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The Senate Rules and Administration Committee voted along party lines 10-9 to favorably report out of committee a resolution to change procedures for the consideration of presidential nominations. Members considered other committee business as well, however the majority of the debate focused on this resolution. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also took part in the vote and debate. S. Res 50, as it's formally known, is co-sponsored by the chair, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Sen. James...
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Following President Trump's announcement of a deal to reopen government for three weeks, Majority Leader McConnell and Democratic Leader Schumer reacted to the deal. Sponsor: U.S. Senate
Topics: Charles Schumer, US Senate, US Congress, Mitch McConnell, Federal Budget, Immigration
Senate Democrats sought to bring up spending bills to re-open the federal government but Majority Leader McConnell objected. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer started it off talking about legislation passed in the House to re-open the government that "was drafted and supported by Senate Republicans." He said four of the bills in the House package passed the Senate 92-6 (in the last Congress, which he didn't mention). He said Sen. McConnell won't bring up the bills because he's...
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) talks about his book "The Long Game: A Memoir", in which he discusses his life in politics. He is interviewed by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Armed Services Committee Chair John McCain (R-AZ) debate the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act
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Fordham Law School's Center on National Security in New York city hosts a discussion on the policy challenges, legal concerns, and security considerations relating to the future of Guantanamo Bay
Topics: Mitch McConnell, US Senate, US Congress
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