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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2015 6:00am-6:32am EDT

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in the last two hours, police say they charged a suspect accused in the stabbing death of morgan freeman's stepdaughter. >> we are live on staten island where police let a suspect free. now they have to find him for raping a child. >> and it looks like we will see record breaking heat today on this accuweather alert day. >> we are following a commuter alert on the brooklyn bridge. an overturned vehicle lead to the closure of all brooklyn bound lanes. we will keep you updated on the progress to clear it throughout the newscast. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. it's monday, august 17th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> you can feel a little bit of that humidity this morning. you will really feel it later on this afternoon. good morning. happy monday. we look across the park. we have red sky this morning, a little haze, humidity and a
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temperature at 6:00 of 78 degrees. that's how we will start this hour. we are looking at probably that is the overnight low. 80 whitestone. 79 ridgewood queens. staten island you are at 74. 71 white plains to rockland county. 89 to 90 by noontime this afternoon. 90 to 96 degrees. with the humidity, it will feel like 100. yes, it will be a heat wave. if we hit 96 that breaks the mark of 95 net is 1944, just after the second world war. that record stood for a while. we luck take about how long the heat and humidity will last. debbie duhaime is in for heather. bridge. brooklyn bridge into brooklyn car. the ramps from the fdr are closed to the brooklyn bridge. fdr northbound through the 70s an accident. look at the solid line of traffic on the fdr north
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through the 70s. on the 5 train uptown delays 180th. time. a look at the inbound side of the gowanus, inbound side of the gowanus as we go to the webcams still moving okay. let's go up to john del giorno. he is high above the brooklyn good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, the first look at this accident on the brooklyn bridge. this accident is on the outbound side of the brooklyn bridge. latest information, this happened around 4:50 this morning, just before 5:00 this morning. you got a car overturned. there looks to be another vehicle involved. latest information from the nypd, we are told seven people were injured in this accident. those folks have been taken to three area hospitals. nypd reports that none of those
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threatening. you can see an investigation is bound. the ramp from the fdr is shut john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. breaking news. we have just alerted this on our eyewitness news app. police made an arrest in the stabbing death of the granddaughter of academy award winner morgan freeman. lamar davenport was charged with killing idina -- edena hines. davenport is being held at columbia university medical center. ken? the search is on this morning for a man accused of raping a 7-year-old girl on staten island. the twist here is this. he had been in police custody following the incident but he was released. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live at the precinct to explain how it happened and good morning. >> good morning, ken.
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police had daniel nieto in custody but not long enough. he was placed under arrest for trespassing. it was after his release that police learned of an alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl. here is a look at daniel nieto. police say he broke in a namely's home through an unlocked backdoor, went to the 7-year-old girl's bedroom where police say he raped her. the family discovered nieto inside their home and called police. by then he ran away. police found him a short time later, close to the family's home. detectives had him in custody for trespass being but it was later on that they learned that the 7-year-old had claimed that nieto raped her. so, we have been showing you this picture throughout the morning. police are hoping that someone will recognize his face and give them a call and let them know where he is right now. the family says they have no idea who the guy is, they never met him. police believe this is nothing
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more than a crime of opportunity that turned into the alleged rape of a 7-year- old girl. again, if you recognize that face and you know where he is, give police a call. they want to get this guy off the street. live outside the 121 precinct on staten island, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in new jersey, we are waiting to learn the people of three people involved in a double murder-suicide. authorities say the shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound last night five hours after barricading himself inside a house in warren. police say the man shot and killed a man and woman before taking his own life. people in the neighborhood reported hearing shots earlier in the day. >> i heard a series of very loud pops or bangs. i wasn't sure at that time that it sounded like gunshots. i wasn't sure. there was a quick quiet then three more sounds. >> nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution. authorities say the area has been deemed safe. the heat is on.
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after the tri-state enjoyed relief from the heat, haze and humidity for several days last week, it was beautiful. that is in the rearview mirror today. that means we all need to take action to protect ourselves from the dangerous temperatures eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live on the upper west side with how some people are hi, kala. >> reporter: hi, michelle. if you are getting ready for work, this tills the best accessory. on. in the afternoon it will be tough. third day in a row with temps 90 degrees or above. that is a heat wave. it's the first one of the summer and actually the first one in new york city since july 2013. take a look at this guy. he is off to the gym. he is hailing a cab. he told me moments ago that he is not running or walking to the gym, especially with the humidity that we are seeing this morning. and his other tip is to drink a
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lot of water all day so he temperatures and weather
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conditions on the go with our free accutrack weather alert app. go to the itunes or google play store and search abc7ny or accutrack. >> i am drinking iced coffee. coffee dehydrates but i had any water. meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> hey, let's take a look outside from the roof camera across to the sunrise across from the ghostbusters building, jackie onassis reservoir, flushing bay. a pretty morning. it will be a hot day. temperatures at 78 which is warmer than normal for this hour. and we are going to be looking at temperatures that jump quickly into the 90-degree range by lunchtime. we have clear skies now. a few high clouds. we go back to the great lakes, that's where you find some clouds. as i mentioned, by noontime, 90 to 91. 92 agrees to 96 this afternoon.
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tack on the humidity, feels like 100. be care full. put on the sunscreen, sunblock and it will be a hot august day. heather is away today. debbie duhaime is looking at the commute. >> we head to newscopter 7. this is a look at the brooklyn bridge into brooklyn. john del giorno high above the bridge. an overturned car. reports of seven injuries. all lanes closed brooklyn bound at the brooklyn bridge. inbound moving okay. brooklyn bound everything closed. the ramp is closed. as you head to the brooklyn bridge outbound everything is closed. the ramps from the fdr to the brooklyn bridge remain closed as well. fdr northbound in the 70s an accident blocking two lanes. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, michelle, ken? >> debbie, thank you.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," new info on the prison sentence for disgraced olympic champion oscar pistorius. why this could be his last week behind bars. >> and the common civic duty taking donald trump off the geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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breaking news right now. all brooklyn bridge lanes of the brooklyn bridge are closed due to an accident investigation. >> john del giorno is over the scene in newscopter 7. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. this accident happened around 4:50 this morning. this is the outbound brooklyn bridge. all lanes into brooklyn are currently shut down. you can see the car flipped on its roof. nypd on the scene. it looks like two other accident. nypd telling us there were seven injuries here. none of those life threatening. all those injured were taken to a hospital. you can see that the police investigation is ongoing. that's the reason for the road closure. once again, all lanes into brooklyn are shut coming inbound from brooklyn to manhattan. you can see it's out of the way. no rubbernecking either. traffic is pretty much unaffected. live over the brooklyn bridge, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
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new this morning, oscar pistorius will be a free man this friday. pistorius served ten months of a five year sentence for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in june a parole board approved placing him under probation after serving one sixth of his sentence. republican presidential candidate donald trump will take a break from the campaign trail to report for jury duty. if he fails to appear he could face a $250 fine. yesterday his camp showed his program for immigration reform. his plan would have mexico completing the border wall, triple immigration officers and end birth right citizenship. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. >> a nice morning out, too.
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you feel the humidity. as you start the day, you will notice right over the bat this will be a steamy day. you feel that humidity the moment you walk out the door. here are some temperatures. this is sunrise on the roof to the east side. hazy look. we have air quality situations for connecticut and new jersey. we will look at that, an air quality alert. we will have heat and humidity today combining. it is 60% the humidity. 70 degrees. pressure is rising. hot high pressure is over new england and the northeast. we look at a normal high of 83. we are at 96 today. tack on the humidity, feels like 100. we will see a beautiful sunset in the haze later on today. near record heat. spotty storms that are possible inland away from the beach. humidity hangs around this week into the weekend. temperatures will cool a bit. u.v.
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index of 8. looking at pollen count moderate to high for grasses. 66 kingston and poughkeepsie. 61 monticello. 64 to putnam county and down to rockland and westchester county and white plains 71 degrees. 78, 79 around the five boroughs. a calm wind to a southwest wind. a nice warm land breeze at times out of the south. that picks up the humidity across the area. there is a few high clouds and haze this morning. the clouds and the rain is back to the great lakes. futurecast, computer guidance showing a pop-up shower or thunderstorm late in the day closer to sunset. that would be inland away from the beaches. really the chance of that will get heavier across the area to thursday. hot and humid. record high is 95 set in '44. we look at breaking that record. tonight warm and humid, 78. tomorrow hot, humid and high of 93. not as high as today.
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it's still with the humidity it will feel like the upper 90s everywhere tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast, looking at near 90 wednesday. a good shot at a thunderstorm possible on thursday. there you go. nice and quiet on the upper west side. >> you can tell it's summertime. >> i think i will lie down on the sidewalk and take a nap. >> you can lie down on columbus avenue. good morning. a problem at the brooklyn bridge. this is the overturned car at the brooklyn bridge. brooklyn bridge brooklyn bound, all lanes are closed. overturned car. looks like another car was involved in this as well. up to seven injuries, minor injuries. all lanes are closed brooklyn bridge into brooklyn. the ramps from the fdr drive to
6:18 am
the brooklyn bridge are closed investigation. 70s accident cleared. alternate sides in effect. back to you, ken. >> thank you, debbie. apple's biggest secret may have been revealed. >> marci gonzales and phillip mena report. >> in techbytes, apple is apparently moving forward with a self driving car. >> reports say apple's work on titan. the company has reportedly contacted a vehicle testing site. now you can heckle siri while she is driving. >> a new study says playing at the time truss can help cut down on craving from cigarettes, coffee and sex. the reason is that craving involves imagining something visually. at the time truss okay can you
6:19 am
piece the -- tetrus okay can you piece that same area. spot at >> those are your techbytes. still ahead this morning, the sales tax changes in the works in new jersey over two high priced items. >> and the film busting the weekend box office. how straight out of compton
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u.s. stock futures are pointing to a higher start to the week. the dow starts up. the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 begin higher. overnight jp's nikkei average added half a percentage point. hong kong hang seng index lost about 1%. governor chris christie's proposal to slash the tax on yachts and other boats is moving ahead. it is expected to win approval in the state senate.
6:23 am
lawmakers wanted to stimulate the sale of yachts and that would have cost the state between 3 and $4 million. the governor's plan to cut the tax on boat sales could give a boost to smaller boats bringing in more tax revenue. a secondhand celebration throughout the city. national thrift store day. city officials are heading to a housing store in tribeca to encourage new yorkers to considering donating to or buying from secondhand stores. the nwa bio pic holds the highest august opening for an r you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> we are looking today at what will be a good day to get to that. be careful because today there
6:24 am
might be a moderate risk of rip currents on the south facing shores of long island, maybe new york city beaches. low risk down the jersey shore. southwest wind that you see this afternoon, 10 to 15 knots, a sea breeze creates a relationship at the beaches. we have record heat on the way today. 96 degrees could probably feel like 100. tomorrow we are near the record high, so, there you go. today. your commute. weather and traffic every seven minutes. we will show you pictures from newscopter 7 and show you the brooklyn bridge. brooklyn bridge heading into brooklyn, all lanes closed. overturned car in the center of the screen. it looks like seven injuries involve. another car involved as well. the injuries appear to be minor. the investigation continuing. brooklyn bridge still closed into brooklyn. as we highlight the maps, the ramps from the fdr to the
6:25 am
brooklyn bridge remain closed as well. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, michelle, ken. injured jets quarterback geno smith is feeling good jaw. he was seen tossing a football outside of his home. that created a problem with his head coach. with the qb. >> he shouldn't be doing that right now. we held that internally. we had that discussion. >> is there a risk factor. that has to be a concern. >> yeah, he just got surgery. you don't want it infected. >> smith met with the team's doctors and trainingers. he is not allowed to be at the practice facility on a full- time basis. we are closing in on 6:30. we continue to follow the breaking news out of washington heights. police made an arrest and
6:26 am
charged a man in the brutal stabbing death of morgan freeman's step granddaughter. we are in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. meteorologist bill evans returns with the exclusive
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straight to breaking news on the brooklyn bridge. all brooklyn bound lanes are closed due to an accident investigation. john del giorno is over the scene in newscopter 7. what do you have, john? >> reporter: the one bit of good news is that the injuries seem to be nonlife-threatening. usually an accident investigation that takes this long is bad news. this is the nature of the accident that requires the investigation. this began before 5:00 this morning in the outbound brooklyn bridge. we are told now that this was a chain reaction accident that began with a disabled vehicle in the right lane. i believe it was the dark colored honda that you see in the right lane. that was broken down. it was struck by another vehicle.
6:30 am
9 second vehicle was struck by a third vehicle that wound up overturned in the roadway. seven people were injured taken to an area hospital. as we said, none of the injuries' appears to be life threatening. an accident investigation is ongoing. outbound lanes are shut down. fdr. with more on that and the rest of the commute, debbie duhaime is standing by. >> as you mentioned, because of the problem at the outbound brooklyn, you can see the delays building on the fdr drive. fdr is moving slowly heading north and southbound into the ramps to the brooklyn bridge. the ramps to the brooklyn bridge remain closed. you will be detoured to get around the problem. the ramps from the fdr to the brooklyn bridge remain closed because of the accident brooklyn bridge outbound. deegan northbound up by fordham an accident reported there as well. on the 5 trains, uptown delays
6:31 am
with ongoing signal problems at 180th. george a five minute delays, lincoln 10. holland five minutes as well. back to you, michelle, ken. >> debbie, thank you. now a check on the extreme heat today. >> heat wave is upon us. it will feel like triple digits. >> this morning a temperature of 78 to start the day. that is warmer than normal. you tack on humidity and it feels like it's about 80. it will start to feel hot and humid everywhere as we get to the afternoon. clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. a hot day with a bermuda high building in. 96 this afternoon. add the humidity and real feel 100. we could break a record high. it will be an official heat wave in central park. another day like it tomorrow. we will talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. back to you guys, michelle, ken. >> thank you very much.
6:32 am
breaking news now on the murder charge that has been filed in the violent death of the granddaughter of oscar winning actor morgan freeman. lamar davenport was arrested in the stabbing of actress edena hines. it happened near west 162nd street in washington heights. one of her neighbors saw part of the horrible scene. >> i see him on top of a woman and i couldn't really see what was going on. then the police came. two police cars came and arrested the guy. >> morgan freeman posted the following on his facebook page. i want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the senseless and tragic passing of my granddaughter edena hines. we have an accuweather alert for the tri-state. >> we could break the old record of 95.
6:33 am
we are supposed to. it was set in 1944. bill says it will feel hotter than that today. you have to take extra precautions around town. >> kala rama is live on the upper west side with that story. kala? >> reporter: third day in a row. we saw it saturday, sunday and now monday. bill is predicting highs in the 90s or above. it will feel like the 90s but feel like 100 with the humidity. people are already out walking their dogs, getting their workout on before the sun comes out and starts blasting everyone. people got up early, took a cab to the gym to work indoors because it's too humid. a lady was walking her dog shortening up the walk to a half hour instead of an hour. the same thing with children. make sure they are hydrated and
6:34 am
making sure that they are not overheating. kids are the first not to tell you what is going on. let's hear from the guy getting up earlier and earlier to work out. >> drink a lot of water. even just walking around i drink a lot of water. it's just very hot. living on the water is nice, it's cool. >> reporter: so he is working out inside the gym. then people like the guy you see here working outside getting the morning run in. humidity makes the real feel temperatures seem more dangerous than they are, especially when it comes to the afternoon. when you walk home from work or the subway, stay extra hydrated, drinking water all day long. ken, i hope you are drinking water with that cup of coffee. >> i am. i had two glasses. >> reporter: good. live on the upper west side. back to you guys.
6:35 am
service is back running on the ronkonkoma branch after the deadly plane crash damaged the tracks in nassau county before 8:00. we brought you this. the pilot of a single-engine plane tried to make an emergency landing on south oyster bay road but hit the train tracks. ed fiery crash left the tracks damaged in one of the busiest areas of the l.i.r.r. buses were brought in to get riders from station to station. >> a lot of people are upset and wanted to rage and get home or get to work or to the city. >> the pilot was killed in the crash. investigators say the way he landed and where he landed allowed for his passenger to survive. the faa is investigating. right now the search is on for another prisoner who escaped custody in east harlem. police arrested 25-year-old austin stevenson on trespassing charges early yesterday morning. during his escort to the station house, police say he
6:36 am
shoved and officer and ran away in handcuffs. stevenson is the third to escape from officers in upper manhattan since june 23rd. police eventually captured the other suspects. >> in queens a man is accused of kidnapping an 18-year-old woman. 21-year-old was taken to the hospital for self-inflicted stab wounds following his arrest. police say he kidnapped his ex- girlfriend saturday. he is facing robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges. still this, wildfires raging out west sent thousands
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let's get you an update on breaking news on the brooklyn bridge. >> all of the brooklyn bound lanes are closed because of an
6:40 am
accident investigation. john del giorno is over the scene in newscopter 7. >> this causes problem on the reverse commute. morning. accident. apparently a chain reaction accident that began with a disabled vehicle on the bridge. it was struck by several other vehicles, one of them you can see has overturned. 7 people were injured, nonlife- threatening. a full accident investigation is ongoing. as a result, the outbound brooklyn bridge is shut down. we have been showing you pictures delays southbound on the fdr as a result. use the manhattan bridge or williamsburg as your alternate. both of those running without a problem. live over the brooklyn bridge, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. right now firefighters are working to get the upper hand on an out of control fire in southern california. take fire stretching across 100
6:41 am
acres of dry brush in the angeles national fire. three structures have been destroyed. officials say the dry conditions mean the fire could spread to 2,000 acres. no homes in the area have been evacuated. the health department will be in queens battling mosquitoes after the city's first human case of west nile virus. spraying starts at 8:30 to deal with rising mosquito populations. treated and released. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we take a look outside. it's pretty. we look from our camera on the roof to the east side. that is the jackie onassis reservoir. in the distance flushing bay and well out there the long island sound. you have great visibility, 21 to 23 miles.
6:42 am
current temperature 78 degrees. warm. all the advice you have been getting, heed that advice. it will be hot, humid. bermuda high pumping up the heat, moisture. noontime temperature, 91 to 92. 96 this afternoon with a real feel near 100. debbie duhaime is in for heather looking at the commute. how is it going besides everything wrong on the brooklyn bridge. >> a problem in the bronx. heading to the maps, bill, we will tell you about a on the deegan northbound up into fordham road an accident with an overturned vehicle here as well. watch for heavy traffic. on the 5 train uptown delays with ongoing signal problems. george minor. lincoln 15. holland 10. alternate sides are in effect today citywide. back to you, michelle, ken. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a shoe of unity for the parents that died at nypd officers. what they hope will happen in the courtroom.
6:43 am
>> the next step on the road to recovery. one of the places hardest hit
6:45 am
by superstorm sa happening today the mother of eric garner calls for a change in how police related deaths of suspects are prosecuted. they want grand juries banned from the process and a decision on whether an indictment will be handed up made at a public hearing. a cruise ship on the way to new york abandoned a search for a missing crew member. the queen mary 2 abandoned the search for the 26-year old chef. it was heading from southampton england to new york. actor neil hirsch will be in court on assault charges. he was charged with assault and
6:46 am
intoxication in park city, utah. police say he put a female stud into a chokehold -- female into a chokehold. the project includes work on sidewalks and roads in the area as well as water main reconstruction. "good morning america" is up next. now, i do know that you check to see what color i'm wearing because this is too obscure a color for you to have picked out. robin roberts is live in time's square. >> how many times do i have to say i watch you in the morning. >> adore your colors, everything about you, robin roberts. >> bless your heart, ken. how about this extreme heat and in nyc. some cities are facing the
6:47 am
first heat wave in years. ginger is tracking it all. white house. new poll shows the donald is still leading the republican field after making an appearance that we saw at the iowa state fair this weekend unveiling his immigration plan. all the details on that. plus, a potential scandal n at one of the nation's he let prep schools. a senior says graduating boys addingly attempt to keep a tally of their -- let's call it con quests. the latest on -- conquests. the late he have on this. i rarely do this. i have to give a shout out. have you you have to go. i don't know how i am here monday morning. it's full on good time. >> we got to do it. "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. thank you, robin. >> good stuff.
6:48 am
i got to look it up. long islanders looking to beat the heat were greeted by visitors in the water. a fisherman on long beach wanted to catch sea bass or fluke but he pulled in four or five sharks. it took about 10 minutes. each shark was released back into the ocean. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is owes of our steamy studios. it's nice in here on the west steamy out there. >> if you are near water today, any marina, that will be a good place with a southwest wind coming in or the hudson river, east river. good. wind out of the southwest. water temperature 77 degrees. that will feel nice. inland areas heat up fast. keep the air moving, especially
6:49 am
up the hudson river. haze around northern new jersey, central new jersey, north shore of long island. above i-95, merritt parkway, you get that heat going. real feels around 100. you see the haze building this morning. humidity at 60%. a calm wind that allows you to feel the humidity here. if the air is moving, not bad. light to calm wind. air quality is moderate. some spots have an air quality alert like fairfield county and southern jersey. put on the sunscreen, sunblock. a lot of sun, a lot of height and humidity to go with it. 78 around the five boroughs. 72 bridgeport. 70 belmar. there is the wind. with a calm to a light southwest wind that pumps up the moisture across the area. no clouds to speak of. a few fair weather cumulus and cirrus but the real clouds are
6:50 am
toward the great lakes. clear skies around our tri- state today in which we will see the southwest wind building. there could be a spotty thunderstorm. possibly wednesday, thursday is when that will be more likely. going to the beach, watch out for moderate rip current risk on the beaches. low rip current risk at the jersey shore. southwest wind gives us high rip current risk. sea breeze develops this afternoon, 10, 15 knot winds, maybe 20 miles per hour off the beach with the hot air rising up, wind comes in on the sea breeze and fills the gap. real feel today is 100. tonight a muggy night. tomorrow 93 the high tomorrow. record high tomorrow is 94. accuweather seven-day forecast, muggy all weekend and -- all
6:51 am
week and into the weekend. a heat wave today and record high. be careful. drink lots of water and keep the air moving. back to you guys. >> thank you, sir. >> all good things. we will tell you about a problem at the brooklyn bridge. brooklyn bridge heading into brooklyn, all lanes are closed. as we go to the maps, watch out for that. ramps from the fdr to brooklyn bridge is closed. let's go to john del giorno. he is high above the problem to give us more details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, debbie. not much change at the scene of the accidents. detectives are conducting the accident investigation. this was a multivehicle accident, chain reaction collision that began with a disabled vehicle struck by another vehicle driving past. you wound up with a multivehicle accident, overturned vehicle. we have a traffic problem isolated to the outbound commute. if you do the reverse commute into brooklyn, that's where your problem is. delays on the southbound fdr
6:52 am
related to the outbound brooklyn bridge. swing up to the manhattan bridge or williamsburg bridge to get around the problem. >> thank you, john. problem on the deegan northbound at fordham, another overturned car. delays are extensive. the webcam, the traffic on the -- excuse me, deegan northbound up to fordham, bumper to bumper because of that overturned car by fordham. we will keep an eye on that for you as well as you head through that stretch. alternate alternate. back over to you, my -- alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back over to you. we are following breaking news in washington heights. police made an arrest in the death of morgan freeman's step granddaughter who is facing
6:55 am
charges from his hospital bed. another update on breaking news on the brooklyn bridge. >> all brooklyn bound lanes are closed because of an accident investigation ongoing. john del giorno is over the scene again. >> reporter: michelle, as we wind up the broadcast, looks like the outbound lanes will remain shut down a little while longer. the accident investigation is ongoing. this happened before 5:00 this morning. three vehicles involved in the accident began when one was disabled in the right lane struck by another vehicle passing by.
6:56 am
the third vehicle is on its roof. seven people injured, nonlife- threatening according to the nypd. accident investigation is ongoing. all brooklyn bound lanes are shut down. use the manhattan bridge or williamsburg bridge p. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, john. police made an arrest in the stabbing death of the granddaughter of academy award winner morgan freeman. overnight edena hines boyfriend was charged in yesterday's early morning attack. lamar davenport is being held for psychiatric evaluation. he is charged with second- degree murder. a developing story on staten island. police had an accused rapist in custody. >> the thing is, this morning he is back on the loose. dray clark is live at the 121 precinct. dray? >> reporter: police are looking for 32-year-old daniel nieto.
6:57 am
at one point he was charged with trespassing. it was after his release that police learned of the alleged rape of a 7-year-old girl. here is a look at daniel nieto. on august the 6th. police satisfy entered a family epps home through an unlocked backdoor. went to the 7-year-old girl's bedroom where police say he raped her. the family discovered him inside the home. he ran away. the police found him in the neighborhood and, again, police later learned that he had allegedly raped that 7-year-old little girl. police are hoping that someone will recognize that man's face and give them a call. live on staten island, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. new yorkers are feeling the heat as we head to the first heat wave in more than two years. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live at riverside park, kala? >> reporter: yep, well, third consecutive day of this hot weather. bam, there it is, that's a heat wave. 90 or above is expected.
6:58 am
with the humidity it will feel like 100. that is always an issue. these people working out, walking dogs are getting it in early. watch out for your kids and your pets and an elderly. fun fact, new york city hit 90 or higher 9 days. that is higher than last year's eight days. humidity will always get us. stay hydrated. wear light clothing. you know the drill. don't forget about your children and pets. drink water. live on the upper west side, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. let's go to debbie duhaime. >> hi, michelle. we will go back up to newscopter 7 and show you pictures of the brooklyn bridge problem. all lanes are closed. it's all due to the overturned car. the investigation continuing. so, expect delays. as we go to the maps, the ramps from the fdr drive are closed to the brooklyn bridge.
6:59 am
watch for delays northbound fdr into the brooklyn bridge. problems on the deegan northbound. deegan moving slowly up to fordham with an overturned car. a webcam, the volume here on fordham road. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. >> thank you. stay nice and cool today. today is the double whammy. a heat wave and record heat on the same day. take a look outside. we got sunshine. it's a little bit of hazy weather. you see it with the temperature 78 degrees. but that temperature will jump into the 90-degree range quickly by noontime. 96. tack on the humidity and we will look at what will be 100, the real feel today and hot again tomorrow. guys. >> let's show the staten island ferry on the way out. that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in


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