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KDTV (Univision)


"KDTV-DT (channel 14) is a Univision-owned and operated station in San Francisco."

KDTV began operation in 1975 on channel 60 as the Bay Area's first exclusively Spanish-language TV station. The station was owned by a local group headed by Raynold Anselmo. On March 5th, 1979 KDTV traded facilities with KCSM, San Mateo, obtaining Channel 14. In the mid-1980s, The Spannish International Network became known as Univision. KDTV continued its format of full-time Spanish language programming. In 1992, it became operated by Univision.

Fun fact: In November 2007, the Bay Area's highest ratings among all viewers aged 25 to 54 for a 6pm local news broadcast went to KDTV. This was the first time in the Bay Area that a Spanish-language news program earned higher ratings than its English-language counterparts.

-Taken from Wikipedia

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