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Senate Democrats sought to bring up spending bills to re-open the federal government but Majority Leader McConnell objected. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer started it off talking about legislation passed in the House to re-open the government that "was drafted and supported by Senate Republicans." He said four of the bills in the House package passed the Senate 92-6 (in the last Congress, which he didn't mention). He said Sen. McConnell won't bring up the bills because he's...
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Following President Trump's announcement of a deal to reopen government for three weeks, Majority Leader McConnell and Democratic Leader Schumer reacted to the deal. Sponsor: U.S. Senate
Topics: Charles Schumer, US Senate, US Congress, Mitch McConnell, Federal Budget, Immigration
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[LIVE] Following leader remarks, the Senate will resume debate on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a $750 billion defense programs and policy bill for 2020. Sponsor: U.S. Senate
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