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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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critical condition with smoke inhalation. others on the first and second floors and tenants next door got out on their own. >> tried to stop it, the top floor and i'm living on the top floor, so it's beside my room. so -- and it's the middle of the night, so very terrible. >> reporter: at some families packed damaged belongings, 14- year-old jason velez went looking for his family's dog and three cats that they couldn't find during the fire. eight hours later he came out of the burned structure with all but one cat. >> it was pretty exciting. i mean from a fire, you wouldn't think animals would survive that so i went in the room and saw her because i know out. >> reporter: and how was when she you saw her? >> she was devastated, at first she was scared to come to me, so i had to move the bed and i had to grab her. >> what's it like to have her in your arms again? >> it feels good. >> reporter: now, of course they are hoping that one cat got out early and just could not make its way back to the house.
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the family, the mother and the two children, they are still in the hospital, two firefighters were also injured, rescuing that family. one was cut on the wrist, the other one had problems with his knee after that rescue. of course at this point still no cause on how this fire started. for now we are live, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. police in queens are questioning a mother after her infant son was apparently thrown out of a fourth floor window. the baby was found in the concrete courtyard of an apartment building in richmond hill. the child, father, two other adults and two children were in the apartment at the time. sources say they initially denied the baby even lived there. the 21-year-old mother was taken to the hospital for observation. a rude wake-up call for some drivers in new jersey. nearly two dozen people came outside only to discover their tires slashed in the middle of the night. now police want to track down who was behind the frustrating and costly crime. it all happened within a few blocks between milford and bergen county.
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tim fleischer is there. tim. >> reporter: frustrating it certainly is. imagine coming out of your house on a friday morning in the middle of summer only to find the tires on your car had been slashed. look at this over here. not one but both rear tires on this particular car for 20 drivers here this was not a good friday. >> i'm hear of i am one of 25. >> reporter: so mike gamble called roadside assistance to come and swap out the slashed tire on his suv for the car's doughnut. >> apparently during the night they must have done it, even my dog didn't hear them. >> reporter: police have confirmed to eyewitness news that the 25 tires were slashed on an unknown number of cars, overnight on four different streets. madison charles, mckinley and river road in the north end of new milford. some took pictures of the damage. there were tires slashed on cars, on trucks, some even had two tires punctured. >> crazy kids last night probably. >> reporter: police say they started receiving some calls overnight but are still trying
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to pin down the time frame for this devious crime spree. and also how many people might have been involved because it happened within a three or four block radius, investigators can't help but wonder if the slasher was on foot. >> and now we are told more through aaa, they are coming in through roadside. these folks went out of their way to get 25. >> reporter: i talked to the driver of one suv, had two tires replaced today, $375, a costly, costly crime. reporting live in new milford, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. now to the legionnaire's outbreak. the state health department is sending teams to the bronx tomorrow to speed up testing of cooling towers for the legionella bacteria, 101 people have now contracted the disease. the number of deaths remains at 10. meanwhile the city is facing its first lawsuit from the outbreak. eyewitness dolan spoke to the patient's lawyer, he's in harlem. jim. >> reporter: two weeks ago marvin montgomery was a 36-year-
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old healthy father who made a modest living handing out fliers for an electronics firm right outside of lincoln hospital in the south bronx. now he's here at harlem hospital, on dialysis, too weak to even hold a fork and recovering from a near fatal bout of legionnaire's. adam slater's client is one of the 101 people in the south bronx who have tested positive for legionnaire's disease, marvin montgomery is just 36 years old and he's a smoker but he was never sick until this. >> he almost died. you know, his doctors told me it was touch and go when i spoke to them for a while. luckily he's going to live, so if he is that -- >> reporter: said the city ignored its responsibility to respect and safeguard cooling towers and so he says it's the sick. >> had they been proactive rather than reactive we
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wouldn't be sitting here. >> and your client wouldn't be sitting in a hospital. >> unable to walk and on dialysis. >> must get out there, root out the problem, cut it off at the source and prevent further spread so that everyone obviously recognizes that the disease has diminished. >> reporter: the state and the centers for disease control are now involved in the effort to stop the spread of the disease. the state will pay for anyone with a cooling tower to test it for safety. >> if the building owner does not have adequate knowledge of how to collect the sample. we will provide the owner with technical assistance to facilitate that process. >> reporter: that effort, though, comes too late for marvin montgomery, who is suing the city for $10 million because they weren't checking before this. >> if they had been, this whole outbreak would have been prevented, you know, unfortunately it takes a catastrophe like that to point out what should have been done all along, the right thing. >> reporter: we have said so many times that there has to be
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a preexisting condition, right? in this case mr. montgomery was a smoker and that was enough to give legionnaire's a foothold. reporting live from harlem hospital, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. grieving relatives gathered in westchester county to say farewell to a woman found dead in a jail cell. dozens paid their respects to 42-year-old ray neta turn ear the holy tabernacle church in mt. vernon. he died in a holding cell two days after being arrested for shoplifting. today one of her eight children says his grief is made worse by the questions he has about her death. >> so much love for my mom. i've been with my mom since i was young. we had good times, bad times but's all remained strong and right now it weakens me because i want to know what happened to my mom at the end of the day and no one has told me nothing, given me no answers, given my family answers and i want to know what happened to her. that's all. >> an initial autopsy was inconclusive. the white house today blasting senator chuck
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schumer's decision to vote "no" on the iran nuclear agreement. new york senior senator released a statement saying he believes iran won't change and under the agreement will be able to achieve its goals of eliminating sanctions while retaining nuclear power. schumer's decision is not expected to derail overall approval of the plan but today the white house spokesman hinted it could jeopardize schumer's expected future as the senate's democratic leader. now to the race for president. republican presidential front runner donald trump complaining tonight that he was picked on during last night's debate. top 10 g.o.p. candidates faced off, many trading blows. much of the debate was spent criticizing democrat hillary clinton but trump took his share of heat, especially after he was the only contender to say he would still consider running as an independent. "good morning america" he criticized the debate moderators. >> the questions asked of me were much, much more difficult and poignant and really unfair than other people were asked but that's okay.
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i mean, i guess that's part of the game. >> the biggest fireworks came during a clash between new jersey governor chris christie and senator rand paul over personal liberties and government intelligence gathering. now to wallace, a positive jobs report for july did nothing to help lift stocks on wall street from a costly slide. the dow dropped 46 points closing at 17,373, the nasdaq fell 12 points and the s&p 500 lost five points. and still ahead on eyewitness news, a masked man holds up a local laundromat, the clue that could help police track down the suspect. plus a subway tunnel shutting down this weekend, disrupting service between brooklyn and manhattan. what you need to know to get where you need to go on time. no delays up to the stadium tonight, 79 degrees, jays at yankees tonight, looks like another beautiful night in the bronx. it's 84 for your highs today in newark and central park right on target, supercomfortable with low humidity. we've got a couple of storms just to our south and east. will they stay away all weekend long?
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new at 6:00, a frightening robbery at a laundromat in the bronx has police on the lookout for a masked gunman. surveillance video from the edenwawald section yesterday shows the suspect entered the laundromat wearing a halloween mask. he goes behind the counter and orders the clerk to open the register. he then grabs nearly $250 in
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cash before taking off in a gray jeep liberty. a wrongful death lawsuit filed against nascar star tony stuart tonight nearly a year after he struck and killed another driver. the family of kevin ward is accusing stewart of gross negligence. the two crashed in a motor sports car and ward got out of his car. the grand jury did not indict stewart in the fall saying it was simply an accident. an alert for subway riders, expect big service disruptions on the a and c lines this weekend. the cranberry tube which carries both lines between manhattan and brooklyn will shut down for repairs. this is the first of 40 weekend closures all part of a $96.7 million repair project. eyewitness news reporter renee stoll has the story. >> reporter: if you haven't been paying attention to these signs for the anc subway line changes, well, you may be in for a rude awakening like these women. >> i really can't believe they are doing this. >> reporter: for 40
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nonconsecutive weekends until summer 2016, that's right, nearly an entire year, there will be few a and c trains on their normal tracks. >> i take the train to school and have to take the a train so that would be really annoying. >> reporter: on the weekends a and c trains will now run on the f tracks between west 4th street near washington square park to j street metro tech in brooklyn. but neither train will make any stops at high street, fulton street, chambers street, canal street and spring street. >> that's an inconvenience for everybody, especially when we have to pave, you know -- pay, you know, they just went up on our fare. >> reporter: it certainly will be a pain for nearly 200,000 riders every weekend, but it is necessary, the a and c lines still need major repairs from 2012's superstorm sandy, when the lines were completely flooded. the project will cost more than $96 million.
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>> we are replacing signals, pump rooms, cables, you know, we are replacing ducts and substations. >> reporter: you should factor a little more time for travel, something a lot of riders are used to but no one can really stand. now the mta can only do some type of work, one tube at a time and there's still a lot more work to be done on the l, the f, the 4 and the 5, all resuperstorm sandy. we have broken down all the changes and we have put them on our website at reporting in the financial district, i'm renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new report shows most railroad companies will miss the deadline to install required safety technology. congressman dated the -- congress mandated -- the federal railroad administration received plans from just three companies. 35 other companies which operate commuter rails in the u.s. face stiff penalties if
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they miss the december 31st deadline. verizon wireless making big changes to its payment plans. coming up the option verizon is dropping for its customers and what it means for your pocket. and another beautiful day today, but will it continue into the weekend? lee goldberg is back with details in his ac [african-style music] take my hand to the land take my hand to the land, whoa-oh! (narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to make sure
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big chang's coming to one of the -- changes coming to verizon wireless. they are doing away with contracts. the company believes it is making things simpler for customers by just now offering just four data plans. customers can switch between plans each month doing away with contracts, though that also means customers will no longer receive a discount when they upgrade on their phone. a lot of people take advantage of that. >> pricey phones, though. gorgeous weather today. >> uh-huh. >> i hope we get the same thing this weekend. going to get in golf, i know that. >> i can deliver that. well that's a given. but we are going to be in great shape this upcoming weekend. remember this is sort of a forecast that was fraught with
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peril at the beginning of the week and now turned out to be fantastic. so the reservoir looks nice and it's that rare august night, not that humid, really not humid at all, it feels great, you can actually go for a comfortable run or jog around the reservoir tonight. we are at 81 degrees, the humidity is low, the northeast wind at 8, this is what you're going to get all weekend long. the high weekend update is now 84 degrees and that's right on target. and that's where we will be all week long in the low to mid- 80s. there are your sunrise and sunset times. 79 smithtown and across to babylon same thing, pair of sevens in west hampton, a few high clouds in east hampton. 80 in danbury and 80 in hempstead right now. away from the easterly ocean breeze, 84 degrees in poughkeepsie, 79 newark and 80 in wrightstown. mostly clear during the overnight, a few patchy clouds, start the day mostly sunny tomorrow, a few high clouds connecticut and long island. you see the first area of cloud cover just brushing the twin forks right now, that's one low right here but there's a second one, it's actually right down here off the carolina coast and
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that's going to follow a similar track, sort of in between the two tomorrow so mostly sunny and with this one, a few patchy clouds, high clouds will probably brush the coast as we go into sunday but the good news is, the way the jet orientation is, it's just shooting these storms off to our north and east by a few hundred miles, makes all the difference, not within its wing span. so the storms are safely south and east tomorrow but 85 degrees. as we go into sunday, few more clouds may brush the coast, also a weak front off to our northwest. that may spark a few clouds over the catskills, isolated shower would be the worst case scenario but i think we are okay. the only thing with this is it's going to kick up the surf a little bit. northeast wind 10 to 20, eases out of the east. most waves about two to 4 feet. water temperatures mid and upper 70s, rip current risk moderate, be careful at the area beaches. speaking of the waters, look at this. this is typhoon soudelor, it's just about to make landfall or is making landfall on taiwan right there. taipei is right there, huge storm, looks like it
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strengthened as it made landfall. waiting for the new update because the last update said 120 but the way it looks on satellite it probably went up a little bit as it approached willful, go back -- landfall, go back over water and approach china in the beginning of the weekend. for us, mainly clear skies, it's comfy overnight, 50s north and west, 68 in the city. for tomorrow, it's 85, sun will mix with some patchy high clouds, especially along the coast, it's a warm day, low humidity, feels great. 70 another nice night tomorrow night, 70 degrees, and then as we go into the seven-day accuweather forecast two for two on sunday. in the middle 80s. on monday, clouds will be increasing, 82 degrees and then it looks like a pretty good soaker on tuesday, showers and thunderstorms but that will be out of the way with clouds yielding to sun on wednesday. perseid meteor showers actually most of next week but first time we will have skies that will cooperate probably in the predawn showers on thursday and friday, 80 meteors per minute. equivalent of a category 3 storm for us. >> poor people.
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>> i know, it's nuts. rob powers here with sports. >> baseball, the games count as much as any other games but the yankees and mets are playing big games this weekend. straight ahead the start of what could be a fun weekend. both teams in first place trying to expand their leads. mets on the road, yankees at home. we will hear what they are thinking. plus back to practice, we will hear from o'dell beckham, jr. on giant training camp and start counting the injuries at jets camp.
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sports next. so the yankees coming off a win last night. i guess they are feeling strong and confident? >> they took care of the last place team, now they got to take care of the second place team so things are going -- i
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think there are 58 days left in the season, 54 games in those 58 days. going to be a busy stretch here after a fun 2-1 win over boston, the yankees do say goodbye to the red sox, hello to the blue jays. game one tonight, eveiledy against -- ebaldy up against dickey. they played three times this year and lost four of them and they meet six times the next two weeks. big series but all the pressure is on toronto, it's a full game swing every night and a different look to the jays, they have tule -- >> definitely feel they have improved their club but my clubhouse. i've always felt that makes the most sense to just focus on the guys in your clubhouse and you got to go out and play games and you go out and you do the best you can. >> mets got a shoutout in jon night.
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a good pitching match ofdegrom orriesy. they don't meet off and this could be a fun weekend. football now and injury news for the jets at training camp, antonio allen tore an achilles tendon and won't be able to play at all this year. wrist surgery, out six to eight weeks so this new getting to know you phase continues but they are working hard with first preseason game coming up next thursday already. going through camp, going through it full speed helps everybody, especially the running backs. >> see guys block, you see guys cut and hit different holes and noncontact and things going on so you're not really sure. >> jason pierre-paul has been in contact with giants d line coach robert. they texted. back from having that finger amputated. on the field richburg and
6:28 pm
flowers out there today, was so o'dell beckham, jr. who didn't have a normal training camp last season dealing with the hamstring issued but still showed enough in the final 12 games to put up big numbers and win the rookie of the year award. this year he's there from the start. >> it's more fun to be out there than to watch. being able to get out there each and every day and take something new every day and learn from it, it's been fun. the 49ers have released linebacker aldon smith after his fourth arrest since the team drafted him in. 2011. he was accused last night of drunk driving, hit-and-run, vandalism, smith said the truth will come out but the niners apparently can't wait. they get rid of smith deciding he's not worth the headache. the team saying it's a sad day but one that has nothing to do with the football. and finally from us, a four man softball train from montreal -- team from montreal pulled off the tricks. check out the swing. not only a base hit but hit it over the fence.
6:29 pm
watch it one more time. >> goodness. >> watch as he runs the bases. he gets high fives from the other team. isn't that something? >> are you kidding me? >> i played against the king and his court twice and they did crazy, whacky stuff but never have i seen that. that is great. >> wow. here's a look at what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00, a mother's desperate call has cops smashing open the window of her suv. how their quick action may have saved a life. plus, you might be cutting carbs to lose weight but now doctors say it could be better for your brain too. we are going to have that stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. and that's our news for now. thank you for joining us. i'm sade baderinwa. world news tonight with david muir is next. eyewitness news returns tonight at 11:00.


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