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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the man whose car struck that police officer told me he didn't expect to get hit from behind and didn't realize he much later. >> it was me that that happened. me in the car. >> that the minivan hit. >> yes. >> reporter: police say the minivan started the whole thing speeding down ocean avenue, eventually slamming into the rear end of a parked car near city. >> i seen the car coming fueling speed. so, i figured he had room to go around so he just shot -- he driver's side. he jumped on the sidewalk and i must have hit two police. >> this 52-year-old was in the parked car but does not want to be identified. his nissan flew on the sidewalk and right into a group of pedestrians including three jersey city police officers sunday night around 8:00. >> i felt that sharp pain, went
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down my neck and i laid back. that's all i remember. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver of the minivan, 30-year- old keith jeffords tried to run away and was even confrontational until he was eventually arrested. >> he get out running, running. a girl here and he was fighting everyone. he was in front of me. so, he tried to move out and go in the store. so, he was there running. >> reporter: now, police say jeffords has been charged with assault, dwi, four counts of assault, rather, dwi and leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury. there were two spas gears in his car. they were taken -- two passengers in his car. they were taken to christ hospital but left without being treated. they refused treatment there. coming up on "first at 4:00" we will hear from one of the eyewitnesses and good samaritans that tried to tussle
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with jeffords to keep him from leaving the scene. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. new at noon a final good- bye for the daughter of whitney houston. a hearse carrying the body of bobbi kristina arrived at a funeral home. within the next hour a private burial ceremony will begin at fairview cemetery. that's where eyewitness news reporter toni yates is live this afternoon. toni? >> reporter: yes, indeed. we are hearing that the hearse carrying the body of kristina left whigham funeral home and heading to the cemetery in westfield. that would mean they are ahead of schedule. they were supposed to leave the funeral home at noon and arrive at 1:00. that procession carrying two s.u.v.s with family members of bobbi kristina. we want to show you video of what is happening out here at the scene this morning hours before all of this.
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this is what is happening at fairview cemetery. whitney houston fans. one lady came from harlem. they have taken a spot at the entrance gate holding pictures, one of whitney houston and bobbi kristina, a stunning photograph of mother and daughter. she will be laid to rest next to her mother. the family is expected to have a 5 minute gravesite service. bobbi kristina was 22 years old when she died july 26th after six months in hospice care. offering thoughts. >> it's just a tragic time. i just want to show my gratitude and support that life is too short. so, we all should come together. >> after whitney passed away, i wish she had more supervision. i don't care how hard she would have fought against it because my children -- somebody should have been there with her giving her more supervision. >> now, police have a long stretch of east broad street in
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front of the cemetery shut down to traffic so it's best to avoid this area. it will probably be that way for several hours this afternoon while the private burial takes place. we will have much more for you later on eyewitness news. live at the cemetery, tony yates, channel 7 eyewitness back to you. >> thank you, toni. new details about the bronx. five sits that tested positive for the bacteria will have to submit a long-term plan on how they will prevent the bacterial growth in the future. city health officials will hold a town hall meeting tonight to address concerns about the outbreak. that meeting will be held at the bronx museum of the arts from 6:00 to 8:00. new york's attorney general today is saying that he will use his new power as special prosecutor to investigate the death of a woman in a police holding cell in mount vernon. raynette turner, a mother of
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eight was found dead in her jail cell two days after her arrest on a shoplifting charge. he was returned to a police controlled holding cell after throwing up in a court holding area. this is the first time that attorney general eric schneiderman will use his authority to investigate cases where people die in police encounters. new at noon, brooklyn's borough president and members of the community are taking a stand against violence following a bloody weekend that left three people dead. eric adams is holding a rally to launch his campaign against gun violence. the new program follows a weekend where three were killed and 16 were injured in shootings across the city. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the rally and will have a live report at 12:30. three people were arrested after a teenager was shot and killed in new jersey. the suspects are due to appear before a judge in about an hour. 16-year-old ron witherspoon june i can't remember was shot by a stray bullet last month. police say witherspoon was not
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the intended target of the attack. his family donated his organs to six people. new at noon, jury selection for the new trial of the man accused of killing 6-yearld-o etan patz is set to start in february. patz' father attended the hearing for pedro hernandez in lower manhattan. it comes three months after a judge declared a mistrial in the case due to a hung jury. hernandez confessed to strangling patz in soho in 1979. his attorneys argued the confession way coerced. an exact date was not filmlized. february 22nd. a bus driver from new york city critically injured in a deadly crash in north carolina. an apex coach bus was traveling near benson when it struck a guardrail. the bus crossed into northbound lanes before crashing into a median. police tell our sister station in raleigh that the bus driver, eric jimerson fell asleep at
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the wheel and was thrown from the bus. another car swerved off the road to avoid the bus and struck a tree. killed. police officer? car. it happened when temperatures were in the high 80s. someone noticed the dog in the car and alerted police who were able to get in the vehicle and get the dog out to safety. the pup was left there for more than an hour without water. the dog's owner was issued a summons but a was allowed to keep the dog. now to the growing concern about drones getting too close to planes at kennedy airport. a pilot is reporting a drone coming within 100 feet of the plane last night. this comes on the heels of a new report warning about drones being used in terror attacks on u.s. soil. abc's jim avilla has the story. >> drone at the edge of the runway. >> reporter: another drone close call overnight. a shuttle america flight from richmond, virginia, landing at
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new york's j.f.k. pilot. >> 30 feet. >> reporter: it's against the airport. friday. first a jetblue flight from haiti at the. the pilot said it was within 100 feet of the cockpit. >> popped right out. >> same day a delta pilot startled by what he saw. >> what altitude would you say it was? >> 100 feet below us off the right wing. >> reporter: the department of homeland security alerting law enforcement that there have been 500 drone incidents since 2012 and in an intelligence assessment saying drones can become a terrorist weapon. quote, while many of these encounters are not malicious in nature, they underscore potential security vulnerabilities that could be used by adversaries to leverage drones as part of an attack. already at home a connecticut college student and his dad
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rigged a drone with a handgun calling it the flying gun. jim avila, abc news, washington. today president obama unveil new regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. the white house previewed the plan in a video posted on facebook this weekend. the new rules require power plants to cut emissions by 32% from 2005 levels in the next 15 years. several republican lead states are ct to change the new regulations in -- challenge the regulations sunday church services interrupted by explosions. two bombings at churches in new mexico that has neighbors on high alert. the fbi is now involved inthe investigation. >> tragedy on a baseball field. friends and family remember a bat boy killed in a tragic accident at the stadium. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. check out these temperatures at on. 86 in the park.
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89 around newark and elizabeth. we have a southwest wind and a southerly wind that is pumping up the heat and moisture out there.
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new video of a deadly helicopter accident in russia. the attack helicopter was participating in an air show about 100 miles southeast of moscow when the hydraulic system failed. an alarm system sounded and the pilot struggled with the equipment but ended up crashing anyway. one of the two pilots died.
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the russian air force suspended flights on this type of helicopter while the crash is being investigated. new at noon, air strikes targeting isis in iraq and syria may have killed hundreds of civilians. the group air wars believes 57 strikes killed 459 civilians including 100 children. other groups reported similar casualties from u.s. lead air strikes. no comment from the u.s. lead coalition. two frightening bombings at churches and authorities are looking for who is responsible and what was behind them. the ex pleadings happened at a church within miles of each other in new mexico. the first in a mailbox at a baptist church. the second hammed in a trash bin during catholic mass there was chaos and fear but no one was hurt. now the job is to find out who would target places of worship.
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>> only a coward would place and explosive device in a place of peace and a place of worship. >> all services were canceled for the rest of the day at both urches in many cases, churchgoers were not allowed to leave their own vehicles as forces conducted security sweeps. a 9-year-old boy died after being hit in the head bat. kaiser carlyle was working as a bat boy at an amateur game in kansas. a batter hit him during a warm uping teas he went to retrieve a bat. he was wearing a helmet when he was hit. he was returned to the hospital -- rushed to the hospital where he died. severe storms in chicago left more than a dozen people hurt and one dead after a tent collapsed at a festival. strong winds collapsed the tent at prairie fest in a chicago suburb. 15 other people were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. several others were treated at the scene.
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coming up, a second close encounter. a man who gained fame fighting off one shark gets back in the water and has another terrifying experience. plus, a police officer tries to help a skunk in distress without getting sprayed, of course of course we will show you how it ends. >> taking a live look outside. the heat and humidity is back.
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how long will it last? right now nearly two dozen california. the worst is in the northern part of the state. more than 12,000 people were forced from their homes. 50 houses and buildings were destroyed. they put out more than 10% of the flames that surrounded it. the fire has consumed more than 93 square miles. imagine? they are trying to help crews today. >> the wildfires won't quit. >> yeah, you see it there. the force of mother nature combined with other stuff making tough times. >> no rain, big drought, it's hot, lightning strike, you think maybe a thunderstorm and that's how it gets started. we have no such problem here. the rain wouldn't hurt us but we have the dog
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so, let's take a look outside. here is what a dog day looks like, all right? they are having fun on the east river. i don't know. they must have been calling each other on the radio. there are a lot of boat traffic and tugs are racing each other under the brooklyn bridge. you got the circle line, the seastreak, the water taxis working back and for the their. there is the circle line. fortunately you don't have to worry about tugs. they go about 8, 9 miles per hour. they won't bother you and they are cool. the temperature at noontime warmed up. 86 the normal high. 8. humidity not bad at 44%. that will take is up a couple of degrees in the real feel closer to 90. normal high is 84. a beautiful sunset today coming up at 8:10. it will be nice. humidity will stick around through tomorrow. a spotty storm could be around overnight.
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wednesday will be a great day, lots of sun, low humidity. temperatures in the 80s. cloudier and cooler and air out of canada and a low pressure system comes in with rain and 70s for friday. murray hill at 86. ridgewood queens 89. so is canarsie. double 8 in poughkeepsie. 13 to 15 miles per hour wind across the south to southwest across the area. that will keep it warm. dry in inland areas. sunburn. put on the sunscreen, sunblock. we are ahead of a front and this front is dying out as it moved eastward with showers. futurecast shows one or two popping up tonight around the area. mostly away from the coast. still a great night around the area for this evening. afternoon. there is a stray shower or thunderstorm around late.
12:21 pm
break for sunshine. hot afternoon. 90 again. humidity. temperatures at normal. then this cooler air comes out of canada. the jet stream drops way down into the middle of the country. that allows cooler air in and a low will bring us rain on friday. then gets out of the way in time for the weekend. the weekend looking pleasant with sunshine and 80 degrees. the rain. >> you need a good rain. >> awesome stuff. thank you, bill. up next, caught on camera.
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a police officer helps a skunk, a wild chase at a nascar race and a man stuffs a statue down his pants. those are some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with the antique store theft. the owner of the store set up surveillance cameras to prevent people from stealing. watch as a man stuffs two bronze sculptures down his pants. they are each worth about $350. police are still looking for him. also caught on camera, a wild crash rat a nascar race.
12:25 pm
driver brad keselowski couldn't stop in time at his pit stop hitting two crew members. one went flying in the air. incredibly, neither was seriously injured. keselowski finished second in the race but more importantly, he is glad that his crew members are okay. talk about a close call. finally watch what happens when a police officer spots a skunk in distress. the skunk is run willing around the street in michigan with a yogurt container on his head. the officer carefully removes the container from the skunk head and quickly shimmies away. word is there is an online effort to get this officer signed up for dancing with the stars because those moves right there -- >> he has a step. >> like it wasn't me. i didn't put it on your snout there. >> one more animal story. when some look at the beach these days, they may wonder about sharks.
12:26 pm
now add an gal tore lurking in one beach in south carolina. a 7-foot alligator came ashore on the paulie islands. a crowd watched the large lizard swimming for nearly two hours. eventually wildlife officials caught the creature and moved him to a more remote area. something you don't see every day on the beach. >> much more ahead in the next hour. >> brooklyn borough president with a new plan to curb violence. plus, toy guns will be removed from the shelves in new york city. find out why. >> and it looks like the democratic race for president is about to get very
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interesting. our top stories this afternoon, we learned three police officers were hurt after a chain reaction crash in jersey city. police charged a 30-year old driver with four counts of assault by auto, knowingly leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated. one of the officers is in a hospital but is expected to be okay. >> bobbi kristina brown, the daughter of whitney houston, is being buried this afternoon in new jersey. the private ceremony is happening at fairview in westfield.
12:30 pm
>> health officials plan to hold a town hall meeting in the bronx today to talk about the deadly break of legionnaires' disease. four people died from the disease and 71 cases have been reported. >> hello again, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. new this half hour, brooklyn's borough president is trying to stop violence in the city. >> he is upset over violence in the city including nine people shot at a party. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in downtown brooklyn with the story. kemberly? >> reporter: dave, eric adams not sugar coating things. a short time ago the borough president lead a procession. they were carrying this coffin. inside of it, there are pictures of those that died from gun violence. he wants people to stop here and not just think about the trouble issue. he wants them to mobilize and do something about it. >> this issue is so important that we are at the crisis stage.
12:31 pm
>> reporter: it's something that is meant to stop people, have them ask questions and if eric adams has his way, come up with solutions. this morning the borough president set up an open casket outside of brooklyn borough hall. inside the wooden box, pictures of those shot and killed. the casket will stay here for five days. the powerful image adam says, a reminder of the many lives lost to recent gun violence. >> when a bullet is discharged from the barrel of a gun, it does not discriminate. it would take the life of anything and anyone that it is. >> reporter: this past weekend was particularly violent. city. in the end, three people died. at this scene in east flatbush, nearly 50 bullet casings blanket the street. police say a 24-year-old man did not make it out at live. antoine was one of the lucky ones. >> heard a shot. bullet whizzed past my head,
12:32 pm
seen people running. i ran, then i realized my leg was dying and my arm was smoking. >> reporter: he spoke exclusively with eyewitness news sunday morning. he was one of 9 people shot outside of a party in east new york. police are now looking for this man. surveillance cameras caught the suspect opening fire on the crowd after not being let in the party. >> it was amazing. like ten ambulances out there. pandemonium. >> reporter: adams calling the campaign take five to stay alive outlined specific ways to tackle the issue. others signed on to the effort. >> we won't solve problem until we take the gun violence and public safety out of the realm of just police. >> reporter: he is talking about perm responsibility. live in downtown brooklyn, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. toy guns may have been a part of some of your child hoods but now major retailers will stop selling realistic toy
12:33 pm
weapons in new york as part of a ttment. retail giants including walmart, sears and amazon will pay their share of a $300,000 fine to the state. the attorney general's office found more than 6500 toys were sold that violent a law prohibiting the sale of black, blue, silver or aluminum toy guns. now to the race for president. a big shake up could be on the democratic side. vice president joe biden is said to be considering a run, posing a serious challenge for front-runner hillary clinton. stephanie ramos is in washington, d.c. with more. stephanie? >> reporter: good afternoon, shirleen. most of the democratic party supports presidential candidate hillary clinton. but that is not going to stop vice president joe biden from possibly throwing his hat into the white could 2016 be about hillary and joe?
12:34 pm
and the path to more memorable moments to the vp like this one, those words muttered as the two hugged after the celebration speech on the passing of the affordable health act. political director rick clean says if joe biden wants to run, his political operation will be ready for him. >> it's not clear that he is running but the people around him have the systems in place to make sure that they can support the run. >> running for president isn't anything new for joe biden. this would be his third presidential run. >> yes, there is a chance. i don't think you have to make up your mind until the summer. >> reporter: a decision that his late son beau pushed for. biden recently lost beau to brain cancer. on his death bed beau had a mission. he tried to make his father promise to run. the latest polls show hillary clinton is a run away front- runner but it doesn't mean she is not vulnerable. there could be a spot for biden. 58% of americans view him as honest and trustworthy compared
12:35 pm
to only 37% who say the same of clinton. >> that is a critical factor when you decide your vote. there are weaknesses there that joe biden might be looking to exploit. there would be some challenges for biden in terms of fund-raising. hillary clinton has already raised more than $45 million. when biden ran for office in 2008, he struggled to raise money back then. in washington, stephanie ramos for channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. police are looking for a man that snatched a bag filled with $20,000 from an s.u.v. police say the victim left the car unlocked in front of a bow day gay at webster and east 178th street in mount hope. the suspect took off in a minivan. police think the getaway vehicle was a honda odyssey. a move to give access to vital services for immigrants. living in newark. the cards will serve as proof of identity and rest den say
12:36 pm
status. it will help cardholders gain access to city services. bad day for the greek economy after stocks in greece plummeted. it comes after trading returned five weeks. stocks plunged 22% at the start of trading but recovered slightly to the end of the day. the market is open for the first time since june 29th. it was closed when talks with creditors stalled prompting concerns about economic collapse. as for the reaction here on wall street, u.s. stocks opened lower this morning and here is a live look at the big boy. so far it's down 113 points at 17,575. >> well, at least the temperatures are high. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the diocese accuweather forecast. >> if you are taking a ride on a ferry, jersey city, staten island, from the east side or contend with.
12:37 pm
the wind will be out of the southwest and at times gusting up to 20, 30 miles per hour. water temperature 74 degrees. even on the sound, you have a southwest wind here going back and forth port jeff to bridgeport. with the southwest wind, that will get cranking. a small craft advisory has been put in place. not much with thunderstorms. there might be some overnight. temperatures get to 90 here in a couple of hours for the afternoon. if you are at the beaches, especially the new york city beaches and south shore of long island, watch out for the rip current risk which is high. we will talk about cooler weather coming up at the end of the week. another american accused of illegally killing a lion in africa. amid the growing outrage, big game hunters defending the activity they love. >> a wild crash caught on camera.
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caught on camera, a drag race gone terribly wrong. seconds into the weekend race in texas, one car flips several times. the driver, daddy dave constock. the owner of the track talks about how such an experienced driver wiped out. >> just overpowered the racetrack. basically halfway down the racetrack where it made impact with the guardrail. >> daddy dave amazingly
12:41 pm
survived the wreck. while he was banged up and suffered a concussion, he is expected to make a full recovery. more backlash over the killing of cecil the lion by a minnesota dentist. take a look at this image. an endangered lion projected over the empire state building. and we are learning about another american accused of illegally killing a lion. cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: another american doctor caught in the crosshairs of an international poaching firestorm. >> the director of gynecological oncology in pittsburgh. >> reporter: dr. yan seski. they say his guides were arrested in the april hunt. friends say he is an avid big game hunter.
12:42 pm
daily mail shows him posting next to slain animals, elephant, hippo and ostrich. overnight nowhere to be like dr. walter palmer, the dentist wanted for illegally killing the most famous lion cecil. zimbabwe suspended bow and arrow hunting in an area popular with tourists. but calling for an out right ban of big game hunting is reaching fever pitch. >> justice foresee sill. >> reporter: tens of thousands signing a petition calling on the u.s. and europe to ban hunters from bringing home trophy kills. big game hunting is a big support for americans. u.s. citizens booking more african-american hunting ex pay bishops than anyone else. one study finding that americans brought home 64% of all lion trophies. >> i think every good hunter would agree something has to happen here. >> reporter: some of those enthusiasts coming to the
12:43 pm
defense of the support like this idaho woman posting photos of her alongside her kill on safari despite an avalanche of online criticism. >> that was cecilia vega reporting. u.s. fish and wildlife officials say walter palmer's officials reached out to them as they conduct their investigation into the details surrounding the lion's death. a social experiment is now dead after a robot built to hitchhike around the country was found destroyed in philadelphia. hitch bot made it through boston, new york city before meeting his death in philadelphia. the robot built to test the kindness of strangers was on his way to d.c. when he disappeared only to be found without a head just hours later. the high-tech hitchhiker went on a cross country trip in germany, canada and the netherlands before embarking on his u.s. journey two weeks ago. he made it around the world.
12:44 pm
comes to the u.s. in the last two weeks. >> did i need a test to find out that would happen and get vandalized. it happened again. a surfer that fought off a shark has another encounter. what happened this time. >> are your children picky eaters? what r [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way?
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the surfer that inspired people around the world when he television had another encounter when he returned to the water. a shark attacked him during a surfing competition in south africa. do you remember this? it didn't stop him from getting back in the ocean. he returned and, guess what, yeah, that's when he saw a fin in the water and he knew right away what that was and quickly rushed back to shore. he talked about the experience on "good morning america." >> when we first went to that
12:48 pm
spot and saw the brown water i was skeptical anyway. and, so, i was already on edge understandably. but, yeah, it just sort of -- lucky that i was on the back of the jet ski and looking for another wave to catch. >> talk about tempting fate. he was not injured in either encounter. he is determined to continue surfing. >> a shark magnet. poor guy. we have seen ground crews struggle to put a star on the field at a baseball game. >> watch what happens when a fan can't figure out how to put on a poncho. it happened at saturday's red sox games. he spent several minutes, wait a minute. >> oh, common, man. >> the television announcer spent more time providing play by play on the man in the poncho -- where is the head. >> come on, i got it now. >> at this point you are soaking wet so why bother. >> i have been there.
12:49 pm
>> where is my hot dog. i know i put it somewhere. >> you know what, it's okay, sir. those things are complicated. >> that guy put on his poncho at the red sox game has been the best entertainment the entire red sox season. >> that's right. take that, red sox. >> ouch. >> tyler our producer, thank you, that made my day. i'm taking my son to the boston red sox-yankee game wednesday night. it will be big. of course they are in place place. here we go, take a look across the bows of the boats on the east river. it's warm, humid. on the south facing shores of long island, fire island. if you are at the new york city beaches and you go there later today, watch out for the high
12:50 pm
risk of rip currents. we have sunshine, dry humidity, winds southwest at 6. pressure steady at 30. in the atlantic a low. we are in between the front and the loud out here. here. small craft advisory has been issued, that kind of thing. as the afternoon goes on, southerly to a southwest wind goes higher. that's why there is a small craft advisory in effect for 2 to 4-foot waving 3-g to 5. rip current risk is high south shore of long island, new york city beaches and moderate down the jersey shore. tomorrow and wednesday the low pushes into the atlantic and we are looking at much better weather. the end of the week we watch this low developing with cooler air coming in. that is thursday into friday we get rain, this comes out and drier rain for the weekend. 90 today, hot and humid. warm and humid tonight. inland areas, there could be a
12:51 pm
pop mass. 90 tomorrow with sunshine and clouds. wednesday is a great day. humidity drops off. pretty day. then we got shine on thursday with clouds coming in. and rain on friday. >> i like how you go back to that shot. >> there is your aernoon. >> were either one of you picky >> absolutely. >> no. >> yes and no. i was a picky eater. to anxiety. a duke university study found young children finicky about their food are more likely to have some kind of emotional issue behind this. >> there you go. >> calm yourself nonpicky eater over there. they also have underlying feelings of anxiety. children moderately picky are twice as likely as other kids to experience anxious feelings. i was not an anxious child so i'm not sure i support this. >> i think we turned out okay. >> well, now i am worried.
12:52 pm
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the news continues later today on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." a local little league team gets a big honor but a lot of the team members can't afford to go to the championship. we will have more of what is being done to make their dream a reality. >> plus, 7 on your side has the best buys for august. they include back to school dos and donts that could save you a lot of money. those stories and more beginning today on "eyewitness news first at 4:00.." >> well, the world is getting the first look at two baby sea lions in new jersey. >> the pups made their debut at six flags great adventure.
12:56 pm
june. the park describes the full of energy. doing great. however, piper is starting to get a reputation for saying her mom and trainers. >> piper, that's not nice. >> we are watching. >> a new jersey woman welcomed her 110th birthday with what she says is one of the keys to her longevity. see it there? a cold brew, beer. agnes celebrated at her home surrounded by some of the more than 40 children she helped raise as a nancy. when asked for the secret of a long life, she kept it simple. >> [ indiscernible ] >> god bless her. good advice. an interview for her 105th birthday, she said she enjoyed beer and a whiskey every day
12:57 pm
for decades. my mom is in her 80s. every once in a while she will say i'll have a beer. enjoy it. >> i take advice from seniors. >> we will live forever. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. be back this afternoon for "eyewitness news first at 4:00." have a great afternoon. enjoy this hot day. it will get cooler toward the end of the week. >> fill up that park with some
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