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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now 59-year-old alexandria dyer is disfigured and undergoing treatment at the burn unit at cornell. >> she came out from the ice. she said she couldn't see. but she can open her eyes. >> no. a little like -- nothing. >> her face is burned. >> yeah. bad. bad. took the same maybe -- going to need some operations. >> reporter: nypd detectives spent the day at dier's office in sunnyside, queens, wednesday at 5:30 she was approached by a man who got her attention then tossed a jell like chemical mixture in more face. >> she going to open the door for the car and i tell him excuse me miss. so she got go hard so it -- turn around like that and the guy throw away and run. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that was a little right there. >> reporter: felix alvarez saw where she abandoned her car in the middle of the street after trying to escape.
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did you see the woman who had been assaulted? >> no. no. no. i don't -- just see the car with the cups. >> reporter: a command center has been set up near the scene. officers fanned out from there thursday to canvass the area. this, as dyer's neighbors keep her in their thoughts. >> i hope that she heals and that she's okay now. >> i hope like the best for her and like she can still keep pushing through it. like -- yeah her parents may be altered -- appearance may be altered but hopefully she still has that heart to love. >> reporter: now, the suspect has been described as aonian in his 30s. -- a man in his 30s. about 5'7" and he was wearing a dark shirt and shorts according to police at the time of the attack. if you know anything about the incident please call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. reporting live in sunnyside queens, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you darla. and get ready for another round of heavy rain it's going to make a mess overnight. and for the morning commute. prompting a flash flood watch
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in parts of the area. we have meteorologist amy freeze checking on things this she's. she's in for lee goldberg this week. fill us in. >> but a big weather alert for folks who have been affected by these rains. it has some flooding in their areas because more is coming and in some cases, it's coming for the same area. so if you've had any flooding around your area, make sure you're heads-up with in next storm system coming in late tonight and early tomorrow. high temperatures today, mid- to upper 80s. poughkeepsie just shy of the 90- degree mark and laguardia hit 87 and do you wants are -- dew points are mid- to upper 60s and a lot of70s. once we get above 65 things are uncomfortable. very soupy and sticky air mass and even with the front coming through it might dial it down temporarily but the humid air is still with us for quite a while. what is it is a stalled out cold front. these early sures are just the -- showers are just the beginning of some rain. really a larger front that will be coming in late tonight that affects us the most. on the futurecast, after 11:00
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p.m., the showers get underway. overnight, into the predawn hours, when we get the heavyist rainfall you'll need it early tomorrow morning, the umbrella and all the rain gear. but by 11:00 a.m. all going to be sweeping to the east. central park giving us the rundown here, the profile of temperatures just at sunset. falling into the 70s. or in the 70s all night overnight still very sticky as the storms move through. i think it goes right through the boroughs about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. we'll talk more about timing and just how much rain the computer models are saying are coming in with this system. all the accuweather seven day forecast in just a few minutes. diana? thank you amy. things are returning back to normal tonight along route 22 east in scotch plains. crews worked overnight and through the morning to repave a 75-foot section of the roadway. it buckled after several inches of rain fell in a short period of time during this time yesterday. drivers were forced to use the shoulder the get through the area during the morning commute. sade? we have some breaking news right now affecting the evening commute.
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there are problems with the 4 and 5 subway trains and it's because of conedison power issues affecting signal problems. so here they are. southbound 4 and 5 trains are terminating at brooklyn bridge city hall and bowling green. some number 5 trains are running on the 2 line from nevadaen street to 149 st. grand concourse in both directions and northbound 4 trains are ending at atlantic avenue and bar clay center. so you can expect delays. and as soon as we get any new information we'll get is that that straight to you. a sigh of relief for the bronx tonight with the outbreak being declared officially over. the health department also says it has traced the source of the legionnaire's outbreak to the opera house hotel on east 149th street in the mott haven section. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis joins us live with more. marcus? >> reporter: and sade, you'll recall that in the heart of the
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outbreak, five cooling towers tested positive for legionella but the city believed that one was likely to blame for the source of the outbreak and today they have identified that smoking gun they say. >> i'm happy to declare that the outbreak is over. >> reporter: and with that, the city closed the book on a deadly public health crisis. today officials declared that the water cooling tower atop the opera house hotel was the cause of the legionnaire's disease outbreak. even though other towers throughout the bronx tested positive, analysis obviously samples from patients who were sickened matched only the strain at the hotel. >> we now no that for every one of the -- now know that for every one of the samples, there's a match with a strain found at the opera house hotel. [ sirens ] >> reporter: in all, 128 cases were reported. 12 people died. victims who had underlying health issues. the first cases were reported july 10th. the tower at the hotel was disinfeinted august 1st will -- disinfected august 1st which means for weeks it was being spewed throughout the neighborhood which includes the
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hub. >> it does worry me because you know, not only myself, i have family. and i have close friends. and that's -- that's not very good to know and especially around my area. no. it's -- it's very scary. >> the whole thing -- definitely had to do to get rid of this. but it's very scary situation. >> reporter: the city has passed a law requiring all cooling towers to be regularly tested and cleaned. in a statement, hotel management said we intend to go beyond the requirements and assess the cooling tower every 90 days by testing every 30 days when the tower is in operation. we especially caution going forward given recent events. he is in the medsable of a ten day stay. >> i'm -- in the middle of a ten day stay. >> i'm actually on vacation here, so much to do and i hope we we will net get the -- not get the infection. >> reporter: the outbreak now officially over. the city saying. the hotel saying it underwent another round of cleaning in
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its tower and that it remains legionella free. live in the bronx, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. new york city police commissioner bratton wants the pedestrian plaza in times square removed. bratton says that removing it would help restore order in the busy tourist area. mayor bill de blasio says closing the pedestrian plaza is one option that's being considered by a new task force. there's also the issue of topless women who have been preying on tourists for cash tips. >> clearly, a lot of people are very uncomfortable with it and i on a common sense level, this is not appropriate in the middle of a public square. i respect constitutional rights. and therefore, what we need is a new element in the equation which this task force including the law department will develop. >> problem is right now, what they're doing is legal. but the manager of one of those or some of the topless women faced a judge
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25-year-old chris oliveria was arrested last night on the unrelated drug warrant. and eyewitness news exclusive, a large tree crashes to the ground on staten island trapping a woman beneath. cell phone video shows the woman crouched under the tree in port richmond this morning as she waits for rescuers to arrive. firefighters say she was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. but eyewitnesses say other than being scratched up and shaken up, she seemed okay. it's not clear what caused the tree to become unrooted. new jersey transit trains are back on track tonight following a deadly collision. transit officials say 87-year- old vacla boodock of pennsylvania somehow was on the tracks in emerson this morning. his car was then hit by a train killing him. no one on the train was hurt but service on the valley line was suspended for most of the morning. new information on a deadly accident in midtown. police have identified a woman killed by an m traffic bus this morning. -- mta bus this morning.
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65-year-old row shell orman was struck by the bus. she died at the hospital a short while later, she was not in a crosswalk when she was hit police say. renewed concerns over china's economic stability. causing major losses for stocks on wall street. and all around the world today. the dow fell back below the 17,000 mark. the dow plunged 358 points. closing at 16,990. the nasdaq tumbled 141 points sade? president jimmy carter tonight receiving his first dose of radiation for cancer. he talked about his diagnosis for the first time today saying he has four small cancer spots on his brain. abc's marci gonzalez in atlanta where he's undergoing treatment. marci? >> reporter: yeah, sade, carter already had part of his liver removed because of cancer and now he's targeting those spots on his brain. carter really opened up today about this battle that is just
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beginning. with humility and even humor -- [ laughter ] form army president carter openly detailed his melanoma diagnosis, sharing his fears when he learned the cancer first discovered on his liver had spread. with doctors also finding it on his brain. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. you know, i've had a wonderful life. >> reporter: a life thed 890- year-old is optimistically fighting for. undergoing radiation treatment on the four small cancer spots on his brain starting today. >> the goal there is to prevent them from growing. >> reporter: some of the focus of his life though now changing. >> my name is jimmy carter and i'm running for president. [ applause ] >> reporter: after leaving the white house, carter and his wife of 69 years rosaline committed themselves to humanitarian work through the carter center.
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the couple now taking a stem back from those efforts to focus on his health. a commitment he takes seriously after losing his father and all three siblings to pancreatic cancer. today, president obama tweeting -- we're all pulling for all you jimmy. all three other -- for you jimmy. all three other presidents tweeting their support too. >> first time they called me in a long time. faith. >> i'm perfectly at ease with whatever comes. >> reporter: and so far, he says he feels good and has had very little pain. and today's radiation is the first of four treatments months. live in atlanta, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness >> thank you. david sweat the inmate who escaped from amis in upstate -- prison in upstate new york and led police on a massive manhunt appeared in court today. sweat entered a not guilty plea. he and another inmate richard matt broke out of the clinton county prison in june. matt was shot and killed by
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authorities weeks later. sweat was shot two days watch that and arrested. he is already serving a live sentence without the chance of parole. new smiles for the camera today as the guy accused of snapping an illegal selfie on the bridge headed into court -- brooklyn bridge headed into courtroom today. the judge decided to release him on his own recognizance. his attorney says they will continue to fight the case. his next scheduled court appearance is in september. reality tv star josh duggar calling himself the biggest hypocrite ever tonight. his confession coming up. plus, increased security at some movie theaters, what you might have to do before you head inside to see your next movie. >> also, pricey jewelry left in the back of a cab but that's not the only valuable item that one woman is searching for tonight.
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>> and why caitlyn jenner could a major movie theater chain announcing new security measures tonight. in response to recent violence. regal entertainment group says backpacks and bags will now be subject to searches prior to admission at all of its theaters. that goes for guests and employees as well. large bags and backpacks will be banned altogether. >> i think that the theater is looking out for the best interest of the customer. and that's certainly important. it just shows that -- when it
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comes to guns and gun control. >> regal posted a message on its website saying in part we acknowledge this procedure may cause some inconvenience and that it is not without flaws but -- minor in comparison to increased safety. reality tv star josh duggar is apologizing for cheating on his wife after his name was reportedly among millions exposed in a data breach of ashley madison. that's the website that caters to people looking to fool around on their spouses. in a statement, he says i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. while espousing faith and family values, i have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and i became unfaithful to my wife and i am so ashamed. the double life that i have been living and am grieving for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused. the statement has since been amounted to testify -- amended to delete the reference to porn
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addiction. the parents wrote the hearts are broken but the family television show was canceled. after it was revealed he had molested five girls including two of his sisters. the teenaged girl who accused a graduate of an elite prep school in new hampshire of raping her was back on the witness stand today. the victim burst into tears saying she was traumatized and in shock when she spoke to police five days later. prosecutors say owen labrie was two days away from graduation from st. paul's school the concord when he raped the then 15-year-old girl as part of a quote senora salute. overseas and the prime minister of greece resigned amid economic turmoil in the country. in an address to the nation, he says he's stepping down and calling for early elections. he defended his government's gorging tactics and says greece got the best deal possible for its bailout from other countries.
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greece is receiving the first portion 13 billion euros today. president obama and former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton will mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina in new orleans. the men will spend all next week examining the rebuilding efforts participating in community leaders. they will also travel to gulf port, mississippi for an event honoring first responders. ten years? >> i know. >> i know. just seems like crazy. >> yeah. >> i'm sure there'll be so many amazing lessons we learned during the anniversary how things have changed and how they've learned from that. >> better faster quick you know. because there was a lot of -- so we've got some rain moving in. some issues tonight into the morning? >> yes. if you're -- if you got outdoor plans tonight it's all good here in the city. you can go out -- with the dogs if you're going to eat outdoors that's all fine. but there's a flash flood watch that goes into effect late
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tonight and continues into early tomorrow. we're expecting the rain to arrive with this cold front from west to east starting after 11:00 p.m. tonight. now there are a few showers out there. 83 degrees right now. the current temperature outside our studios here on the west side. and these showers are mainly in northwest new jersey now. where temperatures are in the 70s to mid 80s where it's already rained we've come down into the 70s. but certainly, this is just the beginning. by the way, dew points, still in the 65 to 70-degree range. which means things are very uncomfortable and very tropical air mass out there basically with the dew point means is that there's enough humidity it makes you sweat a lot. and you can't really cool your body down fast enough. so that's why you want to find a place to stay cool and dry when the air mass is like this. winds speeds are coming in front of this front. at 20 miles an hour in newburg. out of the south. and so it's breezy at times too. the storms will stay to the west early. that's what's happening right now on the radar and then the downpours develop by after midnight, it's early tomorrow morning.
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you'll needs your umbrellas and all your rain gear for the early morning commute. this rain is heavy enough to cause some flooding. let me show you where the warnings are. really the most intense. i think this is the early batch of rain coming in. this right here is the front that we'll be dealing with. real heavy rainfall potential within the next 12 to 20 hours really. we've already had over the last two days a lot of rain in the places where these storms are headed tonight. by the way, some of them will contain lightning and very gusty dangerous winds. the rainfall totals last 48 hours only -- union county we had the flooding route 22 and already had almost four inches of rain and another flood watch in place for those exact same areas that have been inundated with water and right now the computer models are showing us they're coming -- i wanted to point out this. all the way up into elizabeth. really the flooding area from yesterday. and the day before. this area is not included in the watch. but i think you have to be really vigilant because of what has already happened there.
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the storms are going to sweep right through. you're going to be highlighting it right there on the map the show you that there'll be plenty of rain coming towards your area which is already sensitive to water. once we get into early tomorrow morning, yep there's rain lingering. but it's out of here by the afternoon and i think we afternoon. in fact the computer models are here. by about 11:00 a.m. off the fork of long island. tomorrow? boating in the afternoon. if you're headed down to the hamptons and you want to get away? rip current risk is high. but it looks like the storms will clear by then. details are storms after 11:00 p.m. overcast skies and flooding 81 for the high. then on the accuweather seven day forecast, we'll switch things up on saturday and it will be the rain mainly east. just a passing shower on sunday but we can't rule out the rain completely. by monday we're warm and humid with a few storms around. wednesday and thursday, look like the best days of the week forecast.
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diana coming up in just a few minutes we'll look more at the computer molds and how much they're printing out in the form of inches of rain. >> inches? oh. okay. thanks amy. think your commute is bad? coming up new information that backs up that theory. >> plus, an explanation tonight of how that baby from our area ended up locked in a hotel safe. >> and some students in harlem reveal how they'll spend their time with the pope when he visits with them next month. >> it looks like it's right out of the sci-fi movie. a pod that you climb in and float in.
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it will help you relax and one month from now and popperian sis will be on his way here to -- pope francis will be on his way here to new york: some middle school students in harlem will get a chance to meet them. what do you say? that's the question we asked students at our lady queens of angels catholic school and eyewitness news reporter marcus solis got some great answers. >> reporter: in uniform and in preparation for a most important assignment. third and fourth graders getting ready for next month's visit from pope francis. >> i was like no way. no way. >> reporter: the pontiff made clear he wanted to visit an inner city catholic school
5:26 pm
during his trip to new york. the very room at our lady queen of angel where is today's news conference was held will be where the pope will meet 24 students representing four parochial schools throughout harlem. >> i'm feeling pretty excited. >> reporter: nervous? >> yes. nervous i mean -- >> our entire school population is just full of joy. and full of the faith. so when you walk into our building, you literally will feed on these children's faces. >> reporter: sit at four tables presenting assignments based on the environment, community service and holy eucharist. values the archdiocese teaches all of its 70,000 students city wide. >> there are doorways out of poverty for so many immigrants and then i'm going to give them that statistic. 64% of the children below the poverty line and 98% of them heading on to college. >> reporter: after meeting with students, pope francis will be briefed on the work being done by catholic charities. and then from here, it's downtown so the main event.
5:27 pm
the mass at madison square garden. in east harlem, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> by the way, our website has an entire section dedicated to the pope's visit including his schedule while he'll be touring the u.s.. and also mass transit changes that you're going to want to know about. you can find it all at a pricey case of taxicab confusion coming up on eyewitness news, an artist's accidentally leaving tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in a cab's trunk. you know they were just sick. now she's enlisting help from hacked as she scrambles to recover her valuables. >> a fire storm deadly wildfires tearing through the west. raging out of control killing three firefighters. as they battled these braises. -- blazes, the new efforts to contain the flames. >> attention commuters, we know
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why the commute is driving part of me and part of my life. so now i feel like i'm so lost. >> an artist from brooklyn on a mission tonight to correct a $20,000 mistake. valuables she accidentally left behind in a cab. good evening again, i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. and all new at 5:00, she didn't just leave behind this expensive and extremely sentimental jewelry. she lost her green card ask her social security card. >> this artist from brooklyn hasn't given up hope. instead she's turning to hacked for help. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live in prospect heights,. >> reporter: well, we are talking about valuables worth at least $20,000. not to mention the sentimental value here.
5:31 pm
a wedding band and an engagement ring. this woman is looking for the driver of a green cab. now he picked her up here on vanderbilt avenue in prospect heights last sunday morning 9:45 in the morning. she wants and needs her valuables back. >> i was so sad. and i feel like i lost myself. >> reporter: she says if only she hadn't been so frazzled while moving with so many bags here in prospect heights last sunday morning. mariko spigner tells us she got into a green cab then got out here on 56th street near fifth avenue in sunset park. but her wedding band and her engagement ring seen in this photo, well they stayed in the trunk of the cab. >> i just screamed and when i looked out -- and cab was already at the corner. i have to move my friend place the place, i was so tired and i didn't pay attention. >> reporter: those weren't the only valuables she says she lost.
5:32 pm
>> my green card. missable security card -- my social security card. >> reporter: the commissioner says quote we're going to do our best detective work on this and we are optimistic but there are a few lessons to be learned from this unfortunate instance. for one thing, mariko had negotiated a flat rate and the tlc says remember, that means there's no meter and no gps to track it down. so they warn riders not to accept any flat fare. and to always get a receipt. meanwhile, she fears she lost something irreplaceable. >> green card was so important for me because i did my own design. so actually just kind of like a custom made. >> reporter: and she's hoping her cabbie or whoever finds it has a heart. >> this item also important for me -- they are part of my life. now i cannot sleep every day. and i feel so sad. >> reporter: and now she says the valuables were in a yellow nylon bag.
5:33 pm
it had some gold trim on it. the jewelry the rings were in a black case inside that bag. tlc is trying to help her out but again remember when there's no metered fare there's no gps. there's 7,655 green cabs out on the streets of new york city. that's what you're up against. we're live in prospect heights, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. okay. thanks stacey. new at 5:00, caitlyn jenner could face misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges for a deadly accident back in february. sources tell abc news that the los angeles county sheriff's department is set to recommend the charges next week. officials say jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed at the time of the crash when the escalade hit her vehicle and causing it to roll into on coming traffic. new at 5:00, a westchester county sentenced today to six to 16 and a half years in prison for a car crash that killed three people. a pennsylvania judge today told
5:34 pm
miker ware his decision to let his unlicensed -- michael ware his decision to let his unlicensed 15-year-old daughter drive in 2015 was preventable and stupid and selfish. ware's daughter julia crashed the suv killing three of her five friends. new twist in the case of a missing couple from connecticut. police are now investigating their son's home in bridgeport. there's no word right now about what they found or how he may be connected to the disappearance of jeanette and jeffrey naven. they are from easton and the couple is in great debt and owe more than $2 million from a foreclosure on their home a few years ago. personnel from several law enforcement agencies today gathering to assess how they'd react in the event of a terror attack or active shooter, a full scale drill sponsored by the u.s. department of homeland security was held in west origin, energy -- orange, new jersey. it was sponsored by the u.s. department of homeland security. the owner of the new york
5:35 pm
city news has decided to hold on selling the paper. moral suckerman said he has taken the tabloid off the market. he has owned the daily news since 1993 says he met with several potential buyers before deciding to keep the paper. he says he will move forward when -- with renewed focus on the news as digital operations. diana. always stuck in traffic? turns out there's a reason. traffic volume in this country right now is at a record high. that's according to new numbers that were just released by the federal highway administration. u.s. travelers actually drove more than 1.54 trillion -- trillion with a t. miles in the first half of 2015. now that beats the previous record of 1.5 trillion miles that was set back in 2007. the nation's driving is increased for 16 months in a row and america's driving doubles nearly every generation. you're still going to be
5:36 pm
waiting in traffic. the new data also shows that 275.13 billion miles were driven last month. the most ever in a june of any year. sade? well, wildfires are raging across the drought choked west as authorities scramble for resources to bate back the flames. the phrases took -- blazes took a deadly turn in washington state where three firefighters wither killed and four more injured. now nearly 29,000 firefighters are battling at about 100 large wildfires in five states. abc's lauren lyster has more. >> reporter: crews today faced fast moving winds as they continue to battle a wildfire raging in central washington. the blaze turned deadly last night near the town of twisp. >> it was a hailstorm up here and the winds were blowing in every direction. >> reporter: three firefighters were killed and four more were injured. one critically, when winds apparently shifted unexpectedly. and flames overtook the crew's
5:37 pm
vehicle. >> we know that these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heard. these are three big -- heart, these are three big heroes for exampling small towns. >> reporter: family arrived a the what are bow view meds cool center in -- harbor view medical center in seattle overnight. the 25-year-old man is in intensive care. suffering burns to about 60% of his body. in california, fires have forced evacuations of national parks. east of oakland, billowing smoke can be seen for miles and air tankers are being used to help try to contain the blaze. in eastern oregon, governor brown toured the damage of a wildfire that destroyed three dozen homes including carolyn hodges. >> only we're going to have to find a place to live for probably a couple of years. >> reporter: the heat and drought in western states are making this fire season one of the most explosive in recent years. right now, close to 29,000 firefighters are fighting about 100 large fires.
5:38 pm
lauren lyster, channel 7 eyewitness news, los angeles. >> and still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, shattering the glass ceiling with a rifle in hand. the soldier from connecticut becomes one of two women to graduate from the army's grueling ranger' school. also ahead a twist in the story of the baby that was locked in a low tell safe that we told you about last night. a game of hide and seek
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well, one of the two women bro broke wariers -- who broke bakiers is speaking out. -- barriers is speaking out. kristen greece wanted to -- greece wanted to become a better leader, she's happy she's done with the 61 day course and she says she never considered giving up. >> i definitely had some low points particularly in the swamps in florida. but i never actually -- thought
5:42 pm
anything was going to be too difficult that it was worth leaving the course. >> and she encourages women considering the training to focus on finishing and remind themselves why they're there. she and lieutenant shayer haver will graduate tomorrow at fort benning, georgia. >> boy they're both amazing. new details about the baby that was locked in a safe. it seems that this was just a case of child play and not child neglect. we told you last night about in new jersey family that was visiting niagara falls. the hotel got a call that the baby had been locked in the safe. a maintenance worker mansion today free the field -- managed the free the child but by the time the police arrived they had left. when parents heard the buzz about this they actually called police and they had an explanation. >> the children were playing and one of the siblings and the child decided that it was a good spot to hide in a safe. >> yeah. so the whole ordeal just a game of hide and seek. among siblings.
5:43 pm
a game that went wrong and hopefully they learned a lesson, no charges will be filed and nobody was hurt. >> good to see the visual of the case. always thought it was smaller. anyway. a newborn on long island got a special welcome at stony brook university hospital. lieu coo became the 100,000th baby born at the hospital. staff members celebrated the milestone with a little party. the baby got several gifts including a $10,000 college fund. that's fantastic. and luka's big sister wasn't left out of the fun. the 5-year-old who was also born at stony brook was given an american girl doll as part of the celebration. nice. well, a school supplies celebration, we're going to take a look live to the bronx where thousands of books, bags, pencils and pens are all being donated to kids. also ahead -- >> sunken treasure.
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we'll talk about hitting the jackpot. more than 350 counts were found at a ship wreck off the coast of florida last month. nine of the coins are royals. which means they're worth at least $300,000 apiece. >> incredible. >> sade knows this. >> yes i do. >> i don't know how. made specifically -- for the king of spain's phillip v, do you have one of those? >> just give me one. i'll be happy with one. >> a local jeweler says the treasure is worth a total of $4.5 million. >> nice. >> movie once? >> did? >> can you imagine just finding that? >> there's just one. then there's another one. and then another one and another one. and -- >> yeah. $4.5million later. nice. nice. >> good person. >> i'll take it. you'll take it. sign me up for the metal -- >> i think they used a little more than that. >> little more sophisticated.
5:48 pm
[ laughter ] so get us ready for tonight. >> some high-tech gear tracking these storms as they come in. unfortunately, it looks like not only are rainy start tomorrow but cares that have been affected by flooding in the last 48 hours a big heads- up to you. because as these storms come through they're going to dump a lot of rain. in fact in some cases over two inches and then the next 12 to 15 hours. so let's get started here in manhattan. in our neighborhood, streets are still dry although there are some showers that have started ahead of the cold front. in the main northwest areas of new jersey. 83 degrees currently after a high of 8 # in central park -- 6 in central park. the numbers right now down to 72 in monticello and andover. both spots have had showers already. really the early showers that are happen willing mainly right here in the northwest counties. and we have yet to see the rain begin in other spots. the heat index is still very high. feels like 88 in newark. so the dew points remain in the 60s to near 70 degrees it's hard to cool the guide down when we get that much moisture
5:49 pm
in the afternoon. that makes it uncomfortable. this tropical-like air mass, think of it like a towel. when you get a big towel at the pool and you start dumping water on it. water on it, the towel becomes very heavy. that's what's happening with the atmosphere right now. then as as soon as you start to squeeze it that's the front coming through that puts enough pressure on it and sort of wrings out the atmosphere. and where we get the most rain out of the atmosphere is sometimes a bit of a mystery. right now, though the computer models are showing us that these areas are prone to flooding. and they're also sensitive to a lot of rain in a short period of time. mainly north and central new jersey. now a lot of the counties joust east of here could still get a lot of rain in a short amount of time and they are flood prone. wouldn't be surprised to see those advisory areas or watch areas expanded a little bit further to the east but the futurecast also confirming oranges and yellows and reds in the areas in particular -- route 22 affected in the last 48 hours and more rain potentially an inch of rain coming in the next 12 hours to those areas.
5:50 pm
all of the rain out of here pushing off to the east by about noon tomorrow. at the very latest. connecticut could hold on to a little bit of the rain a little bit layer. that's the stuff for the weekend. showers are mainly to the east on saturday. the latest with the futurecast rainfall amounts up to two inches or more in many areas, the accuweather forecast breaks down like this. tomorrow the rain looks to affect us for the early part of the day with the flooding. then saturday, rain is off to the east and it's a passing shower on sunday at 84. monday and tuesday, a thunderstorm could be possible. it's warm and humid. and then the best days of the week and the accuweather seven day forecast are on wednesday and thursday. bottom line is get your rain gear ready. you'll need your ohm bull las to start the day tomorrow. -- umbrellas to start the day tomorrow. >> pretty. you know sometimes you need a break right? you know. if you feel like you need a break from it all, there's a very simple way to do it. >> oh. how? >> slow. tell us. >> you just float? >> just float. all you do is float. float on the water and you get
5:51 pm
held up by salt but i have a question. do you get all pryny? lauren glassberg is here with more. >> good question, you don't get all pruneny because of the salt content. >> we don't like that. >> okay you won't be. but i can tell you that -- over the years floating has helped people with chronic pain issues, muscle aches, skin conditions, and now stress as well. and now with new technology, the vessels that you can float in are really cool and they enhance the experience. >> inside of this tank there's 250 gallons another water and -- of water and 1,000 pounds of salt diluted into the water, it will be completely buoyant tank. >> gina and david both left their careers to open lift a new flotation therapy spot in carol gardens. >> when you're in the tank it's as close to being in a zero gravity environment as possible here on earth. and so that is just amazing taking all that weight off our spine. >> weight off your spine and perhaps off your mind. close the lid and close
5:52 pm
yourself off to all distractions. >> since there's no temperature variance between the air, the water and your skin, you basically lose awareness of where your body ends and the water begins. >> a similar experience is offered in the ocean float room which has a starry ceiling and you're encouraged to go in the nudes. >> personally i'm a little more comfortable going into the ocean float room. i am going to wear clothes. because i'm on camera. i'm going to shower first. >> some say floating transports them emotionally. others float to alleviate chronic pain or skin conditions. maybe this is what it's like in the womb. >> so you're supposed to float an hour. i did an abbreviated version. but totally lost track of the time. i do feel really relaxed and my skin feels really tight and in fact it's a little bit crusted over with salt right now. >> even skeptics enjoy the experience. >> it's like oh this is a little gimmicky. but -- the actual experience was really wonderful. and relaxing. >> most people come out with big smiles on their faces. they come out relaxed.
5:53 pm
we need this in our lives. clearly. >> now an hour long float runs $99. you can buy a package and bring the price down. and lift has said that a lot of people have come and they've liked it so much that they come back for two and a half hours. >> can you float for that long? >> really. you can and you will not prune up. >> you don't feel like you need to get out? it's not too long? >> amy can tell you she's done this before. >> it's relaxing and i did the hour session and come out -- you feel like you slept for ten hours. i can see how people have sleeping issues and they go for a prolonged period of time. >> okay i need to go check it out.
5:54 pm
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a $300 reward card. call today. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is
5:56 pm
speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits well, hundreds of school children in the bronx getting the surprise of their lives. >> they are accepting some -- receiving only 200,000 school supplies part of a massive give away that's been organized by the nypd. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is live with information. >> reporter: we all know the residents and police have exactly is tame goal. safe streets but of course in
5:57 pm
so in neighborhoods in the city, there's mutual mistrust. well, tonight officers here are working to change that. dancing with cops. laughing with cops. even dunking the cops. it's the people of the northern bronx and the officers who protect them could have this much fun every day. they wouldn't need the 47th precinct. but the fact is, it's in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. crime is high and gangs are rampant. residents need the police more than ever and they know it. >> we want do get to know them and this is the way to know them to get to know them. >> this has been -- this event is about giving back. >> reporter: inspector stephenson is determined to make that happen. at today's back to school block party, his officers gave away hundreds of backpacks and school supplies. and the message is obvious. >> i hope that when they grow up and they can remember one thing about the police, they
5:58 pm
can remember that these doors opened up for them. and that they had a positive contact with the police as they walk in through these doors. and that's what these officers are here doing. >> i think the message is that like -- education is more important than being violent. >> we can help the police do -- do like help their jobs. >> reporter: phil think green has lived in -- timothy green has lived in eden what would his whole life. see one another as partners with the same goal. >> in police in the town had a tough time. >> they have had a tough time and we know they make mistakes and they huge. they may not make the right decision but getting more involved in the community will help them in the future. receive sieve of course but the inspector they wills me that so far this year, shootings and homicides are down 50%. live tonight at the 47th precinct in in the bronx, n.j. news. >> good exchange there. absolutely. it's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00
5:59 pm
starts right now. new at 6:00, one of the wealthiest african-americans in the country says he may run for mayor of new york city. challenging mayor de blasio. plus, jilted bride. a bridal -- suddenly shuts down it without giving the bids their dresses. -- brides their dresses. but first a new task force on how the deal with the square. one option? getting rid of the popular pedestrian plaza. and good evening the you at bill is off tonight. for mayor de blasio to governor cuomo, the message has been to those topless women in times square that they are unacceptable.


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