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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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figure out how long he was on the tracks for. the train hit the car and burst into flames killing the driver in his late 80s behind the stop and shop barrier wall. this train was stopped on the tracks for more than three hours. none of the 110 passengers on board were hurt. but the sounds of frustration could be heard. >> i need to get to work. what am i going to do. i get paid by the hour. >> reporter: passengers like dan petrino were forced to get on new jersey transit buses. >> what will i do. i get paid by the hour. this is a coach bus. there should be, i don't know, increased -- double the buses going out, maybe make more frequent notices. >> reporter: passengers had no idea service was disrupted in both directions during the morning commute. >> i was waiting for the train. i had no idea what was going on. a gentleman told me. >> a little lower. better off than the gentleman last night, so -- >> reporter: the first train of the morning left spring valley at 5:10. they are still trying to figure
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out what time the driver started driving on the tracks. police still have not released the name of the victim only saying that he was in his late 80s. police also say that they will look at surveillance video along the tracks trying to figure out if he made a wrong turn this morning and driving down the tracks or sat there for some time. live in new jersey, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kala. also new at noon, a woman was killed after being struck by an mta bus in midtown. police say the 69-year-old was crossing 57th street between broadway and 8th avenue when she was hit. officials say she was not in a crosswalk at the time. the woman died a short time later at new york presbyterian hospital. no word if there were passengers on the bus at the time of the crash. >> for the first time we are hearing from former president jimmy carter after his cancer diagnosis. the 39th president opening up at a news conference saying there are small cancer spots on his brain. marci gonzales is live in
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will be treated. marci. >> reporter: yeah, shirleen, he was open, upbeat as he shared details of his diagnosis and these thoughts about what is ahead. former president jimmy carter still smiling as he detailed his melanoma diagnosis. the cancer first discovered during liver surgery, doctors then finding it spread. >> it was in four places in my brain. so, i would say that night and the next day until i came back up to emory, i just thought i had a few weeks left. i was surprisingly at ease. you know, i've had a -- a wonderful life. >> reporter: speaking at the carter center in atlanta, the 90-year-old explaining that he is fighting the disease, going in for his first radiation treatment on his brain today. >> i feel good.
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i haven't felt any weakness or debility. the pain has been slight. >> reporter: carter's father and all three siblings died of pancreatic cancer. he talked about his family, his history. >> my name is jimmy carter and i am running for president. >> reporter: and his regreats. >> i wish i had sent one more helicopter to get the hostages and we would have rescued them and i would have been reelected, but that may have -- that may have interfered with the foundation of the carter center. >> reporter: saying he and his wife of 69 years, rosa lynn, are taking a step back from their work and continuing to focus on their faith as they take on this health battle. >> imperfectly at ease with whatever comes. >> reporter: at the same time, he is optimistic saying he still feels he has a lot of work left to do. live in atlanta, marci gonzales, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marci. three of four lanes have been reopened on route 22 in
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new jersey following yesterday's flooding. right now the left lane is closed and the eastbound lanes between westfield and glenside in scotch plains. yesterday more than three inches of rain fell in the area. drivers were stranded on the highway and the roads and suffered damage. new details about a baby locked in a safe at a hotel in niagara falls. police tracked down the parents who are from our area. it turns out the baby was accidentally locked in the safe during a game of hide and seek among siblings after a maintenance worker freed the child, the family from new jersey headed to nearby ontario to visit friends. when they heard the buzz they contacted police. they were cooperative and no charges will be filed. turning to a vicious attack in queens. a woman becoming the victim of a senseless act when a man threw an acid liquid on her face without any warning. police say the attack was random, hammed in the sunnyside section of the queens and that's where darla miles joins
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us live with more. darla? >> reporter: david, we have breaking details here near the scene. sources are telling eyewitness news that this may not have been random at all, that this 56-year-old woman may have been targeted because she may have been alerted to some type of fraudulent activity. first of all, i want to show you the command center that has been set up here near the scene. this is a contingency of nypd officers, detectives from queens, command centers and homicide detectives. they are hear canvassing this industrial area trying to find if the suspect was caught on surveillance camera nearing the scene -- coming or going from the scene. let me show you video of the so far. the suspect allegedly ask you a question. that is what he said before splashing the coffee full of chemicals in her face. her car.
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she tried to drive away, got 200 feet before stopping and screaming for help and called 911. [no audio]. >> well, that was darla miles reporting. we had some problems. we will try to finish the report when we can get her back. police are releasing a sketch of a man wanted for robbing his victims posed as a police officer. police say this man and an accomplice have stolen money from at least three people in the last month. in the last incident, police say the robber walked up to an 18-year-old man and asked to see his id and took $50 out of the victim's wallet and left. police are searching for the gunman involved in a deadly shooting in rochester, new york. police say three people were killed when someone opened fire from a car at a crowd outside of a boys and girls club. it happened about 11:20 last night. four men were injured. police have not released the names of the victims or a motive for the attack yet.
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the tourist accused of snapping an illegal selfie on the brooklyn bridge faced a judge today. david karnush was extradited from tennessee. the judge decided to release him on his own reconnaissance. his other than says they will continue to fight the case during the next scheduled court appearance in september. a blind man was seriously hurt after falling on to the sway tracks and being hit by a train. it happened yesterday at the church avenue subway station. investigators say 55-year-old lewis velez fell off the platform and hit by a northbound g train. he is being treated for a broken arm and a cut on his head. a fatal trading any in washington state -- trading in washington state. the move coming after three firefighters were killed battling a massive wildfire there. it happened in the central part of the state last night. officials say the men died after their vehicle crashed and
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was likely engulfed by flames. four other firefighters were injured but it's unclear if they are linked to the three fatalities in this case. almost 30,000 firefighters in all are fighting about 100 wildfires in the west. update on the deadly blast at a shrine in thailand. police say they cleared two suspects scene in the bangkok bombing security video. they were seen in front of the prime suspect. investigators say it is unlikely the bombing was carried out by international terrorists. 20 people were killed and more than 120 others hurt by the explosion. authorities are still looking for the prime suspect whose only described as a foreign man. getting ready for the pope's visit to the u.s. new details about who will get to meet him during the stop in manhattan. >> also ahead, upstate new york prison escape. why they are prosecutorring david sweeten though he will be in prison the rest of his life. we remember the ice bucket
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challenge. how it may have lead to a break through in als treatment. >> worth the effort of my ice bucket challenge. here is what is happening today. it's warm already. 86 in the park. 85, 84 down the shore. a few pop-up thunderstorms. we are looking at a big wind out of the southeast at 26, 28 miles per hour and hums is up
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there. court appearance for surviving inmate that escaped from prison. david sweat was arraigned. he and another prisoner, richard matt broke out earlier this year.
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a judge entered a not guilty plea for sweet. he is serving a sentence of life without parole which brings up the question why move forward with charges to the escape. >> they committed a crime in clinton county. they committed a crime of escape in the first-degree. it's my job as a prosecutor in this country to prosecute people that commit crimes within this county. that is the bottom line. >> matt was shot and killed by authorities in june. sweat was shot two days later and arrested. nine people are under arrest following a night of protests in missouri over the shooting death of an 18-year- old black man by a st. louis police officer. the police used tear gas to disburse the crowds after demonstrators blocked an intersection and through glass bottles and brings at officers. police say they were searched to -- forced to search him after he pulled a gun on them. isis claimed a
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responsibility for a car bombing in egypt. 29 people were injured in the explosion outside of a national security building about 2:00 in the morning. 11 of the victims are police officers and soldiers. the blast damageed the building and several cars. it comes days after i get's president approved new laws cracking down on the militant group. north and south korea exchanged fire over their border today. the military responded when north korea fired a shell at a south korean border town. residents took shelter in underground bunkers. no injuries have been reported. tensions have spilled in the region since two south korean soldiers were wounded by land mines in the demill tear rised border. remember last summer's viral craze the ice bucket challenge. >> remember it well. >> look how good ken did that.
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the money raised for als, known as lou gehrig's disease paid off. they studied a protein that doesn't work in the neurons of als patients. they think the problem can be fixed. keith was one of the first people to start the ice bucket challenge. he was diagnosed in 2012. >> we did get one miracle out of this. that was the funding an awareness that came through with the ice bucket challenge. we want one other miracle which is a cure. a treatment. >> his family says the efforts lead to a break through. the ice bucket challenge raising $115 million for the als association. 77 million went directly to research and a lot of people so happy when they did the ice bucket challenge that it lead to something important. >> raised so much awareness. it does take a village. >> absolutely. exploding. why this massive blast could have been much worse had it not been for a quick thinking worker.
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why this brain grown by scientists could be the key to future medical marvels. >> taking a live look outside. another hot and humid afternoon. meteorologist bev bill evans is tracking some storms. hopefully that will spell
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scientists at ohio state university say they have grown a nearly complete human brain in a lab.
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researchers say it's the size of a pencil eraser and has 99% of the genes in a fully developed fetal brain. it was engineered from adult human brain cells and grown in a dish. they hope it will help with research owner row logical diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's. >> this is space age the stuff we are doing. amazing. >> the size of a pencil eraser, that is about my size. >> my father told me that my whole life. >> you saw that coming. >> you must have a brain of the . >> no, i'm teasing. he was far too sweet to say something like that. but it was fun, right. if you can't laugh at your own humor, what else can you do. this humidity, it's oppressive. i was walking on the upper west side, right outside you meal feel the humidity. circle line boat is heading
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down south to the statue of liberty, battery, lower manhattan. you see it right there. this is a good day for it if you are watching at noon and visiting our lovely city, grab the circle line boat. the beast is over here. that is a 45 minute ride. a lot of this around here around water that would feel nice this afternoon. you got a breeze out of the southeast then in spots you got a good breeze. the wind is south at 6 in central park. the meters are covered up by the trees and things. so, you get outside central park and the wind is about 20 miles per hour out of the south. so, someone will say that is a sea breeze building for the afternoon. so, we will have a sunset at 7:48 that will be pretty. normal high 43. we started out at 78 ten warmer than the overnight low. a spotty storm mainly west of the city. downpours will develop after midnight. i will show you that. heavy rain for the morning commute. some of that rain will be heavy enough to cause flooding tomorrow morning up until lunchtime as the system comes through. u.v.
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index of 8. ragweed is showing up in the pollen count. that is early for this season. it's 86 in murray hill. 83 staten island. 82 around monmouth county and southward. here is the heat index. heat and humidity together, feels like 91 brooklyn. 92 j.f.k. and go out to long island, 89 to 86. 92 is the feel at bridgeport. a southerly wind coming in that pumps up the moisture. at times it has been from 12 to 24 miles per hour. in if the inland areas where the moisture comes in and the sun fires that up, there are showers and thunderstorms in western new jersey. the front that we are talking about is back here in western -- eastern pennsylvania. that comes to us at midnight. showers in western new jersey will keep sliding through by the hudson river valley. futurecast shows just that. here comes the front. the showers and thunderstorms start at midnight, into the city around 4:00 a.m. and then they blow through quick and gone by 7:00 on out
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east of the city. so, sun and clouds, warm and humid. chance of a thunderstorm mostly west. 85. tonight those go away after sunset then warm and sticky. the thunderstorms come back after midnight. then tomorrow morning showers and storms, flooding is possible. they both are quick within a couple of hours and move through the long island area and coastal connecticut by the time we get to the afternoon tomorrow. saturday and sunday i posted a shower and a thunderstorm. that is a low chance. >> pop up thunderstorm saturday. >> we can deal. thank you, bill. one day after jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to having hear from the woman that says she tipped off the fbi.
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>> the debate over uber now a look at some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. surveillance video showing the moment a motel explodes. we have video of a barn exploding then a daredevil's jump that is almost too high to believe. we begin with that shocking scene at a motel 6 in washington state.
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surveillance video shows a powerful blast leveling part of the motel in bremerton tuesday night. the force knocked firefighters about 20 feet back. it could be felt for miles away. luckily the guests were evacuated. officials say cruise were working on a natural gas leak at the time of the explosion. one company employee is in critical condition suffering from second and third degree burns. a big amish barn fire in maryland turned explosive. flames hit a diesel tank and a massive fireball shot in the air as a result. firefighters were battling the flames when this happened, amazingly no one was hurt in the incident. take a look at this cliff jump. something is missing. can you tell what it is? a safety cord. this brazilian daredevil jumped 200 feet. it's a cliff in switzerland. it's believed he was going 75 miles per hour when he hit the water. it is reportedly a new world record. sounds like he survived the jump for sure but he got banged
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up a bit and may have dislocated a hip. don't try this if you have any ideas. >> seeing it from the go pro -- >> i can't believe he could do it and walk away. >> survived. much more news ahead in our next half hour including new details about the pope's visit to manhattan next month. hear from some of the people who may meet the pontiff. also ahead, a connecticut couple missing for two weeks. police are searching a home overnight. details coming up. and vote 2016. a new war of words between
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donald trump and our top stories this afternoon, former president candidly about his cancer diagnosis. it was discovered during liver surgery and has spread to other parts of his body. the former president says that he feels good and is at ease. new jersey transit service has been restored on the pascack valley line after being suspended because of a deadly crash on the tracks. a train hit a car in emerson, new jersey, early this morning. the car's elderly driver died. investigators do not know why he was driving on the tracks. a woman is recovering from
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burns to her face after having a cup of an acid-laced liquid thrown on her in the sunny skied section of queens. a while ago investigators revealed that the attack may not have been random as originally thought. he with will continue to follow -- we will continue to follow the latest. >> i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we are learning details about the pope's visit to plan man. >> he will visit our lady queen of angels catholic school in harlem. who does he get to meet? marcus solis has all the details. >> reporter: dave and shirleen, 36 days and counting. the excitement building for the visit here with pope francis. he will meet with students, many from immigrant families and many leaving behind the poverty line but succeeding academically. >> >> reporter: there they were in uniform and in preparation for an assignment. third and fourth graders getting ready for next month's visit from pope francis.
12:31 pm
>> i was like, no way. no way. >> reporter: the pontiff made clear he want to visit an enter city catholic school during his trip to new york. today the news conference was held is where the pope will meet 24 students representing four par rocky yale schools throughout harlem. >> i am feeling pretty excited. >> reporter: nervous? >> yes, nervous. >> our entire school population is just full of joy and full of the faith. when you walk in our building, you literally will see it on the children's faces. >> reporter: they will sit at four tables presenting on the environment, holy eucharist, values the archdiocese teaches all of the 70,000 students citywide. >> they are doorways out of poverty for so many immigrants then i will give him that statistic. 64% of the children below the poverty line and 98% heading to
12:32 pm
college. >> reporter: after meeting with students, another event in the charities. some of the work they do won't involve the students but from here it will be off to the main event downtown, the mass in madison, square garden. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. eyewitness news will be with the pope during his visit to the u.s. we have a special section on our web site where you can find the pope's full head to abc7ny/pope. follow us on facebook and twitter. new details about a westchester county father facing prison time for allowing his unlicensed teenage daughter to drive. michael ware will be sentenced today in pennsylvania. last month he pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment. his decision to let julia drive lead to a triple fatah tall crash in 2014. new information about a couple that went missing in
12:33 pm
connecticut without a trace three weeks ago. police searched the home. no word about what they found or how he may relate to disappearance of jeanette and jeffrey navin. the couple owes $2 million from a foreclosure on their home a few years ago and their business owes about 14 o thousand dollars to the power company. relatives deny the debt played a factor in their disappearance. a change in how drones can be used. you are not allowed to fly a drone near an airport. now you can no longer buy a drone in any of the airports. the port authority but in an immediate ban at kennedy, newark, liberty and laps. drones were on sale at two shops in newark liberty earlier this week. >> it's just a matter of time for one of these trains hits a plane, gets sucked in the engines and hundreds of lives could be lost. >> the faa logged 650 close
12:34 pm
calls involving drones nationwide. that is more than twice the number of cases in all of last year. police are searching for a man accused of violately attacking and robbing a woman in the bronx. authorities say he attacked the woman in east wakefield last saturday. he is accused of stabbing her multiple times with a knife before taking off with a cell phone. the victim was taken to the hospital, however, is expected to recover. we know the cause of this massive fire that destroyed a state thruway authority salt shed. an electrician is charged with arson s. police say richard cass was in the shed and recklessly sparked the fire. it destroyed several pieces of heavy equipment. now to vote 2016. another new poll shows donald trump is keeping up momentum in the race as trump and jeb bush
12:35 pm
go after each other in dueling town hall meetings. abc's bazi kanani is washington with the latest. >> reporter: a dominance donald trump on the cover of "time" magazine after a bitter battle with jeb bush in new hampshire. >> you know what is happening to jeb's crowd down the street? they are sleeping. they are sleeping now. >> reporter: the blows thrown at town halls held at the same time miles apart. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he has given more money to democrats than he has given to republicans. jeb bush critical of trumps political past and his brash language on immigration that could hurt the gop with hispanic voters. >> the language is pretty vietri olick for sure. >> reporter: trump pledging to build a wall and enlist local police with mass deportation of illegal immigrants. >> we will get them out so
12:36 pm
fast, so quick. it won't be like please come with us. >> reporter: trump is ahead of former governor bush in bush's own state of florida, the same state where trump surpasses hillary clinton in the new poll. today clinton is out with a new ad slamming trump and bush for using the term anchor babies. trump insists his language won't change. >> 2008 use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: the poll also found have the joe biden doing as well as clinton against republicans in key swing states. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. 86 right now. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> dave and shirleen, there are showers and thunderstorms firing up in western new jersey, south of morristown, south of i-80 heading turnpike.
12:37 pm
we will see more popping up. 86, 85 degrees. 84 to the urban areas of new jersey. look at the wind. southwest at 26. north at 28 over to brooklyn and queens and the humidity are high. this is how it feels outside. 90 elizabeth, newark to the park. 92 jamaica queens over to j.f.k. taking the ferry home back to jersey city, brooklyn, you got the wind out there southeast at 2624. that will feel refreshing. could be a bumpy ride. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms popping upcoming up tonight with this front through the area and it will make for flooding tomorrow morning during the morning before it pushes out noontime to eastern end of long island. we will talk about that coming up. >> thank you, bill. is uber conducting background checks on drivers? prosecutors in one state are
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plans endorsed by aarp. remember, all medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could really save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose your own doctor or hospital as long as they accept medicare patients. and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. new at noon, a guilty plea from man that used an elaborate under water tunnel to smuggle drugs. he admitted that he brought 55 pounds of cocaine through a tunnel that went between the u.s. and mexico. the drugs have a street value of $1.75 million. agents spotted him back in
12:41 pm
april dripping in a wet suit with scuba gear and gift wrapped drugs. the woman that claims she blew the whistle on jared fogle is speaking out for the first time. in an interview with abc news, michelle herman waldrin said she wore a wire and secretly recorded information with fogle for 4 1/2 years. >> i was shocked. i was stunned. i couldn't believe what i just heard. >> he would tell me the ages that he was interested in, boy or girl and he would indicate the fact that he has done it before. >> yesterday fogle agreed to plead guilty for paying for sex with minors and receiving child pornography. he faces between 5 and 12 years in prison. he has to register as a sex offender. his wife says she plans to file for divorce. a nicks up reveal.
12:42 pm
a bounty hunter's errant raid was set up, they say, by a rival bounty hunter. aaron brae made a fake online tip to a competing bounty hunter. he said a fugitive was at an address. it was the home of the phone next chief of police. brae used a phone app to trick the bound hunter. now he is also under arrest. a man who built a patio out of military headstones is apologizing after his stone walkway caught the eye of the fits. >> a realtor noticed the stones had the names of veterans indescribed in them. the homeowner said he found them in a scrapyard and had no idea it was illegal. >> i took advantage of something that shouldn't have been taken advantage of, i guess.
12:43 pm
free scraps stolen to make a small patio. i just used the -- >> apparently the headstones were damaged and discarded then somehow made it to the scrapyard. the homeowner said he will cooperate with officials and remove the stones. well, is uber conducting background checks on drivers? why prosecutors in one state say they are misleading customers. >> actress shannen doherty revealing that she is battling breast cancer.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
why stun ting announcement from actress shannen doherty. >> the former 90210 star has breast cancer and is claiming that her former business managers didn't pay for her health insurance. sandy kenyon has the details on this. >> reporter: shannen doherty
12:47 pm
filed the lawsuit against her former business managers because she blames them for the severity of her illness and claims they caused her to lose her coverage just when she needed it most. the former star revealing she has invasive breast cancer that spread to one limp noticed during a period of seem shannen doherty didn't realize she was not insured and the actress blames her business manager. the lawsuit filed against tanner mainstain claims it failed to pay the invoice for her health insurance which she had through the screen actors guild. >> she couldn't get insurance until the 2015 enrollment opened after which she went to the doctor and found out she had breast cancer and it spread during last year when she was uninsured. the lawsuit claims had she been insured and able to visit her
12:48 pm
doctor, the cancer could have been stopped. >> the biggest challenge will have in this lawsuit is linking her cancer, her need for treatment and any claims of delayed treatment to the acts of her business managers with respect to these insurance payments. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, tanner mainstain says while they are saddened that she is suffering from cancer, the claim that she was uninsured, prevented her from seeking medical care or somehow contributed to her cancer is patently false. the star's attorney told gma trust was violated here. we hope the defendant dance will correct it in a responsible manner. abc news legal analyst dan abrams says her case will be very, very tough to prove because it's hard to link the actions of her business managers with her cancer.
12:49 pm
meanwhile, doherty is likely facing surgery and chemotherapy. >> thank you, sandy. uber on the defense over the way it does background checks on its drivers. prosecutors in los angeles and san francisco are suing the ride share coughing saying that uber miss leads customers about how thoroughly they check out the drivers. he points to a convicted murder that became certified under a different name. in response, the uber spokesperson said that no system is 100% perfect and that the same thing could happen with regular taxi companies. >> bill evans is joining us with the forecast. humid out there. >> awfully hard to get a taxi on a day like today. >> you are -- we do taxi cab weather for you. put the air-conditioning on if you are trying to find one or taking an uber ride. look at the cumulus clouds.
12:50 pm
that is a big pile of mashed taters out there. that is the build up of the moisture and heating over the five boroughs, over manhattan. around the tri-state area, we are getting a build up of thunderstorms, western new jersey and across, i guess you could say west of the hudson river with humidity of 57%, that is high for the afternoon hours. it feels muggy. that is building up with thunderstorms. north port and massapequa, 80 degrees. montauk 81 degrees. 86 around poughkeepsie. a lot of sunshine around kingston and poughkeepsie. this is where the heat inland is building up and creating thunderstorms. 85 cambria heights. 82 belmar to wrightstown. the heat index 90 is the real feel in manhattan. that's where you got the clouds building up. 90 toward coney island, around brighton beach and 92 j.f.k.
12:51 pm
inland area is getting the 88, 89, 90 on the heat index. a wind out of the southeast getting the sea breeze ahead of the front off to the west. with the winds out there out of the southeast, you see the thunderstorms are inland away from the beach area. the cold front bringing showers and thunderstorms tomorrow morning is here. that front comes in after midnight, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning here comes that fronted. it will be coming right around the time we get going with eyewitness news in the morning at 4:30. thunderstorms are through the area during the morning commute then out to the east then drier air fills in behind that. that is a good sign, even into saturday, we are pretty cloud free as we go into saturday and sunday. showers and storms after midnight tonight. huh might and warm. tomorrow we got rain and thunderstorms in the morning. we will have flooding possible. 81. i will be outside on the street. check me out.
12:52 pm
i'm the one in the boat on the upper west side. my yacht, myott. shower or thunderstorm sands and sunday. a passing thing. another great weekend is coming up. i put that on there to give you an idea it might happen. >> if you pass bill on the street, please just fan him. fan him if he's out there standing during his live reportrt >> or just ring me out. >> take care of the man. >> help him out. let's see what is coming up
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on "the chew." i'm diana williams in the newsroom.
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here is what is coming up later. movie theaters stepping up security. what you may have to do before you see the next film. and a new way to relax. you lay back and float. a sensory deprivation tank. and the wedding dress store that closed leaving brides gilded before the big day. we have those stories and much more beginning on "eyewitness news first at 4:00" then at 5:00 and more at 6:00. how about that. >> you got it covered. >> it's a lot. >> sticking around for all of it. >> want a sensory deprivation tank. >> sign me up. >> sounds good to me. according to new research, the path to romance starts in the kitchen. >> a lot of people suspected this. the scientists found that women are more responsive to romantic
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