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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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here breaking news tonight. an american city under water. authorities telling drivers to get off the streets. family stranded in their cars. also the giant tornadoes touching down. the deadly system moving east. and the wildfire exploding in size tonight. homes burning to the ground. we're on the ground lines. also breaking at this hour. the man hunt tonight in one american city. they are warning he is armed and dangerous after an officer is shot and killed. now on the most wanted list. two church bombings moments apart. the intent was to do harm. the video. the 8-year-old opportunity handcuffed. what the officer says to him. and message from a beloved
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act stress after a major scare. good evening. it's great to start another week with you. and we begin tonight with the evacuations right now and warnings to get off the with the powerful storms on the move at this hour. tens of millions from kentucky up to maine in the path. and a deluge today in tampa, florida. and a storm moving in montrose beach, illinois. it's the same system that caused a deadly tent collapse. we have it tonight. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: tonight, tampa florida, inundated. a town by the water, now underwater cars left behind water rushing over the wheel wells, happening so fast,
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hundreds caught off guard. reporter sarah rosario from our tampa affiliate wfts right in the middle of it. >> this is exactly what they don't want you to do. >> reporter: more than 40 residents evacuated from flood waters up to four feet high children, their pets, the elderly, all carried out in boats. >> i've never seen it in the years i have lived here. >> reporter: and now the sheriff there warning everyone to get off the road for their own good. >> we are highly recommending that anyone who lives in those areas, by 3:00, be off the road. >> reporter: further north deadly storms moving east after tearing up the midwest. this scene at a summer festival just outside of chicago. this fencing is the least of the damage here, people here were just trying to enjoy a summer festival, but just take a look, a tent comes crashing down, killing a father of two. the 35-year-old's family right there when tragedy struck. >> it came so fast. i thought he was behind me and he wasn't. >> that's a tornado! >> reporter: in owendale, michigan an ef-1 tornado with 90 mile per hour winds hitting hard and fast. another confirmed tornado in creston, iowa. and in grayslake, illinois a tornado tearing the roof off of a high school.
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thankfully, it was empty. miles away, the same tornado hitting this pizza shop. completely destroyed. there were customers inside when the storm hit. amazingly, none of them was injured. >> good news. thank you. in the west, a state of emergency in california. 20 wildfires. 20 homes destroyed already. 12,000 evacuated. we have stunning images. nearly 10,000 firefighters deployed. tankers fighting it from above. tonight, actually setting fires themselves called backfires to help contain the outbreak. abc's clayton sandell on how it works. >> reporter: today, the rocky fire becoming a towering inferno. crews racing to meet it head on.
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the firefighters are using road flairs to start a backfire. to use up the fuel before the 3,000 firefighters are here battling flames and 90 degree heat. >> it wears on them. >> reporter: they are getting help from about two dozen helicopters and air tankers like the dc-10. >> this plane with carry 12,000 gallons of fire retardant at once. there it goes. more than 13,000 people told they can't go home. >> i haven't slept in two days. >> reporter: what you are seeing is a full on firefighter v fire fighting assault from the ground and air. it's reached the highway. firefighters are trying to stop it here and keep it from destroying any more homes. david. >> thanks to you. let's get to rob marciano. they are saying the fires, one
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of them triples in size. >> incredible. the heat, the dry air. we have a change in the weather pattern. a shift that will bring in cooler pacific air. not a lot of rain but any level of humidity increase is welcome. a lot of rain in tampa. ten inches in just the last six days and the future radar showing more activity through tomorrow. flood watches remain up. thunderstorm watches from southwest ohio to north new england. and that is where the thunderstorms are most active tonight. the future cast through tomorrow morning and the thunderstorms through boston and philadelphia. but nothing like tampa. the first three days of august, they see what they get the entire month. >> rob, thank you. we are turning to breaking news at this hour after an urgent man hunt in memphis. tonight, we have just learned a suspect is now in custody in the death of this officer after a routine traffic stop in which
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the officer was shot den. steve owesunsami is here with details. >> reporter: we have word that the gunman surrendered without incident and turned himself in. >> please, please, hurry up. >> reporter: an officer is wounded, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. he quickly reaches in the officer's car and uses the radio to call for help. >> an ambulance is on the way. >> reporter: tonight, a convicted bank robber who believe believe he was in the middle of a drug deal when he approached the car. the 33-year-old officer was wearing a bullet proof vest but it wasn't enough to save him.
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the officer's family calling wilbourn a monster, saying the senseless death is a shame to everyone. the amount of drugs so small, wilbourn would have walked away with only a written citation. no matter what, the accused gunman is going back to jail. hoe was released last year but the federal government is filing a petition to have the early release revoked. >> relieved he is in custody. steve, thank you. now to the mystery in new mexico tonight. two bombings at two churches miles apart. one catholic, one baptist. tonight, officials revealing whoever is behind it did intend to do harm. here is abc's ryan owens. >> can you contact the bomb squad? >> reporter: the fbi scrambling tonight to find the bomber or bombers who shattered the serenity of sunday services at two new mexico churches. >> these devices were intended to do harm.
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>> reporter: the first explosion reported at 8:20 a.m. -- a bomb dropped in a mailbox near the entrance to the calvary baptist church in las cruces. >> the impact was so strong. >> reporter: just 20 minutes later and less than four miles away -- another blast. this time at holy cross catholic church just as the priest was beginning communion. >> there was this large bang went off. >> reporter: no one was injured and damage to the churches was minimal. >> only a coward would place an explosive device in a place of peace and a place of worship. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward and has set up a hotline for tips -- certain that someone saw something. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> ryan, thank you. preponderate obama unveiling a new plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions calling for american power plants to reduce emissions by 32%. and making a personal plea. >> i don't want my grand kids to
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be able to swim in hawaii or not to the be able to climb a mountain and see a glacier because we didn't do something about it. >> the president arguing if we expect other countries including china to care about climate change, the u.s. made v must lead the way. will. we move on now to the race for 2016 tonight and the big question, will vice president joe biden win. tonight, reports his late son's wish, beau biden's wish that he father would run. here is johnathan karl. >> reporter: if biden runs, it's quite a dilemma for the boss. just listen to how barack obama talks about him. >> the single best decision that i have made was selecting joe biden as my running mate. >> reporter: but hillary clinton was his loyal secretary of state. >> i think she would be an excellent president.
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>> reporter: the three of them, a team, all there at the biggest moment of all, in the situation room for the osama bin laden raid. but the team of rivals may soon just be rivals. aides to vice president biden say he plans to make a decision on running for president by the end of the summer. one big factor, biden's son beau, who died of brain cancer in may. >> my friend, my father, my hero. >> reporter: "new york times" columnist maureen dowd reporting that before his death, beau had a mission, he tried to make his father promise to run. while the latest polls still show hillary clinton with a commanding lead -- there could be an opening for biden, who leads clinton in one critical category. 58% of americans view him as honest and trustworthy, compared to only 37% who say the same of clinton. >> when i think about why i'm doing this --
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>> reporter: tomorrow, she will start airing her first two ads, both prominently featuring her mother. >> jon, who do you pick? >> well, there's no way he can pick either. he cannot come out against hillary clinton. he cannot come out against joe biden. they are both running, the white house made it clear today, he would be remaining neutral. >> this could get really interesting, jon, thank you. we turn to the firestorm around planned parenthood. and a call for cancels funds for the organization, with several planned parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal tissue. and bobby jindal cutting off funds for planned parenthood. we turn to the heartbreaking moment on the diamond v baseball diamond. a 9-year-old boy killed over the
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weekend, hit in the head with a bat. this image of his team huddled in prayer. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: prayers and sorrow tonight for this freckle-faced 9 year old -- the volunteer bat boy in a kansas summer league for college players. kaiser carlile was doing what he loved saturday night running out to the field as he had done so many times before to get a bat on the ground. but the batter never saw him and while taking a practice swing he hit carlile in the head. carlile was wearing a helmet, but the trauma was severe. still, the team played on. >> he would want us to go out there and have fun and play hard. >> reporter: the shaken players taking a knee though, huddling in prayer after learning of his death. today, the national baseball congress says it will no longer use batboys or girls for the remainder of the world series games in wichita. and one remembers him in an
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instagram post as a little brother i never had. >> lindsay, thank you. we have developments tonight in the case of an american dentist who shot and killed a lion in zimbabwe. the lion's image on the side of the empire state building over the weekend. two more american game hunter, a doctor from pennsylvania and a woman from idaho, joined the debate with controversial pictures of their own. here is cecilia vega. reporter: tonight, big game hunters on the defensive. >> the hunter is the true conservationist for the lions. >> reporter: sabrina corgatelli and her boyfriend speaking to us while on safari in south africa. the idaho huntress not backing down despite fierce backlash after posting these photos on online, saying "i got an amazing old giraffe. i couldn't be any happier." >> so many people are calling me a poacher because they don't even think it's legal to hunt giraffe. >> reporter: sabrina says the
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hunts she's on are legal, and that is often the case. but tonight, zimbabwe authorities now accuse a second american of illegally killing a lion, pennsylvania dr. jan seski seen on a hunting website proudly posing with a head hippo. big game hunting is big sport for americans u.s. citizens one conservationist group says americans import 64 percent of all lion trophies. that's any part of the animal the hunter keeps. but now, airlines, like delta and emirates, are making it tougher to bring those trophies home. she tells us her hunt in south africa is not only legal but she calls it 100% ethical. >> all right, thank you. nearly two weeks after a gunman opened fire in a screens of if the train wreck," tonight,
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the star of the movie, amy schumer, joining her accusen senator sumer in new york, calling for gun control. >> i thought about the victims each day since the tragedy. we will never know why people choose to do these painful things but we find out how. how the shooter got their gun. >> amy schumer's first pub likt comments on gun violence, but she is promising they are not her last. there is more ahead this monday. the disturbing video late today. this is an 8-year-old boy right here handcuffed. his arms behind his back there. you will see voot and what the officer is explaining to him as the reason why. also ahead, the new food recall about at popular brand of cheeds tonight. we'll have it for you. and a message this evening from a beloved tv actress after a major scare. we'll be right
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next tonight, to the controversial video from kentucky making headlines late today. a sheriff's deputy facing a federal lawsuit after handcuffing two young chin who had adhd, attention deficit. here is rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight caught on tape, this kentucky sheriff's deputy restraining an 8-year-old boy with handcuffs. >> i asked you not to kick. >> reporter: the sheriff now facing a federal lawsuit brought by the american civil liberties union for allegedly using illegal force. >> now you can either behave the way you know you're supposed to or you suffer the consequences. >> it obviously traumatizes students and it interferes with their ability to receive an education. >> reporter: the 3rd grader crying and kicking in this video, 52 pounds, with adhd sent to the vice principal's office
6:49 pm
for misbehaving. the sheriff called in, allegedly using handcuffs twice on another student in the same school, a 9 year old girl. the lawsuit alleges the sheriff violated federal law in how he treated children with disabilities. approximately 11% of 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with adhd. what can be done to calm the situation? >> you really need to use time and communication and patience, >> reporter: according to the recent data, nearly 4,000 students with disabilities were handcuffed during the school year, david. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you. we have an update from a beloved actress after a scare. and a certain kind of cheese rauld tonight. we will tell you why they are concerned.
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finally tonight, made in america. an idea born among college friends who thought, let's go old school. turns out men and women, even a fortunater president, impressed with their made in america idea. >> hi, david. >> hey, david. >> hey, david. >> made in america. >> reporter: it began in san francisco, four college students who loved wears shorts old school. and they packed 20 pairs of homemade shorts, paddle boarding and playing horseshoes. the customers came to them. >> they came to them and said, what in the world are the shorts. >> they sold out. their business is born. and the headlines in the wall street journal. and the forgiving elastic waist boond, a throw back to your father's shorts. and the president thanks them for a pair. president george w. bush, saying lara passed along a pair of your
6:58 pm
shorts. they sent a picture to afghanistan. >> military is a big component to us. they have been supportive since day one. >> other fans too, a father and son. the catch of the day, the beach formation. this guy too. the cotton grown in georgia, and sun in fakt rips in california. >> we said what can we do that that is good for the kmean and create american jobs here in america. >> three words in mind! >> made in america! >> we love made in america. and we thank you for watching on maund night. ooifd david muir. have a good evening.
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good night. get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank.


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