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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. now get equally fast 100 meg downloads and uploads, only with fios. tea? get out of the past. get fios. call now, or go online. a day at the beach turns tragic. a swim receiver pulled from the surf after an hour underwater. but first another person dies and new cases reported tonight in the legionnaire's outbreak in the bronx. this evening, one man who survived the disease talks to eyewitness news about his health scare. good evening, everyone, i'm sandra bookman.
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>> and i'm joe torres, health officials we're seeing new cases popping up in the coming days. >> tonight there are four deaths linked to this outbreak in the south bronx and 65 people have been diagnosed with the disease and five locations texted positive for legionella and all have been disinfected. >> eyewitness news reporter aj ross is at one of those locations and she's in monthaven tonight. aj? >> reporter: joe, sandra, well health officials narrowed down five sites including this one as a possible source of that legionnaire's cluster. we are not out of the woods just yet. they do expect cases to increase over the next seven days and tonight i spoke with someone who battled the bacteria firsthand. >> i was about to -- wait one more day to go to the hospital and if i would have waited that one day i don't think i would have been here right now. >> reporter: for daniel tejada being back in his home surrounded byname is something he'll never -- by family is something he'll never take for granted again.
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now just relayed from the hospital -- released from the hospital in a medically induced coma. how the 31-year-old cab driver contracted the bacteria is a mystery. >> i was going to say i'm a cab driver and i'm everywhere. so i couch caught this in any borough. >> reporter: much like the south bronx's cluster where health officials are still trying to pinpoint a source between five contaminated buildings. a fourth death was reported saturday among what's now 65 confirmed cases and counting. and health officials warn they get better. >> we think it's very possible that there will be an increase days. and then we are also quite confident that after that time, the number of cases will go down. officials have visited 22 buildings in the cluster area with five buildings with cooling towers testing positive for the bacteria. i'll have gone through thorough cleaning and processes but for daniel, concerns still exist
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with no clue how he contracted the disease, he's looking forward to talking with health department official who is sent this letter to his home. in the meantime he's warning others no matter their age if they show any symptoms go to to the hospital. >> if you have any symptoms like fever or something go to the hospital. go check yours. because -- yourself. because it could be a realize veal -- really severe thing. >> reporter: those four who recently passed away all had pre-existing medical conditions. live in the bronx tonight, i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. you? at 11:00, two men were pulled from the water off long island and one of them is in the hospital at this hour after he spent an hour submerged. a video out of long beach shows first responders treating him at the scene. he was taken to south nassau community hospital. police say the two men were pulled under when they went back into the water after the lifeguards went off-duty.
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a police set up -- step up patrols rather in central park tonight following a violent mugging in broad daylight. police released this sketch of the man they're looking for. they say he approached another man thursday night in the densely wooded area of the park known as the ramble. when the victim refused to give him money the suspect put him in a choke hold. the victim lost consciousness. when he woke up, his wallet and bag containing keys, glasses, and jewelry were gone. broke in back line finally back open tonight. the fire department says a 12- inch water main burst last night near flatbush avenue and st. mark's place in prospect heights. it sent water on the avenue and there was even concern about the subway. well, tonight subway service and bus service are back to normal. dialing up trouble. verizon workers in nine states could walk off the job as soon as tomorrow. if union negotiators fail to reach an agreement on employee benefits.
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a contract covering 39,000 verizon workers represented by two unions expires tonight. the unions say the telecom giant wants workers to sharply increase their health care contributions and make concessions on pensions. if a strike happens, verizon expects it to have a minimal politics now. in the race for president tonight, building speculation that vice president joe biden will throw his hat into the ring. the vice president had largely shelled such deliberations during his son's illness and following his death earlier this year. but people close to the vice president have apparently resumed discussions about a 1026 presidential run. a confusion tonight about the well-being of another famous lion in africa. this week the death of cecil the lion sparked international outrage. well, now there's concern that another lion in his pride jericho may also have been killed.
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now if true, jericho's death could put cecil's cubs in danger. abc's phillip mena has details. >> reporter: there are conflicting reports tonight from zimbabwe. the jericho the companion of cecil the highon may have been killed. -- lion may have been killed. jericho reportedly shot illegally by a hunter was protecting cecil's cubs. in the wake of the killing the authorities have suspended the hunting of several species of big game. >> hunting -- leopards and elephant in areas outside the national park have been suspended with immediate effects. >> reporter: dr. walter james palmer the minnesota dentist who shot cecil is facing intense scrutiny and hasn't been seen since closing his office days ago. [ chanting ] authorities in zimbabwe are calling for him to be extradited there but even if he isn't, experts say a u.s. law could be used to put him behind bars if convicted.
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>> the justice department can bring a criminal prosecution against people who imported an mels they have taken in violation of a foreign nation's law. imprisonment is a possible penalty. >> reporter: hunting is big business overseas. last year, a texas man shelled out $350,000 so he could hunt a black rhinoceros. that money reportedly went to conservation. phillip mena, abc news, new york. meantime the empire state building is shedding new light on the increasing number of endangered species. right now, 40 projectors illuminate the facade. the project was created in order to inspire global conservation action while raising awareness of potential mass extinction. happening tomorrow, american pharoah at the gate for the first time since winning the coveted triple crown. that decorated horse poised for more racing history. at the haskell invitational in
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monmouth park. with 60,000 fans expected to attend and several road closures in the area, and anticipate some gridlock around the track. the jersey transit will attempt to keep a tight rein on the situation however with more trains running tomorrow. and some travel tips purchase the round tip tickets in advance and give yourself from the station. and expect longer wait times. a dog nabbed right from a driveway in new jersey. the brazen crime caught on camera tonight. the owner's plea for help. >> and plus thousands of dodge cars are recalled tonight. why there could be a problem just like slamming the door. >> and a warning for hospitals. the common device that could be at risk for cyber attack. >> and after a pretty hot summer afternoon, where many locations actually hit the 90- degree mark it's a comfortable evening out there. near 80 in the city but already 60 end zone many of the sub --
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60s in many of the su
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tonight, firefighters mourn one of their own. killed on the front lines in the battle to control a raging wildfire in northern california. forest service firefighter david rule died thursday while surveying an area in the mod hack national forest, to decide the best way for firefighters to handle the flames. right now, an investigation has begun to determine exactly what happened. rule leaves behind a wife and two children.
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the feud between the families of whitney houston and bobby brown boiled over today at a funeral for their daughter. during a private memorial service held in georgia for bobbi kristina, bobby brown's sister walked out of the church. she said she was angry because pat houston whitney houston's surgery was speaking at the funeral. bobbi kristina died earlier this week roughly six months after she was found facedown in a bathtub at her home in atlanta. she will be buried monday next to her mother new jersey. a wing flap believed to belong to a missing malaysian for testing. the eight foot part arrived today at a military testing facility andage sis will begin wednesday and experts hope to determine whether the flap cape 370 which disappeared over the ago. aviation experts have already confirmed the component comes
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from a boeing 777. a brazen crook caught on camera stealing a dog from a new jersey driveway. it happened around 10:30 this morning in hackensack. now in this surveillance footage you can see a woman walk up to the dog and pick it up and walk away. the owner of that animal a pomeranian named diamond have contacted police and hackensack police say they are looking into the incident. a massive car recall widening tonight. now it includes more than a million dodge cars. the company is recalling more than if hundred thousand -- 300,000 dodge challengers bastide air bags are inflate if doors are slammed too hard. last week more than 800,000 dodge ram pickup trucks were recalled for the same problem. the company says it knows of three minor injuries from the problem. another recall to tell you about. you may want to double check the cheese in your fridge. that kraft heinz company issued a voluntary recall on select varieties of kraft singles
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products because of a choking hazard. now the recall applies to three pound and four pound sizes of kraft singles american and white american pastturized prepared cheese product. the company worries that a thin strip of packaging may remain stuck to the cheese after the wrapper has been removed. the recalled products have a best when used by date of december 29th, 2015. through january 4th, 2016. you can find more details on this recall on our website. abc 7 ny. still to come on eyewitness news they may look like the typical construction workers. but we'll tell you what they're really trying to do. >> and two close calls at jfk airport. what people are doing about drones in the path of incoming planes. >> and a live look outside tonight enjoy the warm temperatures while they last. changes are on the way. meteorologist jeff smith returns with the exclusive
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you can tell the quality of the weather tonight by the number of people outside the studio. watching you give a forecast that they're hoping is going to be as nice as today. >> it's a really nice night out there and tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today if not a couple of degrees cooler. i think a lot of people are
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fans of that right now. that is view of the empire state building projections of some animals that threatened to become endangered and also a nice little light show going on the top there with those l. e. d. displays. right now that temperature 79 and humidity down to 44%. the humidity stays low during the day tomorrow. and if anything a degree or two cooler tomorrow. our high today was 89 degrees after a morning low of 75. so yeah, it was above normal by about five degrees and some locations did actually hit and 100 the record back in 1933. at 8:12. here's what to expect during the next several days. humidity again staying low through tomorrow and then muggier on monday. now as a front moves into the much more humid air mass on monday, there could be a shower or thunderstorm by late in the day north and west of the statement i think most of the activity waits until monday night to move on in. that's kind of the big ticket weather item in the seven day forecast. then maybe a close call with some more clouds and rain later
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on in the week. that's questionable at this point. it depends on how close an area of low pressure moves to us. it's going to be generally sliding off to our south though. right now # 6 in morristown. 63 at monticello. very comfortable in the northern and western suburbs. that's a nice little roadway leaf -- relief and you can leave the windows open there. no air-conditioning needed. 7 # belmar and 75 at islip and dew points are squarely within the pleasant category. right around 55 degrees. dew point measuring the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. and that will trend toward uncomfortable by the time monday rolls around. we had a couple of very scattered sprinkles move across the area northern parts of new jersey and lower hudson valley. earlier this evening. but those have since gone by the wayside and weakened. futurecast showing nothing through tomorrow and then it's really by late monday we'll watch a line of showers and thunderstorms move in right now this model indicating that it would take until later on monday night to effect the --
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affect the city but it looks feisty here on the futurecast. not as hot and i think temperatures trend down to the 80-degree mark for highs by late in the week. the storminess mainlities off sister stays south to the -- mainly stays to the south but causing at least some clouds and worst case maybe a little rain in parts of the area especially south of new york city by later in the week. accuweather forecast overnight, partly cloudy and breezy. really nice out there. the low going down to about 71. it's mostly sunny at 7:00 in the morning. temperatures in the low 70s going up 2088 during afternoon. -- to 88 during the afternoon. warm but not too humid out there. down to about 73 tomorrow night. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, muggier on monday. much of the daylight is dry though and storms probably wait until nighttime. well north and west of the city though in the afternoon. 90 for a high. less humid on tuesday and have to watch to see if the clouds and that area of rainfall trends toward the new york city area. right now it should stay just
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off to our south. we'll be. whatting it though -- watching it though. effort sos is in the pleasant -- sports is in the pleasant category with laura behnke up next. >> especially for you and your fellow mets fans. if tonight was any indication for the mets a very fun raid on the playoff -- ride on the playoff push in the national league east. city field was rocking with the second largest crowd in staid couple history tonight and duda did he has best to try not to disappoint. baseball highlights next in
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if you weren't a duda fan before? laura is here. >> the trade deadline has passed and now the playoff push really begins for the mets who began the night just two games behind the first place nationals with a chance to cut the lead to a mere one game with a win tonight. and they have some reinforcements. cespedes making the mets debut after the trade yesterday. there's defrom on the mound and he has a -- degrom on the mound and he has a tough 1st inning. that's going to scare a pair and degrom -- score a pair and degrom settled in after that. duda the first hit of the game for the mets but in style. solo home run.
11:25 pm
still a bun run game if the 7th. and duda again. again going long. eighth momenter for leu das -- homer for lucas in seven games. 8th inning. who else but duda in the park for the double and brings in curtis granderson to take the lead. three blown saves since the all- star break but not tonight. the mets win and yes they are one game out of first. and before the game tonight, terry collins said he fully expects david wright to return to the mets sometime this summer. well, this week the captain is going to take a big step in that direction. wright will stay workout with the team as it travels to miami on monday. before then heading to st. lieu into playing rehab games by the end of the week. the yankees love playing the white sox at least lately. the pinstripes have taken six siders. trend going. in the second game of the weekend set in chicago.
11:26 pm
the sox though struck first. already 1-0. ramirez taking second major league start. that made it 2-0. 5th inning chicago starts to pull away. there's cabrera up with two men on bringing everybody home. it's 6-1 and they weren't done yet. next inning ramirez again. not a home run. but it is trouble though. rbi double now 7-1. the lone right spot for the yanks right there. mccann launched his own long ball in the 9th but way too way too late. victorious striking out to end it. so 8-2 the yankees fall. and the yanks may not have gotten any big name pitchers before yesterday's trade deadline. pitching help though is still on the way. the pinstripes will call up top prospect louis severino to make his major league debut which will happen on wednesday against the red sox at jeez stadium. he is -- yankees stadium. he is 7-0 in triple a. this season and not expected to be on a pitch limit.
11:27 pm
we have much more ahead in sports. when you return grab your gear we're going camping. both the jets and giants back on the field today as tripping camp rolls on.
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the jets' offense will take a big step this season but they will be without a key weapon for most of the preseason. second round draft pick devon smith not only suffered broken ribs in practice yesterday, but also a puncture lung. the receiver will miss four to six weeks, as for the rest of the team, day three of training camp workouts meant day one of pads. which means let the real football begin. it's a chance for the players to get a better feel for the system and for the coaches to see just what they've got on the roster. >> you're never satisfied. you don't do anything right first day of pads. you know. you just happy nobody got hurt. so i look at the film and i'll check it out. i thought we were down. we got to get in better shape. well, over at the meadowlands day two of camp for the giants who are beginning what could be a pivotal season. that's been a pretty tough go for big blue but their recent struggles aren't something the team just wants to forget but as the president and ceo said earlier this week, the
11:31 pm
postseason drought, it's time to put a stop to it. >> we've had last year ups and downs. like i said always we did some things very well. but always being overshadowed by what we didn't do so well. they had bwp. now the red bulls also boast swp as the older brother of bradley wright phillips, sean wright phillips recently signed with new york and tonight he made the debut. against philadelphia tonight all tied noned 71st minute when the brothers went to work. sean to brandon for the two ahead tally i think this is going to workout. the ninth goal of the season for bwp. also the game winner 3-1. the red bulls win. well, at the stadium frank lampad making his much anticipated debut but montreal didn't really care about that. lead the impact past the home team 3-2 and nyc fc coming up just short. the big horse with the
11:32 pm
little tail and a giant raring accomplishment will return to -- racing accomplishment will return to racing this weekend. as american pharoah races. this morning, the most famous horse in the world took its final run at monmouth park ahead of tomorrow's invitational. because of the star horse, a record crowd of over 60,000 people is expected to attend while earlier this week, race officials raised the purse from $750,000 to a record $1.75 million. they more than doubled it. >> yeah. >> it's horses kind of a big deal. >> yeah. >> wow. should be a good day. >> going to be fun. >> thank you laura. how safe is central park? coming up, the number of robberies has doubled since last year. the search for the suspect in the latest incident. his victim choked and robbed. >> and danger in the sky, drones to blame for two close calls at jfk. >> plus, a warning about
11:33 pm
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11:36 pm
police step up fa patrols in central park after a silent mugging. this -- violent mugging. this man choked another man in the ramble. the victim passed out and when he woke up the wallet and bags were gone. but topping the news this half hour, a search underway for the suspect who choked and robbed that man in central park. >> it happened in that area known as the ramble. thursday night. in fact as eyewitness news reporter renee stoll discovered. robberies in park have more than doubled so far this year. >> reporter: police could be seen canvassing the northern end of central park after a call for an armed robber who allegedly struck during busy daylight hours came in. so far, police have not confirmed the information and released little details about the incident. but it's not the first one this week. on thursday, around 10:00 p.m., it was somewhere in the ramble section of the park where the trees outnumber the people that police say another violent attack happened. >> he was begging for money. the guy said oh i don't have
11:37 pm
any. and that's -- he came up behind him and put him in a choke hold. >> reporter: we showed this rendering of the suspect thought to be in his mid 30s and about 5'8" to both avid and first time park goers. >> well, it's not good at all. i live in the neighborhood. i live on 72nd street. and i walk my dog in the park. >> reporter: police tell us the 53-year-old victim passed out after being choked and woke up 20 to 30 means later robbed of everything. when weeked the numbers of robberies in the park we found last year there was only ten from january 1st to july 26th. this year, in that same period, there's now 19. >> it's frightening and it's happening as you say 10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. it's not 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: a source tells us patrols have increased and this demand center has been a staple in the northern end of the park for days on end. but some park goers say they're hard-pressed to find a cop themselves. >> i just ran about five and a half miles for me. not one police officer. not one.
11:38 pm
i've never seen it like this. >> reporter: does it worry you? >> not one in a car or scooter, not one in a van. you would think there would be more pref dense and more visibility. -- prevalence and more visibility. see something say something. >> reporter: but he wonders who he will say something to. again, it really depends on where you are in the park because here at the northern end of course there's police presence while they investigate that armed robbery. reporting in central park, i'm renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. police have arrested a suspect accused of shooting a man in a barbershop on long island. detectives say 32-year-old james nicholson shot a 30-year- old man inside that business in bay shore early thursday morning. nicholson was taken into custody yesterday and is expected to be charged. the victim remains in critical condition. a port authority police officer arrested a couple after finding more than $40,000 in their car along with marijuana. the officer made the arrest outside of the holland tunnel
11:39 pm
on thursday night after smelling marijuana coming from inside the suspect's black 2008 honda. the $41,000 was found inside the car along with three hand rolled cigarettes containing suspected marijuana. manuel rodriguez of new jersey faces several charges including drive driving under the influence of drugs and possession. investigators charged his passenger jessica torres with possession of marijuana. some close calls in the air, two different flights came within near feet of drones flying where they should not have been at. the pilots say they see drones in the sky virtually every day. and now the danger of colliding with one of them just a matter of time. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: tonight, after two close calls with drones in the most crowded air space in the country, aviation education perts sounding the alarm.
11:40 pm
>> -- experts sounding the alarm. >> sooner or later we're going to lose an airplane due to a collision. >> reporter: below the feet from palm about to land at -- port-au-prince about to land at new york's jfk airport. >> reporter: just more than two hours later, in the same area, again a drone coming dangerously close. this time to delta flight 407 from orlando on its final approach. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> probably about 100 feet below us. >> reporter: no one was hurt and investigators don't suspect foul play but this serious concern about drones highlighted again friday by the department of homeland security. telling launch agencies we cannot rule out that adversaries in the homeland would use these to support violent activities. another potential being closely watched tonight is the nypd tries to track down whoever was
11:41 pm
behind those scares here at jfk. officials saying finding drone operators especially in a crowded city can be really difficult. at jfk, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. two police officers on long island helped save three men who got caught in a rip current. the men were swimming at ocean bay park off fire island when they got pulled out to sea. officers charles jar dell la and michael malone responded to the scene. the officer immediately ran into the water with a life ring. swam to the first victim and dragged him back to shore. then he ran back into the water for the other victims. >> he grabbed the life ring again and jumped back in. and was able to assist the second group. >> they were very thankful. there was no way to get back in. >> one victim was taken to south side hospital to get checked out. doctors expect the victim to be okay. should part of the long
11:42 pm
island roadway be named after singer billy joel? new york lawmakers are battling over renaming part of route 107 in hicksville billy joel boulevard. lawmakers are debating whether roads should be named for the living or only the dead. senator jack martin who introduced the legislation says the six-time grammy winner made numerous contributions to his hometown and so what do you think? you can join the conversation on our facebook page. another roaming reptile spotted in the city. this time in queens. this morning, the nypd took to twitter with these photos showing officers on the hunt for an alligator reportedly seen in flushing meadow park. the search revealed no sign of the elusive beast. the police named jaws. al suspect's desperate attempt to evade police. how he tried to keep police from finding his fingerprints.
11:43 pm
it's all caught on camera and we should you some may -- warn you some may find this video disturbing. >> they're not looking to repave the road. do. >> and take a live look outside now. meteorologist jeff smith returns with your [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to bring the thrills, the adventure and the best of africa back home to you. kalahari resorts. now open in the pocono mountains. book now at
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a different take on the phrase taking a bite out of crime. a florida man under arrest chews and scratches off his own fingerprints in an attempt to conceal his identity. the stomach churning desperate act was all caught on dashcam. you can see 20-year-old roberts keeping his cool as he repeatedly bites at hiss fingertips and rubs them on the squad car. but the scheme didn't work. roberts now in jail facing a long list of charges. now to a warning for hospitals around the country. the fda warns a common medical device found in many hospital
11:46 pm
rooms could be vulnerable to a cyber attack. hospital administrators now being told to be on the alert for hackers. here's avenue. >> bob: 's -- abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: hospitals receiving an unprecedented warning by the fda tonight that the commonly used medical device may be at risk of getting hacked. the device pump is used to deliver medications like painkillers and cancer treatments to patients through an iv. in its warning, the fda says an unauthorized user with malicious intent could access the pump remotely and modify the dosage it delivers. >> so every hospital should assume that its devices if connected to the internet, can be attacked. and so it's an important warning, this is not an isolated incident. >> reporter: they say it deployed an update to provide customers with an extra layer of security. until the mump is completely off the market in a few months.
11:47 pm
a move already in the works before this warning. this new worry over health care hacks comes just after fiat chrysler issued a voluntary recall of 1.4 million vehicles to install software to prevent hacking. >> kill the engine. >> reporter: a as a rule jerk seen in this demonstration video when hackers took control of this jeep. these two cases showing how the rewards of technology also come with risks. aditi roy, abc news, new york. police are using a new tactic to crack down on distracted drivers. officers are now being deployed and disguises looking for people texting in their cars. one police department in georgia is sending its officers out looking like construction workers. while one in connecticut looks like a land surveyor: it may be a novel approach to a problem but police say it is necessary. >> we can actually get close enough and actually get almost into the cars and look down into them. and see what people are texting and what they're doing on their phones. and it's still a problem but
11:48 pm
this texting is killing just as many people as drunk drivers. >> now one department in california even sent out officers in plain clothes holding signs explaining exactly what they were doing. and they still found people texting. a frightening new problem for owners of cars with sunroofs. federal highway safety officials have received complains about sunroofs spontaneously shattering. sending shards of glass raining down on people inside the vehicle. experts believe the problem lies with thinner metal being used in new cars. federal regulators have been investigating the problem for more than a year. a dog named barnacle on his way to becoming an official member of the u.s. coast guard. the 2-year-old terrier mix went from the streets to spending his days on the water. while stationed if south florida the petty officer and his family adopted barnacle after they found him wandering
11:49 pm
a grocery store parking lot. then, when the coast guard relocated anthony to milwaukee, the crew voted barnacle as its official mascot. >> he's got a nice nose barnacle. making history in florida. >> meet the woman who received
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
the first ever bionic look jeff, the forecast for tomorrow is so nice. we don't mind hearing it again. >> and i was excited about this block because i'm going to talk about water temperatures. >> i was just going to be at cape may. it was 79 degrees. >> in the water. >> in the water. atlantic ocean was 79 degrees in cape may and not that much cooler farther north. that in just a minute. right now a live look outside toward our fine city looking over toward manhattan from the astoria queens, 79 right now in the city but already fallen into the 60s 234 many of suburbs. clear skies that wind coming in if the northwest -- from the northwest around 5 miles an hour. it's comfortable night out there. even considering we had temperatures up around 90 during afternoon. 91 at newark and 90 at belmar and 90 islip was the high. you get up into the upper 80s and central park and also in
11:53 pm
white plains and in bridgeport. connecticut. and check out these numbers especially well north and west you're down to 61 right now in monticello. so very comfortable air mass taking hold overnight and these areas you can just leave the windows open in the hudson valley. 64 andover. 73 new city but even there it's going to be falling down into the 60s overnight probably falling down into the 50s well north and west. 73 belmar and 75 your current temperature at islip. had a couple of very -- just scattered sprinkles out there earlier this evening those have since weakened. a little trough of low pressure moving on way. high pressure though in firm control over the ohio valley a lot of fair weather with that. lot of descending air that doesn't promote any shower or thunderstorm development. and that's going to be ariette for tomorrow. lows tonight in the -- our weather for tomorrow. lows tonight in the meantime, places like sussex and poughkeepsie about 71 for the low in the park. upper 60s down the shore and highs tomorrow if anything a degree or two cooler than they were today. really nice day shaping up for
11:54 pm
your sunday and this is what i was excited about here. if you're heading to the beach waves around three feet and water temperatures now range from 70 at the coolest on the east end of long island to 77 down the jersey shore now. the rip current risk is moderate. so just be careful if you're out there swimming. air quality moderate and you need to sun block the uv index is very high at an 8. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, nice day shaping up for tomorrow. 88. low humidity continuing. more humid on monday and i think the daylight hours should be mainly dry. there could be a thunderstorm north and west of the city by the end of day but more likely at night we get the stronger thunderstorms in here. 90 and then very warm but less humid on have to watch late in the week, questionable whether it brings us any rain or not. but temperatures definitely trending cooler only 81 by thursday. >> that's a warm water. >> oh, yeah. >> for sure. >> we like that. thank you jeff. she has been completely blind for 16 years. her sight lost to a degenerative disease.
11:55 pm
>> well now a woman in florida can see again. thanks to a revolutionary procedure. she received a bionic eye. the first in florida and as you can imagine, it has been life changing. growing up, car mentorrest didn't think -- carmen torres didn't think much about her vision until 18 when she was diagnosed with a condition in which vision gradually declines over time. at the age of 45, torres couldn't see herself in the mirror anymore. >> i had that -- [ inaudible ] because you don't got another choicer, you have to move on with your life. >> reporter: after 16 years of being blind there was finally some hope. a team of doctors at the eye institute discovered a possible solution. a bionic eye. this is how it works. an implant is placed in the eye. the patient wears special glasses with the miniature video camera.
11:56 pm
that camera capture what is is being seen then it's processed by a small computer attached to a belt or purse. the signal is sent back to the glasses which then transmit the images to the implant. >> so meticulous technique. exact precise measurements of where to place these components on the eye. is really important. and we really took our time. >> reporter: the procedure is the first of its kind in florida and torres is the first patient to receive the bionic eye. >> you have a patient that -- potentially going to be able to see now. previously we felt was irreversible blind is amazing. >> reporter: the results have been dramatic to say the least. torres can now locate door windows is see sidewalks and -- and see sidewalks and buildings and watch the stars outside her home. she says the procedure has truly been life changing. >> it's very fortunate. but i'm very strong. i didn't cry.
11:57 pm
i was happy and i was just laughing like crazy. >> i could do the crying for her. >> exactly. just amazing. my oh my. >> it is wonderful. the great things that science can do. >> yeah. >> only getting better too. >> yeah. that's the news for now. thanks for staying up with us. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe forest, eyewitness news -- torres, eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and make it a great night everyone. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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