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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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millions of dollars to build the answer? the issue? how to keep the so-called crossroads of the world family- friendly. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is in times square with the lead story tonight. jim. >> reporter: it's one of the solutions they're considering. you know times square has evolved over the years right? mayor -- guiliani got rid of the prostitutes and drug dealers and mayor bloomberg put in? mall and now mayor de blasio has to figure out how to get rid of spiderman. mayor appointed a commission today to come up with ways to deal with the aggressive characters and the painted naked women who hustle the tourists in times square for tips. the mayor's a liberal guy but enough already. >> i am unhappy with somewhat -- in times square related to the costumed characters. and the painted women. i said very clearly i don't
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like it. i don't think it helps the environment there. >> reporter: from a law enforcement perspective, the easiest thing to do is just get rid of the plaza altogether. and put broadway back where it was historically and that's an idea police commissioner bratton has discussed with the mayor. the mayor acknowledges that is still an option. >> you can argue that those plazas have had some very positive impacts. you could argue they've come with a lot of problems and a lot of the surrounding business community certainly cited the problems, we'll give that a fresh look and i think that's consistent with the man date for the task force. >> reporter: ways to make times square comfortable but also uphold the constitution and that is something mayor guiliani went through in the 1990s. >> i have never been accused of sounding like rudy giuliani. >> reporter: well, that sentry true. the task force will report to the mayor on october 1st. but what to do in the meantime? in the meantime, they are planning on using existing laws to clean up this area and to
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make it safe and family friendly. and the times square business alliance want that to continue. they don't think tearing up this plaza will do nigh good. reporting live from times square, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim thank you. now to the weather and some scattered thunderstorms moving through the area and eyewitness news viewer sent us this video of heavy rain in sussex county. new mexico this morning. and -- new jersey this afternoon. and even heavier rain is headed our way tonight and is expected to make a mess of the morning commute. meteorologist amy freeze is in for lee goldberg tonight. she's tracking it all. amy? >> and liz, sussex could be the i is not get can be could be -- county is getting potentially two rounds of the somes, outside our studios right here on the upper west sides of manhattan still dry with sunshining down. 82 degrees after a high of 86. the atmosphere is very tropical right now. the heat and the humidity have been with us for a couple of days now. they continue to build. these are the storms early on eastward. but it will take much of the
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evening for them to make any progress much further east. it's actually this cold front right there that's going to shove the energy in the direction of new york city and the boroughs and actually we are not expecting to get hit the hardest. instead it looks like it will be northern and central new jersey. they'll be parts of sullivan ulster and dutchess county that gets very heavy rain. the upper hudson valley coup streams and -- could have streams and creeks and there's the potential for flooding in a very quick period of time dumping a lot of moisture. early tomorrow morning, you will need the rain gear. it looks like everything will clearly mid-morning and -- by mid-morning in central park though, breaking it down hour by hour, after midnight tonight is when the showers get started. temperatures will be in the 70s but heavy downpours and lightning and gusty winds are likely. i'll have much more on the flash flood watch and what to expect for the upcoming weekend in the accuweather seven day forecast. all right thanks a lot. well new at 6:00 newark mayor has ordered more police officers on the streets tonight after a violent two days in newark. a total of five people have been killed in a 30 hour
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period. new jersey reporter toni yates is in newark tonight with much more. toni? >> reporter: you know the mayor also announced that opalesces excounty -- some essex county police officers are going to be joining in some special patrols and also two days a week, state police will be joining newark officers in some high crime high drug activity areas. now take a look at that 30 hour period that prompted this response. 11 p.m. tuesday inside 323 stanford avenue. 32-year-old andre sing is shot and killed in? unit. another person inside is shot and survived. wednesday morning, 28-year-old deshare donaldson of irvington is found shot dead on ridgewood street in newark, just before 3:00 p.m. 34-year-old loses his life after police say he broke into an apartment. >> the occupant of the house encountered this individual. a physical altercation took place. and during the course of that altercation, the occupant of the house stabbed the individual that entered the house.
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>> i looked outside and i saw the -- police put the yellow tape up. and then i looked down and i saw that t dead body there. >> reporter: then 53-year-old michael dan already shot during a dispute in his home on south 11th street. this morning an unidentified man is found shot death in ivy hill park. five homicides within 30 hours now under investigation by the essex county prosecutor's office. >> they do not appear to be related at this time. home invasions. >> reporter: essex county has seen an uptick in homicides compared to this time last so much so that -- [ inaudible ] >> and when you have this type of illegal handguns, that's >> reporter: he wants -- [ inaudible ] >> arrests so far and investigators asking more help from the public. >> we try to take these individuals off the street because they are threats to the
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community. >> reporter: now that home invasion where the intruder was been charged. although it will go before a for review. the essex county prosecutor's office giving out this number today. 1877 tips 4 ec. that means essex county. they're asking anyone with any information on any criminal them. for now we are live here in eyewitness news. thank you. we're learning much more art the woman who had acid thrown in her face in queens. sources tell eyewitness news this was not a random attack. the victim 59-year-old alexandria dyer was hit with a jell like chemical mixture getting into her car last night. >> to see somebody throw that thing in the face. because she going to open the door for the car? i don't know. like i tell -- [ inaudible ] she got go to the hospital. like the guy throw away at her.
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>> she treatment at the burn unit at consider nell hospital and police are looking for the suspect. tower problems on the subway are causing mayor disruptions tonight for the evening commute. there's no 4 and 5 service right now between manhattan and brooklyn. the transformer fire caused problem with power inside the tube which tects the two -- connects the two boroughs. some 5 trains are oning on the number -- running on the number 2 line to the bronx. the mta is working to fix the problem. we will keep you posted. and health officials have identified the source of the deadly legionnaire's outbreak in the south bronx. officials say the 8:00ing tower was the -- cooling tower was the source of the bacteria that killed 12 people. they say the legionnaire's tested against the sprain and was found at the hotel by three different laboratories. last week health officials announced that the outbreak was contained today they said it was officially over.
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>> today i'm happy to declare that the outbreak is over. we have not seen anyone become sick from legionnaire's in the area of the outbreak since august 3rd. and we are now well past seeing the incubation period of the disease. >> officials say the tower at the opera house was -- infected on august 1st. well, new at 6:00 a man listed in "forbes" magazine as one of the nation's wealthiest african-americans said tonight he is seriously running for new york major. don peebles could now challenge mayor de blasio in the next race. the political reporter dave evans talked to peebles today and he is here now with much more. >> reporter: rumors for months now all might challenge the mayor in a pry mire in to 2017. but that's awfully difficult for a democrat who doesn't have a lot of money as the inqume bent is accummed de blasio will have the party establishment
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and union support. different ball game. he is rich, smart, and a democrat. don peebles once backed bill de blasio and even donated to his campaign and he thought de blasio would be a transformative figure someone who would change the city. instead, disappointment. >> we'd all see that in bill de blasio and we haven't seen it. the quality of life is down. the vast majority of new yorkers feel the city is going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: peebles like many new yorkers is dissatisfied with de blasio and he's worried about police and an uptick in shootings and murders earlier this summer but what de blasio said about place after the eric garner grandup grand jury decision -- grand jury decision, that infuriated peebles. >> the mayor of the city does not stand up at a press conference on national tv and criticize the very police department that he runs. >> reporter: and now peebles could run for mayor in two years and pay for it himself. he's worth about $700 million. and yes, he'd run as a democrat against de blasio.
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>> i like bill de blasio. he's a likable person. i -- he is -- i considered him a friend. i still do. he and i just disagree on the direction we're taking the city. >> interesting way to be a friend. [ laughter ] he -- >> reporter: de blasio didn't seem worried at all. today he broke grounds on a new 154 unit apartment for low income seniors. >> i'm going to run on the issues. and anyone who wants to run against me god bless them. and i'd like to see what they want to put up in comparison to that. so come one come all. >> reporter: possiblies is leaning towards running and he'll make a decision for sure in about a year but he says the leadership at city hall has got to change. >> there's a crisis of confidence in the major's leadership. what we see is that people do not believe the mayor's qualified to lead the city. >> reporter: well, mayor de blasio's biggest support in all the polling comes from mostly black new york, but peebles
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could thing that since he is -- change that since he is african- american. again, peebles' decision coming in the next year. liz? we'll see. david thank you. and taking a quick look at wall street right now. it was a rough day for your 401k. the dow plunged 350 points. the and the s&p 500 was down nearly 44 points. and as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this thursday night, brides jilted before their weddings after the bridal shop where they bought their dresses suddenly closes.
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well, a wedding fiasco for several brides to be from new jersey. they are all now scrambling to find new dresses. this, after the shop in red bank they originally bought them from suddenly closed. no dresses, and now a whole lot of frustration. here's eyewitness news reporter renee stoll. >> reporter: for andrea russell buying her wedding dress at sassy chic boutique in redbug, new mexico was the exact experience she had pictured. can be -- new jersey was the exact experience he shad pictured. it was a very intimate experience. >> reporter: in december, russell said she gave store owner seen here on her facebook page a $600 deposit. and as did mother of the bride sharon walsh who visited the store with her daughter last year. >> we came back in january to
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put the deposisit down. >> reporter: not until days ago when checking on the delivery of the dresses the brides found out they had no gown and no sign of their deposit. >> the first week of august i called twice and i left a message both times and didn't hear anything back. >> reporter: when these women couldn't get anyone from the boutique on the phone, they came to the shop only to find a warrant of removal and eviction notice taped to the door and this number leading to her attorney. >> i lost $717 on my credit card. >> reporter: we tried to call donna and her attorney but to no avail. we went to the home where neighbors term us arecchai lives only to have the door slammed in our face. for these women they were fortunate enough to have other shops help them out just in time for the wedding but both are out hundreds of dollars and many sleepless nights worried about the big day. >> to leave people high and dry like this light before the wedding. >> reporter: reporting in red
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bank, new jersey, renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. and just ahead, amy freeze returns with much more on the rain that's heading our way tonight. >> and update on the -- theater problems we told you about earlier in the newscast. the two, three, and four and five train lines have resumed with some restud july delays and -- residual delays, again
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service is sounds like some commute tomorrow morning is going to be a mess because of the rain. >> yes, and unfortunately, it could cause flooding from parts of the area. there's a flash flood watch up from the national weather service that goes through tomorrow. be ready for a lot of rain in a short period of time and may come at night tonight. just hear the thunder but watch out for the water especially if you're in a low lying or flood prone area. clouds over manhattan all the way down to the battery. you can see stockton and mostly cloudy and 82 degrees. currently in the park. pressure is holding steady. notice the camera jumping just a little bit.
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that's because winds have been picking up especially from the camera elevations. and we've seen some winds coming out of the south ahead of in front up to 20 miles per hour. right now the heat index still steamy. brooklyn feeling like 88 degrees. so the highs were in the 80s today. mixed with that humidity. and it's a sticky situation even at this hour. dealing with feels like temperatures in trenton and newark in the middle 80s. we'll continue to have that steamy feel to the atmosphere even as we go into sunset temperatures will still be in the upper 70s and a lot of locations. these storms will stay to the west early. then the downpours will develop after 11:00 tonight. they'll move from west to east so long island, you'll see them last. early before sunrise tomorrow. rain is going to be heavy enough to flood some areas, that's why the national weather service included these areas in rain mainly north and central new jersey? a flood watch -- in a flash flood watch that goes through tomorrow. a lot of water in a short period of time. these are the early showers and storms coming out of pennsylvania just the fact seeing parts of sussex and even
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parts of warren county early on. the main front is back here in central p. a. that'sgoing to really come screaming through the area and that will be the chance to get the downpours, early somehows and not -- showers and not until late tonight closer to midnight with we see the showers really fill in and come over the boroughs likely in the early morning hours. on the futurecast, confirm this is pretty much by 5:00 a.m. we have reds and yellows and oranges in some cases. they'll be possibilities of -- pockets of the downpours that can produce up to two inches of rain in a short amount of time. locally we could get heavier amounts meaning some spots really get the showers repeating over the same area. so you've had flooding in the last 48 hours be prepared once again to see the water rise very quickly and the heavy storms gets into your area. by 9:00 tomorrow is all out of here and yeah it's off to the east and i think a lot places will see it ending much closer to the noon to 2:00 p.m. time frame. by tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. printing out at least 2.3 for sussex. that could be in several locations as far as watching
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everything very carefully. tonight 72 the storms come after 11:00 p.m. tomorrow you have showers and storms especially for the early morning commute. take some extra time and make sure you have your rain gear with you. flooding is possible. by midday it starts to clear out and the seeing looks a lot better, as far as the weekend goes, saturday, showers are mainly to the east. rain expected in the afternoon. for parts of long island and connecticut. passing shower on sunday. and then temperatures will be in the mid 80s in the middle of the week. >> all right. latest tonight at 11:00. >> yep. rob is up next with sports. >> we're good for baseball tonight? >> yes, we're good. >> we're good tonight. the big series rolls on in the bronx, the twins are gone, the tribe comes to town. straight ahead to the toll bark for a look ahead. the -- ballpark for a look ahead. the long ball is helping out once again. >> plus getting ready for the next nfl preseason games for
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the giants' victor cruz th well, let's keep this streak going boys. >> been playing well. it's a good time for it right now. hope week continues for the crease. it's always special -- yankees, it's always special. the week the team highlights good doers in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. the yankees are 23-8 with a current 10 game-winning streak during hope week through the years. so far, so great. on this ten game home stand the yankees swept the twins in three straight. and tonight open a four game set against the indians. lost two out of three in cleveland last week. first place lead stands at two full games and a nice stretch here for the yanks living up to their bronx bomber nickname. >> well, i think it's important because i think it allows us to strike quick. and score runs in bunches. which is always nice as well. instead of having to really work to get one run. it seems that we can pick up two and three fairly quickly. mets have the day off. they open in colorado tomorrow. right now the mets' first place
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lead over washington stand at three and a half games. the mets have lost four of the last five game. the latest last night in baltimore. the bullpen gave it up again. robables sendered a to -- gave up a home run in the 7th inning for the tying run. torres gave up a walkoff home run in the 9th inning and if orioles won. the bullpen now gave up 15 runs in the last five games becoming a concern here down the stretch. >> and giants' training camp victor cruz having a sore calf muscle in his left leg. he had surgery on the right knee last year, cruz said he hurt that calf a couple of days ago in mac this and for -- practice and for good reason the giants are going to be cautious going forward. he didn't play in cincinnati and unlikely he'll play this week against jacksonville. >> journey is long and hard man, it wasn't going to be you know easy the rest of the way. i knew there'd be something that came up whether out here on the field or with my body. you you know i'm excited it's not something that's major,
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it's something that's not a huge hindrance. the jets flay the fall on the -- play the falcons tomorrow night at the meadowlands. that's the jet preseason schedule. they hope it will get them ready for the regular season. >> it's a great preseason test. i mean, they just want to -- it's a passing league now sow know a lot of people going to be passing. but for us as a defense we have to do what we do best and just go out there and play football and play it fast and try to -- find out what kind of defense we're going to be. jets' offensive lineman born and raised if brooklyn suspended a game by the nfl for violating its sub dance abuse policy. the jets can't get to the games fast enough. tiger woods, just like old times he's going all-out this week at the pga tour event to qualify for the fedex playoffs, yeah he can umup and qualify -- jump up and qualify by winning the tournament and maybe coming in second. today a 6 under par 64. he thought he missed it. this was lowest score on tour in two years. >> wow. >> and finally from us as we wait for the game tonight and
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the mets to pick things up tomorrow. we have this from last night's giants and cardinals' game. check center fielder juan perez tracking down the long fly ball. making an incredible -- he caught it. >> wow. >> up against the wall. it might have been gone. the cardinals get the win. but perez gets the highlight. >> and so gracefully. >> very policeful. one -- graceful. one foot on the wall like a football catch. >> thank you rob. time now for us to check in with sade baderinwa to see what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. sade? >> hi liz, coming up tonight, could the amount of time that you work increase your chances of having a stroke? we have the new details on how much maybe too much and what else you need to watch for. >> plus an unusual find in manhattan. we'll tell you the place where police found this snake. yikes. we're going to have those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 15 1:00. -- 11:00. liz? >> and that's our news for now. thanks so much for joining us, i'm liz cho "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. eyewitness news returns tonight at 11:00.


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