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SFGTV2: San Francisco Government Television


SFGTV2 - San Francisco Government Television

Programs from San Francisco Government Television. Programs from July, 2010 and
continuously updated by the Internet Archive.

The Government Channel, SFGTV is a cable channel granted to the City and County of San Francisco for the purpose of cablecasting government television programming, including but not limited to, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Board of Supervisors meetings, the Mayor's Press Conferences, and Commission meetings. SFGTV is managed and operated by the Department of Telecommunications & Information Services (DTIS).

SFGTV exists to provide citizens of San Francisco with local government information and to assist the City Departments with video production services. Specific objectives include:
1. Providing information about programs and services offered by City departments, agencies, boards, commissions and government-supported agencies.
2. Expanding citizen's awareness of government and its decision-making processes by exposing them to live and tape delayed government meetings and civic events.
3. Enhancing existing public information materials by using cable television as a public information tool.
4. Providing and distributing programming of interest to the residents that will inform, educate and enlighten, as well as encourage participation in government services, activities and decision making.
5. Increasing the cost efficiency of service delivery by City and County departments and agencies.

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SFGTV2: San Francisco Government Television
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