirements for voting and residents when need a georgia-issued photo i.d. it is now illegal for election officials to mail in app ot applications for our vetters. they have to request it themselves. early voting sex pannedded in small coun tease and not in populous coun tease and offering food or water to voters wait north line is now a misdemeanor. if a voter goes to the wrong
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polling place, it will be even harder to vote. if election problems arise, which is a common occurrence, it's difficult to extend voting hours. changes to vote counting procedures, and the secretary of state is now removed as a voting member of the state election board. the state legislature is empowered to suspend county election officials and hire and fire to their content. there's also less time between run off elections. as a city, we should not be putting cities first through travel and contracting to states that actively create laws to make it harder to vote. i'm looking forward to drafting this legislation with my colleagues and to take a stand with san francisco to protect our democracy against voter
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suppression. we are back in jim crow with the laws in the state of georgia and we have other states that will are pushing for similar measures to keep people from having the opportunity to vote. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. seeing no names on the roster, that's the end of new business. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. we are now at public comment. >> all right. at this time, the board members welcome your general comment. the telephone number is scrolling on your screen. entering the meeting i.d. press pound twice skull have joined the meeting. you will hear the discussion and muted in the listening queue.
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provide your comments press star 3 and you will hear this system prompt you and you have been unmuted and just begins speaking your comments. if you are multi tasking when you are wait to provide comments, you may leave the line unattended and when we get to you, if it is silent, we troy to circle back but it's best that you are on the line when we troy to receive your public comment. each call ler have two minutes and i believe we have our interpreters with us and operations can we have the first caller, please. i understand we have 12 listeners and eight in the queue. >> welcome, caller. >> hello. >> welcome. >> is it my turn? >> yes, ma'am.
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>> hi. good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is jennifer chung and on behalf of global alliance for preserving the history of world war ii in asia, ga in short, i want to vis our strong support on the resolution denouncing the article contracting for sacks in the pacific ward written by jay mark from harvard law school when reunites the history of sexual i am placement of hundreds of thousands of women in the japan imperial army during the pacific war. in spite of testimony official court records and japanese documents proofing the comfort women's system was conceive, organized in demonstrated by the japan imperial army and the girls and women from china, korea, japan, the philippines and the dutch indes were deceived, coerced and forced to work at that place.
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professor played a shameful road in japanese governments game of denialism. this is not surprising in the view of the fact that professor is a professor of japanese legal study at harvard law school. and he was the major japanese defense contracting during world war ii. they urged san francisco board of it uphold the 200,000 plus victims of the system and denounced the article contracting for sex in the pacific war written by jay mark ramsey in harvard law school. thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak up. >> clerk: thank you for your comments this evening. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: linda chapman.
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well, if there's a hearing on public housing conditions i hope i hear about them. i was living in the poorest black neighborhood in buffalo, some of my friends lived in the public house interesting and there and they hadbeautiful homn in the places maintained by buffalo erie county. later, about 20 some years ago, i attitudes go to hunters point to deal with discrimination complaints in e.o. and the 19 bus would go through the housing projects and i was in horror, you know, if you have never seen the conditions in which people in the city of san francisco were forced to live by the city, you know, it's indescribable. i can only say that i am seeing films of the backcountry of jamaica where the descendants of the maroons lived in isolation and where bob marley said his grandmother would tell him, if you are hungry just drink some water and go to sleep.
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i can't see anything there that looks as horrible as what was maintained by our city. so, i really thank you for considering having some hearings on that subject.
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>> and it's they have called me and prostitutes and (inaudible). >> however, supervisors at this time, customers in support of and the sign of -- >>
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to move forward.
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>> it's another step they do not want to address our issues with a sincere apology. >> it's been 30 years since we have struggled. >> thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your public comment. ok. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? perhaps the caller has left the line unattended. caller, are you there?
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>> caller: hello. i would like to support supervisor walton to introduce this resolution. and i would like to say that it's astounding, it's outrageous, that the paper, which argues that a trafficked child is a self-interested theo reddick business contractor is somehow being -- that somehow, that there their supervisors were trying to water down this resolution and carry water for the denialists. i think it's absolutely important to pass the resolution in its totality. i do not believe it's eth cam, ,
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moral or right to delete any part of the resolution. that would be carrying water for the denialers. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. i understand we have 13 listeners and seven callers in the queue. let's welcome the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, president walton and supervisors. my name is brian and i am walk san francisco division zero and walk san francisco strongly supports the two state assembly bills ab43 and ab550 and these two resolutions coming up that address speed and dangerous driving behavior and we ask you do too. right now our transportation system is failing us. it's unfathomable that 30 people died in traffic crashes last year even more than the year before and we had many people out on the streets and many
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fewer people driving on our streets. we have five people walk hog lost their lives from 12-year-old in the bayview to a 26-year-old father going on a jog. these are all lives cut short and completely preventable and the number one pause of traffic crashes that kill or seriously, that injury san franciscans is speed. speed and drivers. it makes crashes much more likely and makes them much more dangerous when they do happen and we have tools within our reach but not yet in our toolbox. it would allow flexibility for how we set speed limits and businesses districts and speed limits could be based on safety not the speed of some of our fastest drivers. and ab550 would establish an equity and data driven process to allow cities that like san francisco to test out speed
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safety programs on our dangerous streets and the neighborhoods that see the highest number of traffic deaths. these are used in 100 communities across the nation and we know they can bring down the number of severe crashes by 58%. we will continue to push for policies and tools to save lives and reach vision zero like these and supervisor chan for bringing those forward and next resolution and we ask your support before these resolutions to items 29 and 30. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> hi, i'm a japanese american member of the san francisco barrie community who is lived attended schooled and work for many years in san francisco and community organization who has worked for many decades on
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unfinished business of reparations for world war ii violations as civil liberties and human rights. i serve on the executive committee and the justice coalition in san francisco campaign and we have for japanese and latin americans and strong support of this resolution denouncing the article and i call on the board to pass this resolution in its entirety this resolution and danger presented by to deny and divert responsibility for japan's wartime atrocities and historians and game theorists have signed letters and attest to go the scholarship and conclusions which fly in the face of the historical research and testimony and i commend the sponsors of this resolution and
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for denialism and confronted with it and for taking action to expos to such fake expertise and this resolution also reaffirms the commitment of this board of supervisors to the legacy established by the previous ward and to upholding the truth, dignity and justice for the world war ii comfort women and to defend our against all camps to diminish or destroy by individual group and action. the understanding and especially for the peoples of asia-pacific and america here in san francisco and if he with do not learn from our history we cannot have a peaceful future. i call on the board to pass this resolution in its entirety without the amendment today. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please.
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>> hi, my name is judith and i'm the president of the comfort women justice coalition. i want to thank the board of supervisors the present board and our past board for their leadership in the area and defense of the hundreds of thousands of women and girls who are sexually lived by the japanese imperial army during world war ii. you may not realize it but actually your actions have head for the comfort of women and this can be continued today with your resolution condemning the might you bue she at harrard university who wrote the paper that people have referred to and
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unfortunately, we're living in an era of rape denialism for history and real fake news and this paper is one of those. it's essential for us to stop this trend and you can do so today and lead the country in actually condemning the paper and continuing the great commitment to ending gender violence in the past, the present and the future. >> thank you. >> thank you for your comments. we have 13 listeners and seven callers in the queue. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon, i'm calling to ask this body to vote
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unanimously in support of ab 854 ellis reform. i did look at the rent board reports on evictions qi have been filed over the past five years which totals 743 up through march of 2020 and that's about 2,300 people that have lost their homes and i also know that two of my -- 11 of my neighbors have received evictions and in june of last year as well as february of this year. these are all seniors. these are people who will lose their community, their homes and especially when they both need and depend on the services that are nearby and the friends that
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are nearby and this is during a pandemic. the owners of these buildings had bought and given out the notices of eviction within six months in one case, one year in another case and it is not the mom and pop senior landlords that are doing this rather, it's speculators and it is a matter of in talking with a number of older italian north beach landlords who have been sold their buildings because they wanted to get out of the representatival business and wanted buy a small piece of land with a small house on it and they have felt detrade because they did ask the buyers of their buildings to make sure that they would not evict tenants and they now are feeling great remorse and that sense of betrayal and
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so we need to stop this -- >> i apologize if i'm cutting anyone off. we're setting the timer for two minutes. so operations, can we hear if from the next caller, please. >> hello, i'm michael wong the vice president of the san francisco chapter of veterans for peace. and i'm calling to support the resolution condemning professor ramseyer for his thoughts, papers alleging that the comfort women of world war ii were pay prostitutes who were well paid and well treated and it's completely thought. they were sex slaves and 90% of them died in captivity because they were raped, tortured and murdered in some cases. this is a moral question.
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it's not a question of pleasing different constituents sees or political calculations or anything like that. it's a question of will you oppose war crimes or will you not? i urge the board of supervisors to pass this resolution without delay and in its entirety. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. let's hear from the next caller, please. i believe we've five in the queue. >> if you want to -- >> caller: this is barrie toronto. i want to echo the concerns of president walton regarding access to golden gate park as well the concerns of the supervisor district 11. i am very much concerned and the access for tourists as a taxi
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driver i was in the north part and i was given a request to go to the academy of sciences and i did not have a way of accessing it from that side so i rejected the call because after 20 minutes of trying to get there and find out the passengers left, would not be a very -- make me happy and a waste of my time because a few minutes later i got a call of 23 and california and got there in less than two minutes so i very much support the issues raised in the editorial and i would hope the other supervisors pass a resolution asking that they provide a better way of providing us a slow street in the park at the same time providing access to senior disabled and tourist who's cannot ride a bike across town or shouldn't be required to ride a bike across town or spend an hour and a half on a bus. i want to say that it's nice to
11:05 pm
tell you that lum barred street and stockton street in chinatown are very nicely paved streets now and you ought to check it out as well. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for your comments. we have four callers in the queue and we have 13 listening if you are one of the 13 and would you like to make public comment this evening, make sure you press star 3 and we may take this last grouping to the very end. next caller, please. >> caller: i already spoke. next caller, operations.
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welcome, caller. >> hello, this is jay bain aim a resident calling into vis my support for the supervisors' resolutions for support of assembly bill 43 and assembly bill 550. this is the assembly bills are critical in saving lives on our streets and coming up with a new system for berman aging traffic and moving away from armed police and forcing for which we don't have enough resources and there's a pen den see towards bias and policeing and i hope that the supervisors will continue to share the cities concerns with the state and our
11:07 pm
city wide support for these bills. thank you, i'm done speaking. >> thank you for joining us this evening. thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> thank you, am i on the line? >> clerk: yes, you are. >> let me con great late you for your forward positions on many issues on social justice and my name is mike honda and i'm calling in full support of the resolution item 35 and relative to the resolution to criticize and condemn the from on the east coast and i just wanted to add a couple of things in 2015, then
11:08 pm
the prime minister put into his federal budget 70 billion which is $500 million to fight this issue in this country so that is the background of some of the issues that are emerging in this country where they're trying to change our position on asking for a legal apology from japanese government and so, i'm in great support of resolution and its entirety and not to eliminate any portion of that resolution and i portion of the resolution as to be omitted or been asked to be omitted is relative to the san francisco mayor of japan who threaten our mayor edwin lee and and asking
11:09 pm
him to not support the effort for a memorial in san francisco. the mayor had ignored him also and now san francisco as a memorial and a position against sexual slavely and the san francisco is the largest city currently that has put themselves forward to ask the mandate. >> thank you for joining thus evening and for comments. apologies cutting you off, sir. we're sitting the timer for two minutes this evening. operations, i believe we have another caller in the queue. >> caller: hello. thank you. my name is lillian sing and i
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want to thank all of you for listening to all of us speak about the resolution and this resolution means so much to us. my heart aches when i heard grandma lee speak. grandma lee is one of the few women who still are articulate enough to speak about what happened in the past and what is happening today and why it's so important to pass resolutions like this and i know that some board members are interested to know about why we are doing this. wore doing this for history and justice but i know our board has a big heart and i want to urge the board to pass the resolution in its entirety and not change or delete any portion of it and the way it is related to hash emo toe is important because the
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resolution passed by this beautiful city in 2013 and to believe that portion will be to deny san fan board of history. the person that spoke earlier. michael honda. who offered house resolution 121 and urging congress to ask japan to apologize. he is a jam knees american and we as human beings, not japanese americans, chinese americans, white americans, women, men, all want to support this resolution and its entirety. please do not amend the resolution. pass it in this entirety and for grandma lee and for all those women. by the way, there were over hundreds of thousands of those women captured and enslaved and
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today, there are less than 50 in the world and they're waiting for you to give them justice in some way of hope that people like a mark can often spread lies and deny the truth. thank you so much. >> thank you, judge singh. i believe we have 12 listeners and one caller in the cue. if you are one of the 12 and you expect to make public comment, you must press star 3 now otherwise we'll take this final caller to the end. operations, next caller, please. >> caller: hello, good evening, everyone, i live in district 1 and wow, that was my caller. i'm calling in regards to items 29 and 30 and ab43 freedman and ab550 with david chiu and both
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of huge and save lives and i hope in san francisco we can lead in northern california and especially to get ab550 passed. thank you so much for the call and have a great night. >> operations do we have another call ner the queue, please. >> hello. >> caller: am i on? >> clerk: yes, ma'am, you are, welcome. >> my name is julie tan, i live in district 2. i wanted to thank supervisor walton for his courageous action to introduce this resolution and all the supervisors who co-sponsored it and supported in its entirety without any amendments. asia is facing unprecedented violence and hate.
11:14 pm
seven chinese and korean women were murdered three weeks ago because a man had a bad day and he also had sex problems. because these asian women worked in a massage spa they were den greated and shamed and blamed. people like hash emo toe should not be protected by anyone to obvious for the cap knees office. we urge all to take a higher look and recognize the denialism and how it pervaiz even to this days and the fact that how we feel about asians and i urge you all to pass the resolution in its entirety and we need to condemn and ridiculous and of japan's world war ii and by deleting a graph passing a resolution condemning similar denial makes no sense and it's a naive notion to suggest such deletion would avoid asian division and this is a same tactic used by denialist and we
11:15 pm
tried to build a memorial and with dispute and encourage japan bashing and it turns out to be a complete farce because what happens when the asian unity, among the larger chinese community and japanese community is stronger and firmer and after the san francisco enlist in strong. this is an esteemed form and we know you are going to do the right thing so this is a truly unique board as judith said, make history, it can make changes for the rest of the world and lead the world in ways that into other board in the united states can do. thank you supervisors, thank you each and every one of you. i urge you to support this resolution without any amendments. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you, judge tang. ok. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please?
11:16 pm
welcome, caller. welcome, caller. we can hear you. you must turn down your television. we can hear and you it's your turn it provide your public comment. ma'am, now is your opportunity. it's your turn. welcome. >> caller: yes. is it my turn? >> clerk: yes, it is, welcome. >> caller: ok. thank you. so, thank you so much for this
11:17 pm
opportunity. my name is meho kim. i'm a u.s. citizen and 20 years in san francisco. however i was born and raised in japan and to this day i have the rest of my entire family living in japan and one thing i want today respectfully request is that you unequivocally stand by this resolution from all history textbooks instead of one in
11:18 pm
japan. the prominent national political common tater has basically proclaimed the history world in japan has been won. the next battleground for us is the united states. and i believe it's no coincidence from one of the most prestigious universities in the world the author has published an article that basically will tote the claims made by the japanese government, with regard to its wartime history. this really is a big step in legit mating their claims publicly and in defiance of basically a consensus tracked of historians around the world who have done the tireless work and listening to testimonies and if
11:19 pm
this history. >> ma'am, i must interrupt you there. apologies. that was two minutes. we are setting the timer for two minutes. thank you for joining us this evening and providing. >> add ma'am clerk, that completes the queue. >> i'm not sure -- >> clerk: that concludes public comment. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. and seeing no more speakers from the public, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, would you please call the items for adoption without committee reference.
11:20 pm
items 29-36, we will be coming back to the closed session after we vote on item 36. >> items 29 through 36 were produced for adoption and without leverage to committee a unanimous vote is required today and alternatively any members may require a resolution to go to committee. >> thank you, colleagues, would you like to sever any items? i see supervisors safai. >> can we officer item number 34, please. >> supervisor chan. >> i would like to sever item 29 and item -- i lost track. my apologies president walton.
11:21 pm
items 29 and 35 please. >> thank you. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i just want to request a co-sponsor items 29-35 and apologize for doing this so late. i thought i co-sponsored some earlier. >> thank you, supervisor mar. madam clerk, please call the roll for items 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 36. >> clerk: i believe 34 was severed by supervisor safai. >> my apologies. >> clerk: so for items 30, 31, 32, 33 and 36.
11:22 pm
supervisor chan. >> aye. >> have haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> and supervisor walton. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you, madam clerk. and the item has all of these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, would you please call item number 29. >> item 29, a resolution to support item 43 by assembly member laura freeman and david
11:23 pm
chew and bill quirk and co author by assembly member tasha boner-horwath that would implement policy recommendations from the california transportation agency and outlined in the zero traffic fayality onsetting speed limits on safety. >> thank you madam clerk. supervisor chan. >> thank you, president walton. i just want to make a brief comment and thank additional co-sponsors that is not listed on our agenda today. this bill authored by member state assembly member laura freed man is really critical allowing a local authority for us to implement speed limits. currently the state speed limits are set based on a decade-old process where traffic surveyors
11:24 pm
would measure the speed drivers and driving at and set the speed limit to what 85% drivers were driving at. we desperately need to be able to really address this issue of vision zero in san francisco and one of the critical ways that we can do that is really to lower people limits on our streets, especially on the streets with high injuries and fatalities. so, i want to thank my co-sponsors supervisors preston, ronen, mandelman and haney and melgar in addition to what is listed on the agenda and thank you so much for your support on this resolution. >> please call the roll on item 29. [roll call vote]
11:25 pm
11:26 pm
>> clerk: which creates by imposing a five-year holding period before the ellis act can be used. supervisor safai. >> thank you, colleagues and i don't think he need to explain the importance of this legislation to any of you. this is something put forward last year. it's extremely important. it's a very modest proposal. just for the record, 78% of all ellis act evictions occur within the first five years of ownership or someone purchasing the property. if we were to pass this at the state level, and i want to really appreciate some alex lee and our state delegation as co authored by assemblyman david chew, phil tinge, and it has the full support of senator scott wiener as well. i think this is a updated
11:27 pm
attempt and we've seen ellis act it's just been extremely extremely impactful. 30% of those that are ellis acting are those that do it on a habitual access to buy property so by impose north five-year period we think it would be the right way to go and it has tremendous impact on seniors and those in the disabled community and all of whom have come
11:28 pm
forward and made this a top, top priority. also i want to appreciate the co-sponsors. supervisor walton, mandelman, chan, peskin, haney, melgar, mar, ronen, preston, all for your support on and co-sponsorship of this important resolution and thank you and hopefully this time around, under the new circumstances, that so many of us have witnessed this will passat the e state level. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. >> thank you president walton. i wanted to be added as a co-sponsor and we've got it. thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston. >> thank you press walton.
11:29 pm
glad to see this back in sack ra men co and really wanted to recognize the really long track record of one of our other colleagues supervisor peskin, just around ellis act evictions trying to reign them in and just appreciating his decades of work on this when i was ellis act inconvictions and he was consist inly really incredible work at
11:30 pm
the state level by former senator mark leno and including committee of san francisco and union and in particular, which sent huge numbers of tenants to sacramento and busloads of their members turned out and this was a major priority. also i want to acknowledge the wait mayor ed lee and jeff buckley who worked tirelessly to advance the first time around with senator leno and also the
11:31 pm
team at supervisor safai just mentioned and economic and were involved in these efforts. part of the reason i bring up some of the history, this bill passes the california senate last time around in 2014 by one vote. it was deep into the evening hours and they were able to twist these arms necessary and to get the final it died by a single vote and the campaign against it was remarkably dis honeddist and we expect nothing different this time around and none of the facts really mattered in the assembly housing
11:32 pm
committee at that time where really fox were the argument argumentswere thrown out with wd with republican to kill this bill in 2014 in the assembly housing committee, joined with the republican members and the real estate industry. one of those democrats, sharon quirk silva is on the assembly housing committee today and someone i hope will take a different view to this legislation this time around. and one other thing that's different is that assembly member chiu is now one of the co authors here and sharing that committee. i spent time defending against
11:33 pm
ellis act convictions. despite the industry propaganda, these are not about helping the landlord move no their property. it's allowed under any city including san francisco and as an owner move in eviction and it has nothing to do with the ellis act. they're about circumventing locally conviction protections and these evictions are about replacing low income people with high-income people and making money for real estate speculators for their lawyers and for their real stores and i wanted to just emphasize one other thing n.2014, when we did this the first time, working with the anti eviction mapping process we had a research report, entitled the speculate or loophole. some of the data from that is what you hear cited and support of these efforts today. and i want to credit aaron
11:34 pm
mcllroy and jennifer fever who works in supervisor melgar's office including amy english for their work meticulously reviewing every eviction filings and the gov anywhere and the state legislature have allowed ellis act evictions to continue unabated. we've been calling for the governor to issues a moratorium on ellis evictions which he has refused to do and some of you will recall, in this body, when the mayor was before us for my first question time, on the board of supervisors, i asked the mayor to join in pushing the governor to issue such a ban which he agreed to do. all local officials are in support of it but these evictions continue and
11:35 pm
sacramento is beholden to the real estate industry but one thank that changed, that the threat of ellis act eviction is no longer contained to a few cities like it was in 2014. there's growing momentum with state ten at protections and grown local movements in cities across the state so the threat posed by ellis act abuse impacts more people which is going to impact and increase pressure on state representatives so i strongly support this resolution and i appreciate assembly members lee and chiu and tinge and bloom for taking this on and again, thank you supervisor safai and thank you to most importantly to the california tenant movement and the san francisco tenant movement as faster years and continues to organize around this crucial issue and let's hope this is the year that we went in sacramento. >> thank you, supervisor preston. madam clerk, please call the roll on item 34.
11:36 pm
>> clerk: on item 34 -- [roll call vote] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. this resolution is sa adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 35. >> clerk: item 35 is the resolution to denounce the article contracting for sex in the pacific war, written by jay
11:37 pm
mark ramsayer of the japanese legal studies which denies sexual enslavement of the hundreds of thousands of women by the japanese imperial army during the pacific war. >> president walton: thank you madam clerk. colleagues, i would just first of all like to thank the comfort women justice coalition retired judges lillian sing and tang for their advocacy on this important issue recognizing the history and trauma of the sexual enslavement of the hundreds of thousands of women by the japanese imperial army during the pacific war. i would also like to thank co-sponsors supervisors mill gar, peskin, safai, mandelman, ronen, haney and mar for supporting this resolution. this resolution is to condemn the article contracting for sex in the pacific war, written by
11:38 pm
jay mark ramseyer a professor from the japanese legal department at harvard law school which denies this history despite it's acknowledged by the international community, historical records, historical research, and primary testimony from women who have experienced this trauma. mr. jay mark ramseyer is not backed by any historical facts in his article or creditable documentation and his article is a clear case of historical denial. it further ignores and minimizes the gap like the incidents of gender, sex trafficking and all increasing in the world today. this type of historical denialism makes it more difficult against women and deny
11:39 pm
survivors and sexual servitude and sexual violence and what they deserve and supervisor chan. >> thank you so much president walton and i want to thank you for your leadership on this resolution. colleagues, i think this one is rather personal for me and i want to be able to share with you my personal story if you may indulge me to share with you about my comments on this resolution. i was born in hong kong and i grew up in kai wan where i have my elementary school education and with that background, some of you may understand that i, on a personal level, have
11:40 pm
experience and understand very much about the cruelty of world war 2 in relations to the japanese occupation in china and in taiwan and those are the stories that i was told by just grand parents of my close friends and the stories that stay with me growing up and comfort women is one of those stories that stay with me as a young girl. growing up living in anxiety, fear and understanding of how women i. asian women, were treated and those types of treatment lingered and perpetuate through generations and even long after the war
11:41 pm
ended and therefore this is personal. when i learned about the. >> aarti: cal, the anger that i experienced having someone else to tell us what our history is about and troy to erase the pain and the suffering of generations of asian women in asia and that action was despicable and i am a strong supporter of this resolution condemning the article. and at the same time, you know, we also are as asian-americans, in especially in recent months but i think for generations of asian americans because i now
11:42 pm
came here at first generation immigrants with when i was 13-years-old so, i spent most of my life here in the united states and "grew up learning more and more about asian and -- well aapi americans' history in san francisco and state of california and the united states. i understand the pain and suffering together as a community. it doesn't matter whether we are chinese american, korean american or japanese american, we are viewed as asian and when there are hate on us, it doesn't matter. where our ancestors came from or which asian countries they came from. and with that, with that i understand that they were concerns about certain classes of this resolution and i wanted to hear all my constituents and
11:43 pm
while i am chinese american and first generation immigrant. i know and i'm fluent in chinese speak particular well and deeply rooted in china towns and my chin he's american heritage. i also now one of the very few asian american elect inside san francisco. not only it's my responsibility that i represent chinese americans during this time, especially this time during pandemic, that hate against asians on the rise i represent all asian-americans in san francisco. and i bear that responsibility and i understand that responsibility is solely on me. with that, i heard, you know, probably some of you have seen the e-mails coming from a very long japanese american leader sandy more and i respect her a lot, not just because she's asian-american leader but really all the contributions that she's
11:44 pm
made in our community and i want to here her and her perspective and the japanese-american leaders that she may be representing as well. that very point of view. with that said, i do understand again like i said, that burden is on me and me alone. and i have former supervisor eric mar, my pred assess to be reached out to me the clause that was a concern which is pointing to the resolution that was passed in 2019 -- 2013, related to the osaka mayor remarks. this resolution was authored by eric mar who reached out to me and i know this is a hard work that he has done. i want to be respectful of that and also of course, you know, you have heard the public
11:45 pm
comment including statements from former congressman mike honda and the judges who are partners of the women coalition. and with that, i do not ever want to bring colleagues for you to share my version in that perspective therefore, i wanted to respect the resolution as is. however, respectfully, i know that it's listed me as a co-sponsor. i respectfully withdraw my co-sponsorship of this resolution and trust me, that this decision comes with very heavy hearts. and that is not easy for me but i do understand that what it means to represent not just chinese americans but asian americans and to understand that for us to move this forward, what that means, however, obviously i am with the spirit of this resolution, even though
11:46 pm
largely i have problems with the language really is the semantics of it that i will be supporting it wholeheartedly as this resolution condemning ramseyer's article today. thank you and i appreciate colleagues, you giving me this time to speak on this resolution. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor chan. madam clerk, please call the roll on item number 36. >> clerk: on item 35, i believe, mr. president. on item 35 -- [roll call vote]
11:47 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, now that we have approved the motion to convene, would you please call closed session item number 28. >> clerk: item 28, is the board of supervisors in closed session convening for the purpose of con furring with or receiving advice from the city attorney regarding the existing litigation in which the city is defendant and appellant american beverage association california retailers
11:48 pm
association and california state outdoor advertising association, versus the city and county of san francisco. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. and for members of the public still here with us, the board will be leaving this regular meeting and convening in closed session. we will return after our deliberations, thank you. >> chair haney:real returning back to open session for our regular people sick 2021 more don't supervisors meeting . may i have a motion from one of my colleagues that the board finds it is in the best interest of the public at the board elect not todisclose thi closed session . >> so moved . >> moved. >> moved by supervisor safai.
11:49 pm
seconded by supervisor peskin. madamclerk would you please call the role . [roll call vote] >> there are 11 aye. >> we will not disclose our deliberations. we have no imperative agenda items . would you least read the n
11:50 pm
memorial. >> on behalf of supervisor mar, ronen and melgar for thomas o'connor and on behalf of supervisors mandelman, peskin and stephanie, on behalf of supervisor melgar for the late patrick o'donoghue.on behalf of supervisor peskin for the late richard o kim and for the late ... on behalf of supervisor peskin for robert guillaume and on behalf of supervisor ronen or the late king lie. >> thank you madam clerk and this brings us to the end of our agenda. madam clerk, isthere any other business before us today ? >> that concludes the business for today.
11:51 pm
>> in our continuing focus on being united as a board of supervisors and as a city and as acounty and as a world i bring you these two brief quotes . unity is strength when thereis teamwork and collaboration . wonderful things can be achieved by mattie stepanek. we must be united in heart and mind. one world, onepeople . being there is no further business, we are adjourned.
11:52 pm
>> one more statement. we are the one. that is our first single that we made. that is our opinion. >> i can't argue with you. >> you are responsible please do not know his exact. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] >> i had a break when i was on a major label for my musical career. i took a seven year break.
11:53 pm
and then i came back. i worked in the library for a long time. when i started working the san francisco history centre, i noticed they had the hippie collection. i thought, if they have a hippie collection, they really need to have a punk collection as well. so i talked to the city archivist who is my boss. she was very interested. one of the things that i wanted to get to the library was the avengers collection. this is definitely a valuable poster. because it is petty bone. it has that weird look because it was framed. it had something acid on it and something not acid framing it. we had to bring all of this stuff that had been piling up in my life here and make sure that the important parts of it got archived. it wasn't a big stretch for them to start collecting in the area of punk. we have a lot of great photos
11:54 pm
and flyers from that area and that. that i could donate myself. from they're, i decided, you know, why not pursue other people and other bands and get them to donate as well? the historic moments in san francisco, punk history, is the sex pistols concert which was at winterland. [♪♪♪] it brought all of the punks on the web -- west coast to san francisco to see this show. the sex pistols played the east coast and then they play texas and a few places in the south and then they came directly to san francisco. they skipped l.a. and they skipped most of the media centres. san francisco was really the biggest show for them pick it was their biggest show ever. their tour manager was interested in managing the adventures, my band. we were asked to open to support the pistols way to that show. and the nuns were also asked to open the show. it was certainly the biggest crowd that we had ever played to. it was kind of terrifying but it
11:55 pm
did bring people all the way from vancouver, tee seattle, portland, san diego, all up and down the coast, and l.a., obviously. to san francisco to see this show. there are a lot of people who say that after they saw this show they thought they would start their own band. it was a great jumping off point for a lot of west coast punk. it was also, the pistols' last show. in a way, it was the end of one era of punk and the beginning of a new one. the city of san francisco didn't necessarily support punk rock. [♪♪♪] >> last, but certainly not least is a jell-o be opera. they are the punk rock candidate of the lead singer called the dead kennedys. >> if we are blaming anybody in san francisco, we will just blame the dead kennedys.
11:56 pm
>> there you go. >> we had situations where concerts were cancelled due to flyers, obscene flyers that the city was thought -- that he thought was obscene that had been put up. the city of san francisco has come around to embrace it's musicians. when they have the centennial for city hall, they brought in all kinds of local musicians and i got to perform at that. that was, at -- in a way, and appreciation from the city of san francisco for the musical legends. i feel like a lot of people in san francisco don't realize what resources there are at the library. we had a film series, the s.f. punk film series that i put together. it was nearly sold out every single night. people were so appreciative that someone was bringing this for them. it is free. everything in the library is free. >> it it is also a film producer who has a film coming out. maybe in 2018 about crime. what is the title of it?
11:57 pm
>> it is called san francisco first and only rock 'n' roll movie. crime, 1978. [laughter] >> when i first went to the art institute before the adventures were formed in 77, i was going to be a painter. i did not know i would turn into a punk singer. i got back into painting and i mostly do portraiture and figurative painting. one of the things about this job here is i discovered some great resources for images for my painting. i was looking through these mug shot books that we have here that are from the 1920s. i did a whole series of a mug shot paintings from those books. they are in the san francisco history centre's s.f. police department records. there are so many different things that the library provides for san franciscans that i feel like a lot of people are like, oh, i don't have a library card.
11:58 pm
i've never been there. they need to come down and check it out and find out what we have. the people who are hiding stuff in their sellers and wondering what to do with these old photos or old junk, whether it is hippie stuff or punk stuff, or stuff from their grandparents, if they bring it here to us, we can preserve it and archive it and make it available to the public in the future.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> i went to welcome you for our public meeting on february 19, 2021. and i'm going to ask the clerk. >> thank you alice, this is deborah kaplan, deputy director of the mayor's office on disability. and senior clerk for this meeting. i will make a clear announcement, regarding how the meeting is being conducted. for participation the public. and then conduct the rollcall.