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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  July 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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neighbors outraged after a pilot parks his plane in >> now, new york's number one
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news, channel 7 eye witness news. >> an eye witness news exclusive. a traffic stop turns violent. a man pulled over by police for running a stop sign. minutes later, his mother being rushed to the hospital. >> he was like shut up, boom and slammed her. my mom went face first. >> the family claiming police brutality. good evening i'm david navarro. >> bill and sade are off tonight. we're tracking breaking news. a water main break shutting down and huge and unusually very busy brooklyn. >> eye witness news reporter aj ross is there with more. aj, what can you tell us? >> this is a very different scene from a couple hours ago when water was literally cascading down flatbush avenue buckling up the pavement. crews are on scene and they're now cutting or rather they have cut off the water to this area where they believe is the
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targeted area and they're using tools to target the asphalt and determine what caused the water main break. in the meantime, flatbush avenue remains closed from st. marks all the way down to atlantic. take a look at this video. police, fires and crews responding to the scene. the break occurred before 8 this evening and quickly caused a traffic nightmare with ongoing ripple effects. dep and con ed crews were called to assist with water getting into nearby stations and subway tunnels before. crews were able to shut off the valves near the source without interrupting service to nearby businesses and homes. >> the issue is the location being on flatbush avenue. bus routes, train routes, it's a bustling area. that always creates issues and hopefully they'll have it back sooner rather than later. >> it wasn't a lot of water but
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you could see the water coming through the ground. it's splitting up. cars were starting to detour around it. that was basically it. >> reporter: area trains are running on a delay and buses are being reroute today 4th avenue to union station and grand army station. no homes have had their utility services but there was small hiccups between 6th avenue and st. marks. some closed early as the crews tries to clean up the mess. aj ross, channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you, aj. now to the eye witness news exclusive. a grandmother in a coma after her son was pulled over by police. what happened to her during a traffic stop now under investigation. eye witness news reporter carolina leid in clarke with the exclusive details. >> reporter: david, the prosecutor's office and internal affairs are both investigating this incident. this as that 61-year-old
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grandmother remains in the hospital on a breathing tube. >> all of a sudden he grabbed my mother-in-law up slammed her on the ground. and she just, all you saw was blood pouring out of her face. >> reporter: crystal doesn't understand how a traffic stop escalated to this. her fiance's 61-year-old mother is in critical condition at the hospital after allegedly being roughed up by a clark police officer. >> she was just trying to stick up for her son because she knew there was no reason i should have been pulled over. >> reporter: police pulled him over saying he blew through a stop sign. he claims a police officer dragged him out of the car. his mother intervened. >> they tried saying my mom jumped on his back. he was like shut up and slammed her. >> reporter: the 5-year-old son
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was also in the car. his grandmother is in a medically induced coma. her front teeth were knocked out and she has multiple fractures. rigo was issued several violations including wreck las driving and he was taken away in handcuffs and accused of refusing to get out of the car when police told him to. clarke police wouldn't comment. the union county prosecutor's office is investigating it. >> my son is scared of cops. all they did was terrify us. they're supposed to protect and serve. >> reporter: family members are not sure how long the grandmother will be in the hospital or what her recovery will be like once she's able to leave. reporting live in clarke, carolina leid, channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you. new at 11, a good samaritan
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who tried to save a swimmer in distress ends up needing to be rescued himself. the man jumped in the river after spotting a teenager struggling in the water. the teen and his friends managed to make it out on their own but the good samaritan couldn't get out. that is when a police officer jumped in to rescue him. >> they both have life preservers on. it's not like they were sinking or anything like that. the other guy started swimming towards the boat and he was easily picked up out of the water. >> the men were sent to the hospital to be checked out. they were not seriously hurt. new information tonight at 11 on a close call at jfk airport. air traffic control audio reveals a pilot spotted a drone within a hundred feet of his commercial flight as he prepared to land. delta was carrying 154 passengers on board. josh einiger live at jfk on more with what the pilot saw. >> reporter: when you're on
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final approach onto a commercial airport, an airliner is in such a critical phase that under 10,000 feet the pilots don't talk to each other aside to talk about critical flight functions. just over a thousand feet over the ground they spotted a drone off their wing you could imagine the alarm they felt. a thousand feet above the rock aways, the pilots of delta 407 had a close call on kennedy's runway left. >> a mile back there was a drone flying just under the southwest side of this abandoned airport here. say? >> probably 100 feet below us. >> reporter: just a hundred feet below what had been a routine flight loaded with 154 passengers.
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they probably had no idea how wild the ride could have become. type? >> no, i was not close enough. >> reporter: they peppered their pilots with questions and warned everyone with the arrival. as unmanned recreational drones have become popular, close calls have been taking off. the faa reports 25 incidents every month and in the nation's most congested air space, aviation experts say there's little room for error in the crowded skies. >> the reason we don't want a drone close to commercial airliners is the possibility of one being ingested in an engine and doing damage. >> reporter: fortunely that didn't happen today. they all landed safely as they called in a police helicopter to find the drone and the owner.
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>> we have a report of a drone. >> reporter: at last report they had not found the drone or its operator who could be charged if cops determine it to be a reckless act or something more sinister. josh einiger eye witness news. a third person has died from the outbreak of ledge -- a third building has tested positive for the bacteria. the opra house began sanitation and clean up efforts are underway at lincoln hospital. the source of the bacteria is yet to be found. >> these are the toughest outbreaks to investigate. one of the reasons is you can have a hundred people exposed to the legionnaires and five will get sick. looking for what people had in
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common is difficult. >> the health department will host a town hall about the outbreak on monday to address resident's concerns. new at 11, major changes at an intersection where two teens lost their lives during driver's ed. plans now underway to install a traffic light in warwick. two orange county high school students died when a tractor trailer collided with their driver's ed car earlier this month. the county anticipates bidding and construction of the project to begin in the first half of next year. the coast guard calling off a desperate search to find two missing teens after combing through more than 50,000 miles of water. the two 14-year-old boys disappeared while boating off the florida coast. the teens set off alone on a fishing trip last friday. two days later they found the boat capsized. as the official search ends, volunteers remain on the water refusing to give up. >> we think there's an opportunity and we'll do everything we can to bring the
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boys home shortly. >> the coast guard says it will reopen the case and resume searching if they get new information indicating the boys could be alive. parishers sang one last him as a church in manhattan held the final service. the church in the nativity celebrated mass for the last time tonight. members say they are frustrated. they claim they didn't give them a chance to appeal. >> i don't really understand why they're doing it, you know. i wish i understood more. i don't know if anybody understands it. i don't know if it's been a clear process. >> it's one of more than 70 parishes in the arch dioces set to close. two teens in trouble for what they did to their teacher on twitter. neighbors outraged over pilot parking his plane in the driveway.
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a lawsuit over the smell of barbecue. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. closing the book on a beautiful month of july. 81 degrees at 11 and the humidity nice at low at 39%. watching some thunderstorms to the west and we'll let you know if they have to leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. two connecticut high school grads now in twitter trouble. arrested for impersonating their former teacher. 18-year-old nicholas brito and my kayla ramos facing charges after a teacher discovered the
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twitter account using her name and picture to portray her in a defamatory manner. the teens turned themselves into police earlier this week. tonight, family and fans are mourning the sudden death of deloved professional wrestler rowdy piper. he died from a heart attack. he was legend in the ring. his rivalry from hulk hogan sparked the first wrestle mania. he was inducted into the hall of fame back in 1985. a woman on long island crushed by a tree as she slept is back home tonight. 20-year-old stephanie epstene was released from the hospital today five days after a massive tree crashed through the roof of her home. she was fighting back tears as she described those frightening moments and the two hours it
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took firefighters to remove that tree. >> from the firefighters to the police officers to the doctors and the paramedics that without them i wouldn't be here. i didn't think i was going to make it. >> the fact she was sleeping on her side is the reason she's alive today. a pilot on long island is pushing the patients of his neighborhoods who are demanding he moves a parked plane out of his driveway. herald has had the plane in his driveway for a month. he lost his student pilot license for health reasons and did not want to pay a $150 a month storage fee. >> i look at it as being up the status of the block. they got their boats, i got my bird. as long as it doesn't interfere with anybody i can't see why they would make opposition or the town would give me a hard time. >> i'm right over here across
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the street and i see a gentleman with a plane. i don't need him going into my car. we have 75 to 85 miles per hour winds. >> he was ticketed this week and he's facing possible fines. how did he get the plane in the driveway in the first place? >> absolutely. >> he's a good pair lel parker. >> that you know for sure. it is a really warm night tonight. this is the dog days of summer. >> yeah. we're in the heart of it. this is the time to saver as we flip the calendar into august. outside tonight really nice night in new york city as temperatures remain in the low 80s and the humidity is down. there's a look at lower manhattan. let me change the camera view to columbus avenue. we've had low humidity all day long and it'll continue in the upcoming weekend. the folks will realize they're on camera and they'll start waving. hey, folks. how are you? hope you're enjoying your weekend.
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it's a beautiful one in new york city. we're at 81 degrees right now. 39% and southwest wind at 7 and the barometer is rising. 84 degrees the average high. about 5 degrees above that today. there are the sunrise and sunset times for a beautiful saturday. july comes in about 2 degrees above average. the hottest day two days ago and then precipitation, luckily we got all that rain yesterday. i wish it hadn't come all at once and caused the flooding. it brought us close to normal. here's what to expect for the weekend. fantastic first weekend of august. near 90 and more humid by monday. good news is that's temporary. we'll get back to low humidity by midweek. 89 in the park. newark's four day heat wave is going on 6 or maybe 7. right now 68 comfortable degrees in poughkeepsie, 81 park and 73 in belmar. the dew points climbing and
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we're in that pleasant to a touch sticky at times but overall comfortable. 75 tomorrow morning and partly to mostly sunny skies and decent breeze out of the west. it should be a great saturday evening. patchy clouds skirting past the cat skills. big swirling low over hudson bay and almost like spiders coming down your legs swinging through and little spokes will take a swipe at the northern suburbs tomorrow. in the morning patchy clouds from showers dissipating over pennsylvania right now. during the afternoon and better chance over new jersey, cat skills and poconos and connecticut. maybe one or two sneak over to long island. the air is so dry it won't support thunderstorms. tomorrow night it clears out. nice at the beaches and middle 80s and sunday is a great day. southwest wind tomorrow 10 to 15. water temperatures around 75.
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the rip current risk is moderate. here's the 7-day accuweather forecast. mostly clear at 7 and mild and dry and start at 75. we're up to 90. the humidity isn't too high. isolated storm in the afternoon. nice august night. partly cloudy skies. sunday is a great day at 89 and more humid monday with a late storm north and west. tuesday is okay and wednesday is a spot storm. could be decent rain south of the city thursday and that'll knock numbers down. we're at 80. the heat is here for the next five or six days but a change after that. >> we're already in august. >> amy and jeff will pick up the forecast over the weekend. you ever get so hungry you get down right mean? up next, the science behind being what they call angry. you might love the smell of barbecue. what if you had to smell it
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around the in tonight's health alert, ever been so hungry you just get mean? it's called hangry. when hunger makes you angry. researchers say there's a scientific explanation. it is the body's response to hunger. specifically the lack of nutrition or low blood sugar. >> glucose or blood sugar is the main source of fuel.
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it's difficult to think and concentrate and to regulate our moods. >> a recent study of 21 married couples found as soon as their blood sugar levels lowered the number of arguments increased dramatically. >> wow. the next story might make you hangry. you hungry. 15 homeowners have filed a nuisance lawsuit claiming terry black's barbecue in austin, texas, ignored their concerns. the restaurant pollutes the air with wood smoke 15 hours a day. the owner said they've spent thousands of dollars and made major improvements. it's just a big old hoopty do over the smell of barbecue. >> could you imagine in the city? every block is another smell. the met's fans aren't complaining right now. >> it's been a fun day and fun night.
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the big bopper, is that your new nickname for him? >> the met's deal getting noticed by mets fans everywhere. jerry seinfeld commenting on it. the mets sent two prospects to detroit for yoenis cespedes. he'll be here tomorrow. the big series with washington starts tonight. the mets three games behind the nationals in the standing.
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matt harvey pitching well. nine strikeouts. wilmer flores after the excitement of the last couple days drives in the first run of the day. they have the lead and will keep it until the bottom of the 8. two days ago flores was crying on the field thinking he'd been traded. tears of joy in the bottom of the 12th. it's a walkoff home run. everybody's favorite met does it. it's unreal. 2-1 mets. it's the biggest and dare i say best win of the year. no big trade deadline deal for the yankees. they stand in first place. the road trip continues in chicago after this series no more games out of the eastern time zone. nathan throwing well and got good run support. mark teixeira's 2nd inning and bases loaded. grand slam and the yanks are up big early. he hit that one right-handed. in the 4th handed he bats lefty and launches a two run home run.
11:30 pm
14th time he's homered from both sides of the plate. yankees open in chicago and inning. holy cow. the jets today were back on the field at training camp and so was sheldon richardson. arrested on resisting charges and a number of traffic offenses. news of his arrest came from richardson. say the least. >> i shouldn't be in this predicament. got to do better and i will do better. >> i hope he gets better and understand as a person. i'm more worried about the man than the player. >> the giants got on the field today. jason pierre-paul not in contact with the team. other than that full steam ahead. signed james jones today and eli manning entering the final year of his contract and not concerned about getting a new one done. >> right now my concern is getting on this practice field for the first practice. i'm excited about that and just
11:31 pm
kind of let the business side of it work itself out. finally from us, bailey matthews triathlete. she's 8 years old and has cerebral palsey. he completed a triathlon. the last 20 meters they are all bailey. you want to know what sports is all about? you're looking at it right there. get up and cross that finish line, bailey. isn't that great? >> all the courage and heart that young man has. >> he's got a big heart, that's
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that's the news for now. >> jimmy kimmel is next. eye witness news returns tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. with michelle charles worth and rob nelson. for all of us here, have a great night and a great weekend. take care.


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