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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 9, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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with us good morning, america. new overnight, bear attack. a hiker killed by a grizzly at an iconic national park. the trail where his body was found is closed. the bear traps now set. this morning, the thousands of visitors to yellowstone, are they in danger, too? there's new trump turmoil this morning. the presidential candidate parting ways with his top adviser. but who fired whom? the major shake-up inside team trump, as the republican party tries to figure out how to deal with trump's latest controversial comments. fbi investigation. the feds now called in to look into the police shooting of a college football player by a rookie cop. what was the teen doing at this car dealership, this
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surveillance video may hold the answer. and billionaire daredevil. the founder of tesla, elon musk, literally winging it. pulling off this insane stunt. what was he thinking? his death-defying day off. hey, good morning. also coming up on the show this morning, new details about a harrowing flight. >> we're learning much more about the plane that flew right into the heart of a terrible storm. how the pilots navigate hail and massive turbulence. we have new air traffic control reportings. we'll start here with the crisis in inside one of one most popular iconic national parks. there's a killer bear on the loose this morning in yellowstone. >> a missing hiker has been
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found dead and authorities are now on the hunt for the grizzly or grizzlies that killed this man. aditi roy has the latest. hi, aditi. >> good morning, paula and dan. authorities aren't releasing the man's name, but they say he was an experienced hiker, who most likely encountered a grizzly bear in the wild which most likely cost him his life. this morning, officials warning visitors of one of the country's most iconic national parks. after a montana hiker was found mauled. the man whom they are not identifying had defensive wounds on his forearms. investigators say they found partial tracks at the scene who proved an adult female grizzly and at least one cub were involved in the hiker's death. >> there's a bear on my car! oh, my gosh! >> reporter: there have been recent grizzly sightings at the park, this bear caught on camera in june, pouncing on a car with children inside. >> i was admittedly a little bit
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scared. >> the bear was basically jumping on the car with his front paws. >> reporter: no one was injured in that incident. but on average, one person per year is injured. an adult grizzly can weigh as much as five refrigerators and stand up to 8 feet tall. this weekend's attack is the first death by a grizzly bear in the park since two hikers were killed in separate maulings in 2011. this video taken in yellowstone a few years ago is just one example of how dangerously close some park visitors come to the bears. wildlife biologist have set bear traps at the park. autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. paula. >> all right, aditi, thank you. now to the red-hot race for president. donltd trump's camp is looking much different this morning.
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one top adviser is gone, the question is, was he fired or did he quit? this of course on the heels of his controversial comments at the gop debate. it is your voice, your vote, and devin dwyer is in washington for us with the story. >> reporter: donald trump was tweeting up a storm overnight, promising to win that nomination. this as trump's campaign lost a top political adviser in just one week. >> donald trump. >> reporter: this morning the republican front-runner is in turmoil. donald trump facing a major shake-up inside his presidential campaign. a spokesman telling abc news trump fired top longtime political adviser roger stone. stone denying it on twitter. >> you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, wherever. >> reporter: trump's attack in an interview with cnn tonight triggering a tsunami of criticism.
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what he seemed to imply about women. >> i really think it was inappropriate. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman dumped from the lineup from the red state summit of conservatives in atlanta. this, despite trying to clarify his comments. trump supporters lashed out in his defense. >> i have e-mails from people referring to megyn kelly as a [ bleep ]. i have e-mails from people referring to me as gay. and donald trump is standing up to all of us. >> reporter: now trump's republican rivals are standing up to him. once timid, now taking a tougher line. carly fiorina tweeting, mr. trump, there is no excuse. governor scott walker saying he agrees. jeb bush letting loose. >> come on, give me a break. i mean, are we -- do we want to win? what donald trump said was wrong. >> reporter: and this morning,
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donald trump is still refusing to apologize to megyn kelly. many top republican leaders are anxious his attacks could hurt the party's chances of attracting women voters. dan. >> want to talk exactly that, thank you, devin. george stephanopoulos will be interviewing donald trump later "this week." i feel like i have asked you this question numeral times. here we go again. has he now gone too far with these comments about megyn kelly? >> you do see these top republicans coming out in a way they haven't come out before. they believe he has come out. he's defined these predictions before. we have to wait and see how it plays out. but it does appear that the republican party now believes they have to make sure that he doesn't seem to define them. >> well, let's pick up on that. devin mentioned, too. how worried are republican leaders about the impact he's having on the gop brand and what
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if anything can they do about it? >> you saw lindsey graham from south carolina said yesterday, donald trump has crossed the rubicon, what you're seeing, at this point, more candidates come out and call him out on these comments. at the same time, they still don't want to drive him into an independent race for president in the fall, if he doesn't get the nomination. so they're still trying to walk that line, hoping he'll bring himself down. >> this is a tricky situation. let me just ask you about jeb bush, we saw him, he's one of the candidates that has come out hard against trump, after what was widely perceived a middling performance in the debate on thursday. he was reasonably warmly received at this event overnight with conservatives in atlanta. what's your assessment of his overall standing now? >> he hasn't blown a lot of people away. he raised money ux one thing he has done well. that clearly that hasn't happen,
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he didn't break out at the debate thursday night. other candidates like marco rubio and john kasich appeared to have a better night. on the other hand, he does have the skills and the experience. he has a lot of money. you can't count him out. >> what a fascinating race this is turning out to be. george, good luck with donald trump later this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll be watching. reminder, be sure to tune in as george interviews the donald. coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. >> political theater at its finest. stunning images we showed you, this plane's windshield cracked after flying through a hailstorm. they landed the aircraft blind. there are new details about that emergency landing and the frightened passengers praying onboard. abc's mary bruce is at jfk airport with the story this good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, paula.
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we're hearing new recordings this morning, revealing the white-knuckle moments inside the cockpit and back in the cabin, packed with terrified passengers. when delta flight takes off from boston bound for salt lake city, almost an hour late, passengers think their travel headaches are over. unaware of the nightmare ahead of them. it's roughly three hours into the flight, when a passenger notices something it's not quite right. >> things started jumping around >> we're having a hard time here. >> reporter: the flight ran into an unexpectedly dangerous storm. according to passengers grapefruit-size hail is pounding down on the air bus. the sound, deafening. experiencing the same turbulence. >> getting rolled 40 degrees left to right. >> reporter: growing more fearful, tim wessman more fearful.
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in the cockpit, pilots sending an urgent message of their own. >> we have no weather radar. that's out, too. >> reporter: the hail continues to pummel the aircraft. becoming so intense it cracks the outer windshield. and sheds the nose of the plane. the pilots now unable to see. >> our windshield is pretty severely damaged. >> reporter: the pilots forced to make a dramatic, emergency landing in denver, almost four hours after taking off. the automatic onboard technology kicking in to help the plane land safely. now, despite this extremely scary, bumpy ride, just one passenger was take on the the hospital with minor injuries. paula. >> remarkable considering those images. mary, thank you. and for some perspective, we want to bring in abc news aviation consultant colonel steve ganyard from washington, good morning.
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so this could have happened to any one of us. why were they were able to detect this hailstorm before flying directly into it? >> a couple of things to think about here. hail doesn't show up well on radar, this was night, so they couldn't see. there were no visual cues for that. two storms coming quickly. but another interesting thing here is, the pilots aren't allowed to access the internet from the cockpit. you could be sitting in that back of the plane looking at realtime weather. pilots can't access that. one of the reasons why is because if you put internet access into the cockpit, it opens up a chance that some part of that airplane can could be hacked. we have this dichotomy the internet is good but the internet has some things that might be dangerous as well. >> the pilots dealing with
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limited visibility. basically usless radar. how dangerous was this situation? >> well, it's obviously never good when your nose is punched in and you can't see out of the front of the plane. but, i think in this case, the technology on airplanes is size aircraft have a auto land capability. technology marches on and makes things safer. see out of the front of the airplane, they could type in and coordinate and program this airplane to come in to denver, land and stop itself. so, what was really a scary situation ended up being fairly routine due to the technology. >> when the stewardess said these pilots deserve a huge bonus, kudos to them. thanks, steve. we'll turn now to a new police shooting of an unarmed black man provoking fresh outage, the new case is from arlington, texas, this 19-year-old shot dead by a white officer. meanwhile, today is the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of michael brown in
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ferguson, missouri, where protesters were on the street overnight. we'll get the latest from kendis gibson who in ferguson. kendis. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it was a restless night here in ferguson. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the police headquarters. in the overnight hours, police decided to clear everyone out of here. there were so many people who were worried that incident in arlington, texas, that would fuel anger here. this morning, the fbi taking over the investigation of the christian taylor at the hands of an arlington police officer. >> to use deadly force is one of the most difficult, scrutinized actions a police officer will -- make. >> reporter: investigators say taylor wasn't armed when he broke into this dallas-area car dealership. seen here on surveillance video, jumping up and down on the hoods of the cars.
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when two officers arrived to confront taylor, an altercation ensued. and one of the officers, rookie cop opened fires shooting him four times. taylor's death sparking outrage one of his last tweets, quoting a rap song, i don't want to die too young. shared near lyly 15,000 times. his name now a trending hashtag. his brother now speaking out. saying the family wants answers. >> it will take a long, long time, if ever, for me to get over that. >> reporter: back here in ferguson, on the anniversary of michael brown's death, there are several events planned, including a moment of silence later on this morning followed by a protest march through the streets of dan. >> now this new case provoking kendis, thank you. we want to turn things over to ron. tracking the other stories good morning, everyone. overnight, in central florida, a walmart evacuated after 13 people inside were sickened by high levels of carbon monoxide.
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seven of those people were treated at local hospitals this morning. firefighters are working right now to ventilate the building before allowing the workers to re-enter that storm. 45eding overseas, taiwan and mainland china have been hit by typhoon soudelor. officials reporting that 22 people are dead or missing. china being hit by heavy rain triggering mudslides. back in this country, in texas, three adults and five children were found dead inside of a house near houston, texas, and a suspect is now in custody. this happened saturday night. they went to the home to do a they saw a child on the floor found the victims inside and the suspect was arrested later. in seattle, black lives matter activists disrupted a rally for democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders.
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two activists jumped on the stage and grabbed the mike. they were met with a mix of boos and some cheers from a crowd of about 2,000. sanders eventually left that event without giving the speech he was scheduled to give. he did speak later at an event at the university of washington 10,000. and take a look at this. this is a 1-year-old child, 1 1/2--year-old child, actually, standing in the street, alone, wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt, this image captured on the dash cam on the bus. the alert driver pulled over, got out of his bus, picked up the little girl. the father came along a little bit later and took the child back from the driver, reuniting them. apparently the little girl wandered off from her home while her father fell asleep. >> oh. >> a nightmare. >> yeah, a real nightmare. finally, speaking of
8:17 am
nightmares, this is a bit of a transition, this has to do with a water ski jump record, the guy who set the record, his name is freddy krueger. >> what? paul >> paula faris' husband. >> i have an uncle freddy krueger. i do. >> he landed in the guinness book of world records. by soaring 312 feet. if you're keeping score at home, that's the length of a football field. >> thank you. >> what an achievement. >> that is quite an achievement. >> well done by freddy krueger. >> it's hard to do that when your hands are scissors -- >> you know that wasn't the real freddy krueger. ron, thank you. involved, i doubt they topped this next story. and the daredevil billionaire. >> this guy is crazier than freddy krueger. his name is elon musk, the guy behind tesla cars, what is he doing on top of that plane? sara, as always, has all the
8:18 am
answers. good morning. >> well, good morning. i feel like, if i had as much success as this guy and the money, i would sit back safely and enjoy it. but everybody is different. he's an adrenaline junkie getting his next rush in the skies. living life on the edge. look, as this billionaire performs this death-defying stunt. taking a stroll on top of a flying plane. a man worth $13.2 billion, considered by many to be one of the leaders of the future, risking his life at 135 miles per hour. just a normal day for musk. compared to marvel's ironman. the south african canadian american business magnate has created a private plane company, paypal and launched tesla motors. musk is married to a model and
8:19 am
when he's not busy being one of the greatest living inventors, he spends his time jet setting. on saturday, the daredevil/mogul, sharing his latest death-defying day off with the wingwalking team in ham shire, england. the wife took this photo, which musk posted to instagram, went for a nice wing walk, what could possibly go wrong? i enjoy a little stomach rush, a little crazy roller coaster. sitting on the outside of the plane is one of the last things i'll ever do. >> are you sure? >> even jumping from it is more fun than sitting on it. >> ron. >> got to be some connection between his desire for thrills and his business success. >> you're always looking for something. >> it's out of boredom.
8:20 am
>> you're very successful. >> she is. and as we said yesterday, rob marciano has the weekend off. we once again welcome julie durda back from our miami station. >> we're expecting severe storms yet again for a place that does not need anymore. reports of 80 more storm reports were reported last night into this morning, nebraska,
8:21 am
taons of the nation, mainly, central portions. great plains. now, we're going to talk about the red fire warnings when we come back and a change for the northeast, new yorkers, rain will be coming back. >> no, we didn't hear that. >> sorry. >> no, we didn't hear that.
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coming up on "good morning america" -- family fight, as the late junior seau was inducted into the hall of fame. what happened at the ceremony. plus, ending high-speed chases. how police department across the country are going high-tech to end these chases. how are they doing it? we'll tell you when we come back. "good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. see car insurance in a whole new light. ual insurance, see car insurance in a whole new light.will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. it's 8:27 on this sunday, august 9th. i'm toni yates. developing right now, two teens were shot this morninger in 58th street.
8:28 am
part of the west side highway was shut down in both directions as the police searched the area. the 19-year-old girl and 19- year-old boy were seriously hurt, but no arrests have been made. in queens two homes were badly damaged when flames broke out at a home on 52nd avenue, and fire officials said the flames quickly spread to the next door house, and it took an hour and a half to get the fire under control. three people are being treated for minor injuries. that's the news for now.
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good morning america if you're wondering what to do with all of your air guitar talent, here you go. nothing but air and wild performances, yes, it's legitimate. it's the u.s. air guitar championships, it was held last night, and sara is going to have all the air guitar madness. with that, we say good morning, america. dan, you can do a mean air guitar. >> i'm more of an air drummer. if you can qualify drums as a musical instrument, i'm a musician. >> you're musical. here's also what's coming up on the show this morning, on a more serious note, high-speed police chases. you can see one right here. they can be very dangerous, even deadly.
8:31 am
for the officers, for the suspects, even for innocent bystanders. we'll tell you about the new technology that departments across america are using as alternative. that's coming up. but we start here with the emotion and the controversy overnight as a star football player, a man who took his own life, received the game's highest honor. >> yeah, junior seau was inducted posthumously last night. his family received that award on his behest, involved in a wrongful death lawsuit against the league. and mara schiavocampo joins us. >> reporter: there were questions about whether or not the family would be allowed to speak at the ceremony. but an exception was made in this case. seau's daughter speaking in honor of her dad. >> you're more than just junior seau number 55, you are a light. >> reporter: this morning, a moment to remember, a football legend in the middle of controversy. the late junior seau honored in
8:32 am
saturday's hall of fame ceremony. his daughter speaking on his behalf. as the family is locked in a legal battle with the nfl over the san diego legend's 2012 death. >> you gave us your heart. >> reporter: remembered for a career spanning over two decades. >> intercepted, junior seau! >> reporter: the 12-time pro bowler is best known as a san diego charger, but his hard hits could have contributed to his death. seau's sudden suicide at the age of 43 stunning the football community. >> police are now confirming a suicide in the death of junior seau. >> reporter: in a study of seau's brain, the national institutes of health concluding that the athlete most likely suffered from a concussion-related injury. a condition plaguing many retired players. fueling the settlement that will cost the nfl up to $1 billion. to resolve thousands of concussion-related lawsuits. seau's family is opting out of the deal, filing their own
8:33 am
wrongful death lawsuit against the league, still in litigation. the seaus are one of about 200 families rejecting the nfl's settlement. the family's 2013 suit saying it concealed information about head injuries and failed to protect players. but this morning, seau's daughter sydney receiving a standing ovation for a heartfelt speech. that almost didn't happen. >> dad i love you and i miss you. congratulations, you made it. >> now the chargers will also honor seau in a pregame ceremony at the season opener next month. once again, sydney will address the audience on her father's behalf. >> she did a great job. >> she did. >> very brave of her. >> really stepped up to honor her father. >> so glad as you mentioned that speech almost didn't happen. >> they had to make an exception for it. >> she did a great job honoring her dad's legacy. we turn things over to ron.
8:34 am
i believe you're beginning with trump again. >> i'm actually beginning with wildfires in california. a firefighter has been killed fighting the sierra fire. the man was struck by a falling tree on saturday. a second firefighter was injured in that same incident. and separately in arizona, firefighters are battling the willow fire, which has charred about 2,000 acres in the northwest part of that state. that fire now 95% contained. smoke still forcing the evacuations of 150 homes. in florida, a woman is recovering this morning after losing her arm to an alligator. the woman entered a central florida river in a crowded area but then swam to a more remote part of that river where she was attacked by that gator. nearby kayakers came to the rescue. and in ohio, scary scene near the stadium where the cleveland indians play, as firefighters battled a fire in
8:35 am
an eight-story apartment building. the massive column of smoke, rising just above the scoreboard there at the baseball park, alarming fans filing in to watch the indians take on the minnesota twins. fortunately, if you're an and finally, a new york city assignment just in time for school, teaching the dads how to brush, braid and style their daughters' hair. >> that's so cute. >> they're glad to have acquired a useful new skill. >> my daughter walked out of the house with tights and nothing over it when my husband tried to dress her. >> daddies have a challenge.
8:36 am
and welcome back meteorologist julie durda from our miami station. filling in for rob. good morning once again.
8:37 am
>> good morning, dan and beans. and can i tell you, i'm hungry. we should all barbecue here. especially here in the the rain is going to be coming don't hurt me. >> you can grill inside. >> right. >> of course. we're the messengers. >> that's all right. >> you're the prep pray or the. let me tell you what's coming up on "good morning america" -- the high-tech device
8:38 am
that could spell the end of those dangerous high-speed police chases. we got that story coming up. and sara? >> i want to remind people they can watch us on periscope during the break. my favorite is the lightning rounds with each of the talent. so, if you have questions for anyone up here, jump on periscope. no joke, i don't limit many of them. >> anything you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine .
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it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. check this out. this happened during a high-speed chase, diners at a sidewalk cafe scrambling to get out of the way. >> this is just one example of how dangerous they can be. abc's phillip mena heads into the driver's seat to see firsthand what police have to deal with and why chases may become a thing of the past. >> reporter: take a look at this high-speed chase in texas, cop cars flying down the highway before the suspect tears off, flying into residential streets in this houston suburb, finally crashing into a homeowner's front yard. this morning, three suspects behind bars, charged with felony evasion. the chase lasting more than 20 miles. time and time again we see
8:43 am
and even deaths of innocent bystanders. a usa today investigation found that more than 5,000 bystanders chases. tens of thousands more have been injured. nonviolent crimes. making the pursuit itself often more dangerous than the original violation. in this northern california chase, a suspect's car slams into this sidewalk cafe, pinning a customer against the wall. to find out firsthand what an actual police chase feels like. >> off the brake. come around. this is parked car. >> reporter: we sought the help of commander gates. of the tulsa police department. then, it was my turn to get behind the wheel. >> your suspect is in a red truck. >> reporter: in a vehicle
8:44 am
skyrobertssky up from 84 to over 170. was focusing on chasing. i was not really noticing too much else. and that's something police officers we spoke with say they struggle to keep in mind when >> lot of officers have a hard dealing with it. >> most police officers are in it for the right reasons, they're in it to serve, bring bad guys to justice and justice to their victims. >> reporter: cut back on careening after suspects on the run. like this gps tracker launched from a dart gun on the front of some police cruisers. officers can fire at a vehicle in motion and then track it in realtime, alerting other officers where and when it's safest to make an arrest. >> it's an investment in the safety of your officers and the public. >> reporter: for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> it's very amusing and interesting technology, a dart gun.
8:45 am
>> if it saves lives all the better. coming up on "good morning america" -- we check in with the apparently kid, the internet sensation. what he's up to one year later. >> i hope he hasn't changed one single thing. we'll tell you coming up in "pop news" with sara haines. keep it here. coming up in "pop news" with sara haines. keep it here.connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. hurry in to the lowe's summer savings event for great deals, like $5 to $20 off paint and primer, select stain and sealant, and resurfacers, plus 15% off special order windows and doors. don't miss out on summer's biggest savings at lowe's.
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8:48 am
the techno is playing. it's all led up to this, sara. >> it's fitting we're starting with the little drummer boy over there. call it mock rock. air guitar championships in portland, oregon, the winner this year, airistotle. for the second year in row. that's really his name. getting in loads of how many
8:49 am
times can you say this in your newscast. that's like a pinocchio gone bad. >> yes. >> yeah, i like that. >> there aren't a whole lot of rules in this contest. >> is that a miami? >> there are mime. the one rule, dan, there are no drums just guitars. and you're judged on stage presence and airness, which i don't know if that's like coolness or something. >> how real you make it appear even though you have no guitar in your hand. >> right. i mean, airness. >> i love that there's a competition for this. >> of course this is portland, oregon. >> look like you have a guitar in your hand. some are like playing banjo, fiddles. they're like all over the place. this is jazz flute if you put both hands on it. >> jazz flute? >> this is a jazz flute if you put both hands on it. and you know taylor swift
8:50 am
has a thing for cats. like dan harris. but do they feel the same way about her? check out the instagram she posted with the different reactions she gets from her babies. >> hi. hi. hi, where is your sister. >> that's love and affection. >> where's meredith? hi, meredith. >> i like the music. >> and that's total rejection. >> your cats have different personalities. is that like your cats at all? >> my cat, i have one cat who doesn't like me at all. >> which one, ruby? >> ruby. we brought in an expert from the show "my cat from hell" and he trained me to be a better owner and we have a better relationship. >> it's usually the owner's fault. that's the tale of two kitties. oliva looking happy to see taylor and clearly meredith was not feeling the same way. and remember the apparently
8:51 am
kid, noah ritter becoming a celebrity sensation after giving this tv interview at the wayne county fair. >> apparently i went down the >> earning him appearances on "good morning america" and flash forward a year and here's our exclusive update. >> how have things changed? >> well, i'm 6. and i have two ipads. that's our update. he's 6 and he has two ipads. >> breaking news. he got one from ellen? >> and one from his grandpa. i love that kid. we'll be right back with "good morning america." >> i got an a-plus. >> wait, wait. understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation.
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hotel, trivago. that's it for us. but don't forget, george stephanopoulos has a big interview with donald trump coming up later on "this week." julie, thank you. have a great weekend. >> congratulations on the a-plus. >> thank you.ations on the a-plus. >> thank you. the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years.
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well tear gas, guns, and plenty of tension, just 1 year ago, this was the scene in ferguson, missouri, and today marks the anniversary of the death of michael brown, the unarmed black teenager killed by police officer darren wilson, the case that sparked national outrage. we are live at the barclays center as the local ray -- rallies get underway. several people were hurt in a home fire, and we will have
8:59 am
more details. a tragedy in texas. eight people are dead, five children and three adults, all found dead in a home outside of houston. one person is under arrest after a gun battle with police. that story as well. a lot of news this morning. good morning, everyone. you're looking live at lower manhattan from the cameras other in brooklyn, and look at that sun and sky. it's a beautiful sunday morning, august 9th. good morning, again, i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. thank you for being with us. good to have you back again to wrap up the gorgeous weekend. amy freeze, thank you for this nice string of weather. the heart of summer looking good. >> reporter: yeah, it's been just right. the temperatures are easy to take. humidity is low, skies have been perfect, and it really could not be better. fall is on a weekend, and i mean the timing is right and everything.


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