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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  July 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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yesterday morning. police released this picture of the man they're looking for. >> eyewitness news reporter stacey sager live in the village with the destales. >> reporter: well, the residents here on west 10th street say this is both disturbing and disgusting and they've really like to see this man caught. and so we'll get right to the picture of him that police are pulling out. they say it was around 5:10 a.m. yesterday, this man walked into the front door of an apartment building on west 10 near hudson street and exits through the back and then scales the reef wall of the -- rear wall of the building and creeps into an apartment on the second floor and begins old woman as she is sleeping. she escaped gets police but he is still on the loose. and residents are not happy. >> obviously very disturbing. and this is such a safe seemingly safe neighborhood, very upsetting to know especially -- as is single woman who lives on her own. >> it's just sad that that's just humanity you know what i mean? what can you do?
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that's just human nature and it's disgusting. >> reporter: now police are looking for your help as we said they are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the picture to call crime stoppers. and the number is 1-800-577- tips. once again the number 18577 tips. and by the way, fortunately, the police precinct was only feet away from where this occurred. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. police in new jersey have opened an investigation after two women were killed in a crash on route 3. the driver lost control of al toyota on the exit ramp on to valley road in clifton. this happening around 3:30 this morning. the vehicle ran off the road and smashed into a pole and flipped over. two 21-year-old women were ejected and died. the driver and in the car suffered injuries. the new york man accused of a killing a jeweler to the stars remains held on bail. charles jordan appeared before
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a judge late last night and jordan a driver for mta is charged with second degree murder and leaving the scene of an accident. he ran down the jeweler last week in queens. two apparently argued on the street before the hit and run. from the long island woman who survived a tree crashing into her bed as she slept. 20-year-old stephanie epstein was released from the hospital today five days after a massive tree crashed through the roof of her home in great neck. it took firefighters two hours to get the tree off of her. epstein side she is thankful to be alive and teared up when telling her story. >> from the firefighters, to the police officers, to -- to the officers, to the paramedics, that without them i wouldn't be here. and -- i didn't think i was going to make it. >> rescuers said the fact that epstein was sleeping on her side is the reason she is alive
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today. wow. she is lucky. police have charged a driver who smashed a car into a barricade at the u.s. capitol building. 50-year-old antonio pear owe rozzoi is charged with felony destruction of property and unlawful entry. police say he crashed a car with florida plates head-on into a barricade at the capitol grounds' grans this morning. no details have been released on where he's from or a possible motive. the crash triggered an emergency wave of o activity temporarily shutting down streets. a not guilty plea today for a suspected gunman in the charleston church massacre. dylann roof faces 33 hate crime charges in addition to nine counts of murder. roof's new attorneys told a federal judge in south carolina that he wants to plead guilty to the federal hate crime charges but he will not do it until federal prosecutors decide whether they will seek the death penalty. >> the process has started. and most certainly we are going to monitor it.
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this is a long journey. but most certainly we are committed to the task to make sure that justice is done. >> roof already faces state charges in the shooting and nine people were killed in the shooting inside the historic black church. the police officer from ohio who shot and killed a driver during a traffic stop wants his job back. ray tensing's union has filed a grievance against the university of cincinnati police department. tensing faces manslaughter charges for the july 19th death of samuel dubose and right now, he is free on bail. body cam video raises questions about why shots were fired and why dubose was own pulled over -- even pulled over in the first place. the anti-gay ultra orthodox extremist suspected of stabbing revelers appeared in court this afternoon. police arrested the alleged attacker at the scene after he had a knife and stabbed six people. right now a 16-year-old girl is in critical condition and three others are in the hospital. but their conditions are not
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life-threatening. the suspect was released from prison just three weeks ago after serving a sentence for another parade stabbing. a burning question once again heating up. what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370? a piece of an airplane wing that washed up on the remote island in the indian ocean may hold the answer. it was found wednesday and latest. >> reporter: at an airport on the small french island of reunion. police packed up the critical piece of debris believed to be from missing malaysian airlines flight 370. this is the man who made the major discover roy wednesday. he says once he learned the flaperon part of a wing me be linked to mh 370 he immediately thought of the 238 souls on board the flight ask their families. friday a french law enforcement helicopter scoured the shoreline of reunion looking for more debris. while people searched the beach, and boaters were in the attar. >> if some of this -- of the
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debris stations together hopefully we can find a little bit more and they can do some forensics on this debris. >> reporter: analysts already pointed out this flaperon which helped the plane slow down for landing is mostly pact and apparently was not damaged by a high speed impact. >> could it be an indication that the flaps were deployed that somebody wanted higher lift on the airplane as if they were trying to land or ditch the airplane on the water? >> reporter: looking at ocean drift patterns in the southern indian ocean, the australian government says it will continue the search for the jetliner tough western coast. -- off the western coast. >> there's been no basis for us to see a different way of viewing the priority search and this doesn't change our views. that our analysis of the satellite data is reliable and we're looking in the right area. >> reporter: investigators from across the world will join officials in france next week including the ntsb to help analyze the wing part they're confident came from mh 370. reporting in washington, kenneth moten, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton today calling on congress to lift the embargo against cuba. her remarks came during a campaign stop in miami. it was clinton's own husband who signed the law in 1996 requiring congressional approval to end the trade ban. she supported the embargo while running for president in 2008 but her stance has shifted to reflect the white house's decision to start diplomatic relations with the island nation. >> we have arrived at a decisive moment. the cuban people have waited long enough for progress to come. the cuba embargo needs to go once and for all. [ applause ] in florida today. she and other candidates both democratic and republican spoke back-to-back at the national league. the move is a way to court the african-american vote. former florida governor jeb bush spoke saying that the current policies to help empower minorities are failing. down day for stocks on wall
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street closing at a rough trading week. investors spent the day weighing the latest batch of quarterly everyonings reports -- earnings reports and energy stocks fell after exxon mobil and chevron reported disappointing results. here's a live look at the big board -- . not exactly your average intruder, a startling discovery for one new jersey woman when she finds a black bear in her basement. wildlife officials say the 200- pound bear entered the west millford home through a window a bowl of can day. the homeowner -- candy. the homeowner described the frantic moments after she heard a strange noise coming from the basement. >> i walked downstairs. and i looked across the family room. and i could see this big black thing just beyond my coffee table. and i probably said something and etc. head came up and -- its head came up and i realized it was a bar. and -- bear. and i absolutely panicked. >> exactly blame her.
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the homeowner called 911 when the police arrived at the house, they found the bear already in the backyard where officers euthanized it. well, triple crown winner american pharoah is back and ready to run in his first race since the belmont. he'll be going for a $1 million purse at monmouth park sunday. >> and you can bet that there's going to be a lot of traffic. new jersey transit already announced it has increased service for the race today. new jersey reporter anthony johnson he is live in ocean port, anthony? >> reporter: well, we are anticipating a crowd as big as we have for the super bowl. and you remember what it was like right after the super bowl ended. plenty of traffic and plenty of train troubles as folks started the leave out of -- to leave out of metlife stadium. they don't want the same thing to happen down here at monmouth park but they are already telling anybody that's planning on coming down here on sunday, pack some patience. let's say that again. pack some patience. striding with pride american pharoah has the look of a true champion.
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a triple crown winner ready to run an encore race this weekend here at the park. his teaneck, new jersey owners allowing him to come to the garden state but that means the crowd is expected to be massive. predictions for sunday's race rage from 80,000 here at the park to watch history as american pharoah turns the haskell into a must see event. this morning, over 5,000 spectators were on hand to watch a trainings session. that number expected to double when he runs his training session tomorrow morning. the whole race area is gearing up for this big race with the mayor of ocean port saying his race. the -- ready for the race, the big crowds and oh, yeah a lot of traffic. >> there's only so much pavement just be more cars and more time to move the people across the roads. but they'll have their priority. we're trying to get them in as easily as possible. make them the priority to get here safely.
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>> reporter: and the same will be true leaving the grounds. we can tell you that route 35. route 36, they will be extra crowded this coming sunday. also there will be a lot of detours a lot of roads will be shut off. there will be two more races after the haskell so a lot of people are suggesting that folks stick around because there's no reason to rush to get out to the roads. because once you leaf out of here -- leave out of here, you run into nothing but traffic leaving the jersey shore. so once again, if you're coming out here pack some patience. that is the latest live from ocean port, new jersey. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right thanks a lot. i'm taking american pharoah to win by the way. >> that's probably a good bet. >> long shot on my bet. you probably saw this already, officers saving a toddler trapped in a hot car. >> and it's one of the top stories on the abc 7 ny facebook page, a jet blue flight turns around because of
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a fussy toddler details on the story that's sparking outrage. >> new developments in the investigation into the dentist that killed a protected and beloved african lion. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. well july i hate to see you go but what a great finish to the month after all the oppressive weather and stormyupness yesterday. it's fannistic tonight and great weather to start august. here's the signal if you're going out and about tonight in terms of travel it's smooth sailing. big series in flushing with the mets and nationals coming to town. going to be beautiful there. and just a great july finale. your seven day accuweather
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we have a commuter alert to
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tell you about. lower manhattan, two lanes are closed in the fdr, shannon stone over it right now and news cotter 7 -- copter 7 and what can you tell us? >> reporter: bat accident here, you can see ems officials along with the fire department working to extricate the driver from one of the vehicles involved in this crash. again, this is the northbound side of the fdr drive. approaching the bridge and we can show you -- brooklyn bridge and we can show you here with sky rider 7. you can see the car was involved in the accident but it was involved with this van. he rear ended him obviously serious here. only one lane gets through and because of this, you have got delays building back towards the brooklyn battery tunnel and unfortunately, getting a lot worse just as the minutes drag on here with only one lane getting through. this is something you will want to avoid. reporting live over the fdr drive, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile we're also seeing big delays at the hudson river crossings. 60 minutes outbound holland tunnel and 45 minutes outbound at the lincoln tunnel.
4:16 pm
and # 30 minutes inbound at the george washington bridge. well, the african nation of zimbabwe may be trying to extradite an american dentist who killed a protected lion. so far, zimbabwe's else in washington -- embassy in washington says it hasn't received any instructions yet on whether to request an extradition. it says extradition would be a last resort and the country is first trying other avenues. but earlier this week, a cabinet minister in zimbabwe says that the process to extradite walter palmer has already begun. >> in this book that -- almost 500,000 people are calling for his extradition. and we need that support. because this is the route that we are taking. >> the u.s. fish and wildlife service says it has finally been contacted by a representative for palmer after days of trying to reach him. the agency is investigating the circumstances surrounding the lion's death. meanwhile, senator bob menendez of new jersey today annoyanced that he is introduce --
4:17 pm
an act -- introducing an act named after cecil. the coast guard announced today it is suspending its search at sunset today for two missing teenaging fishermen. it says a massive sea and air search just has not produced any useful clues. the 14-year-old boys disappeared one week ago after going on an unchaperoned fishing trip. the boat was found on sunday capsized. the boys' families say a private search will continue using money to fly private aircrafts and by boat fuel. and a historic win for china, beijing landed the 2022 winter olympics. beijing edged out to competition becoming the first city to host both the summer and winter olympics. the national olympic committee chose beijing over kazakhstan which was a favorite because it actually has natural snow. beijing plans to use some of the venues from 2008 olympics and will build new resorts, a
4:18 pm
high speed rail, and will be able to carry people to snow and sliding events that will be located outside of the city center. >> people were comparing it to the david and guy hyatt competition but i have to tell you, the beijing olympics, when they open, that was still to me one of the most spectacular opens for any olympics i had ever seen. just blew me away. >> they had the infrastructure there now. >> maybe is what put the judges over the edge on this. hey lee you were practicing gop of out there? you noticed? just habit and just happens unconsciously. >> practice is the key right lee? >> that's right. are you feeling as good as am today? it's fantastic. maybe the party we had today. a little shoutout to the cameraman if you're dave davis. ice cream party this afternoon. it was fun. all right, so we have a beautiful afternoon here to wrap up july. we have low humidity yet we have temperatures near 90. it's kind of perfect summer if you asked me. let's go ahead and look outside. where our temperatures right now under a mostly sunny sky are working in the upper 80s.
4:19 pm
the humidity nice and low at 31. and west wind 12 to 20. the pressure just on the fall no beg deal there. just short the 90-degree mark and the official reading just after 9:30. the west wind, the nice warm temperatures get right town to the beach. so it feels great and then you have the 75-degree ocean walter. it is -- water. it is feeling good going in. 89 bridgeport and warm and toasty hudson valley and connecticut and northern new jersey. but these are the numbers that are important. low 50s for dew points, what does that mean? it means we're in the pleasant range. that's the measure of the amount of moisture in the airment in the 50s it is great. mostly sunny and clear overnight. tomorrow we'll get close to again and might be an isolated storm mainly north of new york city. radar mainly clear and a couple of clouds strolling in every once in a while. the complementary wind flow is right out of the west and northwest. so that's nice dry air coming in from canada. the only thing you have to watch out for with this pattern
4:20 pm
are a little weak fronts that are rotating around low pressure near hudson bay. if one of those gets too close it might spark the isolated shower in the afternoon tomorrow along with a couple of patchy clouds. that's over the hudson valley and connecticut. otherwise, first day of august. 90 degrees some august heat but not the august humidity. as we go into sunday still the humidity in check and 2-2. a great looking weekend just a few clouds in the afternoon on sunday. so it's mainly clear tonight and comfortable. 60s north and west. 74 in the city. and for tomorrow, high temperature 90. sunny to partly cloudy skies not ha humid and just the isolated thunderstorm off to the north tomorrow night. tomorrow night, great august night and partly cloudy and room temperature 72 degrees. at 4:30 that humidity is going to come back but will some areas have a couple of storms monday afternoon? we'll address that and get-go the first full week of august in your accuweather seven day forecast, you're a mets panel right dave? >> i am. >> you are as well lauren? >> oh, yeah.
4:21 pm
i'm a mets fan, was there on saturday night. >> i'm not yankee fan. >> big series in flushing tonight lauren and i want to check with rob powers, they may have gotten sispy doze. >> lot of buzz on that. >> appreciate it buddy. this hot weather drawing a lot of people to the beach and we want to tell you about a story -- a story about a surfer's close encounter with shark. coming up how he escaped. >> and spy ethan hunt is back. after his -- now in his 50s and still doing his own stunts, sandy kenyon had this latest review the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet.
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now for on social media this afternoon, after a family is kicked off a jet blue flight. she says that she and her family were flying from boston to baltimore and her son was fussy. she put him on her lap. they say flight attendant came over to tell them that the toddler needed to be in his own rules. not even one minute later. >> another one came by and told seat. i said i got it. you know, i'm working on it. she said what? and i said i got from the other stewardess and that just set her off. >> they say they put their son in the seat but the jet returned to the gate where they were escorted off the plane. in a statement jet blue airlines says that the customer
4:25 pm
was unable to follow federally mandated safety regulations and it's the crew's responsibility to put safety first. entertainment news right now and tom cruise is back in a role that simply solidified him as an action star. the fifth installment of the "mission: impossible" series is here. ethan hunt returning at the superspy. >> our super reviewer sandy kenyon telling us if the movie is worth the price of admission. sandy? >> reporter: well, lauren i have to tell you the short answer is yes. and i'm also aware that what i have to say will not matter to the millions of people already determined to see it this weekend. but i loved the preprevious films in the series and despite a great start this one just isn't as good. "mission: impossible - rogue nation" is certainly exciting enough to justify the price of admission. it's just not as great as all of the hype would have you believe. at the age of 53, tom cruise is more determined than ever to do his own stunts, do you ever scare yourself?
4:26 pm
>> all the time man. [ laughter ] i guess i don't mind being scared though. every now and then. i kind of like that adrenaline rush of that. >> and he doesn't believe in faking action with a lot of special effects. >> because he knows that if it's authentic and real and the audience will know it and they'll feel it and they'll see it and they'll make the movie better. >> who am i to argue with the director of the new "star wars" movie who's also a producer here and the problem is not with the action scenes such as the one set during a performance at the vienna opera house or the one set underwater for reasons that aren't quite clear. but between them, i got bored. >> this may very well be our lest mission. so make it count. >> ethan hunt finds himself estranged if his own government -- from his own government when the cia shuts down the impossible mission's force. he's off hunting a terrorist organization called the syndicate. >> a rogue nation. trained to do what we do.
4:27 pm
>> hunt is alone until he can recruit his familiar pals. >> locate him. you have to find him. >> it's all part of a plot that is unnecessarily complicated but ultimately quite fun to watch. >> you will go to any extent to try to save the world. >> now some of the stunts are truly memorable and tom cruise is in such great shape. he puts the rest of us guys to shape. but, but, the scenes between the stunts seem to drag and i think they seem slower precisely because the action is so exciting. lauren? dave? >> too exciting on one hand. making it boring on the other. you got it all in one -- >> the gap between the two is like -- you know. >> i know set the barlower right? >> he went too high. all right. thanks a lot sandy. >> thanks so much sandy. >> i'm sure millions will be following you. this story, two mothers in
4:28 pm
separate incidents accused of leaving their children in sweltering vehicles can coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, this is the emotional scene right after a little girl was rescued. how the children in both incidents were saved and what is next for their mothers. >> plus, lucky to be alive. the man who lost his balance
4:29 pm
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and welcome back. earlier we are told you about the big delays leaving new york at hudson river tunnel. >> now with shannon stone over the holland tunnel with more on that. hey. >> yeah lauren this is just a nightmare trying to get out of the city. we're going to show you here with sky rider 7s this barracks street and take that arrow off the streak for you and follow it southbound because the delays begin back on 7th avenue going down the barracks street and all of that traffic just trying to connect to the entrance for the holland tunnel right here in the middle of your picture. unfortunately, that is not the only approach that looks like this. we're going to swing this camera around and show you what
4:32 pm
it looks like on canal street. that's the picture coming through right through the center. that is canal street. the delays all the way to the manhattan bridge. unfortunately, if you are trying to get out of town another way, the lincoln tunnel also cost you an hour from every approach. maybe just a touch better, this is definitely an hour from every approach. even west street delays start back at chelsea piers coming down here. unfortunately the george washington bridge is not looking much better, it's a beautiful summer everyone is trying to get out of work -- just a little bit early. reporting live over the holland tunnel. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right shannon thanks. of course we'll stay on top of to story and also new this half hour, the hero police officers speaking out after rescuing a child in a hot car in hackensack. >> one officer smashed the window to pull the child from the stifling minivan. the other raid ld the little boy and now we are meeting the heroes and eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is in hackensack with more. rob? >> reporter: well, lauren you can see behind me just how busy this parking lot is and because
4:33 pm
it's so busy and because of the quick actions of two cops you're about to meet, a toddler who was left in a steaming hot car yesterday made it out just fine. >> we just did our jobs. >> reporter: officers caron and bakeer remain humbled today but there's no denying their actions helped save a toddler from a possible tragedy. >> knowing the severity of the temperature outside the vehicle, you can only imagine what it was like inside the vehicle. >> reporter: as you can see in this cell phone video, customers in the parking lot heard the cries of a toddler left inside the car and strapped into his baby seat. they alerted a store manager who then informed police working nearby. >> she was soaking wet. >> reporter: the two bergen county officers rushed to the car and smashed the window with a steel tipped that bonn to rest -- baton to rescue the boy from the dangerous heat yesterday. >> and i knew that-hot and the vehicle had to be hotter. i knew that i had to get into the vehicle as soon as possible. >> i went to the hospital with
4:34 pm
the child and he was perfectly fine. happy. polite. the cutest little boy. so-so that's the whole thing. it could have ended really bad. >> reporter: just about a minute later, the mother with a full car and a second child in hand arrived at her car. where several windows had been left parolly -- partially open. she apologized but that did little to calm the crowd left stunned. >> when you see something is out of the ordinary, you're going to react. it's in our nature. >> reporter: the mother was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. the little boy is now in the custody of his father. >> just a great example of what the community and law enforcement can do together and that we need you guys as much as you guys need us. >> reporter: now both of the officers have been on the force for more than a decade. plenty of experience between the two of them. but what also helped yesterday, they're both parents. reporting live in hackensack, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:35 pm
thank you rob. caught on camera the -- camera the dramatic reaction of a mother in oklahoma after being confronted by police after leaving her baby in a hot can. >> are you the mother? >> no she's not. [ crying ] >> oh god i can't believe i did that. >> police say hannah secondu left her 1-year-old in a van in a wal-mart parking lot, a passing couple heard the baby creaming and called police. the baby was covered in sweat in the unlocked vehicle. >> it's not like she just you know -- oh i just ran inside really quick. i completely forgot. the day had been crazy and there was no reason why the baby should have been let in the car. >> fortunately the child is okay and the mother wiz jayed -- was jailed on $50,000 bond on a charge of child neglect. some health news developing this afternoon a vaccine against ebola seems to work. and could help shut down the epidemic in west africa. this according to early reports from a new study.
4:36 pm
joining us now with more abc's dr.-- sorry choking up here. always get excited when it's good news. richard dresser. and it's not -- besser, and it's not ebola here but talk more what about we have going on. >> i mean this is really exciting news. this -- the outbreak is still going on in west africa. and in the midst of responding to this outbreak, the global community caming to and they've -- together and they've tested a new vaccine against ebola. what they found is that it is -- 92% effective at preventing this disease. >> wow. >> this -- this trial is taking place in guinea. they've -- involved more than 7,000 people enrolled starting just in april and last week they got the results of this. and those who were vaccinated immediately after exposure to someone who had ebola? none of them developed the disease and those where the vaccination was delayed by three weeks, 16 developed the disease. i'm sure that it was 100% effective. this is exciting news for helping to control the outbreak and it will help protect health care workers who might go there to help.
4:37 pm
a lot more work to be done. but such a breath of fresh air. in the juvenile court break in that part -- outbreak if that part of the world. >> why has this taken so long to develop a vaccine? >> you know, the thing about developing a vaccine is that you know, you start from scratch. there. and you want to figure out how do you create a vaccine that's that took time. people for safety. trials. safe. they have to show it raises the antibody levels in your blood and then you have to try it out in the community where there's still disease going on. does it save lives and protect from the disease? the outbreak is almost over. only seven cases of ebola last week but they got it done and show they have an effective vaccine now. amazing work. >> look forward to that. thank you doctor. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, new information in the battle of the bulge. americans are cutting calories but are we eating more healthy?
4:38 pm
>> plus two emergencies involving separate planes at the same airport, tires and flames and smoke in the cabin and chutes deployed. what the passengers are saying. >> and a chaotic confrontation. new video of a suspect brandishing a knife and the
4:39 pm
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we told you several minutes ago that there were delays at the holland tunnel. now hour long delay at the lincoln tunnel. shannon stone live over it all in news copter 7. hey shannon. >> yeah, lauren, this is about as bad as it gets, here assuming this is just because this is summertime and gorgeous and people want to get out but a lesson in traffic here, you can see we'll show you from block. we project that to be getting minutes. and as we bring out this picture on ninth avenue you'll see just how bad these delays are. south on ninth avenue getting to the outbound lincoln tunnel avenue instead. i wouldn't recommend it today. that's an 85 minute wait. trying to get over to ninth avenue. a little bitter from 10th and 8th approaching from the involvement look at this. really not much better, this is going to take you an hour just
4:42 pm
to get around the helix but we can also show you on that jersey side, as you get out of the helix that's about where it starts to break three and you -- free and you get some relief but it's going to be a miserable ride tonight getting out of the city at either the lincoln tunnel, holland or george washington bridge. reporting live over the lincoln tunnel, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> not so happy friday. thanks shannon. well you may be cutting calories but are you really making healthy choices? the study found that in 2010, the average adult ate about 100 fewer calories a day than seven years before that. that could be because people are cutting back on sugary drinks and fans at thes but experts -- transfits but experts say they still have a ways to go. many people still eat meals with added sugar and also coming up short with fruits and vegetables. a scary moment for passengers on two flights at the dallas airport. first a tire went up in flames as a spirit airlines jet from orlando touched down. no one was hurt here.
4:43 pm
a few hours later though smoke in the cabin cut short the american airlining flight to chicago. -- airlines flight to chicago. 164 passengers and crew slid down emergency slides to escape. >> a lot of smoke. they just had said everyone please leave their belongings and evacuate immediately. >> people had minor injuries. american airlines says the cause of the fire still under investigation. brand new video. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, how a 13-year- old boy set the whole chain of events into motion. >> and thousands of musicians band together to try and convince their favorite band to
4:44 pm
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new at 4:00, an incredible story of survival. a 23-year-old chilean man survived a 17 story fall. he lost his balance at an apartment balcony and toppled over the rail. dramatic footage caught by security cameras last month shows sebastian reyes hitting the canvas roof of a parking garage falling through the hood of a parked vehicle and bouncing to the ground. and amazingly he survived with local media reporting he fractured his femur and pelvis. well, it took more than a year but two police officers in the united kingdom are finally getting recognized for their daring takedown of a knife- wielding suspect. look at the video. the officers subdued the man using only batons and pepper spray. the incident caught on camera last year but the department
4:47 pm
just released the video on youtube. the officers were honored recently for their bravery. a new video shows a runaway rail car unstate narc -- upstate new york train station and a 13- year-old boy may have set this in motion. the footage shows the car hitting an antique locomotive and then crashing through the union station wall. police say the teenager told them he accidentally kicked the rail car's latch while playing on it no. one was seriously hurt. >> no one seriously hurt. it's just amazing when you see the power that it had coming off the tracks yeah. incredible. >> and how just doing that for the latch could be even possible. anyway. >> a whole nother issue. all right, so summer -- you know what it bothers me right now? they're already -- i want to tell you what bothers me. >> i think it bothers you. school. i know. head. >> block it out. 1st. ahead.
4:48 pm
it's all good. >> big series. >> did you notice the little horse was screaming at the week. it's a great night tonight coming up in flushing. outside we go, the reservoir looks fantastic tonight. so does the north lawn. we are in great shape for a beautiful friday evening at 88 and mostly sunny. west wind 12 to 20 miles per hour. all right so about to put you in the books, what a beautiful month. couple of degrees above average 96 degrees on the 29th. couple of days ago. precipitation you know we did really well yesterday. to make up what was a two inch deficit going into the last day. and now we're only going to come in about a half to three quarter of an inch below average. we're doing pretty well for the entire summer. we're very close to normal for june and july. all right, weekend planner, just sort of updated this here and that the catskills will have just a slight threat of a thunderstorm in the afternoon hours tomorrow. maybe about a 30% shot. otherwise partly to mostly sunny about 80.
4:49 pm
low 80s on sunday and it is mostly sunny from mountain top to seashore on sunday. here's a planner for the evening hours and plainly clear nice and toasty in the 80s dropping into the 70s overnight. the forecast low in the city 74 and some upper of 0 -- 60s north and west. the official mets forecast, 86 degrees at first pitch. nice and warm at citi field for that summer. tomorrow mostly sunny to partly sunny skies for the afternoon hours and especially north of town a few extra clouds and just a stray afternoon shower. humidity low. it's very similar to today. here's a futurecast. we see our temperatures in the upper 80s now and couple of clouds overnight into tomorrow morning. 67 newburg and 62 monticello. 75 islip and 73 belmar. with the wednesday out of the west the nice warm temperatures get down to the beaches but there can be a stray shower or thunderstorm. the best chance is probably north of town but some of those may dive down into eastern long island. o not -- a sure thing we stay dry even tomorrow afternoon but tomorrow night will be quiet. here's your sea and sand
4:50 pm
southwest wind 10 to actually 15 miles an hour. two to four foot chop and rip current risk is moderate. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, it's # 0 tomorrow. -- 90 tomorrow. low to moderate humidity. a stray storm in the afternoon mainly north. keep an eye to the sky. on sunday just some august heat storm north and west in the afternoon on monday and warm mix on tuesday. partly sunny skies. but lower humidity at 88. a spot storm wednesday and there's going to be a pretty good rainmaker to the south next thursday. not sure if it's just going to clip central southern new jersey or get into the entire area a little early to look at that. but really comfortable there. >> okay. >> i don't mind 90. it's all good tommy. >> i agree with you. all right, let's head over to david at "the trend." >> all right here's what's trending on this friday. something. a town in italy wanted the foo fighters to play in their city so bad that they got 1,000 musicians together to play the song "learn to fly" and then posted the video hoping david
4:51 pm
check it out. >> oh. that is -- >> that is amazing. isn't it? and it did go viral and david did see it and many italian he told them the band will schedule a performance in the town. there. >> gracias. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i love it. he's great. he's going to do it. all right so where does the founder of facebook make a baby announcement? like so many others on facebook. mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla shared the news they are expecting a baby girl. he says they're entering a new chapter and their lives and the usually private man also admitted the couple had three miscarriages before her latest pregnancy. meanwhile, facebook is closer to bringing internet service to remoe parts of the world. it's testing solar-powered drones that will beam down internet service to places that are hard to reach otherwise. >> changing the world. check this out. google's trending for its technology as well and just
4:52 pm
published the app that's a point and shoot translator for your smart phone. watch it translate la bamba. >> is that not cool? it's like -- everyone gets to speak every language now. just amazing what they can do. very cool. but does it compete with the eject abed? yes, someone has come up with a bed that literally that's the best or worst way to wake up. >> eject a-bed. [ screaming ] >> no. i don't know. what's the vote gang? >> i think the day -- absolutely. >> my son is going to college. i'm going to tell you something right now. he'd still be asleep. he used to have more force to wake him up. he'd be like what was that?
4:53 pm
did something happen and go back to sleep. check out the trend at and send us the trend ideas using the hashtag hetrend. >> if it could eject you into clothing you were going to wear that'd be great. >> announcer: layer up. >> you just improved it. >> thanks david. well, we have some breaking news that we want to tell you about right now. the new york city health department saying there are now 57 cases of legionnaire's disease in the bronx and includes three deaths. the third person who died did have an underlying medical condition. on top of that now, three buildings have tested positive for legionella bacteria. the third building is the opera house hotel and much more on this coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. a new attack in the summer of sharks, coming up on eyewitness news, the surfer who took on a shark and survived but paid the price. how he got away. >> and news copter 7 over a car that went into a building in yonkers. we'll have more on that story
4:54 pm
coming up.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
summer of sharks. a couple of weeks after a shark attacked a surfer in a competition in south africa, another surfer was attacked in australia. >> the surfer punched the shark to get away, but didn't escape without serious injuries. >> reporter: a frightening sight off australia's east coast. more terrifies for surfer craig. >> in a second or two, the shark got him off his board. >> he punched it twice. a freak wave came.
4:57 pm
thank god. carried him in. >> reporter: a similar scene in south south africa. miyk fanning was rescued unarmed. beach goers rescued craig by using his leg rope as a tourniquet. australia leads the world in fatal shark attacks foul followed by the u.s. and then south africa. >> i'm so stoked to walk away from that. >> reporter: just days after fanning's close encounter, he returned to the water. as his fellow aussie recovers, his fellows are sure he will do the same. just last week, a driver was killed by a great white in tasmania. several may yores are meeting to cope how to deal with this problem.
4:58 pm
>> many news ahead including a mass for a former east side church. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with diana williams and sade baderinwa, and lee with the exclusive accu-weather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, we have an eyewitness news exclusive. a mother takes us through her public housing apartment where she says a leak was so bad it the investigators are asking the problem fixed? tree. tonight, the woman who survived a close call is speaking out for the first time. and good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm shirley. sade baderinwa is off. it took emergency crews two hours to rescue her.
4:59 pm
for the first time today since her release, she is talking about what happened and rescue. >> n.j. burkett has more. >> reporter: live outside north shore university, after five days here, stephanie epstein web home today. how did she survive? superb medical care and luck. ingly didn't think it was going to make it. >> reporter: stephanie can't explain it. how a two ton tree crashed into her bedroom in the middle of the night. how she was rescued and not killed. >> i heard a loud crash. i thought it was a big strike of thunder. next i knew i was pinned under the tree. >> jeffrey epstein is


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